Chelsea Aaron Rulpoh

"Loving me? It's the easiest thing anyone can ever do, expect myself."

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{"Loving me? It's the easiest thing anyone can ever do, expect myself.” }
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|{Full Name}|
Chelsea Aaron Rudolph

|| Chel (Often) || Chely (Often) || Twinkle Toes (Close Friends Only) || Mr. Perfection (Close Friends) || Aaron (Sometimes) || Red Nose (Rarely) || Angel (Rarely) ||

February Fourteenth, 1997

|| 25% Italian || 25% German || 20% Colombian || 20% French || 10% African ||

||A Person Who Finds Intelligence The Most Sexually Attractive Feature||
||A Person Attracted To Masculinity, Not Necessarily Males||
||A Person Who Doesn't Feel Sexual Attraction To A Person Until They Have A Strong Emotional Connection||

Chelsea was picked and prodded at for long for his appearance he eventually broke and wished for the gift of beauty. His beauty can be described as hypnotic, looking at him could lead to people stopping in their tracks just so the can gaze at him. It would take a lot for someone not to acknowledge his outward grace.

To receive his devilish good looks he had to give away his heart of gold. He completely gave away all the good he had inside of him.

It's literally all he's ever wanted and dreamed of. Chelsea was born a very unattractive male, but after his wish came true he was undoubtedly gorgeous. He knows everyone finds his outward appearance perfect and divine.
"As selfish as it may seem I really had the need to ask for this. I was taunted and bullied and harassed for a very long time about my appearance. Being beautiful is all I've ever wanted, so in so many different ways I'm happy for my outer appearance. In other ways I'm dying on the inside for the torment it's causing within me."

Though he hates to admit it he would like to have his old personality back at times. He was a pure hearted boy that would do anything for anyone, but now he's insanely vain for comprehension. He'd never say that he misses it though, he loves being beautiful on the outside, but he is beginning to struggle with it. His beauty my attract him lots of attention from so many people, but his personality always pushes them away it seems.
"All I ever was in the world was nice, sweet, caring, and pleasing. Everything I did was to make the life's of others easier and better, while mine was full of pain. My price was worth it and well evened, sometimes I wish I had my old personality back, but now I feel good looking into the mirror. My heart was hardened? It was the easiest thing to go through, but now I can at least say I'm beautiful."

Chelsea was born extremely Christian, but when God wasn't there for him Azazel was. He in fact summoned the demon to aid him, so he thinks very highly of the creature and would do anything to repay him, even though he is struggling with the evil growing within him. Chel may be feeling some afflictions, but nevertheless he would do anything to please Azazel.
"Without him I wouldn't be the person I am today, in fact I could probably be in the hospital with all the beatings I received from my father. Azazel made me a strong person, both mind and body. He's a demon, religious I'm suppose to hate him, but in the grand scheme of things I find him... wonderful? It's hard me to describe my feelings towards him in words since I don't know him, but what I've experienced personally is blissful."




|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
When He's Extremely Stressed He Will Read The Entire Play Of Romeo & Juliet From Start To Finish Nonstop Chel Will Eat Standing Up, Unless He Is Forced Otherwise Has To Have At Least One Cup Of Coffee And A Glass Of Alcohol A Day Caffeine Addict Has A Cigarette With Him At All Times Allergic To Perfume/Cologne Always Wears His Thick Black Rimmed Glasses, Even If He Doesn't Need Them Talks A Lot With His Hands Loathes The Sight Of Woman Not Wearing Makeup Randomly Quotes Books, Movies, Philosophers, Etc. While Having A Conversation Bites His Bottom Lip And/Or Nails And Runs A Hand Through His Hair When He's Around Someone He Finds Attractive Or intriguing (Is Occurs Rarely) Normally He Either Throws A House Everywhere Saturday If He's Not Attending One Somewhere Else Compliments Himself Every Morning In Front Of the Mirror

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
Has The Ability To Notice When Someone's Lying By Their "Tell" Signs Can Easily Persuade People Into Getting What He Wants Can Make Almost Any Lie Sound Like The Truth Speaks English, French, And Some Spanish Can Easily Push Someone Away Or Get Over A Person Thinks Things Through Quickly Knowing When It's Best To Stop Talking {He Doesn't Always Stop} Understanding Peoples Moods Or Feelings He Knows A Lot Of Information From Reading A Lot Easily Comprehends Things Chelsea's A Good Leader That Could Lead A Team If Needed{As Long As They Listen} Isn't Easily Upset Has Pretty Good Sense Of Sarcasm And Joke Skills, Witty From Times Can Stay Up And Functioning Without Sleep For A Long Period Of Time His Knowledge On Video Games/Comics

|{Flaws || Weakness}|
Tends To Push People Away Always Thinks He's Right Mostly He Doesn't Value Other Peoples Opinion Always Keeps His Guard Up When He Does Open Up To Someone He'll Get Attached And Not Want To Lose That PersonWhen Getting Attached He Tries Pushing That Person/People Away Even Though He Wants Them Around Stubborn Always Tries To Get His Way Chelsea Rarely To Never Asks For Help And Will Always Refuse To Exact It Slightly Addicted To Alcohol Extremely Addicted To Coffee Smokes A Lot With His Sleeping Habits He Sometimes Refuses To Sleep Leading Himself To Pass Out Without From Tiredness

Reading Smoking Listening To Music Swimming/Exercising/Working Out Spending Time In Nature Drinking Both Alcohol And Coffee Going To Church Playing Video Games

Always Being So Vain Never Being Loved Dying Alone BecomingUgly Again Never Amounting To Anything Sleeping (He Sometimes Has Nightmares Of Azazel)

His Beauty Isn't Nature, It Was A WishHe Suffers From Night Terrors Causing Him To Lose SleepHe's Insecure And Could Easily Be Taken Advantage OfIs In A Slight DepressionHas Never Been In A Relationship Or Even Kissed, Since He's Become Beautiful He Talks Big



{Insecure} {Manipulative} {Cocky} {Vain} {Hurt} {Geeky}
Big-headed wouldn't be a bad way to describe him at all. Being vain for him is something that comes simple, maybe because all through his heart is hardened, everyone wants to be with him, and he's now on the football. Being the center of attention was something he just got use to, but he loves every second of it. Chelsea feels like if he doesn't get at least once compliment a day then he isn't looking the best he possible could. Chel loves being envied by all and never wants that to change since he just recently got a taste of popularity. Having everyone wanting to be his friend, wants to know more about him, and usually having all attention centered around him makes him feel powerful.

Besides from his vanity Chelsea has the sense of always being right. He doesn't really like to fight with people, but debating is right in his ball park. He could and would do everything in his power to disprove someone to get his way. Lying is something that comes so natural to him and seems so truthful. Chelsea in all his negativity still appears to be a nice guy, until you get to know him. He wears a charming smile with pretty straight teeth, clothes himself like a gentlemen, and a voice that could melt butter. This within itself is how he contains his true new darkness. He may smirk the way that drives the girl mad, but on the inside he's mad. Every sweet thing he feeds to people come out musically, in all reality he's building people up just to pull them down. Unlike before asking for his wish he let things go so easily and rarely looked back at the bullying, but now all the bullies want to be his friend, so in return he wants to destroy them all. Being the most gorgeous thing on earth he uses his looks to his advantage to trick people into giving him the things he wants, in the end he just wants revenge and to cause pain to others for his own pleasure.

When someone hurts him he does whatever he can to push them away. He doesn't trust easily, the same way no one should ever trust him. He's now the type to find someone's secret out and then go off and tell everyone if he feels the need. When he gets hurt he really isn't the type of person to show it anymore, Chelsea seems to keep all of his emotions bottled up inside, expect his fake gentlemen-ness, from the fear of getting hurt. The only people he's really ever let in was his family, especially his sister, who completely and utterly broke his trust. In fact his sister is was utterly lead him to break and summon Azazel, she insulted his appearance and he finally broke.

Huge ego, vain, self serving, but he's still very insecure. Chelsea knows he's gorgeous on the outside, but he's still afraid of being judged. This emotion he tried to keep burrowed deep within him and ignores to the best of his abilities. He's done everything he could do to feel better about himself, he still doesn't though. He can look in the mirror and feel confident, but when he starts having a conversation with someone he knows how lonely he is. Having conversations become almost dull when he doesn't care about almost anyone but himself. It appears that almost everyday he wakes up to a feeling of longing, something he can't even fix. No matter what he tries to do he feels empty and unwanted.

Aside from his negatives there are a good things about him. He's funny, has his sweet moments, is the life of the party, and is a giant nerd. Chelsea really does like having a good time, even if sometimes that means bringing others down. One of the things that brings him a lot of joy is manipulating people... well, that's slightly one of his negative features, but the people he normally hangs with find that fun as well. When trying to cause others pain he keeps it under wraps, that way he can be friends with the nicer people in school. He's really big into partying though. On the weekends that's all he does, because he has no work. Partying, alcohol, and now even drugs if he can get his hands on it. Whenever he's drunk it allows him to forget the fact he's not the same person he use to be, but so do video games and comics. The one thing Chelsea can honestly say he loves is his game stations. He can sit down in his small game room and play for hours with his geeky self, another pleasure he has is reading his comic books, tumblr, and tv. It's the only thing that he feels is normal in his life. He's not that open about his geek side, but if he ever overheard someone talking about Supernatural, American Horror Story, Doctor Who, etc. he could simply drop everything he's doing and talk to someone about it, mainly because it's simply a passion.


PianoInstrumentsMusicWriting' Playing MusicPoetry HistoryOutdoorsScienceGodReadingStudying SwimmingSunny DaysSnowBirdsCloudsJusticeAll A's AverageCookingStudyingIntelligenceFeeling Like The Prettiest Person In The RoomMasculinityStrengthlBlue EyesCoffeeAlcoholSmokingSmelling GoodFlowersThe Color Of The Sun When It Rises And SetsBodily ScarsSmirksPeople That Show Little EmotionPlaying Video GamesFeeling NerdyFrostiron [color=008080]"My OTP!"[/i[/color]

{[font=garamond][i]"WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO UPSET ME?”

Unfair PeopleRude/Mean PeopleFailingUnorganized ThingsWhen People Try To Stand Up To Him Without Being Able To Back It UpKnowing He's Not As Good As A Person As He Use To BeFeeling AloneBeing Told What To DoBeing BoredVain PeopleHow His Father Treats HimThat He Might Never Be Good Hearted AgainThe Fact He'll Probably Never Find LoveThe Color OrangeSmelling Like Smoke (Though That Rarely Happens)Women Wearing MakeupWhen Men Act FemininePerfume/CologneFeeling Left AloneCrazy Colored HairPierced EarsWhen People Get Over TouchySensitive People

{[font=garamond]"WHEN YOU WISH UPON A DEMON...” }




|{Place of Origin}|
Sleepy Hollows, New York

Chelsea Aaron Rudolph was raised by his great grandmother, Anna Marie Montgomery. Besides Anna he lived with his brother, Quen, and his sister, Emmie. At birth and even as a toddler Chelsea was never really cute, he was actually born with his two front teeth, crooked front teeth. This was simple, a life as he grew up with his older siblings, who happened to always happened to keep him entertained for the most part. With Anna being older she wasn't always able to keep an eye on him, so someway the responsibility seemed to fall upon Emmie. She was the oldest, older then Chelsea by ten years, and she was undoubtedly the wisest of all the children. "Where's Mommy and Daddy?" Sometimes these words would leave young Chelsea's mouth, he was young and he happened to miss his parents. Through out his young years they'd sometimes call or write him letters, but they never really around. "They're just working, they'll be home soon." Every time he asked this was always the response, even that it did spark up some questions he kept then inside and never asked.

"You're so ugly, like a beaver!" He teared up as a group of kids circled around him. Insults and laughter all focused on him from all perimeters. He had been going through situations like this as school went on, but it still hurt no matter what. No matter what he did it never seemed good enough for anyone. Always hearing taunts and teases soon began to get to him more then he had ever imagined, yet he tried his best to keep a smile on his face. Even though he was sad he at one point did try to hide it, because underneath all that sadness he was still a happy child.

At the age of fourteen Chelsea's father finally showed up back into his life. It was strange for him to deal with his father trying to be around, but he tried. It seemed nice at first, it was nice and he got along nicely with his father, before he knew it things went down fast. His father turned abusive, hitting him and ended up forcing him into moving in with him. Chelsea was being the people pleaser he was and told no one of the abusive. Each day he would be hit over little things, but he still remained to be happy. Each day at school he would smile and visit his grandmother. His ninth grade year wasn't the best, though he tried to keep it up beat. Besides the bad there was still good. His father bought him different types of gaming systems, bought him games, and on some days he'd even surprise him with comic book of his favorite superheroes. This happened to be a small thing the two males would bond over. Chelsea had never really had friends before, besides his siblings, so regardless the abuse he was thankful to have someone spend their time with him.

Every summer his siblings would come visit him from college, they were always the best times for him (due to the fact they were the only people he really ever talked to besides the friends he made on X-Box, Play Station, etc.) His favorite part was getting to see his sister, she was basically a mother to him. Lizzie almost didn't even go to college in order to stay with Chelsea, but with him living with her father and a lot of Chelsea's persuasion she decided to go. "I swear you never listen!" When Lizzie had arrived this time she wasn't very happy, and all the anger seemed to be lashed out towards Chelsea. She yelled and cursed at him, yet he kept his mouth shut and just let her yell. "I don't see why I ever defended you as a kid! You're a horrible, awful, ugly person!" This had taken him back some, but he smiled to her, "Please calm down-" "No! I'm tired of you being such a push over! All of these years I've protected you from fucking bullies, because they were always right! You are hideous to look at, but yet it was always my job to try to bring up your self esteem!" At that streams of tears flowed down his face, and she immediately knew what she said was wrong. He was hurt, badly, mostly because he looked up to her so much. Without saying a word Chelsea turned around and has left the room.

A short time after fighting with his sister he stuck to his computer a lot. Googling crazy things that could help with his appearance quickly. By accident he stumbled upon spells and witchcraft. Clicking on a link that had caught his attention, he noticed it was about a demon called Azazel that granted wishes. He thought it was stupid, not to mention he was a very God fearing Christian. As he read the page it have directions on how to summon said demon, he was simply desperate to look more appealing, so he did what was needed. Every fiber of his body told him it wouldn't work, mainly because it was crazy. Shockingly it did work and before him did stand Azazel in Chelsea's small room. "I wish to be the most gorgeous person that's ever excited." His request was a blurt out more then anything, he was still stunned by the fact that the summoning had worked.

|{Family Tree}|
Amelia Ashley Rudolph || 40 || Mother || Face Claim: Sofia Vergara || Living
Harry Tessa Rudolph || 44 || Father || Face Claim: Robert Downey Junior || Living
Quen Gary Rudolph || 25 || Older Brother || Face Claim: Johnny Depp || Living
Emmie Dell Rudolph || 28 || [u]Older Sister[/i] || [u]Face Claim: Lana Del Rey[/u || Living

|{Happiest Memory}|
The happiest moment he can ever recall is the moment he became physically attractive. Chelsea has had a good life, but that's the best thing that has even happened for him.

|{Saddest Memory}|

When Emmie called him ugly for the first time had to be the worst thing that he has ever experienced.

{"QUOTE.” }

“Weep for yourself, my man,
You'll never be what is in your heart
Weep Little Lion Man,
You're not as brave as you were at the start
Rate yourself and rake yourself,
Take all the courage you have left
Wasted on fixing all the problems
That you made in your own head

But it was not your fault but mine
And it was your heart on the line
I really fucked it up this time
Didn't I, my dear?
Didn't I, my...

Tremble for yourself, my man,
You know that you have seen this all before
Tremble Little Lion Man,
You'll never settle any of your scores
Your grace is wasted in your face,
Your boldness stands alone among the wreck
Now learn from your mother or else spend your days
Biting your own neck

But it was not your fault but mine
And it was your heart on the line
I really fucked it up this time
Didn't I, my dear?

Didn't I, my dear?


But it was not your fault but mine
And it was your heart on the line
I really fucked it up this time
Didn't I, my dear?

Didn't I, my dear?”


He still lives with his father, and with his new mind set has put his father into place.
Chelsea left eye is blue and right eye is green.


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Character Dialogue || 008080

Character Thought || 3B9C9C

Face Claim || Aaron Taylor-Johnson

So begins...

Chelsea Aaron Rulpoh's Story

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Monday, March 10th, 2014 // Sunrise // Chelsea's Room/Home || School // 784 Words

"You're eyes look very blue. No one could ever compare to your smile. Something smells good, it must be you handsome." Each word came out as easy as it is to smooth butter across bread. The routine was simple, every morning when he woke up he would stand in front of the mirror and compliment himself to help with a ego boost. As he talked to his reflection he made goofy faces that could be compared to Elvis impersonators. His lips were up turned into a curve, his constantly was flipping his bangs side to side, and his hands were both raised like guns to point at his duplicate; he certainly at that moment could pass as an Elvis wannabe. Regardless his strangeness he had learned over time that this really did prepare him for the day, but why would someone as beautiful as him need preparing? As astonishing as he may be he always didn't receive compliments from others, though he normally did and his very much expected them. "Gorgeous, are you ready to face the day?" "If you're talking to me, then yes." His more mellow exterior took on a tension stance as another being took a place within his room.

"I don't remember inviting you in here." His voice was strictly full of fluff, it may have sounded sweet, while in reality it was sharp and edged. His sister was his best friend in terms, he still held bitter feelings towards her. Emmie was a beautiful girl with a smile of summer and lips of new born lilies. "You don't mind if I'm your ride to school today, do you?" As she spoke she reached into her pocket and slowly pulled out a phone, Chelsea's, "If you want this back you better do as I say." Chelsea couldn't ignore the fact that this action was both sweet and stupid, he could barely convince his to even indulge the thought. "You must buy me some coffee then, and you better not drop my phone, if you mess up my phone you pay for it." Tinkering with his phone she popped it from the case, "Then you can have this." All she did was stretch out her arm before Chelsea quickly snatched it back and put it into his pants pocket. She didn't understand the value, the case in his eyes was perfect: the outside design was Dean Winchesters licenses plate, and was actually signed by the actor. "I'll never understand your attachment to that thing, but why do you need me to buy you coffee when you can get it for free downstairs?" Smiling loosely he slung his left arm around her shoulder, "Because, I don't do anything for anyone without being paid in return." All his words were wrapped within sweet light laughs and deep set dimples. The sentence couldn't have been anymore true, there was no way he was going to take time out of his life without her giving him something. "Well, since you're already dressed I'll just go downstairs and get my keys and take you to Starbucks, Angel." With a lightning fast nuggy to the head she took off running before he had time to react. He had noticed three things: 1.) She had called him a nickname he hated; 2.) She thought she could mess up his hair without punishment; 3.) She was still trying to make up for hurting him last summer. Her sweetness may be noticed, I still can't forgive her, yet.

"Okay, so now I have your Iced French Vanilla Coffee, I'm assuming there's something you're wanting to talk about." Nodding her head to him, she then began to glance between him and the road. "I want us all to go out as a family: Dad, you, and me. It's been awhile since we've done anything and I've been out of college for a few months now." Chelsea immediately shook his head no, "Bonding may seem cute to you, but no. I'm not going out. She wasn't sure what to say to that, it seemed that that one phrase ended every possible chance of conversation. The car finally pulled into the school parking lot. When the car quietly came to a stop he left without a word.

Once out of the car he looked around him, so faces were familiar, others not so much.Who can I talk to this morning? Not really feeling it he made a light jog for the front door and held it open for other people with a plastic smile. His sweetness was so bitter it could kill off sugarcane, nevertheless he played the role of a gentleman well.

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{| Monday, March 10th, 2014 // 8:30 AM || Third Period/Psychology || School // 2632 Word|}

{| In Collaberation With ibecameinsane |}

ImageLike normal Chelsea was one of the first few people in class before the bell rang, mainly because he had no friends in the hall ways to chit-chat to. As he sat in the classroom he watched as students entered and exited the room at random, which caused a lot of unneeded sounds. If the world were like me it'd be a much quieter place. His first thought started out small, but without realizing it he pondered it a little more. His thoughts ended with almost every human on earth making a deal with the devil as he had. "Stupid devils." The words had come out so softly that it would have been odd if anyone besides himself had heard it, but he didn't have just anyone sitting next to him. Looking over to his side he noted that in fact Azazel was too present for class. "Isn't it so lovely to see you?" Keeping a normal tone to himself he try his best to zone out all the commotion around him so he could soulfully pay attention to his in loose terms friend.

Despite his best efforts, Azazel was rarely late for class. His psychology class was no exception. More often than not he'd find himself sat alone in the room with naught but the teacher and one of his indebted as company. Chelsea Rudolph was a decent companion he supposed. When he was assigned to sit next to the young man he was nothing if not apathetic. In retrospect, it almost amused him when the black-hearted human bitterly judged his peers. Ironic considering how low he'd fallen. The demon usually used this time to read, that is unless he was spoke to.

Averting amber eyes to the young man at his side, Azazel gave Chelsea a sidelong glance before returning to the pages of the book in front of him, a wicked smirk making its way onto his face as he was addressed. "That would depend on who you ask, I suppose. You seem as full of yourself as always, Chelsea. Having a good day?"

“Me, full of myself? Never.” Bringing his hand up to his head in an over dramatic manner he chuckled. Chelsea knew he was very full of himself, overly full of himself to be more specific. “No one but you needs to know that.” With a changed heart everything he did was almost a front, that meant he had to try his best to hide the fact he was as vain as they come. Turning his body to completely face Azazel he was a tiny amount annoyed that the boy was still reading. "Didn't your mother ever teach you it was rude to read while someone's trying to talk to you?" Even though he was annoyed he didn't let it show in his voice, especially because he noticed some girls staring at him like normal.

Raising up his hand he gently took hold of the book the other boy was reading and slowly pulled it away. “What's so great about this book that's keeping you from looking at my beautiful face?” Murmuring his phrase under his breath he still kept it loud enough for Azazel to hear.

Azazel had indeed kept reading as the human beside besides him prattled on about himself, his eyes weaving over the intricate Latin prose of Dante Alighieri. He scoffed at Chelsea's annoyance, continuing to read nonetheless. There were hundreds—perhaps thousands—of ways he could've responded but silence was more profound. Chelsea's outrecuidance was so profound that any response would do, but none at all? The sheer fact that Azazel was ignoring him must be grating on the poor human's nerves.

The demon only raised his gaze when Chelsea gently pulled the book out of his grasp and his brows shot up at the human's audacity. With a soundless laugh, he cut his amber gaze over to the young man and turned his whole body around to address him properly. Chelsea was the center of his attention right now. The bastard must be practically preening. "Have you ever heard the phrase, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'?" He leaned forward, his face scant inches from Chelsea's as he lowered his voice for only the human to ear. For a second his eyes flashed black, pure ebony glistening in the fluorescent lights above their head. A dastardly smirk slowly etched his way across his face as his head slowly cocked to the side, "Chelsea you might think you're heaven sent but look at who you're talking to. Your beauty was forged by Hell's fire, and me? I've seen the Garden of Eden. I've seen the gates of Heaven in all their splendor. It would take much more than sharp cheekbones and pouty lips to catch my eye, darling. You'll do well to remember that."

He took the book away from him then, shutting it with finality before casting his attention to the front of the class. An Italian's rendition of Hell would have to wait for now.

Azazel's words took him back to the point where he couldn't even form the simplest of retorts. If I even had the chance to reply what would I even say to something so crafty? Being a man of many words meant that this little faux pas was a dent in his ego. No matter the lower of ego he gave off a gold award smirk to the demon and with out missing a beat he turned to face the teacher with a light but glorious hair flip; he could have swore he heard girls coo in the background from this action. Even the cooing of the girls couldn't lift up the ounce of pain that the insult had caused. No matter how beautiful he was insults from Azazel hurt his ego to a degree. The main reason for this was because Azazel was the only person that Chelsea even attempted to consider a friend after his heart was darkened, the demon was the only thing that he even slightly valued talking to.

"Word to the wise-..." whispered the demon, averting his gaze to Chelsea's brittle smirk. Azazel could see through the human's façade. He could practically smell the young man's weakness and it elicited a horrifically sadistic smile, "...-denying a demon his simple pleasures is never a good idea." Casting an almost forlorn gaze to the leather bound book, he pouted, "Now I'll have to wait until after class to see what Dante considers to be the most unforgivable of sins." A chuckle rises from the back of his throat, dark and sinister in contrast to the seemingly harmless vessel the demon inhabited. "I do enjoy our talks Chelsea."

Scuffing quietly he moved his head to a ninety degree angle so he could see both the teacher and the demon. "The only reason I talk to you is because you're the only being I deem both worthy and attractive enough to associate with me-" taking in a deep breath, small laugh, and sharp look away from Azazel he quickly added, "I also have no friends, so I must cherish our small talks." Chelsea had no friends, not that it even bothered him anymore, other people normally were useless to him and weren't much help either. "Lucky me-..." drawled the demon. Only have of his attention was on the instructor as the human's attention honed in on him.

"Speaking of our talks," changing the conversation the human got a tad bit closer to the other being and lowered his voice for only him to hear for no real reason, "we only talk within these stupid school walls it seems. Maybe sometime you could come over to my place, plan a party with me or something?" Leaning back away from Azazel he grinned and winked towards him with his ocean blue left eye; you could say Chelsea was flirting with the devil out of boredom. Azazel had glanced over just as Chelsea tossed a wink in his direction and huffed a laugh, his arms tightly crossed over his chest as he slouched in his desk. If anything he found it amusing. He remembers well the unmarred soul that had bargained him and he saw almost no trace of it now. It would be his crowning achievement if the human's vanity didn't result in him actually flirting with a demon. "Something tells me your idea of a party is far different from mine." Azazel replied, "Besides, I'd rather not be surrounded by the rabble. Two humans at once is more than enough for me."

"Something?" Repeating his words, Chelsea brought his hand up to his mouth and rubbed his lush pink lips as if he was savoring the word he had just repeated. "You'll never know unless you try, and hey, humans aren't that bad... though at times I hate being around them myself, which again brings me to the point to socialize with you." Chelsea leaned back in his chair to match the posture of Azazel to feel more comfortable.

"Anyways, what do you consider a party?" Taking a short pause he swallowed to collect his thoughts, "Just because you don't like parties doesn't mean you and I couldn't spend some bonding time together." Once he finished he felt himself wince; after the words came from his mouth he knew how stupid it sounded, being the man he was he grinned and chuckled at his small mistake. "That wasn't as smooth as I thought it would be."

Azazel watched the human with a calculated stare, his brow cocking when Chelsea mimicked his seating position. Though the demon would rather not be reminded that he was the only one the human seemed to deem worthy for conversation, his mannerisms were humorous to say the least. In retrospect, the human probably wouldn't want to know what Azazel considered to be a party. Then Chelsea said something that finally pieced the puzzle together. With a look of open amusement on his face, Azazel smirked dastardly, "Correct me if I'm wrong but is this you asking me out on a-..." scowling slightly he thought out loud, "...-what is it you humans call it? Oh yes, a date. Are you asking me on a date Chelsea?"

Chelsea smirked at this, he liked the thought of taking a demon out on a date for an odd reason. "Why not?" Replying smugly he sat up so he could now be larger and look down upon Azazel, "Yes, I'm kindly asking you out on a date. I'd pay for it, pick you up, and everything." This was odd for him, he wouldn't say that part though. Chelsea had never been on a date and never asked anyone out on a date. He had been ugly for most of his life, and never got offers until he became beautiful, so after that the offers became nothing. "If it makes you feel better I've never been on a date before, so you should feel honored that I'm asking you."

"Honored." Azazel repeated, his tone dripping with doubt. "How unfortunate for you that your first date would be with the demon you sold your soul to. Besides, the honor would be yours." There's a brief moment of pause where the teacher retires to her desk, the assignment she just assigned completely lost on the demon. He turns in his seat to face the young man and smirked, "Tell you what, you've managed to humor me so I'll do the same for you." Azazel held up a finger to cut off any and all excitement, "This is not a date. Despite your attempt to convince yourself otherwise, I am still a demon. Going on 'dates' with humans is below me. I will, however, come to your house if you'd like."

"Below you?" That shouldn't be the only thing below you. Shrugging his thoughts away he at least smiled. "Ok, I got it and even though I'm dense I get it. I think most humans are below me too... see, we even have common treats?" Even though it wasn't going to be a date Chelsea saw no harm in at least receiving a yes to coming over, which he didn't expect would happen at all.

"You should come over after school today, I'll have the house all to myself this afternoon, you could even stay the night if you'd like." Chelsea gently nudged Azazel with his shoulder, "I'll try my best to keep you entertained with my 'annoying' ways." Promising Azazel that much Chelsea then glanced up at the board.

Groaning at the work they we're suppose to be doing Chelsea already felt himself getting lost. He had no clue what was going on and he simply knew that wasn't good, he knew from that he'd probably have homework that night. "Thanks to you I have no clue what we're doing, but I guess you're worth it." Speaking under his breath, quickly he opened up one of his note books and began jotting down notes and the pages in his books he'd probably have to read over. "Since we're most likely going to end up with homework if you come over I'll do it for you or let you copy mine."

Beginning his work, Azazel huffed a laugh as Chelsea commented on their so called 'common treats'. Having tortured humans in the pit, he had profound knowledge of the human psyche. The terminology was the only thing holding him back. Artisan hands flipped through pages as the human spoke, lithe fingers poised around a pen as he jotted answers down in his elegant scrawl. An ode to his multitasking that he was still able to hear the human as he complained about Azazel having distracting him. If Chelsea was right about anything, it was Azazel was worth it. Or perhaps that was his own narcissism clawing it's way to the surface. At the mention of homework, a cocky smile graced the demon's cupid-bow lips, "That won't be necessary. I don't do homework." From the looks of the assignment he'd probably be done before the end of class anyway. "If you're so adamant about doing this today then you'll be my ride." Azazel commented offhandedly, already a quarter of the way done with his work.

Chelsea rolled his eyes, he didn't mind giving Azazel a ride, but for the love of God he had let his sister bring him to school. Pulling out his cell phone he contacted Emmie through text and let her know to bring his car and also demanded her and his father not be home that afternoon or night. With a content grin he slid his phone back into his pocket, he knew his sister would come through for him because she still felt guilty for the words she had uttered so long ago. "I'd love to give you a ride."

ImageLooking up from his own paper he glanced over at Azazel, but then whipped his head around to watch the other boy zoom through his work. Chelsea had bragged about getting things done fast and orderly, but not even he could compare to the demons pace. "I would say there's a heavenly charm about you, but I think that'd be too ironic." Teasing briefly he then turned his attention back to finishing his work. He did admire the demons intelligence though, he might have even been content just watching his friend do his work, but he knew he get compelled to finish his work before the class ended now more then ever. If Azazel could work fast then so could he, Chelsea almost felt like it was a competition to beat him, he was already prepared to lose, but did losing ever really kill anyone?

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{ | Monday, 10 March, 2014 | 9:30 AM | French 3 | Sleepy Hollow High School | Approx 1,850 Words | }

{ | In collaboration with Onica_Louis | }

"Bonjour Monsieur Godwin."

Azazel walked into the classroom with his attention on the withered pages of his novel, his eyes
drawn up on when his young linguistics instructor greeted him from the front of the class. Her
blonde hair was pulled up in a loose bun today, loose strands framing her cherubic face, her sun
kissed skin unmarred by artificial cover-ups. There was a natural beauty and intelligence about
the woman that he's come to respect these past few months. Her flawless execution of another
language curried his favor as well as her heart of gold. She wasn't as condescending as the other
teachers in the school and for that alone Azazel refused to give her a hard time.

Closing his book, he placed his things by his desk, ignoring the empty seat directly at his right
side."Bonjour Mademoiselle Pierce, comment votre jour jusqu'à présent?"

Miss Pierce smiled brilliantly, "Super! Merci de demander."

"Mon plaisir." Their conversation came to a halt as the class started milling in. Azazel took a seat,
offering a polite nod to his instructor before getting out his supplies, leaving his book on the
desk untouched.

Sighing lightly, Chelsea annoyingly maneuvered around a group of stuck up jocks; in comparison
his stuck up attitude outranked theirs all combined, yet their presence was both draining and
not liked. Once he had entered the room he took a seat in the chair he always sat in, in the one
next to Azazel.

Leaning back in his chair he shut his eyes and took a deep uneasy breath. Chelsea found his
French class a waste of some much of his time, he could speak the language almost fluently and
no longer felt the need to take it anymore, but his pride got so much in the way that he couldn't
quit it. The boy had always been a fast learner, with his sister be so many years ahead of him and
having her teach him years before entering the tenth grade was a big reason why he already knew
the language. "Je répugne tellement ce cours ..." Speaking quietly to himself in French he groaned.

Azazel waited patiently, ignoring the students as they filed in, choosing not to address the
indebted sitting beside him. Having just seen the human, he felt no need to socialize with him
if he could help it. Seeing as he'd already agreed to accompany him to his house, the demon
put more effort into avoiding conversation than actually making it. Damn him and his incessant
stir-craziness. He wouldn't have even agreed to coming over had he not needed a change of pace.
Amber eyes followed the instructor as she made her way to the front of the room.

"Bonjour classe!" She smiled brightly despite the muffled response of her students, all of them
tired and hardly in the mood for a language they barely knew. "Alright, you've all taken the written
part of the exam. Most of you did very well so congratulations. For the oral exam, however, I've decided to
cut you a little slack because the interpretive will not be easy. You are to arrange a conversation with the person
sitting next to you. One of you will be a tourist asking for directions and the other will be a native giving direction."

As the class groaned, Azazel rolled his eyes, but Miss Pierce's smile didn't falter. "I know, I know. You'll
have all day today to do a script and practice before tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll pull every pair to the side
and you'll perform the conversation in front of me. You may use your notes, not your books. Now-...begin."

In all honesty, Azazel wasn't completely on board for the whole 'partnership' any more than the rest of
his classmates. He decided to deal, for the instructor's sake if anything. With a long suffering sigh he
turned to Chelsea and addressed him, "I'll portray the native seeing as I have the most experience
with this language than you do."

"More experience? How long have you been alive, a few centuries?" Joking with his partner he turned
around so he could completely face him. Normally Chelsea always did everything alone, people usually
slowed him down.

Looking around the room he could see how irritated others were about having to work together. "Ok,
so I'm a tourist... I don't know what to directions to ask for. So, you start the conversation."
smug as always he also felt lazy in this class. It was clear that Azazel knew more, but Chelsea didn't
even want to put any effort into it, mainly because he wanted to give his partner a rough time.

Choosing to ignore the joke, Azazel rolled his eyes, half listening to the conversation as the human
prattled on. "I won't be starting the conversation, Chelsea. That's not how it works." Bringing out his
notes and handed them over to the human, "You see, when a tourist asks for directions they approach
the native inhabitant, not the other way around. Just pick a tourist attraction-..."

Snatching the notes from the demon he kept his smile and quickly skimmed over them. "So mister
native, how would I find my way to the Eiffel Tower?"

"En français, s'il vous plaît. I don't want to fail for you incompetence." Azazel retorted, plastering an
acidic grin on his face.

Laughing slightly he shook his head. "At least I got you to grin, though I think it's more at me then
with me."
Clearing his mind and rethinking everything this time he was ready. Pulling himself closer to
Azazel, he then smiled. "Où est la Tour Eiffel puis?"

Rolling his eyes, Azazel waited for a response, immediately responding with fluidity. "Où est la Tour
he corrected, giving the human a pointed look, though it didn't sound like a question. He
jotted it down on a sheet of paper before meeting Chelsea's gaze, "We'll have to begin with
introductions as well but I'll just assume you know those."
He shows them to the human after writing
them above the initial question. "It's tedious but we'll get deducted points if it's not there." Running a
hand through his hair he racked his brain, speaking in a foreign tongue with perfection. "De là, vous
aurez à prendre à droite et continuer sur la route. C'est en face du Champ-de-Mars."

"Oh, je vous remercie, mais peut-être que vous devriez..." racking his brain he quickly had to think before finishing,
"marcher avec moi là-bas." Finally getting out his complete thought.

Propping his elbow up on his desk and resting his head on the palm of his hand, glancing up and down at
his partner he smiled, taking in all that he had to offer. He may not have know him well, but he did admire
him greatly, especially. The way he spoke so fluently could almost make Chelsea cringe from adornment.

"J'ai pensé ... c'est peut-être le destin que nous avons rencontré, M. Transloter. Peut-être quand
nous arrivons à la tour je pourrais vous prendre pour un repas?"
Being as cheesy as possible he kept his
town sweet and as serious as possible. He wasn't completely sure on his feelings for the demon, he knew
off the bat they weren't anything to serious, but yet he was comfortable enough to felt with the boy so
openly. Maybe it was his new sense of confidence, right?

Writing down Chelsea's every word, he didn't fully process what was being said. It was only until he read it
over that it sunk in and the demon sighed in exasperation. Pinching the bridge of his nose, Azazel pins the
human down with a glare, "Je préférerais que vous ne flirte en ce moment, Chelsea." he crossed out the bit
about fate and taking him out for a meal before writing down an entire script and committing it to memory.
He slides it over to Chelsea's desk and retrieves his notes just as abruptly as they were taken away. "Study
says the demon shortly, "Not that I doubt your prowess with the language, of course. I just doubt
that your attention is in the right place. We'll easily make exemplary marks with that so don't fret."

"Oh, mais mon cher garçon doux, ce qui est mieux que la réunion de deux garçons en France par hasard alors
sortir pour un repas?"
Letting a chuckle slip from the back of his throat, he then took the notes with his free
hand. Taking glances between the paper and Azazel he smiled.

"Je n'ai jamais fait un grade inférieur, puis un A toute ma vie." After he finished speaking he laid the notes down,
and puckered out his lower lip. "Therefore, I'm pretty sure I know what would work or not." Using his now free
hand he pinched the demons cheek and spoke plainly, "Tu es un grincheux et son mignon." When Chelsea fully
realized what he was doing he let his hand fall, "I'm sorry, I'm still learning how to friend." A part of him still
wanted to be flirty, but he didn't want to aggravate his only friend in the least bit.

Azazel's gaze was hard as the human spoke. In retrospect, he couldn't care less about what Chelsea made
as far as grades go. Seeing as he himself watched the language develop and flourish, Azazel would know
what would work or not work with far more accuracy. He didn't bother to correct the human as he misspoke
in foreign tongue yet again, outraged instead by the demeaning pinch to the cheek. With unadulterated rage,
he bore his gaze into the young man and though he didn't move to lean forward, his stance was intimidating
all the same. He wouldn't give the human the satisfaction of leaning in close, lest he misread it as some
advance on him. So instead, he spoke in terms even an imbecile would understand. "You won't make friends
by accosting those who can easily put you in the ground."
he warned, his words like acid as he practically
snarled, "Treat me in a derogatory fashion again and it will be the last thing you ever do."

Feeling the intimidation his face grew a dark red color and he sat back in his seat. As much as he hated it he
knew that he was no match for the demon and in that moment fear flowed through him.

Chelsea once again lacked words. Taking in a deep breath he pushed a smile to his face and as the red
simmered away. "I did it in good fun, please don't forget that I'm human and I do make mistakes." His voice
sounded normal, but mentally he was most likely shaken. Chelsea had been an abused child, so he could
simply tell the difference between fake and real threats, he knew that Azazel could bury him six feet under the

Azazel furrowed his brows, "If you expect me to grant you that courtesy then be more aware of whom
you are speaking to."
He turned in his seat and grabbed his book, opening it up in order to quell his anger.
If he wasn't certain of his stance on spending after school with this individual he was now. A change of
scenery wasn't worth a headache.

Swallowing hard he thought about his next words carefully, because he knew he wasn't in the clear and
didn't want to make things any worse. "So, how's your book?" He couldn't have cared more, but he just
didn't want their conversation to die on such a bad note. Azazel, on the other hand, couldn't care less.
He continued to read his book for the remainder of the class, ignoring Chelsea for his own benefit.

{ Translation }

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If mistakes were made in the dialogue it was addressed in post

Disclaimer: I only took two courses of French in high school so I'm no expert