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Oropher Rovain

"Merpeople are a dark and dangerous lot often misjudged due to their beauty."

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a character in “Crowns and Empires”, as played by masato22




Oropher Rovain


Looks to be about 26 years old, however he’s much older as merpeople have extremely long life spans



(Note that in this continuity, the tails and fins of merpeople can change in coloration and fin count depending on various circumstances.)



lean yet thin. He hase very well defined muscles. He is of average height but it is hard to measure when he is hovering above the ground in a non-upright position.



Oropher is quite vain and has a tendency toward arrogance. He takes much pride in being a strong merman. He’s very protective of other merpeople and feels that humans are highly problematic for merpeople. He is very much the big brother type, and will do whatever it takes to look after those he cares for. He will not hesitate to leap into danger if it means defending someone or his honor as a merman. He won’t stand for a human showing him up.

Oropher has dissected the world and it’s workings to a Merperson’s understanding. He can be gentle when he trusts you and fierce when defending something against you. He dislikes humans and generally does not trust them. He has many personal fortitudes but once you gain his trust he is a very loyal and gentle friend. Aearion is unable to control his curiosity for things that are new to him at times, which can result in a somewhat childlike behavior. Oropher can be very romantic and likes to show off for one he likes, Rumil for example.

Where they live:


Most Merpeople frequent the Mermen’s Lagoon at the southern seaside boarder of the Mildorian Region. Merpeople are capable of travel across the map via a network of underwater caverns and tunnels that lead to bodies of water across the world. Travel from polar ends of the map can be done in less than a few short days. Therefore, merpeople could possibly be spotted near any large body of water.

Oropher lives in the Mermen’s Lagoon located on the southern edge of the Mildorian Kingdom area. He is originally from the Australian Sea.

What/ who they are:

The merpeople are known to be a reclusive and mysterious race. They dislike much of the land kingdoms and do not trust humans at all. They are fine with the subjugation of the human race by the land dwellers. They are very territorial over the lands waterways. Lagoons and lakes are generally known to be gateways to their network of underground waterways which lead to the oceans. Those who are unfortunate enough to get caught in their spell could wind up drowned or crushed in their grasp. Swimmers and passersby’s should beware that merpeople often hide in large underwater clams waiting for the opportune moment to strike with the shot of an arrow

Oropher is a merman commoner with the social rank of Siren. A merman or mermaid with a Siren rank is gifted with special enchanted vocals. They are capable of singing songs that amplify and or alter the emotional state of others. If used for war purposes, a merman’s song could strengthen an army 10 fold or weaken the enemy. Their songs can be used to enchant others.

He is also the sworn brother of Rumil Arato. They are both very close, he has strong feelings for Rumil.



Oropher Rovain was from the Australian Sea and spent much of his early years there idling away his time. He would often participate in mermaid and mermen attacks on humans that were too careless near the waterways. They were very territorial over the Australian Sea and the surrounding waterways. Oropher was is the son of a mervillage chief.

At the beginning of the Sword and Shield War the humans fought, Oropher participated indirectly by striking down any warriors that came near the waterways. He lost his father during a skirmish that followed a surprise attack on soldiers gone wrong. Oropher decided to relocate from the Australian Sea to the Mermen’s Lagoon located on the southern border of the Mildorian Kingdom. There he met Rumil Arato and the two eventually became sworn brothers. After the Sword and Shield war ended and Mildorian was dwindling in population, Oropher decided to remain there and began to claim the seas in that area, terrorizing pirates and sailors alike.

He has a vendetta against humans for murdering his father and wishes to strike a major blow to mankind. He has gathered many mermen under his campaign to cause as much trouble for humans as possible. He wants to make a world safe for merpeople and especially the merperson he cares for the most, Rumil. He thinks Rumil is foolish for having ‘loved’ a human, little does he know that Rumil isn’t exactly over his former human love.



Merpeople are capable of breathing underwater and above water. They also have the ability known as hydrokenisis, the ability to control water. Merpeople can create geysers to small tidal waves even on land if they have the proper energy. They must however have a nearby water source available or a water rune affixed to them.

Merpeople are able to travel on land via levitation. To achieve this feat they coat their tails in a thin layer of water. Using their hydrokinesis a merperson can levitate the water particles causing them to float above the ground as if swimming on land. A merperson’s land mobility generally lasts for about three days. After three days a merperson is likely to lose the proper hydration needed to sustain land mobility thus he or she should be sure to return to the water to properly rehydrate. Merpeople cannot travel about via levitation while dehydrated. If a merperson consumes a special plant he or she can convert his or her tail and fins into legs and feet like humans’. The effects usually last for about 2 to 3 hours before the legs revert back to a mermaid tail.

Rumil, like most merpeople, is skilled with a bow and arrow and is a keen shot. He is physically strong like most merpeople. He’s able to smash tree trunks with the proper strength and strike of his tail. He could crush human bones in his embrace if he tried hard enough. He’s very swift, agile and elegant in movement.

Merpeople are also capable of bewitching others with their voices or with their attractive looks. They can make others enamored with them by looking them in the eyes. This is usually how they lure people in to drown them. Their voices are very powerful and enchanting. Their songs can amplify the emotions of others. They are able to project their voices over a very long range, they could be heard over a battlefield of shouting warriors.

Merpeople are weak against earth magic and dry atmospheres. Lack of moisture is problematic for merpeople.


Oropher is physically stronger and a better fighter than his sworn brother Rumil.

It is believed that a mermaid or merman’s kiss could grant a human the ability to breathe underwater for several hours.

It is also believed that consuming the flesh of a merperson will grant a person long life. Quite a few merpeople have fallen victim to those seeking eternal life.

So begins...

Oropher Rovain's Story

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Masaki Mizuno-Wa, Katsura Shiraishi, Himiko Hatsumomo

As the leaders of the two nations began to prepare themselves for the strategizing of the coming battles, Tyra pulled Hatsumomo to one side. “You know how you asked about our traditional dress yesterday? Well… What do you think?” she asked gesturing down at her thick clothing, her belt and the neck of her tunic being the only decorated part of her outfit, both baring a twisting pattern that was obviously the style of the mountains, with similar patterns being used in many different things including on buildings.

Hatsumomo examined the garment with a smile. “It’s simple and quite comfortable seeming. I like it. It seems your people aren’t big fans of flashy and gaudy garments. That’s a good sign of humbleness.” Hatsumomo felt that this form of dress was a nice contrast to the very elaborate dress style of the Wa elite. However it was similar to the common wear of the Wa people in its simplicity.

Ulfar, Katsura and Masaki were busy with the planning of their tactics. “Katsura, Masaki, I think it could be worthwhile if we attack the Ulfheimr on two fronts. Although it is unlikely he will know much of your arrival, Baldr is too stuck in his ways to alter his out-dated strategy even if he did and having your men flank his could crush his army much faster than just a headlong attack.” Ulfar said.

Katsura nodded in agreement. “Attacking from two fronts seems to be a wise course of action. However I must also suggest that we consider attacking from a third front. This smaller force will serve as our perimeter guard and failsafe in case something goes array.”

The Wa scouts-men had returned with positive news regarding the terrain of Fyrkat and the compatibility of the Wa soldiers fighting there. The Scouts brought Masaki a few scrolls that had a detailed report of the land’s layout drawn neatly on them. Masaki looked them over and smiled. “It seems that the terrain here won’t pose a problem for our soldiers at all. For that, I am gald.” Masaki said with a relieved expression.

After politely motioning for Tyra to follow her, Hatsumomo approached Ulfar, Katsura, and Masaki. “I will also lend my assistance during the battle, My lords.” Hatsumomo said as she sauntered up to the group elegantly. Her natural beauty easily caught the attention of the foot soldiers from both nations that scurried to and fro. Many of those that were little familiar with her would wonder what use a lady of her manner would be on a battlefield. “I feel that the spirits in Fyrkat are stirring in anticipation. They yearn for a unified land. This battle shall bring forth change on the wings of the wind. But something else is unusual… the spirits sense something that makes them shudder.” Hatsumomo paused. She could feel something was a foot in the spirit realm but could not place what it was. The only thing she could do, for now, was to warn Ulfar, Tyra, Katsura, and Masaki. “Please take heed to the ramblings of a priestess. They may seem quite strange and cryptic now, however what is mysterious shall soon be made clear. For now please take caution my lords.” With that Hatsumomo bowed and excused herself, she then went to serve tea and small snacks to the soldiers. Even as Wa’s prestigious High Preistess, Hatsumomo couldn’t fight the urge to act as a hostess and geisha. She lived to put others at ease.

Katsura turned to Ulfar with a smile, “A prophecy of such from Himiko Hatsumomo is best heeded. I hope, Lord Ulfar, you and your men are comfortable flowing with intel from the spirit realm as well. We of Wa believe it to be a major element on the battlefield.”

Rumil Arato and Oropher Rovain

On the southern border of Mildorian is the quiet waterway known as the Mermen’s lagoon. There Mermen lounged around on the stones that lay piled in and out of the calm and soft waters. The mermen are vain and playful when they’re not busy laying traps for pirates, sailors and or random humans. The mermen and mermaids most always lived separately from one another. They only really communed with their gender opposite come mating season, when mermaids choose mermen that were looking for mates for reproduction partners. The Mermaid’s lagoon, however wasn’t too far off from the mermen’s lagoon.

Rumil lay on a large, partially submerged stone in the lagoon. He lazily laid there combing his jet black hair with comb crafted out of coral. His hair wasn’t particularly messy, but he had little else to do so he combed leisurely. Oropher swiftly surfaced in the water that surrounded the rock Rumil lay upon. “Hey Rumil, get off your tail and spar with me. I need my sparring partner.” Oropher was energetic and ready to burn some energy.

Rumil simply yawned and dismissed Oropher. “Aaaaahh… I don’t really feel like doing anything right now. Can’t you spar with someone else?” Rumil replied in a whimsical fashion.

“but no one else knows my fighting style as well as you. It wouldn’t be a challenge! Come on!! Shake a fin why don’t ya!?” Oropher answered in an annoyed fashion, his tail batting the water’s surface creating large splashes.

Rumil replied, “I just don’t feel like doing it. I want Lord Faramire to return to Mildorian so he can tell us more stories. I don’t quite feel like doing anything without having heard one of his adventure, romance, tragedy, funny or scary stories.” Rumil and the other merpeople liked Faramire and recognized him as a magical being rather than a typical human. They liked for him to take his trips from the Magician’s tower down to the Lagoons and share talks of stories with them. This also served informational purposes, it gave the merpeople info on current events happening in other places from a human perspective.

Oropher quickly became annoyed. “Seems like you’ve found yet another human to pine over… Gosh Rumil when will you get a clue?! Merpeople and Humans don’t mix, less we’re using them and throwing them away. Besides, If you wanna hear a story of his so freaking badly, why don’t you go looking for him!?” Oropher meant his last statement sarcastically but Rumil took it another way.

“Ya know, That’s not a bad idea! It’ll give me something to do! I’ve not traveled in quite some time! I shall take to the Sub-cavern as soon as I can! Lord Faramire said he was headed to the north, a nation called Fyrkat or something of the like… the currents that flow in that direction move swiftly! This will be fun!!” With that Rumil jumped into the water and gathered his things for travel. Oropher was angry with himself for opening his big mouth. He refused to let Rumil go alone. Oropher had to tag along.

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Katsura Shiraishi, Himiko Hatsumomo, Masaki Mizuno-Wa, Faramir Elendil

After Katsura asked his question regarding the need for the continued presence of the Wa army in Frykat, Ulfar stroked his beard thoughtfully at this for a moment. “The war with Ulfheimr is over but we are yet to see what will happen in the council. Messengers have been sent to all of the other clans and the Seidhr to call for a council meeting but there is no guarantee that it will pass yet. Only Odin can know if it is the Leiknir’s time to rule yet and for this cursed war to finally end.” He explained taking a small swig of his mead as he did so. “Though with the Ulfheimr vote on our side we have a chance to gain the Seidhr vote too, which will bring in the others too. No one argues with the voice of the gods themselves.”

Katsura nodded and smiled. He was pleased at the thought of spending more time with the people of Fyrkat. He enjoyed their spirit and way of being, it was quite carefree. “Then I shall send word and request to my Lord, Emperor Katsuhito, on behalf of our continued stay in Fyrkat. I believe things will work out in your favor Lord Ulfar.” Katsura said and he drank more mead. He placed his other hand gently over top of Masaki’s hand as it rested on the table. Masaki had calmed down from his earlier anger and embarrassment and was his usual regally elegant self once more.

“I’ve told you before I’d follow you anywhere. I’d love to spend more time here. It’s cold but the people are warm and I like it.” Masaki added.

Ulfar smiled at Masaki’s comment, “It’s always cold here, in fact this is one of the warmer parts of Fyrkat, its worse up in the mountains. It’s why we wear furs and separate pieces of armour, solid metal plate freezes in the cold weather and then you can’t move, as some of our southern enemies of the past discovered for themselves.”

“Lady Hatsumomo, do you think that when you do leave I would be able to go with you to Wa?” she eventually asked, looking up at Hatsumomo’s mahogany colored eyes. “I have heard so much about Wa and I would really love to see it, learn about it first-hand.” Tyra explained.

Hatsumomo was a bit surprised at Tyra’s question. She gave a curious smile. “I honestly don’t see why you couldn’t go, as long as Lord Ulfar allows it. His Majesty would be thrilled to meet you. He’s always excited to talk with those from abroad as he is not often able to travel as he would like.” Hastumomo replied in a chipper tone. She then cocked her head to the side in thought and said, “However, Wa can be a bit rule heavy and stuffy in comparison to the social freedoms the people of Fyrkat seem to enjoy. I hope it won’t be too stiffening for you.” Hatsumomo was a bit concerned about that factor. Foreigners often were cut slack for their difficulty with conforming to, and understanding, Wa customs. However they still came under a certain stigma with the Wa. Hatsumomo pondered a bit more, she came to the conclusion that many people of Wa could stand to meet someone like Lady Tyra. Perhaps it was a good idea.

“What shall you do from here Lord Faramir? Will you offer to help Fyrkat as well? It would probably be good for you to do so.” Hatsumomo asked Faramir

Tyra sat up at this point, her father’s reassuring hand upon her shoulder stayed her tongue. She would get her chance but she could not dishonour her family by breaking the creed of hospitality. Instead Ulfar voiced their opinion for them, “All allies are welcome here and when the Leiknir finally rise out of the ashes to unify the Kingdom once again I will ensure that the friendships between our people that have been forged in war will continue into peace.”

Faramir smiled, “Thank you. I do not take lightly the warm hospitality you have shown my men and I. I am indeed undeserving if it. For as long as Fyrkat is in the favor of the True Runes, the magician’s tower will be your ally.” Faramire replied. He glanced over at Tyra who seemed to stare dagger at the mage. Faramir simply gave her a look of understanding. He knew why she felt the way she did and didn’t blame her. He was used to being seen as the bad guy.

The night concluded and all was well. Hatsumomo peered out of her room’s window into the night’s air. She could feel the calm of the spirits resting in the land. A peace blew on the winds. It was much different a feeling in comparison to when she had first arrived in the Fyrkat nation. Trouble boiled in the waters and discourse in the gusts of wind. This battle had brought great calm to the land.

Rumil Arato and Oropher Rovain

The underwater caverns were long but beautiful. Rumil and Oropher swam through letting the currents push them along. They made several turns and eventually they came to an exit to the surface. Oropher read the marker carved into stone on the cavern wall, “South Pacific Kingdom Lagoons”. The two surfaced and swam into what looked to be stony ruins. There were clear blue waters and a few merpeople swam about, welcoming Rumil and Oropher.

The merpeople of the South Pacific region had inhabited the old ruins of a partially submerged stone temple. This place was not often disturbed by humans and known as a hub for merpeople so most locals would beware. However occasionally a few arrogant soldiers would wander through wanting to cool their feet in the beautiful pools of water. After Rumil and Oropher got settled they conversed regarding their plans.

“What shall we do Rumil, we’re in the South Pacific Kingdom. We’re still nowhere close to Fyrkat according to the human map we have. Who knows if Faramir is even still in Fyrkat?” Oropher complained.

Rumil shrugged his shoulders and let out a sigh. “Perhaps you are right. Even still we needed a vacation from Mildorian don’t you think? It’s not so bad here.” Rumil said in an upbeat fashion. He dolphin jumped into the water and then resurfaced.

The other mermen in the lagoon caught the sound of humans approaching and gave warning. They all dove down into the waters and disappeared. Rumil and Oropher remained close by to listen and observe the human trespassers. There were two men of the South Pacific kingdom, both appeared to be soldiers. They were conversing about a possible war brewing between the Drake city, and the South Atlantic Kingdom.

Oropher had heard all that he needed to know. The humans were fighting and war was brewing. What better a time to pick them off as they are focused on each other? Oropher grinned. He had a plan, one that would avenge the death of his father.

“It seems that Khal Jinn has concluded talks with that Moloch. If Lord Khal agreed to go to battle then we can expect to ride off to glory and kick some South Atlantic Ass!! Hahahaha…” One of the soldiers laughed.

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Rumil Arato and Oropher Rovain

Rumil and Oropher lurked quietly below the surface of the water as the two South Pacific soldiers prattled on about the spoils of war and their future battles. Oropher was grateful to the men for helping his discover a brilliant way to get back at the humans for what they had done to his father. He had decided that no matter what it took, he would somehow get the merpeople to declare a guerrilla war against the humans while the humans battled amongst themselves. It would be easy, most all merpeople weren’t very fond of humans so it wouldn’t take much to convince the idle mermen and mermaids to attack mankind globally.

Oropher had learned enough from the two men. “It’s time we clean up our territory of this human rubbish, don’t you think Rumil?” Oropher said with a smirk.

Rumil smirked as well. “Yes, they don’t belong in the mermen’s lagoon. I sing them a little lullaby.” Rumil slowly surfaced in the water. The brawny men almost didn’t notice. However when Rumil’s pure voice began to sing their attention was acute. “Oh the great moonlight dances across the tide~ Simply take my hand and so can you and I~ A dance in the water dark, deep, and blue, another world awaits you. Take my hand let’s descend, just you, me and the ocean~” The melodic song of Rumil flowed gently through the air. The sounds were soft to the ear and in every way pleasant.

The two soldiers stopped mid sentence and scanned the area for the source of the beautiful voice. Rumil came into plain view as he flowed in the water. The soldiers saw the merman and immediately smiled in awe. They were under his spell of infatuation. The men would at this point now follow him anywhere. All apprehension they felt seemed to melt away. Rumil pulled himself up onto the rock that the men sat on and the soldiers began to behave flirtatiously. Oropher couldn’t conceal his amusement at the spectacle. Rumil had their minds wrapped around his fingers.

Rumil took one by the hand and the two embraced as Rumil slowly took him into the clear pool. Oropher offered his hand to the second soldier, who quickly accepted, and led him into the water. The two soldiers, Rumil and Oropher descended below the water and after a few minutes both mermen surfaced. The two South Pacific Soldiers never surfaced again.

Oropher and Rumil decided to do a little more observing and exploring the waters of the South Pacific Kingdom. They swam around to the docks where there were many ships and people scurrying about on the piers. It had been a while since Rumil and Oropher had seen such a busy human environment. Amongst the many humans that seemed strong and warrior like about, one caught Oropher’s attention and held it undivided, this soldier was no ordinary man, he was Khal Jinn.

“That must be the legendary human the two soldiers spoke of serving. His name was Khal Jinn, I think.” Oropher said in a whisper to Rumil as they floated quietly beneath the docks. “He’s supposed to be very strong for a human, according to what those men said. Rumil just imagine, if you could place him in a trance imagine the trouble we could wreak on the humans! It would be amazing!” Oropher fantasized enthusiastically.

Rumil did not look excited at all. “Oropher I don’t think war is amazing at all. Nor do I think I am capable of bringing that man under my bewitchment. His mind is too strong and fortified I’m sure of it. I can tell that is the type of man that would strike me down the moment he heard my voice in the atmosphere. I just couldn’t manage it. I’m sorry.” Rumil replied in a rather defeated tone. He didn’t like to let Oropher down but he didn’t want Oropher’s war on humans either.

“Hmph well, I suppose you should practice a stronger song.” Oropher grumbled.

After a few more moments of observing, Rumil spotted another group of travelers. Amongst them was a face most familiar and welcome. It was moon Jae shin, Rumil had finally found his long lost love.”Moon Jae Shin… you’re alive…?” Rumil said in disbelief.

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Lord Snow waited patiently, something he had gotten much better at in his old age. He almost chuckled to himself as his mind drifted back to who he was in his youth. Impetuous, head strong, bold and above all else, impatient. That impatience was something he had to drill into submission once he began commanding men. It wasn't easy but it was something he had to do, if it wasn't for Catelyn, she gave him a proper kick in the rear. She shaped him from the wild warrior prince into a real man and a leader. His loved his wife dearly, with every passing year that love only grew. He would tell her that next time he saw her.

For now he waited for an audience with the queen. As he heard a rustle of commotion he knew she was on her way. He straightened up and prepared to receive the Queen of the South Atlantic. Eddard Snow had known Amelia Stormborn since she was a child, he was there the day she was born. He had been watching over her in one form or another since the day she first opened her eyes. He was there the day she first scraped her knee and was a shoulder to cry on. He remembered lifting her tiny body and bringing her to her father. He remembered when he scooped her up and asked her the same thing he would ask her countless more times after that as she grew. The same thing he would ask his own children when they were troubled. He asked Why do we fall? and she rose those green orbs, wet with tears he gave her a warm smile and said so we can learn to pick ourselves back up. That simple saying has been a source of strength for Amelia over the years, something Eddard reminded her of time and time again when things got difficult.

The doors opened and in swept Amelia Stormborn, The Unburnt Mother of Dragons, Conqueror of Mexico and Celtic Lands, Breaker of Chains, The Silver Queen, Queen of the South Atlantic Kingdom. Easily one of the most powerful people in the world. Eddard could not help but smile as she rushed to him, how she's grown. Amelia ran into his arms and gave him a warm embrace, he laughed as he hugged her in return.

"Uncle Ned!"

She said as she squeezed. Releasing him she stepped back eagerly as if hoping to spot the information he carried.

"What have you discovered?"

She asked. Eddard reached into his jerkin and retrieved the letter.

"I have received word from my spies in the west, Khal Jinn is mobilizing. His armies prepare for war yet at this very moment I am told he is boarding a ship. He is answering your summons my Queen."



As the two soldiers were lured off into the water their leader, their Great Khal sat looking upon a princess. Casually he lounged in his seat. Seven fierce Dothraki warriors around him, all eyeing the foreigners with silent warnings. His eyes however fell only on the princess, the one who spoke. He watched her bow, she bowed low and long to so as much respect and honor as she could. Jinn arched an eye brow, as she rose. A pretty young woman with hair dark as night with a curvaceous frame. He could almost feel Qotho's stare behind him as he undressed her with his eyes, his blood rider was a ferocious warrior yet his greatest weakness was always women. He'd have to keep his man away from her.

"Khal Jinn, Thank you for accepting my request for an audience. Have I come at an bad time? You seem to be quite busy."

She asked politely. Jinn and his warriors watched the travelers, one was shaking with fear yet they all seemed nervous. Not something they were unaccustomed to yet the Khal was intrigued none the less. These people sent to him their princess, their future. Most kingdoms protected their princesses like precious gems, hiding them away until they are given away in marriage yet the Anansai sent theirs out on the waves to far off lands and dangerous men. Perhaps there was more to this dark rose than appearances suggested.

"Oqet vichitera oma vafikhoon."

The insult drew chuckles from the gathered Dothraki, even Khal Jinn smirked and shook his head. The snide comment came not from the Khal but from one of his warriors standing beside him, the savage warrior woman Doreah. The chuckling from the Dothraki was not lost on the foreigners as they looked on in confusion and blatant insult. They were not stupid and knew they were being made fun of. Jinn, in attempt to avoid bloodshed the Khal spoke.

"I travel for the South Atlantic daughter of the Anansai. If you'd speak on trade I suggest you do so quickly unless you'd rather take to sea with us."

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Moon Jae Shin, Rumil Arato, Oropher Rovain

Rumil waded in the waters below the docks in awe that his love was still alive after many years of separation. The life span of humans was much shorter than that of a merman. Considering the amount of time that occurred since Moon Jae Shin and Rumil separated, Moon should have passed away of old age. Rumil was stunned to see that not only did Moon survive both the tests of time and the Sword and Shield war, but he looked almost exactly the same as he did before they parted.

Oropher was also taken a back at the sight of Jae Shin. Oropher had never seen Moon Jae Shin before but only heard stories of him from Rumil’s reminiscing. Oropher had felt romantically for Rumil and the thought of Rumil having loved a human made Oropher cringe. Before, other than Rumil’s longing for Jae Shin, Oropher felt that Jae Shin was no longer a major obstacle due to him being apparently deceased. However this new revelation was not good for Oropher’s prospects.

Rumil, who’s gaze never wandered off Moon, spoke to Oropher. “I must let him know that I am here. I have to get his attention!! Perhaps if I splash around to get attention he’ll take notice!?” Rumil spoke excitedly.

Oropher replied immediately as he grabbed a hold of Rumil’s arm. “Are you insane!? That’s just what we need right now, a ton of muscle brained human men all out to nab themselves two mermen! We’d be killed!”

As the group moved forward and eventually boarded a very large ship, Rumil dove into the water and swam to follow the ship. Oropher had no choice but to follow.

As Moon Jae Shin stood in the presence of Khal Jinn and his men he was not nervous but silent, quietly observing the scene before him. Tenanye was brave and Soo-Min was rightfully worried regarding Jinn, Moon was ready in case he needed to defend the princess. He knew that if he fought Jinn he’d have a very difficult time beating him, but it wouldn’t be utterly impossible. Moon muttered to himself, just audible enough for Soo-Min to hear, “My have kids gotten rather big these days. There must be something in the water.” Moon grinned.

Once the group boarded the ship, and Tenanye seemed comfortable in her meeting with Khal Jinn, Moon felt it would be okay for him to relax a little. However he still kept an eye out for the princess and Soo-Min. Tenanye seemed to be getting along with Khal Jinn. Her and his dispositions reminded him of his days with Rumil. Moon would most always try to remain cool and unflustered on the outside when his heart was a flutter on the inside, Rumil always brought such emotion onto Moon. It seemed the Princess was fine and unfortunately Soo-Min was seasick. Jae Shin Left her to her devices.

Standing near the right edge of the ship, Moon gazed upon the waters below. They were deep and dark blue. Beneath the waves came a shape. Moon thought it to be a dolphin at first of possibly a large marine beast. It was possible, on the seas dreadful creatures of large proportions were likely to be encountered. However when the being surfaced, it was revealed to be a man. Moon examined more closely and it was a merman, one that he knew very well, Rumil Arato. Moon smiled brightly, he simply couldn’t help it. This was the one person he had wanted to be and be near for many years and finally by chance they encounter one another.

Rumil leapt out of the water toward the side of the boat where thick netting draped and had begun to pull himself up, tail and all, to a carved decorative alcove that lay just below the ship’s railing. Luckily Rumil would not easily be seen there and he could at last speak with Jae Shin. Oropher was not happy at all with Rumil’s choices, he was being reckless in Oropher’s eyes. Oropher simply trailed along side the ship, keeping an eye on Rumil and Moon.

Moon leaned partially over the rail and smirked playfully. “Are you real or am I just as seasick as Soo-Min over there? Please tell me I’m not imagining you.” Moon joked.

“I’m as real as this tacky ship I’m sitting on! I can’t believe you’re really standing before me… You should have passed away long ago, humans don’t live this long. How are you still here?! I mean, I’m truly grateful that you are here but I’m just not understanding why Poseidon is being so kind to me!” Rumil replied, speaking in a low enough voice so that others could not hear him.

Moon replied, “It’s the True Water Rune’s fault. I’m practically ageless now. So sorry love, you won’t get to see me as an old man anytime soon.” Moon chuckled. After a moment he reached his hand out and gently touched Rumil’s cheek. “Still warm and cold like the ocean. I missed you.”

“I missed you so much as well. I can’t lose you again and I won’t. I’d follow you into a war if I have to! No one can convince me again to flee to a safe lagoon while you charge off into the unknown. I hate fighting but I hate the thought of losing you a thousand times more Moon.” Rumil replied. He touched Moon’s hand and cherished the warmth.

Moon wanted to continue talking with Rumil but it was no longer safe for Rumil to remain seated along the side of the ship. “We’ll dock soon. You must not remain here. I Will not leave here without finding you again. I promise. Just stay near the docks. Now go Rumil, and… I love you.” Moon replied as calmly as he could manage. He hated to have to part from Rumil but his safety was not guaranteed for much longer.

Rumil’s eyes began to tear a little. He shook off his sorrow of parting and nodded his head in agreement. “Ok, I shall wait for you as you said. I love you too. Don’t be long Moon.” With that Rumil jumped back into the deep blue waters below and followed the ship.

As the ship docked and the traveling party disembarked the vessel, there was a a sight to be seen. The South Pacific Soldiers were having a field day in lust and leisure. There was much sex and overindulgence done out in the open. This behavior was quite the opposite from most anything seen in Wa. Sex was most always a discreet act. This was hardly romantic but purely physical in appearance. Soo-Min seemed uneasy about the scene and Tenanye seemed to be undisturbed. Moon Jae Shin kept a stoic disposition.

As the female warrior of the South Pacific Kingdom insulted the Princess Tenanye once more Moon was beginning to reach his limit of handling the woman’s disrespect toward the princess. However Moon did not want to act unless Tenanye absolutely needed it. Khal Jinn seemed to welcome the spectacle. Soon the two women were in a full blown fight. Moon knew that this was something the princess decided to handle herself so he stood ready and able to act if need be. The fight concluded and Tenanye came out the victor.

"How about that drink?" Tenanye asked. Moon smirked at the princess.

She asked proudly. The riders awaited their Khal's response who sat unmoving, his eyes on the one who killed Doreah before him. His jaw tensed for a moment as his unreadable gaze stared deeply into the princess from Anansai.

"There will be no drinks..." Khal Replied. Moon’s sight focused in on the tall warrior. He wasn’t sure what was about to happen but he braced himself for the worst.

He said darkly, his voice little more than a growl. He slowly got to his feet, his full imposing height cast a large shadow over the princess. He stepped toward her with slow yet determined intent. His eyes never left her as he moved toward her, his movements were a kin to a male lion approaching a nomad. His eyes, almost feral in their unpredictability. His boot touched the blood of his warrior who lay dead at his feet. He looked down at the body of Doreah then back at Tenanye. Slowly his hand went to the small of his back where he drew a dagger. All eyes were on the Khal now, on him and that wicked looking blade in his hand. He took one more step forward, now but an arms reach from the killer of Doreah. His eyes looking into hers as if he could lay her soul to bear before him.

Moon immediately drew his bow and arrow and prepared to fire a shot at Khal. However it turns out it was not his intent to harm the princess but to commend her. Khal Jinn then knelt and grabbed a hand full of Doreah's hair at the base of the long braid. He took the knife and sliced the braid off at the nape of her neck.

"Until you take what you've won, Ifeqevron lajak."

With that he tossed the long braid, wet with the blood of the fallen rider to Tenanye and the entire ship erupted in cheers.
After Tenanye had her drink. Moon approached her. “Are you alright Princess? I am impressed. You handled yourself very well. Allow me to heal your wounds.” Moon used his water rune and a large blue form of rippling energy formulated over head of the princess. The energy amassed like a tear drop of water and fell down onto Tenanye. The blue energy spiraled around the princess and all her wounds healed instantly. Her stamina was also revitalized. “There, I can’t bring you home in that condition. Neither your parents or the emperor of Wa would forgive me for allowing you to be hurt.”

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Moon Jae Shin

Moon Jae Shin stood quietly as he observed Khal Jinn and Queen Amelia meet one another for the first time. They seemed fixated on one another. From Moon’s vast experience, due to having lived for so long, he knew that when people have that manner of encounter it was usually a sign that the 108 stars of destiny were at work. Khal Jinn and Amelia were indeed two of those very 108 stars. Moon remembered long ago when he met Faramir Elendil, he was told of the 108 stars of destiny and how each star was represented by a person alive in the world. These stars would shape the world’s destiny.

Moon was very conscious of the various looks the people of the South Atlantic Kingdom threw his, Tenanye, and Soo-Min’s way. They were not of Jinn’s people, and more so for Moon, he was the only person of Wa descent present. Surely his presence caused much confusion. The South Atlantic had long been out of contact with the people of Wa. Moon had to be careful here as he was not sent in an official capacity as an ambassador. So far no one treated him as such. It seemed that they assumed him to be a warrior monk as his cover suggested.

Rumil Arato, Oropher Rovain

Meanwhile Rumil and Oropher waited around the docks for some time. The two mermen watched as the group consisting of Khal Jinn, Princess Tenanye, Soo-Min, Moon Jae Shin as well as Khal’s soldiers disembarked the ship and greeted the officials of the South Atlantic Kingdom. Rumil was glad that the water was freely flowing through out various parts of the kingdom. That meant that he could still covertly attempt to keep tabs on Moon Jae Shin. Oropher was beginning to realize that following Jae Shin could prove beneficial. He was witnessing more humans discuss the prospects of war. The more info Oropher had on the human war the better for him to form a plan of attack for the merpeople against them.

Rumil turned to Oropher and asked curiously, “Isn’t this the so called Dragon Kingdom? I don’t like the sound of land dragons.”

Oropher scoffed, “Oh it is Dragon Kingdom. But you shouldn’t worry about the miserable little land dragons. You and I both know that Water Dragons are far more dangerous! Our Water Dragons would blow that puny Human Dragon Queen and her fire breathing brutes away no problem. They’re not so hot!” Oropher really wanted to call a water dragon on the spot but knew that it wouldn’t be a good idea. He just had to wait a bit, he’d have his fun.

Moon Jae Shin

The group of Travelers were lead to their respective quarters. Moon was still getting used to the foreign faces. He had lived for a very long time yet most of it was spent n Wa and the nearby regions. It had been some time since he had traveled far outside of Wa. The servants that laid eyes on him seemed to stare in awe of his exotic features. His eyes, pale skin tone, and dark hair were very different from what they were accustomed to seeing. Tenanye turned to Moon before departing.

"Moon, I am going to speak with the Queen, do you mind going to Soo-Min. she seems in a bit of a mood and doesn't wish to speak to me, perhaps she'll talk to you." She said.

Moon knew what had happened. He could tell that Tenanye’s energies were on Khal and Khal’s energies were on Tenanye. He knew why Soo-Min was not speaking to the princess. He felt that he should keep the Handmaiden’s secret and not tell Tenanye. Personally Moon wasn’t too thrilled about the thought of the Princess’s physical union with Khal. Moon wasn’t sure if Jinn and Tenanye were in love or not but even so Moon would have advised Tenanye to wait before uniting physically with Jinn. Moon was a very old fashioned mind. He courted Rumil without physically uniting with him for a very long time. By the time such events occurred it was more than clear that they were willing to get as close to one another as possible because of love. Times were different then and now. Moon didn’t judge the princess, he simply wanted her to be careful.

Moon replied with a smile. “Of course, I’ll look after her. You should take care to be careful princess. I will not be thrilled if you get into another brawl. The security here is very tight and on high alert. I can tell. Good luck in your negotiations.” Moon then bowed to the princess before she departed.

Soon Moon caught up to Soo-Min who seemed to be in a bit of a daze. She didn’t seem her usual self. Moon hadn’t been around Soo-min for an extremely long time but, he could tell that her changes in disposition were not easily hidden. He liked that about Soo-Min.

“There you are Lady Soo-Min. I never thought a horse stable would be so tricky to find. The people here seem to have a difficult time understanding my speaking of the common tongue. Is my Wa accent THAT thick?” Moon said with a chuckle. He wanted to lift Soo-Min’s spirits as best he could. Moon then picked up a bush and began to gently groom one of the large horses in the stable. “Soo-Min, please don’t take me as being rude. I don’t intend to be. However, is there an issue with the princess that you’d like to discuss? I know it’s a highly private matter. I can keep a secret very well and I have a good listening ear. I’d be more than willing to lend it to you.” Moon said with a smile only a big brother could give.

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Liloon Aquata

Liloon stood slightly nervous as she was not sure what Khal would pick up on or not. He quickly grunted a reply “I’m fine.” With that Liloon gave a quick curtsey and promptly exited the room.

She sped down the stairs as fast as her feet could carry her. She happened to walk past the area that was occupied by the woman from Anasai and the South Atlantic gentleman once more. This time there seemed to be another young man there with them. Liloon rolled her eyes and huffed when examining the dark haired princess. “Gosh each time I see that woman she’s surrounded with male attention. She’s surely not from the South Atlantic Kingdom. If that is the case it would be best for me to figure out where she’s from and why she’s here. It could serve as useful information to my lord.”

With that train of thought she stepped a bit closer to the group. Taking cover behind a large stone column she listened carefully. "This, is the Princess Tenanye Ananse of Anansai." The older gentleman introduced the curvy woman to the younger man.

Liloon’s focus honed in on the princess. “So she’s from that far away… What is she doing here? Could her nation be planning on opposing Drake City as well? I can’t believe that silver headed witch managed to enlist two nations against Drake so easily! Moloch will not be pleased at all to hear this.” Liloon hated having to bring back such negative news, especially when she thought she could cheer her lord up not bring him down further. She decided to listen a little further.

"This is my son, Princes. Robb is my eldest." Eddard Snow said proudly.

Liloon looked the young man up and down from her post behind the column. She thought him to be handsome but she still preferred the looks of her lord Moloch much more. “So these men are definitely important people to the South Atlantic. I suppose Moloch can expect them to play a part on the battlefield. I should probably go now. I’m not sure if there is much more information to be gained here.” Liloon whispered to herself and soon continued down the corridor and out of a service exit. One of the maids pondered who Liloon was as she exited the castle. She didn’t recognize Liloon yet she did not stop her either.

Liloon headed toward a river passage that lead out to the sea and noticed two men wading in the water. Liloon stopped and stared at them inquisitively. She knew they had to be mermen. Why they were there she had no clue. Not only were they mermen but they didn’t look like they came from any pod native to the South Atlantic region. One looked like he was a native of the Wa region, Wa pod mermaids and mermen had very distinctive features. The other looked like he was from the Australian Sea. They were a very curious sight. As soon as they noticed Liloon’s staring at them, they ducked downward, submerging themselves in the river water. Liloon also hurried off to the docks to make her escape.

Moon Jae Shin

"I hope you are right, Moon-dono...I just...I do not want to see her hurt. Tenanye is indeed strong but matters of the heart is as foreign to her as this place." Soo-Min said.

“I see. However as much as you’d want to protect her from the world, you’ll find that you simply can’t. I’ve had to learn that lesson myself. I guess I’m still learning that lesson.” Moon replied. He smiled a little thinking about his past love.

"Moon, do you have someone you love but couldn't have?" Soo-Min asked almost like a saddened child.

Moon looked up at Soo-Min in surprise. It was a most rare thing for anyone to ask him about his personal life. Most people saw him solely as a True Rune bearer and not much more. It was as if his personal life had faded into the not often read pages of history.

Moon replied with a smile, “I have. I used to be a pirate many many years ago. This was before I encountered the man with the rune. I rescued a merman from my captain’s ship one day. I had known mermen to be dangerous and murderous. However this one was different. He was timid and afraid. I just couldn’t let him get slaughtered for the sake of some noblemen’s desire to become immortal. So I snuck him away. He was scared of me and I was a little nervous of him as well. But eventually when it came time for me to set him free, he didn’t want to go.” Moon paused in thought, a gentle smile crept across his face.

“I was on my own at that point. But he stuck with me. We talked daily and explored things together. I was falling in love and it scared me. I had never thought I’d feel that way for another man, and even worse one that was not even of the same species as me technically. I figured that we could only be friends and only get as close as friends could get. He was the exact opposite apparently. Mermen live together and form partnerships with each other. So men being with one another closely wasn’t a strange thing for Rumil. I felt I couldn’t have him the way I wanted to for a long time. Then one day it happened. My desire to be as close to the one that gave me happiness got the better of me. We were physically intimate only once, of course he had legs at the time.” Moon snickered a bit before continuing.

“I was at my happiest. I let go of my doubts. Then the Sword and Shield War exploded into everyone’s lives. Wa was involved in the war. They had a large draft and I was forced into battle. The merpeople of the Lake Japan region mostly fled to the Mildorian region, apparently it was the safest place to be at the time. We had to separate. His brothers wouldn’t allow him to stay by my side and I wouldn’t have him in danger either. We parted ways and I thought I’d never see the one person that made me feel happy ever again. When I acquired the True water rune, I found that I had ageless life. But then I was confined by the Wa kingdom for safekeeping of the rune. I was unable to look for Rumil and I didn’t even know if he was still alive. Believe it or not that was a little over 100 years ago. Each day I longed for him and fate denied me.” Moon looked quite sad.

He placed his hands on Soo-Min’s shoulder’s. “I know how you feel. Wanting to protect your love from the world’s fire but in the end everyone is consumed. I realized that he needed to go through his trials as well no matter how hard it was for me to stand by and let it happen. That’s fate’s way. But there is hope. I was blessed enough on this very journey to encounter Rumil on the ship carrying up to the South Atlantic. Rumil is alive. Although our time was brief I feel like I’ve received a thousand healings for my hearts wounds.”

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Liloon Aquata

“Stop! You are under arrest!” Liloon heard a voice call out from behind her. Liloon felt herself grabbed roughly by the shoulder, forcing her to turn almost instantly. She was mortified to see the familiar face of Eira the vampire. The two had met long ago not long after Liloon was formally accepted into the Drake nobility. A smile broke across the vampire’s face as she lay on eyes on Liloon.

“Good evening your grace. I had not expected to see you again so soon.” Eira’s fangs were in full view. “It has been far too long since we last spent an evening under the moon like this. Though I must say I wish it were under different circumstances.” She said gripping the woman’s wrists knowing full well that strength was not a strong point of the merfolk.

Liloon smiled sarcastically at Eira. “On the contrary it hasn’t been long enough. I managed to elude the giant Khal Jinn, the silver tongued witch Amelia, the Anasai princess, and the Snow family. What a fool I was to think I’d slip into the South Atlantic Kingdom and pull the wool over your ever awake eyes!” Liloon was slightly nervous as the vampire’s grip was tight on her wrist. Liloon jerked her wrist back a little. “Shall we handle this civilly? I’d hate to impose on you any further. I needed to be on my way anyhow. Another time Eira dear?”

Liloon paused for a moment and glanced at the water quickly. “Besides I’m not alone. I really don’t want either of us to have to take part in a rumble. You know how ghastly us merfolk can be in groups. So let’s at least have a chat and call it even. I give you a little information and you share something interesting with me, since we’re both in the information gathering business.” Liloon smiled and spoke innocently.

Liloon had a good chance of negotiating with Eira. She didn’t really want to fight the vampire. It would not be easy and would force Liloon to take drastic measures. Besides, who knew if the two mermen nearby would actually help Liloon or not. Merpeople on occasion stuck together with their gender opposite groups. But usually mermaids left mermen to their own devices and vice versa. Liloon knew she couldn’t afford a fight with Eira here, not tonight with such a huge international group about the castle. Her chances of causing a huge incident were frightening.

Moon Jae Shin

"Perhaps, I shall meet him at the feast. For now, Go. I'll be alright, Go to him." Soo-Min said and this time her smile did reach her eyes.

Moon smiled gently. “Alright then. You just be sure not to sulk about. I wasn’t planning on bringing him to the feast but perhaps it wouldn’t hurt. I’d just have to keep him out of trouble. Merfolk are a curious lot amongst land people. We’ll see. See you later then Soo-Min-hime.” Moon called Soo-Min hime meaning princess in the Wa and Asansai languages. Although Soo-Min wasn’t actually a princess Moon felt calling her one was appropriate. Soo-Min had the heart of a princess, one that was warm and caring, and honest to a fault. He wanted so badly to protect her from sorrow as best he could.

Moon made his way toward the docks and he saw Rumil and Oropher in the distance, wading in the waters near the docks. Moon was disappointed to see that the two weren’t really making much of an effort to hide. However he not only saw the two mermen, but two women as well. One he had recognized from the South Atlantic’s initial welcoming ceremony. The other was unfamiliar to him although both women were very beautiful in a different way than the beauty of say Amelia, Tenanye, or even Soo-Min. These women were what one would call other worldly. It seemed Moon felt once more that the stars of destiny were at work with this sighting. Moon decided to lay low and watch a bit before making his presence known.

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Liloon Aquata, Moon Jae Shin, Rumil Arato, Oropher Rovain

“You forget your trickery won’t work on me, Liloon. I am a vampire, I am well aware of your ‘friends’ presence but I am also aware they are mermen, who care little for the welfare of mermaids until breeding season. Besides…” Eira’s free hand rose to the woman’s face, gently cupping it and stroking her cheek. “You’re not really in the position to make demands of me.” Eira’s smile had turned predatory but her eyes remained their unusual green. “So how about you join me in returning to the palace and explain to me what exactly it is that you intended on gaining from this little venture and perhaps I will allow you to return to your king.” Eira replied.

Liloon glared at the tricky vampire. She looked back in the direction Moon crouched hidden, Her sense of sound was very acute. “We have a third excellent spy among us. He’s been watching us the whole time. If I must go back into that horrible place I’ll walk there, without you putting bruises on my wrist.” Liloon said in a subliminally angry tone. I honestly could share the details here but I’m sure you’d do anything to get me alone wouldn’t you?” Liloon mocked. “Well lead the way Eira dear.” Liloon said with a false smile.

Moon stood to his feet knowing that he had been discovered. “Ladies if you’ll excuse me. I must meet with someone.” Moon said as he approached Rumil and Oropher who remained quiet just below the water’s surface.

Liloon only smiled at Moon. As he went about his way and the two ladies headed inside the castle Liloon commented to Eira, “That man feels like the ocean itself. There is something about him that draws me to him like fish to water. It’s most unusual. He’s more than he seems.”

Meanwhile, Moon Jae Shin called for Rumil. Rumil surfaced and then climbed onto the land from the waters below. The two sat and talked for a moment. Oropher wanted to leave but he couldn’t quite bring himself to do so. “I’m headed into the feast. If you two take human form, you can come and join me as well.” Moon offered.

Rumil blushed and was excited. “Of course I’d love to go! It’s not often I eat land food! Come on Oropher!”

Oropher looked appalled, “Are you kidding me?! Us WALK?! On Human LEGS??? I’d rather drop dead!” Oropher replied angrily.

“You’ll learn a lot~~” Rumil sang playfully. He knew that Oropher couldn’t resist gathering information on the humans.

“Fine… I’ll go. But if on eof you humans so much as looks at me the wrong way I’ll shatter their ear drums!” Oropher threatened.

The two mermen magically converted their tails and fins to human legs and stood on the ground. They materialized clothes that fit the style of olden day Mildorian kingdom attire. It was the form of human clothing they knew best to materialize upon transformation. Moon smirked at their clothing, “It’s a little dated but it’ll do. Perhaps only a few people will realize that you two are dressed in the attire of a long fallen country.” Moon chuckled a bit.

Rumil hadn’t realized that his clothing was considered old fashioned and dated. This meant that he needed to learn how to materialize more current and a larger variety of clothing soon. Moon noticed Rumil’s worry and sought to relieve it with a peck on the cheek. Rumil’s worry melted instantaneously yet Oropher’s jealousy flared.

“ALRIGHT LET’S HURRY THIS ALONG!” Oropher fussed actually shoving Moon forward.

The group arrived at the feast. There was so much food and so many people. Rumil was a bit afraid, he’d rarely been around so many humans. He was afraid that he’d lose concentration and revert his legs back to fins. Oropher scanned the room and took in all there was to see. He made mental note after note as he scanned for anything deemed useful intel. Moon spotted Soo-Min. He took Rumil’s hand and ushered him over.

“Lady Soo-min, this is Rumil Arato the merman I told you about. And his friend, Oropher Rovain.” Moon introduced the two to Soo-Min.

Rumil smiled, “He-hello Soo-Min… Gosh you’re pretty for a human girl.”

Oropher’s frown began to decrease a bit. Soo-Min was very different than the human women he’d lain eyes on so far. “I gotta admit that we look waay better than any of these human men.” Oropher taunted as he sized up the other males in the room. Many of the women took immediate notive of the two mermen. They were unaware that they were fawning over mermen but they could help being drwn to them. Even some of the men felt uneasy as they couldn’t resist giving the merfolk the attention of their eyes.

Moon Muttered to Soo-Min. “They seemed to draw more attention by just being here than I thought they would. Why do people get so entranced by merpeople…?”

Oropher decided to have a little fun. He began to use his charm to attract several hansom men over to his person. The guys loaded Oropher with questions. “Where are you from?” one man asked in as if her were in heaven. “What’s you name handsome sir?” another asked gabbing hold of Oropher’s hand. “Why don’t we go someplace more quite and enjoy dinner under the stars.” Another man offered actually shoving two others out of the way. The three men began to bicker and cause a scene. Oropher simply laughed at the trouble he’d caused.

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Amelia watched intensively as Robb along with the Princess of Anansai approached their table. As Robb acknowledged his family that sat with her and her honored guest she couldn't help but smile when he interacted with his younger siblings. Her mother had tried to have children after her in hopes of giving her father the heir that every King hopes for. All of her mother's pregnancies after her had been the boy she prayed for but in the end all attempts had been futile as they each had ended in either a miscarriage or stillborn. Growing up alongside the Snow children had always made Amelia wish for younger siblings but of course with both of her parents now being deceased that was never going to happen. While she would never experience what it was like to have a younger sibling she did have her "cousins" and that was good enough for her.

As the knight and princess sat down Amelia noticed Tenanye dark brown eyes fixed on the man sitting at her side. She hadn't held her gaze on the great Khal for long before letting her eyes fall. Amelia knew that she hadn't given the Princess of Anansai the welcome that someone of her position deserved and for that Amelia did feel a tinge of guilty as she didn't want the royal foreigner to have the wrong impression of her. While it was by no means a pardon on her part prior to the young woman's arrival Amelia had been under a lot of stress and pressure. The walls had been closing in on her from every side and angle possible and she was truly overwhelmed when her guests had first arrived despite the facade she had put on . Her only concern then was Khal Jinn, however with things settled between the Khal and Queen Amelia would at some point before the princess left pull her aside to talk about the possibility of trade between the two kingdoms.

Tenanye turned her attention to Robb and Amelia attention was drawn to the man at her side. Khal Jinn's elbow sat on the table as he rubbed his temples with a look of frustration on his face as he sighed. The man was obviously troubled and that greatly worried the Silver Queen. The man hadn't touched yet alone even acknowledge the food that had been placed in front of him. Her first thought was that he was not fond of the cuisine of her kingdom but when the looked at the other Dothraki eating around the table none seemed to have complaints. Which meant that there was something far deeper and more complex going on the Khal. She wanted to say something or do something to set him at ease but what could she do?

Placing her dainty hand on top of the Khal's massive one she looked at him with an intense look of worry. "Are you alright? You seem troubled and your food is untouched." she commented looking at the untouched food. Amelia could not even begin to explain why it was that she felt this sort of bond to the Khal. It somewhat reminded her of the irresistible bond she had to her children long before she had birthed them into the world. Like that she couldn't describe how or why she felt the way that she did she just felt the way she did. Her mind went back to when it was just herself, the Khal and her children upstairs alone in the Khal's room. He had told her the story of his upbringing in the prison that had become his kingdom, his realm. In that prison he had been told his destiny and his destiny was in some way connected to "One that fire does not touch......the one that births dragons into the world."

That was her. She was the Unburnt Mother of Dragons. "You are the key Amelia Stormborn, the key to my fate. I do not know if you believe in destiny or fate, but I do. I will not destroy the key to my fate. You do not need to believe in my destiny Queen of the Moon, you only need to believe that I do." As she looked at the man before her his words replayed over and over in her head. He believed her to be the key to his fate and what exactly that meant she had no clue, but she could not deny that sense the man had arrived she felt a strong connection to him. Maybe it was because he was right. Maybe she was truly was the key to unlocking Khal Jinn's destiny.

As more foreigners appeared before her Amelia couldn't help but wonder if there was anyone guarding the castle at the moment. The Dothraki and three that had come with them where the only foreigners that were suppose to be attending this feast. No one had informed her of more newcomers and it was for this reason that tomorrow morning she and the guards and knights of the kingdom would be having a long drawn out conversation about the current security levels being held. They kingdom was on the brink of war and the castle in which she laid her head every night seemed to be just opened to all. By this time she had already withdrew her hand from the Khal's and her eyes were now fixated on the newest nonnatives that seemed to be drawing a lot of attention to themselves. She couldn't tell where they held from as their clothes were ones that she had never seen before. A small group of three huddled around one of the man as they began to bicker like children fighting over a toy. The knights of the Queensguard had noticed the starting commotion and for the first time of the night she was happy to see them taking action as they got up and approached the group. Amelia gave a light sigh as she turned her attention back to the people at the table.