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Man in a Mask

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Harder to catch than water and hotter to touch than the desert sun
The shining people of the City of Light, though some have more shadows to hide than others
Serving honor and justice







      » Full Name: Xavier Enrique Espinosa Ruiz

      » Other Name(s):
      » - Espinosa | Mostly used by others at the police department
      » - X | For when his full name is too tiring to say
      » - Xavier Hernandez | A current alias for undercover work
      » - Enrique Velasco | Another alias, though less-used
      » - TraX | The elusive but famous street racer of the El Río Clan

      » Gender: Male (Very much)

      » Age: Thirty years old

      » Birth Date: March 10

      » Ethnicity: Hispanic (Brazilian)

      » Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual/Heteroromantic

      » Affiliation(s): Larkan Police Department (LPD), the El Río Clan

      » Occupation: Undercover Detective, Underground Racer


Dialogue Color Hex: #CC4211
Thought Color Hex: #A1340D



» Hair: Short, straight, and dark brown, almost black

» Eyes: Deep, but warm brown, and somewhat mischievous

» Build: Tall, toned, tan, and muscular

» Height/Weight: 183 cm / 74 kg

» Voice: Low and smooth

» Style: Generally, Xavier dresses in light clothing that's easy to move in and fits the situation he's in. He likes athletic wear. If not athletic wear, then at least jeans and a t-shirt. When it comes to formal occasions, he always dresses to impress.

» General Description:
To put it shortly, Xavier Espinosa has the average looks of your typical Brazilian super model, if one can call that average. With almost perfectly-symmetrical features, a chiseled jaw line, slightly tousled dark hair and matching dark eyes, and bronzed skin, the man is seemingly flawless. Most days, he is clean-shaven, or has a bit of stubble at most. Due to the nature of his current occupation, he does bare a few notable tattoos: tribal designs down his spine and on his biceps, a serpent on the right side of his abdomen, and a black version of the El Río sun over his heart. Apart from the ink, he also has a few scars, mainly concentrated around his torso. Most noticeable are a small one just under his left jaw from a childhood injury and a larger, newer one on his right shoulder, which resulted from a knife wound early in his law enforcement career.



      » Likes: Sunny days, summer, sunrise/sunset, exercise, sex, women, his job, the beach, cars (namely his Ford Mustang), racing, playing pranks (especially on his partner), most parties

      » Dislikes: Rain, snakes, winter, nighttime, needles, rush hour, boredom, emotions, smelly things, showing weakness, getting help or permission, cruel people, Ian the desk intern

      » Fears: Failure, commitment, small spaces, letting people in, hurting people he cares about

      » Habits: Cracking his knuckles, biting and/or licking his lips, hitting things when he's angry

      » General Personality:
      Think of the stereotypical confident bad boy: he an ego, good looks that he loves to allude to, a taste for the grey area of the law, and a rumored, mile-long list of past lovers that split from him for one reason or the other. Got a good picture? If so, then you have a pretty good picture for the outward persona of Xavier Espinosa. First impressions of this guy most often involve a smooth, confident young man with playful eyes, an alluring smile, and a practically-irresistible aura of danger. Xavier is not the type to be shy about approaching a good-looking woman at a bar or making the first move in nearly any social interaction. In his presence, even the shiest person in the room will start to feel relaxed. He easily gives off the vibe of being a natural people person, and he isn't afraid to flaunt it around a little. Conversations with him are often mixed with some relaxed, playful humor and perhaps a little flirting if there's an individual who catches his eye. Those who really know him get to see past his shell of easy confidence. Xavier often appears to be carefree, but he actually does care, sometimes very much. His passion, such as his desire to protect those most dear to him, sometimes leads him to be impulsive and irrational. Certain pressure points can make his fiery temper flare, but he tries not to show it. Being very independent, Xavier loathes relying on others. Even asking for help or permission are difficult for him, let alone allowing others in. As confident and put-together as he likes to appear, his ambition and pride may lead him down the wrong paths if no one is there to gently guide him from time to time.



                                    » Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, sarcasm

                                    » Skills: Racing, sharp shooting, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, knife throwing, lock picking, guitar, cooking

                                    » Family: Isabel Espinosa Ruiz (younger sister), Marco Espinosa Ruiz (younger brother)

                                    » History:
                                    Xavier Enrique Espinosa Ruiz was born in Recife, Brazil, to Eduardo Espinosa Pinho and Sabrina Ruiz Câmara. As he was their first child, his name doesn't follow the usual format of most Brazilian names. His father wished to name him after one of the notable male predecessors in their family while his mother, who was fond of foreign names, wanted to name him after a character in her favorite book. In the end, they came a shaky agreement that kept both names and pleased both parents. Xavier enjoyed the first three years of his life with some of the luxuries of being an only child. Unfortunately, his father was fond of the bottle, and more often than not he would come stumbling in, drunk, at odd hours of the morning. Eduardo had memory lapses, and on rarer occasions, he would even lay a hand on Sabrina. Despite this, the couple had a little girl just after Xavier's fourth birthday, and another son two short years later. The abuse continued and worsened, until an accident one night when Xavier was ten left him with an injury that would become his first scar. His mother spirited him and his siblings away to their grandparents' house a couple kilometers outside the city, and they never saw her again after that. The neighborhood he and his siblings were moved to wasn't as safe as their mother wished, however. Just three years after their arrival, their grandfather was killed for resisting a new gang in town: the El Río Clan. Their grandmother committed suicide from the grief, and the children were moved again, this time to the home of their mother's estranged brother, a police officer named Carlos Ruiz Câmara, in Larkan City. It was their uncle's guidance that kept the children, especially Xavier, out of trouble. Xavier learned how to fix cars, and eventually how to drive them as well. He kept up his grades in school enough to eventually join his uncle at the LPD. From there, it didn't take him very long to soar through the ranks. He never let truly let go of what his father and the El Río Clan did to his family, however. In his mind, taking them down and bringing them both to justice were always a priority.


» Face Claim: Bernardo Velasco ..... » Played By: Silvereil ..... » CS Coding By: Silvereil ..... » Edited By: Silvereil


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