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Clayton Ashmore

"I didn't lose anyone. I lost my mind.."

0 · 885 views · located in Sleepy Hollow, New York

a character in “Crossroads”, as played by Naught



{"I'm alive. Don't treat me like a dead man.” }
-Saitou Yakumo
The Kill || Hurricane || Perfect Enemy || Pavement || Human || Through Glass

|{Full Name}|
Clayton Timothy Ashmore

Clay || Ash

April 8th, 1996

English || French

Bisexual || Panromantic

To be protected from his family and himself.

His sanity was his price. Though he doesn't know he has gone insane, all of his sanity is locked away. Because, after Azazel told him that he'd save him from his parents and from himself, he told him his price. He didn't think it would turn out to be a very rocky and crazy roller coaster. It felt like he was just possessed by a demon that is now apart of him and nothing is hidden from him.

Gift || "Well, it not that bad if you think about it. At least I know I'm never alone with "him" around now."

Price || "Why I don't feel any different. But, I try my best not to think about it. "He" might notice."

Azazel || "If not my parents, I am afraid of this dude. But, then again I have to respect him. Even if he doesn't respect me."

{"Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend..” }
- Albert Camus


|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|

Looking Over Shoulder || Has trust issues.
Walks In The Middle Of A Walk Way || It's just his way of knowing that he's at least perfect at one thing.
Exercises More Than Four Times A Week || Staying fit helps him think about things other than his life.
Licking Lips || Whenever he is nervous.
Nervous Cough || He gets nervous very easily.
Raising Eyebrows When He Speaks || He really doesn't notice that he does that.

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|

Grandmothers Ring
Being Known

|{Flaws || Weakness}|

Doubts himself at times
Finds it hard to trust people


Drawing Painting Writing Playing Guitar Basketball Football Soccer


øPhysical Abuseø

Diagnosed with Depression
Well, before his grandmother had past away, she would always take care of him medically and emotionally. So, after he had told her about his attempt, she couldn't just sit there and watch her grandson rot from sadness. She took him to the doctor and that curved his emotional state just a little bit.

Almost was strangled
When he used to go to sleep at a scheduled time, his mother would always come to his room and try to suffocate him with a pillow or something. After the 3rd attempt his father decided that he'd try and it almost worked. If only he didn't wake up.

Attempted to commit suicide
It was around the time after his grandmother died, he was lost. So, lost he didn't know where to go anymore, and this was when he met Azazel. How he attempted it was beyond him. Because, he blacked out the whole time and the last thing he saw was Azazel's face.

{"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” }
- Martin Luther King Jr.

{ Sullen | Sweet | Mistrusting | Sarcastic | Easily Angered | The Other | }

Inside of what he knows is his mind, he is lost. Trapped inside forever, and it's probably a bit too late to go back and fix the door to his sanity. Because, it is locked and there isn't even the key. Clayton isn't the happiest guy on the planet at the moment, he's anything but happy and that is what a sullen person is. He's always feeling some type of bad feeling and it really effects some people around him. When he realizes it's someone he recognizes, he suddenly acts like everything inside of him is just peaches and cream. He tries to be his nicest when it comes to certain people, though he can't call them his friends. It's still right for him to be the sweetest guy on the planet. But, even that can't always be accurate. If someone were to get him to trust them, then that would be the end of him right there. If he trust someone, he wouldn't be able to stop thinking about them. Knowing that one day they'd lie to him and tell him things that he'd have to believe with no questions asked. Sarcasm is like his middle name, and he wears it so well. Whether it's a small laugh or an accidental step on the heel of his shoe, the buzzing of a bee or a slam of the lockers in the schools halls; Clayton will get angry. He'll glare, or stare and he doesn't care who it is, he will get very pissed and that's only because, he has this built up anger that he has been holding in all of his life.

The other meaning, his so called "personality", that's supposed to take care of him during his time of need. Well, believe it or not "The Other" is Azazel. It's like he's hurting but, he doesn't feel anything. While Azazel takes over, it's like he gets lost in a repeating cycle of darkness. But, he never comes when he is needed, he comes when he wants to. Clayton can't even fight against him, which is what scares him the most. It's so weird, it's like he feels as if a part of him is lost. Like puzzles pieces missing from a puzzle that'll never be completed.

{"The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it's indifference..” }
- Elie Wiesel


"Well, I can't really enjoy these things as much as i'd like to."

Knowing that he exists Love Being himself His Grandmother Large Crowds of People Books Plays Sports Purple Video Games Silent Movies Doves Azazel The Thought of Having Friends

{"People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” }
- Marilyn Monroe


"I'm just tired. I'm just really tired.."

Azazel His Parents Loneliness Pain Abuse Loss The Dark Himself Tight Spaces Crowded Places Backstabbers Stubborn People Summer Really Greasy Foods That Supernatural Stuff

{"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” }
- Douglas Adams



|{Place of Origin}|
Dallas, Texas

Clayton's life was messed up from the start, his parents didn't even want a child and they made that loud and clear. He didn't understand why they didn't just put him up for adoption. It made more sense for them to keep living their lives and for him to be lonely for the rest of his. Though Clayton hates loneliness and clings onto the nicest person next to him, he can't help but be lost.

When he was just 9 years old the abuse had started. They really showed their true colors and he knew they didn't love him from the start, by the disgust look in their eyes. It was like he was a virus of some sort, they never praised him, no have they once told him that they loved him and meant it. First it was his father slapping him and punching him just because, he stared at him. Then it was his mother that followed. Throwing things and burning him with her cigarettes, after so long his body didn't shake or cringe in pain anymore.

Well, other than the abuse, he spent most of his time with his grandmother. After awhile of his grandmother being in the hospital, the treatment just wasn't enough. So, a few days later, when he just turned 18, his grandmother past and that just hit him. All the pain that he had been feeling over the years have finally came over him. Clayton wanted to end it, and that's when Azazel came in. The demon came in at his time of need. When the deal was made, he knew that he wasn't going regret it.

|{Family Tree}|
Gabriel Ashmore || Relationship Status: Bad Terms || Alive || "I have the right to say that he doesn't love me, that every time he has laid his hands on me he laughed at the tears and the pain. Including the bloodstains. Oh, you want me to tell someone? Well, if I did where else would I go? After this year, after all the pain I fucking went through, I am glad to put my middle finger up and say those magic words.. Because, to me. The past doesn't matter."
Mary Ashmore || Relationship Status: Bad Terms || Alive || "I don't know what I should say. She tells me that I was a mistake, that if I were gay she'd slit my throat in my sleep. Now, i am afraid to sleep, I am afraid to be alone with her, I am just so tired of her abuse. Well, what if I died? Would you even care?"
Luanne Ashmore || Relationship Status: Good Terms || Deceased || "Why take away the only person I had left? I know people die but, I wish she'd stay with me just for one more year. My grandmother gave a damn about me. She was the only one that said to believe in what I believe and forget everything else. They laughed at me and beat me because, I cried at her funeral. I'm so lost in my own world. I keep forgetting that there's a whole lot around me. I miss Grandmother Lu Lu. I miss her so much."

|{Happiest Memory}|
"Believe it or not..."
When he lost his virginity. Though this person was quite older, it made him feel wanted. It made him think that if he died by killing himself then his parents would have succeeded without even trying to do it themselves. He doesn't remember who the person was but, he thanked the person for letting him know that he still exists and that he could be wanted if he wanted to.

|{Saddest Memory}|
"I miss her so much because, she's the only one that ever gave a damn!"
His grandmother died from natural causes and there wasn't anything that Clayton could do. It was just a natural things all humans got when they've grown a certain age. Even if she died of natural causes, Clayton still misses her dearly. He wish he could go back and live those happy moments with her, when he was a child all the way up until now.

{"I'm not afraid of death; I just don't want to be there when it happens.” }
- Woody Allen

In the dark with the music on
Wishing I was somewhere else
Taking all your anger out on me, somebody help
I would rather rot alone
Then spend a minute with you
I'm gone, I'm gone

And you can't stop me from falling apart
'Cause my self-destruction is all your fault

How could you, how could you, how could you hate me?
When all I ever wanted to be was you?
How could you, how could you, how could you love me?
When all you ever gave me were open wounds?

Downstairs the enemy sleeps
Leaving the TV on
Watching all the dreams we had turn into static
Doesn't matter what I do
Nothing's gonna change
I'm never good enough

And you can't stop me from falling apart
'Cause my self-destruction is all your fault


Tell me why you broke me down and betrayed my trust in you
I'm not giving up, giving in when will this war end?
When will it end??

You can't stop me from falling apart [3X]
'Cause my self-destruction is all your fault.


{"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” }
- Maya Angelou

He used to have a puppy named Spot. but his parents told him that he "ran away".


Character Dialogue || #A200FF

Face Claim || Daniel Sharman

So begins...

Clayton Ashmore's Story

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Azazel remembers Hell. He remembers the shrill shrieks of tortured souls and the foul stench of
sulfur clinging to the fire and brimstone. He remembers the rack; of being chained up and bound
by symbols designed to keep him restrained. He remembers Alistair and the sheer look of delight
on his brother's face as he dug the angel blade in. His own cries fill his ears, shrouding the wails
of those being tortured around him. Soon it's his own blood marring the charred wood of the rack
and not that of some human sent here before him. His grace shines out of every wound, as if to
console him. He's still an angel, he told himself then, he could still return to Heaven. But alas, as
Alistair pointed out, who would want him? He was nothing now. He didn't matter to anyone. Not
his brothers, not his sisters-...not even his father. As his screams pierce the air, much louder than
any tormented human soul that would follow, he remembers thinking that he was going to die there.
Until one day Alistair is careless. Until one day Alistair breaks a line in one of the traps on the floor.

Until one day Azazel makes his escape.

Azazel remembers Hell-...

...-and he has no intention of ever going back.

{ | Monday, 10 March, 2014 | Sunrise | Azazel's House | Approx 700 Words | }

Demons don't dream.

Well, they're not supposed to anyway. Here lately though, it would seem that he's become quite
the harbinger for nighttime delusions. It's more of an inconvenience than anything else, all things
considered. In fact, the longer Azazel sits in his meat suit, the less it becomes 'rent to own' and
more 'you break it, you bought it.' About two years have past since the death of the human soul
that once inhabited this little vessel of his. Two years of being a bachelor inside a body that was
all his own and here he is bitching about it finally becoming all his own. He craves nourishment
to sustain the damn thing—actual food. Do you know how much of a burden it is to eat when
you're hungry, as soon as you're hungry? Well you might, but Azazel hadn't, and he's getting
tired of it. Using the restroom is even more tedious and it happens at the most inconvenient
times. Not to mention the fact that he's apparently getting the full teenage boy experience in
regards to urges and miscommunications between the brain and obvious sex organs so that's
always a plus. Honestly he doesn't know how human beings get by with these things. Bodies
are entirely overrated if you ask him, especially in the morning when the alarm goes off.

It takes all of his willpower not to simply telekinesis things to him in the bed, or even use it
to get himself up. He's done it before and it only leaves him feeling drained, especially when
he wakes after an evening plagued by nightmares. Those are never fun. Nearly braining
yourself on your shower wall because you were too busy zoning out about hell fire and whips
instead of the slippery tiled floor is a good way to get things like that off of one's mind, in
retrospect. Accompanied by a full-fledged adrenaline rush, Azazel preps himself for another
day in the life of Daniel Godwin, a mundane high school senior who surrounds himself with
melancholy beauties and acts out in Phys Ed. Honestly giving a shit less about how he looks,
Azazel walks out with tousled hair that's towel dried and an outfit which would suggest that
nothing is amiss. Grabbing his book bag, he strolls out of the master bedroom, banging on
a mahogany door as he passes. "Rise and shine, Clay. Get your ass in gear, you're going
to make me late."
Clayton was his ride to school so as long as he got up on time, Azazel was
fine. Olivia, on the other hand, slept on the third floor like a hermit and could honestly go
fuck herself as far as the demon was concerned. This wouldn't be the first time her petty
grudge made her late for school and it probably wouldn't be the last. Waiting downstairs
for Clayton to come downstairs, Azazel realizes he's left his wallet and keys in his room in a
second, having teleported there without a trace. Pocketing it, along with his keys, the
demon double-checked everything before zapping back to the front door, materializing
right in front of Clayton. He smiles wickedly, cocking his head to the side, "Ready to go?"

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Character Portrait: Clayton Ashmore Character Portrait: Azazel Character Portrait: Olivia Lawrence
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#, as written by Naught

Image Image

|| Monday, 10 March, 2014 || Sunrise || Azazel's House|Clay's Room || 571 Words ||

His eyes opened to an empty room, with a little bit of light beaming from the light of the sun rising up slowly in the light blue sky. It was weird to admit that he was actually safe inside the house of a demon. A demon that he wouldn't actually trust but, actually be safe living with. Did he not know he was slowly going insane, at every moment he breathes in the oxygen coming from a source that is needed. Unlike Clayton, he doesn't think he is needed. But, he indeed exists.

Sitting up made him wonder what today was. Looking around to find some source, to find anything that would help him remember anything about today. "Oh yeah. School is today. Because, yesterday was Sunday. Now today is, Monday." Combing his hands through his bed hair, he got up out of bed and walked towards his closet. Stubbing his toe on the dresser,"Shit!" He grabbed his foot and hopped on one leg. Not normally being the clumsy one he just stood there for a few moments before putting his foot down and limping towards his closet.

Opening his closet door, he sighed. Grabbing whatever looks good at the moment. Changing into his clothes, he made sure that he looked decent. Hearing Azazel, he didn't say anything. After a little bit, he grabbed his school stuff and walked outside of his room. What he realized as he walked through the door was that, he didn't remember what type of dream he had. It was as if he blinked into the next day. It was kind of weird when he thought about it, he hasn't had dreams in so long and he rarely got used to nightmares.

Sighing when he almost his license, that should have been in his wallet. This was the everyday schedule when it came to living with a demon. It was all new to him, plus he thought that something like this was normal. Living with a demon was normal? Well, Clay thought that as such. It was sad, it was very sad. Well, Clayton would do anything for his protection and his protection alone. Though it sounded a bit selfish, he had been selfless for so many years and he just grown tired of being with people, that didn't give a damn about him.

Walking towards the door he looked down at his license and nearly bumped into Azazel as he suddenly appeared in front of him. "Woah." It sounded more like a whisper and he stared at Azazel for a bit. He wasn't really too fond of all that supernatural stuff, he never was. Before and after Azazel came. It just freaked him the hell out. "Don't do that." Walking around Azazel he stopped right when he opened the door,"Well, what about Olivia? Shouldn't we wait for her?" He looked over his shoulder and at Azazel. Olivia had this sort of attitude when it came to Azazel, Clayton didn't really have a problem with her he didn't think.

Whether she was ready or not, he would have to leave for school soon. Knowing that Azazel could care less about if she went to school with them or not. Well, Clayton didn't really want to leave her. Though, it was nothing new, he wanted to be kind and wait a couple of minutes to see if she'd be around to foyer before they left.

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Character Portrait: Clayton Ashmore Character Portrait: Azazel Character Portrait: Olivia Lawrence
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{ | Monday, 10 March, 2014 || Sunrise || Azazel's House || Olivia's Room || Approx Words 670 | }

The third alarm went off, filling her room with loud sounds that disagreed with one another. The
first alarm was jamming to Joan Jett's Bad Reputation while the second one, a loud siren from the first
Silent Hill movie, cancelled most of Joan's voice. And now, the third and last alarm, a Papa Roach
song, Getting Away With Murder, threatened both with it's powerful tune. Just as the third alarm
repeated itself by the third time, Olivia growled and scoffed as she slowly crawled out of bed in
order to finally turn off the alarms that she had purposely put far away from her bed forcing
herself to get out of bed.

She was still under sheets, holding onto the cool fabric as best as she could even as she slammed
the first alarm to her unmade bed; only throwing it away after canceling the alarm. The second
one did not fare as well as Joan did, Olivia could not turn the devious device and in frustration
slammed it to the wall, right next to one of her Skillet’s poster. Sure, she had managed to turn the
infernal device off but she had also broken her last spare clock alarm of the week. Papa Roach
was the one who got the better treatment out of the three; by the time Olivia reached the third
alarm she set on her iPod, she had already calmed herself down and had managed to turn it off as
a civilized person would.

Finally, without no further tantrums or delays, she headed towards the shower. Upon noticing the
time, Olivia could not help to feel partly pleased, especially because it would mean she wouldn't
have to bump with Azazel, or as she often called him, Rumplestilktskin. On the other hand, her
roommate, Clayton was someone she found much more pleasant. Even so, as she had often seen
him spending time with Rumple, it did not leave much choices to the young female but to avoid
him too. Consequently why, when it came to the carpooling idea Clay and Rumple had going on,
Olivia decided to take the, literal and metaphorical, high road.

And so, after finishing her hot shower, she quickly changed unto her outfit and began prepping
herself up, only leaving her room after she was pleased. Finally, after packing up all the things she
would need for the day on her backpack, she headed outside. Olivia did not know if Azazel and
Clayton had already left, but after noticing the time on her cellphone screen she was very certain
they had; after all, the demon was many things on Olivia’s head but unpunctual was not one of
them. Regardless of whether they were still around or not, Olivia would have done the same.
Instead of carpooling with her sworn enemy and her roommate, there was but one other available
option on the menu and that was taking her baby for a ride to school.

An all-abiding citizen would have probably taken twice the time Olivia had made while driving to
school. In all truth, she would have slowed down, getting another speed ticket was the last thing
she needed, but then again Olivia loved the thrill when she drove as a mad person. Of course, it
didn’t help that she was already late for school and that her chance to get breakfast at school
depended on how hard she stepped on the accelerator.

Finally, after flipping off a handful of other drivers who pissed her on her way school, she had
finally managed to arrive to school. Olivia parked on her usual place and put her baby somewhere
safe before heading to the cafeteria. Despite she was already late, she wouldn't dare to go to class
without grabbing a bite or two, even if that meant getting scolded once more by her Drawing
professor for being late.

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Character Portrait: Clayton Ashmore Character Portrait: Azazel
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{ | Monday, 10 March, 2014 | 8:00 AM | Sleepy Hollow High School | Approx 790 Words | }

{ | In collaboration with Naught | }

The smirk Azazel wore was—dare I say—devilish. "Goldielocks won't be joining us." says he, "You
should get used to her absence, Clayton. She's not a big fan of daddy right now."
The demon had
half a mind to teleport to the other side of the door but decided against it.

Clayton thought about it for a bit and shrugged. He didn't see any wrong in it, she'd always make it to
school somehow. "Well, I guess that's fine. She'll make it to school somehow."

The demon simply pushed past him and motioned his head towards the driveway. "Come on, I'll buy
you breakfast."
They meandered out of the front door with a leisurely gait, chatting it up like they were
old friends instead of a demon and his pet. "Unless of course you want the decrepit pile of
putrescence they call food, then by all means, but we're stopping for food. I'm starved."

Because, he hated the schools' food. It was too greasy and even overcooked. He vowed never to eat the
school's lunch for as long as he lived. So, he basically starved himself until he got home. "I rather not
starve myself."
Walking away from the front door; he walked towards the car, unlocked the doors, and got in.

Azazel climbed into the passenger seat, shoving his book bag into the floorboard before Clayton put the car
in reverse. His eyes flitted to the third floor of the house where Olivia's room was, peering into the window
and seeing no shadows brushing past the blackened curtains. After two years together he would've thought
that she'd warm up to him, at least a little. Then again, humans can be just as resentful as demons he
supposed. As the tires hit asphalt, Azazel's gaze took in the exterior of the house almost fondly. He'd come
to call the place home these past couple of years. It was one of the few things on earth that he could
confidentially call his own; bought with the money of a dying business man who made a deal for wealth.
Azazel got his fortune once he passed and this house was a result. It'd been lonely until Olivia moved in but
that was short lived. Her hatred for him was seemingly relentless. Clayton moving in was a reprieve from that.
Though it was obvious the boy was afraid of him, he was easy to get along with.

"Just choose anywhere-..." he offered, "You didn't do your Calculus homework by any chance, did you?" There
was a time when Azazel would choke back bile upon asking such questions. He was a demon after all. Trivial
questions like the status of homework for a class taught by humans for humans was so below him it was almost
inane. He's gotten over it though, for his own sanity at least.

Clayton checked to see if no one was passing by from behind him before he back up out of the drive way.
"Yeah, maybe." He saw that as a regular school joke. There are those people that wait for others to do their
homework just to copy the answers. Then there are those people that do their work. Then there are those
people that could care less about their education and just don't feel like wasting their time on a piece of paper.
"Why? You didn't do your homework?" Clay smirked and chuckled a bit, seeing it funny that Azazel was
seeking help from him.

"Absolutely not," stated the demon, "Nor will I-...ever. It's a blatant waste of my time." His eyes caught the
smirk on the young man's face and it was almost hard to stifle one of his own. There was a long silence in
which Azazel was sure Clayton assumed he'd irritated him somehow. It almost came as a surprise to him
when the younger man finally spoke up as they approaching the slew of fast-food restaurants.

"Anyway, how about McDonalds? Would that be appropriate for breakfast?"

Though he despised McDonald's he wouldn't deny his human the simple pleasures of fast food. "I suppose
that's alright. Just order me a black coffee."
It took a few moments before they pulled into the drive thru and
when they did, no words were exchanged between the two in the car. Clayton placed their order and Azazel
wordlessly handed over his debit card. When they received their food and pulled away, Azazel sipped at his
coffee and almost moaned in pleasure.

The rest of the car ride was quiet save for the rustling of paper and the acute sips from a plastic cup. The
demon couldn't speak for the human, but for him it was comfortable. Shuffling out of the car just as the
bell rang, Azazel clasped his hand on Clayton's shoulder and smiled at him, saying "I'll see you in English"
before walking off towards his first class.

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Character Portrait: Victoria Holmes Character Portrait: Clayton Ashmore Character Portrait: Cher Lolita Dimarco Character Portrait: Rosalie Saga-Tate Character Portrait: Azazel Character Portrait: Tyler Dragone Character Portrait: Olivia Lawrence
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The pain was close to unbearable, to say the least, and the grief he felt threatened to take his sanity
away within every passing second. Feeling an incessant sensation as if someone was piercing a stake
through his heart only made Tyler question whether he was truly losing it. His suffering didn’t seem to
ease as the weeks passed, slowly and tortuously as they did. Instead, he could swear that as the days
passed, the memories of his beloved and the pain of losing her overcame him all over again; feeling as
he had the night he saw her drew her last breath. Even though he did his best not to let his feelings take
the best of him, Tyler secluded himself from everyone and everything unwilling to let himself be seen in
such a frail state.

There was nothing unusual on that particular night at the cemetery, or so did Tyler thought while walking
through the muddy land that remained humid from all the rain; as common as it was in Sleepy Hollow, it
had been raining for days. It was past midnight, perhaps not the best time to visit the cemetery, but Tyler
felt an unreasonable need to see her during that particular night where, under different circumstances,
they would have fulfilled their promise to wed one another. Truth be told, Tyler had not been able to visit
Katherine before, mostly because doing so would only make her death and loss more real. And so, upon
staring at the beautiful silver plaque that contained the name of the woman of his dreams, Tyler collapsed
before Katherine's grave in an outcry full of sorrow and grave melancholy. "I should have been there
he muttered in a drowned whisper, silenced only by the strong pain that originated from his chest,
"It should have been me, Kit Kat", he continued, using the same endearing nickname he used to call her
when she was upset. Unable to cope with another loss of a loved one, Tyler could do nothing else but to
beg for mercy; despite he knew his pleas would go unnoticed as they always had. "I'd do anything for this
pain to go away."
he begged while he was still on his knees.

Little did Tyler know his pleas would be heard when a firm hand steadied his shoulder, "Be careful, child.
Those words are dangerous,"
said a mysterious voice from his side. Upon turning his body and his gaze,
Tyler noticed a creature of the night, a creature from hell that lured him with his black eyes. Without a
motive to contain his shock, Tyler immediately drew himself away as he steadied himself and stood up to
face the creature he had stumbled upon. "Who-" he began to question before he shook his head upon
inspecting his eyes of the color of the night, "-what are you?" Apparently the question had caused
amusement to the nightly creature as it smirked before he spoke in a sincerely manner, "Something
you've only ever heard of in nightmares."
Again, Azazel smirked showing his amusement, "I can make
your pain go away, child, but there's a price to pay."

Though his immediate reaction was to utterly reject the devious and tempting deal, Tyler succumbed
knowing his life had been already lost the moment Katherine died. He took another long look to the
silvery plaque and read her name before surrendering, "What will you have me do?" he asked turning his
gaze back again to Azazel who still stood to his side waiting for his response. "Promise your soul to me
and you will relieved of all your grief, you won't have any memory of losing your beloved-..."
Azazel said
promisingly before extending his arm out to shake on it and call it a deal. Without further hesitation, and
unable to look back at Katherine's grave in fear she'd judge him for what he was about to do, Tyler
accepted the demon's deal moments before Azazel intentionally explained the bargain in more detail with
a vicious grin, "...-in fact, you won't remember her at all."


{ | Monday, 10 March, 2014 | Three Hours Prior Sunrise | Tyler's House | His Bedroom/Sleepy Hollow High School | Approx 1280 Words | }

It was still too early for sunrise but Tyler had already opened his eyes. Knowing his sleeping habits, he
did not even bother trying to go back to sleep despite he still had three hours before his alarm went off.
Unsurprised at his lack of sleep, knowing this was and would not be the first night where he only got but
four hours of sleep, he did nothing but to stare at the emptiness of his bedroom. Somehow, he could
never get fully used to seeing how big his bedroom was, always feeling as if something was missing. As
he often did at an early hour, he spend what was left of his time reading a novel; this time he was
reading Don Quijote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes, a Spanish novelist. The Spanish literary
masterpiece had proved to be more than a challenge for the English professor, and despite there were
many successful translations, Tyler rejected the idea of not reading the original piece and adventured
himself to read it in the ridiculously advanced Spanish language that it was written on. It was in moments
like that in which he saw the importance in learning other languages, and though his Spanish could be
improved he taught himself the romantic language and had became fairly fluent.

Hours passed and he had managed to submerge himself into the adventures the characters went through,
it wasn't until the alarm went off that he was able to come back to reality. Upon closing the novel and
placing it on his nightstand, he walked to the bathroom where he took a quick shower. After changing to
his attire, he continued with his daily as he grabbed the papers he had graded the past night, -as usual,
Tyler had given them the grade they deserved, no more no less- though he was often called a very strict
professor, he liked to think of himself as fair. That being said, he did not have to do much preparing in
the mornings, mostly because he had already prepared all of the materials he'd cover in anticipation.
Instead, he made his bed and cleaned his house even though in all truth there was hardly anything to
clean. Finally, just as soon as he grabbed his students graded papers and place them carefully into his
messenger bag, he headed outside and walked towards his car.

Tyler arrived to school with much punctuality and without further delay he headed to his classroom to
teach his first period. One by one the classroom was filled by the students who also arrived early; the
grand majority being just as punctual because they knew Tyler would not allow students to be late in his
class. Finally as soon as the clock on the wall struck the eight o'clock mark Tyler began his lecture. As
he expected his period was the less enthusiastic class of them all and the one with the worse grades,
so much that it was difficult for him not to show disapproval on his face upon returning the papers with
mediocre grades. Knowing he had been giving them a hard time with the past essays, he thought of a
different assignment for the day; however, the same result came at his writing assignment as most
students seemed particularly puzzled. Unfortunately, his next class was not much different, except
this one had the class clown that Tyler typically outsmarted without breaking a sweat.

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#, as written by Naught


{|| Monday, 10 March, 2014 | 10:00 AM - 10:10 AM | School | AP English 12 | 807 Words ||}

Going through four class periods today, without freaking out about anything was a win for Clayton. His head would be a beating mess when it came to school and people. Maybe it was because, he was slowly getting angry and was trying to hold it in. But, the more he held it in, the more the anger would have built up. All he had was a notebook in his hand. Getting ready for English wasn't very hard. As he was thinking about the many ways of how to get through the day, he closed his locker as the bell would ring for the start of fifth period. He was late.


Well, it was nothing new. He could probably make it up somehow. D-hall was one of the options. Actually, it was the only option. Because, he wasn't going to repeat his senior year. But, it always depends on the teacher. Whether they're grumpy through the day, or excited through the next. It always depended on if they thought of you as a good and acceptable student except for a delinquent. Clayton didn't know where he was at when it came to the stereotypes and things.

He didn't really understand why he was walking past his English class several of times and not walking through the door. The bell had rang five minutes ago and he was wasting his time walking through the hallways. It was always once in a while he would do things like this. He didn't know how many minutes passed when he came back to the door of the class room and stood in the front of it. Staring at the window connected to the door, the design of the glass was too hard to see through. Well, it's been like that and maybe he just never liked it. He never liked too much of anything so, it really wasn't anything new when it came to being Clayton.

But, what he was trying to figure out was why he was making it difficult for himself? Why was it that simple things like that annoyed him? Staring at the door for a few more seconds, he grabbed the doors knob and pulled it to open. Once he had done it, it was no turning back after that. Gripping tightly onto the spiral part of his notebook, he sighed to himself as most of the class was busy sticking their noses inside their notebooks, writing away.

Clayton loved writing, he'd write one hundred essays if someone had given him the chance to. Noticing Azazel, as usual he would pretend to be busy at the moment. Though he was ten minutes late, it didn't really stop him from going up to Mr. Dragone and asking him for the assignment of the day. "What is today's assignment Mr. Dragone?" Holding his hand out for the assignment, he wondered what he was going to write about today. So, after he was given the assignment he would ignore everyone around him, sit down, and read what the topic of the paper was going to be. He's experienced more than an eighteen year old should. This assignment seemed easy to some. But, to Clayton it only confused him.

What experience would he write to a teacher about? When he tried to run away from home and on coming back was nearly beat to death? Or how he had to spend his summer in the hospital after his sophomore year of high school due to a "burning incident". Clayton started to rest his head on his rested hand and wondered why teachers wanted to know so much?

Sighing as he sat up straight, he began to write about the day his grandmother had passed away, and how lost he felt after that. He didn't want to say what his parents did on that day and also what he tried to do. Who'd want to tell anyone that? Instead, he wrote around that and put little words signifying those things. The last thing he wrote was:

Don't do it. Whatever you're thinking. It's not worth it.
Trust me I've tried and it turns
out that, that failed attempt changed my life.
I see things so differently now, and some the same.
So, when you think there is no one. There is
someone who is willing to give you something
you so dearly need. It's just up to you to make
something good out of it.

Finally being satisfied at what he wrote, he wrote his name, today's date, and the class period at the top of the paper. He took the rest of his time while waiting for the bell to ring, to stare at the clock. Slowly tapping his thumb under his chin as the rest of his hand formed a L beside is face.

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{ | Monday, 10 March, 2014 | 11:05 AM | First Lunch | Sleepy Hollow High School | Approx 400 Words | }

There is nothing worse than getting corralled into a conversation between two librarians. Having
finished Dante's Inferno, the demon was left with nothing to do but let his gaze drift over the
spines of every book on the shelf. Then of course he was asked what it is he liked to read by the
two middle-aged women behind the check out counter and it all went downhill from there. After
he told them he read such classics as The Old Man and the Sea, Of Mice and Men, and War & Peace,
they cooed about how that was so rare to see with 'his generation'. He's been debating old
classics since he got in and now he fears that he's won the favor of these women. Luckily they
released him once the bell rang, Azazel probably would've bludgeoned himself otherwise.

Upon making his way to the cafeteria, the demon slipped into the closest bathroom and vanished,
reappearing ahead of the lunch crowd. He'd chosen the wide gap between one of the bushes
right outside of the building, of course. He wasn't an idiot. Still, it was amusing to see the lunch
ladies so bewildered at how fast he gets to the lunch room even after so many months.

He got his food and walked outside, sitting at a table he's reserved since he started attending this
school. As petty as that may seem, this wasn't just any table. This was prime seating. The hexagonal
table with a steel mesh surface was sat beneath a large oak tree, providing optimal shading for all
its occupants. This, of course, was only during the summer months. During the winter months the
sun shone right at their table, ensuring that they wouldn't freeze in the cold. Except when it snowed.
When it snowed Azazel took one of the tables inside from its previous occupants just so he and his
indebted could have a comfortable place to sit. Taking the seat facing the quad, Azazel sat down with
his tray, waiting for his indebted to show up and join him. He doesn't have to wait long, usually, and
they always join him—whether out of fear or respect he didn't care. Biting into a nectarine, the demon
lifts his gaze to see Elijah walking up with his tray, eyes downcast on his feet so he wouldn't trip.

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#, as written by Naught


{|| Monday, 10 March, 2014 | 11:15 AM | First Lunch | School | 430 Words ||}

On hearing the bell ring, he had suddenly lost track of time. Getting up out of his seat he grabbed his note book and the assignment and put it on Mr. Dragone's desk. Knowing that lunch was after English, he decided to take his time to put his notebook back inside of his locker before heading towards the lunch room.

Actually, Clayton didn't want to go into the lunch room. Not because, of the people, or the thought of sitting with Azazel and the others. He just didn't see the need to go inside. Clayton didn't like the lunch they provided at school. Greasy foods didn't attract him as much so, he just didn't eat it. Plus, that smell. What was that smell? Grease? Why was that musty smell lingering in the air of the cafeteria? It didn't even smell like food. Not that he'd enjoy the food if the room had smelt any different.

As he walked into the crowded and loud lunch room, he had suddenly remembered to visit the library to return a few books he checked out last week. Though he usually owned some comic books, he didn't think it would hurt to borrow some from the library. Though some teachers would tell him that comic books are not for reading because of the pictures, they still have words and they still have characters but, he doesn't have to imagine how they look with the pictures being there and all. Walking towards the lunch line he had to literally wait for a couple minutes just to get him a water.

After grabbing a water, he was a bit angry at how long the line took to get him to where he needed to go. Was it that hard to pick what food a person wanted? Now, he knew it didn't really matter to him because, he's never eaten anything from the cafeteria. The only thing he does get is water but, that isn't really going to fill him up.

"Damn these, cafeteria lines."

The frown was quite noticeable and he didn't really enjoy people looking at him because, of the aura around him. So, he decided to walk towards the table and sit down. Not really noticing that he was still frowning a little bit from the way his eyebrows had furrowed. Of course no one would notice the way his posture was and how he was roughly opening that bottle of water in his hand. Yeah, there was absolutely no way anyone would be able to notice.

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{ Monday, 10 March 2014 ||11:16 AM||First Lunch||Sleepy Hollow High School|| Approx. 1100 Words }

Olivia took longer in the assignment than she would have expected, she couldn't help it if she didn't particularly
felt like talking about her past experiences when the only ones she could think of were either about how she
had come to be Rumple's property or how her mother, always being the ultimate powerful bitch that Liv
believed she was, betrayed her whenever possible. The thought alone made her stomach ache in anger and the
blonde haired girl began cursing to the seven hells in an inaudible mumble. Clenching her fist, Liv had to take
longer than five to recover. Upon the realization that there was no point in avoiding the matter any further, Liv
opted to use one of her many talents, she would bullshit her way through. Her wry smile was unavoidable as
she continued writing about her made up story about the family she would never have, however, it was not all a
complete fiction. Olivia had based her paper on a family she had come across before, one of the many families
her mother had nearly destroyed along the way being the powerful woman that she was. Though they were the
perfect example of a dysfunctional family, somehow they all managed to pull through together, something
she knew would never happen between her and her mother. Finally, after she felt satisfied with her piece, she
handed her paper to Mr. D. As soon as the professor took hold of the few sheets of paper, Liv offered the man a
flirtatious wink to which he responded with utmost indifference not caring to face the hot blooded teen. Once
again, she could not help but to smile at his seriousness before taking a seat, after all she though it suited him best.

As soon as the bell rang, both friends headed outside of class and were on their way to lunch when Vita asked
Liv to go ahead. "Alright, I'll meet you there." Olivia said before she was on her way. Before she left to the
cafeteria though, Liv received a phone call from her younger step sister Jessica. Olivia stopped and leaned
against the wall as she waited to hear whatever it was that was troubling her fifteen year old sister, "Hey Jess."
Olivia said calmly as she picked a lock of her bright hair to play with. "Livy..." her sister managed to say
before her voice began drowning in sobs. "What's wrong?" Olivia asked with concern despite she knew Jess
loved dramatics and was a bit of a cry baby. The last time Jess had called she had been crying because her
favorite TV series had been cancelled. "Brad, he...-" the sobbing continued and began increasing, "-he cheated on
Olivia took a deep breath, "ese hijo de-" she began trying to curse the bastard but stopped herself
after hearing her sister's loud sobs. It took Liv longer to comfort her younger sister enough to calm
her down but somehow Jess had stopped crying. "...Besides, what kind of douchey name is Brad?" Finally,
Jess had manged to let out a laugh. "I gotta go, mum's coming. I love you." Jessica said before hanging up.

Without further due, Olivia walked to the cafeteria where she saw Mateo waiting for her, immediately waving at
her with a cheerful smile as soon as he spotted the blonde. Mateo was a transfer student from Spain whom she
had taken under her wing since the beginning of the semester, he had a hard time speaking English and though Liv
was no Samaritan she had promised to help him; mostly because she considered him cute. Just as she moved
closer to take the line, Mateo grabbed her shoulder carefully to pull her closer and greeted her with a kiss by
the cheek. "Hola bella" he said with his rich accent. "Hola guapo," Liv replied right back. "Donde esta tu amiga?"
he asked upon noticing Vita's absence, "tuvo que irse, dijo que me alcanzaría." As they waited in line, Liv was
beginning to tap her feet impatiently. Olivia hated making lines as much as anyone else, and the food was awful
to say the least, but despite she drove like a mad woman there was not enough time to make it back in time
seeing as they only had thirty minutes for lunch. "Has pasado el examen?" Mateo asked as they line moved,
seeing as they had a few classes together. "El de lenguajes de programación?-" she asked before he nodded,
"-si, que hay de ti?" Olivia asked to which Mateo nodded again. Soon enough they grabbed their tray and bought
their lunch, "Te veo en clase de historia?" Mateo asked. "Si, te veo luego." she said before she headed outside.

As soon as she walked outside, Olivia spotted Rumple and the gang where most of them were already seated.
As much as she hated being around Azazel, there was nothing she could do, besides she could not deny he had
good taste in picking their table and was glad their usual meeting spot was outdoors. Before she could move any
closer though she was interrupted by Jack, the living embodiment of a persistent douche with a narcissistic personality.
Jack and Olivia had raced a couple of times together, and though Liv had won most of the times the previous night
had been the exception to the rule. Just as she was bout to join the others at the table she felt a hand on her right
shoulder, knowing who it was beforehand made Liv sigh in annoyance. "Hey sweet cheeks" Jack greeted her cheerily.
"Jackass..." Liv acknowledged him with a nod not stopping to face him as he followed behind her. "You know,
yesterday was not the last time I kick your ass babe. I'll race you anytime, anywhere, and I'll win every time."
Jack said with
confidence and a wide grin as his hand stopped her. "Oh Jack, you ass...-" she replied with false endearment
shoving his hand off her shoulder with a loud smack, "-you really shouldn't confuse luck with skill." Olivia said
before she teasingly flaunted her hair and left him behind flashing her middle finger.

Olivia had finally reached the table and grabbed a seat before carefully placing her tray on the table. Liv had
joined just in time before she heard Vita explain to Rosalie what had just happened but said nothing as she was
still fuming in anger at Jack's remark. After quickly glancing at Clayton opening his water bottle with an angered
enthusiasm and seeing his frown, she could not help but to let out a sarcastic smile before she opened her own,
perhaps knowing she too would be giving hers a rough treatment.


Here are all the translations to everything that has been underlined

"That son of a...-"

"Hello beautiful"

"Hello handsome"

"Where's your friend?"

"She had to leave, she said she would catch up"

"Did you pass the exam?"

"Programming languages? Yeah, what about you?

"See you in history class?"

"Yeah, I'll see ya later"


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{ | Monday, 10 March, 2014 | 11:16 AM | First Lunch | Sleepy Hollow High School | Approx 450 Words | }

"No, he looked pretty pissed, whatever you did sure worked. I was just trying to be nice." says the
daughter of man, Victoria, yet again surprising him with her nonchalance. Others join them and
Azazel lowers his gaze to his plate. As Rosalie sits, Victoria offers a summary of what she missed
by saying, "Azazel's just explaining to Elijah that he was actually defending Eli's honor and virtue,
rather than scaring away a potential friend."
This, of course, elicits a smirk from the demon. That
wasn't what he was doing in his mind's eye but he supposed it would appear that way in hind-
sight. Saying nothing to greet the others, Azazel simply sipped at his water bottle, shooting a
sidelong glance towards Clayton as he accosts his own with a look of frustration on his face.

Both his children bracket him at the table as they always do, with Olivia to his left and Clayton to
his right. Though he refers to himself as 'daddy' often when speaking to them about himself, he's
never once referred to them as his children aloud. He doesn't provide them with council or much of
anything really other than shelter, food, and finances. Be that as it may, in his eyes, they are still his
children. He doesn't like seeing them upset. He's not quite sure why, mind you, but he knows he
doesn't like it. As discretely as he can, he nudged Clayton with his knee to get his attention if only to
avoid making a scene. When he gets it he's not meeting the young man's eyes but rather placing
a hand on the middle of his back, rubbing it up and down in a comforting manner before letting it
drop to his side again. He knows how much Clayton hates school food, knows that this place gets
to the kid just as much as it gets to him. He makes a mental note to make his son lunch tomorrow
before leaning over to reach in his book bag. Inside there's a plastic bag filled with assorted berries
from home. It's not much but it's all he has and they're not crushed. Wordlessly, he hands them
over to Clayton and averts his eyes to his daughter. And he can call her that because she is.

Perhaps not by blood but, you know-...technically.

He acknowledges her presence with a barely audible "Goldielocks-..." before he looks the
other way, looking to the the human in front of him, "I was talking about sex, Elijah-..." he
says simply, "...-and I don't need to be a mind reader to know that sex was all Pants was thinking
about. Don't let that deter you though, darling. If you want to associate with him you can do it
on your free time. I just don't want it around me during lunch. I can only tolerate one sex crazed
teen at a time and Olivia's already filled that slot at the table. Isn't that right, baby girl?"

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{ Monday, 10 March 2014 ||11:16 AM||First Lunch||Sleepy Hollow High School|| Approx. 410 Words }

Olivia began drinking her water, drinking small sips every now and then. She took another look around to see
who was missing from the table and was not in the least disappointed to see Cher had not joined them. Just as
her gaze traveled through everyone, she let out a smile to her friend Vita who was now talking to Rosalie. Soon
enough, her eyes were set on Azazel, "Goldielocks-..." he said taking notice of her presence. "Rumple..." Liv said
addressing the demon in return. As soon as Azazel turned his gaze away he began explaining to Elijah that he
could do what he pleased with the so claimed potential friend that Vita had mentioned and could only imagine
how the demon had spooked away the so called individual. In addition, she could not help but to feel a bit of
disappointment upon missing such a scene, she could not deny she always had her fun upon looking at the
demon using his endless collection of insults despite she had a great hatred for the demon. It wasn't until
Azazel spoke again that she began drawing a frown of sorts. "I can only tolerate one sex crazed teen at
a time and Olivia's already filled that slot at the table. Isn't that right, baby girl?"
Azazel said mockingly.

"Ugh-..." Liv made a sound of distaste showing her disapproval, "-you're such an old fart." She said not
caring if she insulted the anciently demon. Then again, it wasn't like she minded insulting anyone, though
Liv had to admit she tended to be cautious with her words around the demon for obvious reasons. However,
she was never appreciative when it came to people, or demon in this case, talking of her liberal lifestyle; mostly
because she felt as if she was being told she was similar to her monstrous mother. Regardless, Olivia tended to
be quite self indulgent, regardless of what reputation could proceed her. Olivia then too turned to see Elijah
whom she knew would be troubled after what had happened due to his tender nature. "Don't worry Eli-..."
Olivia said still somewhat annoyed at the demon's remark, speaking with a reassuring yet not endearing tone.
"I'm sure he'll come back around, especially if what Rumple said is true." Olivia said before she winked teasingly
to Elijah, she also let out a playful smile to the painfully shy young man hoping to get his usual reaction.

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{Monday, 10 March 2014 ||11:17 AM||First Lunch||Sleepy Hollow High School|| Approx. 592 Words}

Elijah’s attention was honed on the demonic entity sitting before him. The horrific look on his face made it fairly clear that he wasn’t too pleased with where the conversation was going. Luckily, Rosalie showed but in the nick of time, successfully grabbing the young man’s attention and getting his mind off of the conversation. Though she didn’t speak much, Elijah made an attempt to include her. Granted, the two of them weren’t close by any means, but she was still a part of the group and Eli thought she was a pretty nice person.

“Hey, Rose,” he smiled, kindly, adding a little wave with the greeting. His gaze shifted to Victoria as she filled Rosalie in on the status of their conversation. He rolled his eyes, resting his cheek on his knuckles as he spoke to Victoria. “Is that what you’re calling it?” His eyebrow quirked up in amusement as he took a cautious swig of his juice, unwilling to cough it all back up again.

That was when Clayton joined the table. Eli sent him a smile as a greeting, but judging by the look on the teen’s face he didn’t really notice it. He looked distraught which automatically caused concern to shroud Eli’s face. He really hated seeing people upset. He wanted to reach out and make him feel better somehow despite not knowing him very well. However, Azazel beat him to it as he offered something to the young man. Eli couldn’t see what it was since the action was meant to be discreet, but he had a feeling that its purpose was to sooth the Clayton’s worries. Elijah glanced at the demon, a soft grin framing his facial features at the gesture of comfort. It went without saying that he found it not only sweet, but kind of adorable. Although he knew better than to say something aloud lest he ruin the moment, he couldn’t help but send a knowing grin Azazel’s way; silently letting him know that he respected the attempt.

He was still smiling when Olivia showed up. If asked his opinion of the golden haired girl, Elijah would say that she was a bit…abrasive in her advances. He admired her boldness since it was a huge contrast to his meekness. He even envied it a tad. She had the ability to say what she was thinking and feel no shame and Eli just thought that was heroic, but her boldness also meant that he wasn’t afraid to express her attraction to him…which made him flustered every time. Don’t get him wrong. He thought she was absolutely gorgeous, but she was really intimidating. So when Elijah greeted her, he kept it short and sweet with a friendly grin and a wave before Azazel grabbed his attention with his words.

Elijah furrowed his brows, feeling the rush of discomfort at the mention of sex again. God, he felt like such a prude, but you can’t blame him. His sex life was nonexistent, after all. He decided not to comment when the demon was done, hoping that this could be the end of it and they could all move on, but Olivia only managed to fan the flames with her quip. He looked at her just as she sent a wink his way and made a bright blush crawl up his neck and wash over his cheeks. He immediately looked down at his half-eaten meal in embarrassment. “Topic change!” He blurted, closing his eyes and covering his red face with his palms. “Please…”

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#, as written by Cloud


{ | Monday, 10 March, 2014 | 11:18 AM | First Lunch | Sleepy Hollow High School | Approx 320 Words | }

“Is that what you’re calling it?” Elijah asked, amused. He had obviously heard Vita's none-too-subtle comment to Rose. Vita could only laugh, before offering Elijah an easy shrug. She had been teasing him, something she was sure he knew judging by his own amused expression.

Shortly after Rose's arrival, the appearance of Clayton and Olivia completed their lunch time group. Vita offered Clayton a friendly smile, and sent Olivia a happy nod. Vita let the conversation wash over her as she dug into her meal, her attention momentarily held by a particularly dubious piece of chicken. With a displeased sniff Vita pushed the offending food item to the side of her plate and began to shift through the remaining pieces, double checking that it was the only one.

Even as she inspected her lunch Vita's ears caught the gist of the surrounding conversation. Azazel's own form of 'comforting', and Olivia's retaliation were enough to bring a smile to her face. As Vita looked up from her food she was just in time to see Olivia send Eli a teasing wink. Beside her Elijah's face broke into a rosy blush. “Topic change! Please…” He pleaded, hiding his face behind his hands. Vita bit back a smile and, turning her attention towards Olivia, sent her friend a 'keep it in your pants' look. Addressing Elijah's cry for help, Vita wracked her brain for any topic that might shift the focus of their conversation.

"So, what's everyone's thoughts on Mr Dragone?" She asked, before silently questioning why she had chosen their English teacher as the topic. She gave a sigh, well, what was said was said. She could only hope it took the attention away from Elijah, and if not... well, she was sure his face couldn't get any redder.

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{ Monday, 10 March, 2014 | AP English and Lunch | Sleepy Hollow High School | 665 Words }

When Vita smiled towards her, she set her bag down on the ground next to her as she looked up towards the other girl as she spoke. "Azazel's just explaining to Elijah that he was actually defending Eli's honour and virtue, rather than scaring away a potential friend." She chocked on her Diet Coke slightly when hearing this. After coughing a bit, Rose raised an eyebrow slightly towards Azazel at the idea of him 'defending' anything. She shook her head at the idea before hearing Eli speak to the girl next to him. “Is that what you’re calling it?” Rose looked down at her tray as she let out a small smile and chuckle. She grabbed the orange on her tray as the Clayton and Olivia came to the table, Rosie kept her eyes on her orange as she started to peel it. Seeing that she didn't want to make direct eye contact with either of them. But, once they sat down and she was sure they weren't looking towards her, she looked towards Clayton with a small nod. The two weren't best friends, but they were... close? If that was the right forward. She spoke to him once or twice, maybe three times and with everything that had happened in their lives, they just got one another's pain from the beginning when they first met.

With Olivia, she barely knew the girl except from lunch and what she would hear around school. Just by looking at how Rose was around, a few people might take it as if she didn't like her but, in all honesty she was a bit envious of the girl. That's it. Plain old petty high school jealousy. And she couldn't even pinpoint what it was about the blonde girl that made her envious of her. Once Azazel started to talk to the two, she looked towards him as he explained to the two what the three other people were previous talking about. From what the quiet girl picked up, Azazel must have scared off someone who tried to sit at the table and was trying to either become friends with or sleeping with Elijah... She as quite sure which one it was but, if she had to guess she would guess it was the latter. For the mere fact that it was a high school boy who probably didn't have a traumatic past like the other five who sat at the table. But, that was just an assumption.

"Don't worry Eli. I'm sure he'll come back around, especially if what Rumple said is true." Rose shrugged her shoulders a bit with small smile on her face. Looking at Elijah, she could feel for him. He was turning really red from being the center of the conversation about sex. And, Rose would be the same way if it was her.

“Topic change! Please...” And just like that, the topic changed from sex to one of the best teachers in the school. And if he wasn't the best teacher at teaching, he was the best at make the girls and even some guys drool over him. And Rose was on of those people. As she looked towards Vita, she slowly got a smirk on her face and a raised eyebrow as she shook her head softly. She didn't speak a lot, hell a lot of people might as well thought she took a vow of silence of something. And she especially didn't speak a lot to the group around and she didn't mean to speak but, it just sort of came out. "Oh my lord, are there even words to explain that man?" She spoke rather softly, some could compare her this one mousy girl from a movie called Pitch Perfect. But, she spoke loud enough for at least most of them to be able to hear her.

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{ | Monday, 10 March, 2014 | 11:19 AM | First Lunch | Sleepy Hollow High School | Approx 650 Words | }

{ | In collaboration with Emmie_Hoeller | }

“Topic change! Please...” Hearing Elijah's shrill embarrassment has the demon rolling his eyes,
turning them downward towards his meal. Azazel takes another bite out of his sandwich as
Victoria offers another topic. Tyler Dragone. No matter how much he may hate humanity, he
can appreciate a work of art when he sees one, so to speak.

Then Rosalie says, "Oh my lord, are there even words to explain that man?"

"Sexy-..." "Sexy-..."

Azazel's eyes widen ever so slightly as he hears a voice accompany his own and he turns his
head to the side to look at Olivia with a smirk. "So you did inherit something from me"

His daughter rolls her eyes at his remark, retorting with just as much sass, "Don't flatter
yourself Rumple, all this flare you see is selfmade"

"You're still Daddy's little girl." the demon points out and in doing so she lets out a
put upon sigh. She doesn't need reminding that she basically belongs to the demon
now. And because he likes toying with her, he cocks his brow and keeps going, "So
how will we settle this then? We can't both have him."

"There is only one way to settle this." she turns to him and holds her hands out,
making different hand gestures in one palm as if it's some kind of sign language.

Azazel just stares in confusion, "What is that? What're you doing?"

They stare at each other for a moment, one just as confused as the other, until the
blonde realizes that Azazel doesn't know what she's doing. "Oh come on, not this again."
she says with exasperation. Though she's not particularly trying to be mean, she has to
remind herself often that the demon is still adjusting to earthly customs. "Don't tell
me you've never played rock, paper, scissors before."

"I haven't the time for trivial things like that." he retorts, also coming off harsher than he
originally intended. But really, when would he have the time or interest for something
like this? He scoots closer and mimics her hands, "Teach me-..."

Olivia smirks, "Oh and here I thought this could go in the list right after number 128.
Killing and torturing the innocent."
As she lets out a laugh, she's met with a look, one
that clearly indicates just how tired of her shit the demon was. She doesn't let it get to
her, in fact her smirk broadens into a smile and she scoots closer, proceeding to explain
the rules. "Alright, so it's really simple. Rock. Paper. Scissors." she explains slowly, making
the appropriate sign with her hand as she pauses, "Rock crushes scissors. Scissors cuts
paper. Paper covers rock. Got it?"

"I understand the rules but the concept of a piece of paper being superior to a rock
is a little hard to grasp."
Shaking his head he readies his hand in the rock position
and gives Olivia a nod, "You may begin. I'm ready."

Skin smacks against skin in sync as Olivia counts them off, throwing out a paper as the
demon throws down a rock. Azazel groans with an exaggerated roll of his eyes as Olivia
practically preens with her victory. "It would seem like my claim remains."

Azazel almost pouts at having something taken away from him, then someone catches
his peripheral and a mischievous grin spreads across his face. Call him a sore loser all you
want but all's fair in love and war. "Fine." he says, "Then it's only fair that I claim Elijah."

Olivia opens her mouth as if to refute, her gaze darting between Elijah and the demon. He
merely cocks his brow, crossing his arms with a smug smile on his face. After a few seconds
of contemplation she frowns and lets out a huff in annoyance, "Ugh fine-..."

"Excellent." Azazel boasts, turning back to his tray with a look of satisfaction on his face
despite having lost the rights to claim Tyler. He takes a bite out of his sandwich as Olivia
pouts in her seat, appearing nonchalant as if they hadn't just done what they did.

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{|| Monday, 10 March, 2014 | 11:19 AM | First Lunch | School | 415 Words ||}

Clayton notices the smiles and the looks from the other members of the group, he doesn't know what to call them actually. He almost missed the nudge he had received from Azazel, and looked up an away from the table to let him know he had gotten his attention. The gentle and small rub he had gotten from him was a bit surprising and very rare. There were moment like these that really made Clayton think about certain things more. He tilted his head and smiled before looking back down and playing with a loose thread on the side of his jeans.

Looking over at the lunch line, he glared at it with sudden dislike. Before he could cuss it out with his mind, he felt something knock against his hand and he assumed it was something plastic. Seeing that he was right, he grabbed the bag of assorted berries and began to study it. Clayton was very picky when it came to eating so, he had to make sure that these berries were something that he would consume. Shrugging at the plastic bag, he began eating what was inside. This act of kindness made him feel better, he even forgotten about the long lunch line that was still accompanied by the lunch servers and some students.

Looking over at Victoria who asked how everyone thought about their English teacher, he smiled at what Rosalie said and looked over at Azazel and Olivia and smirked. Finding it funny that they were actually doing such a elementary school game to find out who claimed who. He couldn't help but, laugh at how ridiculous it was,"The question is: Does he even know either of us exists?" He shrugged, he actually thought Mr. Dragone was quite handsome seeing that his preference with people would have to lay on appearance and personality.

"I mean yeah! He totally notices every single person sitting at this table!" Sarcasm aside, he was actually talking about himself. He already knows that he would be the last person to ever be noticed when it came to someone he liked or anyone in general. Who would really notice someone that's in trouble with himself 24/7? He smirked a second time and looked away from everybody, bothered by the loose thread on the side of his jeans. Picking at it with his fingers, he decided to leave it alone and hop back into the conversation about the AP English teacher.

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{Monday, 10 March 2014 ||11:20 AM||First Lunch||Sleepy Hollow High School|| Approx. 493 Words}

There were no words to describe how thankful Elijah was for Victoria’s interjection. She was literally Heaven sent, Eli was sure of it. He could have kissed her, but that would have been weird, so he settled for an affectionate nudge of her shoulder with his and mouthed a quiet ‘thank you’. Satisfied, Elijah carried on with finishing his meal, glancing up to idly remain semi-active in the conversation. Where Mr. Dragone was concerned, Elijah thought he was a really great teacher. It was just a bonus that he was easy on the eyes. He didn’t really feel an attraction to him aside from finding him aesthetically pleasing, so he wasn’t surprised when half the table voiced their opinion on his appealing qualities. He was, however, pleasantly surprised when Rosalie spoke up. He was accustomed to her silence and to hear her to express her view on the subject at hand was nothing short of adorable. Elijah just thought she was a precious human being that deserved to be cuddled every second of the day; much like a kitten.

He smiled at her, signaling that he heard her. However, his attention was pulled from the quiet girl when Azazel and Olivia let it be known that they were attracted to the English teacher too. Still smiling, Elijah watched them with amusement written all over his face. As degrading as it was to lay claim on a person through Rock, Paper, Scissor, Eli couldn’t help but think that it was funny. He chuckled when Azazel showed confusion when the proverbial gauntlet was thrown down before him. His ignorance to the game was to be expected, after all…he was a demon and Eli was fairly sure that demonic entities didn’t play games during their spare time. It was a funny thought though.

“May the odds be ever in your favor,” Elijah smirked.

He idly chewed on his bottom lip as he watched the two battle it out for the instructor’s heart, and truth be told, he found himself rooting for Olivia out of spite for Azazel’s meanness earlier. Lo and behold the golden haired beauty won fair and square, making Elijah’s amused grin widen quite a bit. He even gave a little clap along with a low chuckle to further establish his approval.

“Congrats,” Elijah mused, nodding his head in Olivia’s direction. He assumed it was all over after that, but leave it to Azazel to make things awkward for Elijah.

"Then it's only fair that I claim Elijah."

It didn’t register at first, but when it finally did, Elijah’s brow was quick to rise in opposition. “Wait, what?” he frowned. “I don’t get a say in this? I’m actually inclined to refuse you since I know that you’re just using me as a rebound.”

Elijah glanced at Clayton, listening to his spiel before nodding in agreement. He shrugged his shoulders, emitting a soft sigh. “He has a point.”

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{ | Monday, 10 March, 2014 | 11:31 AM | First Lunch - Pre-Calculus | Sleepy Hollow High School | Approx 1220 Words | }

{ | In collaboration with Naught | }

Vita had a mouthful of food when Elijah farewelled her, so she could only give him a weak wave. By the time she had swallowed her food Elijah and Azazel were gone. Vita gave a shrug. She had pre-calculus with them too, but she had no problems taking a bit longer to get to her least favourite class. She'd happily drag her feet all the way if she thought she could get away with it.
"Well, looks like it's you and me for pre-calc." Vita said, turning to Clayton, who she knew shared the class with her too. Vita gave Rose a brief wave of goodbye before turning her attention to Olivia, a cheeky grin on her face. "I'll see you later, loser. Try and stay out of trouble." She poked her tongue out at her best friend as she stood and slung her bag over her shoulder.

Feeling the hand mess his hair up at the top, he pretended to look hurt after he realized that the culprit was Azazel. Smiling before looking down at the plastic bag that was now empty, he actually enjoyed pre-calculus. Well, that might be because he actually did the homework and he took his time in taking notes. Sadly, pre-calculus and English was the only subjects he could actually stay awake for. "Yeah, the only class I actually pay attention in. Other than English of course." He nodded at himself in agreement, noticing Victoria wasn't really a fan of the class. After a moment of drinking from his water bottle, he got up. Walking to one of the trash bins, he threw the water bottle and nodded at Victoria. "Okay. Ready to be bored?" He smiled at her jokingly.

"Don't even joke about it. Boredom doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about maths." Vita moaned as she fell in beside Clayton, "You're good a maths, right?" Vita added. She realised that she didn't actually know that much about Clayton. Sure, they sat together at lunch and shared several classes, but aside from the obvious facts Vita knew rather little about this fellow indebted.

Clayton shrugged and thought it couldn't have been that bad to enjoy a class full of equations and a lot of mathematical problem solving. "Well, it shouldn't be that bad... I mean sure it's a boring class but, it'll actually benefit you for the better." When she asked if he was good, he nodded,"I'm not even joking when I say that I think it's easy! I mean I’m not perfect but, I do think that the class isn't such a big problem really." He smiled as they continued out of the cafeteria and into the hallways.

Vita scrunched up her face as she tried to imagine what benefits from maths he could be talking about. Certainly, she took the dreaded subject because she thought it helped round out her studies, but she planned on never using it again once she'd graduated. After all, when was she ever going to calculate the height of a tree by using trigonometry? Or something else equally ridiculous. Rather than argue with him, which she would have quickly done had she been speaking with Olivia, Vita simply shook her head. She smiled as Clayton mentioned his relative ease with maths. "I'll know who to ask when I get stuck then." She replied.

Clayton smiled and nodded, everyone isn't very perfect at most things -when it comes to school. But, it's good to understand at least the basics of math. He shrugged, "Eh. I don't mind you asking for help." He wasn’t being sarcastic that time, he actually meant it. "You know I was late for Mr. Dragone's class today?" It wasn't something to brag about but, it started a conversation at least. "I was surprised he didn't say anything or give me detention even. Hopefully he doesn't call me on it." He looked over at Victoria with a nervous look before looking straight ahead, as they continued on to class.

Vita only had a vague memory of Clayton arriving late to English class. Truth be told her attention had been taken by her friendly banter with Olivia and then the assignment. Well, Mr Dragone received a fair amount of attention as well. "He's one of the better teachers I think. He's tough with marking, but he doesn't give out unnecessary detentions." She glanced at Clayton, catching his nervous look. Vita gave him what she hoped was a comforting smile, "Besides, I'm sure he would have given you detention then and there if he'd wanted." She bit her lip as she tried to think of something encouraging to say. She could hardly insult him, as she would have done with Olivia. Instead she decided on changing the subject,
"So, um. What's it like living with Azazel?"

"Ah, I guess so. That makes me feel a bit better." There was never a time where Clayton just sat back without a worry or doubt in the world, it was clearly impossible for the boy. "Oh..." He paused for a bit thinking about it before carefully choosing what he was going to say,"It's like living with a miniature family, ya' know? I really enjoy living with him more than my parents to tell you the truth. Though, I am slightly afraid of him and he knows practically everything about me. It feels like regular life really." He shrugged it off as if it was nothing special. Yeah, like living with a demon was nothing special.

Vita quirked an eyebrow. "Regular life living with a demon." Vita's reply was playfully sarcastic. She wasn't too sure about Clayton's home life before Azazel, but had to assume that if he preferred life without his parents than his current situation couldn't be too bad. "Who does the cooking?" She added out of pure curiosity a moment later, before dodging around a pair of students making out in the hallway.

Living with a demon. He could spot her sarcasm. Clayton had clearly pushed that trait away upon the first time he came upon living with Azazel. Well, despite the random supernatural things that goes on around him, he actually sees Azazel as a friend. Which is sad if not seeing it through his point of view. "Well, I usually do most of the cooking and cleaning really." Shrugging, he walked around the "busy" couple and sighed in annoyance. "Anyways. How are you and Olivia so close? If you don't mind me asking."

Vita scrunched up her nose, ”Liv? We’ve known each other for years. Even before the whole demon thing.” Vita explained, ”She’s not nearly as scary as people make her out to be. Deep down she’s as gooey as a roasted marshmallow.” Vita couldn’t hide her wide grin as she spoke. If Olivia had heard her comparing her to a marshmallow Victoria knew she’d be in for it. However, Vita’s smile lessened slightly as the door to the dreaded maths class loomed ahead. ”Well, I’ll see you at the end of the period… if I survive.” Vita told him, perhaps a touch dramatically, as they entered the room.

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{|| Monday, 10 March, 2014 | 3:30 PM | School Parking Lot | Library | 1042 Words ||}

{In collaboration with ibecameinsane}

Clayton was in thought throughout the rest of the school day. he didn't really know how he did it but, as school went on, he didn't freak out at all. Usually Clayton would at least think about his parents and wonder about the day they'd find him and finally get rid of him. But, surprisingly he was focused on school work and didn't realized the bell was ringing to end the day. So, he grabbed the papers that were written on due to debates discussion today and put on the teachers desk before leaving out of the classroom and into the hallway. he decided to go back to his locker and grab his journal for his other classes before closing and locking it. Pulling on the locker, he made sure it was fully locked before turning away from it and walking towards the doors that led to the parking lot.

Azazel followed Clayton through the halls just as any day before. Necessary, in retrospect, considering the young man was his ride home. Interacting with Clayton has been and will always be akin to diffusing a ticking time-bomb. Having literally lost his mind, he was prone to both good days and bad—whether one outweighed the other was completely up in the air depending on his surroundings. As always the demon was wary, observant, keeping paces behind as he hummed to himself. Lyrics to the Rolling Stones fall from his lips, eerie and yet entracing, catching the brief attention of passersby. "Oh, time is on my side, yes it is. Time is on my side, yes it is You're searching for good times, but just wait and see-..." It's a habit he can't kick, nor does he plan to. To Hell with what everyone else may think about it, it keeps the demon entertained.

Once he's in the parking lot he increases the gait of his stride to catch up with Clayton, singing openly to alert the young man of his presence. Clasping a hand on his shoulder as he walks up, he offers him a lopsided grin. "There's my boy. We've got to head over to the library so let's get going before it closes." Without another word, he gets into the passenger's seat, shutting the door behind him.

Noticing Azazel as he was in the parking lot he smiled a bit looking towards his way. Clayton was a bit confused as to why he wanted to go to the library but, decided not to bother him about it and just nod. "Okay then, to the library we go then." Not missing that the guy was singing to the Rolling Stones, he almost laughed at how he actually enjoyed music. Though, it didn't really surprise him much, it was fun to see. Getting in the car, he shut the door after he put his seat belt on and checked the mirrors before putting the key into the ignition. After hearing it wind up he put the car in reverse and focused on getting away from the school campus.

"Anyways, how was your day? Mines was regular. I guess." Clayton focused on the road as he talked, he wasn't too keen on accidents so, he rarely talked whenever he drived.

His smile was one of private fondness as Clayton went through his prepetual, pre-driving routine. Though, the demon's gaze flitted about the surrounding pedestrians, he didn't ignore the teen at his side. "As tedious as it ever is, I suppose." he replies, an tone of amusement in his voice despite what he'd said. "By the way, if you're not going to eat the school lunch then at least make yourself lunch at home. You don't need to be going hungry. You're lucky I'd packed fruit-..." Though it was delivered in a fashion similar to a mother scolding a child, one could tell he cared. Azazel wouldn't admit that ever, not even with the threat of death against him, but it worried him when Clayton didn't eat. "Speaking of anything planned for dinner?"

As he spoke he smiled, he was at least glad he didn't have a horrible day. Noticing that Azazel was speaking of lunch today he purched his bottom lip and frowned jokingly. "Ah. You see, I never thought of that. I guess it's better than starving at least." Clayton didn't like not feeling good so, he had to take that advice seriously and make him a lunch before he left for school tomorrow. "As for dinner today, I was thinking about spaghetti? I mean, if not. What would you like?"

"Spaghetti sounds good. You make some of the best spaghetti I've tasted in a while. Say-..." he pauses, eyeing a jay-walker with utter distain as they're forced to slow down. He shakes his head and turns his attention to Clayton once again, "What do you know of the Harry Potter series?"

"Okay then." He honked his horn at the jay-walker and sighed in annoyance. "Harry Potter? Well, yeah! I watched the movies and everything. I haven't watched the last two movies to tell you the truth but I can tell you, for a person who hates supernatural things. I really enjoyed the series." Clayton thought about it for a bit before continuing on, "It's about wizards and adventure. I can't really explain it but, it's good!"

"So Victoria tells me-..." the demon says on a muse, "I was out of reading material so I asked for a recommendation and she suggested the series. If it lives up to its reputation I'll buy the box set for the home office downstairs."

"Victoria? I didn't know she liked Harry Potter." Driving up to the parking lot of the library. He put the car in park, "I'll help you search for it if you want."

Smirking at Clayton's intrigue with the Holmes girl, Azazel unfastened his own seatbeat, halfway out the car door by the time the young man offered his assistance. "You can come along if you'd like, though it shouldn't take me too long. I'm looking for the first three. That'll occupy me for the night and perhaps some of tomorrow." Getting out of the car, the demon wanders up to the building with Clayton at his side.