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ImageFull Name: Sir Edmund Allgarrd


History: Uncle of Meghara. Brother to Maimie

So begins...

Edmund's Story


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"Well my dear," Maimie Rotherson whispered to her daughter, the slightest hint of satisfaction upon her lips. "We don't need to worry about his appearance do we?"

No, they certainly did not Meghara flushed. The new King was the epitome of masculine perfection. Tall with broad shoulders and sinfully exquisite features. Far superior to her old suitor. Indeed, they'd look fine together, Meghara decided happily; and produce handsome heirs.

Meg's confidence was once again restored. His vanity had to be equal to hers and the way in which he commanded the room . . . Meghara stood there with a twinkle in her eyes as she imagined standing by Leolf Duhamel as his Queen. Without a doubt, she'd make him an excellent Queen. He didn't even realise how lucky he was. She was a prize after all.

"You had better get used to calling me Your Majesty mama." She whispered back to her mother, sharing a conspiratorial grin.

"Mother of the Queen has a nice ring to it too you know?" Maimie simpered. "Your uncle tells me Adelmund Duhamel sees no reason the match should not be a prosperous one." Lady Rotherstone went onto explain to her daughter. "They need an army and an heir as soon as possible to secure the line of succession. A male heir." She added pointedly. "I have given my word that the women in our family have never had trouble with fulfilling their womanly obligations. As soon as you are wed you must see to your duty. By the King and by your brother and I. Then my dear you will come to know the true meaning of untouchable."

Untouchable. Meghara liked the sound of that. Just as she liked the sound of never scrounging ever again. The promise of silks, velvets, rubbies, gems and all the untold riches that awaited her beyond this marriage danced across her vision. All the things of her wildest dreams. They were all within her reach. She just had to reach out and grab for them.

"Of course mama." Meghara finally replied. She'd give him and heir or two and he'd bestow upon her what her heart truly desired. Power. Position. Prestige. This was how these alliances worked. She wasn't foolish enough to expect love. Nor would she respect the King if he talked of such absurdities. Though she doubted it very much. He appeared far too practical.

Marriages were contracts. Nothing more. He'd receive her family's military as dowry and she'd get position for her family, power as Queen and wealth as the sovereign's spouse. What more could any woman want? As she looked around the packed hall, she felt sorry for all these young ladies sending longing glances to the King. How foolish of them to think they had a chance? She mused happily.

"Where is Alaric mama? He must introduce me to the King immediately!" Meghara declared as music started up and the hum of many voices in a vast space crammed to the hilt made it difficult to hear and be heard. Wine flowed and the scent of spiced and sweet meats drifted on the air.

"Patience my dear. Did you not just hear? Your brother has been declared a member of the King's council! Do you not realise what such an honour this is?" It appeared to Maimie that things were finally going the right way for her and her children. "Plus, this will give us ample opportunities to steer in the direction of the King. You must win his affections. I'm certain my dear you can tame this wild beast." Maimie smiled, fixing her daughter's coiffure once more. She must look her best.

Meghara burned with impatience to catch the King's attention. It certainly helped she found him exceedingly attractive. That would help her provide him heirs. Now if only he'd lay eyes on her . . . Meghara knew she would have him then. No man had resisted her ravishing 'charms'.


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That look. That look did not bode well for the Rotherstone family. Her daughter was clearly far too taken with the King to notice however Maimie Rotherstone was not. She was far too old and seasoned to overlook such a slight. The mere glance the King had bestowed upon her child was enough to tell Maimie everything she needed to know. The King was not interested in Meghara the way in which a man should. Any man, let alone the man who was to marry such a woman. No . . . This would not do at all.

Maimie glanced at her daughter who was sending longing glances to Leolf Duhamel with a slight trace of smugness to her sweet lips, the smugness of ownership. However, Maimie thought with mildest internal panic, if something did not change with Leolf Duhamel in regards to her daughter then that ownership would never come to pass. And that, she could not have.

"Will he do my dear?" Maimie questioned her daughter; a seal of false happiness brightening her lips.

"More than do mama." Meghara replied upon a sigh. "He's perfect. Just like the stories you told me of dark, brave knights who'd carry me away-" Maimie turned to look at her daughter as Meghara suddenly stopped mid-sentence.

"What is it dear?" Maimie questioned but before Meghara could answer, Maimie turned again, this time with the whispers and chatter that seemed to be carrying through the room.

Mother and daughter watched and gasped with the rest of the room as the King made a beeline towards . . . Maimie recognised that girl.

"Who is she?!" Meghara seethed in a whisper, yanking Maimie by the arm to face her once more. For a short moment Maimie had a bewildered look in her eyes. "Mama!" Her daughters cry bring her back to the present.

Maimie glared across the room making sure to catch Adelmund Dahamel's gaze. Though, her brother was the one dealing with the in's and out's of this negotiation of marriage. Maimie wanted to convey clearly to Lord Adelmund Dahamel that she was NOT impressed with his son's behaviour in the light of this impending marriage. The sentiment was carried indubious along the invisible line of their gazes.

"No one that matters." Maimie affirmed boldly to her daughter and to herself. "Wait here." Maimie instructed Meghara. "I'll be right back." Before slithering through the crowd and disappearing.


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#, as written by MadMax

The turn of events had not gone according to plan.

First, Leolf had shocked him by putting Lord Wynterwyn on the King’s council, and then he shocked him once more by choosing such an unsuitable woman as a dance partner. Leave it to his eldest son to make him proud one second only to ruin it moments later.

It was quite disappointing if anything as Leolf had the promise to be the all powerful King he had raised him to be, but could not overcome his childish tendencies enough to listen to reason.

Adelmund had to be sure not to let his son stray too far from his grasp considering the fact that Casimir was still breathing. He knew that if the rightful heir to the throne wasn’t taken out soon, then he would eventually come back to claim the crown. Adelmund had hired an assassin to kill Casimir, but had not yet heard back from him.

Currently, his attention was much too fixed on Leolf, to dwell on anything else. The longer he watched, the more tense his appearance became.

It wasn’t until Maimie Rotherstone caught his eye that his focused moved from Leolf to her. Her vicious glare clearly conveyed her displeasure. He understood her reaction as he had basically promised her half-brother that Meghara would in fact be the queen. He assumed that Leolf would agree to the arrangement once he learnt of the large army they would gain from the union, but obviously he had not.

Just as soon as Maimie had turned from him, her half-brother, Edmund Allgarrd, had come to him. “I thought we had an agreement, Adelmund.” Edmund huffed.

“We did, and I can assure you that the agreement will not be broken. My son just needs a slight push and he will comply to marry Meghara.” He replied.

Edmund seemed skeptical of Adelmund’s words. “You’re sure of this?” He asked.

With a menacing look directed towards his son he answered, “Absolutely.”


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No one seemed to be happy. No one but that cherub cheeked Wynterwyn girl. Why was it that everyone's misery gave Kaytelynn such great pleasure? She supposed one could only truly be happy when everyone else around them was disconsolate. It amused her to watch the scene play out. Like some great performance put on by those travelling shows. It was hilarious, except, no one was laughing. No one but her, inside of course.

So amusing, Kaytelynn mused as she watched on. Meghara Rotherstone fuming, her Lady mother trying to console her and stop the girl making a scene. Her own brother, Leolf, though he had began with a stupidly happy smile on his face was now exchanging words with their father. Well, when didn't that leave him in a bad mood? You'd think he'd be grateful to their father. But oh no, not their Leolf. Their Leolf that was truly not theirs as he rode away. The tighter their father pulled on Leolf's reigns, the more viciously he fought back. Was she the only one who noticed? It mattered little to Kaytelynn truly. Her position was stable so long as her brother was on the throne and she did not see that changing anytime soon.

"She's not exactly pretty is she?" Kaytelynn shifted, slowly moving along the steed running her fingers along it's flanks as those of the party who were not heading for the hunt, mostly women, made their way back into the large estate. Their excited tittering drifting on the air as Kaytelynn addressed the owner of the horse she was petting. "She's quite fat and short isn't she? I wonder what he sees in her?"

Was that mild annoyance in her lover's eyes? Either way, it entertained her. Sir Edmund Allgarrd wasn't exactly a handsome man, she was certain he may have been in his hay day but these days he was an astute military man. Rigid and uncompromising in regards to his ambitions. Kaytelynn liked an older man. They were far more . . . willing to please a woman, rather than those young men who were always after a quick tumble. Kaytelynn was far too decadent for tumbles. Yet, by no means was she in love with the man. Nor did she have any intentions of marrying the man, as if that was even possible. The notion was laughable. Her status was far higher than his. She would be a Queen one day and he would remain a lowly noble. Of course, that didn't mean in the mean time she couldn't enjoy herself did it? Sure enough, Sir Edmund must know if her father ever found out what was transpiring between them, Allgarrd would lose much more than those ambitions of his. But of course, she couldn't blame him. He was only a man after all. However could he resist the sweetness between her legs?

"But then," She continued intentionally a smile creeping onto her pink lips. "Your niece isn't exactly making herself appealing is she?" She moved closer to him, making sure they had no witnesses as she put her hands on him, running them down the fur lining his chest. "I say, don't dream so high up that you can't look down through the clouds. Some men aren't mean't to reach such heights." Kaytelynn advised him before she shrugged as if she hadn't given him solid council. "Visit me tonight. It's been far too long . . ." Taking his hand she slowly pushed up the skirt of her dress by his coarse fingertips gliding along her soft milky skin. Pushing his hand away before he could touch her where she wanted him to. "Tonight."


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#, as written by MadMax

Clayborne had it coming. He had been running his mouth about Leolf and it was time Eldon took the matter into his own hands.

That was why as they were moving through the woods, Eldon had his spear by his side, ready to strike. He made sure to distance himself from his brothers and father so as not to draw suspicion on them. He waited until he had the perfect view of Clayborne, and then he launched the spear from his hand. It sailed through the air before it lodged itself into the man's chest, right where his heart should be. The force of the spear knocked him from his mare and sent him crashing to the ground.

It didn't take long for the scene to turn to chaos. Everyone was yelling and searching the area. Shockingly, Barclay was the first to protect Leolf, but Eldon didn't pay much attention to that fact. Instead, he grabbed his extra spear and rushed his horse to his oldest brother.

"Leolf! Are you injured?" he said in fake concern.

Leolf looked entirely confused at the whole situation. "Yes, I'm fine. But it seems that Clayborne is dead."

Eldon bowed his head. "I saw. They've already loaded him on a horse. Are we heading back then?"

With narrowed eyes, Leolf stared at him, almost as if he were searching him. Eldon did his best to avoid his gaze. "Yes." Then in a louder voice. "Let's head back men, the hunt is now officially canceled."

Then Leolf turned his steed around and headed back towards the manor. Eldon followed closely behind him. Once they exited the woods, Leolf slowed his horse down until it was walking alongside his. "What have you done Eldon?" Leolf asked, his voice low and angry.

Taken aback by his brother's tone, Eldon said, "I did what was best for you Leolf, Clayborne had been running his mouth about you. I thought you would appreciate it."

"And why would I appreciate that?! You did exactly what father would have done." Leolf seethed before shaking his head. "I expected more from you Eldon."

He watched as Leolf snapped the reins and sped away towards the manor.


Kaytelynn Duhamel was what Edmund would consider to be a spoiled brat. She was conceded, manipulative, bossy, and entirely attractive.

Even now, he could still feel her hands on him, grabbing one of his own and running it under her dress. Her words meant little to him, he knew she believed him to be beneath herself and he didn't much care what she thought of his niece so long as Meghara married the King. And while he knew that Katelynn had no intentions of marrying him, Edmund planned to make it happen.

He was going to join the hunt late, but Kaytelynn had his mind focusing on one thing and one thing alone, so he thought it best to stay. After sitting atop his horse lost in thought for quite some time, he finally brought his horse to the stables where he tied it up. Upon entering the manor, he noticed that the women had the feast prepared, aside from the meat, and were waiting for the men to arrive, meaning that they would be back shortly. Rather then joining them, he went into a study to find paper and some ink. He quickly wrote the message that read, Meet me in the library with instructions on how to get into the secret compartment behind one of the bookshelves.

Satisfied, he headed towards Kaytelynn. While he spoke to his niece and his sister, he carefully slid the note into Katelynn's hands. He excused himself before heading to the library where he waited for Kaytelynn to enter.


Leolf couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe that Eldon had killed Clayborne. But he had. He knew it when Eldon first opened his mouth to check on him. His little brother may be able to fool the others, but he couldn't fool him.

Eldon had always been loyal to him, and he knew that he had good intentions, but this move was a serious blow to Leolf. Mostly because he knew that his father would be pleased. He knew exactly what he would say, "One less enemy to deal with and the perfect way to keep the others in line."

His hands shook in anger as he got his horse settled in the stables. This is not how he wanted to start off his reign as King. Everyone was making moves, doing things behind his back, and he couldn't take it anymore. He stormed into the manor, passing by the room where everyone was waiting for the feast. It wouldn't be much of a feast without any meat from the hunt. Just another thing to add too his anger. He stopped to punch a wall near him and then knocked off a vase sitting on a table. His hand was now slightly bloodied and most definitely bruised. His breathing had become heavier as he made his way through the halls again. Walking until something made him stop in front of the library. Turning his head he looked inside.


He should have known. She always seemed to show up wherever he went. Trying to compose himself and failing miserably, he walked towards her. "In the library again? What books do you plan to steal this time?" he asked dully. It was meant to sound playful, but in his current state, he could barely even get the words out. His eyes were darker than usual and his body was tense with rage. He was a rabid animal that could go off at a moments notice.


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Kaytelynn Duhamel couldn't decide if she was annoyed or impressed.

"I thought I told you tonight." She virulently scolded Sir Edmund Allgard after traversing a pitch black corridor from behind a giant picture frame until a dim light flickered in the distance and finally his face became clear. At this point she was more than annoyed. "Are stupid or just- Never mind." She sighed her irritation away as she pushed him back hard against the wall. "You, Sir," Kaytelynn informed him as she slowly began with skilled fingers to untie his doublet. "Are very lucky that I am not so cruel as to leave you here waiting."

Of course she was lying. She was entirely that cruel and if the mood had taken her, she would have left him waiting here all night, if that's what she wanted. Fortunately for Sir Edmund today, she wanted something else. Taking his hand, she ran it down the curve of her side lingeringly letting him feel the shape of her over her gown until his hand was squeezing her back side.

"By the Gods Allgard" Kaytelynn sighed again. "I hope this is not how you lead your armies, with no vision." Impassioned, she supposed she would have to guide him. "That's fine. Lucky for you," Her voice turned seductive as her hands forced him down by his shoulders onto his knees. "I'm a natural born leader and take command quite well." She baited him with a coy smile pulling up the layers of her skirt ever so slowly.

Abruptly, she stopped. What was that? For a moment her heart raced a mile a second. Fear shooting through her at the thought that she was about to be caught and her reputation in tatters and worse yet, having to be forced to marry her lover. The thought repulsed her. Throwing down her skirts, she was getting ready to flee when Kaytelynn heard a second voice.

"Quiet!" She whispered to Sir Edmund as the voices became clearer. It was her brother and the Wynterwyn girl. How curious. And clearly they had no idea of anyone else's presence. Relief was quickly replaced by peeked interest. "Well, well, well." She whispered more to herself, her interest in her lover non-existent at this point as she listened with one ear pressed against the slit in the wood. Too bad she couldn't see but supposed it was safer this way. A smirk persisted on her lips. "What did I tell you about dreaming so large?" She said to her lover without looking at him. It appeared her brother had other intentions than Meghara Rotherstone.

Too bad for poor Edmund . . .


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#, as written by MadMax

Desmirra grabbed his hand and pressed a piece of silk to it to stop the bleeding. Her touch calmed him, causing the corner of his lips to turn up slightly.

"Well if you're only borrowing, then I suppose that would be perfectly fine." His tone sounded more teasing than it had before.

She removed the silk and began tying a piece of frippery from her gown around his hand as she spoke. The action, as simple as it may be, gave Leolf a strange feeling. No one ever did anything like that for him, at least not because they cared about him. It was either because they wanted something from him or now because he was the King. Desmirra wasn't like that though, she cared, he could see it in her eyes.

Her words, which would have angered him any other time, caused his shoulders to sag in defeat. She was right, everything she said was true. He always did what was expected of him. His recent acts of defiance were nothing more than a child seeking attention from his father. He would never do anything that would truly upset his father. Adelmund had too strong of a hold on him for that and no matter how much he hated it, he felt as if he could never break away. Just as Desmirra had said, it would be difficult and he always took the easier route.

Being a controlling tyrant came naturally to him, he had to put forth nearly no effort at all. Leolf even got some kind of sick satisfaction from causing other people pain. Afterwards though, the guilt always came back to haunt him, making him doubt his actions. He knew the way he was ruling was wrong, but it was easier to keep things the way they are now rather than change them. Would he ever change? Could he change?

His hand grasped hers just as she had pulled away. His eyes were filled with vulnerability, more than he had ever let anyone see. "Do you think I could do it?" he swallowed past the lump in his throat. "Become the King that my people deserve?" he released her hand only to wrap his arms around her and pull her tight against him. Leolf's voice was rough with pain as he whispered, "Become the man you deserve?" Overcome with emotion, he leaned his head down until their breaths were mingling together. "Desmirra." Her name was a prayer on his lips as he closed the distance between their mouths.

His lips had just brushed against her softer ones when...


Leolf parted from Desmirra as if she had shocked him. He turned his head towards the noise, but there was no one there. However, the moment was ruined. Despite the fact that he was now back to his normal self, his attraction towards her still remained. If you could even call it an attraction as it felt like something much deeper than that. He slowly looked towards her, waiting for her to scold him for his actions.


Edmund grinned as Kaytelynn shoved him hard against the wall. Her irritation was cute, but he knew it wouldn't last. Especially since he knew just how to make it up to her.

She guided his hands over her body, something she knew drove him crazy. When she grabbed his shoulders and shoved him onto his knees, he was eager to get started. She slowly pulled up the layers of her skirt and his hands were already moving underneath them, molding around her backside as he planted small kisses on her inner thighs. He felt Kaytelynn tense up suddenly, but he continued his journey upwards anyways, only stopping when she shoved her skirts down over his head.

Shoving the skirts off of him, he scowled up at her. The scowl faded when he heard the voices though. He stood from his spot, eager to hear the conversation. It was clear that the King's feelings for this woman ran deeper than he thought. Edmund would have to seek Adelmund out later, after all, he had promised that his niece would become the Queen.

Still angry, but wanting to continue what they had started, he grabbed Kaytelynn. He knew that she was most likely not in the mood now, but he had his way's of persuasion. He placed his lips on her collarbone, moving up until he reached her neck. Once he found her most sensitive spot, he began sucking and nibbling at the skin there. His hand had just reached down to begin pulling up her skirts again when the secret door suddenly opened.

Startled, Edmund flung himself backwards, slamming into the wall. It was Eldon.

Kaytelynn's brother wore a look of surprise at first, but it slowly turned into a devilish grin.