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a character in “Crown of Betrayal”, as played by MadMax




ImageFull Name: Lord Alaric Rotherstone


History: Brother to Meghara and son to Maimie

So begins...

Alaric's Story


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"Well my dear," Maimie Rotherson whispered to her daughter, the slightest hint of satisfaction upon her lips. "We don't need to worry about his appearance do we?"

No, they certainly did not Meghara flushed. The new King was the epitome of masculine perfection. Tall with broad shoulders and sinfully exquisite features. Far superior to her old suitor. Indeed, they'd look fine together, Meghara decided happily; and produce handsome heirs.

Meg's confidence was once again restored. His vanity had to be equal to hers and the way in which he commanded the room . . . Meghara stood there with a twinkle in her eyes as she imagined standing by Leolf Duhamel as his Queen. Without a doubt, she'd make him an excellent Queen. He didn't even realise how lucky he was. She was a prize after all.

"You had better get used to calling me Your Majesty mama." She whispered back to her mother, sharing a conspiratorial grin.

"Mother of the Queen has a nice ring to it too you know?" Maimie simpered. "Your uncle tells me Adelmund Duhamel sees no reason the match should not be a prosperous one." Lady Rotherstone went onto explain to her daughter. "They need an army and an heir as soon as possible to secure the line of succession. A male heir." She added pointedly. "I have given my word that the women in our family have never had trouble with fulfilling their womanly obligations. As soon as you are wed you must see to your duty. By the King and by your brother and I. Then my dear you will come to know the true meaning of untouchable."

Untouchable. Meghara liked the sound of that. Just as she liked the sound of never scrounging ever again. The promise of silks, velvets, rubbies, gems and all the untold riches that awaited her beyond this marriage danced across her vision. All the things of her wildest dreams. They were all within her reach. She just had to reach out and grab for them.

"Of course mama." Meghara finally replied. She'd give him and heir or two and he'd bestow upon her what her heart truly desired. Power. Position. Prestige. This was how these alliances worked. She wasn't foolish enough to expect love. Nor would she respect the King if he talked of such absurdities. Though she doubted it very much. He appeared far too practical.

Marriages were contracts. Nothing more. He'd receive her family's military as dowry and she'd get position for her family, power as Queen and wealth as the sovereign's spouse. What more could any woman want? As she looked around the packed hall, she felt sorry for all these young ladies sending longing glances to the King. How foolish of them to think they had a chance? She mused happily.

"Where is Alaric mama? He must introduce me to the King immediately!" Meghara declared as music started up and the hum of many voices in a vast space crammed to the hilt made it difficult to hear and be heard. Wine flowed and the scent of spiced and sweet meats drifted on the air.

"Patience my dear. Did you not just hear? Your brother has been declared a member of the King's council! Do you not realise what such an honour this is?" It appeared to Maimie that things were finally going the right way for her and her children. "Plus, this will give us ample opportunities to steer in the direction of the King. You must win his affections. I'm certain my dear you can tame this wild beast." Maimie smiled, fixing her daughter's coiffure once more. She must look her best.

Meghara burned with impatience to catch the King's attention. It certainly helped she found him exceedingly attractive. That would help her provide him heirs. Now if only he'd lay eyes on her . . . Meghara knew she would have him then. No man had resisted her ravishing 'charms'.


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#, as written by MadMax

Hearing his name called by the King to be a part of the council had Alaric at a loss for words. He fumbled his way to a standing position as he accepted the offer.

His mother and sister would be overjoyed! Alaric would have never predicted that this would happen. He was perfectly content to simply help his sister become Queen, but now, he could make a name for himself as well. This new King was already providing him with a plethora of opportunities to honor his family name.

In bright spirits, he searched the for a suitable dance partner. Naturally, his eyes veered towards the King's sister, whose name he believed to be Kaytelynn. However, he noticed that several men were already gathered around her and he didn't want to join them for fear of making a fool out of himself. Instead, he settled for a petite young lady with dark curly hair.

The delight Alaric felt from dancing was soon spoiled at the sight of King Leolf entering the dance floor with a woman. A woman that wasn't his sister Meghara. Based on what his uncle and mother had told him, he was under the impression that marriage between the King and Meghara was already a sealed deal. If that was so, then why did he have another women in his arms? Shouldn't he be spending the evening with his sister?

With wide eyes, he found Meghara practically steaming from the ears.

This was not good.