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Arn Grimr

What is the truth of Martial Arts?

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a character in “Crossing Blades”, as played by JEDH3



I wish I had the strength to help.

♦ Theme Songs ♦
Normal ~ Shijyou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi OST
Fighting ~ Not Gonna Die – Skillet
Emotional ~ Bad Apple - Nomico

~ The Basics ~


Ⅰ Full Name: Ⅰ
Arn Grimr

Ⅱ Age: Ⅱ

Ⅲ Gender: Ⅲ

Ⅳ Sexuality: Ⅳ

Ⅴ Hometown: Ⅴ

A Dojo hidden in the country, Ryozanpaku is a place where those who want to learn the truth of martial arts resides. It was founded hundreds of years ago, centered around a sacred fountain said to be an unchanged location since originally being created. The legend goes that the man who first drank from the fountain obtained immense knowledge of the world and built a temple around the fountain to create a place of peace and spiritual serenity, focused on the concept of truth, and learning more about the world. However soon those who heard of the fountain lusted after the knowledge it granted and the temple was repeatedly under assault. Born from necessity, the temple turned into a dojo, and Martial Art masters came there to help defend the place, teaching the acolytes Martial Arts themselves. A few centuries later, the legend of the fountain was almost lost, but Ryozanpaku remains. Anymore, the inhabitants are divided into two groups, The Acolytes who focus on knowledge, and learning as much as possible about the world, and the Disciples who train their bodies, and practice martial arts. Unlike other Dojos that only focus one one fighting style, Ryozanpaku is open to any technique, and welcomes any Master who can bring something new to the Dojo. As a result, the Disciples that practice there learn a wide variety of techniques.

Ⅵ Aspect: Ⅵ

Ⅶ Face Claim: Ⅶ
Kenichi Shirahama: History’s Strongest Disciple, Kenichi

Ⅷ Role: Ⅷ

~ The Details ~


Ⅰ Hair Color: Ⅰ

Ⅱ Eye Color: Ⅱ

Ⅲ Skin Tone: Ⅲ

Ⅳ Height: Ⅳ

Ⅴ Occupation: Ⅴ

Ⅵ Soul Blade: Ⅵ

☬ Fists of Rage ☬


Ⅶ Secondary Weapon:Ⅶ
Arn specializes in empty handed fighting. The closest thing to a weapon he uses is his gauntlets. But he is very capable in several different fighting techniques, including an original technique passed down by his head master.


Ⅷ Blade Magic: Ⅷ

Ⅸ Non-Combat Skills: Ⅸ

➣Arn is an exceptional survivalist as an expert in plantlife. Having a broad knowledge of herbs and their uses, he is useful in healing and curing illnesses as well as always finding food no matter where he is. He also is an expert gardener as it was one of his tasks at Ryozanpaku, and can make almost anything grow. He also has an intricate knowledge of poisons, but he would never use them to harm someone else. Instead, he uses his knowledge to make antidotes.

➣ Arn also has a gift for fixing things. Due to his reclusive lifestyle at Ryozanpaku, everything had to be repaired and maintained with whatever resources they could find/ make. As a result, Arn is very resourceful and able to think outside the box. He can also make tools and materials with wood, bones and stone if he must. Of course his ingenuity is not limitless, Arn can only make simple objects and structures on his own. More specialized complex things he would need time to learn about first, and the proper materials.

➣ Arn is a very spiritual individual. Spending his whole life studying martial arts, and training his body to harness his own life force, connecting to the earth. He has a spiritual connection to surrounding life forms, and can sense where they are. If he spends a long enough time with someone, he can learn to tell their life force apart from others, and can sense them from a farther distance. He can also feel The power of the earth, detecting both spiritual pressures, but also unique physical materials. This skill is useful when hunting for food and water, detecting danger, or looking for a comrade.

~ The Hidden Facts ~


Ⅰ Personality: Ⅰ
♡ Stubborn ♡ Friendly ♡ Distracted ♡ Faithful ♡ Honest ♡
Being raised in a dojo, all Arn was brought up with a strong moral code similar to one who would have lived their life at a monastery. As a result, he is very friendly and trusting to a fault. He is a very peaceful person, and always looks for an alternative to violence first. He is also very honest as lying was one of the two taboos at Ryozanpaku -the other being drinking from the fountain-. It was met with harsh punishment, for in a place dedicated to truth, there is no room for deceit. A spiritual person, Arn feels a deep sympathy to all life and resents killing, despite the fact that he still eats meat. However he loathes waste, and uses as much of an animal as possible after killing it.

He also sympathizes with people, sensing their life force, he can feel exactly what they are feeling and -without careful control- can get caught up in their emotions. As a result, he is a very emotional person, letting his feelings cloud his decisions. The only emotion that he can keep consistently under control, is anger. That combined with the fact that he is now out in the world, and no longer under the guidance of his masters for the first time in his life, he often makes impulsive decisions and falls into temptation. In the dojo, he never felt anything like lust before. Now it feels as though it follows him everywhere. He can feel the seductive pressure spill out from brothels, seeming to drag him in. He is constantly struggling to control these impulses, conflicting with the morals he was raised up with.


Ⅱ The Reason Why: Ⅱ
To Protect his home.
Ryozanpaku’ fountain has dried up and is now under threat of being destroyed. Arn hopes to end the strange war by going to the source and discover the truth.

Ⅲ Biography Ⅲ
Arn was brought to Ryozanpaku as a young child by a man who was on the verge of death. The man and his wife were traveling along a nearby road, where they were attacked by bandits, resulting in the wife's death. The acolytes of the dojo took him in and tried their best to heal him, but he soon died, despite their best efforts. As Arn was only around 4 years old and without parents, The Master of Ryozanpaku took him in as part of the dojo. As he grew up, the different masters taught him all they knew, both martial arts and wisdom. Through Bitter work, and inhuman perseverance, he rose to be the top disciple of the dojo, and ended up being taught directly by the five dojo masters and the head master. Having come to Ryozanpaku so young, he doesn't remember anything other than his life at the dojo. The Headmaster and the others soon became his family, and fortunately he never felt the pain of losing his parents. He was raised with the teachings of the dojo, instilling in him a deep respect for truth and knowledge.

He soon was given other duties, including gardening to help provide food for the dojo, and training the younger members. As he grew, he started to learn advanced spiritual practices, meditating, and connecting with all life around him. He learned how to let the power of nature flow through him, and determine the temperament of the earth. As such, he was able to sense when something changed. The entire day before the shadow fell across the land and the monsters swarmed the earth for the first time, he and the other well practiced acolytes knew something was wrong. It was as if there was a chill in the air and the ground grew cold. They felt as if one could cut the pressure around them with a blade. Then that night, as the sun set, the fountain stopped flowing.

The first night the creatures attacked the dojo, they held strong, easily defending themselves. Troubled by the fountain drying and the shadow falling, the acolytes lost their heart and soon grew fearful. Now each week, the attack of the creatures becomes more and more vicious, and the courage of the acolytes lessens as the fountain remains dry. After a few weeks, Arn asked the Head Master permission to leave Ryozanpaku and search for the cause of the fountain drying. With much hesitation and reluctance, they agreed. Once he left, he heard rumors of people who were granted power by the SoulStone, and searched for one hoping to find out more about the SoulStone and -as a result- the truth behind the fountain.

~ The Others ~

♥ Love Interest: ♥
No love interest as of yet.

✦ Characters Opinion of Other Characters: ✦
Will Add as other characters are submitted.

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✛ Extra Bits: ✛

Dialogue & Thought

Portrayed By – JEDH3


With everything I have been given by my masters, I have no choice but to do everything within my power to discover the truth!

So begins...

Arn Grimr's Story

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The world of Tarantia.

A peaceful place once, it know a divided nation between three cruel and unkind factions. The King and his new dictator like rule under the crushing weight of his enforcing guard, the Lumina Fangs. An intense criminal population led by the mysterious Naga and his band of thieves, murderers and miscreants... the Black Sparrows. Finally and perhaps the most dangerous of all, the overwhelming army of monstrous creatures led by the urban legend of the crimson eyes maiden that assaults the human towns and cities every Saturday night under the guidance of the blood moon.

Unfazed by the danger... or perhaps more terrified than everyone else. A select group of individuals have been chosen by this Worlds benevolent creator, the almighty Soulstone, to find it and claim its legendary powers as their own. Gifted with the powerful Soul Blades these chosen heroes set out on their journeys with their own goals in mind of what feats they will use this masterful gems power to create. But they are not alone in this quest, groups of humans from around the World have heard tales of these legendary heroes in the making and they seek companionship so that they too might see the Soulstone and discover the truth of their very World. Among these humans there are those whom have the potential to be chosen themselves... though they have yet to discover this power within themselves.

On the demand of the Soulstone during their initial awakening, the Chosen make their way to the city of light, the grand capital of the World. Tier Lumina, where the King, his royal Highness Jurgal Crucible, and his dishonorable Lumina Fang guard is at its most powerful. From their they only hope that the Soulstone will give them a sign as to where they are supposed to go next.

Hearing rumors of the chosen's convergence on the capital city, many humans, those with pre-awakened potential inside of them included head to the capital as well.

Now every one of these unlikely protagonists have finally started to reach their first destination in a journey that will be spoken of for ages to come. Each one holds an ideal close to their and a goal that they wish to complete in their minds... and with their blades they will fight through their quest so that they might accomplish their greatest desires and complete objectives that only a power of true omnipotence could achieve.

This is their story.

A tale of Crossing Blades.

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#, as written by JEDH3

Focus. Arn told himself firmly. You have a purpose. He walked through the streets of Tier Lumina nervously. he had never been in a city this large before. Even the smaller towns he had been in during the couple of months away from Ryozanpaku had been a bit of a shock for him, and now he was practically lost in this labyrinth of buildings. it felt to him as though this was one huge test of his resolve. Temptations surrounded him, and the bustle of the crowds kept pushing him around aimlessly. With every nudge, he smiled and apologized. One top of the physical distractions, He could feel the ki of the surrounding people, their emotions making his head fuzzy, and he became somewhat sick. Anger, fear, discontent, desire, greed, joy, sorrow, and more bombarded him. Within thirty minutes of entering the city, Arn had completely lost his sense of direction, and could not recall how he got to his current location.

Needing to get off the street, he ducked into tavern after tavern until he finally found one that did not smell of rotten food or mildew. He took a deep breath and shut out the street behind him. he sat down at the bar, smiling to the girl behind the counter. He did have some money, as he had learned that he needed to earn wages to survive during his travels. So he paid her for a meal of roasted chicken and a cup of wine. Sitting quietly, he listened to the others at the bar. Although he did come here to get off the street, and rest his mind, he did have another reason. He needed information about the Chosen, who were rumored to be gathering in Tier Lumina. Ever since leaving his home, Arn was constantly surprised at how little people knew about the Soulstone. However he soon learned of the Chosen, a relatively new phenomenon that had not reached his home yet. It seemed that they has surfaced shortly after the shadow fell and the fountain ceased flowing. It seemed to all be connected. And thus finding a Chosen had become his new priority. he followed rumors of them gathering at the capital, and had followed suit. He doubted that they would be easy to find, and he had to be careful about believing what he heard as honestly was heartbreakingly not as respected as it was in Ryozanpaku. But he had little choice, and did not want to draw too much attention to himself by asking questions.

His eavsdropping did not bear much at first, but soon the rumors he had followed were backed up. "I hear they are gathering here." Arn barely made out from a couple men a few meters away. Focusing his attention, he tried to block out the other noise. "Yeah, and have you seen any for yourself?" The other asked sarcastically.
"I might have, so you might have as well!"
"Yeah, just like you might have seen the King strolling down the streets in disguise."
"No, it it more than that and you know it!" the first said indignantly. "They don't try to hide, they just look like everyone else!"
"But why would they all be coming here? wouldn't it make more sense for those with their power to be spread out, fighting the creatures elsewhere, instead of gathering at the most well defended city in the world?"
"True, but they are the Chosen. They know things we don't. I am sure there is a reason behind it."
"Awful faithful to the alleged 'Soulstone' aren't you?" The second man replied skeptically.
"Well, there is no proof that it doesn't exist. There has to be a source to the Chosen's power."
"Well if there is a Soulstone, I don't see why it can't just destroy the monsters already."
"Yes, and bring about world peace, and make horses shit gold too, while its at it." The man rolled his eyes.
"Well if it can, I don't see why not."

After that, the conversation drifted more and more, until Arn realized that he wouldn't get any actual information, other than a possible confirmation of his purpose being here. Just as he was about to take leave, and venture out into the unwelcoming street, the girl behind the counter spoke. "Planning on staying the night?" She asked, while taking his empty plate and cup.
"Not quite sure yet." He smiled back. "So is it that obvious that I am not from here?"
"You look like a cat cornered by a pack of dogs, love." She laughed.
He joined her laugh at the joke, and sighed. "Yes, I am not too fond of such a large and crowded place. My home had an all of around 50 people."
"Is that where you got those clothes as well?" she giggled again.
Arn was wearing the same clothes that most at Ryozanpaku wore. A white, sleeveless dougi, black pants, and his gauntlets. "Actually, yes. Is it abnormal?"
"You may want to get some new clothes, love. someone may mistake such a strange character for a Chosen."
"So that is your question." Arn stated flatly. "For someone who tells others how obvious they are, you do not hide your intentions that well. No I am not a Chosen, however, I am looking for them. Why did you want to know if I was one?"
No bothering to hide her disappointment, the girl replied, "Just to see something special. I wanted to be able to tell people that I had met a Chosen. Why are you looking for them?"
"To find out the Truth of the Soulstone." He answered her, fighting off the depression that radiated off of her. not wanting to drag the conversation out, he stood up to leave. but hesitating for a moment, he turned his head towards her. "If I find one, I will suggest that they stay here." He said quietly, walking out into the street with all the anticipation of one who walks into a blizzard.