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Khal Jinn

"I will fulfill my destiny, and I will break all those who think to stand in my way."

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a character in “Crowns and Empires”, as played by Bromander Shepard





Name: Jinn, First Khal (King) of the South Pacific Kingdom, Conqueror of the Pit of Shadows, Leader of the Children of Arktorius, Master of the Dothraki Horde.

Age: 29 years of age

Appearance and Build: Jinn is a hulking, beast of a man. Towering over others at an imposing 6'5" and weighing in at a monstrous 266 lbs of raw, savage muscle Khal Jinn is not a small man. He exhumes ferocity, danger and cunning. To look upon Khal Jinn is akin to look upon some dark and terrifying beast that you feel like is far more intelligent than it should be. He has long, dark hair that is often tied and braided in some way with a beard that is equally braided he has a very tribal appearance to his cloth and dress. With dark brown eyes that seem to pierce into your soul his gaze is often unnerving to most he looks down on.

Personality: Savage, brutal, driven, just, relentless, genius are all words that can describe facets of Jinn's complex personality. He hates the weakness prevalent in the ruling classes of the world and views all of nobility and wealth as cowardly, corrupt and unfit for rule. Those in power must prove themselves in some way to earn the big man's respect. Once his hard fought respect, admiration or rarer still friendship, is earned Khal Jinn will never betray you. Khal Jinn has developed an unbreakable will power from his difficult upbringing and towards the peak of his growth he has garnered a religious side to him through his connection to the Despair God of Shadow and Unending Night, The Great Black Dragon Arktorious.

Where they live: South Pacific Kingdom


What/ who they are: Khal Jinn is the first Khal or King of the South Pacific Kingdom in nearly 300 years. The South Pacific Kingdom has for the past 3 centuries been a fractured, corrupt, impoverished kingdom where the greedy hold power and the weak are used to support the rich. Khal Jinn swept in like the fury of an angry God and returned control of the land back to the people by removing from power the ruling class. He leads his men known Dothraki for Vaes Dothrak, the land where his mother came from, aswell as the Children of Arktorious who are religious devotees to his chosen God, and cut a bloody path through the South Pacific until finally reaching the capitol of Arkham city. His people are varied in appearance, demeanor, back ground and breeding but all are fierce and capable killers. Most come from the same pit like prison that Jinn himself came from but he has since gained a massive following of converts. While being built around a religious figure the Khal makes no attempt to convert those he conquers. He feels that all men have the right to follow the God of their choosing for as his God saved him, their God may save them if they choose to accept the divine help offered.


History: The story of Jinn's upbringing is one filled with darkness and despair. His mother was a beautiful maiden, the daughter of a noble lord. One of the countless elite. When his mother fell in love with a traveling mercenary from the east she became with child. Upon discovery her father castrated the mercenary before feeding him to dogs before the eyes of his great love. It was then that Jinn's mother received her punishment. She was cast down into a pit of such utter darkness and dread it is seen as the greatest hell on earth. A prison that has existed for centuries upon centuries where men are left to die. It was here that Jinn was born. Where most children are born into the light of the sun, darkness was Jinn's midwife. Yet Jinn was not his name from birth for his loving mother died during childbirth from the wounds sustained from the other prisoners upon her entrance to the prison. She was ravaged so terribly she could barley stand yet she fought to protect her unborn child. Once he was free from her womb she lost her battle to hold onto life leaving the then infant boy alone. The unnamed child, birthed into the darkness was nurtured by it. His lessons were ones of savagery and brutality, learning that only through violence and superior power can one achieve their desires. Lessons learned well by the then nameless child. It was not until the eve of his seventh birthday that the young boy finally received a name that would become the name that instilled fear in so many from that day forward. It was in the late hours of the night where the darkness reigned supreme, oppressive even more so than usual in the maddening pit the child had been born into that something miraculous occurred. An inmate had decided to steal the life from the small boy for not but a handful of bread. The small child should have surely met his end that day yet something happened no one expected. The boy did not run from his attacker nor did he cry out for salvation. Instead when the inmate came for him, his hands reaching for the boy's throat the child threw himself at the man. A sharp piece of metal in his hand he stabbed again and again into the man's necks as the two tumbled off the catwalks and down to the floor below. The inmate and the child fell into a camp fire some inmates had been using to warm themselves on the cold night. The scent of burning flesh and the sounds of the dying man filled the pit that night. The inmates looked down onto the child standing atop the corpse of the man he'd killed. The fire smoldered around them and smoke billowed around the boy covered in blood while his dark eyes looked out onto his domain and those within it. It was on that day the first time the word Jinn had been used in reference to the child. To the people of the South Pacific a Jinn is a magical being made of a smokeless and "scorching fire". To look upon the child standing atop the dead man, wreathed in smoke and flame was to look upon a Jinn in the flesh. The boy had been known as Jinn ever since. It was here Jinn first heard the voice of his God. Jinn was a young man, who had mastered the pit and claimed dominion over it but never had he dreamt of escape until the night where he was visited by his God. While Jinn slumbered the dark God Arktorious came to him in a vision. Cloaked in shadow the great black dragon God whispered to him of freedom, of salvation and vengeance. He told Jinn that his destiny was not to merely master the pit but conquer it before marching out across the land fulfilling his destiny. He told Jinn that his destiny was linked to the "One that fire does not touch" the "One that births dragons into the world". Arktorious told Jinn that it was through this person that Jinn's destiny would be fulfilled but first he must prove worthy of his own destiny and the gifts the great Shadow Dragon of Despair could bestow upon him. He must first conquer the pit and free the people of the South Pacific Kingdom from the oppressive rich currently in power. While countless men have tried over the centuries none have ever succeeded in escaping the pit until the day Jinn stepped to the wall. To the chants of the prisoners who echoed out the phrase "Deshi Basara" which meant Rise Jinn began his ascent. No rope nor saftey line was tied to the son of despair that day as he scaled the wall. As he climbed higher and higher the chanting reached a fever pitch until he made it to the final leap of faith required to reach the top. Standing on a precarious ledge no larger than his own boot, Jinn leapt out into the open air. His hands reaching for the ledge. The prisoners fell silent and the momentary leap seemed to take a life time. Then Jinn's hands clutched stone and the pit erupted in a chorus of cheers and chanting. Jinn escaped the pit, conquering it then freed his fellow prisoners. This was the beginnings of his army, the first Children of Arktorious. He marched them on the birth place of his mother, a land known as Vaes Dothrak to the Grey Stone keep of Dothrak and butchered all the wealthy nobles who claimed dominion over the land. The peoples of this land are among some of his most loyal followers, the Dothraki Horde are known for their mounted prowess and skill as spear and bowman from horse back. He uses them primarily for their lightning fast raider tactics which he then implemented in later conquests. With each day his army grew and so did his reputation as did his power. Blessed with great strength and resilience to pain by the favor of his god Jinn lit a fire that soon consumed the whole of the South Pacific Kingdom. Liberating every city and stronghold until finally reaching the capitol of Arkham. It was here he set to his greatest plan of liberation. He quickly swarmed over the city so corrupt and full of rampant criminality that it was beyond salvation. Jinn sealed off the city blocking any from escaping and for three months he tortured the city with a lesson he learned in the hell he was born in. He fed the people of Arkham hope to poison their souls, allowing them to believe they could survive so that the masters of the city could watch them clambering over each other to stay in the light. Once the nobles saw the level of depravity their people were willing to go to for their own salvation did Jinn set the city to the flame. He murdered everyone, leaving not a soul alive. Once the populace had been scorched from the city did he slay the ruling lords. He melted down their collective wealth of gold and silver before pouring the liquid hot metal onto their heads, granting "crowns" to the late kings and queens of the South Pacific. It has been nearly a year since that day and Arkham, his new seat of power as Khal, is nearly rebuilt. Arkham has become a place where wealth is not the measure of a man any longer. The poor have just as much opportunity to aspire to greatness as those born into noble families. In Jinn's city those with the strength to take power gain it and maintain it as long as they can keep it. Every man and woman, no matter of breeding or birthright have just as much of an equal opportunity as any other. They all have the right and freedom to pursue their hearts desires without the oppression of nobility standing on their shoulders. Criminality and injustice is not tolerated and Khal Jinn's skill as a ruler is beginning to be seen. While harsh he is fair and the people love, fear and respect their new Khal. He has recently heard of rumors of a beautiful Queen to the east who is known as the Mother of Dragons and his mind echoes with the voice of his god. "One that births dragons into the world"...

Skills: A masterful fighter and tactician Jinn is brutally efficient in combat. Self taught in a savage style of combat that leaves many in the dust. A master of the shadows as well as fighting in the sun the Khal is a titan in combat. Jinn prefers to get in close and use his great strength to over power his foes yet to think his strength is in sacrifice of speed or dexterity would be a costly mistake. Jinn's only martial shortcoming is his lack of training or use of any ranged weapons.

A gifted commander, leader and public speaker

Blessed by his God some say Jinn possesses strength beyond that of any mortal man now living. His pain threshold and resilience to physical trauma is equally heightened due to divine blessing by the Black Dragon God.




So begins...

Khal Jinn's Story

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The rythmic beating drums within the drinking hall echoed out into the streets of the city of Arkham. While the air outside was crisp in the twilight hour as the sun died the air within was warm and thick with the scent of roasting meats, strong drink and an over abundance of bodies. The people practically packed the mead hall of the Khal, built in his honor shortly after he conquered the city, and were well into their drink fueled revelry. Women so sensuous and ravishing men would go weak at the sight of them danced about seductively as around their curvaceous frames hung next to no clothing to speak of. The finest spiced wines, golden mead and frothing ales poured fourth by the gallon to the thirsty revelers. Roasted boar, venison, beef and wild foul could all be found in abundance prepared perfectly, the finely spiced meat practically fell off the bone as the hungry attendees enjoyed the feast.

As the men and women lost themselves in the music, sex and drinking one man sat still. An almost stoic expression on his face as he looked out across the people. Broad shoulders thick with muscle were leaned forward as he rested his elbows on his thighs. His long black hair, braided carefully fell down his back past the blue war paint. His dark eyes seem to catch everything before them as the music thumped around him. In his hand a single drinking horn, crafted from the horn of an ox rimmed with gold it was filled with rich honeyed mead. Around him lay three of the dancers, so beautiful and rapturous their sensuous allure could barely be described. They lounged comfortably around their Khal all beaded with sweat from the rigorous and passionate romp they had just experienced at the strong hands of the big man. One lay resting at his feet, resting her head on her hand as her elbow kept her fiery red haired head propped up, her nearly naked body casually stretched out before the Khal. Another lay draped over his shoulder, her milky skin and long golden hair seemed to glow in the fire light. Her delicate hand constantly rubbing his broad chest and shoulders as she looked out onto the feast going on before them along side her fierce ruler. The third was a raven haired beauty seated on the arm rest of the large chair her man was seated on. Comfortably she leaned against the back of the chair all the while holding a large carafe of the same honeyed mead the Khal was drinking should he need a refill.

Jinn was a complex man, not one for laughs or smiles yet here he was happy. While he appeared to be silently brooding he was truly content. He had strong drink, good food, and women abound. He was in his city, in his kingdom. A right hard fought but his none the less. The city had taken a while to bounce back from the chaos of his take over but now it was finally getting back on it's feet. It was thriving under his rule. The people were happy and loyal, gold was coming in and their borders were secure yet that was not enough for the ambitious Khal Jinn. The words of his chosen god echoed out in his mind from all those years ago in that pit. His destiny lay out there somewhere, with someone. A man or woman whom "fire did not touch". He would find them. No force of men nor gods could stop him.

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Moloch had heard about Arkham long ago as a child. It was a depraved place where the nobility and rich bled the poor and downtrodden dry. It was as if the tyrant deity, Caetur, had manifested himself on earth and ruled a mortal city. Moloch's father had used the South Pacific Kingdom's division, lawlessness, and inept, greedy rulers as an example of a great kingdom which had succumbed to weakness. Drake City, or as it was no beginning to be called, the Drake Kingdom, was a place with its flaws, but place's emphasis on merit, particularly from its royalty and nobility, made it strong and prosperous. True, slaves died in its mines, but they were convicts, debtors, and prisoners of war who could still rise out of the misery of their existence and prosper. Yet, a new king had risen amidst the chaos. The long-divided South Pacific Kingdom was reunified and the internal problems preventing trade and diplomacy had been lifted.

It had also become a potential threat.

Moloch's more skillful diplomats were employed elsewhere and nobility, quite frankly, was terrified of this Khal Jinn. They feared they would be killed or worse given the way he had disposed the nobility of his own kingdom. Thus, Moloch had decided to visit Arkham himself, accompanied by his guard. His Guard Captain did not like this.

"You are being reckless, Sire. Again," Eirene chided him. Normally, Moloch would rebuke anyone who dared talked to him this way, but Eirene's job was to protect him. She had the right to object to him taking risks, even if they were calculated risks.

"This Khal Jinn needs to talk to someone he can respect. I am one of the few with both the authority and disposition to treat with him," Moloch replied evenly as they approached the gates of the city.

"You could have sent Cyrus. He's wise and has dealt with overbearing monarchs before," she stated. The old man at Cyrus' left hand smirked.

"Really, I do not wish to waste time proving that I'm not just another old man to yet another warrior chieftain," Cyrus told her, causing Eirene to wander whether he referred to him. Moloch, for his part, ignored them. They had finally reached the gate. Moloch eyed the guards with a cunning eye. Arkham had kept her legions, it seemed. He smiled and presented his ring.

"Please tell your Khal that the delegation from Drake City has arrived."

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As the revelry continued and the debauchery reached a fever pitch a vision of elegant beauty stepped out onto the bear skin rug beneath the iron forged throne Khal Jinn had been sitting on. In her hand a magnificent lion skin, slew by Jinn himself with his bare hands. It was one of the few things she could get him to put on when the weather was warm.

"Enjoying yourself?"

Came the melodious voice from behind Jinn. His eyebrow arched, the faintest hint of a smirk etched onto his rugged features as he felt the tender touch of the Oracle placing the lion skin around his broad shoulders. The whore dancers that had been lounging over the Khal slinked off at the disapproving glare of the Oracle. She had never cared for those who sold themselves as play things. Khal caught the look and chuckled.

"I was... you should try to do the same."

Talia came around his seat and placed herself at his side with a mock look of surprise on her face.

"Is that humor? From the bristly slayer of kings?"

She teased. Her response came not from the Khal but from the second most important man in the kingdom.

"On the contrary soothsayer, the Khal can be down right hilarious. We once fought a rebel that went around calling himself the Hound of Arkham. Guess he thought it would instill fear in his enemies or some such non sense. Went around with a pack of wolf hounds and everything. In any case when we caught him you know what our Khal did?"

The Imperial Legate Gaius Septimus asked with a bold smirk on his face. Talia just scowled at him knowing full well the sad tale of the hound.

"He starved the dogs for six days and nights before he cut off The Hounds hands and feet and fed him to his beloved pack. I laughed so hard I cried."

"You're a beast."

The Oracle shot back at Gaius in sharp return. Gaius just chuckled smugly as The Khal grunted, seemingly unperturbed by neither the bickering of his advisers nor the memory of the horrible death The Hound suffered. Talia was about to speak again when her eyelids fluttered and she took a shuddering breath. Jinn flicked his gaze up at her, knowing full well what that trance like stare meant. Even Gaius looked to the Oracle for the vision she would soon deal out.

"They're here."

She said suddenly. No more than a few minutes later the doors to the great hall were opened and led by three Legionnaires was the King of Drake City, Moloch Markus.

The Music lessened to a slow and rumbling beat as the revelers equally lessened their rambunctious festivities. All eyes were on the two most important men in the room. The King from the city built atop the bones of dragons and the slayer of Kings. The people in the room held their breath while others whispered fears and doubts to one another. They were all shocked the King of Drake City actually came himself instead of sending a court envoy. The whispering flooded the background of the rhythmic drums as the leaders of Drake made their way into the hall. The two men in question locked eyes instantly. Silently measuring one another for any sign of weakness, sizing one another up as two male lions would do over a pride of females.

They were not the only ones either. The Imperial Legate levied a harsh stare at the infamous Captain of the Kings Guard. A stare which she reciprocated fiercely. The Oracle flashed a quaint smile at the kind looking elder on the other side of the king that spoke of good her good nature. All the while King Moloch made his way through the center of the room, never once failing in his bold gaze.

Jinn barely moved. His position in his iron chair had not wavered. His elbows still rested on his thighs as he watched the king like a hungry beast to see how he'd react. What would he see? Fear, apprehension, pride, arrogance? Finally Khal Jinn spoke up, his deep rough voice cutting through the tension like a jagged blade.

"You did not send an envoy in your place..."

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The Hall waas impressive. Indeed, the whole city was impressive. To the un trained eye, it seemed the city could not have been the setting of such brutal punishment such aqwaas rumored to take place, but Moloch was not untrained. Rebuilt buildings, new ones, burn marks, the lack of self-indulgent fools... These were important clues.

The Hall itself was different than the other buildings in the city. It hailed from a different culture, one that valued good food and drink, little personal space, and shamless whores over civility and subtlety. Moloch eyed the Khal calmly. A fool would call him a brute and while there was savage strength displayed, there was great intelligence as well. Eirene was currently sizing up the Imperial Legate, displaying miitary confidene as they tried to intimidate each other.

Moloch smiled slightly at the greeting.

"Half of my envoys would underestimate you. The other half would fear you. I neither fear you nor do I underestimate you. Besides I wanted to meet you for myself."

He stood there calmly, searching for signs of the other man's thoughts or emotons. Yet he showed pleasure as well. He enjoyed situations like this.

Cyrus, meanwhile reached to brush the Oracle's mind. He smiled dryly.

Next, we will see threats, boasting, insults, and grudging respect. I shall give thanks to the gods if they don't beat their chests.

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Talia giggled sweetly at the kind old voice in her head. It had been too long since someone had been able to touch her mind as she touched others. It was comforting and warming like returning to your parents home after too long away. She averted her eyes from the clever old wizard in order to temper her laughter. Gaius tensed his jaw at the foolishness of the Oracle but never broke his iron stare competition with the Captain of the Kings Guard.

While his Oracle giggled and his Legate glared their leader, the King Slayer, Ruler of the South Pacific Kingdom, Conqueror of the Pit of Shadows, Leader of the Children of Arktorius, Master of the Dothraki Horde listened. He listened to the words of the King of Drake. He measured his words, weighed their meaning and found their worth. There was a tense moment of silence as the people in the hall watched and waited for Khal Jinn's response. His eyes were locked on Moloch's then suddenly the first sign of his inner thoughts. A soft grunt like chuckle followed by the softest of nods from the big stoic man.

"A good thing... Your envoys would not have left my hall with their heads."

Then he rose, the massive beast of a man towered over every one in the room. With that action the lion skin dropped from his body around his iron throne. He stepped forward, his heavy footfalls resounding in the quiet hall. He stepped down to stand face to face with the King from the east, their eyes locked. The people held their breathes, fearful of what was to come next. Images of the blood of the last man of noble birth to stand in Arkham flashed in their minds. Moloch was not a small man, standing only a few inches shorter than Jinn and well muscled. While not possessing the hulking bulk of Khal Jinn he was no wafer thin prince but a warrior king. Jinn reached out a hand to his side, beckoning to one of his countless men nearby. He could have been asking for a blade as easily as a drink. Fortunately for two kingdoms and all those within it he was asking for the latter.

A drinking horn full of mead found it's way to Jinn's hand. He grinned and put it into Moloch's hand.

"You will drink with me and we will talk as men, not kings."

With that he turned and stepped back up to the landing where his throne was as the music picked back up again and everyone sighed in relief before returning to their revelry. He paused for the briefest of moments to turn to Gaius.


With that single word the hardened commander of the Arkham Legionnaires let loose a low growling, grumble but nodded. Finally he averted his gaze and nodded to one of the servers to bring wine and food to the guests. Khal Jinn turned his head just enough to throw a glance at Moloch before he motioned with his hand to follow.


He said before walking off to the blood red curtains behind the throne to the Khal's private quarters where the two rulers could speak in private. The oracle, pleased with the outcome smiled politely at King Moloch before touching the mind of the kind old wizard.

"It's ok, he won't be harmed. I've never seen him take to someone so quickly. This is better than I could have hoped."

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Moloch has a knack with people. Under different circumstances, our conflict with our easternmost neighbor would have long since faded away, but Fate has other plans. There is no greater hate than that born of love and both Moloch and Queen Amelia loved their parents and continue love their people.

Neither Moloch nor Eirene would approve of his monologe, but this young woman' essence was good. Besides, it wasn't something one wouldn't learn in an inn to the east. The old man took one of the offered seats and grinned over at Eirene. He gestured beside him.

"Come, Captain. The food and drink are good and the good Legate is a male version of yourself. You can compare disembowlement methods."

Eirene glared at him, but took the seat. Cyrus knew he'd eventually get her to eat. It had been a long journey.

Moloch, for his part, accepted the horn of mead with a grin and followed the Khal. It was just like he suspected. Khal Jinn valued honesty, respect, and strength. They were good qualities. Even if the two became enemies, which was unlikely at this point, Khal Jinn would still respect those qualities in him. Moloch would do likewise.

"Then we shall talk as men. So tell me, what do you celebrate? What is worth celebrating?"

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As his Oracle contemplated the words of Cyrus and what part this Queen Amelia would play in the days to come the rulers of the South Pacific Kingdom and Drake City were bathed in darkness. Khal Jinn's private quarters were for none other than himself, he did not often bring others into his personal space. As such there were no lights, no lanterns or torches lit. Just the crushing darkness, the unending black. The foot falls of Moloch slowed once he entered the darkness as his eyes struggled to adjust to the absent light while Jinn moved as if there had been no change. The darkness seemed familiar to him, like an old friend or family member. It was after all his only family for so long.

A knowing smile etched it's way onto Jinn's face as he walked through the black with ease. He paused by a small cabinet seen only to him and opened the small cupboard to reach for the flint and candle stowed away there.

"A moment King of Drake, you will see the light soon enough."

He said as he began to strike the flint to light the candle. The momentary flicker of orange sparks was all that was visible in the utter darkness as Jinn set to his task. In a matter of seconds the candle was lit and the room was granted the faint orange glow it provided finally giving Moloch his first view of Jinn's private quarters. Rich, crimson cloth hung from many of the surfaces while spear, shield, mace and axe could be found laying around the room. In the center of the oval room was several animal skins, mainly large predators like wolf and bear. Atop those skins were three comfortable looking wooden chairs, one draped in more crimson and the other two were not. Any area outside of the candle light was hidden in shadow giving Moloch no real idea of how large the room actually was nor what else may lie in the darkness.

Jinn casually took his seat on the crimson chair before motioning for Moloch to do the same across from him. Jinn sat back comfortably and drank his honeyed mead. The golden liquid was sweet to the taste yet the strength of the alcohol was warming to his body. He breathed out a relaxed sigh before eyeing the King once more.

"You ask what there is to celebrate, what I see worth while to celebrate?"

He asked aloud, reiterating Moloch's earlier question.

"I see value in many things, King of Dragon Bones. I can drink to the birth of a child as easily as the death of an enemy. Yet... I think I need not tell you that."

Jinn said intelligently.

"You have already proven yourself above underestimation and petty fear. Someone like myself must deal with these things often, it is... refreshing to meet someone who does not see merely a beast nor a brute."

Jinn paused to drink more from his horn before continuing.

"You have come a long way, tell me why. What do you hope to achieve from this meeting?"

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"You have already proven yourself above underestimation and petty fear. Someone like myself must deal with these things often, it is... refreshing to meet someone who does not see merely a beast nor a brute."

The Khal paused to drink before continuing.

"You have come a long way, tell me why. What do you hope to achieve from this meeting?"

Ah, now we get to the heart of the matter, Moloch thought wryly. Truthfully, he wished he could say he was simply visiting to improve relations or to get to know the new king of his western neighbor, but that wasn't the truth. The truth was the same truth that had been driving all his actions for years.

"I wished to gain insight in what you will do in the future," he confessed. He took a sip from his horn before continuing, "As you might know, my kingdom and that of the South Atlantic Kingdom have fought viciously in the past, our neighbor desiring the bones of the dragons which make us which and our armies feared. My people responded in kind, mustering defenses, counterattacks, and even invasions of our own. Our latest war began when South Atlantic diplomats visited our city under the banner of peace. In reality, they had conspired with a small group of nobles who were willing to hand over our city in exchange for wealth and its governorship. My parents were poisoned in feast held in the diplomats' honor. The nobles feigned surprise of course, but they did not count on myself or my brother surviving.

"Menelaus, the chief traitor, had already cultivated influence, enough to petition for stewardship of the city, painting myself and my brother as too "distraught" at the moment. I perceived the situation immediately. He eyed the city covetously and his support from our rivals made the ploy obvious. My own spies reported that "mercenaries" were traveling to the city to reinforce it. Mercenaries whose movements matched that of South Atlantic soldiers. Unless I thought of something, my kingdom would fall around me. I thew my enemies a feast and when we drank to their health, they fell to their own poison.

"My city was besieged when the enemy king realized his ploy had failed and in the midst of battle, I earned my title and defended my people. I killed the enemy king and launched an invasion until Queen Amelia, the king's daughter, forced me into peace. Since then, we both have prepared for when the war between us is renewed for the peace will not last. Now, I visit you and see three options.

"It is in your power to destroy us. If you joined with Queen Amelia, I will not have the forces to defeat you. But I would make sure that you pay dearly and that I would meet you both on the battlefield. You could join me and the war would tip in my favor. We would both gain much from that type of partnership. Or you can stay out of our conflict and I will be comforted that I will not face two formidable enemies within a war."

He drank the rest of his mead.

"I hope to achieve either of the latter two and prevent the first option."

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Jinn leaned forward as Moloch spoke. His curiosity peaked, his excitement palpable. He listened intently to the words of the king as he recanted his tale. Betrayed by the corrupt rich of his own city and to left to die he rose up and killed the snakes in his home with their own venomous fangs. The will power, intelligence and willingness to do all that was necessary to achieve victory was admirable in the King from the East. Jinn's ran his thumb along the golden lip of his drinking horn as Moloch came to a close, stating the evident truths. Should the Khal seek out the enemies of Drake he could drown the city in their blood. Should he ally with them they could write history at the end of their swords. That kind of union would take individuals of like mind, conviction and strength.

King Moloch finished his mead and his peace.

"I hope to achieve either of the latter two and prevent the first option."

Khal Jinn did not reply right away. His eyes were fixed on the man before him. The warrior king from the city built atop the bones of dragons. Noble of birth but powerful by might, a king Jinn could respect. He ruled not through name but by the strength of his own arm, the cunning of his own mind. A dark grin slowly etched it's way onto Khal Jinn's sharp features.

"Kings talk and sing their songs of peace, wrapped up in pretty little words like gifts given to children yet within is only refuse. Worth less than nothing... but not you. I asked you to speak as men and speak you have. You tell me the truth when you could have lied. You admit your vulnerabilities when you could have hid behind your strengths. You....King Moloch of Drake City, are a King fitting of the title."

The praise was well deserved and meant in truth. Jinn was a man of instinct. He trusted what he could see and feel in a man's heart when he stared into his eyes. He could see fear as much as strength in those around him. Jinn downed his mead and rose to his feet as he walked away from his chair for a moment and lifted an ornate dagger off of his table.

"When I began I was branded terrorist, marauder, mad man. I consider myself a teacher. My students?... are the corrupt of this world who think themselves above the poor. I instruct them of the error of their ways, show them their just rewards for the evils they wrought."

Jinn turned his head, giving Moloch the flash of a fiery gaze.

"Those same nobles who betrayed you and your family in your own city, those men who took your parents from you."

Jinn returned to his seat in the candle light, with his dagger in hand.

"You rose from what some would call defeat and cut off the heads of the beasts who thirsted for your blood. I can admire than kind of conviction Moloch. You and I are not so different. Our beginnings are night and day but what we have done in our moment of judgment has forged us into the men we are today. If the spawn of your parents killer thinks to bring the fires of war to Drake I say that I would revel in the opportunity to show her a fire of my own."

The dangerous spark in Jinn's eye was infectious, almost madness if he wasn't so eerily calm and calculating.

"It has been my experience that waiting for the wolves to come to your door is a fools game. Better to hunt the beasts in their den and spear them while they sleep. What say you King of Dragon Bones? Would you like to finally be rid of your enemy once and for all?"

He asked as he offered the dagger to Moloch.

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"It has been my experience that waiting for the wolves to come to your door is a fools game. Better to hunt the beasts in their den and spear them while they sleep. What say you King of Dragon Bones? Would you like to finally be rid of your enemy once and for all?"

Things had indeed gone better than Moloch could possibly have hoped. An ally like Khal Jinn would mean that the South Atlantic Kingdom would never be able to oppose him. A quick, devastating strike on St. Helena City would put an end to his enemy once and for all, despite Queen Amelia's recent build up in forces. However, Moloch did not become King by underestimating his opponents. There was always the possibility that the South Atlantic Kingdom had forged alliances of their own. He smiled slightly. He would be ready. He took the dagger from Khal and unsheathed it.

"My armies can assemble within three days, once given the order. We are not hampered by distance or unreadiness. My fleet is small, but it is lethal and reinforced with the Sea Vultures. It would be best to strike soon and with the preparation for a long conflict should things not go our way," he stated. He frowned slightly. There was one part of Queen Stormborn's forces that troubled him.

"For the first time in centuries, dragons have appeared in the world. All three of them belong to Queen Stormborn, who is rumored to be immune to the flame. They can be difficult to fight. My Magi and engineers have some ideas, however."


Niall sat in the forest, strumming his harp. Music echoed among the Druids' sacred trees and the Life-Force shimmered around him. It so palpable as to be almost visibile to Niall's eyes, though he knew that he did not "see" it so much as sense it through his connection to It. He sang a few verses in honor of the gods, prompted by his senses that their attention was fixed here, but not drawn to him so much as invoked by someone else. When his song ended, he rose and began to walk.

Idly, he strummed his heart, allowing his legs to take them where they willed. He had progressed in his studies more than he thought possible without Dragon Tongue to guide him. He could feel the Life-Force prompting him, guiding him. It may have been an hour or a day before he at last emerged from his woods to find a somewhat tense situation before him.

There was a tribe of Celts and some others before him. This new tribe was not Celtic, he could tell from the way they dressed and moved. The Life-Force directed him to one of the Celts. It was a woman and she seemed to leading them. She did not move like a bard, but she was magical. Perhaps she was a druidess? Maybe it was she who called the gods' attention in the forest. He stepped forward.

"Greetings. I hope things are well," he said, pleasantly, moving slowly so as not to startle the already tense warriors.

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"Immune to flame?... We shall see."

Jinn said darkly as he rose and turned away from Moloch. A voice in his head echoed the King's words immune to flame but the massive Khal merely cast this occurrence aside as his excitement of what was to come. Instead he allowed his mind to drift, as it had done when he plotted the death and inevitable rebirth of Arkham, to run wild. Images of great fires purging the shining capitol of the South Atlantic Kingdom. The young Queen whom Jinn has never seen nor knew much about was absent from his visions but her screams, those were there, ever present in the back ground as her city burned. Jinn walked through the streets, the blood of the dead and dying splashed across his body. Moloch rode ahead of him, atop a magnificent white stallion, carrying the banner of his house. The king had finally defeated his enemy and Jinn had liberated the world of yet another corrupt elitist. The road to salvation is, as always, paved in the blood of the entitled decadent. He could almost feel the heat from the fire as the people of the South Atlantic burned for the sins of their leader.

Back in the here and the now Jinn turned to Moloch with an eerie calm in his dark eyes.

"Three days will serve as the stone that signals the avalanche. My armies will be raised. By boot and horse and war ship they will embark across land and sea. I will meet you again in that time and we will deal with the intricacies of laying siege to the Queens country. Let the scholars and magi deal with what power they think we should fear."

For the briefest of moments, no more than a fraction of a second in time the voice in Jinn's mind spoke again yet this time with force and anger at being ignored. Something about this woman was effecting Jinn, he did not like it but it was there, under the surface. As if there was something he was forgetting that he just could not place. Like a shark waiting in the deep this woman meant something to Jinn, this Queen this... Mother of Dragons.

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Niall Callhoun

Niall blinked as the girl brought his hand to her chest. He closed his eyes, feeling the energy throbbing from her heart. Yes, this woman was special. The Life-Force flowed through her, though differently than what he was used to. He smiled over at the girl and laughed slightly.

"No. I do not doubt the gods. I'm just taught they're one part of the Life-Force, like you and I."

At her request for a song, he unstrapped his heart. He didn't know what to sing at the moment, so he just played the harp. He wove into the music of all the things he had seen on his journeys so far: of high mountains, deep caves, green, vibrant forests, peoples of many different languages and colors. He didn't decide consciously what to weave into the music. The Life-Force simply dictated it through him.


Moloch nodded at the Khal, deciding that this was his cue to leave. He had many plans at the moment, but it seemed things were now in his favor. They just needed to strike quickly and his enemy would fall. Drake City's future would be secured. The city-state would be truly a kingdom with no one to threaten it.

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King Moloch, left, not a word but a nod. The ruler of Drake, the city state on the brink of a cultural, economical and military growth spur left to set his plans in motion. Jinn on the other hand stared after him, the fiery grin that was on his face faded. The inferno in his eyes died out to a low ember. His brilliant mind set to it's task. Already the formation of what was to come next began to take shape. Like the spider first beginning to spin it's silk Jinn's schemes were in it's formative state. Yet unlike the spider Jinn was not alone in his construction of his web. He rose and stepped out into the entry way of his chambers. His eyes scanning the revelry for two individuals. One a man of action, the other a woman of vision.

Talia noticed him first, that dark lord of hers. Emanating feral prowess and strength he watched from the darkness and caused a tingle to run through her body. She had been sitting at the side of Gaius as he drank and joked with his fellow soldiers. In her hand a small goblet of wine which she set down as her eyes locked with the dark gaze of Khal Jinn. Her king looked at her for a moment before turning away disappearing into the darkness. She put a gentle touch on the arm of the Imperial Legate who was, at the moment, in the middle of a rowdy story of sexual conquest.

" then I bent her over and- what?"

He said, obviously somewhat inebriated and distracted. Talia shook her head with a sigh, obviously the legate's stories had been wearing on her.

"We've been summoned."

He arched an eyebrow and looked back to where Jinn's chambers were.


He grumbled as he downed the rest of his pint, cleared his throat and got to his feet. The Imperial Legate and the Oracle made their way into the darkness of Jinn's champers to see what their king sought of them.

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Amelia Stormborn

“Your Grace, King Moloch’s army is still on par with yours; we must demoralise their forces so that they are already set up for defeat, perhaps if it is possible for us to dissuade the Khal from aiding in the war then we may crush Moloch’s forces before we’ve ever even met them on the field.” Her faithful Spymaster was the first to speak his idea and knowing him this was one that he had just acquired. "To keep our men in their homes with their family instead of on the field of battle is something I would like, but demoralizing Moloch's forces will be no easy task."

The men nodded as they knew their Queen spoke truth. "Forget the demoralization! I say we just move in now. The King of Drake is gone and while I doubt the city is defenseless they are still without a king to lead them into battle. We could take advantage of this and march now and seize the city before the king even had the chance to wage war." The Lord Commander spoke and in his words you could see why this man was knight, he lived for war. Amelia took in both the words of her Commander and Spymaster and while both plans were a way to go she wasn't sure if either path was the one she wanted to take.

"Why must their be a war at all?", she asked with a sense of thought as her own ideas were still forming in her mind. "I will not be the one who breaks the treaty of peace. I did not have it created so that I just one day choose to throw it away." The Commander looked as if he was about to speak but Amelia didn't give him the chance as she continued. "War is brewing but it has not come yet. I was able to convince the king to strike up peace when our kingdom was weak and an easy target. Who's to say I couldn't convince him to do the same now that are army now posses a real threat."

The men all looked doubtful but no one could dispute that the Queen had a point. "If there is a chance to stop the spillage of blood before it has even had a chance to flow should we not take it?" Looking at one of her guards she commanded "Fetch paper and ink! I shall send a letter to the South Pacific Kingdom requesting the presence of both the King of Drake and the Khal of the South Pacific." The guard nodded as he ran off to do as his Queen had ordered. To Amelia the reason behind Moloch's sudden want of war was puzzling. While their had always been tension between the two of them for him to suddenly want to drive his men out to battle was something she hadn't seen coming. She hoped by getting the King as well as Khal to meet with her she would be able to find out his reasonings and come to a comprise that would leave them both content as she had done years before.

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Niall Callhoun

"Show me?"

Niall took in the sights around him: the tree roots went deep in the earth, taking in water and the energy of the Life Force. This was a special place. He could sense the prescence of many creatures: elk, deer, wolves, foxes, the fish in the lake, the birds in the sky, and the countless insects within the earth. He would need to be cautious. If he opened himself up too much, then the energy could overwhelm him. He placed a hand on the girl's heart.

"How about someplace different?" he suggested. He willed her to see his memories of the mountains of Fyrkat: fierce and deadly, snow everywhere. He remembered the howl of the wolves and the sheer defiance of the animals and plants that made their homes in the mountains. It flowed with the Life Force there too, but it was different. Yet the differences highlighted the beauty in both places.

"Life exists everywhere. Death itself gives way to Life. Even Un-Life cannot prevail. Not in the end," he told her. Niall frowned at the mention of the opposite of the Life Force. He dared not speak of it here.


"There is still time, Moloch. Do not goto war so rashly," Cyrus warned the young King, causing him to frown. He had told both of his advisers of his and the Khal's plans and the old Mage wasn't pleased. It was early in the morning, but none of them had slept which wasn't too much of a bother. Eirene's training had kept her up for a week before she could join his Guard and Cyrus had had many late nights in his long life. Moloch too had spent many sleepless nights planning for the futur.

"We are ready. King Moloch has been doing everything he can to prepare our people for the next war and Queen Amelia doubtless has been doing the same. Drake City and the South Atlantic Kingdom cannot coexist forever. Eventually, one will conquer the other," Eirene cut in.

"Does it? Maybe we can step back for a moment and see if maybe both our people's are acting out of suspicion. If could reach an understanding..."

Moloch raised a hand, signalling the two to be silent, "I will prepare our forces, but if it satisfies you, Master Cyrus, then I will speak with the Queen. However, I will do whatever it takes to protect our people," Moloch told them both.

He rose, the other two rising with him.

"Captain Eirene, send word to the men. We are leaving this morning. I trust my brother and his advisers," Moloch told them, mentally adding And the knights charged with reminding the nobility that my absence is brief, "But I intend on arriving home by nightfall."

"Kallias is a good lad, Moloch. You underestimate him," Cyrus told him gently. Moloch frowned.

"He is still a child. He'd be torn to shreds without me, either in Court or on the battlefield."

"He fought well in the last war," Cyrus reminded him.

"Against ordinary soldiers, yes. An experienced warrior could easily kill him," Eirene stated. Moloch nodded in agreement. They would say their farewells to the Khal and then they would ride.

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Amelia Stormborn

As she was giving the paper and other writing utensils she begin her letter to the Drake King. She wasn't sure what this letter would accomplish if it accomplished anything at all but she knew she at least had to try. Why she was like her father in many ways when it came to war she was also rather avoid than face it head on. She loved her own people to much to send countless numbers of them to marching to their death. If by the end of this King Moloch was still in his ways and forced her hand she would defend her kingdom to her very own death if it meant that. However, if he decided to redirect his intent and put his energy back into retaining the fragile peace that was already established between the two lands Amelia would be more than willing to do the same.

Once she was done writing and proofreading her letter to the King she looked upon the faces of the men and woman around her. She could tell that some agreed and others did not but their feelings at this moment weren't of any importance to her. They were all her advisors and she always took the time to heed their words of wisdom and warnings. At the end of the day however she was the Queen and had to make her own decisions. There would always be those who were happy with the choices she made and those who wouldn't agreed. In the end there was never a time when everyone would be pleased which is something she had quickly learned after taking the throne.

“I will have my finest man deliver the letter in person, your majesty and I will ensure he has nothing but pleasantries on his tongue. Less we give the King the wrong idea.” Amelia looked to Eira and smiled as she sealed with the letter with her family's royal seal she handed the letter down to a guard would pass it on to the woman. As Eira retainer approached and received the letter she spoke to him,“Take this directly to the Drake King, do not stop on the way and take this gold to buy fresh horses whenever necessary.” After taking the coin the man immediately took his leave and Amelia went to work writing a letter to the Khal of the South Pacific Kingdom.

She was nervous as she wrote the letter to the Khal. The Drake King she had met before and while she didn't favor him he was no mystery to her. The Khal on the other hand Amelia in truth knew nothing about aside from some small rumors and gossip she had heard here and there. What he knew of her was also a mystery to the young Queen but if all he did knew of her came from the mouth of the Drake King then his first impression of her couldn't be a good one. Despite that she hoped that the Khal would come to her kingdom and meet her in person so he could judge her for himself. For if he wished to have a stake in this possible war it was only far that he knew all the players in this game.

Sealing the second letter she handed it off to one of her private messengers and as he left she looked around at all her advisors. "You are all dismissed!", she exclaimed officially ending their second meeting of the day. Now the only thing left to do was to wait and see just what the King and Khal would do. Amelia was desperately hoping that for the sake of her people she could persuade both men that war was not the answer to whatever problem they felt had surfaced. If anything she at least hoped that if she couldn't persuade the King she could at least sway the Khal to her side.

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Eira Gunvald

Eira bowed low as they were dismissed and turning on her heel she made to return to what was now her old quarters. Her travels were as usual unhindered through the castle and the ever present guard outside her quarters looked as bored as ever and she noted he was without a bloodied weapon; the girl had not stolen anything at least then.

Entering her quarters Eira was met with the smell of a fire burning slowly in the hearth, generally she never bothered lighting it herself, it made no difference to her anyway and it wasn’t as though she ever had to cook. Taking in the room she could see the body of the frail girl she had taken in only hours before. “Ah, Meredith. I’m glad you didn’t decide to leave.” The vampire said beginning to unbuckle her armour. “I hope you found everything to be accommodating. It isn’t often I have guests.” She smiled, though not in a threatening manner.

“M…miss,” Meredith began, “Are… are you going to kill me?” she asked meekly, her hands shaking slightly.

“Kill you?” Eira asked, “Why would I kill you now? If I was going to I would’ve done so last night.” Despite the context, her words were not malicious nor were they threatening. They would’ve seemed warm if not coming from a woman who’d almost entirely lost her ability to be warm. “No, I have decided to keep you; I could do with an aid.” Eira turned away for a moment as she removed her sword from her belt. “I will house you, feed you, clothe you and give you a warm bed. You will want for nothing in my care,” The vampire turned back at this point, kicking her boots into a corner. “You are of course free to leave whenever you please. What do you say?”

Meredith seemed to weigh this in her mind for what only seemed like a moment before a bright smile filled the girl’s face and she nodded with great enthusiasm. “Yes, please. A thousand times yes!” she voiced less quietly then before.

“Good, in that case for now you may wear some of the things I have acquired over the years and I will take you to the market district tonight, as I’m sure you’re aware of my… certain condition.” She continued before beginning to quiz the girl on herself…

Some hours later in the South Pacific countryside two messengers rode fast across the farmlands, his horses flank dripping with sweat. It was almost time to change horses again but he was so close now, he could finally see the edge of the city beginning to peer over on the horizon. It began to occur to them as they rode that this was more than likely an illusion of distance as the city seemed to rise from the horizon endlessly as he approached the city, vast pillars, towers and a castle that rival Amelia’s own seemed to dominate the skyline.

As the messengers finally arrived at the cities gates they rode almost all the way to the castle, leaping off their horses with a bag of coin tossed skilfully to a stable hand as they did so. He continued his run all the way to the castles gates itself, “We have a message for the Drake King Moloch and for the Khal of the South Pacific Kingdom, from Queen Amelia Stormborn!" He called out to the guards, falling to his knees in exhaustion.

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Katsura Shiraishi, Himiko Hatsumomo, Masaki Mizuno-Wa, Faramir Elendil

After Katsura asked his question regarding the need for the continued presence of the Wa army in Frykat, Ulfar stroked his beard thoughtfully at this for a moment. “The war with Ulfheimr is over but we are yet to see what will happen in the council. Messengers have been sent to all of the other clans and the Seidhr to call for a council meeting but there is no guarantee that it will pass yet. Only Odin can know if it is the Leiknir’s time to rule yet and for this cursed war to finally end.” He explained taking a small swig of his mead as he did so. “Though with the Ulfheimr vote on our side we have a chance to gain the Seidhr vote too, which will bring in the others too. No one argues with the voice of the gods themselves.”

Katsura nodded and smiled. He was pleased at the thought of spending more time with the people of Fyrkat. He enjoyed their spirit and way of being, it was quite carefree. “Then I shall send word and request to my Lord, Emperor Katsuhito, on behalf of our continued stay in Fyrkat. I believe things will work out in your favor Lord Ulfar.” Katsura said and he drank more mead. He placed his other hand gently over top of Masaki’s hand as it rested on the table. Masaki had calmed down from his earlier anger and embarrassment and was his usual regally elegant self once more.

“I’ve told you before I’d follow you anywhere. I’d love to spend more time here. It’s cold but the people are warm and I like it.” Masaki added.

Ulfar smiled at Masaki’s comment, “It’s always cold here, in fact this is one of the warmer parts of Fyrkat, its worse up in the mountains. It’s why we wear furs and separate pieces of armour, solid metal plate freezes in the cold weather and then you can’t move, as some of our southern enemies of the past discovered for themselves.”

“Lady Hatsumomo, do you think that when you do leave I would be able to go with you to Wa?” she eventually asked, looking up at Hatsumomo’s mahogany colored eyes. “I have heard so much about Wa and I would really love to see it, learn about it first-hand.” Tyra explained.

Hatsumomo was a bit surprised at Tyra’s question. She gave a curious smile. “I honestly don’t see why you couldn’t go, as long as Lord Ulfar allows it. His Majesty would be thrilled to meet you. He’s always excited to talk with those from abroad as he is not often able to travel as he would like.” Hastumomo replied in a chipper tone. She then cocked her head to the side in thought and said, “However, Wa can be a bit rule heavy and stuffy in comparison to the social freedoms the people of Fyrkat seem to enjoy. I hope it won’t be too stiffening for you.” Hatsumomo was a bit concerned about that factor. Foreigners often were cut slack for their difficulty with conforming to, and understanding, Wa customs. However they still came under a certain stigma with the Wa. Hatsumomo pondered a bit more, she came to the conclusion that many people of Wa could stand to meet someone like Lady Tyra. Perhaps it was a good idea.

“What shall you do from here Lord Faramir? Will you offer to help Fyrkat as well? It would probably be good for you to do so.” Hatsumomo asked Faramir

Tyra sat up at this point, her father’s reassuring hand upon her shoulder stayed her tongue. She would get her chance but she could not dishonour her family by breaking the creed of hospitality. Instead Ulfar voiced their opinion for them, “All allies are welcome here and when the Leiknir finally rise out of the ashes to unify the Kingdom once again I will ensure that the friendships between our people that have been forged in war will continue into peace.”

Faramir smiled, “Thank you. I do not take lightly the warm hospitality you have shown my men and I. I am indeed undeserving if it. For as long as Fyrkat is in the favor of the True Runes, the magician’s tower will be your ally.” Faramire replied. He glanced over at Tyra who seemed to stare dagger at the mage. Faramir simply gave her a look of understanding. He knew why she felt the way she did and didn’t blame her. He was used to being seen as the bad guy.

The night concluded and all was well. Hatsumomo peered out of her room’s window into the night’s air. She could feel the calm of the spirits resting in the land. A peace blew on the winds. It was much different a feeling in comparison to when she had first arrived in the Fyrkat nation. Trouble boiled in the waters and discourse in the gusts of wind. This battle had brought great calm to the land.

Rumil Arato and Oropher Rovain

The underwater caverns were long but beautiful. Rumil and Oropher swam through letting the currents push them along. They made several turns and eventually they came to an exit to the surface. Oropher read the marker carved into stone on the cavern wall, “South Pacific Kingdom Lagoons”. The two surfaced and swam into what looked to be stony ruins. There were clear blue waters and a few merpeople swam about, welcoming Rumil and Oropher.

The merpeople of the South Pacific region had inhabited the old ruins of a partially submerged stone temple. This place was not often disturbed by humans and known as a hub for merpeople so most locals would beware. However occasionally a few arrogant soldiers would wander through wanting to cool their feet in the beautiful pools of water. After Rumil and Oropher got settled they conversed regarding their plans.

“What shall we do Rumil, we’re in the South Pacific Kingdom. We’re still nowhere close to Fyrkat according to the human map we have. Who knows if Faramir is even still in Fyrkat?” Oropher complained.

Rumil shrugged his shoulders and let out a sigh. “Perhaps you are right. Even still we needed a vacation from Mildorian don’t you think? It’s not so bad here.” Rumil said in an upbeat fashion. He dolphin jumped into the water and then resurfaced.

The other mermen in the lagoon caught the sound of humans approaching and gave warning. They all dove down into the waters and disappeared. Rumil and Oropher remained close by to listen and observe the human trespassers. There were two men of the South Pacific kingdom, both appeared to be soldiers. They were conversing about a possible war brewing between the Drake city, and the South Atlantic Kingdom.

Oropher had heard all that he needed to know. The humans were fighting and war was brewing. What better a time to pick them off as they are focused on each other? Oropher grinned. He had a plan, one that would avenge the death of his father.

“It seems that Khal Jinn has concluded talks with that Moloch. If Lord Khal agreed to go to battle then we can expect to ride off to glory and kick some South Atlantic Ass!! Hahahaha…” One of the soldiers laughed.

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The Imperial Legate and The Oracle had since been dismissed from The Great Khal's quarters. Their conversation had gone long into the night and morning came with welcomed relief. The night before, while pleasant, had promised of blood to come. Talia sat in the great hall of her king and lord sipping chamomile tea as she fretted over her visions from last night. Her visions, as always were difficult to discern. Rarely did she see something that made complete sense immediately. Last night was no different. She saw fire, a great fire that rose above a sparkling city of ivory. She heard screams of a mother and moon colored hair stained with blood. She remembered the feeling of overwhelming sorrow and regret, even shame as if she was responsible in some way. The last thing she saw was the still body of a dragon, laying amidts a pool of it's own blood. Then the vision shifted and the ivory city no longer burned but instead shined in the glorious morning sun. Rose petals rained down to the city streets as a beautiful woman with the same moon colored hair walked the streets proudly. The people sang her praises and called to her in love and adoration. Overhead dragons soared nobly, roaring out in triumph. The woman's eyes slowly rose and fell on a man who was obscured from sight yet in that look, in the eyes of the woman Delphi saw gratitude, respect, and even love.

She woke confused and disturbed for never before had she had dual visions before. As she contemplated what these visions meant a shadow loomed over her. Massive in scope and instinctively the hair on the back of her neck stood up as if she was being eyed by some hungry predator. She turned with a start to see The Khal standing behind her.


He said in greeting, his deep voice rolling fourth like the growl of a giant. She breathed a sigh of relief and put her hand to her chest as if to still her beating heart.

"Great Khal, good morrow. You startled me. You know it truly is fascinating how a man your size can be so stealthy."

Jinn said not a word, just smiled knowingly and sat beside her. He causally began plucking berries from the bowl in front of her and enjoyed them slowly before glancing at her. His intelligent dark gaze locked on instantly to her mood.

"What's wrong?"

Delphi shook her head hoping to downplay his concern.

"Oh, nothing my lord. Just a vision."


"That I am not certain of yet."|

She admitted as she accepted a few berries that Jinn offered her.

"What did you see?"

Khal Jinn asked, never taking his eyes off her as she ate. Delphi paused and took a breath, allowing her mind to drift back to her minds eyes.

"I saw fire... fire and blood. Yet there was light also, peace and love. A strange dichotomy the likes of which I have never before seen in one of my visions."

Jinn tensed his jaw as his own ingenious mind considered the meaning of his oracles dual visions. He turned away from her and looked ahead of him for a moment with little more than a grunt of acknowledgment. Delphi knew her lord was never a man to sling words uselessly so did not take his silence for anything more than his own usual personality.

The oracle and the king sat together and enjoyed their breakfast, casually talking about the nights events, what the two of them and the Legate had discussed earlier and the union with Drake. It was obvious Delphi was not convinced that Drake was the bed they should lie in but was ready to do her duty without question. Though he was not there they both knew Gaius wanted the allegiance with Drake for the glorious battle that would come of it. Jinn himself seemed resolved to march off with Moloch but with less of a desire to fight beside a friend and more of a desire burn down the city of his enemies. The tale told to Jinn of The South Atlantic's kingdoms method of using the corrupt rich of Drake to fuel their war machine had stroked the fire in Jinn's heart. Few things in this world or the next have proved strong enough to temper that flame.

"Great Khal."

Came a Dothraki voice from behind the pair. The thick accent flowed freely from the young man's mouth as he knelt behind his Khal. Jinn turned around and eyed the young Dothraki quizzically.

"What is it young one?"

He asked. The Dothraki never raised his head, for to lock eyes with their Khal was to challenge the Khal in the Dothraki custom.

"Word, Great Khal, from The Queen Stormborn."

Delphi cast a concerned glance at Jinn as she knew the name and what it meant.

"The ruler of the South Atlantic Kingdom my king. She could not know of our allegiance with Drake yet could she?"

She asked, the worry evident in her voice. Jinn did not respond immediately, instead he smiled slowly. A shallow smile full of subtly and amusement.

"Words travel faster than an arrow in flight if your hearing is good enough."

Jinn said in reply to Delphi's worries. Jinn got to his feet and stood before his kneeling guard.

"Have my ship readied, The Oracle and I shall take to the sea. As for the courier... he comes with me..."

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The flame danced over the blade as the orange glow illuminated the darkness of the room. The steel seemed untouched by the kiss of fire as it remained clean and unblackened. In the grip of the powerful Khal, the warrior king, the sword found a master worthy of taming it. Khal Jinn, the great rider, Horse Lord of Vaes Dothrak took a moment to marvel at the blade in his hand. The sword, wreathed in flame, as if gifted unto him by The Great Stallion himself was a wondrous sight. Then the blade was doused in a bucket of water and the fire hissed as it died, darkness consuming the light from the flame as the black ichor in the bucket devoured the flame. Smithing was past time of Jinn's, to shape fire and metal to his will was always something that soothed him. In the relative darkness of his forge known as the Grim Forge, Jinn set to the task of forging himself a knew blade. A master work the likes he had never attempted before. He had time to kill as he awaited his ship to be readied so while he past the time he worked on the blade. Unlike the Dothraki blades he often carried this one was a straight blade, more akin to the type carried by the Wolves of the South in their heavy armor. There was a power in their swords that Jinn respected. To fell a man with skin of metal was no simple feat and one to be honored.

As he took hammer to steel the heavy booted falls of The Imperial Legate sounded as he entered the forge.


He said respectfully. Jinn never turned form his work, his hammer began to strike the metal, shaping it carefully.

"Somethings troubles you."

Gaius nodded as he crossed his arms over his armored chest.

"Aye, you could say that."

Jinn made no reply. The steady beating of his hammer would not be interupted for fear of causing cracks to form in the still shaping steel. The Legate sighed and took a step forward before leaning casually on the wall.

"Just curious is all, the Great Khal, master of the horse people, slayer of the countless, butcher of bastards yet here you stand... summoned by a woman."

Gaius was a remarkable individual for his bravery, courage and willingness to do anthing to achieve victory. He was also one of Jinn's only friends and thussly he was entitled to a small amount of freedom in conversation. Yet all freedoms could be revoked given the right provocation.

Jinn paused for the briefest of moments before his hammer struck once more.

"You think she summons me Gaius?"

He asked dangerously.

"I think she sent you a finely worded letter and you hop a ship the same day."

The Legate replied smartly. Jinn valued the man's honesty, an individual like Khal Jinn suffered greatly from the fear he induced in others. Honest council was hard to come by so when he found it he honored it greatly. Jinn smirked darkly as he shook his head.

"Speak of the devil, and he shall appear."

Was the Khal's, mysterious reponse. Giaus arched his eyebrow curiously.

"Is that it then sir? You going to scare her, show her the battle is lost before it has even started?"

Satisfied his steel has been worked to it's point Jinn lifted the large blade in the making and shoved it back in the hot coals.

"My kingdom is going to be in your hands while I am gone Gaius. All I have cut from the hands of lesser men will be in your charge. "

Jinn said suddenly, effectively ending Gaius' questioning. The surprising words caught Gaius off guard and he swallowed hard unsure of how to respond.


"It's people, it's borders, all of it under your command until you hear otherwise from me."

Jinn elaborated never looking back at the experienced commander.

"I am... honored by the trust you show in me my liege, I will not let you down."

For the first time Khal Jinn's dark gaze fell on Gaius Septimus and nearly froze him on the spot.

"If you do son of Arkham... Eyel varthasoe she ilekaan rikhoya arrekaan vekha vosi yeroon vosma tolorro..."

Gaius did not speak Dothraki yet the viscous threat was received none the less. The Legate was left feeling just a little bit colder inside as the fierce Khal left the Grim Forge leaving him with the threat that now gripped his heart, promising him of untold horrors to come should he fail the warrior king.

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At a desk in the castle of St. Helena City sat a foreigner. The older man shifted uncomfortable in the heat of the day, the rich brown leather of his jerkin seemed to bake his flesh beneath the sub tropical air. The only respite the man had was the series of windows that overlooked the African ocean. The sea breeze provided the aging warrior a well needed respite when the heat was too much for him. The man's mind drifted to thoughts of home. To the snow and ice, to the pine trees and the scent of the forests. He remembered the touch of Ghost's fur beneath his hands as the two would hunt together on cold nights, the white dire wolf seemed to vanish in the snow of Thane's forests.

Eddard blinked and seemed to return to the here and now. The snow was gone, Ghost was dead once more and he sat again as an aging old war veteran at a mahogany desk before scrolls and tomes about this new king in his homeland. Khal Jinn, by all accounts was a brute and a savage but Eddard Snow was too keen to take the man at base value. As soon as The Queen's spies had spoken of some sort of connection between the Khal and King Moloch Eddard had begun his investigation. He wanted to know everything about the man who united the kingdom he'd failed all those years ago.

His savagery was well documented yet if one looked hard enough there were tales of his kindness, his justness and honor. This Khal Jinn was not the beast the world thought him to be. He was no where near as unintelligent or reckless as people believed and in that way he was incredibly dangerous. A bear was strong, a wolf was cunning but man always had their mind to rely on. Take that away and the beast will win the day. Yet this beast was one that was beginning to earn the older man's admiration. The way he swept through the South Pacific with barely slowing down. Battle after battle all fell to Khal Jinn and his ever growing army. Further more once a city was conquered he gifted unto the people untold freedom. Liberty was theirs, liberty by law. A revolutionary concept but one that earned Snow's respect.

The Dothraki followed him, and the knights of Thrane, the wizards of Kandor and finally the Legionaries of Arkham. An army that diverse was a force that could make the world tremble, let alone his Queen's nation. Jinn coupled with their old foes in Drake and doom loomed on the horizon. Amelia was doing everything in her power to avoid war, even inviting both rulers to a peace summit that Eddard doubted very highly either would attend. Time would tell but Snow was not holding out hope for a miracle.

He had promised The Queen a full report on everything he had gathered on the Khal from the west and that report was nearing completion. It was then that there was a knock on the door.


Eddard said as he looked up. One of his attendants entered, a young man no older than sixteen winters, and delivered to the Lord Snow a letter. Eddard thanked the boy and read the letter quickly. It was from his spies in the west. As he read his eyes widened in surprise. This news would have to go to the queen at once. Eddard got to his feet and made his way to the queens chambers. He had heard she was giving audience to this red priestess everyone was talking about but this could not wait.

Lord Snow arrived outside the room where the Queen was meeting with the priestess and informed one of the guards to admit him entry and announce his presence to the Queen.



As the gulls flew over head the Great Rider, Khal of the South Pacific rode atop a massive war horse along the wooden docks of his flag city. Arkham was, after all, a port city and one where his naval power was built. His ships, war vessel and transport ships were all moored or on training runs. War was on the air and his people needed to be ready. As his country prepared for what was to come a single ship was preparing for an early voyage. A transport vessel for the Khal, fifty men and twenty to thirty attendants, mostly concubines. The matter of selecting the warriors to bring was no simple task, or at least it should have not been, but for The Great Khal the choice was simple. He required loyalty above all else for this voyage. He needed men and women around him he could trust. Not just soldiers but family.

As he neared the vessel he would departing on the Khal saw his old friend and Blood Rider, Qotho. As the two men saw one another, bold grins etched their way on to their faces. Qotho dismounted to greet his Khal and friend as Jinn did the same.

"Hash yer dothrae chek asshekh, Khal Jinn?"

Qotho said in the traditional greeting to his king as he extended his hand. Jinn towered over the burly fighter just like he did over so many yet in the shadow of his Khal Qotho smiled as Jinn grasped his forearm in friendship.

"Anha dothrak chek asshekh."

Jinn replied in kind. In Dothraki when riders met they would not ask how one was fairing or if they were well but instead if they ride well. The greeting was merely one rider asking the other if they were in fact riding well and the other replying that he was. This was among the oldest of greetings but among the most used in Dothraki culture.

Jinn gave his old friend a firm nod as he released his hand and looked past him to the fifty hardened Dothraki warriors on horseback waiting patiently to board the ship to the South Atlantic.


Jinn asked with a smirk. Qotho turned around with a proud grin.

"Sek, k'athjilari. Fifty of the best, Khal."

"Hazi davrae."

Jinn replied, obviously pleased. With that Jinn patted his friend shoulder warmly as he led him to the small, open tent where they could watch the proceedings of the ship being loaded with all the provisions they would need for the journey. As they waited a few of the other riders joined them and they began to casually have a few drinks as they waited to depart.

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Rumil Arato and Oropher Rovain

Rumil and Oropher lurked quietly below the surface of the water as the two South Pacific soldiers prattled on about the spoils of war and their future battles. Oropher was grateful to the men for helping his discover a brilliant way to get back at the humans for what they had done to his father. He had decided that no matter what it took, he would somehow get the merpeople to declare a guerrilla war against the humans while the humans battled amongst themselves. It would be easy, most all merpeople weren’t very fond of humans so it wouldn’t take much to convince the idle mermen and mermaids to attack mankind globally.

Oropher had learned enough from the two men. “It’s time we clean up our territory of this human rubbish, don’t you think Rumil?” Oropher said with a smirk.

Rumil smirked as well. “Yes, they don’t belong in the mermen’s lagoon. I sing them a little lullaby.” Rumil slowly surfaced in the water. The brawny men almost didn’t notice. However when Rumil’s pure voice began to sing their attention was acute. “Oh the great moonlight dances across the tide~ Simply take my hand and so can you and I~ A dance in the water dark, deep, and blue, another world awaits you. Take my hand let’s descend, just you, me and the ocean~” The melodic song of Rumil flowed gently through the air. The sounds were soft to the ear and in every way pleasant.

The two soldiers stopped mid sentence and scanned the area for the source of the beautiful voice. Rumil came into plain view as he flowed in the water. The soldiers saw the merman and immediately smiled in awe. They were under his spell of infatuation. The men would at this point now follow him anywhere. All apprehension they felt seemed to melt away. Rumil pulled himself up onto the rock that the men sat on and the soldiers began to behave flirtatiously. Oropher couldn’t conceal his amusement at the spectacle. Rumil had their minds wrapped around his fingers.

Rumil took one by the hand and the two embraced as Rumil slowly took him into the clear pool. Oropher offered his hand to the second soldier, who quickly accepted, and led him into the water. The two soldiers, Rumil and Oropher descended below the water and after a few minutes both mermen surfaced. The two South Pacific Soldiers never surfaced again.

Oropher and Rumil decided to do a little more observing and exploring the waters of the South Pacific Kingdom. They swam around to the docks where there were many ships and people scurrying about on the piers. It had been a while since Rumil and Oropher had seen such a busy human environment. Amongst the many humans that seemed strong and warrior like about, one caught Oropher’s attention and held it undivided, this soldier was no ordinary man, he was Khal Jinn.

“That must be the legendary human the two soldiers spoke of serving. His name was Khal Jinn, I think.” Oropher said in a whisper to Rumil as they floated quietly beneath the docks. “He’s supposed to be very strong for a human, according to what those men said. Rumil just imagine, if you could place him in a trance imagine the trouble we could wreak on the humans! It would be amazing!” Oropher fantasized enthusiastically.

Rumil did not look excited at all. “Oropher I don’t think war is amazing at all. Nor do I think I am capable of bringing that man under my bewitchment. His mind is too strong and fortified I’m sure of it. I can tell that is the type of man that would strike me down the moment he heard my voice in the atmosphere. I just couldn’t manage it. I’m sorry.” Rumil replied in a rather defeated tone. He didn’t like to let Oropher down but he didn’t want Oropher’s war on humans either.

“Hmph well, I suppose you should practice a stronger song.” Oropher grumbled.

After a few more moments of observing, Rumil spotted another group of travelers. Amongst them was a face most familiar and welcome. It was moon Jae shin, Rumil had finally found his long lost love.”Moon Jae Shin… you’re alive…?” Rumil said in disbelief.

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Lord Snow waited patiently, something he had gotten much better at in his old age. He almost chuckled to himself as his mind drifted back to who he was in his youth. Impetuous, head strong, bold and above all else, impatient. That impatience was something he had to drill into submission once he began commanding men. It wasn't easy but it was something he had to do, if it wasn't for Catelyn, she gave him a proper kick in the rear. She shaped him from the wild warrior prince into a real man and a leader. His loved his wife dearly, with every passing year that love only grew. He would tell her that next time he saw her.

For now he waited for an audience with the queen. As he heard a rustle of commotion he knew she was on her way. He straightened up and prepared to receive the Queen of the South Atlantic. Eddard Snow had known Amelia Stormborn since she was a child, he was there the day she was born. He had been watching over her in one form or another since the day she first opened her eyes. He was there the day she first scraped her knee and was a shoulder to cry on. He remembered lifting her tiny body and bringing her to her father. He remembered when he scooped her up and asked her the same thing he would ask her countless more times after that as she grew. The same thing he would ask his own children when they were troubled. He asked Why do we fall? and she rose those green orbs, wet with tears he gave her a warm smile and said so we can learn to pick ourselves back up. That simple saying has been a source of strength for Amelia over the years, something Eddard reminded her of time and time again when things got difficult.

The doors opened and in swept Amelia Stormborn, The Unburnt Mother of Dragons, Conqueror of Mexico and Celtic Lands, Breaker of Chains, The Silver Queen, Queen of the South Atlantic Kingdom. Easily one of the most powerful people in the world. Eddard could not help but smile as she rushed to him, how she's grown. Amelia ran into his arms and gave him a warm embrace, he laughed as he hugged her in return.

"Uncle Ned!"

She said as she squeezed. Releasing him she stepped back eagerly as if hoping to spot the information he carried.

"What have you discovered?"

She asked. Eddard reached into his jerkin and retrieved the letter.

"I have received word from my spies in the west, Khal Jinn is mobilizing. His armies prepare for war yet at this very moment I am told he is boarding a ship. He is answering your summons my Queen."



As the two soldiers were lured off into the water their leader, their Great Khal sat looking upon a princess. Casually he lounged in his seat. Seven fierce Dothraki warriors around him, all eyeing the foreigners with silent warnings. His eyes however fell only on the princess, the one who spoke. He watched her bow, she bowed low and long to so as much respect and honor as she could. Jinn arched an eye brow, as she rose. A pretty young woman with hair dark as night with a curvaceous frame. He could almost feel Qotho's stare behind him as he undressed her with his eyes, his blood rider was a ferocious warrior yet his greatest weakness was always women. He'd have to keep his man away from her.

"Khal Jinn, Thank you for accepting my request for an audience. Have I come at an bad time? You seem to be quite busy."

She asked politely. Jinn and his warriors watched the travelers, one was shaking with fear yet they all seemed nervous. Not something they were unaccustomed to yet the Khal was intrigued none the less. These people sent to him their princess, their future. Most kingdoms protected their princesses like precious gems, hiding them away until they are given away in marriage yet the Anansai sent theirs out on the waves to far off lands and dangerous men. Perhaps there was more to this dark rose than appearances suggested.

"Oqet vichitera oma vafikhoon."

The insult drew chuckles from the gathered Dothraki, even Khal Jinn smirked and shook his head. The snide comment came not from the Khal but from one of his warriors standing beside him, the savage warrior woman Doreah. The chuckling from the Dothraki was not lost on the foreigners as they looked on in confusion and blatant insult. They were not stupid and knew they were being made fun of. Jinn, in attempt to avoid bloodshed the Khal spoke.

"I travel for the South Atlantic daughter of the Anansai. If you'd speak on trade I suggest you do so quickly unless you'd rather take to sea with us."

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Khal Jinn leaned forward in his seat as the princess spoke, her words carried weight and the edge to them was not missed. Like the blade on the end of a battle axe her words were not ones to be ignored or ridiculed. The Khal could not help but allow, the faintest of smiles to begin to form on the creases of his mouth. This one had heart, honor to her. Even his Dothraki gathered seemed equally impressed by her vigor, all except Doreah that is who snarled vicious as she shifted in position. Her hand gripping the shaft of her spear she looked ready to lunge.


The warrior woman spat, speaking to the woman's status as a foreigner. Ifak meant walker or one who walks, given the Dothraki horse culture to be called a walker was a great insult and generally only used as a derogatory term for foreigners.

"Dothras chek, Doreah."

Jinn spoke telling the woman to calm herself. With a growl she took a step back but her venomous glare never left the princess whom she felt insulted her Khal with her petulance. The ruler of the South Pacific turned his gaze back to the princess, this time with a glint of intrigue in his stare. He was about to speak but a waive from his ship captain signaled to him that it was time to depart. He nodded in return and turned to Qotho briefly.


The simple order, telling his men to go Qotho nodded dutifully and lead the warriors out of the tent as Jinn got up from his seat. As the warriors filed out Doreah cast one last baleful glance at the princess, no doubt fantasizing about disemboweling the woman from Anansai. Jinn on the other hand took the few steps toward the princess, his massive form dwarfing her and her attendants with scary ease. He looked down on her, his dark eyes locked with hers. On his face, that same look of intrigue as he looked upon her.

"You want a conversation? We will have one upon the waves."

He said respectfully with a nod as he gestured for her to walk with him.

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Her eyes were intense with focus as she watched his hand reached into his jerkin and retrieved a letter. She had sent out to letters one to both King Moloch of Drake City as well as one to the Khal of the South Atlantic Kingdom. She felt a knot twist inside her stomach as the though of which replied and what they had send in their reply crossed her mind. She wanted so badly to just put an end to this war before it even began. She had managed to detour the Drake King once before and than when she had did it both her parents had been dead, her army diminished to a size that it was an embarrassment to even call it an hour and she had been so young and inexperienced having not even the slightly bit of experience in what real battle was.

Now it had been two years passed since the treaty had been formed and in that time Amelia had processed and grieved the lost of both her parents. Her army was stronger, larger, greater and far more diverse than it had ever been. She commanded the largest army in Stormborn history and as it was one of the largest armies in the lands it was also deadly. She had experienced battle not once but twice destroying her enemies before war could even be established and after all of that now was the time that King Moloch felt fit to resume and already ended war with her kingdom.

The fact that he had taken the initiative of gaining an ally as powerful as the great Khal Jinn of the South Pacific showed that he had been paying attention to the wising Queen and knew that conquering a kingdom such as the South Atlantic would be no easy task. This is why the Khal just had to come to the castle so that she could have at least the given opportunity to show him that neither herself or the South Atlantic Kingdom was whatever the King of Drake convinced him it was.

"I have received word from my spies in the west, Khal Jinn is mobilizing. His armies prepare for war yet at this very moment I am told he is boarding a ship. He is answering your summons my Queen." The biggest and brightest as smiles spread across the Queen face at the good news the letter held. Khal Jinn was coming to the South Atlantic Kingdom. The Khal had actually gotten her letter and agreed to meet with her in person. With all the bad things she had been told recently this was the first bit of good news she gotten in far to long. "I can't believe it. " was all the astonished Queen could managed to muster out as she was in great shock and disbelief.

"Your Grace," her majestic silver hair swung through the air with grace as the voice of one of her handmaidens called out to her. She looked back and to see that Nala was searching through the castle halls for her, "I am here Nala." Amelia said signaling the give to her location. As Nala came to a halt in front of the Silver Queen she appeared out of breath and Amelia could tell the woman had been to every part of the castle trying to locate her. "What is it Nala?" the queen asked with a voice of concern. Regaining her composure Nala placed a letter inside the palm of Amelia's hand, "This comes to you from the city of Drake. It is from the King."

With a bow to both the Queen and the Lord Nala took her leave as she had fulfilled her task and knew that privacy was needed. Amelia looked at the Lord with a look of unsureness before opening the letter sent to her by her kingdom's greatest enemy. As her emerald eyes read the letter she felt tears building up but fought them back. "War is truly inevitable." she spoke as the good news of the Khal's coming arrival was all undone. King Moloch was driven to go to war with her and if she could not convince the Khal to sway his allegiance all looked to be lost.

Handing the letter over to Eddard so he could view the letter for himself Amelia just stood in silence. She didn't know what she was going to do. Ever time it seemed she took a step in the right direction the universe came in and knocked her two steps back. This battle was looking to be more and more lost and it hadn't even begun. "I do not understand his reasoning," she began to express aloud what she was feeling inside. "I understand that since the day he robbed my father of his life that their has been great tension between us but what is suppose to be expected. He killed my father! Now in his letter he writes as if it was I or my ancestors that robbed him of something. I mean "my heart is devoid of the forgiveness for your forefathers, the very forefathers that offered my father and mother peace in a chalice", I have no clue what he is even talking about." Amelia was clueless when it came to the part her father had played in the death of Moloch's parents. She had never been told of it and so she lacked any knowledge of it.