Zianro Azura

"Hope is a precious thing, never lose it."

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"Hope and faith are close relatives, inspire hope and the faith that everything will be alright will follow."

♦ Theme Songs ♦
Normal ~ Everybody wants to Rule the World - LORDE
Fighting ~ Gravitation - Angela
Emotional ~ This is My Road - Kanon

~ The Basics ~


Ⅰ Full Name: Ⅰ
Zianro Azura

Ⅱ Age: Ⅱ

Ⅲ Gender: Ⅲ

Ⅳ Sexuality: Ⅳ

Ⅴ Hometown: Ⅴ
Tier Lumina, but has been away from home for quite some time.

Ⅶ Face Claim: Ⅶ
(Casshern - Casshern Sins)

Ⅷ Role: Ⅷ
Human 4

~ The Details ~


Ⅰ Hair Color: Ⅰ

Ⅱ Eye Color: Ⅱ
Greenish Blue

Ⅲ Skin Tone: Ⅲ

Ⅳ Height: Ⅳ

Ⅴ Occupation: Ⅴ
Stable keeper (7-13), Mercenary Apprentice (13-17), Mercenary (17-22)

Ⅵ Primary Weapon: Ⅵ (Humans only)

A weapon forged long ago by his ancestors, this blade has passed from father to son in a respectable manner, the knowledge of how the blade was forged was lost as the generations passed. What was once a possible feat of metalwork has turned family heirloom and storied origins. His grandfather claimed a Powerful Spirit forged the blade, whilst his father claimed a dragon heated the metal with his breath and demanded a sample of the ancestor's blood to help quench the metal. Stories aside, Draconil is a robust blade built to last and is still sharp.

Ⅶ Secondary Weapon:Ⅶ (All roles.)
Na'ari's Bite

Named after his ancestor upon recieving it, this Crossbow was given upon his graduation from his apprenticeship when Zianro became a full fledged Mercenary at Arms, for intent of having a ranged weapon against more then one enemy if they're at a distance. He uses it sparingly as bolts to him are expensive to get.

Ⅸ Non-Combat Skills: Ⅸ
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➣ Horse Rider- Being brought up initially as a Stable Keeper, Zianro learned how to ride a horse. He rides to be efficient, and with a healthy relationship with the horse he's riding. Zianro also can tell what a horse's behavior is, if for example it is bucking or out of control in the stables, he'd have to find a way to calm the poor beast. "Calming a Horse is harder then it looks."

➣ Cartographer- Maps were a favorite part of Zianro's Apprenticeship. He loved reading maps so much he decided to make his own map, charting the trails and rest stops the Mercenary Band went through. He still keeps the first map he made and is still adding stuff to it. Because of this any new shortcut or trail is added to the map he carries.

➣ Minstrelsy- In the layman's term, he is a natural at singing. Some of his specialties are songs passed down in his family. Tales about Na'ari, the Mysterious Forger of Draconil, and merry tunes still sung to this day. He knows a few hymns having to do with the Soulstone, but in recent times, hasn't had the spiritual strength to sing them due to the amount of disbelief in the world. He is known because of this talent, to be a very good storyteller and entertainer at the same time.

~ The Hidden Facts ~


Ⅰ Personality: Ⅰ
♡ Good Natured ♡ Fierce ♡ Understanding ♡ Hopeful ♡ Tortured ♡

When one first encounters Zianro Azura, one would find that he's one of those mercenaries who loves to make others around him smile and laugh whilst he himself keeps a straight face. His humble origins and attitudes give him away as a person had a lust for life and all it's positive points, whilst poking fun or criticizing the bad. He loves friendships and tries to make them wherever he travels. Zianro treats these friendships almost as if they're holding him afloat in a turbulent world of sorrow and grief. He doesn't tolerate sadness or injustice and is willing to fight the causes wherever he finds it.

But everyone has their dark side, and Zianro's is his own mind. The reason he became a Stable Boy, and then later, a mercenary, was because he was born with a disability that makes him unable to fully understand the body languages of people, only the basics of it he can fully comprehend. He is easily frustrated at times, and when he himself gets upset or angry, he acts almout hostile to anyone, for only a few brief seconds before if it's a friend, would stop and apologize, and then sit alone, drowning his sorrow with food and drink. He finds it ironic, that he can understand other's sorrows and make them feel at ease, but can never fully save himself from his own inner demons.


Ⅱ The Reason Why: Ⅱ
Why would he join a Chosen on their quest for the SoulStone? For a variety of reasons, one being to finally have peace within himself. Another would be he wants to find the truth of his family lineage and figure out why Na'ari would fashion a sword, only to pass it down to his son and so on until him. The last and final reason is to find a way to stop the horde of monsters from appearing every week and save many lives, hoping to finally restore what humanity had lost; hope itself. With Hope comes faith and The SoulStone is the prime example of Faith. He doesn't know if it truly exists or not, but he knows it does, and he's going to help find it.

Ⅲ Biography Ⅲ
Zianro Azura was the youngest and only son in a family of seven. His father was a successful tavern owner complete with stables, shop, and meeting areas for society. Zianro had no clear sign of inheriting the family business since his eldest sister married when he was six, but was told he would inherit something very special and close to the very core of the Family. But before he could have it, he had to earn it. This lead to his career as a stable boy, tending to the horses of guests that had travelled by that transportation. It was here he learned how to ride horses and learn their behavior, his first real passion. The years went by and Zianro grew older.

At age fourteen, he worked at the stables and saw a robber attempting to steal from a client at the inn. The attempt was stopped by a visiting Mercenary who had the most intimidating stallion he ever saw. Close behind him was the Mercenary's posse, of nearly sixty men, all veteran fighters. The leader was actually an old friend of Zianro's father and came to collect on an old debt of teaching one of his children to be a fighter. To choose, he acted rude and harsh towards another client and accused his father for keeping low lifes in his tavern, and Zianro, who was inside resting from work, reacted almost out of his own nature to save the client and punched the man square in the jaw. The mercenary laughed and patted Zianro's shoulder. "You Pass!", was the shout by the mercenary, who wasn't after any of his sisters, but for Zianro and Zianro alone.

It was then his Father took Zianro aside, and presented him with Draconil, a sword that according to his father was forged by his Ancestor, a man called Na'ari, and was passed down from generation to generation anonymously, usually from father to son, and was used by his grandfather during a Great War. It was then he was taken by the Mercenaries and left Tier Lumina. He lived with the Band for eight years, three years as an apprentice mercenary with odd jobs and little opportunity to test his sword in a real fight. He kept people entertained with his gift of song and storytelling during those three years. At age Seventeen he was presented with a Crossbow and was fully inducted as a member of the group. He participated in many battles during the time of the Bloodmoon. But now, at 22, he has an aching feeling to return to his home. With the rumors of people seeking the SoulStone, he saw it as a way to find another adventure, and began to ride for home.

~ The Others ~

♥ Love Interest: ♥
None as of yet, he hopes to find the right woman and to continue the tradition of passing Draconil on to his son.

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Dialogue & Thought Color - teal

Portrayed By - Firewind


"Life always has ups and downs. When you hit rock bottom it's always best to get up and start going upwards to nowhere but."

So begins...

Zianro Azura's Story

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The world of Tarantia.

A peaceful place once, it know a divided nation between three cruel and unkind factions. The King and his new dictator like rule under the crushing weight of his enforcing guard, the Lumina Fangs. An intense criminal population led by the mysterious Naga and his band of thieves, murderers and miscreants... the Black Sparrows. Finally and perhaps the most dangerous of all, the overwhelming army of monstrous creatures led by the urban legend of the crimson eyes maiden that assaults the human towns and cities every Saturday night under the guidance of the blood moon.

Unfazed by the danger... or perhaps more terrified than everyone else. A select group of individuals have been chosen by this Worlds benevolent creator, the almighty Soulstone, to find it and claim its legendary powers as their own. Gifted with the powerful Soul Blades these chosen heroes set out on their journeys with their own goals in mind of what feats they will use this masterful gems power to create. But they are not alone in this quest, groups of humans from around the World have heard tales of these legendary heroes in the making and they seek companionship so that they too might see the Soulstone and discover the truth of their very World. Among these humans there are those whom have the potential to be chosen themselves... though they have yet to discover this power within themselves.

On the demand of the Soulstone during their initial awakening, the Chosen make their way to the city of light, the grand capital of the World. Tier Lumina, where the King, his royal Highness Jurgal Crucible, and his dishonorable Lumina Fang guard is at its most powerful. From their they only hope that the Soulstone will give them a sign as to where they are supposed to go next.

Hearing rumors of the chosen's convergence on the capital city, many humans, those with pre-awakened potential inside of them included head to the capital as well.

Now every one of these unlikely protagonists have finally started to reach their first destination in a journey that will be spoken of for ages to come. Each one holds an ideal close to their and a goal that they wish to complete in their minds... and with their blades they will fight through their quest so that they might accomplish their greatest desires and complete objectives that only a power of true omnipotence could achieve.

This is their story.

A tale of Crossing Blades.

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The Azure Tankard, one of Tier Lumina's most popular taverns, was as busy as usual dealing with mercenaries and refugees. The Tankard's second in command in the line of management was Lillith Killian (née Azura), a woman in her late twenties and a mother of one six month old child, and recent widow, as her husband was killed tragically almost two weeks ago during the blood moon night. Her father, Liran Azura, proud founder and owner of the Azure Tankard, was upstairs taking care of the child. His other five daughters, were busy doing their jobs as barmaids of the inn, giving the refugees food and shelter, and on the occasion if eldest sister Lillith was not watching, flirt with the mercenaries. Both Lillith and Liran were mindful of these five as all of the latter's daughters (including the widowed Lillith), were blessed with grace, charm, and beauty.

One mercenary in particular was riding towards the tavern and breathed in the atmosphere of the ever approaching location, which to him would hopefully feel more welcoming then the rest of the city. The whole city felt a bit, stranger to him and he spent his childhood here, what caused the change of atmosphere in the rest of Tier Lumina and why? As he rode he noted the strange looks and glares he had gotten from the King's Lumina Fangs.

"What has gotten into them?" he wondered as he looked behind him towards the gate which he passed through with some difficulty. One of the guards attempted to take his sword and crossbow from him, but he gave them a glare he inherited from his father. It was a look liable to make even the most toughest of men sweat, and he was on his way. He spotted a strange man barging through the guards and actually slicing through them.

"Uhh Obi, we might want to go a bit faster otherwise that fight's liable to get us caught in there too!" The Mercenary stated as he tried to ride but a twinge of guilt passed through him as he sighed and grabbed his Crossbow. "Strike fast and unseen Na'ari's Fang." he thought as he fired at one of the man's pursuers.

"Argh! My knee!" the mercenary looked in shock at his aim and shrugged. "Hey Samurai, once you ditch your welcoming committee come to the Azure Tankard and I'll buy you a drink!" the man shouted to the running samurai as he himself headed for said tavern rounding a corner into the stables of the place. He knew how to get into that stables well. His first job was right here in this very inn. He dismounted and walked into the Tavern.

He breathed in the warm familiar atmosphere of the tavern. He then spotted Lillith and smiled underneath his helm as he walked into the bar. Lillith saw him and sighed with relative disgust at the arrival of another mercenary, and was about to say something when Zianro took the visor covering his face's lower half off. "Hi Sis, heard about brother in law and well, I felt compelled to visit everyone and see how they're doing." Zianro stated in a calm voice.

"Zianro Azura! You idiotic troublemaker! Don't startle me like that!" Lillith replied angrily only to calm down a bit before hugging her youngest sibling over the counter. "You little rascal I missed you. Eight years and no letter."

"Sis, don't scold me, I'm not twelve any more, I'm a full grown man of twenty two and I missed all of-" before Zianro could say more, he felt tackled by five more pairs of arms wanting to hug him, all of the other sisters shouting with glee and happiness at seeing baby brother home.

"Jeez, my sisters have grown...and blossomed?!?!? Holy Crap!" He thought in alarm, and wormed out of there grips before signaling to Lillith to get him a drink, who was almost happy to oblige.

The setting changes from the-land-of-tarantia to Tier Lumina


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"My apologies... I require this."

With such soft spoken words... the lone merchant could never have expected the pristine black blade wielded by the beautiful young woman to quickly slice through his neck. The blood splattered quickly as the spluttering body fell from its seated position and Tamashi winced ever so slightly as a few drops splattered across her face and hair. The warm sensation was almost sickening against her skin in the cold Saturday morning air. Killing was never a very enjoyable thing to do, even for her.

It was still very early... but still closer to the daytime than Tamashi usually operated. She was on one of the popular trade routes heading to the capital city of Tier Lumina and had been stalking the caravan whose owner she had just murdered for a few hours maximum. She had scouted ahead of the small traders route to make sure she would not be interrupted in her assassination... and thankfully it had paid off. She grabbed a piece of ripped tarp from the back of the caravan where she had accidentally grazed with her sword and used it to wipe the blood from her face and hair, it slid off quickly as she hadn't given it much time to stick.

Putting Murasame back into its sheathe, Tamashi turned her attention to the caravans horse. The vehicle was simple enough for one designed to protect goods... a wooden base with a tarp covering to protect the goods stored within from rain, coupled with a single black stallion on the front ready to pull the kart ever forward for its master. The horse in question however was not too pleased at its owners death and began to buck and kick... perhaps trying to attack Tamashi, perhaps trying to escape... either way it didn't matter, it had the same fate either way.

Placing a hand to the bucking steeds forehead... Tamashi closed her eyes and began to speak.

"Silence now... and obey your owner."

In a sudden change of personality, the horse stopped bucking and neighed contently. It suddenly seemed to regard Tamashi as a friend rather than a threat and if one was to look extremely closey they might have seen the beasts eyes change color to a bright red.

Smiling contently and climbing into the kart from the front Tamashi began to root tiresomely through the various supplies of food and clothing that the kart contained until she found what she was looking for... farmers garb, a simple robe and straw hat and a set of papers that verified a traders right to enter into Tier Lumina and exchange goods free of danger and upset so long as the kart was allowed inspection at the behest of the Lumina fang.

These would allow her access to the capital city free of trouble and suspicion.

Donning the farmers robe and straw hat over her tightly fitted body armor was a simple task as the clothes were a few sizes too big for the girl. Stuffing the papers in her pocket and moving forward again to sit in the front seat of the caravan, Tamashi grabbed the horses reigns and flicked them without a hint of remorse for her actions, urging the medieval vehicle forward.

Though despite herself, she couldn't help but feel her lip twitch slightly at the sound of the caravans wheels bump with a squelch over their previous owners body.


Tamashi sighed in exhaustion as she was finally ushered through the checkpoint leading into Tier Lumina. Her rear was sore... the wooden seat and bumpy roads of the caravan and trade route had done no favours to her posture... or her bottom for that matter. The Lumina Fang at the trade route gate seemed uncharacteristically friendly as they gave her cart a quick check over... even more so when they brushed through her stolen papers and let her into the city without too much hassle.

"Probably because I am a woman... perverted human pigs..." She thought to herself as the cart inspection came quickly to a close.

By watching other merchant carts moving around the streets, Tamashi saw that many merchants seemed to pay local inns to watch their steeds and supplies while they explored the city by foot. Sensing a good idea in such plans, Tamashi quickly began to search the area... until a small little tavern caught her eyes. Glancing over the place she spotted a sign outside that displayed proudly the name of "The Azure Tankard... in fact to her surprise and perhaps luck Tamashi arrived just as another fellow dismounted his horse and proceeded inside. So they did indeed have the facilities to care for horses there? Excellent.

A young woman whom presumably worked at the establishment was picking weeds cracking through the cobblestone roads bordering the tavern and Tamashi put on her friendliest guise to speak to her.

"Hail! I am a travelling merchant and I was wondering...-"

The young woman rose a hand and interrupted Tamashi suddenly.

"Space to store your steed and goods m'am? For the sum of an extra 'undred gold we are able to store all of a merchants travelling supplies in our stables so long as said merchant rents a room of at least fifty gold per ni- eh?"

As the woman was talking Tamashi had removed her farmers clothes and stripped down to her armor and weapon, the young worker girl suddenly seemed very intimidated as Tamashi put a bag of one hundred gold pieces from the caravan in one of said girls hands and the horses reigns in the other.

"That is agreeable, I shall return this eve for my lodging."

Or so Tamashi said... she fully planned to be out of the city by nightfall... storing the horse and supplies was simply a means of avoiding suspicion... and giving her an easy disguise and means to leave the city unharmed should worst come to worst.

In all likelihood the so called "Azure Tankard" would be in ashes long before Tamashi got the chance to sleep there.

Storing the farmers clothes in the cart and nodding gently at the worker girl, Tamashi turned to leave and explore the city so that she might search the city for her targets... however before she could do so the damnable child whom she had tried to do quick business with called out again.

"E-eh! Madame, what is your steeds name? Before you go..."

Tamashi faltered a moment... she had no idea what the horses name was at all. So she quickly made something up on the spot in a moment of panic.


Nodding with understanding the worker girl finally gave a farewell.

"Agro... got it, thank you for choosing to stay with us this evening miss! Safe journey!"

With that the young woman handed "Agro" off to an older man whom had just arrived to assist her, turned and began to move towards the main tavern building.

Tamashi could have sworn that she had seen the girl mutter something as she headed for the door excitedly... something about a person named "Zianro". Tamashi shrugged.

She didn't recognize the name... therefore it didn't matter... therefore she didn't care. She doubted he was one of her targets and if he was then they'd surely be meeting soon enough.

For the time being, Tamashi would explore the vast city of Tier Lumina. She had a lot of work to do after all... and not too much time to do it.


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Manji had made short work of the third rate Lumina Fang goons at the gate, many of them lay dead or injured, and the rest fled the scene. Having experience as a bandit with raiding towns, Manji had made sure that no alarms were raised, so He has some time before reinforcements of the crack troops of the Lumina Fang arrive. Scratch that, there was one guard left between him and the city, the young man he talked to earlier.

"Move boy, or I will be forced to cut you down."

The young man was clearly shaking as he held his blade with both hands in front of him. Manji was reminded of himself when his father "trained" him. He really didn't want to kill the kid, so he'll probably just severely injure him... Enough so that he'll never hold a blade again. Looking totally relaxed but ready to strike, Manji walked towards the young man.

"I warned you..."

In that moment, out of the corner of his eyes, he saw a man mounted on a horse and crossbow aimed in Manji's direction. He raised his short wakizashi to deflect the bolt, but the target was not him but the young man's knee. The young man let out a surprised cry and Manji swiftly launched himself at his enemy and planted a knee in his gut, knocking the young man out on the ground.

You're better off living an honest life and being a farmer kiddo

Looking around at the scene of carnage, Manji was feeling satisfied with himself. Despite most of his swordsmanship being self taught, Manji had practiced the fundamentals to the core: his he wasted no movement but at the same time produced raw power. Many of his enemies lay on the ground missing heads, limbs, and lower halves of their body; he probably overdid it. After all, this was his comeback fight.

"Now that that's out of the way... What did that guy say again? something about a Tavern?"

As if on cue, his stomach let out a loud growl, loud enough to startle the people in line that were still frozen in shock as to what just occurred in front of them. Manji wiped off his blade with a cloth; There was some time left so Manji decided to make a lil money for his journey. He took in a deep breath...

"YOU FOLKS LISTEN UP! THIS GATE BELONGS TO THE DEMON SWORDSMAN NOW, YOU CAN CALL IT THE GATE WHERE THE DEMON SWORDSMAN KICKED ASS(well sliced ass.) Also known as the gate with the quickest wait time, just pay me 10 gold per person and you'll enter the city in no time at all!"

10 Golds could be earned easily enough in a day, compared to the amount of bribes and time spent at the gate under the Lumina Fang, this was quite the fair price. People eagerly paid Manji the gold coins, some even thanked him as they passed through the gates. Manji could hear the reinforcements arriving so it was time to go; he had collected a hefty sack of coins anyways.


There were some cheers from the now greatly shorter line.

Manji lost himself in the crowd of people rushing through the gates, there was no way the Lumina Fang will find him as he made his way to the tavern recommended by the mysterious crossbowman earlier; Manji's hefty sack of coins jingled happily as he walked through the streets of Tier Lumina.

Manji entered the tavern to see a what seemed to be a touching family reunion. He sat himself down at one of the tables, set his sack of coins and "stinky salted fish" on the ground next to the table, and placed his paired blades on the table.

"Oh don't mind me, I'll order a special, so take your time"

Manji's stomach growled again, this time even more loudly.

"Actually make that 3 orders...."