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Brian Bates

Dorm Adviser

0 · 507 views · located in California

a character in “Crossroads Academy”, as played by Sophiex


Brian Thomas Bates


November 3rd

Albany, New York

Brian is the senior boys' dormitory adviser. He has been working for Crossroads Academy as a biology teacher for one year, and this is his first year as a dormitory adviser. Prior to this, he lived and worked in New York City. Two years ago, he and his wife of four years divorced after finding out that they could not have children due to fertility issues on his end. Wanting a fresh start at life, Brian moved across the country to California and got a job at Crossroads. After a year working on the upper campus, he decided to accept an open position for the boys dorm adviser to make a little bit of extra money and live rent-free on the beautiful campus.

Personality Traits:
Relaxed, intelligent, friendly, open

So begins...

Brian Bates's Story


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#, as written by Sophiex
Today was the first official day back on Crossroads Academy's campus, and there was an undeniable air of excitement and jitters on campus. Throughout the morning, cars had driven up the long driveway that led onto the campus, packed to the brink with parents, children, and suitcases filled with everything a teenager could need, only to be drive right back down it a little while later, empty, and usually with teary-eyed parents. It was nothing less than a tradition, and though many felt it was sad to see their parents go, most students did genuinely like Crossroads Academy. The fact that it was located right on the beautiful California coast played a part in it, and it possessing facilities nice enough to rival top colleges was a perk too, but the relationships made while at a boarding school were different than at many normal high schools. They were stronger, or that's what many of Crossroads' students would tell you, anyway.

Like the other dorm advisers on campus, Holly and Brian had spent their mornings acquainting themselves to parents and helping students move into their rooms. They had moved on campus a few days before, and though this meant that their summers were over too, they were both glad that the school year was starting. While Holly had worked as a dorm adviser for four years, and had acted as a dorm adviser for the girls she would be living with this year since they were freshman, Brian was new to this. He had been a faculty member for Crossroads for a year before, but this was the first year that he was going to be a dorm adviser. Life circumstances combined with knowing that his paycheck would look even better if he was a dorm adviser had led him to accepting the additional position, and though he was excited, he was understandably nervous as well. He knew that this position would require him to take on an extra level of responsibility and respect for rules and guidelines, but he also knew that he had to be understanding enough to get a bunch of teenage boys to like him... or at least trust him. It was going to be an interesting experience, that much he was sure of, but he didn't have much time to worry during the morning, as he really had been busy helping kids move in. He was grateful that he had been assigned a senior dorm, only because that meant that there were slightly less parents involved. Senior students were allowed to have cars on campus, and that meant that in some cases, for those who had cars, they were driving themselves onto campus and there were a few less introductions that Brian was forced through. In the girls dorm, Holly was experiencing a similar thing, but by now she knew most of her girls' parents, and for her, introductions were welcomed anyway. She was friendly and bubbly, and far too used to this to be bothered by the first-day events.

While Brian helped some students in 3C of Chase move into their dorm, Holly was on the second floor of Wright Hall. Most of the dormitory room doors were open, with girls coming in and out as they either helped each other move into their rooms, moved into their own rooms, or were in and out socializing. She skimmed the sheet of paper in her hand that listed which room each girl was in, and once she found the name that she had starred, she headed towards dormitory room 2B. The girl's dorm had one new student this year, and Holly thought that it was best that she introduce herself and make sure that the new student, Emma, was getting settled in all right. The door to get into the dormitory was open, so Holly gently pushed it open and entered the common space of the four bedroom dorm. "Girls, is Emma here yet?" Holly called out, unsure if Emma was there herself, or if the other girls rooming there, London, Dytto or Farrah would be there. She knew the other three girls from acting as an adviser to them for the past three years, so introductions there were unnecessary, though she was glad to be back with them as well.