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Dalila Malyns

"Am no ordinary girl."

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a character in “Crowns, Empires & Swords”, as played by CreativityIsPower



Dalila Malyns


Appearance and Build
Dalila has honey-blonde hair that cascades down past her shoulders. It appears to be a naturally wavy texture, as evidenced when she wears it loose. She often styles it by braiding it to the side. Usually, she wears it down. Dalila's eyes are ocean blue, and she has a bronzed complexion. She isn't tall in stature being a height of 5'3. Dalila has a slim yet curvaceous figure. Between her and cousin Mira, she is the more feminine of the two. She is fond of wearing cool colors, such as blues, greens, and violets and. Dalila is never seen without her signature blue necklace (with the exception of her mermaid form.)

What/ Who they are?
Dalila is the Queen of the Kingdom of Megara. She is known as and often called the half-god like her half-god cousins. She is the daughter of Neptune and Queen Saphirra.

Where they live?
The Kingdom of Tripartite is Dalila's homeland but she lives in the city capital of Kineta in the kingdom of Megara.

Allies & Enemies
The allies of The Kingdom of Tripartite are the South Atlantic and North Pacific kingdoms . The kingdom as of now are enemy free and Dalila hopes it stays that way.




Dalila is a brave, spirited natural leader, and is willing to risk her life to save friends, family, strangers, and sometimes even enemies. She has a sarcastic and smart sense of humor, a laid-back demeanor, and has worked hard to earn the respect of all the men of the Tripartite Kingdom. She has the same hyperactive energy to her as the other half-gods (ADHA). Dalila remains true and never goes back on her word. However, she is definitely not perfect. Dalila is somewhat short-tempered, and thus has trouble controlling her anger and tends to like her cousin Ajax do or blurt out things before thinking, no matter the consequences, causing her to get herself into a lot of trouble.

Her mother being a mermaid and her father the god of the sea it is no surprise that Dalila is more than fond of the water. It is her place of peace and tranquilly. Whenever she finds herself stressed out or overwhelmed she retreats to the water. She can disappear for hours if not days at a time. Not being one for drama she is often plays the role of peacemaker wishing to avoid unnecessary conflict. Despite her want for peace she will not hesitate to drawn her weapon or use her power if need be.

Dalila was the first one out of her cousins to accept that she was a half-god. While the others denied their gifts at first and lived in disbelief she embraced who she was and considered herself to be fortunate to be the daughter of a god. Others have described her to be happy, optimistic, light-hearted, playful, mischievous and naive. She is typical carefree unless dealing with the political side of overseeing a kingdom. When she is not been weighed down by the worries of politics she is enjoys the life of a Queen and the daughter of Poseidon. She has a love and bond towards all horses and sea creatures. Even though her cousin's Pegasus will not be ridden by her she is the only person outside of Ajax who can get anywhere near the creature without fear.

Dalila is very harsh and judgmental during first meetings, but after winning her approval she is very loyal. She is very strong-minded and equally stubborn, she is also incredibly brave and daring. Dalila shows many signs of dauntlessness, courage and determination. She has a lot of nerve.

Dalila is also an intellectual genius, as well as clever and witty. She's also analytical, strategic, and is very wise. According to her mother Dalila is a child of Neptune's better nature: powerful, but gentle and helpful, a person that would guide ships safely to the shore rather than destroy them.

Skills and Abilities

Combat Prowess and Tactical Ability

Dalila is very wise, intelligent, and knowledgeable, constantly coming up with brilliant strategies. She is a skilled tactician probably greater than the others, unlike them, violence is usually a last resort for her. When it comes to combat out of the four Dalila is the least skilled in the area of weaponry. Unlike her cousins, Dalila never held skill in battle and was much more timid in the beginning. It isn't until she realizes that she needs to fight that she desires to wield a sword. With teaching from Ajax and Jasunr, she develops skill rather quickly and adeptly to the point where she does not need aid in a fight and can easily cleave an enemies head off in one swing. Dalila is skilled in archery, having been taught by Mira. She eventually developed an expertise with the long-ranged weapon to the point where her accuracy and precision is often fatal.

Half-god and Mermaid Abilities












Water-Induced Abilities: When in contact with or in the presence of water, Dalila gains a disproportionate amount of superhuman clarity, strength, speed, agility, and endurance. This only lasts for a limited amount of time unless she is completely submerged in water. She also heals herself from any wound and most poisons when she comes into contact with water, the amount of water and time needed for the healing being proportionate to the severity of the wound.

Hydrokinesis: Can create, shape and manipulate water, inorganic compound with liquid, gas (steam, water vapour), and solid (ice) states, including changing them from one state to other.

• Create/generate/increase, shape and manipulate water.
- Control ocean currents.
- Manipulate tides.
- Tidal Wave Generation
- Waterspout Generation
- Whirlpool Generation
- Move/lift water, ice, vapor, etc.

• Density Manipulation/Water Solidification via controlling water molecules.

- Harden and enhance the body by collecting and manipulating water pressure within it.
- Hydrokinetic Constructs, including weapons, walls, armor or allies/servants.

• Elemental Flight using water.

• Hydrokinetic Surfing

• Water Attacks

- Expanding Water Bolts: Project water that expands rapidly on contact with an object.
- Formulated Water Blasts: Release blasts of water in a form of a creature or object.
- Hand Blasts: Release water blasts from hands.
- Missile Generation: Create missiles of water.
- Omnidirectional Water Waves: Send out a wave of water in all directions.
- Reflective Attacks: Release attacks of water that can bounce off of any surface.
- Scatter Shot: Release water blasts that split into multiple fragments.
- Sword Beam Emission: Release water blasts from swords and other such bladed weapons.
- Water Ball Projection: Create and launch spheres of water.
- Water Beam Emission: Release beams of water.
- Water Blast: Release water over a specific target area.
- Water Bolt Projection: Release low powered projectiles of water.
- Water Bomb Generation: Create bombs/explosions of water.
- Water Breath: Discharge water blasts from mouth.
- Water Bullets: Fire in short sequence over a wide area.
- Water Cutting: Use water to slice enemies.
- Water Infusion: Empower and energize anything touched or used (usually a weapon) with water.
- Water Wave Emission: Send out a wave of water that repels everything.
- Zap: A tiny short release of water to cause pain or discomfort, usually too low-powered to be destructive.

• Water Walking

• Viscosity Manipulation: The ability to alter the resistance of fluids.

Water Solidification: Can solidify water by causing the loose molecules to come together, with the level of solidity going from loose jello to metal-like hardness or beyond.

Hydro-Telekinesis: The ability to make use of one's hydrokinetic abilities to encapsulate and/or surround an object, person or animal inside to be capable of using telekinesis.

Hydro-Thermokinesis: This is the power to heat and boil liquids. She can also create fires when using this ability. Her power is most useful when she needs to dry her tail to de-transform quickly as it normally takes at least about several minutes for her to dry completely.

Gelidkinesis: Can create, shape and manipulate gel and jelly-like substances, make gel or jelly-like object constructs as well as being able to generate or reshape gel.

Hydrogenesis: The power to generate water.

Healing Water: Able to use water to heal herself or others.

Water Propulsion: She can control the water around her to propel herself through water. Dalila can shoot water, not only from being in water, but she can blast the own water she creates.

Water Immunity: Dalila can fall from great heights into water, and is unaffected by any amount of water pressure. She does not get wet if submerged in water, unless she wants to. Dalila can dry items underwater (as long as she holds onto it).

Sailing Skills: Dalila possesses an intimate awareness of any ship she is on; being able to telekinetically operate one (as well as anything related to the ocean) because she has perfect bearings on the ocean, she can easily navigate her way at sea.

Aquatic Respiration: While normally as a mermaid she would be able to hold her breathe underwater for long periods the combined DNA of her parents has given her the ability to be able to breathe in both water and air. She is capable of staying underwater as long as she likes and when she reemerges her body returns to breathing oxygen again.

Communication: Dalila has divine authority over and can talk (normally and telepathically) to equines and sea creatures who mainly treat her with deference and lordly respect because of her being the daughter of Neptune.

Hurricane Creation: Dalila can create hurricanes to cause massive damage, the strength of the hurricane depends on Dalila's power/skill and the environmental factors. The extent to which she can control depends on its size as the bigger and more intense they are the more difficult it is to control.

Geokinesis:The power to manipulate earth, including sand, stone, rock, lava, dirt, glass, metal, and other minerals.

Cryokinesis: Can create, shape and manipulate ice, water frozen into a solid state and appears naturally in forms of snow, hail, icicles, ice spikes and candles, glaciers, pack ice, frost, and polar ice caps, and cold by reducing the kinetic energy of atoms and thus making things colder, for various effects and combinations.

Speed Swimming: As a mermaid she has the ability to speed swim. It allows her to swim at the speed of 600 km/h. Her body is encased in bubbles and she uses it as a jet stream to swim faster.

Heat Resistance: Dalila has a far higher than normal resistance to heat and burns, due to her father's oceanic nature.

Like her cousins she too has been given gifts from her father. Anaklusmos, a 3 foot tall double-edged celestial bronze sword was a gift from Neptune. He always gifted her with a hippocampus her sea-horse companion. He stays in the oceans nearby and is also quick to follow her when she steps foot into the ocean. She cherishes her sea-shore and she loves her father for giving it to her.

So begins...

Dalila Malyns's Story


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Amelia stood out on her balcony looking down at all the festivities taking place below her. If there was one thing King Robert knew how to do it was throw a grand party. Since day one of the tourney there had been feasts and drinks and good times all around but on this final day King Robert had truly out done himself. As the king had predicted his nephew had been crowned victory of the jousting competition, which had giving Orys reputation most likely came as a surprise to none. Even though he had fallen Amelia was immensely proved on her old knight for Ser Jorah had fought with everything he had and in doing so honor himself, his queen and his kingdom.

The shock of the evening had come in Robert's speech. What she had thought was going to be a short speech of congratulations and pride had been that and so much more. She had known something big was coming the king spoke of all of Orys great feats and victories but even she hadn't anticipated what Robert had up his sleeve. The gods knew the queen surely didn't see it coming. Robert had made Orys his successor and now the next king to rule over the seven kingdoms. She wondered how Orys felt about that as she retreated back into her room.

Her room was far from empty as like the king she was currently hosting many guests. She had told the princess of the South Atlantic kingdom that she would consider her offer to forged an alliances between their kingdoms and that she had. Amelia had held many meetings with both of her advisors Ser Jorah and Ser Barristan in days past. While neither knight had at first thought the alliance to be a grand idea in the beginning Amelia had fought them both on the matter. She felt that Princess Kenna was right about her needing to gain allies outside of the South Pacific and more importantly she genuinely liked Kenna and saw a fire in the girl that reminded her of herself.

Her fellow knights had not gotten on board until after the half-gods of the Kingdom of Tripartite had agreed to ally themselves with the South Atlantic Kingdom. In joining in an alliance with the South Atlantic Kingdom she also allied herself with the Kingdom of Tripartite. Which was enough for both Jorah and Barristan to get on board. She wasn't sure if this would lead to problems down the line but that wasn't her primary concern at the moment. "Were missing the celebration. Let us adjourn for now. We can tighten up all matters when we dock in the South Atlantic."

With the tourney now at an end all foreign guest would be returning to their homelands. Instead of returning home immediately Amelia and her men would be taking a detour to the South Atlantic. There all things between the three kingdoms would be finalized and than Amelia would return home. "Well let us go now before we are seen as rude guests." Ushering out the princess, her lady-in-waiting and the four half-gods the Silver Queen was ready to partake in the festivities.


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The week spent in the South Pacific kingdom had proven to be fruitful for both herself and her kingdom. She had come to Robert's tourney in hopes of forging new alliances and that was exactly what she had done. While she had hoped Queen Amelia would accept her offer she had been doubtful due to the queen's ties to the king. She was fearful that the king's alliance with the drake king would hinder any chance of her and the Silver Queen's kingdoms becoming allies. This was why when the royal cousins of the Kingdom of Tripartite arrived during day two of Robert's tourney she and Davina had convinced them to support her kingdom. It was not long after the half-gods agreed that Amelia herself had come around.

It was now the final day of the tourney and the victor had been crowned. Surprisingly Orys had not only won the title of victor of his uncle's tourney games but he was also now the newly crowned prince of the South Pacific kingdom. Kenna along with Davina, Ajax, Dalila, Jasunr, Mira and Amelia sat in Amelia's room. After the tourney had ended the the festivities began the seven newly-made friends and future had retreated to Amelia's to talk of things to come. Amelia clearly was bored of talk and wished to rejoin the rest of population. "Were missing the celebration. Let us adjourn for now. We can tighten up all matters when we dock in the South Atlantic." Kenna nodded in agreement as she too wished to join in on the festivities. She was in a joyful mood and had much to celebrate as everything was currently coming together for the young princess. "Well let us go now before we are seen as rude guests." Both Kenna and Davina laughed as Amelia began ushering everyone out of her room.

The sun was setting and the atmosphere surrounding the festival was one up life and happiest. Entering one of the many set up tents with her lady-in-waiting on her arm Kenna mixed and mingle with nobles from all across the lands. There were many servants walking about with trays of drink and foods a plenty. Kenna wasn't a big drinker but despite her small frame she quite the hardy appetite. The two girls seperated after some time together as Davina mingled and Kenna went to indulge herself in the delectable foods set about.


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Blending into the crowd Davina conversed with many fine nobleman while keeping her eyes on the Drake King who sat a mere few feet away. The recent good fortune of gaining not one but two new allies for the kingdom filled Kenna with bliss. She was so indulged in her blissfulness that she had begun to lower her guard in favor of enjoying the king's splendid party. While Davina too was also happy she had not forgotten where they were and although they were not technically in enemy territory their enemy was among them.

Standing in a small circle of three Davina stood with Sansa Stark of Winterfell and Margaery Tyrell of Highgarden. The ladies spoke of Robert's shocking reveal, what a grand tourney it had been and how they were saddened by it's end. Davina might have been there in body but her mind and focus was still on the King Moloch. She had never once spoken a word to the man and yet she still held a profound dislike for the man. She noticed the way he eyed not only her queen but the Dragon Queen as well.

The Drake King was known for many things including his intellect. It wouldn't surprise her one bit if he was suspicious of Kenna's motives here in Robert's kingdom. In fact if he wasn't at least a little skeptical that would be surprising. They way that he eyed the two woman across the room made Davina sure he's mind was at work trying to figure out what exactly was going on. "Excuse me for a moment. I must speak with my queen."

Excusing herself Davina maneuvered her way through the crowd until she reached Kenna who busily at work devouring the food in front of her. I think the Drake King in speculating." She spoke a hushed whisper that only her queen's ears could hear, "Should we be concerned if he is?" Kenna looked past her lady at Moloch who sat with the Orys and appeared to also be talking in hushed voices. What does he say?"

Davina quieted the voices around her and listened on the Moloch and Orys's conversation. She hadn't picked up on all of what Moloch had said but she caught him asking, "What if Queen Amelia rode out against me at Princess Kenna of the South Atlantic Kingdom? Would you join me? Her? Or will you find a way to dissuade her? " He was definitely speculating. "He asks what the future king would do if the Dragon Queen was to side with us against him. Who'd side would he take up arms against." Kenna contained her composure on the surface but Davina could her the young princess's heart beat quicken in pace. She was worried. "And what does he say?"

Davina listened in closer tuning out the sound of the music, voices and everything else that was distracting. "He wouldn't go against either of them. As for us and any others he would fight with the Drake King against all." Kenna wasn't exactly sure if that was suppose to be good news or bad. "Meaning?" Davina gave Kenna a reassuring smile. "As long as we have Queen Amelia on our side I don't think we have anything to fear from the South Pacific. Orys says he would not go against her and I believe his uncle would feel the same. If Amelia stood with us in war this kingdom would not stand in our way."

Kenna breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank the gods!" Everything was slowly falling into place. She hadn't brought up her plans of war when discussing the alliances with either Amelia or the ruling cousins but they had to know going into this that they was a possibility. The history between the South Atlantic and Drake was well known throughout the lands and sooner or later either the kingdom or city would fall. With Drake standing alone and the South Atlantic allied with two other powerful kingdoms the odds appeared to be in her favor. However, she wasn't going to get ahead of herself. She wouldn't make the same mistake her father had. If she decided to go to war the the city of Drake she would not fail. She would make sure that Drake City fail never to rise again.


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The ruling monarchy of the kingdom of Tripartite had arrived on day two of Robert's tourney. Ajax had probably been the most upset by there fashionable late arrival as it kept him from participating in the jousting segment of the tourney that he was so confident he'd be the victor of. While his cousins ignore him they knew that he was probably right but whatever the case the tourney was over and Orys stood the victor of his uncle's tourney. Despite they're none involvement in the games the tourney had been far from uneventful for them. The shocking revelation made by the king had been surprising to all especially his newly announced heir and scorned wife.

While the tourney itself had been thrilling and greatly entertaining the best part of the whole event had been the new friendships formed and alliances to come. It was Jasunr who had been approached by the beautiful Princess of the South Atlantic with the idea of forming ties between their kingdoms. Jasunr was not ignorant to the turmoil between the kingdom of the South Atlantic and the city of Drake. Nor were his cousins to which each had reacted differently when he brought up the case of Kenna's plight to them. Dalila concerned and worried about the possibility of war while Ajax seemed delighted by the prospect of war. His sister was a different case as she was indifferent to the idea of war.

There had been hours of discussion between the four but in the end they had decided to side with the young princess and whatever followed that choice they would deal with when the time came. So far the repercussions of their unanimous decision had been good as they not only gained the support of one kingdom but two. The Mother of Dragons Amelia Stormborn had like them been approached by princess Kenna and had agreed to not only ally herself with the South Atlantic Kingdom but the Kingdom of Tripartite as well.

Now standing amongst other nobles and royals of the different lands in one of the many tents set up a mere few feet from where the jousting competition had been held. Mira stood with Queen Amelia as they chatted and giggled amongst themselves. Dalila had captured the attention of several men and was being her usual gracious and charming self. The Kings of Tripartite had been enjoying themselves with drink and food when the noticed princess Kenna and her lady Davina huddled together talking in hushed whispers. Now was not the time for such things. Now was the time to celebrate and enjoy the festivities that Robert granted his guests on the last night of the tourney. Being the chivalrous men that they were they approached the two fair ladies and gave a courteous bow as Ajax extend a hand to Kenna and Jasunr to Davina. "Would you two ladies care to dance?" Ajax asked with that charming grin of his.


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Western Desert
Caliphate of Andalusia

The Caliphs soldiers approached in the darkness, watching for any signs of treachery. As they drew closer the horses of the Drake men shied away from the camels, a common occurrence for camels are not only much larger than a horse but their smell is very foreign as well. Saheeb had drawn a small golden figurine from under his robes and now, as they halted a dozen paces from the Drake Knights he murmured several words to the figurine and tossed it to the sand.

In an instant the golden figure had seemingly melted into the sand and a woman’s figure rose, a sandy shape that walked forward several paces and then bowed most correctly to Prince Kallias. Then it spoke flawlessly in the Common tongue.

“Prince Kallias. You are most welcome to the Caliphate of Andalusia. The Caliph himself is aware of your coming and has asked me to direct you to Al Qasr.” The sand woman’s face was finely formed and almost beautiful in the moonlight that now washed across her. “These soldiers will provide you an escort to the Western Gateway where I will greet you personally. Until then my lord.”

The figure offered another bow and in an instant vanished into the sand again as if it had never been.

Caliphate of Andalusia

The knock on the towers lower door came as the sun was dipping on the horizon. The Caliph sighed and stretched his back as he listened to the exchange between the serving boy and the bodyguard. Farid was prized for his ability to do his duties quietly and without comment, a skill the Caliph prized in any servant but few could accomplish so well.

The General didn’t even glance up from where he was writing as the serving boy and a bodyguard appeared on the tower roof. The Caliph noted the look of amazement on the boys face and smiled to himself, he doubted the boy had ever been to the top of the Caliphs Tower before, the view was an incredible one.

A pot of steaming mint green tea was placed with two cups, then the boy bowed and backed away without a word, vanishing back into the tower with the bodyguard. Once the door had closed again the Caliph stood, stepping to the edge of the tower rampart and looking down over the city far below.

“We have built some amazing wonders in this desert land.” He said aloud and heard the General stand and made room for the other man to join him.

“Yes we have lord. It is no wonder they call this land the Jewel of the South.”

They were silent again until a sudden swirl of air made them both turn and a female shape formed itself before them. It bowed low to the Caliph who nodded in return.

“My lord Caliph, a Prince of the Drake Kingdom has crossed into our lands under the guidance of an Andalusian. One of our patrols has intercepted him. I welcomed him in your name and directed him to Al Qasr to await you orders.”

“Thank you Priestess. Please inform your sisters there that I will require a portal for myself by this evening. My personal regiment is also to transport to the city. We must greet this Drake Princling in the style I am sure he expects.”

“My lord.” The figure bowed again and vanished into nothing.

“A Prince of the Drake Kingdom…” The Caliph mused as he looked Westwards. “I wonder what mischief is brewing in the west to bring a man like this to our land.”

The South Pacific Kingdom

A woman moved through the crowd, a smile on her face that would have charmed the birds from the trees. She was shorter then the Western women by several inches but her beauty was undeniable. An hour glass figure, long black hair that fell to her waist in long curls, and slightly tanned skin that highlighted startlingly blue eyes.

She offered smiles to all and exchanged words with any who approached her. She bore no marks of a nation though it would be plain she was not a local, perhaps a citizen of the Triphate.

There was nothing sinister in her actions for all she did was listen, quietly marking everything she heard and saw. The alliances that formed, the word play between nobles, the glances and their implied meanings, all of it.

The Caliph had suspected that war might be in the offing and she was certain now that he had been right and that the lines were being drawn in the sand, and sides chosen. She knew well that the Caliph would not commit his own armies to any “White War” as he called them, but the Caliphate would eventually be affected one war or another.