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Eddard Snow

"The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword."

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a character in “Crowns and Empires”, as played by Bromander Shepard





Name: Lord Eddard Snow

Age: 53

Appearance: Despite his age it takes but one glance to see the seasoned warrior within Eddard Snow. At one time a strapping swordsman and gifted commander his years of experience on the battlefield show on his weathered face and keen eyes. Not a man for finery or over indulgence Eddard or "Ned" dresses for function over fashion. Prone to dull, drab colors of leather browns and blacks he can somewhat stick out in a land of sun and brightly colored garb. Ned has chestnut colored hair and a beard dotted with grey.

Build: Eddard's body is that of an aging warrior, past it's prime yet strong.

Personality: Eddard Snow is an honorable man. Honorable to a fault at times yet he remains resolute in his beliefs. He is calm, patient and kind hearted yet can be a fierce defender of his allies and friends. A dutiful man who will do what is ask or otherwise needed of him, always putting his own personal feelings aside for what is right. Many think him brave, even fearless in his youth yet Ned admits he was terrified all those years. Fear however was something he had to overcome. He tasted fear and defeated it. In his twilight years Ned has become something of an adviser, using his age and wisdom to tutor those who seek council.

Where they live: The South Atlantic Kingdom.


What/ who they are: Lord Snow is a lord of the South Atlantic Kingdom and an royal adviser to the queen as he was to her father before his death. He was however at one time a serious contender for the unified throne of the South Pacific Kingdom. Living now in self imposed exile he serves faithfully for his new home in the South Atlantic. Eddard also has a special place in the heart of the Queen as a family friend and uncle like figure.

History: Born Lord Warden of the South in the South Pacific, Eddard Snow sought to unify his country and push out the rampant corruption that permeated every level of the ruling structure in the Pacific. His rise was meteoric as he marched to war to wrest power away from the horrible rulers currently in power. Never losing a battle Snow's victory seemed assured. However Ned's greatest gift and curse, his sense of honor, ended his grab for power. Cheated out of the throne by political double dealings Eddard was left with two options. Bend knee to those who cheated him out of what he'd won or leave. He chose the latter and left his land, holdings and title behind. Fleeing with his family to the South Atlantic he soon was picked up by the king who knew well of the man's past and experience. Ned was more than willing to lend his blade and experience to what he felt was the first true king he'd ever met. The two men later became close friends and later Ned served as something of an uncle like figure to his daughter whom he helped faithfully as she took on the role of queen of the South Atlantic.

Skills: Seasoned war hero and veteran. Gifted battlefield commander and strategist, ability to inspire others.



So begins...

Eddard Snow's Story

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At a desk in the castle of St. Helena City sat a foreigner. The older man shifted uncomfortable in the heat of the day, the rich brown leather of his jerkin seemed to bake his flesh beneath the sub tropical air. The only respite the man had was the series of windows that overlooked the African ocean. The sea breeze provided the aging warrior a well needed respite when the heat was too much for him. The man's mind drifted to thoughts of home. To the snow and ice, to the pine trees and the scent of the forests. He remembered the touch of Ghost's fur beneath his hands as the two would hunt together on cold nights, the white dire wolf seemed to vanish in the snow of Thane's forests.

Eddard blinked and seemed to return to the here and now. The snow was gone, Ghost was dead once more and he sat again as an aging old war veteran at a mahogany desk before scrolls and tomes about this new king in his homeland. Khal Jinn, by all accounts was a brute and a savage but Eddard Snow was too keen to take the man at base value. As soon as The Queen's spies had spoken of some sort of connection between the Khal and King Moloch Eddard had begun his investigation. He wanted to know everything about the man who united the kingdom he'd failed all those years ago.

His savagery was well documented yet if one looked hard enough there were tales of his kindness, his justness and honor. This Khal Jinn was not the beast the world thought him to be. He was no where near as unintelligent or reckless as people believed and in that way he was incredibly dangerous. A bear was strong, a wolf was cunning but man always had their mind to rely on. Take that away and the beast will win the day. Yet this beast was one that was beginning to earn the older man's admiration. The way he swept through the South Pacific with barely slowing down. Battle after battle all fell to Khal Jinn and his ever growing army. Further more once a city was conquered he gifted unto the people untold freedom. Liberty was theirs, liberty by law. A revolutionary concept but one that earned Snow's respect.

The Dothraki followed him, and the knights of Thrane, the wizards of Kandor and finally the Legionaries of Arkham. An army that diverse was a force that could make the world tremble, let alone his Queen's nation. Jinn coupled with their old foes in Drake and doom loomed on the horizon. Amelia was doing everything in her power to avoid war, even inviting both rulers to a peace summit that Eddard doubted very highly either would attend. Time would tell but Snow was not holding out hope for a miracle.

He had promised The Queen a full report on everything he had gathered on the Khal from the west and that report was nearing completion. It was then that there was a knock on the door.


Eddard said as he looked up. One of his attendants entered, a young man no older than sixteen winters, and delivered to the Lord Snow a letter. Eddard thanked the boy and read the letter quickly. It was from his spies in the west. As he read his eyes widened in surprise. This news would have to go to the queen at once. Eddard got to his feet and made his way to the queens chambers. He had heard she was giving audience to this red priestess everyone was talking about but this could not wait.

Lord Snow arrived outside the room where the Queen was meeting with the priestess and informed one of the guards to admit him entry and announce his presence to the Queen.



As the gulls flew over head the Great Rider, Khal of the South Pacific rode atop a massive war horse along the wooden docks of his flag city. Arkham was, after all, a port city and one where his naval power was built. His ships, war vessel and transport ships were all moored or on training runs. War was on the air and his people needed to be ready. As his country prepared for what was to come a single ship was preparing for an early voyage. A transport vessel for the Khal, fifty men and twenty to thirty attendants, mostly concubines. The matter of selecting the warriors to bring was no simple task, or at least it should have not been, but for The Great Khal the choice was simple. He required loyalty above all else for this voyage. He needed men and women around him he could trust. Not just soldiers but family.

As he neared the vessel he would departing on the Khal saw his old friend and Blood Rider, Qotho. As the two men saw one another, bold grins etched their way on to their faces. Qotho dismounted to greet his Khal and friend as Jinn did the same.

"Hash yer dothrae chek asshekh, Khal Jinn?"

Qotho said in the traditional greeting to his king as he extended his hand. Jinn towered over the burly fighter just like he did over so many yet in the shadow of his Khal Qotho smiled as Jinn grasped his forearm in friendship.

"Anha dothrak chek asshekh."

Jinn replied in kind. In Dothraki when riders met they would not ask how one was fairing or if they were well but instead if they ride well. The greeting was merely one rider asking the other if they were in fact riding well and the other replying that he was. This was among the oldest of greetings but among the most used in Dothraki culture.

Jinn gave his old friend a firm nod as he released his hand and looked past him to the fifty hardened Dothraki warriors on horseback waiting patiently to board the ship to the South Atlantic.


Jinn asked with a smirk. Qotho turned around with a proud grin.

"Sek, k'athjilari. Fifty of the best, Khal."

"Hazi davrae."

Jinn replied, obviously pleased. With that Jinn patted his friend shoulder warmly as he led him to the small, open tent where they could watch the proceedings of the ship being loaded with all the provisions they would need for the journey. As they waited a few of the other riders joined them and they began to casually have a few drinks as they waited to depart.

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Amelia's eyes were glued to the priestess as she chuckled lightly at her words. This woman was surely made and she was only proving that more and more as time passed on. “It is written in prophecy that "when the red star bleeds and the darkness gathers, Azor Ahai shall be born again amidst smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone."" The only word of the red woman's that Amelia immediately processed was dragons.

"Queen Amelia Stormborn the reborn Mother of Dragons. The night you burned your parents on their funeral pyre three petrified dragon eggs that where believed to be nothing more than stone awoke. On that same night amidst smoke and salt and awoken dragons a comet passed through the sky. The bleeding star." Amelia felt the threat of fluid building behind her green orbs as the red priestess spoke of the night she laid her parents to rest. That night had been both the end as well as the start of a new beginning for the young queen.

As the red woman broke down the prophecy of her religion so that others that were ignorant to her customs could understand Amelia began to comprehend exactly why the woman believed her to be this reborn warrior. On the night that her children awoke from their thousand years of slumber she had seen a comet pass through the sky. It was as the comet pasted through the sky that Amelia lit the pyre and started to burn away the fragments of her old life. Many tears had fallen from her eyes that day and night which was the salt that was amidst the smoke of the flames that night.

On her fourteenth birthday when she had been given the dragon eggs the man that gifted them to her had said that the ages had turned them to stone but that they would always be beautiful. The eggs hadn't been in the greatest condition when given to her but they were beautiful nonetheless. Amelia had felt a strange and yet special bond to the eggs from the start and had started caring for the eggs and they in time became more rich in color. She would keep them in a chest surrounded with lit candles, day and night and was drawn to them. Amelia had experimented with her eggs before they day that they had hatched. She once briefly placed one of the eggs into a fire pit in an attempt to hatch it, but the egg remained unhatched although in that moment she was had sworn she'd seen a spark of life within the egg.

Amelia's mind was still in the mist of trying to grasp everything the red priestess was telling her when a guard ran into the room interrupting her train of thought. "Your Grace," he started to which Amelia nodded "Is something wrong?" she asked as she was curiosity as to why the guard barged in she abruptly. "Lord Eddard Snow requests your presence outside." he stated. After sending the letter to Khal Jinn Amelia had went to Lord Snow and asked that he do as much digging as possible on the man in the chance that he actually came she wanted to be well informed on just who the Khal was. She did not have time to continuing trying to piece together the red woman's prophecy at the moment but after everything she couldn't very well just dismiss her.

Turning her attention back to the priestess she spoke, "I have other matters that I must attend to now but I would like for you to stay here within the castle. We still have much to discuss and I do plan on concluding the discussion at hand." Looking at the guy who had been sent to her by Eddard she ordered, "Escort the priestess to one of the available chambers and make sure she is giving whatever she requires to make her stay here more comfortable." With that she took her leave and went to where she had been told the faithful Lord awaited her. The second her eyes fell upon the old war veteran her face lit up with happiness "Uncle Ned!" she exclaimed the glee in her voice evident as she embraced the man who was although not her blood the only uncle she had ever known. Breaking the hug after a moment she took a step back and looked at the man, "What have you discovered?" she asked not being able to hide her interest.

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Lord Snow waited patiently, something he had gotten much better at in his old age. He almost chuckled to himself as his mind drifted back to who he was in his youth. Impetuous, head strong, bold and above all else, impatient. That impatience was something he had to drill into submission once he began commanding men. It wasn't easy but it was something he had to do, if it wasn't for Catelyn, she gave him a proper kick in the rear. She shaped him from the wild warrior prince into a real man and a leader. His loved his wife dearly, with every passing year that love only grew. He would tell her that next time he saw her.

For now he waited for an audience with the queen. As he heard a rustle of commotion he knew she was on her way. He straightened up and prepared to receive the Queen of the South Atlantic. Eddard Snow had known Amelia Stormborn since she was a child, he was there the day she was born. He had been watching over her in one form or another since the day she first opened her eyes. He was there the day she first scraped her knee and was a shoulder to cry on. He remembered lifting her tiny body and bringing her to her father. He remembered when he scooped her up and asked her the same thing he would ask her countless more times after that as she grew. The same thing he would ask his own children when they were troubled. He asked Why do we fall? and she rose those green orbs, wet with tears he gave her a warm smile and said so we can learn to pick ourselves back up. That simple saying has been a source of strength for Amelia over the years, something Eddard reminded her of time and time again when things got difficult.

The doors opened and in swept Amelia Stormborn, The Unburnt Mother of Dragons, Conqueror of Mexico and Celtic Lands, Breaker of Chains, The Silver Queen, Queen of the South Atlantic Kingdom. Easily one of the most powerful people in the world. Eddard could not help but smile as she rushed to him, how she's grown. Amelia ran into his arms and gave him a warm embrace, he laughed as he hugged her in return.

"Uncle Ned!"

She said as she squeezed. Releasing him she stepped back eagerly as if hoping to spot the information he carried.

"What have you discovered?"

She asked. Eddard reached into his jerkin and retrieved the letter.

"I have received word from my spies in the west, Khal Jinn is mobilizing. His armies prepare for war yet at this very moment I am told he is boarding a ship. He is answering your summons my Queen."



As the two soldiers were lured off into the water their leader, their Great Khal sat looking upon a princess. Casually he lounged in his seat. Seven fierce Dothraki warriors around him, all eyeing the foreigners with silent warnings. His eyes however fell only on the princess, the one who spoke. He watched her bow, she bowed low and long to so as much respect and honor as she could. Jinn arched an eye brow, as she rose. A pretty young woman with hair dark as night with a curvaceous frame. He could almost feel Qotho's stare behind him as he undressed her with his eyes, his blood rider was a ferocious warrior yet his greatest weakness was always women. He'd have to keep his man away from her.

"Khal Jinn, Thank you for accepting my request for an audience. Have I come at an bad time? You seem to be quite busy."

She asked politely. Jinn and his warriors watched the travelers, one was shaking with fear yet they all seemed nervous. Not something they were unaccustomed to yet the Khal was intrigued none the less. These people sent to him their princess, their future. Most kingdoms protected their princesses like precious gems, hiding them away until they are given away in marriage yet the Anansai sent theirs out on the waves to far off lands and dangerous men. Perhaps there was more to this dark rose than appearances suggested.

"Oqet vichitera oma vafikhoon."

The insult drew chuckles from the gathered Dothraki, even Khal Jinn smirked and shook his head. The snide comment came not from the Khal but from one of his warriors standing beside him, the savage warrior woman Doreah. The chuckling from the Dothraki was not lost on the foreigners as they looked on in confusion and blatant insult. They were not stupid and knew they were being made fun of. Jinn, in attempt to avoid bloodshed the Khal spoke.

"I travel for the South Atlantic daughter of the Anansai. If you'd speak on trade I suggest you do so quickly unless you'd rather take to sea with us."

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Her eyes were intense with focus as she watched his hand reached into his jerkin and retrieved a letter. She had sent out to letters one to both King Moloch of Drake City as well as one to the Khal of the South Atlantic Kingdom. She felt a knot twist inside her stomach as the though of which replied and what they had send in their reply crossed her mind. She wanted so badly to just put an end to this war before it even began. She had managed to detour the Drake King once before and than when she had did it both her parents had been dead, her army diminished to a size that it was an embarrassment to even call it an hour and she had been so young and inexperienced having not even the slightly bit of experience in what real battle was.

Now it had been two years passed since the treaty had been formed and in that time Amelia had processed and grieved the lost of both her parents. Her army was stronger, larger, greater and far more diverse than it had ever been. She commanded the largest army in Stormborn history and as it was one of the largest armies in the lands it was also deadly. She had experienced battle not once but twice destroying her enemies before war could even be established and after all of that now was the time that King Moloch felt fit to resume and already ended war with her kingdom.

The fact that he had taken the initiative of gaining an ally as powerful as the great Khal Jinn of the South Pacific showed that he had been paying attention to the wising Queen and knew that conquering a kingdom such as the South Atlantic would be no easy task. This is why the Khal just had to come to the castle so that she could have at least the given opportunity to show him that neither herself or the South Atlantic Kingdom was whatever the King of Drake convinced him it was.

"I have received word from my spies in the west, Khal Jinn is mobilizing. His armies prepare for war yet at this very moment I am told he is boarding a ship. He is answering your summons my Queen." The biggest and brightest as smiles spread across the Queen face at the good news the letter held. Khal Jinn was coming to the South Atlantic Kingdom. The Khal had actually gotten her letter and agreed to meet with her in person. With all the bad things she had been told recently this was the first bit of good news she gotten in far to long. "I can't believe it. " was all the astonished Queen could managed to muster out as she was in great shock and disbelief.

"Your Grace," her majestic silver hair swung through the air with grace as the voice of one of her handmaidens called out to her. She looked back and to see that Nala was searching through the castle halls for her, "I am here Nala." Amelia said signaling the give to her location. As Nala came to a halt in front of the Silver Queen she appeared out of breath and Amelia could tell the woman had been to every part of the castle trying to locate her. "What is it Nala?" the queen asked with a voice of concern. Regaining her composure Nala placed a letter inside the palm of Amelia's hand, "This comes to you from the city of Drake. It is from the King."

With a bow to both the Queen and the Lord Nala took her leave as she had fulfilled her task and knew that privacy was needed. Amelia looked at the Lord with a look of unsureness before opening the letter sent to her by her kingdom's greatest enemy. As her emerald eyes read the letter she felt tears building up but fought them back. "War is truly inevitable." she spoke as the good news of the Khal's coming arrival was all undone. King Moloch was driven to go to war with her and if she could not convince the Khal to sway his allegiance all looked to be lost.

Handing the letter over to Eddard so he could view the letter for himself Amelia just stood in silence. She didn't know what she was going to do. Ever time it seemed she took a step in the right direction the universe came in and knocked her two steps back. This battle was looking to be more and more lost and it hadn't even begun. "I do not understand his reasoning," she began to express aloud what she was feeling inside. "I understand that since the day he robbed my father of his life that their has been great tension between us but what is suppose to be expected. He killed my father! Now in his letter he writes as if it was I or my ancestors that robbed him of something. I mean "my heart is devoid of the forgiveness for your forefathers, the very forefathers that offered my father and mother peace in a chalice", I have no clue what he is even talking about." Amelia was clueless when it came to the part her father had played in the death of Moloch's parents. She had never been told of it and so she lacked any knowledge of it.

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Ned's heart broke for his adoptive niece as he watched her elation sour and turned to ash as she read the letter from Drake. Her smiled faded, the joy in her eyes dimmed, her relief was shattered and replaced with greater concern than before. She finished reading and seemed lost for voice as she handed the letter to Eddard. Immediately his eyes began to scan the parchment sent from King Moloch. Not inked in his own hand yet the words were his true enough. Finally the King of Drake was being honest. He openly confessed his hatred for not just Amelia but for her entire line and country. War was inevitable now. Moloch was out for blood, the blood of the Southern Atlantic Kingdom and it's queen.

Eddard finished reading and tensed his jaw as his eyebrows furrowed in frustration and anger. He wished he could protect her from all this. Her life has never been an easy one, with everything she has suffered, with everything she has overcome trial after trial has been thrown in her path. Like any parent Eddard felt Amelia's pain as his own and cursed himself for not being able to spare her this hardship. He cursed his age, his failing body for if he were the man he was in his youth he would lead an army against Moloch this very night and put an end to this business once and for all. It was then she spoke.

"I do not understand his reasoning, I understand that since the day he robbed my father of his life that their has been great tension between us but what is suppose to be expected. He killed my father! Now in his letter he writes as if it was I or my ancestors that robbed him of something. I mean "my heart is devoid of the forgiveness for your forefathers, the very forefathers that offered my father and mother peace in a chalice", I have no clue what he is even talking about."

She was frustrated, angry and at her wits ends and rightly so. She dealt with that which took her father from her, whose direct action caused her mother to take her life a week and a half later. Through all that she rose from the ashes like a phoenix, his queen, his darling niece struggled now for direction, for renewed strength and if there was one thing Eddard could still do it was provide support.

"Moloch's mind is consumed with hate Amelia... attempting to find reason in that will serve less use than trying to stop the snow from falling."

He reached out a comforting hand and placed it gently on her shoulder as he tilted his head so she could look in his eyes.

"Yet hope remains, if you have the will to see it. Your letter. The one you sent across the see, the one read by this Khal Jinn. He comes here even now. Without him the threat Moloch poses us diminishes, further more if we convince him to ally with us instead of Moloch victory could be assured."

Eddard's voice was tired and gravely yet filled with a truth and warmth only family could possess. He hoped to inspire her, hoped the mad man's hope that his meager words could giver her some spark and renew that flame of hers, to chase away the fears as he'd done when she was just a child.

"I know it seems hard right now, it seems unfair and cruel but it is in these moments you shine Amelia. You've always proven yourself strong, powerful... The Mother of Dragons. Like the heroes of old it is when the darkness comes that you rise and shine out a new day as no one else can. Fear not my Queen, for I do not, not as long as I have you leading me."

He smiled at her as the pride he felt for her welled up in his kind old eyes. Amelia was like a daughter to him, he'd watched her grow so much. Now she stood before him a Queen and a finer ruler he had never seen.



The Dothraki and their Khal boarded the transport vessel along with their guests. The princess from Anansai walked at the side of the Great Rider, his massive form dwarfing hers yet she strode beside him with a strength of her own. She seemed less out of place than her compatriots did who looked nervous and tense. She had made her decision and she would see it through, her spirit impressed the Khal as they walked across the deck of the ship. Soon the sails were raised and they were off. Jinn stared off into the horizon, with the princess beside him. Standing on the bow as the sea lightly sprayed them with it's bounty the princess and the Khal spoke.

"I promised you a conversation on the waves Tenanye, and now you shall have it."

He said as he casually leaned forward and resting his forearms on the wooden railing. His eyes were on the distant water just below the horizon, taking in the splendor.

"What is it you and yours seek to gain from the South Pacific? And what in turn can you offer?"

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Amelia felt completely drained at that moment as the realization of what was to come finally hit her. She had been in denial thinking that history would repeat itself and she would be able to do what she had those long years back. Her own father being the great warlord that he was had not been able to put down the Drake King. His attempt to expanded their lands had costed the man his life which even had the South Atlantic managed to win the war in his death would have not been worth it to her. Her father was the world to her when she was a girl and the day Moloch ended the great man's life Amelia world had been forever changed.

While a part of her had been living in a world of delusion hoping that this day would never come another part of her had been long expecting this. For she knew in hindsight when she had been strengthen and rebuilding her forces she had not just been doing so for the sake of being able to say she had rebuilt what her father had lost. For if that was the reason behind it the army she now had would not be what it was today. She had done more than just added to her numbers she had made her men developed their skills and transform into greater and far stronger warriors. She had done this so that when the King of Drake came marching to her doors she would be able to repay the man who took her father from her by sending him to join him in the afterlife.

However, things were not going as she had planned. Khal Jinn's alliance with her enemy had thrown her through a loop that she was still trying to recover from. Amelia's emotions were all over the place and she wasn't sure how to stabilize them or herself for that matter. She had so much on her plate with Melisandre's arrival and her prophecy and then Khal Jinn who things were still up in the air when it came to for things could go either really good or really bad on that matter. Then of course there was her inherited enemy who had made it clear that he was not out for peace but for blood and a lot of it.

"Moloch's mind is consumed with hate Amelia... attempting to find reason in that will serve less use than trying to stop the snow from falling." Amelia did not make eye contact with the man as her emerald eyes just pierced into the ground below her. She knew that his words held truth but that did not make things any easier for her. It was when he placed a comforting hand on her shoulder that she lifted her head to look into the man's orbs. "Yet hope remains, if you have the will to see it. Your letter. The one you sent across the see, the one read by this Khal Jinn. He comes here even now. Without him the threat Moloch poses us diminishes, further more if we convince him to ally with us instead of Moloch victory could be assured."

She couldn't help but smile as her adoptive uncle's words lifted her spirits as it had done so many times in the past. Her beloved uncle Ned always seemed to know what to say to her when she was at her wits end and her back was pressed up against the wall. Her uncle was right. While King Moloch's letter had struck a devastating end to Amelia's hopes an extending time of peace between their lands, Khal Jinn's approaching arrival was the silver lining of it all. For if she could convince the Great Khal to side with her King Moloch's defeat would be an inevitable one.

"I know it seems hard right now, it seems unfair and cruel but it is in these moments you shine Amelia. You've always proven yourself strong, powerful... The Mother of Dragons. Like the heroes of old it is when the darkness comes that you rise and shine out a new day as no one else can. Fear not my Queen, for I do not, not as long as I have you leading me." A warmth came from Eddard Snow's words that sparked a fire within the Silver Queen. To hear his words and how highly he thought of her made the fire within Amelia start to burn again. There had been many tragedies and hardships thrown her way over the years and yet she had managed to overcome them all. She was still standing and she would continue to stand and fight until her last dying breath. For she was Amelia Stormborn and within her veins burned the blood of the dragon.

"You are right uncle. I am Amelia Stormborn. The blood of the dragon. I must and will be strong. For when the day comes that I must face King Moloch I shall have fire in my eyes, not tears." Amelia knew that she had a fierce battle coming her way but that would not shake her. She would fight for her uncle, her People, her Kingdom, her children and most importantly herself. The Drake King had already taken to much away from her and he would take no more. For if she could not stop him she would die trying.

Embracing her uncle again as she had when she had first seen him she hugged him and indulged in his warmth. He had been with her through all of her troubled times and to know that he would always be there for her is something that made the fire intensify. Placing her soft lips upon his cheek she a kissed the man before parting from the hug. "I must began preparations for the Khal's arrival. For if we are lucky there shall be need of celebratory feast.", she gifted the man with a final smile of genuine happiness as her soured mood was now a thing of the past. She would not let the negativities of Drake clouded over her mind for a second more as she had more important things to attend to. "We shall talk again soon uncle.", turning away from the man she walked down the hall as she went off to find her handmaidens as they had a lot to do in a short amount of time.

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"What do you say Great Khal. Is this something you would be interested in?"

Her words incited him as his eyes drifted down her curvaceous frame but for once in his life it was what was hanging on that womanly body and not the body its self that intrigued him. He reached out a single hand that had ended the lives of so many was now as gentle as a mothers touch as it slowly grasped a bit of the fabric that was flowing around the princesses arm. The blade had not marred the thread, not a single broken string. Never before had he seen fabric such as this. His mind instantly went to his Dothraki. His people were never ones for copious amounts of armor or heavy cloth. They spent their lives on horseback so comfort was very important to them.

He nodded slowly as he released his hold on the silken cloth and let his eyes rise to meet Tenanye's.

"Impressive.... This could save many of my riders from seeing the Night Lands before their time."

A subtle smile touched his lips as he grunted in approval.

"Your people shall have all the steel they could ever want."

Satisfied their business was struck Jinn turned, gesturing for the princess to follow.

"We will drink and conclude our deal princess."

As the two walked along the deck they passed Jinn's riders, many of whom were standing about, talking or drinking. A few were even sampling the wares of the concubines that had been brought along for the voyage. The lusty romp was not viewed as uncouth, not to the Dothraki. Sex was natural to them, as natural as the wind in the sky or crushing anothers skull. As the Khal and the princess walked by the raucous revelry they caught eyes with Qotho, Doreah and two others who were casually leaning against some barrels talking. As their Khal passed they all paid him his due respect. Yet Doreah had more to say. As they walked away from the riders her voice caught the backs of the Khal and the princess.

"Vikeesi, Ifas maisi yeri..."

The bitter insult caused an uncomfortable mood to fall over the riders within earshot. Some chuckled at the cruel words, others just stared at the princess or the fiery Doreah. Jinn stopped in his tracks and slowly turned to look at his rider but then at the princess. She may not know his language but she knew an insult well enough.

"She shows you much disrespect daughter of the spider lands. To let her tongue continue to spew her venom would be seen as cowardice.... Do you want to know what she said?"



Eddard could see the fire within his niece roar to life. He had done his duty and was proud he had been able to grant her this small bit of comfort. He'd hoped he could do more but as it was this was all she needed. He found her needing him less and less these days but alas this was the plight of any parent. When they are young they need you for everything, as they grow... Smiling to himself Eddard made his way out of the palace. He needed to see his wife and children, he missed them dearly and wanted a quiet place to ready himself for the Khal's arrival.

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The Khal's eyes watched with growing interest as the fight unfolded. Doreah's trademark savagery was met with illusive skill and a staunch defense that made the rider pay for her every mistake. Doreah may have drawn blood first but Tenanye drew blood last and in the end, that was all that mattered. Her bo staff came down hard striking head, chest and ribs with bone breaking force. Doreah fell to the wooden deck as her body spasmodically twitched. Her brain was no doubt swelling in her skull as the blood rushed in her cranium. Many Dothraki eyes were on their fallen fellow rider as she twitched in her death throws. A few moments passed as the victor stood over Doreah before she went still forever.

Those same Dothraki eyes rose now and locked onto the one who killed their kin. The silence had not lifted yet, as Doreah's friends, family members and lovers all stared now at her proud killer who turned to Jinn, loss of breath.

"How about that drink?"

She asked proudly. The riders awaited their Khal's response who sat unmoving, his eyes on the one who killed Doreah before him. His jaw tensed for a moment as his unreadable gaze stared deeply into the princess from Anansai.

"There will be no drinks..."

He said darkly, his voice little more than a growl. He slowly got to his feet, his full imposing height cast a large shadow over the princess. He stepped toward her with slow yet determined intent. His eyes never left her as he moved toward her, his movements were a kin to a male lion approaching a nomad. His eyes, almost feral in their unpredictability. His boot touched the blood of his warrior who lay dead at his feet. He looked down at the body of Doreah then back at Tenanye. Slowly his hand went to the small of his back where he drew a dagger.

All eyes were on the Khal now, on him and that wicked looking blade in his hand. He took one more step forward, now but an arms reach from the killer of Doreah. His eyes looking into hers as if he could lay her soul to bear before him. Then he knelt and grabbed a hand full of Doreah's hair at the base of the long braid. He took the knife and sliced the braid off at the nape of her neck.

"Until you take what you've won, Ifeqevron lajak."

With that he tossed the long braid, wet with the blood of the fallen rider to Tenanye and the entire ship erupted in cheers. Rythmic chanting soon followed as the Dothraki swelled around Tenanye offering her congratulations and praise. Jinn casually walked away as his people embraced who they now called Ifeqevron lajak or Spider warrior. While Tenanye may have been standing amongst the joyous crowd of Dothraki holding a dead woman's braid wondering what was going on she had no idea the impact of what she'd just done. To take a warrior's braid was a badge of honor and status among the Dothraki, it granted one status and respect among the riders and in Tenanye's case a Dothraki name. Her most valuable prize won that day, was the respect of Khal Jinn.



Lord Snow looked upon his family home with quiet pride as he drank in the solace that came with the sight. He could hear Catelyn inside rounding up the younger children. Arya and Sansa were fighting again. He could hear that as well. The sounds of his two girls shouting at each other made Eddard chuckle. It was these moments that sustained him, small though they may be, that got him through the dark days. His wife singing in the kitchen, archery practice with Rob and Bran, drying Sansa's tears after some boy broke her heart, counseling Arya when she struggled with the evils of being born a girl or just sharing a laugh with Amelia. This was what he fought for, his family, his heart was split in six pieces, one for each of them.

The door to the family home opened and in walked Eddard to the proud smile of his wife Catelyn.


She said happily as she rushed to him and gave him a warm embrace and a soft kiss. Eddard was home and finally was able to relinquish the burden he carried around with him all the time, he was finally at peace.

"Wife, have the girls killed each other?"

He asked only half joking. Catelyn laughed and returned to the cooking spit where a black iron kettle held some fine smelling stew that was boiling finely. The rich aroma filled the home, enticing it's inhabitants with it's bounty.

"Not yet."

She said as she began to stir the pot. Ned appeared behind her, slowly sliding his hands around her waist lovingly.

"Smell's good."

"It's almost ready. Did you invite her?"

Eddard drooped his head in embarrassment at his forgetfulness, she was going to kill him. In all the chaos of impending war, vengeful kings and changing the allegiances of horse lords he forgot about the all important, earth shattering urgency that is inviting Amelia Stormborn to dinner.

"I forgot..."

Catelyn stiffened and turned around to glare at her husband.

"Ned, I asked you this morning. How could you have forgotten? It's been ages since that girl has been over for supper, gods know when the last time she's eaten proper. Have you been making sure she's been eating well?"

Ned sighed and shook his head with a shrug of his shoulders while he turned away from the ear full he was about to receive.

"We've been a little busy dear."

"Yes, oh I'm sure she has been but it's your responsibility to look after her Ned."

"I try, Catelyn I do..."

Eddard replied, suddenly with an odd amount of weariness in his voice. It was like all the sudden he felt his age again and it hurt. His beloved wife who knew him better than anyone else picked up on it instantly and softened her mood as she came to stand behind him. Gently she turned him around and put her hand lovingly on his chest.

"I know you do husband, believe me I know how much you do for her. I just worry she forgets at times how young she is. I see that girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders. She needs to know she still has family, people to look after her when she needs a safe harbor. What do you always say?"

Ned smiled softly and kissed his wife. He loved that woman more than life itself.

"Winter is coming."

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The arrow struck the target with a solid thud in the crisp morning air. The archer lowered his bow with a proud smile as he turned to look at his instructor.

"Look father, see?"

Bran Stark looked up at his father in joy that he'd finally hit the target. Eddard smiled proudly as he patted his young son on the back before crouching beside him.

"A fine shot son, now let's try for the bullseye eh?"

He gently nudged the bow back up from the resting position it was in. Bran brought the bow back up and knocked another arrow. He drew back and took aim as his father watched his form with a careful eye.

"Don't think too much Bran."

He warned as his son's eyebrows creased in bitter determination. Bran breathed out a slow sigh as he tried to calm himself.

"Relax your bow arm."

Eddard corrected as his eldest son Robb and his youngest daughter Arya approached from behind to watch their brother's progress. Bran breathed out slowly, preparing to fire. His fingers twitched with anticipation as he envisioned the arrow in flight. One final breath and...

"Lord Snow!"

The arrow flew and shot wide of the mark, striking the wooden wall of the stall behind the target. Arya and Robb broke out into laughter as Eddard rose and turned to glare at the two of them.

"And which one of you was a marksman at ten? Keep practicing Bran, Robb come help your brother."

Eddard said before turning to the source of the voice which called his name. He saw one of the queen's men racing toward him, near out of breath.

"Milord Snow!"

He shouted again as Eddard took a few steps toward him, hands outstretched to calm the young messenger.

"Easy lad, what is it?"

The messenger dropped to a knee, unable to stand as sweat dripped down his head and neck. He took a few gulping breaths of air before he was able to speak. Robb looked up in concern as he crouched beside his younger brother, he wondered what this man wanted with his father.

"Milord... The Master of Ships... He's on his way to see the Queen milord... they say a ship from the South Pacific approaches!"

No more needed saying. Eddard rushed for his horse and was on his way to the castle within minutes. He had to prepare, there was much to do to make ready for the arrival of Khal Jinn.



The sun shone on the sea as morning came to the Brazilian Ocean. Racing across the waves was a single vessel with one man on it's decks. A beast of a man, massive in size and thick with bristling muscle. His dark eyes scanned the city in the distance, the ivory city, home to the silver haired queen. His thick shoulders were painted with blue stripes of war paint, his long hair braided trailed down his broad back. Khal Jinn looked on the South Atlantic Kingdom for the first time. As he heard the bells in the distance his mind snapped back to the dream he had last night.

He saw fire, a great fire that consumed all. He stood amongst a mountain of bodies, blood covered him. At his feet lay a woman face down in the blood mixed dirt. Her silver hair was matted with blood as her killer loomed over her. He remembered roaring out in victory before a shadow loomed over him. He turned to see a dragon of unfathomable size. So large was the great drake that Jinn could not even see its entire body. Its city length body stood before him, tail whipping behind it like a slavers wrath. It's eyes ancient and all knowing looked down on Jinn in anger.

"Jinn... you have forgotten what I've told you..."

The beast spoke, its voice full of ancient dread and utter despair. Suddenly a single claw reached forward and pierced Jinn's body. The agony was unlike anything Jinn could ever imagine as his body was torn asunder in seconds. He had awoken from the dream in a cold sweat and turned to find the princess laying naked in his bed beside him. Her curvaceous form, absent of any cloth lay draped across his broad body, a few empty bottles lay scattered around them. The Khal had gotten out of bed, careful not to wake Tenanye as she slept off the nights events. After covering her body with a bear fur he silently dressed and crept out of the captains quarters before heading out into the morning air to watch the sun rise.

He stood now on the bow of his ship looking out onto the cities docks as they neared. Seamen waved them in as guards stood ready to receive them. Just a hand full of knights, if they were expecting trouble they should have brought more men. Jinn turned with a fiery grin as his ship moved into port. The large wooden vessel pulled up and tied to it's moorings by the dock workers. The feeling in the air was fear mixed with anticipation. The people of the South Atlantic had been waiting for this but they were yet still uncertain of what was getting off that ship.

The gang plank was lowered and the heavy horse hooves echoed out across the docks as Khal Jinn led his horde off the vessel. The mounted warriors received nervous stares from the people of the South Atlantic. Stories of the savage Dothraki was well documented and fears of pillaging hung heavy in the air. The Dothraki were not all that rode off the ship that morning. The Princess from the Anansai and her retainers also appeared much to the surprise of the people nearby. She rode a few columns back looking tired yet happy to be off the ship.

The Great Khal brought his massive war horse to a stop and his riders stopped in turn as he looked down at the armored knight waiting to receive him.

"Khal Jinn, I am Sir-"

"Achrakh yeroon zireyesee hrazef anni, zhey ifak."

Khal Jinn said cutting him off, his deep growling voice froze the voice in the knights throat. Qotho chuckled behind Jinn as he looked at the knight, shaking in his armor. The knight swallowed hard before attempting to speak again.

"D-Do you speak our language sir?"

The Khal stared at him, saying not a word. Slowly he arched an eyebrow and turned his head to look at Qotho.

"Oqet vichitera oma vafikhoon."

Qotho joked causing both men to laugh. The knight looked from Jinn to Qotho then back again, obviously worried about what was going on.

"Sirs I-"

The Khal's horse grunted loudly as it stepped forward in impatience. The knight ceased his attempt as Jinn finally ended the man's torment.

"I speak your words knight. Now... take me to your Queen."

The knight breathed a sigh of relief before nodding and turning to issue an order to his hand full of fellow knights. They walked along the fifty horses with their riders as Khal Jinn was led to the castle of Amelia Stormborn.

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Eddard snow hadn't run that fast in years. After dismounting he raced through the castle, he had to be at her side in this moment. She would need him and Eddard's small knowledge of the Dothraki and their language would certainly be invaluable during this meeting. As he ran his mind filed through his admittedly poor grasp he had on the Dothraki's harsh and guttural language. Fortunately his sense of understanding was better than his ability to speak it. He figured he'd rather know what was being said over replying in kind anyway. As Eddard reached the steps he rushed out of the castle to come at a stop behind Amelia. He gave her a warm smile and a nod before looking up at the sound of the horns. Khal Jinn was here...


His horse trotted across the foreign land with its rider at a steady pace. The horde close behind as they rode toward the massive castle of the silver haired queen. The structure was impressive and a single glance warned the Khal that siege warfare here would be no easy feat. He tensed his jaw in frustration at the prospect of a long drawn out campaign but steeled himself as he rounded the corner. He could see people gathered upon long steps, many people from soldiers and knights to nobles and servants. All of them dressed finely as if to be as presentable as possible for his arrival. There was but one he was looked for, only one his eyes yearned to see.

And there she was, hair that out shined the moon, striking green eyes that captivated the soul, a figure so pure Jinn could not help but stare. His dark gaze, unreadable as always was fixed on the Queen of the South Atlantic, The Mother of Dragons. As the horde grew near only Khal Jinn rode ahead, only the Great Rider brought his horse to the foot of the steps to the castle. His eyes locked on the Queen. Her beauty captivated him yet his mind warned of Moloch's words. As he looked upon her, the figure before him of the beautiful queen with the silver hair something flashed in his mind for the briefest of moments. The dream from the night before. The body at his feet, it had to be her.... But her death... His doom came as a result of her death, the great dragon destroyed him for slaying her. What this could mean he had no idea, only time and the benevolence of the gods would make things clear to him.

The Great Khal took a breath as his gaze observed the Queen, his mouth making no sound. Even his warriors looked to him in wonder. Jinn found himself unable to turn his gaze, his stoic expression was locked on her as she stared back at him. Her gorgeous green eyes, his shadowy dark ones were connected and would not break. Jinn had always been a man of instinct, ruled not by his feelings but lead by them. To have the gaze of the Queen staring back into his he did not see the cruelty, the corruption, the utter selfishness he expected. No in her eyes he saw a mothers warmth and ferocity. He saw fear yet not the fools fear he was used too, no in her eyes it was not fear of self but for others. He saw something else as well, something more illusive and difficult to discern. A small mystery that called to him like a lover in the night.

All in attendance fell silent as the Dothraki Khal brought his massive war horse to a halt. The silence was almost deafening as all eyes were on the two rulers, looking for some sign, any signal of what to expect.


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The sound of the horns sent a chill down her spine and made butterflies swarm in the deepest pits of her stomach. She was dreadfully nervous on the inside but did her best to conceal it on the outside. When she caught sight of her uncle who had popped up behind her o join her she smiled brightly as she contained the laughter that wanted to burst out of her. "Are you okay? Did you run all the way here?" she asked as the older man was flushed in the face. The sound of the approaching hooves against the pavement of the city's streets was like a thunder to her ears and she knew at that moment the Khal and his horde was rounding the corner that lead to the castle entrance. "Thank you. For being here with me ... and for me.", Amelia's words were as sincere as could be as she thanked her uncle who had been like the a father to here seen the death of her blood one.

She turned away from the man after giving him one last smile as the Dothraki came into view before her. The Grand Majester walked down the marble stairs first as he greeted the Dothraki speaking in the native tongue words that Amelia could not understand. Switching back to the language that all present could understand he continued, "May I present to you Amelia Stormborn. The Unburnt Mother of Dragons, Conqueror of Mexico and Celtic Lands, Breaker of Chains, The Silver Queen and beloved Queen of the South Atlantic Kingdom."

"Come forward, Your Grace." Taking her cue from the Majester Amelia slowly and gracefully descended the stairs all while staring into the eyes of The Great Khal. Never in her life had she seen a man such as this, his almond shaped eye’s seemed to pierce straight through her, as if the man was reading her soul. Khal Jinn, was a great deal taller than any man she had ever come into to contact with and while she had always known she was small she truly felt it on this day as the man looked down upon her. He had copper colored skin that was decorated with striking blue stripes on his broad shoulders, long black braided hair and the most beautiful eye’s, dark and mysterious. She was unable to control herself from staring into his eye’s. For a moment ,they were the only two people in the world, she for some unexplainable reason felt drawn to him.

"Your Grace," the Majester spoke trying to draw the Queen's attention but in that moment she was so capitative by the huge man that she could look at nothing else but him. "Khal Jinn, The first Khal of the South Pacific Kingdom, Conqueror of the Pit of Shadows, Leader of the Children of Arktorius, Master of the Dothraki Horde. This is the man before you." She pulled herself away from the hypnotizing eyes to final look at the Majester, with a smile she nodded "Thank you for your service here today." Nodding followed by bow of respect was giving as the Majester saw himself off.

She now took in the sight of the others the Khal had brought with him and out of the crowd she spotted three that she knew did not belong to the horde. She was curious as to who these people were as she had not expected him to bring foreigners outside of himself and his people, however in the letter she had told him to bring along whoever he wished and the three unknowns fit the description. Glancing back up to the Khal she spoke, "Welcome to the South Atlantic Kingdom and its capital Great Khal. You honor me as well as my people," she said as she motioned to those who still stood behind her on the stairs, "with your presence and for that we are most grateful. We have much to discuss but before we do you and your People shall be settled within the castle." The servants immediately descended the marble steps ready to assist those who needed it. "Please, feel free to make yourselves at home."

With that she left the Khal and his people to dismount and unpack their belongs, they're would be plenty of time for the Khal and Queen to have their one on one. Climbing the steps she sent her men back to their duties as the meet and greet was now over. Turning her attention to her uncle she spoke, "Tonight whether this meeting goes good or bad there will be a feast tonight and I would like to see you along with the rest of your family there." Last night as she ate alone in her room she had thought about her uncle and his family and had realized just how long its been since she had seen the rest of the Snow family. Linking arms with the Lord she walked back into the castle and had to pick his mind as she wanted to know exactly what was on his mind. "So how do you think it went? And do you know anything of the three non Dothraki warriors?"

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Eddard stood silently as he watched the proceedings. Many a king, ruler and lord have come to meet the Queen yet never had he seen anything like this. The Khal had a presence to him, it was palpable and hung heavy in the air. The people all looked upon him like a coming storm. Eddard took a deep breath as his war horse came to a stop before the steps to the castle. They said he was big but by the gods were they being modest. Easily the largest man he'd ever seen and built like a mountain. Complete with war paint the man certainly looked the part of a savage tribal leader but only a fool would take him as merely that.

Ned had been researching the man for weeks. He knew there was an intelligence to him, a wisdom and cunning behind that mask of a brute that made him all the more dangerous. As that man sat now before them all he watched that intelligence on display as he fixated on his niece. Petty familial protectiveness kicked in and Eddard wished he could send the man away there and then. He let the urge pass as he watched the scene play out. He watched as the Khal looked upon Amelia and he watched as Amelia looked upon the Khal. She walked like she was in a trance as she stared in much the same way. The Lord Snow's eyes flicked between the two rulers with an understanding that only came with age as the faintest shadow of a smile appeared on his face only to vanish as quick as it came.

The Majester introduced the Queen in the Khal's tongue, Eddard's Dothraki was admittedly a little out of practice but he picked up most of it. The Majester did his duty, he gave a grand introduction and welcomed the Khal to the South Atlantic with every level of regalia and respect due to the gravity of the meeting. Yet despite the pretty words woven by the Majester Eddard doubted the big rider heard any of it. His complete and utter focus was on the Queen in that moment. The Khal of the South Pacific did not move, did not react at all just sat there staring. It would have been eerie would it not have been reciprocated but reciprocated it was as Amelia slowly walked towards him like a sailor drawn to a sirens song.

Then the Queen spoke, she too welcomed the Khal and finally Eddard thought he saw the man blink. Eddard would have chuckled if the meeting was not so important. She welcomed him to the kingdom, thanked him for taking the journey and promised of food and drink to come. With that she turned and ascended the stairs, all the while that dark gaze followed her every movement. She came up the stairs and slipped her hand through Ned's arm before allowing him to walk her into the castle.

Now it was Eddard who stared, looking at his niece with a knowing smirk yet said nothing.

"Tonight whether this meeting goes good or bad there will be a feast tonight and I would like to see you along with the rest of your family there."

Ned chuckled and nodded as they walked.

"Catelyn will be happy to hear that, she misses you my Queen. You know how she worries."

The two shared a heartfelt laugh before Amelia spoke again.

"So how do you think it went? And do you know anything of the three non Dothraki warriors?"

Eddard sighed aloud before replying.

"I think if it wen't poorly we'd know. So there's hope. He's a.... rare man, is he not?"

The Lord Snow asked curious of his nieces appraisal on the man from the South Pacific. Before she answered he attempted to inform her of the three non Dothraki. He recognized the Princess from Anansai, he'd seen her once at a summit to promote peace between the nations. She served as an emissary to her people, he remembered thinking it odd that they would send their own blood yet the girl was skilled at her craft and more than fit for her duties. The other woman was unfamiliar to Ned, he assumed she was the hand maiden to the princess. The man was a surprise however, a warrior from Wa. Curious to find him riding with The Khal.

Before The Lord Snow could tell the Queen what he knew he heard the Queen's Guard step forward ready to draw their swords. Amelia and Eddard turned to see the princess approach them.

"Easy lads... wouldn't want to cause an international incident would you? That's the Princess Tenanye Ananse, daughter of King Amun Ananse. Wouldn't want him finding out you lot were threatening his daughter would you?"

Eddard asked with warning and a wry smile. Eddard had met King Ananse on several occasions and knew him to be a just man, in his youth he was a fierce warrior. The two had never met on the battlefield and for that he thanked the Gods, he did not lament being forced to face his blade. Eddard gave the princess a polite nod as she introduced herself to the Queen.

"Sumimasen, Excuse me. I believe I can answer that. My apologizes on the intrusion, Your Majesty. I am Princess Tenanye Ananse of Anansai. I had been in midst of trade negotiations with Khal Jinn during the travel here. Once we've concluded, I shall be on my way, lest of course, you wish to discuss trade as well, I'll be more then willing to. Might I add that you have a beautiful country. I've never been on this side of the world before. It's stunning."



Jinn listened intently as the Queen spoke, her voice was melodious to his ear. She welcomed him to her kingdom and thanked him for his travels. Then she was gone, turned and ascended to stairs to her castle. He watched as an older man who did not look like a native to this country led her away. The Khal was left atop his horse staring after the queen, he didn't not react right away. The servants came down and began assisting the riders and tending to them. Leading away their horses and showing them the way to the castle. Qotho instinctively moved his horse to stand beside Jinn's, his eyes on his friend and Khal.

"Hash yer dothrae chek?"

He asked curious how his friend was doing after the odd meeting of rulers. Jinn blinked and shook his head as if shaking the haziness out of his mind's wanderings.

"Anha dothrak chek, Qotho."

Jinn replied excusing his mood as nothing. Qotho was unconvinced and pressed the issue as two servants arrived to take the men's horses yet were too fearful to actually interrupt them.

"Hash yer asti k’athijilari?"

Jinn turned to his friend, he could hear the concern in his voice. He gave him a nod and a short smile.

"Sek, Qotho. K'athjilari."

Satisfied Qotho nodded in return before dismounting. Jinn remained on his horse for another moment as his eyes drifted back to the entrance where he'd last seen her. There was something about this moon haired Queen...

The horses were led to water and stabled before being brushed down and fed. Their riders led by the Great Khal were ushered into the castle and led off to where they would be staying. One hand maiden approached the Khal and swallowed hard in fear before speaking.

"Great K-Khal? T-This way please."

It was obvious she was having difficulty overcoming her fear and communication with a man she felt didn't speak her language. Jinn turned to Qotho who chuckled and walked away. Jinn gave her a nod, telling her he would follow.

"Lead on then."

He said. She stared at him in shock to which he only smiled. The smile seemed to work magic and the girls mood changed instantly. She broke out into a wide smile as she turned and led Jinn up a spiraling set of stairs.

"Apologies milord but I thought you did not speak our language."

She said as she walked ahead of him, taking along the masterfully constructed staircase. Jinn chuckled as he followed her, keeping pace with ease given his longer stride.

"Yes, I've been getting that alot."

The girl giggled sweetly as they reached the floor in which Jinn would be staying.

"This is the top of the tower milord, reserved for honored guests and royalty of which you are both Khal Jinn."

Jinn nodded as he walked behind her, not saying a word. As they reached his room she opened the door revealing a wonderful bed chamber complete with a balcony overlooking the ocean and a fire pit surrounded by comfortable looking seating. Jinn took a few steps in and looked around.

"If there is anything you should need milord my name is Nala."


Jinn said, his voice low and grumbling as he turned to look at her. She nodded politely in response.

"If I ask for the truth?"

Jinn questioned. Nala was unsure of what he wanted but nodded all the same.

"Whatever truth I can offer milord."

Jinn nodded as he took a few steps toward her.

"Your Queen... do you love her?"

The serving girl looked at Jinn, not certain of what he wanted.


"Is she just? Kind? Do you love her?"

Jinn asked again, elaborating slightly. From the mouths of nobles came only lies but from the serving class, from the poor Jinn knew he'd find the truth.

"A finer ruler milord, I have never met."

Nala replied proudly and firmly. Jinn looked into her eyes, searching for any signs of falsehoods but found none. Satisfied he nodded and she left. Alone in his room Jinn walked to the balcony and looked out onto the ocean beyond yet all he could see were those captivating green eyes.

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"Catelyn will be happy to hear that, she misses you my Queen. You know how she worries." sharing a heartfelt laugh with her uncle she nodded "Yes, I know. Which is all the more reason for her as well as the rest of your family to attend. So that everyone can know that I am doing okay." As they walked and her second question was asked she watched him as he sighed before answering which was not a good sign. "I think if it wen't poorly we'd know. So there's hope. He's a.... rare man, is he not?" Amelia nodded to the first part with a small smile on her face as her uncle reassured her feeling of hope. The second part of his response as he asked her what she thought of the Khal caught her off guard and she was lost for words. What did she think of Khal?

Before she could relay her thoughts or he could tell her of the other three foreigners who were clearly not Dothraki the Queensguard approached all ready to draw their weapons. She wasn't sure what was happening until she turned around to see one of the three non-Dothraki that Khal Jinn had brought with him. "Easy lads... wouldn't want to cause an international incident would you? That's the Princess Tenanye Ananse, daughter of King Amun Ananse. Wouldn't want him finding out you lot were threatening his daughter would you?" Amelia stared at her uncle Ned for a moment as he spoke the unknown woman's identity. Looking back at her guardsmen she ordered them to stand down as she didn't need the spilled blood of the princess on her marble floors.

"Sumimasen, Excuse me. I believe I can answer that." the Princess said with a bright welcoming smile. "My apologizes on the intrusion, Your Majesty. I am Princess Tenanye Ananse of Anansai." Respectable bowing to the Silver Queen she continued, "I had been in midst of trade negotiations with Khal Jinn during the travel here. Once we've concluded, I shall be on my way, lest of course, you wish to discuss trade as well, I'll be more then willing to." Amelia smiled with the woman as she added, "Might I add that you have a beautiful country. I've never been on this side of the world before. It's stunning."

Amelia smiled brightly at the compliment giving to her kingdom, "While I am more than willing to discuss trade with you, before I do I feel its best that I handle my business with the Khal first." Amelia didn't want to overload herself by taking on more than she could handle so she would handle business with the Khal before she started up business with the Princess.

Just than she spotted her handmaiden Nala and motioned her over, "Your Grace?" Nala along with serval others had been assigned to helping the Dothraki settle in and Amelia just wanted to make sure everything was running smoothly. "Are the Dothraki settling in well?" she asked and Nala replied with a nod. "I just finished escorting the Great Khal to his room. He seems ... nice." Amelia nodded with a smile at Nala's words. "Excuse me.", she said dismissing herself as she went to see Khal Jinn.

She knew which room he was staying in during his stay in the capital so locating the great man was no issue. She knocked on the door but when she heard no reply she entered the room unannounced. Entering the room cautiously as she wasn't sure if she was going to be interrupting anything when she entered she closed the door behind her. Scanning the room with her emerald green orbs she caught sight of the gigantic man standing out on the balcony. She approached slowly "Do you like the view?" she asked as she joined the Khal on the balcony. The wind blew a gentle breeze that carried from the ocean and felt nice against her skin. She wondered what King Moloch had told the Khal of her and her kingdom to make him side with Drake City. Turning to face the man who towered over her she smiled, "Shall we discuss your reason for being here?"

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Eddard smiled warmly as he gave the princess a gentle nod, confirming that she was correct in her assumption.

"You have a good memory princess."

He gestured for her to walk with him and the two casually began to stroll through the marble halls of the Queen's castle. As they walked they passed by the great hall, library, several sitting rooms and finally came to a pair of glass double doors that lead outside. With a knowing smile The Lord Snow opened the door for Tenanye revealing the most spectacular garden. Fields of bushes with flowers of every kind. Trees bearing fragrant fruits and flowers whose aromas were heaven to smell. The walkways were masterfully constructed to give the visitor a truly magical feel as they strolled beneath canopy's made of vine and rose.

Eddard looked at the princess and led her out into the morning sun.

"I hope you din't mind but this is one of my favorite places in the whole kingdom. It is easily the best place for good conversation."

Happily the older man walked along side the princess as they took in the spectacle of the royal garden. Eddard breathed deep the fresh morning air mixed with floral fragrance. It was times like this he didn't miss home, it was times like this he could truly enjoy this country.

"So tell me my lady, how is Anansai this time of year? I have not been for many winters."



Alone in his room the Great Khal was troubled. His mind was finding difficulty resolving the dual images of the place, people and ruler he now found himself in the company of. Even in the few hours he had been in the South Atlantic he was hard pressed to say this was the snakes den he was told it is. Now Arkham, when he first arrived at what was to be his capitol, it took all of a few moments to see the level of depravity that city had fallen to. He did not find that here. He found people who were genuinely happy, people who did not want excessively and who loved their Queen. Not the venomous beast she was supposed to be.

Then there was the Queen herself. Jinn's instincts had never been wrong. To look upon her he was almost entranced by her beauty, her grace and very presence. This was more than the power of a pretty woman no, Jinn had been around women his entire life. Beautiful women, sultry women, warrior women and more. Yet nothing had prepared him for this. Looking at her he felt unarmed, at a loss for words and action. Then there was the warning in his heart and mind, the words from the great dragon in his dream the night prior.

He knew the dragon had to be his Lord, his chosen God Arktorious the Great Black Dragon of despair and darkness. Yet why has he come to him now? What is it about this woman that caused a god to speak to him in a dream? Could she be the...

The door opened and his mind sealed itself like a vault. He slowly took a breath as he sensed the presence behind him. Feet softly padding along the floor, making little noise. The flowing of a dress as it's wearer walked across the room. The sweet smell of a woman. She came to stand beside him as he stared out onto the ocean beyond. Her moon colored hair, silver finer than anything the earth could produce flowed gently in the morning breeze. So small in comparison to himself, the Great Khal, the warrior King standing beside her.

"Do you like the view?"

She asked, her melodious voice seemed to touch his skin gently. Jinn did not speak right away, he just breathed in the clean scent of the morning sea air mixed with the sweetness of the Queen's own scent. He felt strangely at peace despite the fact he was standing alone with someone he was suppose to be warring with.

"Me allayafa anna."

Was his reply, his voice deep and rumbling like the stone from a mountain. He was well aware she did not speak Dothraki yet it felt more meaningful this way, he was not sure why. He did like the view, he told her in his tongue that he did saying that it pleased him. She would know the truth in his words, language barrier or not. His body language spoke enough to translate that.

"Shall we discuss your reason for being here?"

She asked finally after they shared a quiet moment of watching the waves crash down below. She turned to him, those emerald eyes of hers fell upon him once more and he could almost feel her gaze touch him. He turned to meet her gaze with one of his own. He looked down at her, The Unburnt Mother of Dragons. The title intrigued him.


Jinn said in reply, the single world summing up everything that has brought them to this moment. Beyond the motivations for it, it's evils or honors this was why he was here. War.

"You want to convince me that you are not what Moloch has told me you are. You wan't to tell me that he is the one who deserves to taste my blade. You would say that he is wrong and you are right.... That is not a conversation I wish to have Queen who is kissed by the moon."

He said turning away from her, his eyes touched the ocean once more and he fell silent for a moment. The mysterious Khal from the west let the wind caress his sun tanned skin before speaking again.

"You are a good Queen, anyone with eyes can see that. I have seen the levels of which man's decadent corruption can reach. I do not find that in the South Atlantic. No amount of silver tongued words from a king can convince me to ignore what my eyes see. Yet... I made a promise Amelia Stormborn, a vow. Oaths between warriors are not easily broken."

Again he fell silent as the queen looked up at him. Jinn's mind was fast becoming a ship in a storm, fighting for a heading. He wished, prayed for a sign, some signal of what to do.

"Why do they call you the Unburnt Mother of Dragons?"

He asked suddenly as his eyes once again met hers.

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Moon Jae Shin

Moon Jae Shin stood quietly as he observed Khal Jinn and Queen Amelia meet one another for the first time. They seemed fixated on one another. From Moon’s vast experience, due to having lived for so long, he knew that when people have that manner of encounter it was usually a sign that the 108 stars of destiny were at work. Khal Jinn and Amelia were indeed two of those very 108 stars. Moon remembered long ago when he met Faramir Elendil, he was told of the 108 stars of destiny and how each star was represented by a person alive in the world. These stars would shape the world’s destiny.

Moon was very conscious of the various looks the people of the South Atlantic Kingdom threw his, Tenanye, and Soo-Min’s way. They were not of Jinn’s people, and more so for Moon, he was the only person of Wa descent present. Surely his presence caused much confusion. The South Atlantic had long been out of contact with the people of Wa. Moon had to be careful here as he was not sent in an official capacity as an ambassador. So far no one treated him as such. It seemed that they assumed him to be a warrior monk as his cover suggested.

Rumil Arato, Oropher Rovain

Meanwhile Rumil and Oropher waited around the docks for some time. The two mermen watched as the group consisting of Khal Jinn, Princess Tenanye, Soo-Min, Moon Jae Shin as well as Khal’s soldiers disembarked the ship and greeted the officials of the South Atlantic Kingdom. Rumil was glad that the water was freely flowing through out various parts of the kingdom. That meant that he could still covertly attempt to keep tabs on Moon Jae Shin. Oropher was beginning to realize that following Jae Shin could prove beneficial. He was witnessing more humans discuss the prospects of war. The more info Oropher had on the human war the better for him to form a plan of attack for the merpeople against them.

Rumil turned to Oropher and asked curiously, “Isn’t this the so called Dragon Kingdom? I don’t like the sound of land dragons.”

Oropher scoffed, “Oh it is Dragon Kingdom. But you shouldn’t worry about the miserable little land dragons. You and I both know that Water Dragons are far more dangerous! Our Water Dragons would blow that puny Human Dragon Queen and her fire breathing brutes away no problem. They’re not so hot!” Oropher really wanted to call a water dragon on the spot but knew that it wouldn’t be a good idea. He just had to wait a bit, he’d have his fun.

Moon Jae Shin

The group of Travelers were lead to their respective quarters. Moon was still getting used to the foreign faces. He had lived for a very long time yet most of it was spent n Wa and the nearby regions. It had been some time since he had traveled far outside of Wa. The servants that laid eyes on him seemed to stare in awe of his exotic features. His eyes, pale skin tone, and dark hair were very different from what they were accustomed to seeing. Tenanye turned to Moon before departing.

"Moon, I am going to speak with the Queen, do you mind going to Soo-Min. she seems in a bit of a mood and doesn't wish to speak to me, perhaps she'll talk to you." She said.

Moon knew what had happened. He could tell that Tenanye’s energies were on Khal and Khal’s energies were on Tenanye. He knew why Soo-Min was not speaking to the princess. He felt that he should keep the Handmaiden’s secret and not tell Tenanye. Personally Moon wasn’t too thrilled about the thought of the Princess’s physical union with Khal. Moon wasn’t sure if Jinn and Tenanye were in love or not but even so Moon would have advised Tenanye to wait before uniting physically with Jinn. Moon was a very old fashioned mind. He courted Rumil without physically uniting with him for a very long time. By the time such events occurred it was more than clear that they were willing to get as close to one another as possible because of love. Times were different then and now. Moon didn’t judge the princess, he simply wanted her to be careful.

Moon replied with a smile. “Of course, I’ll look after her. You should take care to be careful princess. I will not be thrilled if you get into another brawl. The security here is very tight and on high alert. I can tell. Good luck in your negotiations.” Moon then bowed to the princess before she departed.

Soon Moon caught up to Soo-Min who seemed to be in a bit of a daze. She didn’t seem her usual self. Moon hadn’t been around Soo-min for an extremely long time but, he could tell that her changes in disposition were not easily hidden. He liked that about Soo-Min.

“There you are Lady Soo-Min. I never thought a horse stable would be so tricky to find. The people here seem to have a difficult time understanding my speaking of the common tongue. Is my Wa accent THAT thick?” Moon said with a chuckle. He wanted to lift Soo-Min’s spirits as best he could. Moon then picked up a bush and began to gently groom one of the large horses in the stable. “Soo-Min, please don’t take me as being rude. I don’t intend to be. However, is there an issue with the princess that you’d like to discuss? I know it’s a highly private matter. I can keep a secret very well and I have a good listening ear. I’d be more than willing to lend it to you.” Moon said with a smile only a big brother could give.

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Jinn stared now in awe at the sight before him. Beasts from legend and myth, fabled creatures long thought lost to this world were now but a few paces away. They cooed and purred at the touch of their mother. The beautiful silver haired Queen of the South Atlantic knelt beside her children and embraced them with all the warmth and tenderness of a mother. Jinn watched the scene in disbelief. He had heard her title, heard what the people called her but never believed that this could possibly be so. Amelia Stormborn was no common woman to have brought these creatures to the world again, she was truly a remarkable individual.

Jinn took a slow step forward as the dragons enjoyed the affection shown to them by their mother. He listened as the Queen introduced her children. The one whose scales were gold and cream was called Viserion. Rhaegal was next, distinct due to his bronze and green colored scales. Finally was the largest, a strong black drake by the name of Drogon. It was Drogon that was the first to give attention to the man in the room. His reptilian eyes locked with Jinn's and in that moment something was awakened in the Khal from the west. An old memory, a memory of a dream or perhaps a vision.

Alone in the darkness with shadow as his only company Jinn layed on the cold stone floor staring up at the night sky. He looked up at the stars as so many men before him had done over the centuries and dreamed of freedom. Unlike those fool men he never dared attempt the climb, he knew what that course won men. A long drop and a quick death was the only prize attainable for the men who made the climb. No one had ever had the strength to make the climb, no one. Men had been trying for years and body after body had dropped to the hard ground that would now be their grave. Jinn was no such fool. Then He came to him, in a dream. In the dead of night a great black dragon appeared. Born of shadow and smoke the beast spoke, words oozing past its titanic maw. It's eyes ancient reptilian emanated with power unfathomable now stared into Jinn's soul. It spoke and told Jinn how he was made for more than this. He had conquered those within the pit of despair but his fate, his destiny lay outside of the darkness. He was meant for so much more. It was then, before he vanished from sight that the dragon god Arktorious told Jinn of how he would achieve his destiny, of what he must do. Deshi Basara...

"Seek out the one that fire does not touch, the one that births dragons into the world. Only through them will you achieve your destiny."

Returned now to the present Jinn blinked, chasing away the dream. He rubbed his eyes with his thumb and fore finger before looking once more at the young black drake before him. Arktorious had issued him a warning last night in the form of a dream. He showed him what his fate would be should he slay the Mother of Dragons, victory would be his but it would be short lived. He knew he could not bring her to harm for to do so was to doom himself, she was the one Arktorious spoke of. The one fire did not touch, the one who birthed dragons into the world. He found her yet now what was he supposed to do. This was never told to him. Seek her out but to what end? Should he save her from Moloch's wrath? Should he slay her enemies for her? He found his guiding star yet his path remained hidden, he must uncover his path.

Jinn slowly gave Drogon a respectful nod as if the beast knew what Jinn was here for and what the Khal had decided. Seemingly in understanding Drogon clicked his jaws before turning to nuzzle into Amelia's shoulder. Jinn took in the sight before him, the loving mother and the happy children. Jinn could not help but smile as he walked closer and crouched down to get on eye level with the dragons. He just had to take a moment to marvel at their beauty. Their shining scales, elegant wings and proud almost regal faces.

"Beautiful aren't they?"

Amelia asked with a smile. Jinn nodded slowly before his eyes slowly drifted up to the dragons mother. Her long moon colored hair out shinning the finest silvers of the world. Her flawless ivory skin and perfect womanly curves. Her emerald eyes, so captivating and alluring Jinn could get lost in them for days on end. Her soft full lips revealing an stunning smile that warmed Jinn's heart.

"I have never seen beauty to match."

He said as his eyes were locked onto the queen. He meant what he said, whether she realized it or not, she was truly a creature of such beauty he had never before been witness to. Beauty of body and soul, so rare to find both in one person. Jinn nodded again in resignation before he rose.

"You and your children have nothing to fear from me, Moon Kissed. Moloch will have to find himself a new ally in his war of vengeance."

Jinn felt a significant amount of relief as his words escaped his lips. Since first laying eyes on her outside the concept of bringing war to her revolted him yet his decision to now stay out of her conflict soothed his fears. He was not certain if he would have a part to play in the war to come. It was one thing to resend his offer of support to Moloch but to completely change allegiances and fight against him? That was another matter entirely.



The princess's description of the Hinamatsuri made Eddard think of his eldest Daughter. He smiled with a warm chuckle as she spoke. His darling daughter, a lady who could not find love soon enough. Her heart swelled to find her prince as many young women do but his girl wanted so bad to leave her family home. He knew she felt trapped, felt cooped up but Eddard was wary. Too many young women were wed off too young these days to unkind men who did not respect the flower they were given. That would not be his daughter, not his Sansa.

Lord Snow sighed a fathers sigh, full of concern for his daughter as he ran his hand through his hair.

"I think my daughter would like that festival."

The princess and the lord shared a kind chuckle as they walked through the garden. The past by few brightly colored butterflies before reaching a small pond with water lilies and koi swimming about. Eddard took a minute to sit at the waters edge and look at the swimming fish.

"Forgive me my lady, grant me a moment."

He asked, showing his age as he took the short rest. The two enjoyed the peace of the serene pond for a moment before Eddard spoke again.

"Can I ask your impression of the Khal, princess? He is to war with my Queen. She hopes to change his mind, we all hope he can be swayed to show mercy. You've known him longer than any of us. Do our efforts have a chance of success?"

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Eira Gunvald

Eira could see that Melisandre was becoming slightly irate with her but Eira could hardly admit to having been fair in their discussions, in different circumstances Eira had little doubt it wouldn’t have been impossible for the two of them to have spoken as friends. However if the priests discovered her nature then it was almost certain that things would become complicated and Eira would have a lot of explaining to do for the reasoning of killing the priest or worse the news spread. It would be difficult to protect the Queen if Eira was no longer able to enter the palace.

"As I have told you the only thing I wish to achieve is getting the Queen of this fine kingdom to accept and achieve her destiny. I am sure that destroying the coming darkness is achievable because R'hllor shows me that it is possible."

Blind faith had always confused Eira, obviously when she was young she was raised with tales of the Fyrkat gods but being someone of such lowly status meant that Valhalla was never possibility for her and now as a vampire no glorious battle would send her anyway but straight into Helheimr, though at least the half fetid goddess who ruled there was favourable of vampires.

A lack of conversation continued as they spoke, Eira had obviously mocked too much for the priestess, though at least her mind was settled that Melisandre was honest in her intentions.

"If you would excuse me I should be getting ready for the day."

Eira stood along with Melisandre, she was a very hateful person but she could still be courteous. “Of course Priestess.” She answered bowing slightly, not that Melisandre had seen of course, having moved straight into the next room. Evidently Eira had just gained another person who didn’t like her.

“I do hope we can talk again.” Eira called back into the room as she left, her cynical smile revealing her fangs. “Perhaps we should take a drink together to celebrate your visions.” She added as she turned to descend the stairs, as she made to do so she could see the glint of the Queens guard all stood outside one of the guest rooms, evidently the Queen was meeting with the Khal here.

Continuing towards the gardens Eira looked out to see the Lord Snow conversing with what appeared to be a noblewoman of Ananse, though with the bright light stinging at her eyes Eira could not identify her properly. It did not seem proper to interrupt especially since she would not be able to walk out to meet them so instead she sat with a shoulder pressed again one of the pillars that decorated the edging of the garden.

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Eddard smiled happily at the kind young princess from Anansai. He squeezed her hand gently in gratitude, returning her squeeze of comfort.

"I pray to the gods you're right my lady... I pray you're right. Maybe..."

He said with a grunt as he got to his feet, his stiff knees protesting in pain as he rose.

"Just maybe... we can stave of winter just a little bit longer."

He said with a hopeful nod before he turned and caught sight of Eira Gunvald lurking in the shadows of the garden. She casually leaned against one of the pillars as her crystalline eyes watched him and the princess like a predator in the tall grass. Eddard couldn't lie and say the woman didn't unnerve him, even for a career military man who has faced death on countless occasion the dark vampiric assassin still made his blood run cold. Fortunately for Eddard she was a friend in that she too served his niece. He knew how fiercely protective she was over Amelia and was grateful such a woman watched over his niece for Eira was not some mere warrior or cold blooded assassin. She was better than a knight, burdened with overly opinionated ideals of honor and glory. She was not swayed by politics or gold. She was greater than all that. She was Amelia's silent guardian, her watchful protector, her dark knight.

Eddard gave the assassin a respectful nod in wordless greeting before offering his arm to the princess.

"Shall we return inside? The feast should no doubt be ready before long and I have a family to round up."



The Khal turned slowly, allowing his gaze to fall upon the Queen. She stood, brazenly staring back without fear as she returned his stare. She was no fool, not one to be swayed by the mere words of others. It was... an admirable quality. A quality Jinn himself shared. He was an instinctual man and as such words rarely moved him. He operated off of his feelings, his ability to read people. So when he met individuals who knelt, bowed and scraped merely on word alone he could not help but see them as weak. Orders given by a queen, king, lord and lady that are followed merely because that was what was expected were hardly reason enough to follow as far as Jinn was concerned. Rulers needed to prove their worth, show their strength and right to rule.

That was what Amelia was doing at this very moment. A man who was to be her enemy told her now he was not, did she take his words at face value? No, she questioned it, questioned him without fear. Jinn could not help but respect the woman for that.

"Most people would simply accept a hand of peace when it is offered freely...."

Jinn said as he turned and stepped toward her. He closed the distance and loomed over her, her tiny frame made minuscule by his hulking one.

"Most people are fools."

He finished with a smile. Jinn walked past the Queen and took a seat in front of the empty brazier as the dragons casually lounged in the corner. Jinn took a moment as his mind walked through his memories of that night in the pit. He took a breath before beginning his tale.

"You told me of your birth through fire. Let me tell you of mine through darkness."

Jinn's voice was deep and rumbling with bitter memories. He leaned forward, putting his elbows on his knees as he spoke.

"There is a prison, far to the west in my homeland of Vaes Dothrak. It is there one will find a pit of such utter despair it is described as the worst hell on earth. That is the place of my birth... Born of darkness I was forged from suffering. Hardened by pain. It was there I learned the power of despair, and the strength one can find in overcoming it."

Jinn paused as his mind snapped back to the darkness and pain of the pit. The constant threat of death, the fear, the power to rise above it all. The memory swelled within him and the fire in his eyes began to burn brightly.

"I killed my first man in that pit, and my second and my tenth. As I grew I conquered the pit and all within it. The prison that scorned hope became my kingdom, my realm. Yet I was destined for more. One night while I was alone with the darkness I heard the voice of a god. In my homeland he is called Arktorious, the Great Black Dragon of Despair and Darkness. He told me my destiny lay outside the walls of my prison. He told me to achieve my destiny I must find someone... Someone like no other. One that fire does not touch..."

His eyes rose and fixed themselves on Amelia's emerald orbs.

"...The one that births dragons into the world."

Jinn got to his feet and moved to stand before the Queen once more. Looking down at her, that fire in his eyes burned brighter than ever."

"You are the key Amelia Stormborn, the key to my fate. I do not know if you believe in destiny or fate, but I do. I will not destroy the key to my fate. You do not need to believe in my destiny Queen of the Moon, you only need to believe that I do."

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Liloon Aquata and Moloch Markus

(A few days earlier)

Liloon sat in her quarters in the Drake castle. She wondered what Moloch was up too. She already had a good idea of what that activity was. Moloch usually barricaded himself in his study when he was wdeep in thought. Something was troubling her beloved king and Liloon would do most anything to diminish his troubles. She headed down the corridor and knocked gently on Moloch’s door.

“You may enter.” Liloon heard Moloch answer through the door. He sounded rather melancholy and that worried Liloon a bit. Liloon entered with a bright smile on her face.

“Good afternoon, my lord. You’ve been in here all day. Something is bothering you, you’re sulking. Tell me what’s troubling you?” Liloon asked as she approached Moloch and sat down on his lap. The two were very close. He wrapped his arms gently around her waist.

“I am worried, that I will admit. You know me well Liloon. I just received word that Khal Jinn is headed to the South Atlantic Kingdom after also receiving a letter from the Dragon Queen. I know what Amelia is trying to do and I really don’t like it. However what I dislike more is that Khal Jinn is actually going to hear her out. I can’t let this go unmonitored.” The Drake king spoke to Liloon with worry deep set in his voice. He could not afford to lose Khal as an ally.

“If it is an ear into Amelia’s meeting you desire, then that is what you shall have. I’ll be in the South Atlantic as soon as tomorrow morning. You just rest your mind my king.” Liloon said as she arose from Moloch’s lap, her gown once more fluffing back out. Her hair fell whimsically over her bare shoulders.

“I can always count on you to ease my worries. You just make sure you’re careful love.” Moloch rose to his feet and gave Liloon a kiss on her pale, soft, cheek.

Liloon immediately departed for the South Atlantic Kingdom. She arrived shortly after Khal Jinn, Tenanye, Moon Jae Shin, and Soo-min were lead into the castle. Liloon wore a peasant dress and her plan was to impersonate the castle staff and gather intel. She found her way into the servant’s quarters and worked her way through the castle. She laid eyes on the princess Tenanye and Lord Eddard Snow speaking in the hallway after the Dragon Queen swiftly departed. Liloon knew that she had to follow the silver haired queen.

The Queen moved swiftly and Liloon made sure to keep up with her. They reached a beautiful spiral stair case and Amelia climbed. Liloon was about to follow however the queen’s guard closed in on her. Liloon immediately used her camouflage and vanished before being spotted. She made a dash up the stairs and followed the queen into a grand bedroom. Liloon was quite nervous. She needed to make sure that she was not heard and that her camouflage didn’t wear off. There before her stood Khal Jinn looking out into the atmosphere. Khal Jinn was indeed a very large beast of a man. Liloon was quite intimidated by the esteemed warrior lord. She wondered if Khal would be able to detect her. It was a risk she’s have to take. Thus Amelia and Khal began their conversation.

Liloon listened intently and was not too thrilled to see Khal beginning to warm up to the queen. Eventually the talk of dragons arose and the queen soon summoned them to the room. Liloon was really worried at this point. She may not have been seen but Dragons could most definitely pick up on her body heat. However, Liloon was still not without her tricks. She would not need to augment her body temp. If her body was cooler she could stand a better chance at evading the senses of the dragons. She hated land dragons having seen them many years ago but seeing them now was still too soon for her nonetheless.

Khal seemed quite impressed with the dragons the young queen showed him. Liloon cringed. She still hated land dragons and felt water dragons were far superior. Liloon glared at the silver haired queen. “So this is the girl whose hair is to rival the moon’s shine? I know the moon and she is no contest whatsoever.” Liloon thought. Her jealousy of the fair queen’s looks was flaring up. Liloon could not escape her mermaid tendencies. After Khal’s examining of the dragons he spoke defining words to the queen that caused Liloon’s heart to jump in horror.

"You and your children have nothing to fear from me, Moon Kissed. Moloch will have to find himself a new ally in his war of vengeance." Khal said sincerely.

Liloon’s eyes widened at the sound of Khal’s decision to betray his promise to her lord. She often disliked human warriors and had a problem with those who proved to be disloyal. Liloon did not think that Khal Jinn of all people would betray her lord. “So Khal Jinn has decided to show his claws. I wish I could show him mine…” Liloon thought to herself. “This is all her fault. That dreadful girl…” Liloon stood there brooding in thought.

She had to escape and warn her lord. Yet getting out of the room would prove to be a difficult task. There were guards posted at the door waiting for Amelia to depart. Eventually Amelia began to leave the room and Liloon knew it was her slim chance to leave as well. She definitely didn’t want to get trapped with Khal. She practically was on Amelia’s heels (as close as she could be to her since Amelia was wearing a dress, as was Liloon) as she walked closely behind her. She made it out of the room and waited by the door for the Queen and her guards to exit down the spiral stairs.

Liloon was unable to hold her camouflage any longer. She let out a big sigh of relief, however Khal could hear it. She could have kicked herself. She immediately turned around and pretended to be a servant girl. “Ahem, Lord Khal Jinn. I was sent by the maids staff to make sure you were still finding everything to your liking. If you find your lodging to be satisfactory I shall be on my way.” Liloon asked wanting Khal to answer affirmatively and quickly so she could leave.

Katsura Shiraishi, Himiko Hatsumomo, Masaki Mizuno-Wa, Faramir Elendil

As the group rode alongside Ulfar and Tyra they took in their surroundings. The air was cold and the foreigners were definitely not accustomed to this extreme form of chill. Faramir and his men took the brunt of the adjusting, as they were from a far warmer climate. The mage’s pale cheeks almost seemed to turn blue. He pulled his fur coat tighter. He was given one by the natives. He was truly grateful for the kind offer.

Ulfar turned towards Katsura and Hatsumomo who were riding to his side. “Do you either of you have any children back home in Wa?”

Katsura was a bit surprised by the question. He gave a nervous smile and remembered his family. Masaki immediately began to look uncomfortable at the mention of Katsura’s family. Katsura looked at Masaki and gave a gentle smile in the hopes of easing Masaki’s discomfort.

Hatsumomo was the first to answer. “No I have no children. I wonder if I ever will. I’m not sure if a child would tolerate me.” Hatsumomo snickered a little at the thought.

Katsura hesitantly replied, “I was once a husband and a father. However I lost my wife and son during the imperial succession war. They were killed defending our home in an assassination attempt. My son was 10 years old. I miss them dearly.” Katsura spoke in a rueful manner. The snow of the atmosphere didn’t make remembering the happening any easier for him. Masaki wished he could give Katsura a child. However, even if he could the child would be no replacement for the child Katsura had already lost.

“What do you think Masaki? Would I make a good princess?” she asked returning to her usual jovial self, “What exactly do princesses do?” Tyra asked Masaki.

Masaki smiled. “I think you’d make a great princess, one that would be an inspiration to many. As for what princesses do. They do a lot of different things. It depends largely on the nation and it’s customs.”

Ulfar piped back in at this point, “They bring their fathers all the mead and food they can carry, clean the mud from their father’s boots, stay virgins and never speak. He turned back to face his daughter who was riding behind him, one eyebrow raised jokingly.

Tyra laughed. “No, I’m beginning to think that a king should spoil his daughter with all the fine weapons and horses her heart could desire, take her on long hunting expeditions and building great holds in her honour!” She feigned a far off look with her hands clutched together pleadingly all with her ever mischievous grin.

Giggling once again Tyra turned back to Masaki. “So what do the princesses of Wa do, Masaki? Do they still get to fight when they want and go riding on long hunting trips?”

Masaki chuckled a bit. “Well Wa princesses definitely don’t go hunting that’s for sure. Wa princesses are taught to defend themselves but it’s mainly a formality and not taken very seriously. They are politically involved and they do a lot of charity work. It would be quite boring in comparison to your life here. I mean Wa noble women spend a large amount of time composing Haiku or poems about aesthetics and the seasons, or coordinating what kimono they’ll wear that best fits the seasonal aesthetics. It’s a very different world.” Masaki stared off into the distance for a brief second. “I mean, I as the crown prince was only formally taught self defense. However it was not until I pledged my service to Lord Katsura that I became a warrior to be taken more than seriously. Because of this, my husband is considered quite the trouble maker from the perspective of the nobility for taking my focus away from my imperial duties. Hilarious right?”

Moon Jae Shin

After a long silence, Soo-Min sighed. "The truth is, Moon-dono. I've been in love with the Princess since we were childern." She said and she realised it was the first time she spoke of this to anyone, save for Ananse. "And the issue isn't with her. It's justthat...I'd hoped during this journey that we'd become..." She stopped and shook her head. "She's never been interested in females before. I know that and there were times she'd taken men to her bed like many Anansai women however...for some reason, she was taken to the Khal's bed..." Soo-Min clenched her fists hard, leaving little half moons in her pale palms. "No one will ever love her as I do. He does not to deserve to look upon her body because I know he does not love her. I feel that she will only realise this too late. I can see it in her eyes that she holds strong feelings for him yet she may not know it herself..." She spat bitterly. "It doesn't seem fair." she said softly then, her gaze falling to floor. "I fear that she will get her precious heart broken... and will never want love again."

Moon sighed as he took in the young woman’s situation. He was relieved that Soo-Min felt comfortable enough to share her worries with him. He wanted to help her to feel better as best he could. “I understand the feeling. However you shouldn’t worry too much about Tenanye. She seems to have a pretty strong heart. Even if she is let down by Jinn, she will be just fine because you’re here to be her comfort. She depends on your strength so that she can remain strong as well. But don’t forget to search for your own happiness. There is someone waiting for you I believe it.”

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The Khal turned at the voice from the door. A meek voice practically shaking with fear. A young servant girl popped her head in and asked if Jinn was comfortable. He arched an eyebrow but nodded to her dismissively.

"I'm fine."

He said with a grunt. The serving girl left him alone and he walked towards the balcony to step out into the air once more. He breathed deep as he then realized his heart was racing. He put his hand to his chest curiously as he took a deep breath and looked out onto the ocean. What had just happened to him? He came to this kingdom to meet an enemy and in the first few hours he not only swore to betray his vow to ally himself with the King of Drake but further more told the Queen his darkest secret, something known only to himself and a select few.

Jinn growled under his breath and pressed his fist into the stone banister. He didn't like this, this feeling welling up inside him because he didn't understand it. He was quickly becoming confused as to his path. He thought he sailed to war, found peace, then destiny. Things were so much simpler when he was in the South Pacific. Few things surprised him yet here it was nothing but surprise after surprise. The brittle cracking sound reached his ears and Jinn looked at his fist to see the stone was beginning to form cracks in it from the pressure he was applying. He pulled his fist away with a silent curse as he shook his head and went back into his room.

The feast would be before long, he would eat, drink and in the morning he and his riders could go home and leave this damn land of mystery and beauty. What was it about this place that confounded him so?



His booted feet rang out in the shinning halls of the Queens castle. As he walked his long sword clinked against his hip, his hand casually resting on the hilt. The eldest son of House Snow was here in the hopes he could show his face and be gone quickly. The Queen was throwing a feast, everyone knew it and as Lord Snow's family they were all expected to attend. Nevertheless Robb had other plans. He had intended to take the night for a ride into the country and go on a night hunt like he used to do with his father back home. The only real difference was that he would be trading snow for warm night air. Still, wild game was wild game, and he was in the mood for a good hunt. He left ahead of the rest of the family who should be before long hoping he could get a quick drink, shake a few hands and begone within the hour.

As he rounded the corner he caught sight of his father walking with a vision of beauty on his arm. Hair dark as night, skin bronze as if kissed by the sun itself, her smile was infectious and Robb had to meet her. He walked over to the pair catching her eyes first. She looked at him curiously like one looking at a memory. With a smile soft as silk she spoke.


She said. Robb flashed a charming smile and extended a hand to her.

"Hello yourself. Did this old wolf kidnap himself another maiden fair?"

He asked as he cast his father a quick glance and a wink.



Ned couldn't help but chuckle as his son approached. He knew that look in an instant and watching his son charm the princess gave the old man a mix of amusement and pride. Eddard was never this comfortable with women in his youth. Then again he never had the boys good looks either.

"This, is the Princess Tenanye Ananse of Anansai."

He said emphasizing the title of princess in hopes Robb would show a little more decorum. Robb took heed and took a quick step back and bowed proudly to the Princess of Anansai.

"My lady it is an honor and my highest pleasure to meet you."

He said still as charming as a fox. Eddard shook his head with a smile.

"This is my son, princess. Robb is my eldest."

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Liloon Aquata

Liloon stood slightly nervous as she was not sure what Khal would pick up on or not. He quickly grunted a reply “I’m fine.” With that Liloon gave a quick curtsey and promptly exited the room.

She sped down the stairs as fast as her feet could carry her. She happened to walk past the area that was occupied by the woman from Anasai and the South Atlantic gentleman once more. This time there seemed to be another young man there with them. Liloon rolled her eyes and huffed when examining the dark haired princess. “Gosh each time I see that woman she’s surrounded with male attention. She’s surely not from the South Atlantic Kingdom. If that is the case it would be best for me to figure out where she’s from and why she’s here. It could serve as useful information to my lord.”

With that train of thought she stepped a bit closer to the group. Taking cover behind a large stone column she listened carefully. "This, is the Princess Tenanye Ananse of Anansai." The older gentleman introduced the curvy woman to the younger man.

Liloon’s focus honed in on the princess. “So she’s from that far away… What is she doing here? Could her nation be planning on opposing Drake City as well? I can’t believe that silver headed witch managed to enlist two nations against Drake so easily! Moloch will not be pleased at all to hear this.” Liloon hated having to bring back such negative news, especially when she thought she could cheer her lord up not bring him down further. She decided to listen a little further.

"This is my son, Princes. Robb is my eldest." Eddard Snow said proudly.

Liloon looked the young man up and down from her post behind the column. She thought him to be handsome but she still preferred the looks of her lord Moloch much more. “So these men are definitely important people to the South Atlantic. I suppose Moloch can expect them to play a part on the battlefield. I should probably go now. I’m not sure if there is much more information to be gained here.” Liloon whispered to herself and soon continued down the corridor and out of a service exit. One of the maids pondered who Liloon was as she exited the castle. She didn’t recognize Liloon yet she did not stop her either.

Liloon headed toward a river passage that lead out to the sea and noticed two men wading in the water. Liloon stopped and stared at them inquisitively. She knew they had to be mermen. Why they were there she had no clue. Not only were they mermen but they didn’t look like they came from any pod native to the South Atlantic region. One looked like he was a native of the Wa region, Wa pod mermaids and mermen had very distinctive features. The other looked like he was from the Australian Sea. They were a very curious sight. As soon as they noticed Liloon’s staring at them, they ducked downward, submerging themselves in the river water. Liloon also hurried off to the docks to make her escape.

Moon Jae Shin

"I hope you are right, Moon-dono...I just...I do not want to see her hurt. Tenanye is indeed strong but matters of the heart is as foreign to her as this place." Soo-Min said.

“I see. However as much as you’d want to protect her from the world, you’ll find that you simply can’t. I’ve had to learn that lesson myself. I guess I’m still learning that lesson.” Moon replied. He smiled a little thinking about his past love.

"Moon, do you have someone you love but couldn't have?" Soo-Min asked almost like a saddened child.

Moon looked up at Soo-Min in surprise. It was a most rare thing for anyone to ask him about his personal life. Most people saw him solely as a True Rune bearer and not much more. It was as if his personal life had faded into the not often read pages of history.

Moon replied with a smile, “I have. I used to be a pirate many many years ago. This was before I encountered the man with the rune. I rescued a merman from my captain’s ship one day. I had known mermen to be dangerous and murderous. However this one was different. He was timid and afraid. I just couldn’t let him get slaughtered for the sake of some noblemen’s desire to become immortal. So I snuck him away. He was scared of me and I was a little nervous of him as well. But eventually when it came time for me to set him free, he didn’t want to go.” Moon paused in thought, a gentle smile crept across his face.

“I was on my own at that point. But he stuck with me. We talked daily and explored things together. I was falling in love and it scared me. I had never thought I’d feel that way for another man, and even worse one that was not even of the same species as me technically. I figured that we could only be friends and only get as close as friends could get. He was the exact opposite apparently. Mermen live together and form partnerships with each other. So men being with one another closely wasn’t a strange thing for Rumil. I felt I couldn’t have him the way I wanted to for a long time. Then one day it happened. My desire to be as close to the one that gave me happiness got the better of me. We were physically intimate only once, of course he had legs at the time.” Moon snickered a bit before continuing.

“I was at my happiest. I let go of my doubts. Then the Sword and Shield War exploded into everyone’s lives. Wa was involved in the war. They had a large draft and I was forced into battle. The merpeople of the Lake Japan region mostly fled to the Mildorian region, apparently it was the safest place to be at the time. We had to separate. His brothers wouldn’t allow him to stay by my side and I wouldn’t have him in danger either. We parted ways and I thought I’d never see the one person that made me feel happy ever again. When I acquired the True water rune, I found that I had ageless life. But then I was confined by the Wa kingdom for safekeeping of the rune. I was unable to look for Rumil and I didn’t even know if he was still alive. Believe it or not that was a little over 100 years ago. Each day I longed for him and fate denied me.” Moon looked quite sad.

He placed his hands on Soo-Min’s shoulder’s. “I know how you feel. Wanting to protect your love from the world’s fire but in the end everyone is consumed. I realized that he needed to go through his trials as well no matter how hard it was for me to stand by and let it happen. That’s fate’s way. But there is hope. I was blessed enough on this very journey to encounter Rumil on the ship carrying up to the South Atlantic. Rumil is alive. Although our time was brief I feel like I’ve received a thousand healings for my hearts wounds.”

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Robb stared at the woman before him, his eyes slowly coming looking shining the light on his mind that had been fogged with time. A smile began to dawn on his face as his memories began rushing back to him, he reached both hands and took the princess's dainty golden brown hands in his.

"The spider girl, yes I remember you.... You... You led me to that grove of fruit trees. We had just begun to dine on them when my father came."

With a laugh Robb put his hand to his forehead as he took a step back in disbelief.

"Gods, that was ages ago! You have grown more beautiful than I could have ever imagined."

The son of Lord Snow said as he looked at the princess again as if needing a scond look to truly take in all of her beauty. Eddard just shook his head with a chuckle.

"Careful son, you'll fall all over yourself."

Never taking his eyes off the princess Robb only smiled.

"It's too late for that father. I think I have already fallen."

It was then that Robb extended his arm to the princess.

"Might I escort you to the feast tonight my lady?"



Eddard could not help but look on with pride at his charming eldest son as he wooed the princess. After Robb offered his arm to the daughter of the Anansai king Eddard decided now was a fine time to take his leave.

"You're in fine hands here princess, it was an honor meeting you. I look forward to speaking with you again."

He said with a short bow before giving his son a quick pat on the shoulder and heading off down the hall to attend to last minute business before the feast was to begin.

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Moon Jae Shin

"You have your second chance, Moon-dono." Soo-Min said softly, looking up at him as if he were family. "Fate brought you two together again, I am happy for you." She said with a smile that did not reach her eyes.

Moon was glad to hear Soo-Min’s encouraging words. Not many people in Wa outside the emperor, empress, and the rest of the immediate royal family. However he knew that Soo-Min was still far from hopeful. What she needed was to start living for herself some. Tenanye was far too much the center of Soo-Min’s world. Moon didn’t wan’t Soo-Min to spend her life in unhappiness and an unrequited love. That was too tragic a fate for the sweet young woman.

"You should go to him. You are together once more. You should be with your beloved instead of listening to me wallow in my own self-pity." She said with a somewhat rueful laugh.

Moon looked saddened. If he could break a portion of his happiness off and give it to Soo-Min he would. He gave a somewhat sad smile to the rueful young woman. “I think you should keep your eyes, ears, and heart open to endless possibilities. You never know if you’ll run into a man or woman that sends your heart soaring. I want to help you find that someone if I can.” Moon stepped closer to Soo-Min and gently embraced her. He hugged her as if she was his little sister. It was a warm embrace that very few received from Moon Jae Shin, who was most always regarded as distant and constantly in solemn solitude.

Moon stepped back with a bright smile. “If I go to see Rumil, I’d like you to come as well. Have you ever met a merman before? They’re quite interesting people. He seemed to have another with him earlier perhaps we can meet his friend as well. What do you say? Maybe there’s a handsome merman that might tickle your fancy. Come now, I’m sure these sturdy horses will be just fine.” Moon extended his hand and looked up at Soo-Min with his head still tilted downward, giving her a cool smile.

Liloon Aquata

Meanwhile the servant girl who saw Liloon leaving the castle minutes later stood gossiping with some of the other servant women about the mysterious young woman she witnessed leaving the castle for the docks. The young servant girl, Abigail, talked rather loud, and excitedly. Something she knew better not to do and could get in trouble for but she was so excited it slipped her mind. Eira was not too far off. And could hear the women’s banter.

“You lot wouldn’t believe what I just saw!! It was the prettiest girl I’d ever seen that wasn’t a royal! I mean, the gods have mercy on my soul for saying this but, there was a servant girl that looked almost as pretty as our Queen Amelia!!” Abigail exclaimed.

“Abigail child!! What nonsense are you spouting about this time girl?!” an older woman questioned in annoyance. Abigail often proved to be quite easily excitable.

“It’s true!! I’ve never seen the likes of her before! She was poking about the castle not really seeming to do no work. But she dressed like us. Madam she was sooo pretty! You’d almost think she was one of Lord Snow’s children!? His family is so pretty she’d fit in with the looks of them!” Abigail continued.

The older maid et out and exhausted sigh, “Well child if this young woman was that pretty why haven’t I seem her about? Hmm? You’d think a face like that would stick out like a sore thumb among us chickens and hens! Well child spit it out already! Where is this dream girl you keep prattling about now?!” The older maid was quite tired of Abigail’s tall tale.

“Well… Miss I saw her leaving out the servant’s quarter’s exit not too long ago. She was headed toward the docks.” Abigail informed.

“What?! Now why would any decent young girl be trotting off to the docks in the middle of the night!? And not to mention she’s supposed to be one of the service staff. I can’t afford to lose not a single set of helping hands tonight with this feast going on!! I need her found and brought back immediately! And you get back to work Abigail. You’ve stood around gossiping long enough child, go make yourself useful spit spot girl off with you now!!” The older maid fussed. Abby went scurrying back to work and the maid stood with her hands on her hips shaking her head in disbelief.

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Eira Gunvald

Eira returned Eddard’s greeting as he and the Anansai princess approached her, giving a small bow of her head as she recognised the young woman, it was quite possibly the first time Eira had seen the princess up close but she had spent many days in the shadows around many royals in her time. The life of the spy was hardly a sociable one but that was always a bonus for Eira.

Eira turned herself around as the pair left, her gaze wandering after them. They made an unusual pairing, she decided the young and beautiful princess of Ananse and the old and troubled Lord Snow. It was almost the beginning of a fairytale that would only lead towards romancing of the Lord’s son, Robb Snow.


“Right on cue.” Eira thought to herself with a smile.

Pulling herself away from watching the group Eira started back towards her tower; if she really had to go to the feast then she may as well bring Meredith. At least then it would keep people’s eyes away from her lack of food or drink. Nobles could be annoyingly inquisitive.

“You lot wouldn’t believe what I just saw!! It was the prettiest girl I’d ever seen that wasn’t a royal! I mean, the gods have mercy on my soul for saying this but, there was a servant girl that looked almost as pretty as our Queen Amelia!!”

This caught Eira’s attention. Such a statement was obviously false, she had lived for well over three lifetimes and as yet she’d never anyone more beautiful than Amelia, the Queen even made the lump of ice that constituted as the vampire’s heart flutter.

Continuing to listen, Eira’s attention became more captivated on this girl’s description. “It’s true!! I’ve never seen the likes of her before! She was poking about the castle not really seeming to do no work.” Abigail continued.

This wasn’t good, the maids knew everyone in the palace just as Eira did, if this ‘maid’ was truly unknown then it meant something was awry. Approaching the maids Eira put her hand on Abigail’s shoulder. “Where did she go?!” she asked quickly but not unkindly.

“Well… Miss I saw her leaving out the servant’s quarter’s exit not too long ago. She was headed toward the docks.” Abigail informed her.

Eira moved quickly, not even hearing half of the matron’s fussing as she tore through the servants quarters and down towards the docks. The sun had finally gone down which meant she could easily move around again without having to bother with her hood.

It didn’t take long for Eira to reach the docks of the great city; un-death had its advantages of course. As she walked out across the wooden platform she quickly began searching amongst the few people still around at this time for anyone who seemed out of place, her highly attuned eyes easily seeing through the darkness.

Continuing out towards the water Eira spotted the girl; she drew her sword and ran to head her off. It was odd really, she couldn’t work out which ship the girl was actually headed towards. “Stop! You are under arrest!” she called out drawing her sword. Approaching the girl Eira grabbed her roughly by the shoulder, forcing her to turn almost instantly recognising the familiar beauty of the Duchess of Drake City.

A smile broke across the vampire’s face as she lay on eyes on the woman whom she had once known long before Moloch had even been born.

“Good evening your grace. I had not expected to see you again so soon.” Eira’s fangs were in full view of the woman but it did not matter, their secrets had been shared long ago. “It has been far too long since we last spent an evening under the moon like this. Though I must say I wish it were under different circumstances.” She said gripping the woman’s wrists knowing full well that strength was not a strong point of the merfolk.

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Lord Snow's legs burned as he pushed himself faster and faster. The brisk walk was in a way, harder on his aging body than a full out sprint would have been. Trying to move as swiftly as possible all the while trying to keep some level of decorum and refrain from running like a fool through the halls of the castle. At his side his wife moved just as fast, struggling even more than he was for she had a flowing night blue gown to contend with. Even in the mad dash Ned could not help but marvel at his wife's beauty. An older woman for sure, not the young flowers dancing around the castle that so many credit as beautiful but hers was a beauty that came with time, history and love between two souls.

Both parents had a child in tow, Eddard rushed with Bran holding the boy by the hand while Catelyn did the same with the couples youngest Rickon. Arya ran ahead, darting from cover to cover playing that she was an assassin on a mission despite her mothers scoldings to come back by their side. The Snow family was incredibly late to the feast thanks in large part due to that same little girl. She and her brother had gotten into a fight resulting in Bran being tossed in the mud. In return Bran threw mud at his sister resulting in both of them needing to be washed and changed last minute. So now they ran, the whole family minus Robb who was already in attendance escorting a princess on his arm.

Arya could not care less about the feast, being late, any of it. She was on assignment, hired by her king to slay an evil wizard. She crept through the darkness, ready to skewer her target with her imaginary dagger. She turned back to see her family rushing after her but her eyes only saw the warlock's zombie guards coming to consume her flesh. She darted forward, ready to break into a mad dash to flee the undead horde when she ran into a wall of muscle.

She bounced back and looked up to see a giant. His dark eyes looking down at her curiously. His body, larger than any man's she'd ever seen. He wore no armor or jerkin which she'd found odd. Instead his shoulders and chest had blue stripes on them that made him kind of look like a tiger. He had long, long hair that was braided down his back. Arya had never seen a man with hair that long before.

"Are you a giant?"

She asked boldly.



Jinn arched an eyebrow at the curious young girl looking up at him.


He asked, as if unsure he'd heard her correctly. The girl put her hand on her hip with sass far beyond her years.

"A giant, you do know what a giant is don't you?"

Jinn could not help but smirk.

"I do."

"So.... are you?"

She asked again, unphased by the mountain of a man before her.

"Not that I know of."

Jinn replied. The little girl just grunted under her breath as she shrugged her shoulders.

"You look like one."

The Khal chuckled as he looked down at the brazen little child just as the child's parents came rushing up. A pale older man and his wife, both pale of skin and lacking the look of the locals. He wore dark colors and had a closely shaved beard that was dotted with white, showing his age. He grabbed hold of the girl and pulled her back, pushing her to her mother who promptly scolded her.

"My apologies Khal Jinn, my daughter can be a bit forward."

He said in breathless apology. Jinn waved the apology away with a smile.

"No need, your young one was just curious whether or not I was a giant."

Lord Snow sighed with a laugh and turned to look back at Arya who just shrugged at him as if to ask 'what?' Eddard turned back around to offer his hand to the Khal in respect.

"Lord Eddard Snow."

Jinn shook the man's hand firmly as the name rung out in his mind with familiarity.

"Snow? I've heard the name before."

"My father was to be king once. Fought a war and everything. Except he lost."

Arya offered smartly. Her mother promptly pinched her elbow silencing her. Eddard sighed and nodded to the Khal confirming his daughters words. Jinn nodded in recollection as the tale of the fabled King of the South began to flood into his mind. The honorable king of the wolves had been the first legitimate chance of a unified South Pacific in centuries yet from the legend the King of the South was defeated not by blade but by pen, he'd lost his kingdom due to the corruption of the nobility. Something Jinn did not allow to happen when he conquered the kingdom years later for honeyed words mean little when the fire rises.

"The King of the South. I know your tale well, do you know they have a song about you?"

Eddard just shook his head in embarrassment.

"I'm sure it's not very good."

The two men shared a short laugh before Eddard beckoned to his wife.

"Apologies, this is my wife Catelyn..."

The woman, red of hair curtsied regally to the Khal who nodded respectfully.

"My youngest Rickon, then Bran.... and you've met Arya."

Arya smirked boldly as her father said her name. Jinn only smiled and gave her a firm nod.

"Three children? You don't make it easy on yourself Lord Snow."

"Four actually, my eldest is around here somewhere. And no I don't."

The adults all shared a short laugh as the sounds and smells from the dinning hall reached them.

"It looks like the feast is beginning husband."

Catelyn said, obvious she still felt ashamed they were so late.

"Walk with me then, I'm sure you're queen will forgive you if you were only entertaining her guests."

Jinn offered. Eddard smiled and nodded.

"I'm sure she would, it would be an honor Khal."

Jinn turned and lead the family into the feasting hall where Dothraki and noble alike had already began pouring in to the delictable feast where every delight imaginable could be found. Roast boar and venison, quail and duck, poached salmon, trout and swordfish were all laid out spectacularly. Wines, ales and mead of every kind were set up in great kegs with mugs nearby for easy access to the swill. Then finally there was what the Snow children had their eye on, the deserts. Sweet cakes and pies, creme delights and sugar coated chilled fruits. Truly this was a feast of special magnificence. The two men continued to talk casually as they walked into the hall, Jinn was fast beginning to take a liking to this older man from his home land.



The first of the Snow children walked now beside the princess from Anansai. The battle still fresh in his mind, he wondered how he'd fare against the beast of a man from the west. Yet the beauty at his side took his mind from the beast. He looked at her and noticed her eyes were out of focus as if she was drifting away. He nudged her gently and gave her a soft smile as the pair slowly made their way towards the feasting hall.

"Is everything well princess? You seem troubled."