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Adam "Jones" Jonas

You know, you just have to make the best of what you have. And if you have me, you already have the best.

0 · 164 views · located in Sigma Octavius

a character in “Crosswinds Of The Universe”, as played by Ayde


I am: Adam Jonas...

But everyone will know the name of: Jones. Really. No one calls me my real name. May be substituted with "That Handsome Guy" or "The Really Awesome One".

I've managed to live for this long: 21

Why yes, I am a: Human. Duh.

I stand at: 6' exactly.

I'm insulted. Can't you tell I'm a: Male. Duh.

Everyone will come to recognize me: Who doesn't want a look at my handsome face?

I'm a proud member of the: The Jade Empire

People refer to me as a: First Mate.


Amongst my crew, I'm known to be: Jones is...well, he's certainly a character. He's very confident and cocky, perhaps a bit too much. He isn't afraid to say what's on his mind, even if it might not be the kindest thing. Basically, he can be very blunt, but hey, there's nothing wrong with that. Jones is a very friendly guy, and is pretty easy to be around. However, he can also be very forward, and it may rub some people the wrong way. Though his confidence might suggest that he is lacking in the intelligence department, this is not the case; Jones can be very smart and cunning when the situation arises. He has the ability to talk his way out of many sticky situations. Still, he has a tendency to lay all his cards on the table...for everyone to read, which may not always be the wisest move. Though he is generally a happy camper, he can be a bit hot headed. Generally, insults will bounce right off of him; strike a nerve, however, and you should be prepared to defend yourself, whether it be verbally or physically. Jones is generally a happy camper, and is rarely seen in a sad mood. However, maybe that's because he tends to seclude himself when he's feeling down, becoming noticeably less talkative and outgoing.


I never face a battle without my trusty: Baseball Bat. Really. Of course, this particular bat was created just for me; it has a specifically designed handle that fits my hand exactly. When I'm holding it, the metal on the bat can turn red-hot, if I so choose. I also carry around the standard IUP-issued pistol. Oh, and there's always my fists.
Oh, and it helps that I have this: Super sense of manipulation or persuasion. Jones has this strange ability to persuade people with a special look from his eyes. Of course, this doesn't always work; when it doesn't, well, Jones has been in a lot of tough spots before and he's made it this far, right? Either way, it seems he gets his way more often than the average person.


Listen carefully, I'll be going down in history: Jones was born on a nondescript planet. Really, it blended in to the several others that surrounded it. His family was just as nondescript; really, he was just your average boy living on an average planet. Though he made his home in one of the more populated areas of the planet, he was just your average human boy. He liked to play in the park with his friends, and even took some side jobs here and there to get some cash. Throughout his childhood, he was never the smartest, but he certainly was the most friendly. Even as a young boy, it was clear what kind of person he would be when he was older. He was able to talk himself out of most situations that would have landed most young boys in hot water.

As far as trouble went, Jones and his family were relatively unaware of the problems the IUP was causing...until it hit closer to home. Slowly, the other nondescript planets nearby that which he called home started to get picked clean of anything useful: minerals, crops, food, you name it. His own planet was the last, and those with enough money scrambled to set up some sort of evacuation system. It was messy, to say the least, but many people made it out alive. However, Jones was split up from his family. He stepped onto a different ship than his parents, though he didn't know at the time. When he made it to the ship's destination, Jones discovered that his parents were not there. Whether their ship was intercepted or had just landed on a different planet, Jones didn't know.

After asking around a bit, he learned of Altaria; it was the planet to go to if you were looking for information. At this point, Jones was old enough to handle himself (at least, that's what he figured). He bummed his way to Altaria through hitch hiking, stealing and begging for money. When he got there, he immediately started his search for information. Perhaps it was better he didn't know; he found out the ship his parents were to get on was destroyed, his parents dead. He had - literally - no where to go, and nothing to do. He lived on Altaria for a couple of years, getting whatever jobs he could, or getting money any way that he was able. Eventually, he found himself on a pirate ship; hell, it looked like fun and the pay was almost certain (kind of).

So begins...

Adam "Jones" Jonas's Story