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Erin Lee

A kitsune with a silver tongue

0 · 213 views · located in Larkan City

a character in “Crown of Shadows”, as played by Shinaka


Unforgiving, honorable, and proud, the king of beasts is not to be underestimated.
The shining people of the City of Light, though some have more shadows to hide than others






      Β» Full Name: μ΄μ§€μˆ˜ - Lee Ji-soo

      Β» Other Name(s):
      Β» - Erin Lee | The name most English speakers call her by
      Β» - Jisoo | Her Korean given name; She's fine if you call her by this
      Β» - Little Bird | A name given to her by White Tiger elders
      Β» - Kitsune | The only name you'll know if you race her

      Β» Gender: Female

      Β» Age: Twenty-one years old

      Β» Birth Date: April 6

      Β» Ethnicity: East Asian (South Korean)

      Β» Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual/Heteroromantic

      Β» Affiliation(s): White Tiger

      Β» Occupation: College Student, Intern Photographer, Street Racer


Dialogue Color Hex: #8B6EA0
Thought Color Hex: #776088



Β» Hair:
Long, straight, and usually black (her natural color) or brown (she dyes it)

Β» Eyes:
Dark brown, but warm with a hint of mischief

Β» Build:
Feminine and dainty, but with just enough muscle to leave a bruise

Β» Height/Weight:
1.65 m / 49 kg

Β» Voice:
Melodic and sweet with a hint of sassy

Β» General Description:
Erin is a fair girl. Lots say that she is the stereotype for Asian beauty, with a near-perfect v-line, pale skin, and large eyes. Her clean appearance, short height, and sweet smile add to her innocent and pretty looks. Most days, her hair is down. It is combed so smooth that it shines in the light and looks like a dark waterfall over her shoulders. Whether or not she does make up is hardly noticed because she looks the same either way. Her clothes are also simple and neat, but they are stylish enough to catch people's attention and fit in with the trendy millennial look that would get her lots of hearts on Instagram. She's a chameleon though, so she changes her looks to fit whatever situation she's in.



      Β» Likes: Fresh air, sunset, nighttime, autumn, photography, painting, music, racing, besting her brother, success, spicy food, swimming, animals, neat and clean surroundings

      Β» Dislikes: Letting people down, whiny/clingy people, disloyalty, bugs, uncleanliness, cold weather, Mexican food, cigarettes and cigarette smoke, guns

      Β» Fears: Losing her brother, suffocation, needles

      Β» Habits: Playing with her hair, biting her nails, chewing pencils or pens

      Β» General Personality:
      Don't let first appearances fool you. Erin can be as sweet and charming as she looks, like the perfect, innocent girl-next-door of many guys' dreams. But she just as equally cunning and sly. Her brother likes to say her spirit animal is a fox. Erin's capable of relating to others and gaining others' trust quickly, which is one of the reasons White Tiger values her so much. Need some information? The girl with the silver tongue is the one to go to. Many of her marks have mistakenly sought the Ravens in search of her after she hit them. Calling her a friend is easy, but having her call you a friend isn't. She's careful when choosing friends, and even then, not everyone she calls "friend' is really a friend. Sometimes her friends are more like assets, people she likes to keep close because they are useful in some way. One could argue that her only true friend is her twin brother. He's also the only person she trusts 100%. If you're ever lucky enough to know the true her, you'll see that she is friendly and caring. She likes to listen to others and is there for people who need a support. She's a careful person, and not just in her relationships. The apartment she and her brother share is almost always neat, like they're expecting guests any minute. Messy places are one of the things that stress her out, which is why if she ever dates someone, she likes to see the inside of their house at least once or twice before deciding to go out with them. Erin is picky about lots of things in her life, including people. She's careful with her friends, who she lets into her life and how far, and with who she her a romantic partner. If he isn't tall, fair-skinned with dark hair and dark eyes, neat, and smart, then she won't even look.



                                    Β» Languages: Korean (fluent), English (fluent), Mandarin Chinese (semi-fluent), Japanese (semi-fluent), French (semi-fluent)

                                    Β» Skills: Painting, photography, singing, piano, lock-picking, grifting, racing, taekwondo

                                    Β» Family: Erik Lee (twin brother)

                                    Β» History:
                                    Erin Lee Jisoo was born the first of a pair twins to first generation South Korean immigrants to Larkan. Her brother, Erik Lee Minsoo, was born about five minutes after her. Unfortunately, the twins never got the chance to get to know their parents. Due to their parents being first generation immigrants, they did not have that much money, and therefore lived in a more run-down neighborhood on the southern outskirts of Chinatown, just a kilometer or two up from the Larkan Port. This was in the days when tensions were still high from the split between White Tiger and Jade Dragon. One of the skirmishes between the two factions took place in their neighborhood and took a deadly turn. Not counting the gang members that died, six people in the neighborhood were killed, including the twins' parents. White Tiger had won the battle at a heavy cost, and as they were cleaning up, they stumbled across the two crying children in their cribs, their parents dead in the next room. The members debated among themselves about what to do with the children (i.e. abandon, temporarily take in, or even kill them) until a young, but high-ranking and trusted member stepped up and took them in, making them true White Tiger members. The young man raised the twins and taught them skills such as taekwondo and how to speak Korean. He also gave them both their English names (with some suggestions from White Tiger's leader himself). Under his care, and with some help from the other White Tiger members, both children grew to become very trusted members of the organization that raised them. Erin's social ease and ability to adapt to her surroundings makes her a popular choice for spying and gathering information for White Tiger. She's a grifter, and quite an accomplished one too. She can pick pocket like she was born to do it, and talk her way into or out of just about any situation. That's not all she does though. Don't underestimate her skill behind the wheel. Her custom Honda Genesis Coupe used to belong to one of Larkan's top street racers. Now he's gone, and she's the queen.


Β» Face Claim: κΉ€μ§€ν˜Έ (Kim Jiho) ..... Β» Played By: Shinaka ..... Β» CS Coding By: Silvereil ..... Β» Edited By: Shinaka


So begins...

Erin Lee's Story