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Crossing Blades

Tier Lumina


a part of Crossing Blades, by Another Lie.

"The Capital city is a place of peace for my people... that at least should never change." ~ King Crucible

Another Lie holds sovereignty over Tier Lumina, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

816 readers have been here.


The capital city of Tarantia and the seat of power for King Jurgal and his Lumina Fangs. This city will serve as a hub for your travels in the land of Tarantia and it is bustling with merchants and trade.
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Tier Lumina

"The Capital city is a place of peace for my people... that at least should never change." ~ King Crucible


Tier Lumina is a part of Crossing Blades.

6 Characters Here

Zianro Azura [2] "Hope is a precious thing, never lose it."
Kaori Matsushita [2] "Please fuck off; I don't want to hear your bullshit anymore" { Minor WIP}
Yohana Haruna Saiko [2] "I'm not going to pretend like I'm a good person now... because I'm not. But even a bad person like me can do good things if they try!" WIP
Manji Takezo [2] "Who am I? Just the son of a farmer who knows a lil about how to swing a sword"
Tamashi Kugutsu [1] "Silence. Our words mean nothing here. If you have something to say then express it with your blade before I kill you."
Molan Lassiter [1] I will bring the truth to light; the secret of the Soulstone can't stay a mystery forever."

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Character Portrait: Yohana Haruna Saiko
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"Why the glum look chum? I don't see any o' the fangs around and t'me that's a good 'nuf reason to be smiling."

Yohana Haruna Saiko looked up from his tired and slumped expression, he was sitting at a bar and inn in Tier Lumina... a place by the name of "The Lumina Retreat". The place seemed rather old, most buildings in Tier Lumina were crafted from polished white stone that made the city shine out in the wilderness like a beacon reflecting even the smallest shred of light... but this place was different. It was a plain old place in one of the cities poorer districts and it was made of old spruce wood if he had to take a guess. The inside decor was no different, wooden walls with hunting trophies on the wall... mostly the heads of monsters by the looks of things. Yo had noticed the head of a rather large wyvern mounted at a central position in the tavern... he had to assume that that was the places most prized kill as it seemed really over-glorified being mounted alone above the only non-wooden thing in the building, a stone hearth and fire.

Yo himself was sitting on an old yet admittedly comfortable stool, there was a glass of water half drunken by himself to his left. The inn had been very kind to travelers and once the bartender had heard of his position as a Chosen he had offered him a place to stay the night and some glasses of water to perk him up... all free of charge. Yo had to wonder why the establishment was so nice to him as a chosen... but it wasn't that hard to figure out. The King was rumored not to like Chosen too much and from Yo had heard the Lumina Fang didn't respond too kindly to them either. However, The Lumina Retreat, as the bartender and owner had told him, was a very anti-fang establishment. Being on the rougher side of the city and not getting too many visits from the totalitarian guard meant that the bar owner could observe and see the Fangs for what they really were...a bunch of bullies.

By that logic, the enemy of their enemy was their friend... and if the Lumina Fang weren't too fond of the chosen, then The Lumina Retreat would welcome them with open arms.

Despite all of that helping him out, Yo couldn't help but fee rather depressed. He didn't know what he had expected to happen upon arriving in Tire Lumina... maybe a sign would appear? Or perhaps the Soulstone would speak to him again? Regardless.. Yo had at the very least expected something to happen that would give him SOME sort of clue as to what to do next.

But no... nothing had happened. He had arrived in the city and that was that. Had the Soulstone been referring to a DIFFERENT city of Light? Was there EVEN a different city of light? Scratching his head in frustration Yo looked up to the bartender slash owner of The Lumina Retreat and spoke.

"I suppose you could say I'm just a bit lost at the moment... unsure of what to do next.

The bartender crossed his arms and tilted his head as if thinking. He was a large and gruff mean, with tanned skin and a shaved head, his features were chiseled and he had a big bushy brown beard on his chin that he stroked often, his most defining feature however was the eyepatch he wore. It was a simple black patch that covered his right eye and Yo had decided that it would have been a wiser decision to not mention it.

"Huh... yeah 'suppose yer in a bit of a pickle... 'bein "chosen" by the bloody Soulstone and given some daft clue 'bout the city 'ere must be rather annoyin'"

Yo took a swig of water and proceeded to hold his chin in his hand like a schoolboy bored by his lessons.

"You don't know the half of it..."

With a yawn Yo stretched back and loosened his muscles, stiff from traveling all of the way from Rathalos to Tier Lumina by foot, Rebirth shook gently in its scabbard as Yo resumed his sitting position. The bartender pondered another moment and stroked his beard again.

"Well hey, Tier Lumina's a big ol' place, y'know? Maybe you was sent 'ere to find someone special? Er... maybe t'here a rumor er story that's send you on yer way? Askin' around can't hurt now can it?"

Yo sighed and finished his water. He knew the old bartender was right and that sitting around wasn't getting him any closer to his goal... but asking everyone in the damn city about what to do?! That would take way longer than the fragile peace of Tarantia had... there had to be something he was missing.

"Damn it all... I guess saving the World won't be as easy as I might have thought."


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Character Portrait: Manji Takezo
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"Ah geez... Look at how many guards there are at the gate," Manji scratches his head in frustration, "Its as if they're expecting someone."

He was scouting the area from afar; things were looking pretty grim, getting into Tier Lumina unnoticed will be difficult. He could probably think of something if he had more time, but whatever made him come here told him that he had to be inside today. There were many problems with simply walking through the gate: First off, Manji was a wanted man by the Lumina Fang, he's unsure if they would recognize him; Second the soul weapons on his back, does the Lumina Fang know of the existence of Soul Blades? If they did, they would probably want them. He cursed that unknown power that lead him here, he had been living so detached from the outside world, and all of a sudden he's back inside it. Perhaps he should take a gamble and walk through, there's potential that'll it'll end up saving him a lot of effort in the long run.

The blood moon was looming closer so the the usual stream of people entering the city was many times greater than normal, it was probably the best time to try to slip in unnoticed.

"Welp planning stage over, time to act."

Slipping into the line at the gate that was furthest from the Lumina Fang headquarters, Manji's travel worn look fit in with the peasants. After a while he finally arrived at the checkpoint where the guards were identifying people and checking their belongings; sometimes they snagged an item they fancied disregarding the complaints of the owners. He'll probably have to bribe them to get through... When it was Manji's turn to be inspected, the guard in charge of identifying looked at Manji's face and showed no signs of recognition. The guard had a boyish look about him, probably around 17 years old, and not affected by the corruption of the Lumina Fang.

"Hah rookie."

Manji was pretty infamous back in the day while he was in the guard and while on the run for being extremely ruthless, guess this guard hasn't joined for very long.

"You new to this boy?"

Surprised at the question, the young guard earnestly replied,

"Y-Yes, I joined so I could protect my family and the motherland! "

Meanwhile, the other guards were inspecting Manji's paired normal blades.

Damn fine blades these are! Where'd yuh get em? These have gotta be worth a small fortune!"

Shit... He knew this would happen,

"My geezer of a master handed them down to me when he passed away." This was true, Manji inherited the blades from the corpse he found in the mountain, which also led him to the path of a true swordsman.

The guard holding his blades took the katana out of it's sheath and took a few practice swings at Manji; Manji pretended to flinch.

"Hahhahaha I like em, mind if I borrow em for a lil while? Hey, what are them wrapped you're wearing on yuh back?"Image

Putting on his bashful act, Manji replied,

"Hhahahhaha sir, you jest. A blade is a swordsman's lifeline, you can't take them from me, how will I earn my food? And these are just uhm... some dried fish from my mother back home, they smell pretty bad so I wouldn't touch them, the smell takes a week to get off." The guard didn't waver his desire to inspect Manji's other belongings, so he had no choice but to act... "EEEEEEEEEXCUUUUUSE MEEEEEEE," Manji unsheathes his short wakizashi that the guard was holding, impales him in his stomach, and giving it a little twist. The guard's face was wide with terror and pain, his mouth agape but no scream could be heard. "I'll be taking my swords back if you don't mind, but you can have my wakizashi if you want. Oops nevermind, I'll need this one too." Manji slashes the short blade that was embedded in the guard's belly and it exits through his side to decapitate another guard that was approaching Manji with his weapon drawn.

The gate was in chaos as guards scurried around confused as to what happened; no one had dared to break into Tier Lumina before, especially through the front door(well this was more of a side door). Having retrieved both his swords, Manji skillfully weaved through the mob of guards and slashed through them; they were like bumbling babies compared to the master swordsman.

Many claim to be a jack of all trades... Manji was not a jack of all trades, but a master of one: master of the blade.


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Character Portrait: Yohana Haruna Saiko
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Kaida was hunting again.

She'd hoped to never have to track someone down again, but here she was, in the Capitol. Doing just that.

She'd arrived a few days ago, and she was very travel-weary. At least Tier Lumina was a big city- she could find people easily here. True, it was better to hide in a big place, but it was like watching mice run through a very complicated maze for the former bounty hunter. Having grown up in a city and been on the run, she knew all of the secrets of places like these.

She strode down the rich streets, ignoring the strange glances passerby sent her way. She probably looked like a killer to them- dark clothes and a staff slung across her back. Luckily the guards on duty had known her from before and had looked the other way.

Her prey wasn't a bounty criminal this time, however. She was looking for the Chosen that Aquafienna was abuzz with news about. The one she had her sights on was in Tier Lumina today- supposedly. Yo... Yo something. She knew the name would come to her later.

As she walked towards the poor, bar-filled area of town, she scanned the crowd for anyone that looked like someone trying to avoid attention. None of the walking people fit the bill, so she continued her path.

Finally reaching her destination, she looked around at the bar fronts. One looked about right, so she settled her gaze on it. Just then, a pack of Fangs approached. Yohana Saiko. The name burst forth in her memory. If he was a Chosen... The Fang would be looking for the Chosen, wouldn't they?

"Hey, missy, what're you doing on this side o' town? It's pretty nasty 'round here." Kaida sighed. She bet that these Fangs were drunk- still able to arrest people for no reason. Or flirt, whichever really came first. Ah well, this might have to go down the hard way. One of them pushed up and staggered a little dizzily. He fell forwards and Kaida stepped back, sending the guard onto his face.

"Excuse me, please. I just need to get around; I was meeting up with a friend of mine." Maneuvering around the group, she walked calmly towards the bars. Deciding on one named The Lumina Retreat, she looked back to make sure they weren't following her.

A few walked around, watching her warily. One was following her, and she almost ran into the door once she looked back. Opening it, she stepped inside, and hoped that she hadn't just brought the corrupt Guard down on the Chosen. "Uh, hello. By any chance, are any of you Yohana Saiko?" A few occupants looked up, but none of them exactly leapt up and volunteered.

She stepped aside as the guard entered. Unfortunately, he was drunk as well and took an interest in her. Oh great. This is going to get awkward.


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Character Portrait: Kaori Matsushita
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Image-----'Fucking idiots, thinking that they would actually be able to still my stuff, well they had another thing coming.' she thought to herself as she yanked her belongings out of the unconscious bandit's hands. She opened up the bag to make sure that everything was where it should be before packing up the rest of her stuff and leaving them with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Kaori had taken some of their stuff, which was nothing more than a heavy bag of coins and rusted weapons, but nothing that won't sell. "What goes around, comes around." she said to herself as she looted them.

-----She didn't even need to use Ragnarök against the petty bandits, they were almost as weak as they were brain dead. Ragnarök was still in its shrunken form, sitting safely in Kaori's pocket, besides that she had no other weapons with her. She was almost to Tier Lumina, though she hadn't imagined that she'd be returning to her hometown because some magical storm had told her to. She definitely didn't grow up in the rich district of the area, though she often raided people’s houses in that district. Most of her childhood was spent living in the slums of Tier Lumina, though she truly wasn't bothered by that fact.

-----Kaori didn't need more than she already had, and she never wanted more than what she needed. Although vain, she wasn't greedy. While others would rather complain about their problems than trying to fix them, she did the exact opposite. Never once while living in poverty did she complain about her problems or try to put the blame on someone else other than herself. She just merely dealt with them to the best of her abilities and in the end it paid off somewhat. Before she approached the gates of the city she hid the miniature version of Ragnarök under the tattered soles of her shoes.

-----It did give her a slightly off angle when walking, but it wasn't noticeable unless you knew what you were looking for. She had managed to safely get passed the front gate without any troubles. Over the past few years she'd forgotten how big the city of Tier Lumina was, though somehow she knew exactly where she was going and what was the shortest route to get there. Possibly the five years of roaming these streets managed to firmly implant themselves in her mind. Kaori had decided that she didn't have the time to listen to undependable rumors from drunken idiots.

-----If she needed some information she would simply beat it out of people until she got the answers that she needed. Though it wasn't the most peaceful way of solving things, but for obvious reasons it always the most effective way. Though she usually didn't threaten people outright, this time the situation was different. 'I wonder if Zinc still hangs around this part of the city, he seemed to know everything that was going on. I swear the dude has eyes in the back of his fucking he-' abruptly, her thoughts were interrupted as a little boy, no older than the age of ten or nine ran straight into her and almost knocked her off her feet.

-----"Hey! Watch where you're going, brat!" The kid looked at her for a moment, big blue eyes wide with fear, before taking off again in the other direction. However, before he had left, she had noticed that he had a loaf of bread in his hands. Kaori had also taken notice that he was not particularly afraid of her, but afraid of the three giants that had emerged from the alley from which he escaped from. The tallest of them (who seemed to be well over the height of six feet from her perspective) had a nasty look in his eye, very apparent buck teeth and a hideous scar over his right eye. To keep it short, he wasn't a very pretty guy, and neither were his two buddies.

-----"Well hello there, I suppose ye saw a little boy, en he was carrying a loaf of bread?". Kaori noticed that he had a hint of a southern accent by the way he pronounced his words a few of his words. "Nope, didn't see anyone come by here. But I did see those yellow buck teeth of yours, might want to start cleaning them. Just a suggestion." At that remark the man frowned, and took one step closer to Kaori. "Listen here missy, I don't like bein lied to, and I especially don't like bein made fun of. So I'ma ask you again, did ye see a little boy come through here?" He said in a sneering tone. "Again, I'll tell you that I didn't see any boy come through here except you and your friends there. Also, can you please back away from me, your buck teeth are in full blown view now."

The man was visibly becoming irritated, and he began to draw his blade. "Fine den, if you aren't gonna tell me willingly I'll just have to force it out of you.". His blade was fully drawn now, from a quick study of it, it seemed to be dull and rusted. The other two men behind him also drew their blades and took on fighting stance. "Fine then, I'll be glad to take you on in a fight if it means your ass will leave me alone"


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Character Portrait: Tamashi Kugutsu Character Portrait: Zianro Azura
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"My apologies... I require this."

With such soft spoken words... the lone merchant could never have expected the pristine black blade wielded by the beautiful young woman to quickly slice through his neck. The blood splattered quickly as the spluttering body fell from its seated position and Tamashi winced ever so slightly as a few drops splattered across her face and hair. The warm sensation was almost sickening against her skin in the cold Saturday morning air. Killing was never a very enjoyable thing to do, even for her.

It was still very early... but still closer to the daytime than Tamashi usually operated. She was on one of the popular trade routes heading to the capital city of Tier Lumina and had been stalking the caravan whose owner she had just murdered for a few hours maximum. She had scouted ahead of the small traders route to make sure she would not be interrupted in her assassination... and thankfully it had paid off. She grabbed a piece of ripped tarp from the back of the caravan where she had accidentally grazed with her sword and used it to wipe the blood from her face and hair, it slid off quickly as she hadn't given it much time to stick.

Putting Murasame back into its sheathe, Tamashi turned her attention to the caravans horse. The vehicle was simple enough for one designed to protect goods... a wooden base with a tarp covering to protect the goods stored within from rain, coupled with a single black stallion on the front ready to pull the kart ever forward for its master. The horse in question however was not too pleased at its owners death and began to buck and kick... perhaps trying to attack Tamashi, perhaps trying to escape... either way it didn't matter, it had the same fate either way.

Placing a hand to the bucking steeds forehead... Tamashi closed her eyes and began to speak.

"Silence now... and obey your owner."

In a sudden change of personality, the horse stopped bucking and neighed contently. It suddenly seemed to regard Tamashi as a friend rather than a threat and if one was to look extremely closey they might have seen the beasts eyes change color to a bright red.

Smiling contently and climbing into the kart from the front Tamashi began to root tiresomely through the various supplies of food and clothing that the kart contained until she found what she was looking for... farmers garb, a simple robe and straw hat and a set of papers that verified a traders right to enter into Tier Lumina and exchange goods free of danger and upset so long as the kart was allowed inspection at the behest of the Lumina fang.

These would allow her access to the capital city free of trouble and suspicion.

Donning the farmers robe and straw hat over her tightly fitted body armor was a simple task as the clothes were a few sizes too big for the girl. Stuffing the papers in her pocket and moving forward again to sit in the front seat of the caravan, Tamashi grabbed the horses reigns and flicked them without a hint of remorse for her actions, urging the medieval vehicle forward.

Though despite herself, she couldn't help but feel her lip twitch slightly at the sound of the caravans wheels bump with a squelch over their previous owners body.


Tamashi sighed in exhaustion as she was finally ushered through the checkpoint leading into Tier Lumina. Her rear was sore... the wooden seat and bumpy roads of the caravan and trade route had done no favours to her posture... or her bottom for that matter. The Lumina Fang at the trade route gate seemed uncharacteristically friendly as they gave her cart a quick check over... even more so when they brushed through her stolen papers and let her into the city without too much hassle.

"Probably because I am a woman... perverted human pigs..." She thought to herself as the cart inspection came quickly to a close.

By watching other merchant carts moving around the streets, Tamashi saw that many merchants seemed to pay local inns to watch their steeds and supplies while they explored the city by foot. Sensing a good idea in such plans, Tamashi quickly began to search the area... until a small little tavern caught her eyes. Glancing over the place she spotted a sign outside that displayed proudly the name of "The Azure Tankard... in fact to her surprise and perhaps luck Tamashi arrived just as another fellow dismounted his horse and proceeded inside. So they did indeed have the facilities to care for horses there? Excellent.

A young woman whom presumably worked at the establishment was picking weeds cracking through the cobblestone roads bordering the tavern and Tamashi put on her friendliest guise to speak to her.

"Hail! I am a travelling merchant and I was wondering...-"

The young woman rose a hand and interrupted Tamashi suddenly.

"Space to store your steed and goods m'am? For the sum of an extra 'undred gold we are able to store all of a merchants travelling supplies in our stables so long as said merchant rents a room of at least fifty gold per ni- eh?"

As the woman was talking Tamashi had removed her farmers clothes and stripped down to her armor and weapon, the young worker girl suddenly seemed very intimidated as Tamashi put a bag of one hundred gold pieces from the caravan in one of said girls hands and the horses reigns in the other.

"That is agreeable, I shall return this eve for my lodging."

Or so Tamashi said... she fully planned to be out of the city by nightfall... storing the horse and supplies was simply a means of avoiding suspicion... and giving her an easy disguise and means to leave the city unharmed should worst come to worst.

In all likelihood the so called "Azure Tankard" would be in ashes long before Tamashi got the chance to sleep there.

Storing the farmers clothes in the cart and nodding gently at the worker girl, Tamashi turned to leave and explore the city so that she might search the city for her targets... however before she could do so the damnable child whom she had tried to do quick business with called out again.

"E-eh! Madame, what is your steeds name? Before you go..."

Tamashi faltered a moment... she had no idea what the horses name was at all. So she quickly made something up on the spot in a moment of panic.


Nodding with understanding the worker girl finally gave a farewell.

"Agro... got it, thank you for choosing to stay with us this evening miss! Safe journey!"

With that the young woman handed "Agro" off to an older man whom had just arrived to assist her, turned and began to move towards the main tavern building.

Tamashi could have sworn that she had seen the girl mutter something as she headed for the door excitedly... something about a person named "Zianro". Tamashi shrugged.

She didn't recognize the name... therefore it didn't matter... therefore she didn't care. She doubted he was one of her targets and if he was then they'd surely be meeting soon enough.

For the time being, Tamashi would explore the vast city of Tier Lumina. She had a lot of work to do after all... and not too much time to do it.


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#, as written by CJL1290


This wasn't going as well as he hoped.

Molan let out a small sigh of disappointment as he walked through the bustling streets of Tier Lumina. He had been walking around for the majority of the day, asking locals about anything they knew about the Soulstone, the Chosen, or any information that could help go towards his book. So far, no one was able to help all that much, and the lack of knowledge was starting to irritate him. He always wondered why he had a strong curiosity when it came to these things.

No... that's not the proper way to word it. It was passion. Had to be. The reason he wrote books on superstitions, fables, and other topics with hard to obtain information felt like a game to him; the type of game that he just couldn't stop playing, and one he was good at. The rush and excitement he would feel when finding out new information, the feeling of accomplishment that would wash over him when he would look over all his notes before combining it all into a new book before releasing it to the public. It's what he yearned for, and loved to do in his life.

But now...

Molan pulled out a small blank book and flipped it open to the first page. Written on the top was "The Secrets of the Soulstone" in somewhat fancy cursive writing. The rest of the page consisted of common knowledge the average civilian knew. This book was supposed to be brimming with new and exciting information, but he barely had enough content to fill up a page. With some frustration, he closed it and put it away.

There had to be a way to obtain this information. The problem was no one knew anything. There was only one way to find any information.

"I have to find one of those... Chosen."

Surely one chosen by the Soulstone would have SOME idea on what's going on... right? Please be right.

Where would he even find one anyway? There couldn't be that many, and Molan didn't think they'd stick out too much. He had heard that they were all coming to Tier Lumina, but where would they be in this massive city? Maones was big and prosperous, but nowhere near like this; finding them could take days.

As he rounded a corner pondering on what to do, a child ran past him, almost colliding with the much taller man. Where was that kid's parents... allowing him to roam free like that. Looking forward he saw what could be a potentially dangerous situation. 3 men, talking to 1 girl who looks like she's barely the age to be considered an adult. It was weird on how they stood over her, but it confirmed his fears when they drew swords. 3 grown men ganging up on a girl like that... what could the reason be?

From where he was standing, he couldn't hear everything. Something about stealing...? Did she steal from them? This was none of his business, but he felt strangely interested in the girl; she seemed pretty fearless facing them, and there was something about her he couldn't quite figure out.

Molan jogged over deciding to help.

Stepping in between them with his arms outstretched, he faced the three men.

"Now now gentlemen, there is no reason for violence. Come now, put your swords away." He tried convincing them. They still looked irritated and growled at him, still brandishing their swords.

It looks like he had to make them leave.

Molan reached towards his side where his hand brushed past the handle of his sword, Shi Wei... and pulled out a small bag of gold.

He held it up to the man in front.

"I overheard you had something stolen from you. Please, accept this as payment to leave this girl be. I'm sure there's more money in this pouch than you need to cover whatever was taken.

The two men in the back looked a bit surprised but confused at the sudden offer, and the man in front pondered before snatching the money from Molan with a grunt. He turned to leave, and his goons followed him.

With a smirk of victory, he turned to face the girl, and with a slight bow asked, "Are you okay miss? They didn't harm you, did they?"

Molan wasn't sure on why he did such a thing, but this girl was interesting in ways he couldn't understand. Maybe she could be of help to him somehow.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Molan Lassiter... maybe you've heard of me?" He spoke with a smile.


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Manji had made short work of the third rate Lumina Fang goons at the gate, many of them lay dead or injured, and the rest fled the scene. Having experience as a bandit with raiding towns, Manji had made sure that no alarms were raised, so He has some time before reinforcements of the crack troops of the Lumina Fang arrive. Scratch that, there was one guard left between him and the city, the young man he talked to earlier.

"Move boy, or I will be forced to cut you down."

The young man was clearly shaking as he held his blade with both hands in front of him. Manji was reminded of himself when his father "trained" him. He really didn't want to kill the kid, so he'll probably just severely injure him... Enough so that he'll never hold a blade again. Looking totally relaxed but ready to strike, Manji walked towards the young man.

"I warned you..."

In that moment, out of the corner of his eyes, he saw a man mounted on a horse and crossbow aimed in Manji's direction. He raised his short wakizashi to deflect the bolt, but the target was not him but the young man's knee. The young man let out a surprised cry and Manji swiftly launched himself at his enemy and planted a knee in his gut, knocking the young man out on the ground.

You're better off living an honest life and being a farmer kiddo

Looking around at the scene of carnage, Manji was feeling satisfied with himself. Despite most of his swordsmanship being self taught, Manji had practiced the fundamentals to the core: his he wasted no movement but at the same time produced raw power. Many of his enemies lay on the ground missing heads, limbs, and lower halves of their body; he probably overdid it. After all, this was his comeback fight.

"Now that that's out of the way... What did that guy say again? something about a Tavern?"

As if on cue, his stomach let out a loud growl, loud enough to startle the people in line that were still frozen in shock as to what just occurred in front of them. Manji wiped off his blade with a cloth; There was some time left so Manji decided to make a lil money for his journey. He took in a deep breath...

"YOU FOLKS LISTEN UP! THIS GATE BELONGS TO THE DEMON SWORDSMAN NOW, YOU CAN CALL IT THE GATE WHERE THE DEMON SWORDSMAN KICKED ASS(well sliced ass.) Also known as the gate with the quickest wait time, just pay me 10 gold per person and you'll enter the city in no time at all!"

10 Golds could be earned easily enough in a day, compared to the amount of bribes and time spent at the gate under the Lumina Fang, this was quite the fair price. People eagerly paid Manji the gold coins, some even thanked him as they passed through the gates. Manji could hear the reinforcements arriving so it was time to go; he had collected a hefty sack of coins anyways.


There were some cheers from the now greatly shorter line.

Manji lost himself in the crowd of people rushing through the gates, there was no way the Lumina Fang will find him as he made his way to the tavern recommended by the mysterious crossbowman earlier; Manji's hefty sack of coins jingled happily as he walked through the streets of Tier Lumina.

Manji entered the tavern to see a what seemed to be a touching family reunion. He sat himself down at one of the tables, set his sack of coins and "stinky salted fish" on the ground next to the table, and placed his paired blades on the table.

"Oh don't mind me, I'll order a special, so take your time"

Manji's stomach growled again, this time even more loudly.

"Actually make that 3 orders...."