Kaida Reika

"Sacrificing yourself should be done for people who need your strength because they don't have enough of their own."

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"All I need is the power to be able to protect my comrades. So long as I can have the strength to do that, I don't care if I'm weaker than everyone in the world."

♦ Theme Songs ♦
Normal ~ [url]-[/url]
Fighting ~ The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
Emotional ~ Secrets - OneRepublic

~ The Basics ~


Ⅰ Full Name: Ⅰ
Kaida Satsuki Reika

Ⅱ Age: Ⅱ

Ⅲ Gender: Ⅲ

Ⅳ Sexuality: Ⅳ
Heterosexual, but views males as friends more than partners.

Ⅴ Hometown: Ⅴ

A small port city with a huge industry, Aquafienna is the main port city in the realm. It's well known for the huge bridge, Sylver Crossing, and the export of seafood. Many ships pass through on the river, so it's also a place of gossip.

Ⅵ Aspect: Ⅵ
Self-Sacrifice/ Selflessness

Ⅶ Face Claim: Ⅶ
Erza Scarlet- Fairy Tail

Ⅷ Role: Ⅷ
Pre-Awakened Three

~ The Details ~


Ⅰ Hair Color: Ⅰ
She has long, rich scarlet hair.
"Gingers do have souls, actually."

Ⅱ Eye Color: Ⅱ
Soft, deep brown eyes, like a calf.
"I think brown eyes are pretty!"

Ⅲ Skin Tone: Ⅲ
Light but slightly tanned.
"I'm not really that tan."

Ⅳ Height: Ⅳ
Five foot six inches.
"Well, I'm not short!"

Ⅴ Occupation: Ⅴ

Has been a bounty hunter and was briefly trained as an assassin.

[url]☬ Name of Weapon ☬[/url]

Soul Blade- ???

This double-bladed staff no longer sees the blood of innocents cloaking its blade. In fact, it serves an opposite purpose. The staff is used to protect many from evil or attack. Kaida is very proficient with it, as she has been training with it since she received it as an heirloom when she was four. Koga has a very bloody history, as it used to belong to a tyrant and then a rebel force against the land. It's mostly used now in self-defense or other's defense.

Ⅷ Blade Magic: Ⅷ

Ⅸ Non-Combat Skills: Ⅸ

➣ Swimming- Brought up in the port city, she became a proficient swimmer very early on. She loves water and will seek it out when stressed or upset- a rare occurrence. Loves the sound of rain and running water.

➣ Climbing Trees- Something Kaida almost never did as a child, she discovered the joys of climbing trees when she had to set up camp in one. On a journey to Tier Lumina, she had to bed down in a tall spruce and discovered the joys of climbing trees.

➣ Acrobatics- Kaida loved to leap about on the crowded rooftops of Aquafienna. Fearing that she would break something crucial, Kaida's mother enlisted her in acrobatics training. Easily outshining her classmates, she learned many useful skills that eventually aided her in battle.

~ The Hidden Facts ~


Ⅰ Personality: Ⅰ
♡ Generous ♡ Brave ♡ Stubborn ♡ Low Self-Esteem ♡ Friendly ♡

"I'm usually pretty quiet around everyone- NOT! I'm really friendly, and love to help other people. However, I have my secrets, and will (and do) keep secrets to the grave; so good luck getting me to tell you. I'll hide my past for the most part- It's just too... painful, I guess. Sad would be a better word. Never mind the sad past, I'm very nice and love to be around people! (probably dulls the pain...) (Oh, shut up, conscience!) This is what people tell me; I really don't think I'm all that great. It's easy to make friends; hard to trust or take compliments seriously. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor, sorry if you get offended easily- It's probably gonna happen. But yeah, that's probably my personality in a nutshell."


Ⅱ The Reason Why: Ⅱ

"It's my duty. If someone is to save the world, they need another to help them along the way. I don't have a purpose, and it'd be nice to see the world anyways. I would love to see, hear of, the force that kept our world at peace. I wish I could do that... maybe my time is coming. I just... feel like this is what I should do. Does that make sense?"

Ⅲ Biography Ⅲ

Kaida has always led a life of action- and violence. She was raised in Aquafienna and learned the city ways early. She lived next to the river and also developed a passion for swimming and water.

As soon as she left blissful childhood, she was trained to kill. At age nine she was an assassin's apprentice, however, that didn't last long. Her father, an important bounty hunter and skilled fighter, declared that an assassin was not a good career choice. He slaughtered her mentor in front of her eyes.

Her father brought her into the bounty faction where she met many people- most of them bloodthirsty. She tolerated the hunters and eventually met one hunter who was in a very similar situation as her. They became close friends and she shared many important missions with him as her partner.

A few years later, at age fifteen, he got into a faction fight and Kaida was forced to punish him. He was severely wounded afterwards and lost his memory. She visited him as often as she could but was soon relocated for reasons still unknown.

Kaida found him a about year later and finally got to see him again. She asked him how much he remembered, and he replied, "I remember that you hurt me." She had a complete breakdown afterwards and was expelled from the faction.

She returned to her history as an assassin and became an incredible killer- lost in her own emotional pain, she was ruthless and heartless. She earned the nickname Scarlet Shadow. After about a year and a half, now seventeen, Kaida realized what she had done and retreated into the shadows to clear her name.

Living in Aquafienna, about five months passed while Kaida fought against monsters and was almost enlisted in the Fangs. However, she denied, and left to seek out the Chosen- rumors had reached her ears and this was her redemption. (cue epic adventure music)

~ The Others ~

♥ Love Interest: ♥
Love? Nah. I'm more of everyone's friend.

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✛ Extra Bits: ✛

Other - Has a Faction Tattoo from when she was a bounty hunter. No longer part of the faction, however.

Dialogue & Thought Color - Blue

Portrayed By - BurningDark

"Sacrifice is a part of life. It's supposed to be. It's not something to regret. It's something to aspire to.”

So begins...

Kaida Reika's Story

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The world of Tarantia.

A peaceful place once, it know a divided nation between three cruel and unkind factions. The King and his new dictator like rule under the crushing weight of his enforcing guard, the Lumina Fangs. An intense criminal population led by the mysterious Naga and his band of thieves, murderers and miscreants... the Black Sparrows. Finally and perhaps the most dangerous of all, the overwhelming army of monstrous creatures led by the urban legend of the crimson eyes maiden that assaults the human towns and cities every Saturday night under the guidance of the blood moon.

Unfazed by the danger... or perhaps more terrified than everyone else. A select group of individuals have been chosen by this Worlds benevolent creator, the almighty Soulstone, to find it and claim its legendary powers as their own. Gifted with the powerful Soul Blades these chosen heroes set out on their journeys with their own goals in mind of what feats they will use this masterful gems power to create. But they are not alone in this quest, groups of humans from around the World have heard tales of these legendary heroes in the making and they seek companionship so that they too might see the Soulstone and discover the truth of their very World. Among these humans there are those whom have the potential to be chosen themselves... though they have yet to discover this power within themselves.

On the demand of the Soulstone during their initial awakening, the Chosen make their way to the city of light, the grand capital of the World. Tier Lumina, where the King, his royal Highness Jurgal Crucible, and his dishonorable Lumina Fang guard is at its most powerful. From their they only hope that the Soulstone will give them a sign as to where they are supposed to go next.

Hearing rumors of the chosen's convergence on the capital city, many humans, those with pre-awakened potential inside of them included head to the capital as well.

Now every one of these unlikely protagonists have finally started to reach their first destination in a journey that will be spoken of for ages to come. Each one holds an ideal close to their and a goal that they wish to complete in their minds... and with their blades they will fight through their quest so that they might accomplish their greatest desires and complete objectives that only a power of true omnipotence could achieve.

This is their story.

A tale of Crossing Blades.