Yuki Nakamura (Katsu Nakamura)

Might as well give it a go, drink anyone?

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a character in “Cross High for The Supernatural: Redux”, as played by HiddenNymph


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Girl 1
Name: Yuki Nakamura (Yuki means blessing or snow)
Fake name: Katsu Nakamura (Katsu meaning Victory)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Enemy: Anyone who tries to hurt her friends.
Yuki is energetic, loud and loves to bring a smile to her friends faces. However, she can sometimes let herself get out of hand a little as her ideas can be shamless but in all fun to do. It was her idea when the girls were drunk to apply to the school of gorgeous boys as a joke. She never expected to actually get accepted but was so thrilled she made the girls go with her.
She always ends up dragging the people around her into her own messes which are usually caused by her suffering clumsiness. However she cares a great deal for her friends and will protect them against anything very rarely caring for her own safety in the matter. She normally has high ambitions for herself which most of the time she can't meet no matter how hard she tries.
for example, at the moment she wants to get the best grades before she applies for university which is why she wants to go to Cross high since it has the best results.

  • Doing things right
  • Her friends being happy
  • Trying everything, (her motto is try everything once)
  • She loves to eat Ramen more than anything else
  • Getting involved
  • Running on track.
  • Adores animals
  • Jewellery
  • Clothes
  • Drinking (shes a crazy drunk- hence the idea to sign up to Cross high)


  • Thunderstorms
  • Her friends being picked on
  • People who don't do anything to help someone when they can.
  • Broccoli
  • Sweetcorn - Allergic
  • Pink - Likes to think she is Allergic to it.

Fears: Thunderstorms - she will cling and cry onto the nearest person.

Growing up Yuki lived in a small house without much money, she endured her parents hard work and their tired faces for years untill her dad finally got a better job. However when he did her mum died, because of this Yuki sees everything as a fresh opportunity that may dissapear, so she always makes sure to involve herself in everything she can. Someday she wants to find a high paid job and help support her father and older brother who currently is training to be a doctor. She met her friends around the time her mum died and they helped her through it so has dedicated herself to helping them when in need.
She joined the track team during middle school and got quite good at running;

  • She is excited to be a boy as it is something new for her.
  • She wears slacks most of the time anyway so she doesn't mind.
  • She isn't superbly chested so she can pull it off.
  • 5Ft 3" tall

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