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"Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack."

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a character in “Crownless Kings of the Wild”, as played by MayKinz





Gray wolf - Gray wolves are canines with long bushy tails that are often black-tipped. Coat color is typically a mix of gray and brown with buffy facial markings and undersides, but the color can vary from solid white to brown or black. Gray wolves look somewhat like a large German Shepherd.




In the wild, wolves live 8-13 years, sometimes more. In captivity, they live upwards of 15 years. Kitya is the young adult age of 3 ready to prove herself.


  • Eyes:

  • Image

    Kityas eyes are a illuminate chestnut yellow in the day time the colour can appear very stern and angry though at night the yellow in her eyes glow with the presence of the dark it gives a fairly haunting effect to her appearance and helps her command as a result.

  • Fur:

  • Kityas fur is made up of a gray,white and black mix her fur. Around her face is mostly grey except the black patches around her eyes, as you look further up her head towards her ears the gray darkens considerably and the tips of her ears are a pitch black, around her snout is a pure white and her nose is again black. Moving down to her body her markings are not distinct in anyway but her fur mostly consists of the colours named above except she has noticeably more black on her fur than white or gray her legs are a light gray mix except for her paws being snowy white her tail is a dark grey with a black tip.

  • Other

  • Kitya only has one noticeable difference about her and that is the scar that lies underneath her left eye the scar is a jagged crimson red, but it is very dear to her that she remembers when it came from it plays a huge part in her being although it is quite a sight to her face it also shows her courage.

Personality Description

Kitya is above everything else a confident being, her very stance in how she walks and conducts herself radiates a confidence which is noticeable to others. She has a tough exterior to have this effect being assured in her own self and abilities, she is able to be the wolf she needs to for the good of her pack. Kitya fights with a passion a burning passion to live and drive forward her instincts not only drive her to survive but to succeed, and that's what she plans to do. As a young pup Kitya had many issues to overcome this has ultimately left her composed her emotional wall has been built high she keeps her calm in the most extreme situations and calculates her moves, if not she could very well fail to lead as she knows how. Kitya is a dominant in her personality which means that she can often be stubborn and even vicious when it comes to someone undermining her authority she believes that with a strong leader a group can prevail, but as soon as the group doubts its leader that is when the fight is truly lost. In her every day life Kityas tone is firm and strong she will lead with a slow but understanding pace of leadership, she is never one to rush herself unless the situation causes for it but as Kitya believes the group finds its heart at the leader she also isn't afraid to exhibit her strength and control if her group had a link that needed fixing she would be the one to attend to it herself.


Kitya was born into a large pack her mother being the mate of the alpha she was to be trained and brought up to be the next alpha in place she learned from her father he would teach her the mannerisms and discipline that an alpha needed, also he would have her regularly spar with the other pups within the group who in their rightful places were soon to be her betas and deltas. As time went on Kitya grew strong and healthy as is expected in an alpha if she was to grow weak or sickly she would most certainly be looked over for any authority position most likely being left to die. She would practice every day in hunting usually with her fellow pups escorted by the betas of the group, she would practice fighting again supervised by either the betas or her father ,and finally she would spend time bonding with those in her pack as she was taught a leader cannot lead solely on fear but instead they must understand their group as an entire unit.

Everything was going well in the pack dynamic until one of the betas of the group became resentful in the group he had been over looked for the position of alpha because of the fact that he had failed to woo the pack mate that had eventually become Kityas mother. As the story goes her father and the beta had been in competition for her mothers heart as she was by far the healthiest and strongest female in the group, winning her over was sure to mean healthy and strong pups to provide an immaculate legacy. As the two fought and carried on their learning each being given the proper alpha training to make the fight fair Kityas father had often stole away in the night to bond with her mother the two ending up becoming very affectionate and loving towards each other, though since her father had spent time away from his training in order to win over her mother the beta had been given the upper hand in fighting as time went on. Kityas father and mother mated and gave litter to five beautiful pups amongst those being Kitya as the first born she had been determined the healthiest and thus forth been provided the training. On the fateful day that the beta decided to rupture the group her position fell from grace the beta had challenged her father to a 1 to 1 combat the fight had been long and frightening but as her father grew weaker the beta striked ripping into the flesh of her fathers neck he fell bleeding out into the snow, after that everything had been a blur the beta turned to her swiping at her face ripping into the skin her mother jumped into the fray crying out for her the flee the other pack mates refusing to help by the custom that their new alpha had been chosen Kitya ran for her life never to see her home again but she vowed that she would still nurture a pack...she would lead.

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So begins...

Kitya's Story