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Princess Tenanye Ananse of Anansai

"Welcome to the Country of Anansai, may we bring you good fortune."

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a character in “Crowns and Empires”, as played by MaliceInWonderland




Name: Tenanye Ananse
Age: 22
Slender, Tall and Mildly Curvy.
Tananye is is very focus on her studies. She observes everything at a glance and make sure she has all information before making a decision. She is methodical and meticulous. She makes sure nothing is left undone, yet she is playful and kind. She does not judge anyone for anything, as is quick to take their side. She can often be found playing with the local children. At the same time, she has inherited her father's short temper and while she isn't inherently violent, she is quick to speak her mind and she is quite skilled with a bo staff.

Where they live:
The Empire of Anansai, she lives in the Capital city of Ntontan.

What/ who they are:
Tenanye is the Crowned Princess of Anansai, She is the heiress to the throne as her parents never had any sons. As of now, she acts as an ambassador to the Allied Countries and a little known fact as that she is a brilliant strategist.


Tenanye was borned to the Emperor and Empress of Anansai.
She grew up around the time that the Kingdom of Wa and The Empire of Anansai became Allies.
She became great friends with the Imperial Prince, Masaki, however they haven't seen each other in quite some time due to the distance between Wa and Anansai was so great.

In recent years, Tenanye became an ambassador to the Allies. Her people skills are impressive, her debating skills are unmatched. Her unwarving eye against the Lords, Kings and Emperors has given her respect of all the Allies but also made her a target by the enemy.

Reading People
Playing the Flute
Bo Staff
Traditonal Dance.

Other: Recently, her parents have decided that since Tenanye is the Crowned Princess and will be Queen, she should find a King to rule at her side. Lately, she's been bombarded with suitors but she doesn't want to rush love.

So begins...

Princess Tenanye Ananse of Anansai's Story

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Princess Tenanye sat in a carriage as her royal guards escorted her out of Anansai and toward Wa. The two nations have been allies for years. 20 to be exact and it was in celebration of this anniversary that she was on her way.

She and the Imperial Prince Masaki had been childhood friends during the signing of the alliance. She was glad to see him again after all these years. She sat with her hands folded over her lap, the material of her blue furisode laying on the seat like a cascading water fall. She wondered how much has changed since she's last been to Wa. She's always like it though it was a little too cold her liking, but then again, compared to Anansai, everything was cold. She'd heard talks that Wa and Lenkir were allies now as well, she also felt this would be a good way to get to know the people of Lenkir as well, She was not only the Crowned Princess but she was the Ambassador of Anansai and quite skilled in persuasion as well.

The more allies Anansai had the less enemies. Anansai didn't have many. They were a peaceful nation. They were open to trade and accepting if religion even though they held there own, praying to the The Spider Goddess, Ananse.

Tenanye sighed softly as one of her ladies in waiting, a slight girl by the name of Soo-Min, offered her a drink. "Here, Ananse-sama, You seem parched." She said with a smile in her light voice. "Arigato, Soo-Min, I am a bit." She said and honestly she wasn't, she was fine but the girl was new and happy to be brought along on this venture.
"Ananse-sama, May I asked a question?" Soo-Min asked. Tenanye nodded with a smile. "Of course."
"What is it like in Wa?" She asked. Tenanye smiled at the girl. "You shall see for yourself." She said and nodded toward tge carriage window.
There is was, Wa. It been a long time since she's set eyes on it and was glad to see the 14 day jounery was not for naught. Soo-Min grinned. "Sugoi!"

Tenanye was helped out of the carriage and leaded up to the main enterance. Her royal guards informed the guards to tell the prince of her Arrival and there, Tenanye waited.

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The royal ambassador from the country of Anasai had arrived in the kingdom of Wa. The servants all scurried about fine tuning their preparations. The Emperor was noticed and a smile glided across his face as he sat in his throne room, the empress at his side. Emperor Katsuhito was, at the time, having a conference with his brother in law, Nobleman Junpei Tsukino. Katsuhito was glad to hear that the ambassador, Princess Tenanye had arrived. She was like a family member of sorts to him and the imperial family. katsuhito knew Tenanye and Masaki made good friends as children. Katsuhito said to his wife Empress Suiko, and his brother in law Junpei, “If only Tenanye were a lady of Wa, she’d be eligible to marry Masaki.” Little did he know, that Masaki had already been wed to the Daimyo Katsura.

Junpei stepped forward, “I’ll meet with Princess Tenanye and escort her here. It’s been a long while since I’ve seen her and I’d rather I greet her than one of the other stiffs around here. If you’ll exscuse me my lord and my lady.” Junpei then bowed and headed out to meet Tenanye.

He approached Tenanye and her attendant with a great smile. “Greetings Princess Tenanye. I’m sure you don’t remember me. But I remember how beautiful you were before but wow, you’re simply gorgeous now.” Junpei smiled brightly. Junpei was several years older than Tenanye and Masaki but he was fond of her. Junpei examined the young woman next to Tenanye who was equally beautiful. “Who might I ask is this beautiful young lady?” he asked Tenanye. He then introduced himself. I am Tsukino Junpei, nobleman and brother to Empress Suiko. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Junpei gave a deep bow of respect to Soo-min. After raising his torso he said brightly, “I’ll be showing you to the emperor’s quarters. He and the Empress will be glad to see you again. If you and your lovely attendant would kindly follow me, I’ll take you there.” With that, they headed to the emperor’s smaller quarters.

Emperor Katsuhito and Empress Suiko smiled brightly as Princess Tenanye and Soo-min entered the room. “Princess Tenanye it is indeed a pleasure to have you here in Wa once again! Welcome!” Katsuhito greeted her warmly his arms extended outward in a welcoming manner.

Empress Suiko gently spoke, “I hope Junpei behaved himself. He’s prone to trouble.”

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Junpei Tsukino, Emperor Katsuhito, and Empress Suiko

Junpei was glad that Tenanye remembered him. As he stood before his brother in law and sister, he caught the end of Soo-min’s glance at him and his small grin became a full blown smile. He was flattered by the lovely young lady’s attention.

"I come baring gifts for the Anniversary of our nation's alliance, I wish to present them tonight, Will the Prince be joining us?" Tenanye asked.

Emperor Katsuhito looked as if he had forgotten something, then he let out a deep sigh. He remembered the Masaki was usually the first to greet Princess Tenanye upon her arrival, but this time he was not here to do so. Katsuhito’s face displayed a somewhat tired expression. “My apologies dear Princess Tenanye fore Masaki is not present in Wa at the moment. I’m not sure if you have been informed, but Masaki a few years ago pledged his services to the Daimyo of Wa, Shiraishi Katsura. Since then he’s been travelling outside of Kyodo to the Taketani village and Izumo often. Now he’s outside of the country serving by Katsura’s side in aid to the Leiknir clan of Fyrkat. They are helping the clan unify their lands.” Katsuhito looked a little worried. He hoped his son was alright. He did have faith that all would be well with Katsura by Masaki’s side. Katsuhito trusted Katsura with all of his heart.

Empress Suiko noticed her husband’s concern. She glanced over at him and simply placed her hand gently over Katsuhito’s. She then turned to Tenanye, “I would most graciously ask that you’d pray for Masaki’s safe return. Hopefully he shall return soon. How long do you intend to stay with us here in Wa? We would love to have you for as long as you’d like. You’re most welcome here, and I would much like to hear much about the recent happenings of Anasai from your perspective.” The Empress spoke gently like the most caring of mothers would. She indeed felt as if she were looking upon a long lost child of hers. Katsuhito felt the same.

Junpei cleared his throat loudly to get everyone’s attention. “Why don’t we all stop acting so formal? We’re practically family here with Princess Tenanye. And I’m sure Lady Soo-min would fit right in as well.” Junpei said jovially as he flashed Soo-min a playful wink and a quiet snicker.

Katsuhito smiled and stood to his feet. “Indeed! Let us have our afternoon meal!” He said as he helped the empress to her feet and then stepped down from his throne. He gave Tenanye a big hug, which was a very uncommon practice in Wa. The Empress also embraced Tenanye and more surprisingly Soo-min as well. Empress Suiko was well known for her above kind treatment toward servants and attendants. She valued hard work and skillfulness.

The customs in Wa surrounding physical contact are very complicated. Personal space is a much valued concept in Wa. Formality is to be honored above most all else. Bowing is the most common greeting and goodbye gesture one of Wa gives. The depth of the bow determines the depth of formality and respect the bow conveys. Those of higher status receive deeper bows from others. Hugging is an action performed in closed quarters and is not often practiced. Much of emotion and affection is left unspoken but shown subliminally in various creative ways, such as written in haiku, song, or other crafts and gifts. Kissing, as well, is expected to be done in private. Public displays of affection are considered aesthetically unpleasing in the eyes of the people of Wa. To an outsider a citizen of Wa would seem repressed, distant, or even stuck up. However they simply express themselves differently than others.

The group made their way to the imperial garden where a table was prepared with many dishes, ready for consumption. They took their seats and began lunch. Moments later the emperor’s royal adviser Hazanko Kizakura, entered the garden. “My lord, I have received a letter for you from his majesty Masaki.” Hazanko said with a smile.

Katsuhito’s face brightened. “Oh please join us Hazanko. Sit sit sit! I am glad you came. Please have lunch with us!” Katsuhito urged Hazanko. “Hazanko, this is,” Katsuhito said as he was about to introduce Tenanye and Soo-min to Hazanko before he was interrupted.

“I am aware of who they are my lord. I have been informed." Hazanko informed the emperor. He then turned to Tenanye and Soo-min and introduced himself. "I am Hazanko Kizakura, the imperial advisor and head of the imperial academy. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Hazanko said with a smile befitting a fox spirit. He sat down and took a sip of his green tea and handed the letter to the emperor.

Katsuhito quickly examined the letter and handed it to his wife after he had finished reading it. “It seems that Masaki, Katsura and Himiko made it to Fyrkat safely. He wrote this not long ago. He said that the army was strong and that things were going really well. He very much likes Ulfar and his daughter, they are good and honorable people. He should be back sooner than he had originally expected.” Katsuhito had let out a sigh of relief.

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Hazanko, Junpei, Katsuhito and Suiko

Hazanko smiled as Princess Tenanye spoke confidently. Perhaps she will be fine without assistance. He decided that it would be better for him and Junpei to stay behind. The Princess needed to do this on her own. “Perhaps the princess should have her audience with Khal Jinn alone.” He said with a curious smile.

Junpei was confused. But he decided to let it go. Empress Suiko nodded in understanding. Emperor Katsuhito sighed heavily. “I suppose I should not hinder you from spreading your wings, as a ruler should be allowed to do. Please take great care when you go. You are indeed making a brave move for your people.” The Emperor said with a reassuring smile.

Hatsumomo, Katsura, and Masaki

Ulfar proposed a toast, “Then a toast! To the Wa, the Leiknir and a united Fyrkat!” a cheer erupted from the men of Leiknir who also raised the goblets high, before taking a gulp of their drinks.

Tyra leant over to Hatsumomo, once the festivities had started up again. “I can’t wait to see my father in one of those.” She said smiling cheekily.

Hatsumomo replied with a giggle, “Neither can I. I brought the Plum wine as a gift I’m sure he’d enjoy.”

“But you will definitely have to show us how to wear one, otherwise even the Jade necklaces won’t help. We’d still get it wrong.” Tyra added laughing happily.

Hatsumomo laughed, Tyra had a pretty good sense of humor. “Considering the clothing the Leiknir and other foreigners wear, Wa’s kimono are indeed over complicated pieces of clothing. I would like to see some of the traditional dresses of Fyrkat sometime.” Hatsumomo replied.

Ulfar sat back heavily in his chair, watching the revelry continue. “Tell me, what is it your people drink for celebrations such as this?” He asked curiously as the gift bearers of both nations bringing their charge up to the main table and placing them on separate stands on each end. “I only ask as I’ve just suddenly realised how little I know about the outside world. I have fought in Fyrkat for my whole life and it has brought me little knowledge of the rest of the world.”

Masaki replied, “Osake which is rice wine, or Plum Wine are common celebratory drinks in Wa. You must try some Lord Ulfar.” Masaki sent for his servant to bring forth Osake and Plum Wine. Masaki’s attendant poured two cups, one for each beverage and Masaki served them to Ulfar He hoped that Ulfar would enjoy them. “If you like them, Hatsumomo has gifted Fyrkat with a very large supply of them.” Masaki continued.

The festivities ended and the people of Wa were shown their quarters. The rooms were very nice and also very different from any room you’d see in Wa. Katsura settled down in his own private quarters and sat admiring the room. Moments later Masaki knocked on Katsura’s door. Katsura opened it, a smile upon his face.

“My Lord, may I enter?” Masaki said, his head bowed.

Katsura replied with a smile, “Indeed, it’s too late in the evening for formalities Masaki. You never need ask me if it is okay for you to enter.” Katsura said with a gentle smile upon his face. He took Masaki’s hand and ushered him into his chambers. After closing his door, Katsura continued, “I gather you couldn’t sleep well?”

Masaki stepped closer to Katsura, the two stood face to face. “I like the room, but sitting there alone I am without comfort. I am without the comfort of being in Wa, and without being next to you in my sleep. But now I’m beginning to feel better.” Masaki began to smile.

Katsura smiled and then chuckled at the prince. He gently pulled Masaki close into an embrace. “I love you my sweet prince. I pray you sleep well at my side and I at yours. We have a long day of preparation and training ahead. We also need to survey the land and make sure our troops are prepared to fight on such terrain.” Katsura was then interrupted by Masaki.

“Katsu-chan, not now please. I know it’s hard to separate the military from the military man, but I just want us to be without business tonight. Let’s just rest Katsu-chan.” Masaki said in a wispy voice.

“Spoken, like a true wife.” Katsura chuckled as Masaki’s face puffed up in a fussy manner but almost immediately cleared up into a comfortable smile. The two settled down and slept for the evening.

Faramir Elendil

Faramir and his small army of mages had made it to the lands of Fyrkat a few days earlier. He was there to aid the Ulfheimr clan in their battle against the Leiknir and their ally Wa. However his personal reason for agreeing to help was the opportunity to test Baldr is the Chieftain of the Ulfheimr clan to see if he was capable of taking on the responsibility of bearing a True Rune. Faramir sat in a council meeting with Baldr and a few others to strategize for the upcoming battle.

“Lord Baldr, I will now explain my suggested plan of action. The Leiknir will not only face your soldiers and a small army of my warrior mages, but they will also face an army of illusion.” Faramir smiled in an almost sarcastic manner. “I will be positioned some at the rear of the field of battle casting my spell. I will use my Pale Gate Rune to summon creatures from another realm to battle the Leiknir alongside your soldiers. My battalion of mages will hang back on the battle field with me. As I summon the creatures from the other realm, they will use their power to disguise them as Ulfheimr clan soldiers. This will deceive the enemy and they will basically fight and become run down by overwhelming odds. What say you to this course of action Lord Baldr?” Faramir asked in a rather frank tone.

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Katsura Shiraishi, Masaki Mizuno-Wa, Himiko Hatsumomo


The next morning Masaki prepared for the day to get started. He decided to dress in a slightly more comfortable than the day before. He figured at least he wouldn’t wear armor to the morning meal. After he was ready he left his chambers and proceeded to Katsura’s chambers. Masaki knocked on the foreign style doorway and heard no answer. Usually a person in Wa knelt down by the door when knocking and waiting to be invited into the room, however here in Fyrkat the rooms were vastly different, the doors were different as well. Doors of Fyrkat opened inward and outward of the room, unlike in Wa where doors slid open and closed. It felt odd kneeling by the foreign style door.

Masaki didn’t hear an answer so he decided to enter. “Katsura is probably meditating.” Masaki thought to himself before entering. Sure enough he was correct. Katsura sat on the floor in meditation. He looked so at peace as he usually did while in meditation. Masaki waited patiently and quietly until Katsura opened his eyes. “Good morning Katsu-chan.” Masaki said with a pleasant smile.

“Good Morning Masaki-kun. I awoke this morning in a pond of sadness. I had sweet dreams of the prince of Wa at my side in the morning sunlight, however when I awoke he was nowhere to be found.” Katsura grinned.

Masaki sighed. “I’m so sorry Katsu-chan. I had too,” Masaki explained however Katsura simply pulled Masaki into a warm embrace.

“It’s okay Masaki. I know and understand. I just missed you my love.” Katsura said as the two embraced.

When Katsura was ready and the two headed to join Ulfar and Tyra for breakfast. They all bid good morning to each other.
Hatsumomo sauntered into the meal area slowly and elegantly. This time she wore a more casually draped Kimono and no white make-up. Masaki looked at her and figured she wanted to be casual too. Hatsumomo must have felt comfortable enough with the Leiknir to be informal with them.

They were served an interesting morning meal of the Fyrkat Cuisine. They called it porridge. Masaki seen soups before but this was very thick a quite different. Tyra seemed to enjoy it very much. Masaki looked at Katsura who after thanking Ulfar and Tyra dug right in and ate the porridge with no problem. He smiled and said, “This is very interesting and different from anything I’ve tasted in Wa before! I like it very much!” Katsura really did enjoy the porridge and began eating it with a great smile.

Masaki took note. “If Lord Katsura likes this dish, I must learn to make it.” Masaki mumbled to himself in the Wa language. He would do anything to please his love.

Tyra in excitedly looked to Masaki and spoke, “You really need to try some of this Masaki.” She said offering the bowl to him. “Honestly, it’s good.”

Masaki seemed to jump a little from being startled out of his train of thought. Masaki smiled and nodded, then took the bowl offered to him. “If my Lov- I mean my Lord Katsura, and Lady Tyra likes Porridge I am sure I shall as well. I apologize for my lack of proficiency in the common tounge.” Masaki said in an attempt to cover up his mistake with works. He spooned some porridge into his mouth and the flavor wasn’t what he expected. Masaki enjoyed it. “I must say it is good! I want to learn to cook this dish!” Masaki said then took another spoon full.

Hatsumomo took small elegant spoonfuls of porridge and thought that it was alright, but it was very different in taste. She wasn’t the biggest fan of foreign cuisine because usually in the tea houses she entertains at the cooks struggle to make authentic foreign food whenever it’s on the menu. Needless to say Fyrkat’s cuisine most never made it to the menus of Gion’s tea houses.

Junpei Tsukino, Katsuhito Mizuno-Wa, Suiko Mizuno-Wa, Hazanko Kizakura

Tenanye smiled. "Again, My lord. I do not mind the company as well. " She said. She sighed and then rose, she gave a respectful bow to the men before speaking. "Junpei-sama, Hazanoko-sama," She said. "As it seems that the Emperor and Empress as well as my Father and worrisome lady in waiting would feel better if I had you come along. Please, I humbly request your accompaniment on my journey to Khal." She said.

Hazanko smiled and bowed gracefully. “I shall do my best and lend all the support I can, Princess Tenanye.” Hazanko seemed to notice a bit of worry on Soo-min’s disposition. She was indeed smiling but Hazanko could tell that deep down something was bothering her.

Junpei grinned casually and also gave a slight bow. “I will humbly escort Princess Tenanye there and back. Besides I might make a trade deal while I’m there myself.”

Emperor Katsuhito smiled with great relief. “I think you have made a wise decision. I hope Junpei and Hazanko will help you on your journey.”

Empress Suiko flicked open her folding fan and began to fan herself. “Do you plan to leave for the South Pacific Kingdom from Wa or will you head home from Anasai first then proceed to the south pacific kingdom?” She asked sweetly.

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Junpei Tsukino, Hazanko Kizakura, Emperor Katsuhito, and Empress Suiko

Just as things seemed settled, a messenger appeared at the entrance of the garden. He bowed deeply and awaited acknowledgement from the Emperor and permission to enter. Once given permission, he kneeled down on one knee and presented a letter written in neat calligraphic print. “A message from the nobility for Lord Hazanko, and Lord Junpei sire.” The emperor nodded and the messenger scurried to his feet and over to Hazanko to deliver the message.

Hazanko opened the scroll and scanned the writing. Junpei watched as Hazanko read the scroll, he knew something was in the workings. Hazanko handed the scroll to Junpei. “It seems these idle nobles have ears everywhere. You and I have been made busy in the next few weeks.” Hazanko said with a smirk on his pale face. The nobility had indeed disliked the idea of the imperial advisor and the noble finance minister traveling all the way to the South Pacific for a matter that they didn’t directly benefit from.

Hazanko then turned and bowed to Princess Tenanye. “I am sorry your highness, but it seems some of the officials have gotten wind of our plans to accompany you and have brought to Lord Junpei and my attention a few pressing matters that we must attend to. We will not be able to accompany you to see Khal Jinn after all. My deepest apologies.” Hazanko was upset at the officials’ political games. Hazanko then bowed to Emperor Katsuhito and Empress Suiko, “I’m sorry sire, my lady.”

Junpei quickly placed the letter down on the table in frustration. He wasn’t happy at all. It was acts like this that caused Wa to close its doors to outsiders many years ago. Junpei kept his composure and looked toward Tenanye, giving her a smooth smile. “I apologize Princess, but it looks like they caught me up in something I can’t slip out of this time.” Junpei looked back toward Hazanko, “Those are Wa scholars for ya.” He then turned back to the princess and continued, “Perhaps I can accompany you on a trip some other time?”

Faramir Elendil

Faramir listened as Baldr answered. “You will find no man worthier.” The huge man answered confidently, sitting back in his chair. “Give it to me. I am the true barer of the fire rune.” He added haughtily, his features turning to an evil smile as his plans took form in his mind.

Faramir began to feel threatened. He had seen that sinister look long ago. The late King Mildorian gave that same crazed, power hungry expression when he began to fail the True Fire Rune’s test. However there was very little Faramir could do. Once the True Rune chose someone it desired to test there was no turning it around until the test began. Faramir sighed heavily and replied, “Very well. Nevertheless, be warned. The rune may not see through you but I do.” And with that, Faramir began to affix the rune to Baldr. The light transferred to Baldr’s right hand and there was a burning sensation there. Faramir clasped his hands and then spoke in a grave tone. “It is done. You are now the bearer of the True Fire Rune. Consider your battle with the Leiknir and the Wa your first trial.”

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Moon Jae Shin

Moon Jae Shin listened quietly out of sight as the nobles crafted the letter that would soon prevent Hazanko and Junpei from accompanying Princess Tenanye and Lady Soo-min. He smirked as they felt they had succeeded in their little plan. Just as Junpei and Hazanko said their apologies to the others, Moon Jae Shin stepped casually into the garden. Eating a green apple. “Your highness, do you mind if I take their place and journey with the princess? They’ll be safe with me. Besides I need to go abroad again. It’s been a while.”

The emperor smiled brightly and nodded in agreement. “Yes I would much like for you to accompany Princess Tenanye.” Katsuhito turned toward Tenanye, “You would surly be in the best of care with Moon Jae Shin at your side.”

The nobles quivered with frustration as they helplessly watched Moon crash their attempts to protect Wa’s political assets. “But your majesty…!!”, a few nobles said anxiously as they charged into the garden in an attempt to contest the happening.

Moon simply turned toward the nobles and gave a stoic stare, “I do as I please, unless one of you children succeed in stopping me.” He knew no one dared challenge him and risk the wrath of the rune. The nobles simply bowed and kowtowed in submission and fear. Moon then stoically turned to Tenanye and gave a slight bow. “Well then princess, it looks like you can count me in on your journey.” He kept his usual stoic disposition. Katsuhito and Suiko seemed quite pleased. With that, they were soon to depart from Wa.

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Tenanye nodded to Junpei and Hanazko. “It is quite alright.” she told them and Soo-Min looked down again, she felt better with them there. Khal was not a place to be taken lightly. “Your highness, do you mind if I take their place and journey with the princess? They’ll be safe with me. Besides I need to go abroad again. It’s been a while.” Said a man from the shadows, walking up to them eating at apple. Soo-Min was tense, Tenanye looked amused. Than it struck her. Moon Jae Shin. She remembered him from her childhood.

The Emperor was pleased with this. “Yes I would much like for you to accompany Princess Tenanye.” he said gesturing toward her. “You would surely be in the best of care with Moon Jae Shin at your side.”

The nobles suddenly went on, stammering about whatever and Tenanye rolled her eyes. Nobles, no matter where they are from, are a real pain.

Moon seemed not to care. Tenanye decided to watch how this played out. “I do as I please, unless one of you children succeed in stopping me.” He said and Tenanye held a respect for him.Well then princess, it looks like you can count me in on your journey.” He said with a bow and Tenanye nodded her head. “ I am a grateful.” She said watching his movements. The Emperor and Empress seemed pleased with this, She turned to them and smiled. “I believe we can depart as soon as the festivities have concluded.” She said. Soo-Min eyed Moon Jae Shin quietly. Feeling a bit at ease, but then the same feeling she held for Junpei and Tenanye, she now felt for Moon Jae Shin, He was quite handsome and this was one a bit brooding. She swallowed it down, so long as the Princess was safe, she’d deal with everything else.

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Moon Jae Shin

After the festivities ended and all the proper preparations were made it was time for Moon Jae Shin to depart from Wa with Princess Tenanye and her lady in waiting Soo-min. Before Moon could leave he was summoned to a private meeting with Emperor Katsuhito. The Emperor sat in his chambers alone with a small antique pot of tea and his favorite tea cups. Moon entered the room and gave a slight bow.

“You wanted to see me your majesty?” Moon said his face carrying an almost bored expression. However Moon usually carried such a look.

“Yes, please sit Jae Shin.” The emperor said as he gestured toward a fine floor pillow placed next to the small floor table he was seated at.

Moon sat and awaited the emperor’s business. “I assume you want me to carry out a secret mission in the South Atlantic other than protecting Princess Tenanye, an I correct?” Moon said stoically as he looked up into Katsuhito’s face.

Katsuhito smirked and chuckled quietly to himself as he poured green tea into both porcelain cups. “It seems you can always spot my requests a mile away Jae Shin. You are very correct. Tenanye’s safety is priority, however so is this mission. I would like for you to gather whatever information you can about the future movements of Khal Jinn and the South Pacific Kingdom. I have heard much of war talks stemming from that kingdom.” Katsuhito took a sip of his tea and politely slid Moon’s cup toward him. “I want to ensure that the Kingdom of Wa is not a potential object of Khal’s fancy. Nor would I like to involve Wa in another countries war again.” Katsuhito spoke in a serious tone.

Moon finished his cup of tea and gently sat it down on the polished table. “My Lord, Daimyo Shiraishi Katsura and Prince Masaki are currently aiding the Leiknir of Fyrkat. How is it that you are now deciding to turn Wa inward once again? Not that I care very much, but I’m curious nonetheless.” Moon replied with a raised eyebrow. He found it difficult to constantly speak formally to the emperor being quite older than him technically, although he looked considerably younger than the emperor did thanks to the rune’s power.

“Well I allowed my brother in law, Lord Junpei, to talk me into sending the Wa army to aid the Leiknir. After he when to Fyrkat for business some time ago, he figured the Leiknir clan would be a good ally for Wa to have in the event that our army should be overwhelmed by an invading nation. I agreed and thus I sent Katsura to aid them. Little did I know, that I would not be able to stop my son, Masaki, from following Katsura into battle as well.” Katsuhito explained the situation and stared calmly into his tea cup.

Moon smirked and huffed quietly. “So you think that keeping Wa locked away from the world and out of a battle will keep Prince Masaki from inevitably trailing Katsura into danger?” Moon Jae Shin stared the emperor dead in the eyes saying nothing for a moment. “If the empress were demanded to go off to battle, would you not follow and protect your love? I only wish I could have reasonably expected mine to follow me, instead I let him go.” Moon paused reflecting on his parting moment with Rumil.

Katsuhito stared in deep thought at Moon. He pondered to himself, ‘Had Katsura and Masaki formed a deeper pact than he and the empress knew about? Masaki had always explained his eagerness to serve Katsura as wanting to uphold his honor. However was it truly more than that?’

Moon continued, “My lord, it is impossible to protect Wa from involvement with the rest of the world forever. Likewise you cannot protect Prince Masaki for the rest of his life. He is most strong with those that help him to be strong. The same applies to Wa. I will carry out this sacred mission, and as usual, I will keep my status as a true rune bearer hidden. I hope the Great Emperor Katsuhito of Wa will find wisdom in the words of an old former pirate.”

Emperor Katsuhito sighed heavily and gave a tired smile. He had much to think about. “Thank you Jae Shin.” Katsuhito responded. “I will consider such wisdom carefully.”

Moon departed with Tenanye and Soo-min. As the group left Wa he looked back from his carriage at the kingdom’s gates. He was remained quiet for a while. He slowly looked up at Tenanye, “You’ve gotten taller.” he said quietly. He remembered Tenanye when she was a child visiting Wa and playing with the prince. He, not long before hand, had just been sanctioned by the imperial court to remain in the custody of the palace quarters because of his status as a Rune bearer. Moon looked the same then as he did now, he hadn’t aged at all. Moon somewhat felt a little sad that he showed no progress in life since before that time, unlike Tenanye. He wasn’t sure what meaning would be brought into his existence outside of the True Water Rune.

Moon also briefed Tenanye and Soo-min on his undercover status. “By the way, no one is to know of my status as a True Rune bearer. If anyone asks who I am, tell them that I’m a warrior monk on a mission to escort and protect you by order of the Wa Emperor.” Moon’s tone remained calm and unenthusiastic as he usually sounded. He noticed that Tenenye’s attendant was quite observant. She was very interesting and took time to figure out. He wasn’t sure if he was much trusted by her, but it didn’t matter too much to him. “So where are we headed Princess, straight to Khal in the South Pacific Kingdom?” Moon asked as he looked up at her.

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Moloch of Drake City

The Drake King sat in his study pondering his next move. He now had successfully acquired Khal Jinn as an ally to his cause. He could feel the wheels of retribution turning, propelling Drake in the direction of glory and its rightful place. A message had arrived for the King as the letter from the South Atlantic Kingdom’s Queen was handed to him. Moloch smirked with a amusement that only his heart truly understood.

“What does the Queen of the South Atlantic desire to say my lord?” one of Moloch’s advisers inquired humbly.

Moloch chuckled quietly. His hand partially covering his mouth, his jeweled rings glistened in the glare of the sunlight dancing in from the windows. “So Amelia wants to commence peace talks. A treaty once more. Hahahaha….. Am I the only person who is willing to honestly admit that I hate every fiber of my rival kingdom?” Moloch’s tone was slightly frightening and chilling. “Well then I shall write dearest Amelia a letter of my own. I must convey my sincerest of feelings to her. She deserves to be saved from her delusions of grandeur and peace between Drake and the Atlantic. Fetch ink and parchment immediately, write as I dictate my sincere intentions. Miswrite not a single syllable understood?” The Drake king stood from his desk and clasped his hands behind his back.

“Understood my lord. I am ready to begin when you are.” The advisor replied after fetching the writing materials.

“Good, I am now beginning.
Dear Queen Amelia of the South Atlantic Kingdom, I admire your diplomatic sensibilities and willingness to reach out to the Drake Kingdom in efforts for peace. You are a truly admirable leader. I feel compelled to share my most sincere feelings in the effort of forging true understanding between us two.

You claim to desire peace between Drake City and the South Atlantic Kingdom. I will be forthcoming and frank with you, as you deserve honesty, so do I. What good is a false peace between neighbors? Having only a surface level margin of calmness when all the while quietly seething and waiting for the day that neighbor looses everything and falls to ruin, is that truly peace? No it is a quiet lie and a brooding hatred for your dear neighbor. Thus is the nature of the relationship of our nations. True peace is found not only on the surface but in the heart of hearts.

I promised you honesty and it is here and now that I shall deliver exactly that. I hate with every fiber of my being the South Atlantic Kingdom. In my heart of hearts, there is a vicious fire that burns with the desire of a thousand flaming chariots all bound for your kingdom with the mandate to burn it to ash. My heart is devoid of the forgiveness for your forefathers, the very forefathers that offered my father and mother peace in a chalice, a peace that would carry them into eternity’s grim embrace. You offer Drake that same poisoned chalice now. My heart of hearts will know peace only when the heart of the South Atlantic Kingdom stops beating and decays into the ash of history.

I desire for our age long conflict to reach a solid conclusion. It is my assumption that your kinsman will not truly be at peace until the looming threat of Drake City be dispelled into mist and gone with the morning. So I shall warn you to prepare yourself for a sincere and earnest battle for closure. The death of my family will be avenged, else you manage to stop my heart from beating. Treasure your days of quiet while they last fair Queen, for soon neither of our nations will know quiet for some time. Good luck Amelia. Had our circumstance been different, I would have been able to accept peace between us. However as things stand now and in the past I simply cannot.

Sincerely, The Drake City King
Moloch Markus

There, have that sent to the South Atlantic Immediately. Tell the messenger to make haste.” Moloch commanded after the dictation of his rather bitter letter.

The messenger left and Moloch sat once more. He had gotten word of the battle in the north. Fyrkat found an ally in the distant kingdom of Wa. Both would make great allies in his cause. If only he could convince the Kingdoms that the South Atlantic needs to be eliminated. However that would not be an easy task. From what I know of the Wa, they avoid external conflicts and harbor few enemies on the map. Frykat was ridden with internal conflicts until recently. Anasai is a relatively peaceful kingdom as well. I’m sure I can count on Mildorian’s aide if I give Faramir of the Magician’s tower the proper incentive to assist me. Moloch’s thoughts carried him for some time. He eventually saw fit to rest and ceased his scheming for the evening.

Moon Jae Shin

Moon was glad that they were on the way to Khal Jinn directly. He had a strange feeling that something was waiting for him there. He wasn’t sure why he felt that way but he did. Perhaps it was the True Water Rune sending him some sort of signal. But he could predict the future or anything like that so it was simply a feeling he need not worry so much about. The princess then asked Moon a question.

"So, Jae Shin, What have you been up to lately?" Tenanye asked.

Moon smiled in a slightly bashful manner. “I’ve actually been doing a lot of writing and reading. I’ve been somewhat stuck in the kingdom so I’ve sent out for many foreign books to read. As for my writing I’ve developed a hobby of writing short stories. I used to tell stories to a person I cared very dearly about long ago. However since they are no longer around, I’ve begun telling my stories to the children in the kingdom. They seem to love it. I find them fun and funny, some of the most splendid people you’d ever meet.” Moon reflected for a moment. He really missed Rumil. He then asked Tenanye, “So how have you two been? It seems a lot of time has passed. Time always seems to move relatively slowly for me. I’m sure your parents must be trying to get you to settle down with someone special.”

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Rumil Arato and Oropher Rovain

Rumil and Oropher lurked quietly below the surface of the water as the two South Pacific soldiers prattled on about the spoils of war and their future battles. Oropher was grateful to the men for helping his discover a brilliant way to get back at the humans for what they had done to his father. He had decided that no matter what it took, he would somehow get the merpeople to declare a guerrilla war against the humans while the humans battled amongst themselves. It would be easy, most all merpeople weren’t very fond of humans so it wouldn’t take much to convince the idle mermen and mermaids to attack mankind globally.

Oropher had learned enough from the two men. “It’s time we clean up our territory of this human rubbish, don’t you think Rumil?” Oropher said with a smirk.

Rumil smirked as well. “Yes, they don’t belong in the mermen’s lagoon. I sing them a little lullaby.” Rumil slowly surfaced in the water. The brawny men almost didn’t notice. However when Rumil’s pure voice began to sing their attention was acute. “Oh the great moonlight dances across the tide~ Simply take my hand and so can you and I~ A dance in the water dark, deep, and blue, another world awaits you. Take my hand let’s descend, just you, me and the ocean~” The melodic song of Rumil flowed gently through the air. The sounds were soft to the ear and in every way pleasant.

The two soldiers stopped mid sentence and scanned the area for the source of the beautiful voice. Rumil came into plain view as he flowed in the water. The soldiers saw the merman and immediately smiled in awe. They were under his spell of infatuation. The men would at this point now follow him anywhere. All apprehension they felt seemed to melt away. Rumil pulled himself up onto the rock that the men sat on and the soldiers began to behave flirtatiously. Oropher couldn’t conceal his amusement at the spectacle. Rumil had their minds wrapped around his fingers.

Rumil took one by the hand and the two embraced as Rumil slowly took him into the clear pool. Oropher offered his hand to the second soldier, who quickly accepted, and led him into the water. The two soldiers, Rumil and Oropher descended below the water and after a few minutes both mermen surfaced. The two South Pacific Soldiers never surfaced again.

Oropher and Rumil decided to do a little more observing and exploring the waters of the South Pacific Kingdom. They swam around to the docks where there were many ships and people scurrying about on the piers. It had been a while since Rumil and Oropher had seen such a busy human environment. Amongst the many humans that seemed strong and warrior like about, one caught Oropher’s attention and held it undivided, this soldier was no ordinary man, he was Khal Jinn.

“That must be the legendary human the two soldiers spoke of serving. His name was Khal Jinn, I think.” Oropher said in a whisper to Rumil as they floated quietly beneath the docks. “He’s supposed to be very strong for a human, according to what those men said. Rumil just imagine, if you could place him in a trance imagine the trouble we could wreak on the humans! It would be amazing!” Oropher fantasized enthusiastically.

Rumil did not look excited at all. “Oropher I don’t think war is amazing at all. Nor do I think I am capable of bringing that man under my bewitchment. His mind is too strong and fortified I’m sure of it. I can tell that is the type of man that would strike me down the moment he heard my voice in the atmosphere. I just couldn’t manage it. I’m sorry.” Rumil replied in a rather defeated tone. He didn’t like to let Oropher down but he didn’t want Oropher’s war on humans either.

“Hmph well, I suppose you should practice a stronger song.” Oropher grumbled.

After a few more moments of observing, Rumil spotted another group of travelers. Amongst them was a face most familiar and welcome. It was moon Jae shin, Rumil had finally found his long lost love.”Moon Jae Shin… you’re alive…?” Rumil said in disbelief.

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Lord Snow waited patiently, something he had gotten much better at in his old age. He almost chuckled to himself as his mind drifted back to who he was in his youth. Impetuous, head strong, bold and above all else, impatient. That impatience was something he had to drill into submission once he began commanding men. It wasn't easy but it was something he had to do, if it wasn't for Catelyn, she gave him a proper kick in the rear. She shaped him from the wild warrior prince into a real man and a leader. His loved his wife dearly, with every passing year that love only grew. He would tell her that next time he saw her.

For now he waited for an audience with the queen. As he heard a rustle of commotion he knew she was on her way. He straightened up and prepared to receive the Queen of the South Atlantic. Eddard Snow had known Amelia Stormborn since she was a child, he was there the day she was born. He had been watching over her in one form or another since the day she first opened her eyes. He was there the day she first scraped her knee and was a shoulder to cry on. He remembered lifting her tiny body and bringing her to her father. He remembered when he scooped her up and asked her the same thing he would ask her countless more times after that as she grew. The same thing he would ask his own children when they were troubled. He asked Why do we fall? and she rose those green orbs, wet with tears he gave her a warm smile and said so we can learn to pick ourselves back up. That simple saying has been a source of strength for Amelia over the years, something Eddard reminded her of time and time again when things got difficult.

The doors opened and in swept Amelia Stormborn, The Unburnt Mother of Dragons, Conqueror of Mexico and Celtic Lands, Breaker of Chains, The Silver Queen, Queen of the South Atlantic Kingdom. Easily one of the most powerful people in the world. Eddard could not help but smile as she rushed to him, how she's grown. Amelia ran into his arms and gave him a warm embrace, he laughed as he hugged her in return.

"Uncle Ned!"

She said as she squeezed. Releasing him she stepped back eagerly as if hoping to spot the information he carried.

"What have you discovered?"

She asked. Eddard reached into his jerkin and retrieved the letter.

"I have received word from my spies in the west, Khal Jinn is mobilizing. His armies prepare for war yet at this very moment I am told he is boarding a ship. He is answering your summons my Queen."



As the two soldiers were lured off into the water their leader, their Great Khal sat looking upon a princess. Casually he lounged in his seat. Seven fierce Dothraki warriors around him, all eyeing the foreigners with silent warnings. His eyes however fell only on the princess, the one who spoke. He watched her bow, she bowed low and long to so as much respect and honor as she could. Jinn arched an eye brow, as she rose. A pretty young woman with hair dark as night with a curvaceous frame. He could almost feel Qotho's stare behind him as he undressed her with his eyes, his blood rider was a ferocious warrior yet his greatest weakness was always women. He'd have to keep his man away from her.

"Khal Jinn, Thank you for accepting my request for an audience. Have I come at an bad time? You seem to be quite busy."

She asked politely. Jinn and his warriors watched the travelers, one was shaking with fear yet they all seemed nervous. Not something they were unaccustomed to yet the Khal was intrigued none the less. These people sent to him their princess, their future. Most kingdoms protected their princesses like precious gems, hiding them away until they are given away in marriage yet the Anansai sent theirs out on the waves to far off lands and dangerous men. Perhaps there was more to this dark rose than appearances suggested.

"Oqet vichitera oma vafikhoon."

The insult drew chuckles from the gathered Dothraki, even Khal Jinn smirked and shook his head. The snide comment came not from the Khal but from one of his warriors standing beside him, the savage warrior woman Doreah. The chuckling from the Dothraki was not lost on the foreigners as they looked on in confusion and blatant insult. They were not stupid and knew they were being made fun of. Jinn, in attempt to avoid bloodshed the Khal spoke.

"I travel for the South Atlantic daughter of the Anansai. If you'd speak on trade I suggest you do so quickly unless you'd rather take to sea with us."

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Khal Jinn leaned forward in his seat as the princess spoke, her words carried weight and the edge to them was not missed. Like the blade on the end of a battle axe her words were not ones to be ignored or ridiculed. The Khal could not help but allow, the faintest of smiles to begin to form on the creases of his mouth. This one had heart, honor to her. Even his Dothraki gathered seemed equally impressed by her vigor, all except Doreah that is who snarled vicious as she shifted in position. Her hand gripping the shaft of her spear she looked ready to lunge.


The warrior woman spat, speaking to the woman's status as a foreigner. Ifak meant walker or one who walks, given the Dothraki horse culture to be called a walker was a great insult and generally only used as a derogatory term for foreigners.

"Dothras chek, Doreah."

Jinn spoke telling the woman to calm herself. With a growl she took a step back but her venomous glare never left the princess whom she felt insulted her Khal with her petulance. The ruler of the South Pacific turned his gaze back to the princess, this time with a glint of intrigue in his stare. He was about to speak but a waive from his ship captain signaled to him that it was time to depart. He nodded in return and turned to Qotho briefly.


The simple order, telling his men to go Qotho nodded dutifully and lead the warriors out of the tent as Jinn got up from his seat. As the warriors filed out Doreah cast one last baleful glance at the princess, no doubt fantasizing about disemboweling the woman from Anansai. Jinn on the other hand took the few steps toward the princess, his massive form dwarfing her and her attendants with scary ease. He looked down on her, his dark eyes locked with hers. On his face, that same look of intrigue as he looked upon her.

"You want a conversation? We will have one upon the waves."

He said respectfully with a nod as he gestured for her to walk with him.

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Ned's heart broke for his adoptive niece as he watched her elation sour and turned to ash as she read the letter from Drake. Her smiled faded, the joy in her eyes dimmed, her relief was shattered and replaced with greater concern than before. She finished reading and seemed lost for voice as she handed the letter to Eddard. Immediately his eyes began to scan the parchment sent from King Moloch. Not inked in his own hand yet the words were his true enough. Finally the King of Drake was being honest. He openly confessed his hatred for not just Amelia but for her entire line and country. War was inevitable now. Moloch was out for blood, the blood of the Southern Atlantic Kingdom and it's queen.

Eddard finished reading and tensed his jaw as his eyebrows furrowed in frustration and anger. He wished he could protect her from all this. Her life has never been an easy one, with everything she has suffered, with everything she has overcome trial after trial has been thrown in her path. Like any parent Eddard felt Amelia's pain as his own and cursed himself for not being able to spare her this hardship. He cursed his age, his failing body for if he were the man he was in his youth he would lead an army against Moloch this very night and put an end to this business once and for all. It was then she spoke.

"I do not understand his reasoning, I understand that since the day he robbed my father of his life that their has been great tension between us but what is suppose to be expected. He killed my father! Now in his letter he writes as if it was I or my ancestors that robbed him of something. I mean "my heart is devoid of the forgiveness for your forefathers, the very forefathers that offered my father and mother peace in a chalice", I have no clue what he is even talking about."

She was frustrated, angry and at her wits ends and rightly so. She dealt with that which took her father from her, whose direct action caused her mother to take her life a week and a half later. Through all that she rose from the ashes like a phoenix, his queen, his darling niece struggled now for direction, for renewed strength and if there was one thing Eddard could still do it was provide support.

"Moloch's mind is consumed with hate Amelia... attempting to find reason in that will serve less use than trying to stop the snow from falling."

He reached out a comforting hand and placed it gently on her shoulder as he tilted his head so she could look in his eyes.

"Yet hope remains, if you have the will to see it. Your letter. The one you sent across the see, the one read by this Khal Jinn. He comes here even now. Without him the threat Moloch poses us diminishes, further more if we convince him to ally with us instead of Moloch victory could be assured."

Eddard's voice was tired and gravely yet filled with a truth and warmth only family could possess. He hoped to inspire her, hoped the mad man's hope that his meager words could giver her some spark and renew that flame of hers, to chase away the fears as he'd done when she was just a child.

"I know it seems hard right now, it seems unfair and cruel but it is in these moments you shine Amelia. You've always proven yourself strong, powerful... The Mother of Dragons. Like the heroes of old it is when the darkness comes that you rise and shine out a new day as no one else can. Fear not my Queen, for I do not, not as long as I have you leading me."

He smiled at her as the pride he felt for her welled up in his kind old eyes. Amelia was like a daughter to him, he'd watched her grow so much. Now she stood before him a Queen and a finer ruler he had never seen.



The Dothraki and their Khal boarded the transport vessel along with their guests. The princess from Anansai walked at the side of the Great Rider, his massive form dwarfing hers yet she strode beside him with a strength of her own. She seemed less out of place than her compatriots did who looked nervous and tense. She had made her decision and she would see it through, her spirit impressed the Khal as they walked across the deck of the ship. Soon the sails were raised and they were off. Jinn stared off into the horizon, with the princess beside him. Standing on the bow as the sea lightly sprayed them with it's bounty the princess and the Khal spoke.

"I promised you a conversation on the waves Tenanye, and now you shall have it."

He said as he casually leaned forward and resting his forearms on the wooden railing. His eyes were on the distant water just below the horizon, taking in the splendor.

"What is it you and yours seek to gain from the South Pacific? And what in turn can you offer?"

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"What do you say Great Khal. Is this something you would be interested in?"

Her words incited him as his eyes drifted down her curvaceous frame but for once in his life it was what was hanging on that womanly body and not the body its self that intrigued him. He reached out a single hand that had ended the lives of so many was now as gentle as a mothers touch as it slowly grasped a bit of the fabric that was flowing around the princesses arm. The blade had not marred the thread, not a single broken string. Never before had he seen fabric such as this. His mind instantly went to his Dothraki. His people were never ones for copious amounts of armor or heavy cloth. They spent their lives on horseback so comfort was very important to them.

He nodded slowly as he released his hold on the silken cloth and let his eyes rise to meet Tenanye's.

"Impressive.... This could save many of my riders from seeing the Night Lands before their time."

A subtle smile touched his lips as he grunted in approval.

"Your people shall have all the steel they could ever want."

Satisfied their business was struck Jinn turned, gesturing for the princess to follow.

"We will drink and conclude our deal princess."

As the two walked along the deck they passed Jinn's riders, many of whom were standing about, talking or drinking. A few were even sampling the wares of the concubines that had been brought along for the voyage. The lusty romp was not viewed as uncouth, not to the Dothraki. Sex was natural to them, as natural as the wind in the sky or crushing anothers skull. As the Khal and the princess walked by the raucous revelry they caught eyes with Qotho, Doreah and two others who were casually leaning against some barrels talking. As their Khal passed they all paid him his due respect. Yet Doreah had more to say. As they walked away from the riders her voice caught the backs of the Khal and the princess.

"Vikeesi, Ifas maisi yeri..."

The bitter insult caused an uncomfortable mood to fall over the riders within earshot. Some chuckled at the cruel words, others just stared at the princess or the fiery Doreah. Jinn stopped in his tracks and slowly turned to look at his rider but then at the princess. She may not know his language but she knew an insult well enough.

"She shows you much disrespect daughter of the spider lands. To let her tongue continue to spew her venom would be seen as cowardice.... Do you want to know what she said?"



Eddard could see the fire within his niece roar to life. He had done his duty and was proud he had been able to grant her this small bit of comfort. He'd hoped he could do more but as it was this was all she needed. He found her needing him less and less these days but alas this was the plight of any parent. When they are young they need you for everything, as they grow... Smiling to himself Eddard made his way out of the palace. He needed to see his wife and children, he missed them dearly and wanted a quiet place to ready himself for the Khal's arrival.

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Jinn took a step back as he folded his arms over his broad chest, ready to watch the bloodshed and intrigued with the princesses vigor. He watched as Tenanye stepped to Doreah, fear absent in her stride. The Dothraki warrior woman glared at the princess like a rabid hyena eyeing a carcass. Doreah took a threatening step forward, now the women were but a hairs breath apart. Soon the deck of the Great Khal's ship would be wet with blood.

"I speak your language, chiftik! Weak as it is."

Doreah was a viper, a venomous serpent. Her skill and ferocity in battle is well known among the other riders. She was a fluid fighter, with blinding speed and the tenacity of a wolverine. Many of the male riders feared her. As a result she normally had the pick of the men she wanted, she'd even lied with the Khal on more than one occasion. Yet now all she wanted was the blood of royalty on her hands, she wanted to end the line of the Anansai.

"You want to know what words I've spoken little princess?"

Doreah asked with a snarl as she cocked her head to look up at the slightly taller woman. Doreah was a rider of the Dothraki, shorter or not she feared no opponent.

"I said you should go walk your mother for only some bitch hound could spawn a runt like you..."

An eerie silence fell over the vessel, the dancing stopped, the sex was halted, the drinking, merriment all of it ceased and the eyes of the crew fell on the Princess from Anansai. One set of eyes watched closer than any, the eyes of Khal Jinn.

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"I said you should go walk your mother for only some bitch hound could spawn a runt like you." The woman said and Tenanye gave off a rueful snicker. "A runt like me? If am I a runt, I wonder, What spawn you?" She said, vemon practicallly dripping from her own delicate lips.

No sooner had Tenanye spoke, a blow came to her gut, removing the wind from her lungs. Tenanye took a step back, recovering quickly. The woman looked prideful, shooting more belittlement Tenanye's way.

Tenanye offically had enough.

The woman grabbed her spear, skillfully spinning it behind her back.

Tenanye couldn't help a siniste grin. She then began to pull her furisode from her body. It would protect her from injury but it hindered her movements and the woman was skilled. Tenanye would NOT lose this fight because of her dress.

Thankfully her undergarments where made of the same material. Ananse spider silk bindings over her round chest and around her curvy waist, leaving her flat bronze belly bare, and revealing the symbol of her people tattooed on her right shoulder.

The woman laughed teasing her about not wanting to ruin her dress. Tenanye laughed. "I wanted to make it a fair fight." She said and reached in her satchel, and pulled out a short black and red cylinder.

The woman laughed until Tenanye flicked her wrist and the short cylinder extended into a long 7ft bo staff, with that Tenanye eyed her, sizing the woman up.

Small and therefore fast.

A trait Tenanye held as well. Unfortunately for Tenanye if that blade touches her skin, it will burn on contact.

Tenanye took a breath, just before the woman charged forward, extending her spear toward Tenanye's chest. Probably hoping to humiliate Tenanye as well as injure her. Tenanye, spun on her heels, her bo staff parring with the spear mid-spin. The woman swung again, in the same motion but slicing toward Tenanye's bare back. Tenanye wasn't able to parry that attack and it slice across her skin. She winced and used this sudden closeness to grabbed the woman's spear with one hand, and with a twirl of her bo staff, sweep the woman's feet from under her.

The Dothraki woman recovered quickly but backed off realized Tenanye was a probably best at close combat.

Tenanye rushed forward this time, taking the offensive. She swung her staff at the woman's feet, the woman jump it easily however it was a merely a distraction as Tenanye rose her slender leg and connected with the woman's chest. Returning the favor of knocking the wind from her.

The woman again recovered quickly.
But now took Tenanye as a serious opponent.
She swung her staff, arching it at Tenanye's left and right. Tenanye back on the defensive, blocked the barrage of blows, but was unable to attack as she was back into the bow of the ship. Then, as the woman slightly hesitated, Tenanye dropped down to her feet, crawled underneath the woman, kicked out the woman's legs yet again however, this time, she brought her bo staff up, as the woman went down, her bo staff smashed against her jaw, freeing a few teeth from the woman's mouth. The woman was stunned as Tenanye got to her feet. Her back burns as blood trickled down from the open wound, staining the silk at the small of her back.

The two women eyed each other, catching their breaths.
The woman spat blood from her mouth as Tenanye rose into a stance, crouched some, holding her bo staff at the ready. The woman twirled the spear. Then seemlingly at the same, they charged forward, parring again. They stood face to face, grunting as they tried to over power the other. The woman then, suddenly crashed her forehead into Tenanye's nose, stunning her and in the same moment, she stabbed the spear forward, trying to impale Tenanye through the heart. However, the Ananse spider silk brazzer did not even fray. The woman was shocked, using this Tenanye stabbed her bo staff forward, slamming into the woman's gut, she doubled over and in the same fluid motion, Tenanye cartwheeled over her back, landing behind her and she then hooked the staff at the woman's throat, choking her with it. The woman forced Tenanye backward, slamming her once twice into the bow, further injuring the bleeding wound. Tenanye's grip didn't loosen, it tightened in fact,causing the woman's face to turn red. "Don't fight it" She told her with a grunt, the woman scoffed and plowed her elbow into Tenanye's ribcage. Her grip loosened then but Tenanye was relentless.
The woman turned to face her, her spear aimed at Tenanye's bare belly. Tenanye rose her bo staff on both of her shoulders and charged forward.
The woman stabbed her spear forward, Tenanye dodged but just barely. The left side of her stomach caught the side of it but it was a small sacrific, as Tenanye lept, flipping with her bo staff, smashing it into her the woman's face, ribs and chest.
Ending the match.

Tenanye's eyes fell to the Khal. "How about that drink?" She said breathless as held her hand out her opponent.

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The Khal's eyes watched with growing interest as the fight unfolded. Doreah's trademark savagery was met with illusive skill and a staunch defense that made the rider pay for her every mistake. Doreah may have drawn blood first but Tenanye drew blood last and in the end, that was all that mattered. Her bo staff came down hard striking head, chest and ribs with bone breaking force. Doreah fell to the wooden deck as her body spasmodically twitched. Her brain was no doubt swelling in her skull as the blood rushed in her cranium. Many Dothraki eyes were on their fallen fellow rider as she twitched in her death throws. A few moments passed as the victor stood over Doreah before she went still forever.

Those same Dothraki eyes rose now and locked onto the one who killed their kin. The silence had not lifted yet, as Doreah's friends, family members and lovers all stared now at her proud killer who turned to Jinn, loss of breath.

"How about that drink?"

She asked proudly. The riders awaited their Khal's response who sat unmoving, his eyes on the one who killed Doreah before him. His jaw tensed for a moment as his unreadable gaze stared deeply into the princess from Anansai.

"There will be no drinks..."

He said darkly, his voice little more than a growl. He slowly got to his feet, his full imposing height cast a large shadow over the princess. He stepped toward her with slow yet determined intent. His eyes never left her as he moved toward her, his movements were a kin to a male lion approaching a nomad. His eyes, almost feral in their unpredictability. His boot touched the blood of his warrior who lay dead at his feet. He looked down at the body of Doreah then back at Tenanye. Slowly his hand went to the small of his back where he drew a dagger.

All eyes were on the Khal now, on him and that wicked looking blade in his hand. He took one more step forward, now but an arms reach from the killer of Doreah. His eyes looking into hers as if he could lay her soul to bear before him. Then he knelt and grabbed a hand full of Doreah's hair at the base of the long braid. He took the knife and sliced the braid off at the nape of her neck.

"Until you take what you've won, Ifeqevron lajak."

With that he tossed the long braid, wet with the blood of the fallen rider to Tenanye and the entire ship erupted in cheers. Rythmic chanting soon followed as the Dothraki swelled around Tenanye offering her congratulations and praise. Jinn casually walked away as his people embraced who they now called Ifeqevron lajak or Spider warrior. While Tenanye may have been standing amongst the joyous crowd of Dothraki holding a dead woman's braid wondering what was going on she had no idea the impact of what she'd just done. To take a warrior's braid was a badge of honor and status among the Dothraki, it granted one status and respect among the riders and in Tenanye's case a Dothraki name. Her most valuable prize won that day, was the respect of Khal Jinn.



Lord Snow looked upon his family home with quiet pride as he drank in the solace that came with the sight. He could hear Catelyn inside rounding up the younger children. Arya and Sansa were fighting again. He could hear that as well. The sounds of his two girls shouting at each other made Eddard chuckle. It was these moments that sustained him, small though they may be, that got him through the dark days. His wife singing in the kitchen, archery practice with Rob and Bran, drying Sansa's tears after some boy broke her heart, counseling Arya when she struggled with the evils of being born a girl or just sharing a laugh with Amelia. This was what he fought for, his family, his heart was split in six pieces, one for each of them.

The door to the family home opened and in walked Eddard to the proud smile of his wife Catelyn.


She said happily as she rushed to him and gave him a warm embrace and a soft kiss. Eddard was home and finally was able to relinquish the burden he carried around with him all the time, he was finally at peace.

"Wife, have the girls killed each other?"

He asked only half joking. Catelyn laughed and returned to the cooking spit where a black iron kettle held some fine smelling stew that was boiling finely. The rich aroma filled the home, enticing it's inhabitants with it's bounty.

"Not yet."

She said as she began to stir the pot. Ned appeared behind her, slowly sliding his hands around her waist lovingly.

"Smell's good."

"It's almost ready. Did you invite her?"

Eddard drooped his head in embarrassment at his forgetfulness, she was going to kill him. In all the chaos of impending war, vengeful kings and changing the allegiances of horse lords he forgot about the all important, earth shattering urgency that is inviting Amelia Stormborn to dinner.

"I forgot..."

Catelyn stiffened and turned around to glare at her husband.

"Ned, I asked you this morning. How could you have forgotten? It's been ages since that girl has been over for supper, gods know when the last time she's eaten proper. Have you been making sure she's been eating well?"

Ned sighed and shook his head with a shrug of his shoulders while he turned away from the ear full he was about to receive.

"We've been a little busy dear."

"Yes, oh I'm sure she has been but it's your responsibility to look after her Ned."

"I try, Catelyn I do..."

Eddard replied, suddenly with an odd amount of weariness in his voice. It was like all the sudden he felt his age again and it hurt. His beloved wife who knew him better than anyone else picked up on it instantly and softened her mood as she came to stand behind him. Gently she turned him around and put her hand lovingly on his chest.

"I know you do husband, believe me I know how much you do for her. I just worry she forgets at times how young she is. I see that girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders. She needs to know she still has family, people to look after her when she needs a safe harbor. What do you always say?"

Ned smiled softly and kissed his wife. He loved that woman more than life itself.

"Winter is coming."

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”There will be no drinks.” Khal Jinn said, looming over Tenanye, and it was than she felt fear. SHe turned to her fallen opponent to whom she thought was still breathing only to find that she had indeed had her thread collect by Tenanye’s bo staff. Tenanye looked at Khal Jinn, his expression unreadable even to her keen eyes. Her stomach knotted. She steeled herself, her grip tightening on her bo staff, prepared for an attack as he drew a dagger, though she knew she was no match for Khal Jinn, all she could do was run. "Until you take what you've won, Ifeqevron lajak." Khal Jinn said after cutting a the braid of the woman, Tenanye had just killed and handed it to her. . Tenanye was utterly confused as she caught the braid, still dripping in the woman’s blood. She looked down at her ‘reward’ This was good? She killed a comrade, that merits rejoice. Suddenly the Dothraki crowded around her, chanting rhythmically, than she was embraced left and right as the crew rejoiced, repeating ‘Ifeqevron lajak.’ someone translated for her.

Spider Warrior.

Tenanye felt a mixture of emotions. Mainly, guilt and pride.
She never intended to kill the woman but at the same time, she’d proved her worth to Khal Jinn and the Dothraki. Her back and stomach burned as adrenaline began to wear off. She really didn’t know her own strength, perhaps she really was the ‘Spider Warrior’, spiders were always stronger than they appeared.

She than thought, she was here, they were proud, and the woman had disrespected her in a way that would have had her in chains, hanging by her limbs in an Anansai prison, awaiting trial for attacking the Crowned Princess.
Suddenly as the chanting continued, guilt slowly faded into the back of her mind but still lingered. she wanted it gone, and so she needed that drink into her, quickly.
With that,she gripped the braid in her palm and rose it high in the air, as the crew erupted even louder than before, chanting her new name, allowing the crew to accept her and she accept them.

Though, her eyes were still guilt ridden.

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Moon Jae Shin, Rumil Arato, Oropher Rovain

Rumil waded in the waters below the docks in awe that his love was still alive after many years of separation. The life span of humans was much shorter than that of a merman. Considering the amount of time that occurred since Moon Jae Shin and Rumil separated, Moon should have passed away of old age. Rumil was stunned to see that not only did Moon survive both the tests of time and the Sword and Shield war, but he looked almost exactly the same as he did before they parted.

Oropher was also taken a back at the sight of Jae Shin. Oropher had never seen Moon Jae Shin before but only heard stories of him from Rumil’s reminiscing. Oropher had felt romantically for Rumil and the thought of Rumil having loved a human made Oropher cringe. Before, other than Rumil’s longing for Jae Shin, Oropher felt that Jae Shin was no longer a major obstacle due to him being apparently deceased. However this new revelation was not good for Oropher’s prospects.

Rumil, who’s gaze never wandered off Moon, spoke to Oropher. “I must let him know that I am here. I have to get his attention!! Perhaps if I splash around to get attention he’ll take notice!?” Rumil spoke excitedly.

Oropher replied immediately as he grabbed a hold of Rumil’s arm. “Are you insane!? That’s just what we need right now, a ton of muscle brained human men all out to nab themselves two mermen! We’d be killed!”

As the group moved forward and eventually boarded a very large ship, Rumil dove into the water and swam to follow the ship. Oropher had no choice but to follow.

As Moon Jae Shin stood in the presence of Khal Jinn and his men he was not nervous but silent, quietly observing the scene before him. Tenanye was brave and Soo-Min was rightfully worried regarding Jinn, Moon was ready in case he needed to defend the princess. He knew that if he fought Jinn he’d have a very difficult time beating him, but it wouldn’t be utterly impossible. Moon muttered to himself, just audible enough for Soo-Min to hear, “My have kids gotten rather big these days. There must be something in the water.” Moon grinned.

Once the group boarded the ship, and Tenanye seemed comfortable in her meeting with Khal Jinn, Moon felt it would be okay for him to relax a little. However he still kept an eye out for the princess and Soo-Min. Tenanye seemed to be getting along with Khal Jinn. Her and his dispositions reminded him of his days with Rumil. Moon would most always try to remain cool and unflustered on the outside when his heart was a flutter on the inside, Rumil always brought such emotion onto Moon. It seemed the Princess was fine and unfortunately Soo-Min was seasick. Jae Shin Left her to her devices.

Standing near the right edge of the ship, Moon gazed upon the waters below. They were deep and dark blue. Beneath the waves came a shape. Moon thought it to be a dolphin at first of possibly a large marine beast. It was possible, on the seas dreadful creatures of large proportions were likely to be encountered. However when the being surfaced, it was revealed to be a man. Moon examined more closely and it was a merman, one that he knew very well, Rumil Arato. Moon smiled brightly, he simply couldn’t help it. This was the one person he had wanted to be and be near for many years and finally by chance they encounter one another.

Rumil leapt out of the water toward the side of the boat where thick netting draped and had begun to pull himself up, tail and all, to a carved decorative alcove that lay just below the ship’s railing. Luckily Rumil would not easily be seen there and he could at last speak with Jae Shin. Oropher was not happy at all with Rumil’s choices, he was being reckless in Oropher’s eyes. Oropher simply trailed along side the ship, keeping an eye on Rumil and Moon.

Moon leaned partially over the rail and smirked playfully. “Are you real or am I just as seasick as Soo-Min over there? Please tell me I’m not imagining you.” Moon joked.

“I’m as real as this tacky ship I’m sitting on! I can’t believe you’re really standing before me… You should have passed away long ago, humans don’t live this long. How are you still here?! I mean, I’m truly grateful that you are here but I’m just not understanding why Poseidon is being so kind to me!” Rumil replied, speaking in a low enough voice so that others could not hear him.

Moon replied, “It’s the True Water Rune’s fault. I’m practically ageless now. So sorry love, you won’t get to see me as an old man anytime soon.” Moon chuckled. After a moment he reached his hand out and gently touched Rumil’s cheek. “Still warm and cold like the ocean. I missed you.”

“I missed you so much as well. I can’t lose you again and I won’t. I’d follow you into a war if I have to! No one can convince me again to flee to a safe lagoon while you charge off into the unknown. I hate fighting but I hate the thought of losing you a thousand times more Moon.” Rumil replied. He touched Moon’s hand and cherished the warmth.

Moon wanted to continue talking with Rumil but it was no longer safe for Rumil to remain seated along the side of the ship. “We’ll dock soon. You must not remain here. I Will not leave here without finding you again. I promise. Just stay near the docks. Now go Rumil, and… I love you.” Moon replied as calmly as he could manage. He hated to have to part from Rumil but his safety was not guaranteed for much longer.

Rumil’s eyes began to tear a little. He shook off his sorrow of parting and nodded his head in agreement. “Ok, I shall wait for you as you said. I love you too. Don’t be long Moon.” With that Rumil jumped back into the deep blue waters below and followed the ship.

As the ship docked and the traveling party disembarked the vessel, there was a a sight to be seen. The South Pacific Soldiers were having a field day in lust and leisure. There was much sex and overindulgence done out in the open. This behavior was quite the opposite from most anything seen in Wa. Sex was most always a discreet act. This was hardly romantic but purely physical in appearance. Soo-Min seemed uneasy about the scene and Tenanye seemed to be undisturbed. Moon Jae Shin kept a stoic disposition.

As the female warrior of the South Pacific Kingdom insulted the Princess Tenanye once more Moon was beginning to reach his limit of handling the woman’s disrespect toward the princess. However Moon did not want to act unless Tenanye absolutely needed it. Khal Jinn seemed to welcome the spectacle. Soon the two women were in a full blown fight. Moon knew that this was something the princess decided to handle herself so he stood ready and able to act if need be. The fight concluded and Tenanye came out the victor.

"How about that drink?" Tenanye asked. Moon smirked at the princess.

She asked proudly. The riders awaited their Khal's response who sat unmoving, his eyes on the one who killed Doreah before him. His jaw tensed for a moment as his unreadable gaze stared deeply into the princess from Anansai.

"There will be no drinks..." Khal Replied. Moon’s sight focused in on the tall warrior. He wasn’t sure what was about to happen but he braced himself for the worst.

He said darkly, his voice little more than a growl. He slowly got to his feet, his full imposing height cast a large shadow over the princess. He stepped toward her with slow yet determined intent. His eyes never left her as he moved toward her, his movements were a kin to a male lion approaching a nomad. His eyes, almost feral in their unpredictability. His boot touched the blood of his warrior who lay dead at his feet. He looked down at the body of Doreah then back at Tenanye. Slowly his hand went to the small of his back where he drew a dagger. All eyes were on the Khal now, on him and that wicked looking blade in his hand. He took one more step forward, now but an arms reach from the killer of Doreah. His eyes looking into hers as if he could lay her soul to bear before him.

Moon immediately drew his bow and arrow and prepared to fire a shot at Khal. However it turns out it was not his intent to harm the princess but to commend her. Khal Jinn then knelt and grabbed a hand full of Doreah's hair at the base of the long braid. He took the knife and sliced the braid off at the nape of her neck.

"Until you take what you've won, Ifeqevron lajak."

With that he tossed the long braid, wet with the blood of the fallen rider to Tenanye and the entire ship erupted in cheers.
After Tenanye had her drink. Moon approached her. “Are you alright Princess? I am impressed. You handled yourself very well. Allow me to heal your wounds.” Moon used his water rune and a large blue form of rippling energy formulated over head of the princess. The energy amassed like a tear drop of water and fell down onto Tenanye. The blue energy spiraled around the princess and all her wounds healed instantly. Her stamina was also revitalized. “There, I can’t bring you home in that condition. Neither your parents or the emperor of Wa would forgive me for allowing you to be hurt.”

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The rythmic beating of the drums echoed out across the black water of the Brazilian ocean. The mead flowed free and the women were burning with passion and desire as they danced half naked around the ship to the adulation of the riders, today was a good day. The Dothraki celebrated the fight as well as the life and the death of their fellow rider. Few understood the strange dichotomy that was the Dothraki. For a culture so close knit and admirable they could seem down right cold and savage at times yet it was the way. Jinn had not been raised Dothraki, he was brought into the culture after he crawled out of The Pit so he understood the foreigner's confusion. He had long since embraced the Dothraki way of life yet he still understood.

This understanding led to his further pleasure at seeing the princess enjoying herself. She drank horn after horn of drink, each time being poured stronger and stronger swill. She was fast becoming drunk. Jinn wondered how willing that warrior from Wa was to protect her should he choose to make one lucky Dothraki her drunken mistake. Jinn's eyes drifted over to his friend Qotho and noticed he was headed his way through the crowd carrying two drinking horns.

"Your hands look empty Khal."

He said with a friendly grin as he handed his larger friend a horn. Jinn took the strong drink with a smile of his own.

"I am surprised yours are not filled with the bounty of some unfortunate chiori, eh Qotho?"

Jinn asked sarcastically before taking a long drink of the hard brew. The alcohol was warm going down filling his body with the familiar sensation the rich drought brought. Qotho just turned his head with a chuckle as his eyes drifted over to the princess as she joyously drank and danced with the riders on the ship. The warrior smiled with a longing sigh.

"My hands yearn for but one."

Jinn arched an eyebrow as he looked at his friend. Qotho was many things, fierce, loyal, brave and good with women. To see him so apprehensive now was a strange thing indeed.

"Then what is the problem? She is a woman like any other."

"Yer ojila, she is like no other woman I have ever met. She is no sheep but a spider, one this horse fears to mount less she disappear forever."

Jinn nodded slowly in understanding. His friends heart wanted Tenanye, not just his little rider. The prospect made Jinn smile as he put a warm hand on his friends shoulder.

"Spiders are illusive creatures my friend, treat them poorly and they will indeed vanish or worse bite... Ignore them and you will surely never see them again until it is too late. Me nem nesa."

Qotho looked at his friend the Khal and gained courage from his words. He nodded slowly before downing the rest of his drink and heading off to speak with the princess. Leaving Jinn alone on the bow of the ship the big man turned to look at the moving water once more. He casually tossed out the rest of the drink into the ocean as his eyes were fixed on the horizon. His mind was not in a jovial mood. He thought of this silver haired queen in her castle of corruption, the one who'd slew Moloch's family. This snake pit would be a dangerous place, he knew it yet he could not help but feel something strange within him. Like an instinct that something was about to happen that would change his life forever. Like the wind from the wings of a dragon the sensation touched him with an untold promise of power.

"Arktorious.... What do you have waiting for me out there?"

He muttered aloud as his mind snapped back to the prophecy from all those years ago.

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The arrow struck the target with a solid thud in the crisp morning air. The archer lowered his bow with a proud smile as he turned to look at his instructor.

"Look father, see?"

Bran Stark looked up at his father in joy that he'd finally hit the target. Eddard smiled proudly as he patted his young son on the back before crouching beside him.

"A fine shot son, now let's try for the bullseye eh?"

He gently nudged the bow back up from the resting position it was in. Bran brought the bow back up and knocked another arrow. He drew back and took aim as his father watched his form with a careful eye.

"Don't think too much Bran."

He warned as his son's eyebrows creased in bitter determination. Bran breathed out a slow sigh as he tried to calm himself.

"Relax your bow arm."

Eddard corrected as his eldest son Robb and his youngest daughter Arya approached from behind to watch their brother's progress. Bran breathed out slowly, preparing to fire. His fingers twitched with anticipation as he envisioned the arrow in flight. One final breath and...

"Lord Snow!"

The arrow flew and shot wide of the mark, striking the wooden wall of the stall behind the target. Arya and Robb broke out into laughter as Eddard rose and turned to glare at the two of them.

"And which one of you was a marksman at ten? Keep practicing Bran, Robb come help your brother."

Eddard said before turning to the source of the voice which called his name. He saw one of the queen's men racing toward him, near out of breath.

"Milord Snow!"

He shouted again as Eddard took a few steps toward him, hands outstretched to calm the young messenger.

"Easy lad, what is it?"

The messenger dropped to a knee, unable to stand as sweat dripped down his head and neck. He took a few gulping breaths of air before he was able to speak. Robb looked up in concern as he crouched beside his younger brother, he wondered what this man wanted with his father.

"Milord... The Master of Ships... He's on his way to see the Queen milord... they say a ship from the South Pacific approaches!"

No more needed saying. Eddard rushed for his horse and was on his way to the castle within minutes. He had to prepare, there was much to do to make ready for the arrival of Khal Jinn.



The sun shone on the sea as morning came to the Brazilian Ocean. Racing across the waves was a single vessel with one man on it's decks. A beast of a man, massive in size and thick with bristling muscle. His dark eyes scanned the city in the distance, the ivory city, home to the silver haired queen. His thick shoulders were painted with blue stripes of war paint, his long hair braided trailed down his broad back. Khal Jinn looked on the South Atlantic Kingdom for the first time. As he heard the bells in the distance his mind snapped back to the dream he had last night.

He saw fire, a great fire that consumed all. He stood amongst a mountain of bodies, blood covered him. At his feet lay a woman face down in the blood mixed dirt. Her silver hair was matted with blood as her killer loomed over her. He remembered roaring out in victory before a shadow loomed over him. He turned to see a dragon of unfathomable size. So large was the great drake that Jinn could not even see its entire body. Its city length body stood before him, tail whipping behind it like a slavers wrath. It's eyes ancient and all knowing looked down on Jinn in anger.

"Jinn... you have forgotten what I've told you..."

The beast spoke, its voice full of ancient dread and utter despair. Suddenly a single claw reached forward and pierced Jinn's body. The agony was unlike anything Jinn could ever imagine as his body was torn asunder in seconds. He had awoken from the dream in a cold sweat and turned to find the princess laying naked in his bed beside him. Her curvaceous form, absent of any cloth lay draped across his broad body, a few empty bottles lay scattered around them. The Khal had gotten out of bed, careful not to wake Tenanye as she slept off the nights events. After covering her body with a bear fur he silently dressed and crept out of the captains quarters before heading out into the morning air to watch the sun rise.

He stood now on the bow of his ship looking out onto the cities docks as they neared. Seamen waved them in as guards stood ready to receive them. Just a hand full of knights, if they were expecting trouble they should have brought more men. Jinn turned with a fiery grin as his ship moved into port. The large wooden vessel pulled up and tied to it's moorings by the dock workers. The feeling in the air was fear mixed with anticipation. The people of the South Atlantic had been waiting for this but they were yet still uncertain of what was getting off that ship.

The gang plank was lowered and the heavy horse hooves echoed out across the docks as Khal Jinn led his horde off the vessel. The mounted warriors received nervous stares from the people of the South Atlantic. Stories of the savage Dothraki was well documented and fears of pillaging hung heavy in the air. The Dothraki were not all that rode off the ship that morning. The Princess from the Anansai and her retainers also appeared much to the surprise of the people nearby. She rode a few columns back looking tired yet happy to be off the ship.

The Great Khal brought his massive war horse to a stop and his riders stopped in turn as he looked down at the armored knight waiting to receive him.

"Khal Jinn, I am Sir-"

"Achrakh yeroon zireyesee hrazef anni, zhey ifak."

Khal Jinn said cutting him off, his deep growling voice froze the voice in the knights throat. Qotho chuckled behind Jinn as he looked at the knight, shaking in his armor. The knight swallowed hard before attempting to speak again.

"D-Do you speak our language sir?"

The Khal stared at him, saying not a word. Slowly he arched an eyebrow and turned his head to look at Qotho.

"Oqet vichitera oma vafikhoon."

Qotho joked causing both men to laugh. The knight looked from Jinn to Qotho then back again, obviously worried about what was going on.

"Sirs I-"

The Khal's horse grunted loudly as it stepped forward in impatience. The knight ceased his attempt as Jinn finally ended the man's torment.

"I speak your words knight. Now... take me to your Queen."

The knight breathed a sigh of relief before nodding and turning to issue an order to his hand full of fellow knights. They walked along the fifty horses with their riders as Khal Jinn was led to the castle of Amelia Stormborn.

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Eddard snow hadn't run that fast in years. After dismounting he raced through the castle, he had to be at her side in this moment. She would need him and Eddard's small knowledge of the Dothraki and their language would certainly be invaluable during this meeting. As he ran his mind filed through his admittedly poor grasp he had on the Dothraki's harsh and guttural language. Fortunately his sense of understanding was better than his ability to speak it. He figured he'd rather know what was being said over replying in kind anyway. As Eddard reached the steps he rushed out of the castle to come at a stop behind Amelia. He gave her a warm smile and a nod before looking up at the sound of the horns. Khal Jinn was here...


His horse trotted across the foreign land with its rider at a steady pace. The horde close behind as they rode toward the massive castle of the silver haired queen. The structure was impressive and a single glance warned the Khal that siege warfare here would be no easy feat. He tensed his jaw in frustration at the prospect of a long drawn out campaign but steeled himself as he rounded the corner. He could see people gathered upon long steps, many people from soldiers and knights to nobles and servants. All of them dressed finely as if to be as presentable as possible for his arrival. There was but one he was looked for, only one his eyes yearned to see.

And there she was, hair that out shined the moon, striking green eyes that captivated the soul, a figure so pure Jinn could not help but stare. His dark gaze, unreadable as always was fixed on the Queen of the South Atlantic, The Mother of Dragons. As the horde grew near only Khal Jinn rode ahead, only the Great Rider brought his horse to the foot of the steps to the castle. His eyes locked on the Queen. Her beauty captivated him yet his mind warned of Moloch's words. As he looked upon her, the figure before him of the beautiful queen with the silver hair something flashed in his mind for the briefest of moments. The dream from the night before. The body at his feet, it had to be her.... But her death... His doom came as a result of her death, the great dragon destroyed him for slaying her. What this could mean he had no idea, only time and the benevolence of the gods would make things clear to him.

The Great Khal took a breath as his gaze observed the Queen, his mouth making no sound. Even his warriors looked to him in wonder. Jinn found himself unable to turn his gaze, his stoic expression was locked on her as she stared back at him. Her gorgeous green eyes, his shadowy dark ones were connected and would not break. Jinn had always been a man of instinct, ruled not by his feelings but lead by them. To have the gaze of the Queen staring back into his he did not see the cruelty, the corruption, the utter selfishness he expected. No in her eyes he saw a mothers warmth and ferocity. He saw fear yet not the fools fear he was used too, no in her eyes it was not fear of self but for others. He saw something else as well, something more illusive and difficult to discern. A small mystery that called to him like a lover in the night.

All in attendance fell silent as the Dothraki Khal brought his massive war horse to a halt. The silence was almost deafening as all eyes were on the two rulers, looking for some sign, any signal of what to expect.


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The sound of the horns sent a chill down her spine and made butterflies swarm in the deepest pits of her stomach. She was dreadfully nervous on the inside but did her best to conceal it on the outside. When she caught sight of her uncle who had popped up behind her o join her she smiled brightly as she contained the laughter that wanted to burst out of her. "Are you okay? Did you run all the way here?" she asked as the older man was flushed in the face. The sound of the approaching hooves against the pavement of the city's streets was like a thunder to her ears and she knew at that moment the Khal and his horde was rounding the corner that lead to the castle entrance. "Thank you. For being here with me ... and for me.", Amelia's words were as sincere as could be as she thanked her uncle who had been like the a father to here seen the death of her blood one.

She turned away from the man after giving him one last smile as the Dothraki came into view before her. The Grand Majester walked down the marble stairs first as he greeted the Dothraki speaking in the native tongue words that Amelia could not understand. Switching back to the language that all present could understand he continued, "May I present to you Amelia Stormborn. The Unburnt Mother of Dragons, Conqueror of Mexico and Celtic Lands, Breaker of Chains, The Silver Queen and beloved Queen of the South Atlantic Kingdom."

"Come forward, Your Grace." Taking her cue from the Majester Amelia slowly and gracefully descended the stairs all while staring into the eyes of The Great Khal. Never in her life had she seen a man such as this, his almond shaped eye’s seemed to pierce straight through her, as if the man was reading her soul. Khal Jinn, was a great deal taller than any man she had ever come into to contact with and while she had always known she was small she truly felt it on this day as the man looked down upon her. He had copper colored skin that was decorated with striking blue stripes on his broad shoulders, long black braided hair and the most beautiful eye’s, dark and mysterious. She was unable to control herself from staring into his eye’s. For a moment ,they were the only two people in the world, she for some unexplainable reason felt drawn to him.

"Your Grace," the Majester spoke trying to draw the Queen's attention but in that moment she was so capitative by the huge man that she could look at nothing else but him. "Khal Jinn, The first Khal of the South Pacific Kingdom, Conqueror of the Pit of Shadows, Leader of the Children of Arktorius, Master of the Dothraki Horde. This is the man before you." She pulled herself away from the hypnotizing eyes to final look at the Majester, with a smile she nodded "Thank you for your service here today." Nodding followed by bow of respect was giving as the Majester saw himself off.

She now took in the sight of the others the Khal had brought with him and out of the crowd she spotted three that she knew did not belong to the horde. She was curious as to who these people were as she had not expected him to bring foreigners outside of himself and his people, however in the letter she had told him to bring along whoever he wished and the three unknowns fit the description. Glancing back up to the Khal she spoke, "Welcome to the South Atlantic Kingdom and its capital Great Khal. You honor me as well as my people," she said as she motioned to those who still stood behind her on the stairs, "with your presence and for that we are most grateful. We have much to discuss but before we do you and your People shall be settled within the castle." The servants immediately descended the marble steps ready to assist those who needed it. "Please, feel free to make yourselves at home."

With that she left the Khal and his people to dismount and unpack their belongs, they're would be plenty of time for the Khal and Queen to have their one on one. Climbing the steps she sent her men back to their duties as the meet and greet was now over. Turning her attention to her uncle she spoke, "Tonight whether this meeting goes good or bad there will be a feast tonight and I would like to see you along with the rest of your family there." Last night as she ate alone in her room she had thought about her uncle and his family and had realized just how long its been since she had seen the rest of the Snow family. Linking arms with the Lord she walked back into the castle and had to pick his mind as she wanted to know exactly what was on his mind. "So how do you think it went? And do you know anything of the three non Dothraki warriors?"

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Eddard stood silently as he watched the proceedings. Many a king, ruler and lord have come to meet the Queen yet never had he seen anything like this. The Khal had a presence to him, it was palpable and hung heavy in the air. The people all looked upon him like a coming storm. Eddard took a deep breath as his war horse came to a stop before the steps to the castle. They said he was big but by the gods were they being modest. Easily the largest man he'd ever seen and built like a mountain. Complete with war paint the man certainly looked the part of a savage tribal leader but only a fool would take him as merely that.

Ned had been researching the man for weeks. He knew there was an intelligence to him, a wisdom and cunning behind that mask of a brute that made him all the more dangerous. As that man sat now before them all he watched that intelligence on display as he fixated on his niece. Petty familial protectiveness kicked in and Eddard wished he could send the man away there and then. He let the urge pass as he watched the scene play out. He watched as the Khal looked upon Amelia and he watched as Amelia looked upon the Khal. She walked like she was in a trance as she stared in much the same way. The Lord Snow's eyes flicked between the two rulers with an understanding that only came with age as the faintest shadow of a smile appeared on his face only to vanish as quick as it came.

The Majester introduced the Queen in the Khal's tongue, Eddard's Dothraki was admittedly a little out of practice but he picked up most of it. The Majester did his duty, he gave a grand introduction and welcomed the Khal to the South Atlantic with every level of regalia and respect due to the gravity of the meeting. Yet despite the pretty words woven by the Majester Eddard doubted the big rider heard any of it. His complete and utter focus was on the Queen in that moment. The Khal of the South Pacific did not move, did not react at all just sat there staring. It would have been eerie would it not have been reciprocated but reciprocated it was as Amelia slowly walked towards him like a sailor drawn to a sirens song.

Then the Queen spoke, she too welcomed the Khal and finally Eddard thought he saw the man blink. Eddard would have chuckled if the meeting was not so important. She welcomed him to the kingdom, thanked him for taking the journey and promised of food and drink to come. With that she turned and ascended the stairs, all the while that dark gaze followed her every movement. She came up the stairs and slipped her hand through Ned's arm before allowing him to walk her into the castle.

Now it was Eddard who stared, looking at his niece with a knowing smirk yet said nothing.

"Tonight whether this meeting goes good or bad there will be a feast tonight and I would like to see you along with the rest of your family there."

Ned chuckled and nodded as they walked.

"Catelyn will be happy to hear that, she misses you my Queen. You know how she worries."

The two shared a heartfelt laugh before Amelia spoke again.

"So how do you think it went? And do you know anything of the three non Dothraki warriors?"

Eddard sighed aloud before replying.

"I think if it wen't poorly we'd know. So there's hope. He's a.... rare man, is he not?"

The Lord Snow asked curious of his nieces appraisal on the man from the South Pacific. Before she answered he attempted to inform her of the three non Dothraki. He recognized the Princess from Anansai, he'd seen her once at a summit to promote peace between the nations. She served as an emissary to her people, he remembered thinking it odd that they would send their own blood yet the girl was skilled at her craft and more than fit for her duties. The other woman was unfamiliar to Ned, he assumed she was the hand maiden to the princess. The man was a surprise however, a warrior from Wa. Curious to find him riding with The Khal.

Before The Lord Snow could tell the Queen what he knew he heard the Queen's Guard step forward ready to draw their swords. Amelia and Eddard turned to see the princess approach them.

"Easy lads... wouldn't want to cause an international incident would you? That's the Princess Tenanye Ananse, daughter of King Amun Ananse. Wouldn't want him finding out you lot were threatening his daughter would you?"

Eddard asked with warning and a wry smile. Eddard had met King Ananse on several occasions and knew him to be a just man, in his youth he was a fierce warrior. The two had never met on the battlefield and for that he thanked the Gods, he did not lament being forced to face his blade. Eddard gave the princess a polite nod as she introduced herself to the Queen.

"Sumimasen, Excuse me. I believe I can answer that. My apologizes on the intrusion, Your Majesty. I am Princess Tenanye Ananse of Anansai. I had been in midst of trade negotiations with Khal Jinn during the travel here. Once we've concluded, I shall be on my way, lest of course, you wish to discuss trade as well, I'll be more then willing to. Might I add that you have a beautiful country. I've never been on this side of the world before. It's stunning."



Jinn listened intently as the Queen spoke, her voice was melodious to his ear. She welcomed him to her kingdom and thanked him for his travels. Then she was gone, turned and ascended to stairs to her castle. He watched as an older man who did not look like a native to this country led her away. The Khal was left atop his horse staring after the queen, he didn't not react right away. The servants came down and began assisting the riders and tending to them. Leading away their horses and showing them the way to the castle. Qotho instinctively moved his horse to stand beside Jinn's, his eyes on his friend and Khal.

"Hash yer dothrae chek?"

He asked curious how his friend was doing after the odd meeting of rulers. Jinn blinked and shook his head as if shaking the haziness out of his mind's wanderings.

"Anha dothrak chek, Qotho."

Jinn replied excusing his mood as nothing. Qotho was unconvinced and pressed the issue as two servants arrived to take the men's horses yet were too fearful to actually interrupt them.

"Hash yer asti k’athijilari?"

Jinn turned to his friend, he could hear the concern in his voice. He gave him a nod and a short smile.

"Sek, Qotho. K'athjilari."

Satisfied Qotho nodded in return before dismounting. Jinn remained on his horse for another moment as his eyes drifted back to the entrance where he'd last seen her. There was something about this moon haired Queen...

The horses were led to water and stabled before being brushed down and fed. Their riders led by the Great Khal were ushered into the castle and led off to where they would be staying. One hand maiden approached the Khal and swallowed hard in fear before speaking.

"Great K-Khal? T-This way please."

It was obvious she was having difficulty overcoming her fear and communication with a man she felt didn't speak her language. Jinn turned to Qotho who chuckled and walked away. Jinn gave her a nod, telling her he would follow.

"Lead on then."

He said. She stared at him in shock to which he only smiled. The smile seemed to work magic and the girls mood changed instantly. She broke out into a wide smile as she turned and led Jinn up a spiraling set of stairs.

"Apologies milord but I thought you did not speak our language."

She said as she walked ahead of him, taking along the masterfully constructed staircase. Jinn chuckled as he followed her, keeping pace with ease given his longer stride.

"Yes, I've been getting that alot."

The girl giggled sweetly as they reached the floor in which Jinn would be staying.

"This is the top of the tower milord, reserved for honored guests and royalty of which you are both Khal Jinn."

Jinn nodded as he walked behind her, not saying a word. As they reached his room she opened the door revealing a wonderful bed chamber complete with a balcony overlooking the ocean and a fire pit surrounded by comfortable looking seating. Jinn took a few steps in and looked around.

"If there is anything you should need milord my name is Nala."


Jinn said, his voice low and grumbling as he turned to look at her. She nodded politely in response.

"If I ask for the truth?"

Jinn questioned. Nala was unsure of what he wanted but nodded all the same.

"Whatever truth I can offer milord."

Jinn nodded as he took a few steps toward her.

"Your Queen... do you love her?"

The serving girl looked at Jinn, not certain of what he wanted.


"Is she just? Kind? Do you love her?"

Jinn asked again, elaborating slightly. From the mouths of nobles came only lies but from the serving class, from the poor Jinn knew he'd find the truth.

"A finer ruler milord, I have never met."

Nala replied proudly and firmly. Jinn looked into her eyes, searching for any signs of falsehoods but found none. Satisfied he nodded and she left. Alone in his room Jinn walked to the balcony and looked out onto the ocean beyond yet all he could see were those captivating green eyes.