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Yohana Haruna Saiko

"I'm not going to pretend like I'm a good person now... because I'm not. But even a bad person like me can do good things if they try!" WIP

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a character in “Crossing Blades”, as played by Another Lie



"I did what I had to to survive... and I'm not proud of it. This power is the chance I need to make things right.

♦ Theme Songs ♦ (Optional, but fun to have.)
Normal ~ Skyreach - Sora Amamiya
Fighting ~ Unfinished Battle - Yoko Shimomura
Emotional ~ Fi's Farewell - Hajime Wakai

~ The Basics ~

Ⅰ Full Name: Ⅰ
Yohana "Yo" Haruna Saiko

Ⅱ Age: Ⅱ
Yo is nineteen years of age.

Ⅲ Gender: Ⅲ
Yo is male.

Ⅳ Sexuality: Ⅳ
Yo is completely heterosexual.

Ⅴ Hometown: Ⅴ


Rathalos is a small and humble village located about forty or so miles away from the capital of Tier Lumina. It suffered much during the crime uprising and monster invasions and it is one of the first villages planned for occupation by the kings totalitarian "Lumina Fang" guard. It's primary export is farming, animals in particular... in fact the plentiful livestock population of the town made the unlucky location the prime target of many of the more feral monsters of the blood moon risings. Thieves already tended to pick on the villagers due to their weak defensive measures and decent wealth. Being one of the more peaceful places in the new world of Tarantia doesn't offer many benefits... but Yo is told that years before he was born, when belief in the Soulstone was still at its peak, Rathalos was one of the happiest places in the world. He loves his town, but being brought up in the turmoil that it faces nowadays makes stories of prosperity hard to stomach. Still, at a glance the village is beautiful to look at and it still remains fairly popular with travelers passing through. It isn't the most well known place true, but its name does tend to get around at the very least and as a result it isn't uncommon to hear responses such as "That village near the capital?" or "Oh yeah! I've heard of that place!" when the name is mentioned.

ImageⅥ Aspect: Ⅵ
Redemption - Once being a criminal himself, Yo was forced to face his own crimes when his home and family were put into danger. He realized at the last moment the folly of his ways and was utterly disgusted in himself. In a last ditch effort to defend his home, Yo turned and attacked those whom he was workign with despite being outnumbered. He knew that in doing this he would most likely be killed... but he also realized that deep in his heart he'd rather die than continue living the rotten life he had chosen. Sensing this desire to atone for his sins and to redeem himself in his own eyes and the eyes of others, the Soulstone chose him on a whim to be one of its champions, granting him the blade, Rebirth, and the power of The People's Shield that said blade carried.

Ⅶ Face Claim: Ⅶ
Tatsumi - Akame Ga Kill

Ⅷ Role: Ⅷ
Chosen Human 1

~ The Details ~


Ⅰ Hair Color: Ⅰ
Yo has bright Auburn hair.

Ⅱ Eye Color: Ⅱ
Yo's eyes are a deep spring green.

Ⅲ Skin Tone: Ⅲ
Yo has a basic creamy complexion, common among folks living in Rathalos.

Ⅳ Height: Ⅳ
Yo stands at 5'10" in terms of height.

Ⅴ Occupation: Ⅴ
Yo was a criminal working for the crime organisation known as the black sparrows prior to receiving his Soul Blade. He is now without a job and is focusing all of his energy into his quest to find the legendary Soulstone.

Ⅵ Soul Blade: Ⅵ

Rebirth is a fairly unassuming looking single handed broadsword designed judging by its appearance for a nice balance of offense and defense when fighting against both single targets and groups of opponents. In terms of basic combat potential as a weapon it does not appear to be anything special, it is a good all around choice capable of dealing with many situations and in Yo's experienced hands the weapon can be used to quite deadly effect. It is not, however, the best in any field... despite being capable of doing many things efficiently it is far outclassed in regions such as power, speed and range by countless different kinds of specialized weapon. A true jack-of-all-trades master of none, Yo trusts the sword with his life and realizes that its true strength comes from its magical defensive capabilities... when it comes to offense Yo knows it can get the job done and that's all that matters to him. Being a weapon created by the Soul Stone itself, Rebirth is completely unbreakable... its blade never so much as losing sharpness from constant use.

Ⅶ Secondary Weapon:Ⅶ
Yo carries an old blow-dart launcher that he obtained during his time as a criminal. The weapon is primarily designed for stealth, but Yo is capable of using it in interesting and unique ways thanks to his extensive use of it in the past. By simply inserting a dart in the opposite end of the simple tube-like weapon and blowing hard, Yo can launch his projectiles over several feet in distance. He is also capable of crafting poison darts which will slowly weaken and potentially kill his enemies... but he largely refrains from using these since they remind him too much of his old ways. He mainly uses sharpened darts that can be used as distractions while using stealth or as a means of cutting into vital body parts such as the eyes or neck in the heat of combat.

Ⅷ Blade Magic: Ⅷ
The Peoples Shield:

Upon being driven into the ground in a moment of desperation, the sword Rebirth can be used by Yo to preform the powerful magic known as "The People's Shield". This spell transforms Yo's equipment and surrounds the young fighter in a suit of shining white armor, this armor is tight fitting and flexible, allowing Yo to move unrestricted around the battlefield while at the same time gaining a large bolstering to his initial defense. However, aside from these features... it is a completely ordinary suit of armor. It can even be broken if hit hard enough! (Though Yo can reform at the next chance gets the to use his swords magic again.) Some might consider an ability as mundane as summoning a regular if flashy suit of armor to be unworthy of a Soul Blades power... but the true magic of the armor comes not from the defense of ones self, but from the defending of others.

If Yo, while wearing his armor, uses his own body as a shield to defend someone else from an otherwise devastating blow... the attack will be nullified completely and no damage will be done to the attacked individual or to Yo himself. There are conditions to this rule however,

-Yo MUST be protecting the intended target of the attack for the attack to work at all. Protecting someone whom was, say, caught in the crossfire of an attack will not trigger The Peoples Shields ability.

-The attack must be COMPLETELY blocked by Yo, if so much as a scratch of harm comes to the defended party due to the blocked attack then the attack will not be nullified and Yo will most likely take a horrible amount of damage.

-The Peoples Shield can only defend ONE person at once, trying to save multiple people at the same time will not trigger the nullification effect.

Ⅸ Non-Combat Skills: Ⅸ

Sneaking: Being a criminal (and a good one at that) for so long has taught Yo many things about stealth and the manipulation of the environment to his advantage. Stealing required materials, pickpocketing horrid guards of the Lumina Fang and even moving among other criminals unnoticed are just some of the many benefits that Yo draws on from this skill. Of course, this skill can be related to combat as well, but when in direct conflict with someone Yo prefers to fight his opponents head on using his blade and The People's Shield more so than his stealth based attacks. In stealth is also the time when one is most likely to see Yo use his blow-dart launcher... as he is unable to use it while wearing the helmet accompanying The People's Shield.

Animal Interaction: Living in a village with livestock as a primary export made dealing with animals a necessity for Yo. He claims that animals love him and he isn't lying, he has a certain way with the horses, hounds and other animals of the world that tends to surprise certain individuals. Yo even claims that he's noticed some of the monsters that strike on the nights of the blood moon hesitate when fighting him... but nobody tends to believe him when he talks about that... he's probably lying anyway.

Coercion: Positively silver tongued and well able to talk himself out of plenty of awkward situations, Yo tends to take pride in himself for his conversation skills. He's sure he'd be quite the Cassanova in fact (If he wasn't terrified of women that is). He'll admit that alot of his skill in coercion came from his days as a criminal... but he views it as a good thing so long as he's able to use these skills in speech for good rather than evil. Still... women, he finds it doesn't work as well on them, probably because he can't stop himself from stuttering whenever a girl gives even the slightest hint of interest in what he's saying. Poor guy.

~ The Hidden Facts ~

Ⅰ Personality: Ⅰ
♡ Eccentric ♡ Tryhard ♡ Cheery ♡ Easily-Embarrassed ♡ Guilt-ridden ♡


Ⅱ The Reason Why: Ⅱ
Disgusted by the atrocities he committed while a criminal... and due to the fact that he obtained his weapon the moment he decided to repent those ways, Yo views his mission to find the Soulstone as a means of redeeming himself and becoming a good person once again. He believes in his heart that if he claims the Soulstone he will obtain the power to destroy all of the criminal aspects in the world (including the Lumina Fang) as well as the monster population to boot. He wants to destroy the threats to humanity... and when all is said and done? He'll use his new and righteous power to help guide the people back towards a happy and peaceful existence. If he can't complete his task? Then he will keep going until he dies. His only remaining purpose now is the Soulstone... nothing else matters.

Ⅲ Biography Ⅲ

~ The Others ~

♥ Love Interest: ♥
Yo has no real love interest as of yet, due to his fear of women despite heterosexuality he has a hard time finding partners.

✦ Characters Opinion of Other Characters: ✦

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✛ Extra Bits: ✛

Other - N/A

Dialogue & Thought Color - #B45F04

Portrayed By - Another Lie


"I've just to keep on going down the path I'm now on... wherever it leads me... I just hope that at the end I can somehow make up for everything I destroyed."

So begins...

Yohana Haruna Saiko's Story

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The world of Tarantia.

A peaceful place once, it know a divided nation between three cruel and unkind factions. The King and his new dictator like rule under the crushing weight of his enforcing guard, the Lumina Fangs. An intense criminal population led by the mysterious Naga and his band of thieves, murderers and miscreants... the Black Sparrows. Finally and perhaps the most dangerous of all, the overwhelming army of monstrous creatures led by the urban legend of the crimson eyes maiden that assaults the human towns and cities every Saturday night under the guidance of the blood moon.

Unfazed by the danger... or perhaps more terrified than everyone else. A select group of individuals have been chosen by this Worlds benevolent creator, the almighty Soulstone, to find it and claim its legendary powers as their own. Gifted with the powerful Soul Blades these chosen heroes set out on their journeys with their own goals in mind of what feats they will use this masterful gems power to create. But they are not alone in this quest, groups of humans from around the World have heard tales of these legendary heroes in the making and they seek companionship so that they too might see the Soulstone and discover the truth of their very World. Among these humans there are those whom have the potential to be chosen themselves... though they have yet to discover this power within themselves.

On the demand of the Soulstone during their initial awakening, the Chosen make their way to the city of light, the grand capital of the World. Tier Lumina, where the King, his royal Highness Jurgal Crucible, and his dishonorable Lumina Fang guard is at its most powerful. From their they only hope that the Soulstone will give them a sign as to where they are supposed to go next.

Hearing rumors of the chosen's convergence on the capital city, many humans, those with pre-awakened potential inside of them included head to the capital as well.

Now every one of these unlikely protagonists have finally started to reach their first destination in a journey that will be spoken of for ages to come. Each one holds an ideal close to their and a goal that they wish to complete in their minds... and with their blades they will fight through their quest so that they might accomplish their greatest desires and complete objectives that only a power of true omnipotence could achieve.

This is their story.

A tale of Crossing Blades.

The setting changes from The Land of Tarantia to Tier Lumina


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"Why the glum look chum? I don't see any o' the fangs around and t'me that's a good 'nuf reason to be smiling."

Yohana Haruna Saiko looked up from his tired and slumped expression, he was sitting at a bar and inn in Tier Lumina... a place by the name of "The Lumina Retreat". The place seemed rather old, most buildings in Tier Lumina were crafted from polished white stone that made the city shine out in the wilderness like a beacon reflecting even the smallest shred of light... but this place was different. It was a plain old place in one of the cities poorer districts and it was made of old spruce wood if he had to take a guess. The inside decor was no different, wooden walls with hunting trophies on the wall... mostly the heads of monsters by the looks of things. Yo had noticed the head of a rather large wyvern mounted at a central position in the tavern... he had to assume that that was the places most prized kill as it seemed really over-glorified being mounted alone above the only non-wooden thing in the building, a stone hearth and fire.

Yo himself was sitting on an old yet admittedly comfortable stool, there was a glass of water half drunken by himself to his left. The inn had been very kind to travelers and once the bartender had heard of his position as a Chosen he had offered him a place to stay the night and some glasses of water to perk him up... all free of charge. Yo had to wonder why the establishment was so nice to him as a chosen... but it wasn't that hard to figure out. The King was rumored not to like Chosen too much and from Yo had heard the Lumina Fang didn't respond too kindly to them either. However, The Lumina Retreat, as the bartender and owner had told him, was a very anti-fang establishment. Being on the rougher side of the city and not getting too many visits from the totalitarian guard meant that the bar owner could observe and see the Fangs for what they really were...a bunch of bullies.

By that logic, the enemy of their enemy was their friend... and if the Lumina Fang weren't too fond of the chosen, then The Lumina Retreat would welcome them with open arms.

Despite all of that helping him out, Yo couldn't help but fee rather depressed. He didn't know what he had expected to happen upon arriving in Tire Lumina... maybe a sign would appear? Or perhaps the Soulstone would speak to him again? Regardless.. Yo had at the very least expected something to happen that would give him SOME sort of clue as to what to do next.

But no... nothing had happened. He had arrived in the city and that was that. Had the Soulstone been referring to a DIFFERENT city of Light? Was there EVEN a different city of light? Scratching his head in frustration Yo looked up to the bartender slash owner of The Lumina Retreat and spoke.

"I suppose you could say I'm just a bit lost at the moment... unsure of what to do next.

The bartender crossed his arms and tilted his head as if thinking. He was a large and gruff mean, with tanned skin and a shaved head, his features were chiseled and he had a big bushy brown beard on his chin that he stroked often, his most defining feature however was the eyepatch he wore. It was a simple black patch that covered his right eye and Yo had decided that it would have been a wiser decision to not mention it.

"Huh... yeah 'suppose yer in a bit of a pickle... 'bein "chosen" by the bloody Soulstone and given some daft clue 'bout the city 'ere must be rather annoyin'"

Yo took a swig of water and proceeded to hold his chin in his hand like a schoolboy bored by his lessons.

"You don't know the half of it..."

With a yawn Yo stretched back and loosened his muscles, stiff from traveling all of the way from Rathalos to Tier Lumina by foot, Rebirth shook gently in its scabbard as Yo resumed his sitting position. The bartender pondered another moment and stroked his beard again.

"Well hey, Tier Lumina's a big ol' place, y'know? Maybe you was sent 'ere to find someone special? Er... maybe t'here a rumor er story that's send you on yer way? Askin' around can't hurt now can it?"

Yo sighed and finished his water. He knew the old bartender was right and that sitting around wasn't getting him any closer to his goal... but asking everyone in the damn city about what to do?! That would take way longer than the fragile peace of Tarantia had... there had to be something he was missing.

"Damn it all... I guess saving the World won't be as easy as I might have thought."


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Kaida was hunting again.

She'd hoped to never have to track someone down again, but here she was, in the Capitol. Doing just that.

She'd arrived a few days ago, and she was very travel-weary. At least Tier Lumina was a big city- she could find people easily here. True, it was better to hide in a big place, but it was like watching mice run through a very complicated maze for the former bounty hunter. Having grown up in a city and been on the run, she knew all of the secrets of places like these.

She strode down the rich streets, ignoring the strange glances passerby sent her way. She probably looked like a killer to them- dark clothes and a staff slung across her back. Luckily the guards on duty had known her from before and had looked the other way.

Her prey wasn't a bounty criminal this time, however. She was looking for the Chosen that Aquafienna was abuzz with news about. The one she had her sights on was in Tier Lumina today- supposedly. Yo... Yo something. She knew the name would come to her later.

As she walked towards the poor, bar-filled area of town, she scanned the crowd for anyone that looked like someone trying to avoid attention. None of the walking people fit the bill, so she continued her path.

Finally reaching her destination, she looked around at the bar fronts. One looked about right, so she settled her gaze on it. Just then, a pack of Fangs approached. Yohana Saiko. The name burst forth in her memory. If he was a Chosen... The Fang would be looking for the Chosen, wouldn't they?

"Hey, missy, what're you doing on this side o' town? It's pretty nasty 'round here." Kaida sighed. She bet that these Fangs were drunk- still able to arrest people for no reason. Or flirt, whichever really came first. Ah well, this might have to go down the hard way. One of them pushed up and staggered a little dizzily. He fell forwards and Kaida stepped back, sending the guard onto his face.

"Excuse me, please. I just need to get around; I was meeting up with a friend of mine." Maneuvering around the group, she walked calmly towards the bars. Deciding on one named The Lumina Retreat, she looked back to make sure they weren't following her.

A few walked around, watching her warily. One was following her, and she almost ran into the door once she looked back. Opening it, she stepped inside, and hoped that she hadn't just brought the corrupt Guard down on the Chosen. "Uh, hello. By any chance, are any of you Yohana Saiko?" A few occupants looked up, but none of them exactly leapt up and volunteered.

She stepped aside as the guard entered. Unfortunately, he was drunk as well and took an interest in her. Oh great. This is going to get awkward.