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Moloch Markus

"My dreams and goals will be fulfilled. Woe be unto any in my way." - King Moloch of Drake City

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a character in “Crowns and Empires”, originally authored by almostinsane, as played by masato22


Moloch Markus




King of Drake City


Moloch is royalty and he knows it. He thinks that false modesty is for fools unfit for their position in life. Domineering and stubborn, once Moloch sets his heart on something, there are few that can turn him from his course. Moloch believes in his own right to rule as it is his nature and birthright. Moloch is politically and socially savvy, able to judge the motivations of those he is talking to just from speaking with them for five minutes. Moloch is also keen on strategizing, preferring to have a plan in place before he says or does anything. However, Moloch is not a cool-headed as he thinks. Like his father before him, he has a volatile temper and arrogance to mach which can blind him. He also has a love for battle and violence. Despite these traits, however, Moloch does care for the few people close to him and his city, including his family.


Moloch is about 6"1 and has short dark hair. His frame is generally strong, but flexible. He tends to dress in rich dark colors or wear a suit of armor, depending on the situation he finds himelf in.


Moloch's chief skills are that of a politician and strategist. He is able to read people's emotions well and he exploits this mercilessly off and on the battlefield. His understanding of tactics are superb when his emotions are not in the way and in battle, his skills as a warrior are something to be reckoned with.

Ruling over his people
Getting his way
Sparring and Jousting


Being taken by surprise
His people and his loved ones being hurt

Failing his people.

What do they wish for most?

To ensure the South Atlantic Kingdom is no longer a threat, even if he must destroy it.


(Will edit later)

South Atlantic Kingdom- They may have a treaty now, but Moloch knows better than to trust them.

Moloch was born to the King and Queen of Drake City and was groomed to succeed his father since day one. As such, he was taught that he would inherit the city one day and have the role of its caretaker, lord, master, and judge. From an early age, however, Moloch saw the ways the city's nobles eyed his family, like wolves waiting for the slightest sign of weakness. Foreign dignitaries too would eye the city and the throne enviously, causing Moloch to take to his studies with gusto. He learned how to run the city and read its people while simultaneously manipulating them. He also came to the conclusion that the King of Drake City would either expand his dominion or he would bow to another.
A year ago, Moloch's father and mother were poisoned, part of a conspiracy involving a couple of nobles and agents from the South Atlantic Kingdom. Only he and his brother, Kallias, survived. Quickly, Moloch uncovered the truth and upon his coronation, as his family's guests drank the toast to his good health, the nobles responsible and the diplomats from the South Atlantic Kingdom fell dead from the very poison they used to murder his and Kallias' family. Inevitably, the rival kingdom attacked and Moloch led his small, but well-armed and well-trained forces to victory, killing the enemy king himself and taking revenge for his parents. Eventually, however, his daughter, whom he had underestimated at first, forced him to sign a peace treaty.

Now, Moloch seeks to expand, starting with the goal of eventually conquering the South Atlantic Kingdom. To do this, he will bring the surrounding cities and kingdoms to heel through marriage, alliances, blackmail, and, of course, conquest.

He likes many beautiful women, but there are a couple who have piqued his interest.

So begins...

Moloch Markus's Story

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Moloch had heard about Arkham long ago as a child. It was a depraved place where the nobility and rich bled the poor and downtrodden dry. It was as if the tyrant deity, Caetur, had manifested himself on earth and ruled a mortal city. Moloch's father had used the South Pacific Kingdom's division, lawlessness, and inept, greedy rulers as an example of a great kingdom which had succumbed to weakness. Drake City, or as it was no beginning to be called, the Drake Kingdom, was a place with its flaws, but place's emphasis on merit, particularly from its royalty and nobility, made it strong and prosperous. True, slaves died in its mines, but they were convicts, debtors, and prisoners of war who could still rise out of the misery of their existence and prosper. Yet, a new king had risen amidst the chaos. The long-divided South Pacific Kingdom was reunified and the internal problems preventing trade and diplomacy had been lifted.

It had also become a potential threat.

Moloch's more skillful diplomats were employed elsewhere and nobility, quite frankly, was terrified of this Khal Jinn. They feared they would be killed or worse given the way he had disposed the nobility of his own kingdom. Thus, Moloch had decided to visit Arkham himself, accompanied by his guard. His Guard Captain did not like this.

"You are being reckless, Sire. Again," Eirene chided him. Normally, Moloch would rebuke anyone who dared talked to him this way, but Eirene's job was to protect him. She had the right to object to him taking risks, even if they were calculated risks.

"This Khal Jinn needs to talk to someone he can respect. I am one of the few with both the authority and disposition to treat with him," Moloch replied evenly as they approached the gates of the city.

"You could have sent Cyrus. He's wise and has dealt with overbearing monarchs before," she stated. The old man at Cyrus' left hand smirked.

"Really, I do not wish to waste time proving that I'm not just another old man to yet another warrior chieftain," Cyrus told her, causing Eirene to wander whether he referred to him. Moloch, for his part, ignored them. They had finally reached the gate. Moloch eyed the guards with a cunning eye. Arkham had kept her legions, it seemed. He smiled and presented his ring.

"Please tell your Khal that the delegation from Drake City has arrived."

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As the revelry continued and the debauchery reached a fever pitch a vision of elegant beauty stepped out onto the bear skin rug beneath the iron forged throne Khal Jinn had been sitting on. In her hand a magnificent lion skin, slew by Jinn himself with his bare hands. It was one of the few things she could get him to put on when the weather was warm.

"Enjoying yourself?"

Came the melodious voice from behind Jinn. His eyebrow arched, the faintest hint of a smirk etched onto his rugged features as he felt the tender touch of the Oracle placing the lion skin around his broad shoulders. The whore dancers that had been lounging over the Khal slinked off at the disapproving glare of the Oracle. She had never cared for those who sold themselves as play things. Khal caught the look and chuckled.

"I was... you should try to do the same."

Talia came around his seat and placed herself at his side with a mock look of surprise on her face.

"Is that humor? From the bristly slayer of kings?"

She teased. Her response came not from the Khal but from the second most important man in the kingdom.

"On the contrary soothsayer, the Khal can be down right hilarious. We once fought a rebel that went around calling himself the Hound of Arkham. Guess he thought it would instill fear in his enemies or some such non sense. Went around with a pack of wolf hounds and everything. In any case when we caught him you know what our Khal did?"

The Imperial Legate Gaius Septimus asked with a bold smirk on his face. Talia just scowled at him knowing full well the sad tale of the hound.

"He starved the dogs for six days and nights before he cut off The Hounds hands and feet and fed him to his beloved pack. I laughed so hard I cried."

"You're a beast."

The Oracle shot back at Gaius in sharp return. Gaius just chuckled smugly as The Khal grunted, seemingly unperturbed by neither the bickering of his advisers nor the memory of the horrible death The Hound suffered. Talia was about to speak again when her eyelids fluttered and she took a shuddering breath. Jinn flicked his gaze up at her, knowing full well what that trance like stare meant. Even Gaius looked to the Oracle for the vision she would soon deal out.

"They're here."

She said suddenly. No more than a few minutes later the doors to the great hall were opened and led by three Legionnaires was the King of Drake City, Moloch Markus.

The Music lessened to a slow and rumbling beat as the revelers equally lessened their rambunctious festivities. All eyes were on the two most important men in the room. The King from the city built atop the bones of dragons and the slayer of Kings. The people in the room held their breath while others whispered fears and doubts to one another. They were all shocked the King of Drake City actually came himself instead of sending a court envoy. The whispering flooded the background of the rhythmic drums as the leaders of Drake made their way into the hall. The two men in question locked eyes instantly. Silently measuring one another for any sign of weakness, sizing one another up as two male lions would do over a pride of females.

They were not the only ones either. The Imperial Legate levied a harsh stare at the infamous Captain of the Kings Guard. A stare which she reciprocated fiercely. The Oracle flashed a quaint smile at the kind looking elder on the other side of the king that spoke of good her good nature. All the while King Moloch made his way through the center of the room, never once failing in his bold gaze.

Jinn barely moved. His position in his iron chair had not wavered. His elbows still rested on his thighs as he watched the king like a hungry beast to see how he'd react. What would he see? Fear, apprehension, pride, arrogance? Finally Khal Jinn spoke up, his deep rough voice cutting through the tension like a jagged blade.

"You did not send an envoy in your place..."

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The Hall waas impressive. Indeed, the whole city was impressive. To the un trained eye, it seemed the city could not have been the setting of such brutal punishment such aqwaas rumored to take place, but Moloch was not untrained. Rebuilt buildings, new ones, burn marks, the lack of self-indulgent fools... These were important clues.

The Hall itself was different than the other buildings in the city. It hailed from a different culture, one that valued good food and drink, little personal space, and shamless whores over civility and subtlety. Moloch eyed the Khal calmly. A fool would call him a brute and while there was savage strength displayed, there was great intelligence as well. Eirene was currently sizing up the Imperial Legate, displaying miitary confidene as they tried to intimidate each other.

Moloch smiled slightly at the greeting.

"Half of my envoys would underestimate you. The other half would fear you. I neither fear you nor do I underestimate you. Besides I wanted to meet you for myself."

He stood there calmly, searching for signs of the other man's thoughts or emotons. Yet he showed pleasure as well. He enjoyed situations like this.

Cyrus, meanwhile reached to brush the Oracle's mind. He smiled dryly.

Next, we will see threats, boasting, insults, and grudging respect. I shall give thanks to the gods if they don't beat their chests.

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Talia giggled sweetly at the kind old voice in her head. It had been too long since someone had been able to touch her mind as she touched others. It was comforting and warming like returning to your parents home after too long away. She averted her eyes from the clever old wizard in order to temper her laughter. Gaius tensed his jaw at the foolishness of the Oracle but never broke his iron stare competition with the Captain of the Kings Guard.

While his Oracle giggled and his Legate glared their leader, the King Slayer, Ruler of the South Pacific Kingdom, Conqueror of the Pit of Shadows, Leader of the Children of Arktorius, Master of the Dothraki Horde listened. He listened to the words of the King of Drake. He measured his words, weighed their meaning and found their worth. There was a tense moment of silence as the people in the hall watched and waited for Khal Jinn's response. His eyes were locked on Moloch's then suddenly the first sign of his inner thoughts. A soft grunt like chuckle followed by the softest of nods from the big stoic man.

"A good thing... Your envoys would not have left my hall with their heads."

Then he rose, the massive beast of a man towered over every one in the room. With that action the lion skin dropped from his body around his iron throne. He stepped forward, his heavy footfalls resounding in the quiet hall. He stepped down to stand face to face with the King from the east, their eyes locked. The people held their breathes, fearful of what was to come next. Images of the blood of the last man of noble birth to stand in Arkham flashed in their minds. Moloch was not a small man, standing only a few inches shorter than Jinn and well muscled. While not possessing the hulking bulk of Khal Jinn he was no wafer thin prince but a warrior king. Jinn reached out a hand to his side, beckoning to one of his countless men nearby. He could have been asking for a blade as easily as a drink. Fortunately for two kingdoms and all those within it he was asking for the latter.

A drinking horn full of mead found it's way to Jinn's hand. He grinned and put it into Moloch's hand.

"You will drink with me and we will talk as men, not kings."

With that he turned and stepped back up to the landing where his throne was as the music picked back up again and everyone sighed in relief before returning to their revelry. He paused for the briefest of moments to turn to Gaius.


With that single word the hardened commander of the Arkham Legionnaires let loose a low growling, grumble but nodded. Finally he averted his gaze and nodded to one of the servers to bring wine and food to the guests. Khal Jinn turned his head just enough to throw a glance at Moloch before he motioned with his hand to follow.


He said before walking off to the blood red curtains behind the throne to the Khal's private quarters where the two rulers could speak in private. The oracle, pleased with the outcome smiled politely at King Moloch before touching the mind of the kind old wizard.

"It's ok, he won't be harmed. I've never seen him take to someone so quickly. This is better than I could have hoped."

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Moloch has a knack with people. Under different circumstances, our conflict with our easternmost neighbor would have long since faded away, but Fate has other plans. There is no greater hate than that born of love and both Moloch and Queen Amelia loved their parents and continue love their people.

Neither Moloch nor Eirene would approve of his monologe, but this young woman' essence was good. Besides, it wasn't something one wouldn't learn in an inn to the east. The old man took one of the offered seats and grinned over at Eirene. He gestured beside him.

"Come, Captain. The food and drink are good and the good Legate is a male version of yourself. You can compare disembowlement methods."

Eirene glared at him, but took the seat. Cyrus knew he'd eventually get her to eat. It had been a long journey.

Moloch, for his part, accepted the horn of mead with a grin and followed the Khal. It was just like he suspected. Khal Jinn valued honesty, respect, and strength. They were good qualities. Even if the two became enemies, which was unlikely at this point, Khal Jinn would still respect those qualities in him. Moloch would do likewise.

"Then we shall talk as men. So tell me, what do you celebrate? What is worth celebrating?"

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As his Oracle contemplated the words of Cyrus and what part this Queen Amelia would play in the days to come the rulers of the South Pacific Kingdom and Drake City were bathed in darkness. Khal Jinn's private quarters were for none other than himself, he did not often bring others into his personal space. As such there were no lights, no lanterns or torches lit. Just the crushing darkness, the unending black. The foot falls of Moloch slowed once he entered the darkness as his eyes struggled to adjust to the absent light while Jinn moved as if there had been no change. The darkness seemed familiar to him, like an old friend or family member. It was after all his only family for so long.

A knowing smile etched it's way onto Jinn's face as he walked through the black with ease. He paused by a small cabinet seen only to him and opened the small cupboard to reach for the flint and candle stowed away there.

"A moment King of Drake, you will see the light soon enough."

He said as he began to strike the flint to light the candle. The momentary flicker of orange sparks was all that was visible in the utter darkness as Jinn set to his task. In a matter of seconds the candle was lit and the room was granted the faint orange glow it provided finally giving Moloch his first view of Jinn's private quarters. Rich, crimson cloth hung from many of the surfaces while spear, shield, mace and axe could be found laying around the room. In the center of the oval room was several animal skins, mainly large predators like wolf and bear. Atop those skins were three comfortable looking wooden chairs, one draped in more crimson and the other two were not. Any area outside of the candle light was hidden in shadow giving Moloch no real idea of how large the room actually was nor what else may lie in the darkness.

Jinn casually took his seat on the crimson chair before motioning for Moloch to do the same across from him. Jinn sat back comfortably and drank his honeyed mead. The golden liquid was sweet to the taste yet the strength of the alcohol was warming to his body. He breathed out a relaxed sigh before eyeing the King once more.

"You ask what there is to celebrate, what I see worth while to celebrate?"

He asked aloud, reiterating Moloch's earlier question.

"I see value in many things, King of Dragon Bones. I can drink to the birth of a child as easily as the death of an enemy. Yet... I think I need not tell you that."

Jinn said intelligently.

"You have already proven yourself above underestimation and petty fear. Someone like myself must deal with these things often, it is... refreshing to meet someone who does not see merely a beast nor a brute."

Jinn paused to drink more from his horn before continuing.

"You have come a long way, tell me why. What do you hope to achieve from this meeting?"

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"You have already proven yourself above underestimation and petty fear. Someone like myself must deal with these things often, it is... refreshing to meet someone who does not see merely a beast nor a brute."

The Khal paused to drink before continuing.

"You have come a long way, tell me why. What do you hope to achieve from this meeting?"

Ah, now we get to the heart of the matter, Moloch thought wryly. Truthfully, he wished he could say he was simply visiting to improve relations or to get to know the new king of his western neighbor, but that wasn't the truth. The truth was the same truth that had been driving all his actions for years.

"I wished to gain insight in what you will do in the future," he confessed. He took a sip from his horn before continuing, "As you might know, my kingdom and that of the South Atlantic Kingdom have fought viciously in the past, our neighbor desiring the bones of the dragons which make us which and our armies feared. My people responded in kind, mustering defenses, counterattacks, and even invasions of our own. Our latest war began when South Atlantic diplomats visited our city under the banner of peace. In reality, they had conspired with a small group of nobles who were willing to hand over our city in exchange for wealth and its governorship. My parents were poisoned in feast held in the diplomats' honor. The nobles feigned surprise of course, but they did not count on myself or my brother surviving.

"Menelaus, the chief traitor, had already cultivated influence, enough to petition for stewardship of the city, painting myself and my brother as too "distraught" at the moment. I perceived the situation immediately. He eyed the city covetously and his support from our rivals made the ploy obvious. My own spies reported that "mercenaries" were traveling to the city to reinforce it. Mercenaries whose movements matched that of South Atlantic soldiers. Unless I thought of something, my kingdom would fall around me. I thew my enemies a feast and when we drank to their health, they fell to their own poison.

"My city was besieged when the enemy king realized his ploy had failed and in the midst of battle, I earned my title and defended my people. I killed the enemy king and launched an invasion until Queen Amelia, the king's daughter, forced me into peace. Since then, we both have prepared for when the war between us is renewed for the peace will not last. Now, I visit you and see three options.

"It is in your power to destroy us. If you joined with Queen Amelia, I will not have the forces to defeat you. But I would make sure that you pay dearly and that I would meet you both on the battlefield. You could join me and the war would tip in my favor. We would both gain much from that type of partnership. Or you can stay out of our conflict and I will be comforted that I will not face two formidable enemies within a war."

He drank the rest of his mead.

"I hope to achieve either of the latter two and prevent the first option."

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Jinn leaned forward as Moloch spoke. His curiosity peaked, his excitement palpable. He listened intently to the words of the king as he recanted his tale. Betrayed by the corrupt rich of his own city and to left to die he rose up and killed the snakes in his home with their own venomous fangs. The will power, intelligence and willingness to do all that was necessary to achieve victory was admirable in the King from the East. Jinn's ran his thumb along the golden lip of his drinking horn as Moloch came to a close, stating the evident truths. Should the Khal seek out the enemies of Drake he could drown the city in their blood. Should he ally with them they could write history at the end of their swords. That kind of union would take individuals of like mind, conviction and strength.

King Moloch finished his mead and his peace.

"I hope to achieve either of the latter two and prevent the first option."

Khal Jinn did not reply right away. His eyes were fixed on the man before him. The warrior king from the city built atop the bones of dragons. Noble of birth but powerful by might, a king Jinn could respect. He ruled not through name but by the strength of his own arm, the cunning of his own mind. A dark grin slowly etched it's way onto Khal Jinn's sharp features.

"Kings talk and sing their songs of peace, wrapped up in pretty little words like gifts given to children yet within is only refuse. Worth less than nothing... but not you. I asked you to speak as men and speak you have. You tell me the truth when you could have lied. You admit your vulnerabilities when you could have hid behind your strengths. You....King Moloch of Drake City, are a King fitting of the title."

The praise was well deserved and meant in truth. Jinn was a man of instinct. He trusted what he could see and feel in a man's heart when he stared into his eyes. He could see fear as much as strength in those around him. Jinn downed his mead and rose to his feet as he walked away from his chair for a moment and lifted an ornate dagger off of his table.

"When I began I was branded terrorist, marauder, mad man. I consider myself a teacher. My students?... are the corrupt of this world who think themselves above the poor. I instruct them of the error of their ways, show them their just rewards for the evils they wrought."

Jinn turned his head, giving Moloch the flash of a fiery gaze.

"Those same nobles who betrayed you and your family in your own city, those men who took your parents from you."

Jinn returned to his seat in the candle light, with his dagger in hand.

"You rose from what some would call defeat and cut off the heads of the beasts who thirsted for your blood. I can admire than kind of conviction Moloch. You and I are not so different. Our beginnings are night and day but what we have done in our moment of judgment has forged us into the men we are today. If the spawn of your parents killer thinks to bring the fires of war to Drake I say that I would revel in the opportunity to show her a fire of my own."

The dangerous spark in Jinn's eye was infectious, almost madness if he wasn't so eerily calm and calculating.

"It has been my experience that waiting for the wolves to come to your door is a fools game. Better to hunt the beasts in their den and spear them while they sleep. What say you King of Dragon Bones? Would you like to finally be rid of your enemy once and for all?"

He asked as he offered the dagger to Moloch.

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"It has been my experience that waiting for the wolves to come to your door is a fools game. Better to hunt the beasts in their den and spear them while they sleep. What say you King of Dragon Bones? Would you like to finally be rid of your enemy once and for all?"

Things had indeed gone better than Moloch could possibly have hoped. An ally like Khal Jinn would mean that the South Atlantic Kingdom would never be able to oppose him. A quick, devastating strike on St. Helena City would put an end to his enemy once and for all, despite Queen Amelia's recent build up in forces. However, Moloch did not become King by underestimating his opponents. There was always the possibility that the South Atlantic Kingdom had forged alliances of their own. He smiled slightly. He would be ready. He took the dagger from Khal and unsheathed it.

"My armies can assemble within three days, once given the order. We are not hampered by distance or unreadiness. My fleet is small, but it is lethal and reinforced with the Sea Vultures. It would be best to strike soon and with the preparation for a long conflict should things not go our way," he stated. He frowned slightly. There was one part of Queen Stormborn's forces that troubled him.

"For the first time in centuries, dragons have appeared in the world. All three of them belong to Queen Stormborn, who is rumored to be immune to the flame. They can be difficult to fight. My Magi and engineers have some ideas, however."


Niall sat in the forest, strumming his harp. Music echoed among the Druids' sacred trees and the Life-Force shimmered around him. It so palpable as to be almost visibile to Niall's eyes, though he knew that he did not "see" it so much as sense it through his connection to It. He sang a few verses in honor of the gods, prompted by his senses that their attention was fixed here, but not drawn to him so much as invoked by someone else. When his song ended, he rose and began to walk.

Idly, he strummed his heart, allowing his legs to take them where they willed. He had progressed in his studies more than he thought possible without Dragon Tongue to guide him. He could feel the Life-Force prompting him, guiding him. It may have been an hour or a day before he at last emerged from his woods to find a somewhat tense situation before him.

There was a tribe of Celts and some others before him. This new tribe was not Celtic, he could tell from the way they dressed and moved. The Life-Force directed him to one of the Celts. It was a woman and she seemed to leading them. She did not move like a bard, but she was magical. Perhaps she was a druidess? Maybe it was she who called the gods' attention in the forest. He stepped forward.

"Greetings. I hope things are well," he said, pleasantly, moving slowly so as not to startle the already tense warriors.

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"Immune to flame?... We shall see."

Jinn said darkly as he rose and turned away from Moloch. A voice in his head echoed the King's words immune to flame but the massive Khal merely cast this occurrence aside as his excitement of what was to come. Instead he allowed his mind to drift, as it had done when he plotted the death and inevitable rebirth of Arkham, to run wild. Images of great fires purging the shining capitol of the South Atlantic Kingdom. The young Queen whom Jinn has never seen nor knew much about was absent from his visions but her screams, those were there, ever present in the back ground as her city burned. Jinn walked through the streets, the blood of the dead and dying splashed across his body. Moloch rode ahead of him, atop a magnificent white stallion, carrying the banner of his house. The king had finally defeated his enemy and Jinn had liberated the world of yet another corrupt elitist. The road to salvation is, as always, paved in the blood of the entitled decadent. He could almost feel the heat from the fire as the people of the South Atlantic burned for the sins of their leader.

Back in the here and the now Jinn turned to Moloch with an eerie calm in his dark eyes.

"Three days will serve as the stone that signals the avalanche. My armies will be raised. By boot and horse and war ship they will embark across land and sea. I will meet you again in that time and we will deal with the intricacies of laying siege to the Queens country. Let the scholars and magi deal with what power they think we should fear."

For the briefest of moments, no more than a fraction of a second in time the voice in Jinn's mind spoke again yet this time with force and anger at being ignored. Something about this woman was effecting Jinn, he did not like it but it was there, under the surface. As if there was something he was forgetting that he just could not place. Like a shark waiting in the deep this woman meant something to Jinn, this Queen this... Mother of Dragons.

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Niall Callhoun

Niall blinked as the girl brought his hand to her chest. He closed his eyes, feeling the energy throbbing from her heart. Yes, this woman was special. The Life-Force flowed through her, though differently than what he was used to. He smiled over at the girl and laughed slightly.

"No. I do not doubt the gods. I'm just taught they're one part of the Life-Force, like you and I."

At her request for a song, he unstrapped his heart. He didn't know what to sing at the moment, so he just played the harp. He wove into the music of all the things he had seen on his journeys so far: of high mountains, deep caves, green, vibrant forests, peoples of many different languages and colors. He didn't decide consciously what to weave into the music. The Life-Force simply dictated it through him.


Moloch nodded at the Khal, deciding that this was his cue to leave. He had many plans at the moment, but it seemed things were now in his favor. They just needed to strike quickly and his enemy would fall. Drake City's future would be secured. The city-state would be truly a kingdom with no one to threaten it.

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Amelia Stormborn

“Your Grace, King Moloch’s army is still on par with yours; we must demoralise their forces so that they are already set up for defeat, perhaps if it is possible for us to dissuade the Khal from aiding in the war then we may crush Moloch’s forces before we’ve ever even met them on the field.” Her faithful Spymaster was the first to speak his idea and knowing him this was one that he had just acquired. "To keep our men in their homes with their family instead of on the field of battle is something I would like, but demoralizing Moloch's forces will be no easy task."

The men nodded as they knew their Queen spoke truth. "Forget the demoralization! I say we just move in now. The King of Drake is gone and while I doubt the city is defenseless they are still without a king to lead them into battle. We could take advantage of this and march now and seize the city before the king even had the chance to wage war." The Lord Commander spoke and in his words you could see why this man was knight, he lived for war. Amelia took in both the words of her Commander and Spymaster and while both plans were a way to go she wasn't sure if either path was the one she wanted to take.

"Why must their be a war at all?", she asked with a sense of thought as her own ideas were still forming in her mind. "I will not be the one who breaks the treaty of peace. I did not have it created so that I just one day choose to throw it away." The Commander looked as if he was about to speak but Amelia didn't give him the chance as she continued. "War is brewing but it has not come yet. I was able to convince the king to strike up peace when our kingdom was weak and an easy target. Who's to say I couldn't convince him to do the same now that are army now posses a real threat."

The men all looked doubtful but no one could dispute that the Queen had a point. "If there is a chance to stop the spillage of blood before it has even had a chance to flow should we not take it?" Looking at one of her guards she commanded "Fetch paper and ink! I shall send a letter to the South Pacific Kingdom requesting the presence of both the King of Drake and the Khal of the South Pacific." The guard nodded as he ran off to do as his Queen had ordered. To Amelia the reason behind Moloch's sudden want of war was puzzling. While their had always been tension between the two of them for him to suddenly want to drive his men out to battle was something she hadn't seen coming. She hoped by getting the King as well as Khal to meet with her she would be able to find out his reasonings and come to a comprise that would leave them both content as she had done years before.

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Niall Callhoun

"Show me?"

Niall took in the sights around him: the tree roots went deep in the earth, taking in water and the energy of the Life Force. This was a special place. He could sense the prescence of many creatures: elk, deer, wolves, foxes, the fish in the lake, the birds in the sky, and the countless insects within the earth. He would need to be cautious. If he opened himself up too much, then the energy could overwhelm him. He placed a hand on the girl's heart.

"How about someplace different?" he suggested. He willed her to see his memories of the mountains of Fyrkat: fierce and deadly, snow everywhere. He remembered the howl of the wolves and the sheer defiance of the animals and plants that made their homes in the mountains. It flowed with the Life Force there too, but it was different. Yet the differences highlighted the beauty in both places.

"Life exists everywhere. Death itself gives way to Life. Even Un-Life cannot prevail. Not in the end," he told her. Niall frowned at the mention of the opposite of the Life Force. He dared not speak of it here.


"There is still time, Moloch. Do not goto war so rashly," Cyrus warned the young King, causing him to frown. He had told both of his advisers of his and the Khal's plans and the old Mage wasn't pleased. It was early in the morning, but none of them had slept which wasn't too much of a bother. Eirene's training had kept her up for a week before she could join his Guard and Cyrus had had many late nights in his long life. Moloch too had spent many sleepless nights planning for the futur.

"We are ready. King Moloch has been doing everything he can to prepare our people for the next war and Queen Amelia doubtless has been doing the same. Drake City and the South Atlantic Kingdom cannot coexist forever. Eventually, one will conquer the other," Eirene cut in.

"Does it? Maybe we can step back for a moment and see if maybe both our people's are acting out of suspicion. If could reach an understanding..."

Moloch raised a hand, signalling the two to be silent, "I will prepare our forces, but if it satisfies you, Master Cyrus, then I will speak with the Queen. However, I will do whatever it takes to protect our people," Moloch told them both.

He rose, the other two rising with him.

"Captain Eirene, send word to the men. We are leaving this morning. I trust my brother and his advisers," Moloch told them, mentally adding And the knights charged with reminding the nobility that my absence is brief, "But I intend on arriving home by nightfall."

"Kallias is a good lad, Moloch. You underestimate him," Cyrus told him gently. Moloch frowned.

"He is still a child. He'd be torn to shreds without me, either in Court or on the battlefield."

"He fought well in the last war," Cyrus reminded him.

"Against ordinary soldiers, yes. An experienced warrior could easily kill him," Eirene stated. Moloch nodded in agreement. They would say their farewells to the Khal and then they would ride.

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Amelia Stormborn

As she was giving the paper and other writing utensils she begin her letter to the Drake King. She wasn't sure what this letter would accomplish if it accomplished anything at all but she knew she at least had to try. Why she was like her father in many ways when it came to war she was also rather avoid than face it head on. She loved her own people to much to send countless numbers of them to marching to their death. If by the end of this King Moloch was still in his ways and forced her hand she would defend her kingdom to her very own death if it meant that. However, if he decided to redirect his intent and put his energy back into retaining the fragile peace that was already established between the two lands Amelia would be more than willing to do the same.

Once she was done writing and proofreading her letter to the King she looked upon the faces of the men and woman around her. She could tell that some agreed and others did not but their feelings at this moment weren't of any importance to her. They were all her advisors and she always took the time to heed their words of wisdom and warnings. At the end of the day however she was the Queen and had to make her own decisions. There would always be those who were happy with the choices she made and those who wouldn't agreed. In the end there was never a time when everyone would be pleased which is something she had quickly learned after taking the throne.

“I will have my finest man deliver the letter in person, your majesty and I will ensure he has nothing but pleasantries on his tongue. Less we give the King the wrong idea.” Amelia looked to Eira and smiled as she sealed with the letter with her family's royal seal she handed the letter down to a guard would pass it on to the woman. As Eira retainer approached and received the letter she spoke to him,“Take this directly to the Drake King, do not stop on the way and take this gold to buy fresh horses whenever necessary.” After taking the coin the man immediately took his leave and Amelia went to work writing a letter to the Khal of the South Pacific Kingdom.

She was nervous as she wrote the letter to the Khal. The Drake King she had met before and while she didn't favor him he was no mystery to her. The Khal on the other hand Amelia in truth knew nothing about aside from some small rumors and gossip she had heard here and there. What he knew of her was also a mystery to the young Queen but if all he did knew of her came from the mouth of the Drake King then his first impression of her couldn't be a good one. Despite that she hoped that the Khal would come to her kingdom and meet her in person so he could judge her for himself. For if he wished to have a stake in this possible war it was only far that he knew all the players in this game.

Sealing the second letter she handed it off to one of her private messengers and as he left she looked around at all her advisors. "You are all dismissed!", she exclaimed officially ending their second meeting of the day. Now the only thing left to do was to wait and see just what the King and Khal would do. Amelia was desperately hoping that for the sake of her people she could persuade both men that war was not the answer to whatever problem they felt had surfaced. If anything she at least hoped that if she couldn't persuade the King she could at least sway the Khal to her side.

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Eira Gunvald

Eira bowed low as they were dismissed and turning on her heel she made to return to what was now her old quarters. Her travels were as usual unhindered through the castle and the ever present guard outside her quarters looked as bored as ever and she noted he was without a bloodied weapon; the girl had not stolen anything at least then.

Entering her quarters Eira was met with the smell of a fire burning slowly in the hearth, generally she never bothered lighting it herself, it made no difference to her anyway and it wasn’t as though she ever had to cook. Taking in the room she could see the body of the frail girl she had taken in only hours before. “Ah, Meredith. I’m glad you didn’t decide to leave.” The vampire said beginning to unbuckle her armour. “I hope you found everything to be accommodating. It isn’t often I have guests.” She smiled, though not in a threatening manner.

“M…miss,” Meredith began, “Are… are you going to kill me?” she asked meekly, her hands shaking slightly.

“Kill you?” Eira asked, “Why would I kill you now? If I was going to I would’ve done so last night.” Despite the context, her words were not malicious nor were they threatening. They would’ve seemed warm if not coming from a woman who’d almost entirely lost her ability to be warm. “No, I have decided to keep you; I could do with an aid.” Eira turned away for a moment as she removed her sword from her belt. “I will house you, feed you, clothe you and give you a warm bed. You will want for nothing in my care,” The vampire turned back at this point, kicking her boots into a corner. “You are of course free to leave whenever you please. What do you say?”

Meredith seemed to weigh this in her mind for what only seemed like a moment before a bright smile filled the girl’s face and she nodded with great enthusiasm. “Yes, please. A thousand times yes!” she voiced less quietly then before.

“Good, in that case for now you may wear some of the things I have acquired over the years and I will take you to the market district tonight, as I’m sure you’re aware of my… certain condition.” She continued before beginning to quiz the girl on herself…

Some hours later in the South Pacific countryside two messengers rode fast across the farmlands, his horses flank dripping with sweat. It was almost time to change horses again but he was so close now, he could finally see the edge of the city beginning to peer over on the horizon. It began to occur to them as they rode that this was more than likely an illusion of distance as the city seemed to rise from the horizon endlessly as he approached the city, vast pillars, towers and a castle that rival Amelia’s own seemed to dominate the skyline.

As the messengers finally arrived at the cities gates they rode almost all the way to the castle, leaping off their horses with a bag of coin tossed skilfully to a stable hand as they did so. He continued his run all the way to the castles gates itself, “We have a message for the Drake King Moloch and for the Khal of the South Pacific Kingdom, from Queen Amelia Stormborn!" He called out to the guards, falling to his knees in exhaustion.

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Katsura Shiraishi, Himiko Hatsumomo, Masaki Mizuno-Wa, Faramir Elendil

After Katsura asked his question regarding the need for the continued presence of the Wa army in Frykat, Ulfar stroked his beard thoughtfully at this for a moment. “The war with Ulfheimr is over but we are yet to see what will happen in the council. Messengers have been sent to all of the other clans and the Seidhr to call for a council meeting but there is no guarantee that it will pass yet. Only Odin can know if it is the Leiknir’s time to rule yet and for this cursed war to finally end.” He explained taking a small swig of his mead as he did so. “Though with the Ulfheimr vote on our side we have a chance to gain the Seidhr vote too, which will bring in the others too. No one argues with the voice of the gods themselves.”

Katsura nodded and smiled. He was pleased at the thought of spending more time with the people of Fyrkat. He enjoyed their spirit and way of being, it was quite carefree. “Then I shall send word and request to my Lord, Emperor Katsuhito, on behalf of our continued stay in Fyrkat. I believe things will work out in your favor Lord Ulfar.” Katsura said and he drank more mead. He placed his other hand gently over top of Masaki’s hand as it rested on the table. Masaki had calmed down from his earlier anger and embarrassment and was his usual regally elegant self once more.

“I’ve told you before I’d follow you anywhere. I’d love to spend more time here. It’s cold but the people are warm and I like it.” Masaki added.

Ulfar smiled at Masaki’s comment, “It’s always cold here, in fact this is one of the warmer parts of Fyrkat, its worse up in the mountains. It’s why we wear furs and separate pieces of armour, solid metal plate freezes in the cold weather and then you can’t move, as some of our southern enemies of the past discovered for themselves.”

“Lady Hatsumomo, do you think that when you do leave I would be able to go with you to Wa?” she eventually asked, looking up at Hatsumomo’s mahogany colored eyes. “I have heard so much about Wa and I would really love to see it, learn about it first-hand.” Tyra explained.

Hatsumomo was a bit surprised at Tyra’s question. She gave a curious smile. “I honestly don’t see why you couldn’t go, as long as Lord Ulfar allows it. His Majesty would be thrilled to meet you. He’s always excited to talk with those from abroad as he is not often able to travel as he would like.” Hastumomo replied in a chipper tone. She then cocked her head to the side in thought and said, “However, Wa can be a bit rule heavy and stuffy in comparison to the social freedoms the people of Fyrkat seem to enjoy. I hope it won’t be too stiffening for you.” Hatsumomo was a bit concerned about that factor. Foreigners often were cut slack for their difficulty with conforming to, and understanding, Wa customs. However they still came under a certain stigma with the Wa. Hatsumomo pondered a bit more, she came to the conclusion that many people of Wa could stand to meet someone like Lady Tyra. Perhaps it was a good idea.

“What shall you do from here Lord Faramir? Will you offer to help Fyrkat as well? It would probably be good for you to do so.” Hatsumomo asked Faramir

Tyra sat up at this point, her father’s reassuring hand upon her shoulder stayed her tongue. She would get her chance but she could not dishonour her family by breaking the creed of hospitality. Instead Ulfar voiced their opinion for them, “All allies are welcome here and when the Leiknir finally rise out of the ashes to unify the Kingdom once again I will ensure that the friendships between our people that have been forged in war will continue into peace.”

Faramir smiled, “Thank you. I do not take lightly the warm hospitality you have shown my men and I. I am indeed undeserving if it. For as long as Fyrkat is in the favor of the True Runes, the magician’s tower will be your ally.” Faramire replied. He glanced over at Tyra who seemed to stare dagger at the mage. Faramir simply gave her a look of understanding. He knew why she felt the way she did and didn’t blame her. He was used to being seen as the bad guy.

The night concluded and all was well. Hatsumomo peered out of her room’s window into the night’s air. She could feel the calm of the spirits resting in the land. A peace blew on the winds. It was much different a feeling in comparison to when she had first arrived in the Fyrkat nation. Trouble boiled in the waters and discourse in the gusts of wind. This battle had brought great calm to the land.

Rumil Arato and Oropher Rovain

The underwater caverns were long but beautiful. Rumil and Oropher swam through letting the currents push them along. They made several turns and eventually they came to an exit to the surface. Oropher read the marker carved into stone on the cavern wall, “South Pacific Kingdom Lagoons”. The two surfaced and swam into what looked to be stony ruins. There were clear blue waters and a few merpeople swam about, welcoming Rumil and Oropher.

The merpeople of the South Pacific region had inhabited the old ruins of a partially submerged stone temple. This place was not often disturbed by humans and known as a hub for merpeople so most locals would beware. However occasionally a few arrogant soldiers would wander through wanting to cool their feet in the beautiful pools of water. After Rumil and Oropher got settled they conversed regarding their plans.

“What shall we do Rumil, we’re in the South Pacific Kingdom. We’re still nowhere close to Fyrkat according to the human map we have. Who knows if Faramir is even still in Fyrkat?” Oropher complained.

Rumil shrugged his shoulders and let out a sigh. “Perhaps you are right. Even still we needed a vacation from Mildorian don’t you think? It’s not so bad here.” Rumil said in an upbeat fashion. He dolphin jumped into the water and then resurfaced.

The other mermen in the lagoon caught the sound of humans approaching and gave warning. They all dove down into the waters and disappeared. Rumil and Oropher remained close by to listen and observe the human trespassers. There were two men of the South Pacific kingdom, both appeared to be soldiers. They were conversing about a possible war brewing between the Drake city, and the South Atlantic Kingdom.

Oropher had heard all that he needed to know. The humans were fighting and war was brewing. What better a time to pick them off as they are focused on each other? Oropher grinned. He had a plan, one that would avenge the death of his father.

“It seems that Khal Jinn has concluded talks with that Moloch. If Lord Khal agreed to go to battle then we can expect to ride off to glory and kick some South Atlantic Ass!! Hahahaha…” One of the soldiers laughed.

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Moloch of Drake City

The Drake King sat in his study pondering his next move. He now had successfully acquired Khal Jinn as an ally to his cause. He could feel the wheels of retribution turning, propelling Drake in the direction of glory and its rightful place. A message had arrived for the King as the letter from the South Atlantic Kingdom’s Queen was handed to him. Moloch smirked with a amusement that only his heart truly understood.

“What does the Queen of the South Atlantic desire to say my lord?” one of Moloch’s advisers inquired humbly.

Moloch chuckled quietly. His hand partially covering his mouth, his jeweled rings glistened in the glare of the sunlight dancing in from the windows. “So Amelia wants to commence peace talks. A treaty once more. Hahahaha….. Am I the only person who is willing to honestly admit that I hate every fiber of my rival kingdom?” Moloch’s tone was slightly frightening and chilling. “Well then I shall write dearest Amelia a letter of my own. I must convey my sincerest of feelings to her. She deserves to be saved from her delusions of grandeur and peace between Drake and the Atlantic. Fetch ink and parchment immediately, write as I dictate my sincere intentions. Miswrite not a single syllable understood?” The Drake king stood from his desk and clasped his hands behind his back.

“Understood my lord. I am ready to begin when you are.” The advisor replied after fetching the writing materials.

“Good, I am now beginning.
Dear Queen Amelia of the South Atlantic Kingdom, I admire your diplomatic sensibilities and willingness to reach out to the Drake Kingdom in efforts for peace. You are a truly admirable leader. I feel compelled to share my most sincere feelings in the effort of forging true understanding between us two.

You claim to desire peace between Drake City and the South Atlantic Kingdom. I will be forthcoming and frank with you, as you deserve honesty, so do I. What good is a false peace between neighbors? Having only a surface level margin of calmness when all the while quietly seething and waiting for the day that neighbor looses everything and falls to ruin, is that truly peace? No it is a quiet lie and a brooding hatred for your dear neighbor. Thus is the nature of the relationship of our nations. True peace is found not only on the surface but in the heart of hearts.

I promised you honesty and it is here and now that I shall deliver exactly that. I hate with every fiber of my being the South Atlantic Kingdom. In my heart of hearts, there is a vicious fire that burns with the desire of a thousand flaming chariots all bound for your kingdom with the mandate to burn it to ash. My heart is devoid of the forgiveness for your forefathers, the very forefathers that offered my father and mother peace in a chalice, a peace that would carry them into eternity’s grim embrace. You offer Drake that same poisoned chalice now. My heart of hearts will know peace only when the heart of the South Atlantic Kingdom stops beating and decays into the ash of history.

I desire for our age long conflict to reach a solid conclusion. It is my assumption that your kinsman will not truly be at peace until the looming threat of Drake City be dispelled into mist and gone with the morning. So I shall warn you to prepare yourself for a sincere and earnest battle for closure. The death of my family will be avenged, else you manage to stop my heart from beating. Treasure your days of quiet while they last fair Queen, for soon neither of our nations will know quiet for some time. Good luck Amelia. Had our circumstance been different, I would have been able to accept peace between us. However as things stand now and in the past I simply cannot.

Sincerely, The Drake City King
Moloch Markus

There, have that sent to the South Atlantic Immediately. Tell the messenger to make haste.” Moloch commanded after the dictation of his rather bitter letter.

The messenger left and Moloch sat once more. He had gotten word of the battle in the north. Fyrkat found an ally in the distant kingdom of Wa. Both would make great allies in his cause. If only he could convince the Kingdoms that the South Atlantic needs to be eliminated. However that would not be an easy task. From what I know of the Wa, they avoid external conflicts and harbor few enemies on the map. Frykat was ridden with internal conflicts until recently. Anasai is a relatively peaceful kingdom as well. I’m sure I can count on Mildorian’s aide if I give Faramir of the Magician’s tower the proper incentive to assist me. Moloch’s thoughts carried him for some time. He eventually saw fit to rest and ceased his scheming for the evening.

Moon Jae Shin

Moon was glad that they were on the way to Khal Jinn directly. He had a strange feeling that something was waiting for him there. He wasn’t sure why he felt that way but he did. Perhaps it was the True Water Rune sending him some sort of signal. But he could predict the future or anything like that so it was simply a feeling he need not worry so much about. The princess then asked Moon a question.

"So, Jae Shin, What have you been up to lately?" Tenanye asked.

Moon smiled in a slightly bashful manner. “I’ve actually been doing a lot of writing and reading. I’ve been somewhat stuck in the kingdom so I’ve sent out for many foreign books to read. As for my writing I’ve developed a hobby of writing short stories. I used to tell stories to a person I cared very dearly about long ago. However since they are no longer around, I’ve begun telling my stories to the children in the kingdom. They seem to love it. I find them fun and funny, some of the most splendid people you’d ever meet.” Moon reflected for a moment. He really missed Rumil. He then asked Tenanye, “So how have you two been? It seems a lot of time has passed. Time always seems to move relatively slowly for me. I’m sure your parents must be trying to get you to settle down with someone special.”

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Liloon Aquata and Moloch Markus

(A few days earlier)

Liloon sat in her quarters in the Drake castle. She wondered what Moloch was up too. She already had a good idea of what that activity was. Moloch usually barricaded himself in his study when he was wdeep in thought. Something was troubling her beloved king and Liloon would do most anything to diminish his troubles. She headed down the corridor and knocked gently on Moloch’s door.

“You may enter.” Liloon heard Moloch answer through the door. He sounded rather melancholy and that worried Liloon a bit. Liloon entered with a bright smile on her face.

“Good afternoon, my lord. You’ve been in here all day. Something is bothering you, you’re sulking. Tell me what’s troubling you?” Liloon asked as she approached Moloch and sat down on his lap. The two were very close. He wrapped his arms gently around her waist.

“I am worried, that I will admit. You know me well Liloon. I just received word that Khal Jinn is headed to the South Atlantic Kingdom after also receiving a letter from the Dragon Queen. I know what Amelia is trying to do and I really don’t like it. However what I dislike more is that Khal Jinn is actually going to hear her out. I can’t let this go unmonitored.” The Drake king spoke to Liloon with worry deep set in his voice. He could not afford to lose Khal as an ally.

“If it is an ear into Amelia’s meeting you desire, then that is what you shall have. I’ll be in the South Atlantic as soon as tomorrow morning. You just rest your mind my king.” Liloon said as she arose from Moloch’s lap, her gown once more fluffing back out. Her hair fell whimsically over her bare shoulders.

“I can always count on you to ease my worries. You just make sure you’re careful love.” Moloch rose to his feet and gave Liloon a kiss on her pale, soft, cheek.

Liloon immediately departed for the South Atlantic Kingdom. She arrived shortly after Khal Jinn, Tenanye, Moon Jae Shin, and Soo-min were lead into the castle. Liloon wore a peasant dress and her plan was to impersonate the castle staff and gather intel. She found her way into the servant’s quarters and worked her way through the castle. She laid eyes on the princess Tenanye and Lord Eddard Snow speaking in the hallway after the Dragon Queen swiftly departed. Liloon knew that she had to follow the silver haired queen.

The Queen moved swiftly and Liloon made sure to keep up with her. They reached a beautiful spiral stair case and Amelia climbed. Liloon was about to follow however the queen’s guard closed in on her. Liloon immediately used her camouflage and vanished before being spotted. She made a dash up the stairs and followed the queen into a grand bedroom. Liloon was quite nervous. She needed to make sure that she was not heard and that her camouflage didn’t wear off. There before her stood Khal Jinn looking out into the atmosphere. Khal Jinn was indeed a very large beast of a man. Liloon was quite intimidated by the esteemed warrior lord. She wondered if Khal would be able to detect her. It was a risk she’s have to take. Thus Amelia and Khal began their conversation.

Liloon listened intently and was not too thrilled to see Khal beginning to warm up to the queen. Eventually the talk of dragons arose and the queen soon summoned them to the room. Liloon was really worried at this point. She may not have been seen but Dragons could most definitely pick up on her body heat. However, Liloon was still not without her tricks. She would not need to augment her body temp. If her body was cooler she could stand a better chance at evading the senses of the dragons. She hated land dragons having seen them many years ago but seeing them now was still too soon for her nonetheless.

Khal seemed quite impressed with the dragons the young queen showed him. Liloon cringed. She still hated land dragons and felt water dragons were far superior. Liloon glared at the silver haired queen. “So this is the girl whose hair is to rival the moon’s shine? I know the moon and she is no contest whatsoever.” Liloon thought. Her jealousy of the fair queen’s looks was flaring up. Liloon could not escape her mermaid tendencies. After Khal’s examining of the dragons he spoke defining words to the queen that caused Liloon’s heart to jump in horror.

"You and your children have nothing to fear from me, Moon Kissed. Moloch will have to find himself a new ally in his war of vengeance." Khal said sincerely.

Liloon’s eyes widened at the sound of Khal’s decision to betray his promise to her lord. She often disliked human warriors and had a problem with those who proved to be disloyal. Liloon did not think that Khal Jinn of all people would betray her lord. “So Khal Jinn has decided to show his claws. I wish I could show him mine…” Liloon thought to herself. “This is all her fault. That dreadful girl…” Liloon stood there brooding in thought.

She had to escape and warn her lord. Yet getting out of the room would prove to be a difficult task. There were guards posted at the door waiting for Amelia to depart. Eventually Amelia began to leave the room and Liloon knew it was her slim chance to leave as well. She definitely didn’t want to get trapped with Khal. She practically was on Amelia’s heels (as close as she could be to her since Amelia was wearing a dress, as was Liloon) as she walked closely behind her. She made it out of the room and waited by the door for the Queen and her guards to exit down the spiral stairs.

Liloon was unable to hold her camouflage any longer. She let out a big sigh of relief, however Khal could hear it. She could have kicked herself. She immediately turned around and pretended to be a servant girl. “Ahem, Lord Khal Jinn. I was sent by the maids staff to make sure you were still finding everything to your liking. If you find your lodging to be satisfactory I shall be on my way.” Liloon asked wanting Khal to answer affirmatively and quickly so she could leave.

Katsura Shiraishi, Himiko Hatsumomo, Masaki Mizuno-Wa, Faramir Elendil

As the group rode alongside Ulfar and Tyra they took in their surroundings. The air was cold and the foreigners were definitely not accustomed to this extreme form of chill. Faramir and his men took the brunt of the adjusting, as they were from a far warmer climate. The mage’s pale cheeks almost seemed to turn blue. He pulled his fur coat tighter. He was given one by the natives. He was truly grateful for the kind offer.

Ulfar turned towards Katsura and Hatsumomo who were riding to his side. “Do you either of you have any children back home in Wa?”

Katsura was a bit surprised by the question. He gave a nervous smile and remembered his family. Masaki immediately began to look uncomfortable at the mention of Katsura’s family. Katsura looked at Masaki and gave a gentle smile in the hopes of easing Masaki’s discomfort.

Hatsumomo was the first to answer. “No I have no children. I wonder if I ever will. I’m not sure if a child would tolerate me.” Hatsumomo snickered a little at the thought.

Katsura hesitantly replied, “I was once a husband and a father. However I lost my wife and son during the imperial succession war. They were killed defending our home in an assassination attempt. My son was 10 years old. I miss them dearly.” Katsura spoke in a rueful manner. The snow of the atmosphere didn’t make remembering the happening any easier for him. Masaki wished he could give Katsura a child. However, even if he could the child would be no replacement for the child Katsura had already lost.

“What do you think Masaki? Would I make a good princess?” she asked returning to her usual jovial self, “What exactly do princesses do?” Tyra asked Masaki.

Masaki smiled. “I think you’d make a great princess, one that would be an inspiration to many. As for what princesses do. They do a lot of different things. It depends largely on the nation and it’s customs.”

Ulfar piped back in at this point, “They bring their fathers all the mead and food they can carry, clean the mud from their father’s boots, stay virgins and never speak. He turned back to face his daughter who was riding behind him, one eyebrow raised jokingly.

Tyra laughed. “No, I’m beginning to think that a king should spoil his daughter with all the fine weapons and horses her heart could desire, take her on long hunting expeditions and building great holds in her honour!” She feigned a far off look with her hands clutched together pleadingly all with her ever mischievous grin.

Giggling once again Tyra turned back to Masaki. “So what do the princesses of Wa do, Masaki? Do they still get to fight when they want and go riding on long hunting trips?”

Masaki chuckled a bit. “Well Wa princesses definitely don’t go hunting that’s for sure. Wa princesses are taught to defend themselves but it’s mainly a formality and not taken very seriously. They are politically involved and they do a lot of charity work. It would be quite boring in comparison to your life here. I mean Wa noble women spend a large amount of time composing Haiku or poems about aesthetics and the seasons, or coordinating what kimono they’ll wear that best fits the seasonal aesthetics. It’s a very different world.” Masaki stared off into the distance for a brief second. “I mean, I as the crown prince was only formally taught self defense. However it was not until I pledged my service to Lord Katsura that I became a warrior to be taken more than seriously. Because of this, my husband is considered quite the trouble maker from the perspective of the nobility for taking my focus away from my imperial duties. Hilarious right?”

Moon Jae Shin

After a long silence, Soo-Min sighed. "The truth is, Moon-dono. I've been in love with the Princess since we were childern." She said and she realised it was the first time she spoke of this to anyone, save for Ananse. "And the issue isn't with her. It's justthat...I'd hoped during this journey that we'd become..." She stopped and shook her head. "She's never been interested in females before. I know that and there were times she'd taken men to her bed like many Anansai women however...for some reason, she was taken to the Khal's bed..." Soo-Min clenched her fists hard, leaving little half moons in her pale palms. "No one will ever love her as I do. He does not to deserve to look upon her body because I know he does not love her. I feel that she will only realise this too late. I can see it in her eyes that she holds strong feelings for him yet she may not know it herself..." She spat bitterly. "It doesn't seem fair." she said softly then, her gaze falling to floor. "I fear that she will get her precious heart broken... and will never want love again."

Moon sighed as he took in the young woman’s situation. He was relieved that Soo-Min felt comfortable enough to share her worries with him. He wanted to help her to feel better as best he could. “I understand the feeling. However you shouldn’t worry too much about Tenanye. She seems to have a pretty strong heart. Even if she is let down by Jinn, she will be just fine because you’re here to be her comfort. She depends on your strength so that she can remain strong as well. But don’t forget to search for your own happiness. There is someone waiting for you I believe it.”

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Moloch Markus

“Tears For Kallias”


Eirene, Moloch’s Captain of the Guard, came in to check up on Moloch. He was still hidden away in the Drake City castle, shut up into his room. She knocked on his door and heard no reply. After a few attempts and moments without an answer she invited herself in. There was Moloch sprawled out across his bed clothe only in his black night trousers, a bottle of Drake’s most potent wine fastened to his hand. Moloch wept quietly. Eirene couldn’t easily look upon her king in this state. She cleared her throat aloud after gathering herself.


“Ahem, My lord. Are you alright? I have asked for you yet no one had heard from you all day. I still have not received any report from Lady Liloon.” Eirene spoke hesitantly.

Moloch did not sit up, tears fell from his eyes. “Has Kallias not awakened from death’s slumber? If your answer is neigh then peace be as far from me as the Kingdom of Wa and weeping doth cradle my heart tonight.” Moloch slowly rolled over in his bed so that he was facing the canopy of his bed, only to guzzle more of the potent wine.

“Leave me Eirene… I long not to live but desire to die!!! Even if only to see his face alive and warm again… my brother….” Moloch cried intensely.

“When they killed my father and mother they stabbed out my heart… Kallias was love, warmth, compassion and all things truly blessed by the nature of our holy Lila, goddess of love, desire, friendship, and bonds.” Moloch struggled to continue as he sobbed.

“He was half my heart… and that demon saw fit to take him too? Now I have found myself fool enough to have sent the other half of my grief filled heart to the South Atlantic… Pray thee Eirene tell me please Liloon is not in the hands of death but walks in life and good fortune!! Please…” Moloch begged Eirene hysterically.

Eirene did not know what to do. She rushed toward her majesty and sat on the edge of his bed. She had never seen him so destroyed before. He was always so strong and fortified but now vulnerable was an understatement. Most people never saw him in such a state. Eirene had once heard of a common belief in Wa that when people are consumed with such a powerful negative emotion like grief, jealousy, hatred, and or anger, they risk transforming into a demon. Eirene never really believed in such tales but Moloch was starting to make her a bit of a believer. She sat him up in his bed as he looked at her with tear filled red eyes. “As I regretfully reported, Lady Liloon has yet to send word.”

Moloch felt as if all hope had abandoned him. His eyes lowered in defeat and rested upon the sight of Eirene’s dagger affixed to her waist belt. He quickly pulled the dagger from her belt and pushed her off off of the bed. Moloch swiftly brought the dagger to his throat and paused. “I shall take back my heart in death. I shall now diminish and commend myself to the four Fates of death and judgement… Kalias… wait for me…” Just as Moloch was about to slit his throat a large fist swiftly connected with Moloch’s stomach causing the Drake King to double over in pain.


Eirene watched in shock as Captain Cassus leader of the mercenary pirates, the Sea Vultures, pushed the doubled over king onto his back and easily pried the dagger from Moloch’s hand. Cassus now sat himself on top of the Drake King and placed the dagger point over Moloch’s heart. He began to apply minimal pressure. “Please tell me I serve not a weak hearted king. For if your reply is yea I shall serve this fool’s king a death most dishonorable. Death in this manner shall not only guarantee that you shall not see Lord Kallias in the after realm but suffer miserably by judgment of the Fates. I’d hate to have to bestow such an end to a king I respect. Answer me with a renewed vigor of the heart, for the man before me is not in the image of my king.” Cassus seldom showed respect to leadership but he respected Moloch and hated to see him any less than his best. He awaited the reply of his king.

“You serve a strong hearted king indeed.” Moloch replied stoically. He was gripped by the powerful eyes of Cassus which locked onto Moloch’s eyes for dear life. It was as if Cassus was pouring his own spirit and strength into the Drake king. “I shall not give up. For Kallias’ sake, for my Father and mother, for Drake City.” Moloch breathed heavily.

“You forgot one person your majesty, yourself.” Cassus said sternly. He ceased to apply pressure to Moloch’s heart with the dagger and tossed it into one of the room’s corners. He rose from sitting on the Drake King and helped him off of the bed and to his feet. “As the cat is said to have nine lives, so doth the spirit of the mercenary pirate. I have given you one, do not waste it Drake King.” Cassus looked upon Moloch sternly. “Avenge Lord Kallias properly. If he has favor with the Fates he will find a second chance on this earth in the life of another. You have to finish the task before you.” Cassus managed to smile minutely at Moloch. “Now to why I initially sought your counsel. The mercenaries have a reply to your summons. We have decided to exhaust every effort to see to it that Drake City conquers the South Atlantic in the war to come, given the proper compensation pending our victory.”

Moloch was beginning to pull himself together. He let out a deep sigh. “Thank you Captain. For your support and for the extra life. I assure you I will not waste such a rare and precious gift. Such is the reason I must persevere. I want you to work more closely to me, in a more official capacity, even if only for the duration of the war. My knights could use training under you to fine tune their skill set. What say you?”

Moloch was beginning to seem more himself. He had never had such an encounter with Cassus before. He now respected Cassus to a much higher degree than before almost too much for Moloch’s own comfort. Moloch was always trying to remain strong in the face of overwhelming adversity. It was not often that he was around someone that made him feel not as strong and that he needed to push himself harder. Khal Jinn also gave Moloch a similar filling. This wasn’t just a matter of strength but of heart and character.

Cassus smirked, “You can count me in. However, this shall not be without price. I am at your command for the duration of the war your majesty. If you excuse me.” Cassus turned toward the door and placed a hand on Eirene’s shoulder before he exited.

“Don’t you ever pull a stunt like that again Lord Moloch or so help me!!” Eirene threatened angrily.

Moloch sat down on the edge of his bed. “My apologies Eirene. I promise you’ll never witness me in such a state again.” Moloch began to ponder in his usual fashion. “Perhaps I’ve shut myself away in mourning for too long. It’s time I journey. First we meet Liloon. We leave tonight. Summon Cassus, I want him to accompany me as well. You man things here.”

“You’re going to waltz into the South Atlantic?! Have you lost it?” Eirene was one of the few who could address Moloch in such a manner.

“You know my affinity for disguise. Liloon taught me remember. I shall not go as the Drake King, but as a travelling Bard accompanying a weapons merchant, Cassus. Only few know my face to be that of the Drake King. I’ll be fine. Beside Cassus is more than capable, we’d make a armada of a team if confronted.” As Moloch explained his plot Eirene looked angrier. “Relax… We’re only going to find Liloon and bring her home. I’m not risking the other half of my heart, not after the loss of Kallias.”

Eirene sighed, “Alright, I agree. If losing a so called half of your heart causes you to act out in such a way then I’ll do anything to ensure that you don’t. Just be careful and Don’t act in surprise if you find you’re being followed by a few of my men.”

“Great, we agree then. Send for Cassus at once. He set sail for the South Atlantic as soon as possible.” Moloch said with a confident smile.