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Kindema Trolika

"We wish for peace, I wish forcefully."

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a character in “Crowns & Swords”, as played by LightANDDark


Kindema Trolika

Gadalka tribe, now on the outside of Bermuda City.



Kindema, also called Dema, is a tough person. She is best described as a warrior girl, and has the attitude of a knight. She loves a good fight, both physical and verbal, and loves people with wit. However, she is extremely respecful to any old people she meets, especially ones in her own tribe, with Matuska Albescu being her hero. She is confused at why her people continue to move, and despises the fact that they can never have a real home, and so her attitude was born. However, dispite her attitude, she does enjoy basic Gadalka traditions, including dancing, music, and drinking.

Brief Description:
Kindema is a strong person, standing at 5'9" and weighs 115lbs with most of it being lean muscle. She has wild black hair that she doesn't try to keep in order, instead perfering to keep a simple bandana around it. She is lighted skinned for her people, but has dark eyes like her family.

Skills and Abilities:
Kindema is a natural bow user, and one of the best in her tribe. She is pretty good with a sword, but her perfered weapon is her bow. Able to move very quietly, but normally is pretty loud.

Fighting, dancing, and proving herself.

People who say women can't fight, her people not having land, and being 'lady-like'.

Losing, Dying without making a difference, disappointing others.

What do they wish for the most?
Gaining a permanent home, becoming the greatest fighter ever.

Kindema was born into the Gadalka tribe, the fourth generation of her family to be born in the tribe. Her family was with Matushka when she first created the tribe, and have stayed in it ever since. She is the first born of four, the others being brothers. As the oldest, she was expected to help take care of her brothers and help whenever she could. She loved her tribe, and even the people who where not blood related. She grew up idolizing Matushka, the blind seeress, and did whatever she could to please the old woman.
She first picked up a bow when she was seven, while playing with some of the other children. It was a small wooden bow meant to be played with, but she showed the ability of a marksman, making almost every shot she took. Of course the weapons were used to hunt down animals for food, or for the weaker; people. Some of her tribe became bandits, but she stuck to her way, only hunting animals and practicing whenever she could. It wasn't unusual for a woman to hunt with men, but it was that in practice, she could beat almost everyone within her own age group.
She started hunting for the tribe at age 15, and since then has become one of the best. Dispite her love of her tribe, she wants to explore the world, visit exotic locations, and find good sparing partners. She is free to leave whenever she chooses, as her tribe doesn't force her to stay, but she could never willing leave her family, without knowing she would find them once again, so she mainly sticks to her clan.

None really.

So begins...

Kindema Trolika's Story


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Kindema Trolika

Kindema was a great hunter, no one who knew her could deny that. However, as a teacher, she was as skilled as she was at sewing. Both usually ended with her having a headache. Right now, she was out on a practice hunt with a youngling named Jurganu. He was supposedly in need of a teacher to teach him how to better use his bow, and from what she saw, he needed a lot of help.
"No," She said for the tenth time that hour, "You are holding the bow as if it would bite you. Hold it as if it were an extension of yourself." After that he seemed better. She spotted a doe, "See that one over there?" He nodded, "I'll throw the stone, you take the shot." A common practice was for the archer to throw a stone so the deer would look up, and then an arrow right in the eye, painless and quick. However, after she threw the stone, the deer looked up and he fired, missing by around three feet. "No, No, NO!" She yelled and then told him to get back.
"Like this." She threw the stone at another doe close by, and once it looked up, she let the arrow loose, and the deer was down in a fraction of a second. "See, no hesitation." She ordered him to collect the body, and once he returned, she put it on her back. "Look, you have improved and sorry for yelling, but remember we are the source of meat besides banditry, and if you ever do that, i'll string you up by your toes." She smiled, and felt a pang in her right hand. It was a bit sore after punching an outsider pervert of her caravan a few days ago.
Once they reached a place near an opening, she left the deer on the ground near the skinner she knew best and sent Jurganu on his way home. She then went on her way to see the seeress, but saw a man trying to enter the gates. She didn't see the guards, so she decided to action in her own hands, and took out an arrow and strung it. She was about twenty feet from him.
"From here I can hit your eye, your heart, or your manhood. Unhook and reveal yourself or pick which I hit first."

Alexander DeBious

Alexander was in the market place of Labrador City, a beautiful place with great vendors and if looking for the right service, great women. He was raised here, so obviously he knew his way around. It was actually a rare thing that he got to visit now ever sinse he was made a knight-in-training he was usually training or in prayer or other so called important tasks. He was glad for the day off, and happier he choose to visit here. Last time he got free days, he went into the Gadalka, at night obviously. It had its benefits to be sneaky. He didn't even mean to enter that woman's tent, but he thought he heard someone coming and he made a quick choice.
Yes, he did see the woman changing her clothing, completely naked, and after she turned around, her wild hair was not what he was looking at. She yelled at him, and then proceded to beat on him, all the while calling him things he hadn't heard before. When he scrambed out, he was bleeding, and if she wasn't naked, she would have probably come out and kill him.
So questions happened when he came back with a black eye, and large bumbs on his head, which he thankfully could avoid. Another great thing about being raised by whores, he could lie very easily to men, but to women he had a harder time. After buying an apple, something that six years ago would have seemed crazy, he decided to see if he could get into the castle to see his lovely princess, Aldea. Yes, he was partially obsessed, but hey... Every great knight needs a princess.


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Moloch Markus

Sure enough, he was stopped by one of the Gadalkas. Unusual for them, it appeared that she was a female, beautiful too and light-skinned. She may be of mixed-heritage. His spies had told them that while they are a matriarchal society, most of their hunters were male. It made a sort of sense. Men were the more physical of the two genders, but that was never a concrete rule. Lady Bellona, the Goddess of War, was female, taking the form of a small girl in order to teach her followers that one should never be misled by how things seemed. There was a significant minority of female warriors in his own forces, after all. He smiled at her threats.

"I think that harming me would prove detrimental to your people, as satisfying as it might be. Trust me, there are many that would like to see me dead," he told her, slowing his gait as he reached the camp, stopping as another guard opposed him. He bowed and took off his hood. Reaching in his pouch, he flipped a gold coin towards the first hunter, one of the Sovereigns his city produced for its currency.

"I'm sure you can see the resemblance. If not, then let me say that I run the most magnificient city in the world and, as such, I have a great many enemies far too few allies. I have a proposal for the great Matushka, whom I have heard nothing but good things about. Of course, I could leave..."

He smiled as he saw one of the guards grab one of his limbs, firmly escorting him to a more well-taken care of caravan. For all intents and purposes, he behaved as though he were in control of the situation. Of course, he was.

Before him were two figures, an older one dressed much like her own people, but with the aura of authority much like his own. He bowed his head respectfully and squelched the protestations of his pride. If Matushka was everything he heard she was, then she deserved his respect and, more importantly, his fear that she would turn her power against him. Beside her was another female, pretty, but uncomfortable. She lacked confidence. If that continued, her enemies would easily conquer her. For her sake, he hoped she gained some. Unless, of course, she made him an enemy.

"Your people are on their guard," he complimented, "I have a proposal for you, if you'd listen."

Niall Callhoun

Niall seemed to receive a less hostile welcome. Perhaps it was his manner. He was tired and broading. His manner mirrored that of an old man who had seen too much. Really, he knew he was sulking, but he didn't care. He heard of his people now marching under their conquerors' banner. It boiled his blood. Did they forget about the Bards? Their beliefs? Their traditions? He spoke with a guard quietly.

"I am a magic-user of some skill. I'm willing to heal those who need it for food and shelter for the night," he told him plainly, "If you desire currency, I am afraid my skills are all I have."


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While the man spoke, she did not take her eyes off the shot. She was about ready to take it when he reached for something,but the coin he threw seemed innocent enough. When she lowered her bow, he was being taken to the seeress by Nadya and a platoon of guards. While she harbors no ill feelings towards the girl, she was taking a man to see the seeress directly, what of he were an assassin. She knew the seeress to be well, and while thinking of her as close, she did believe that she was not leadership material, too soft. She would never say thing to her, if she was picked the she was picked, nothing to do about it.
She was about to follow them into the seeress tent when a guard came to her, explaining that another person was in the camp. He explained he was a magic user who openly admitted himself. This she could appreciate. She walked up to where the man was standing by the guard and dismissed the guard.
"So you are throne who freely ad it's to sneaking to our camp," She started and looked him over, "Well welcome to the tribe. I am Kidema of the clan Trolika, though most call me Dema. Our seeress says that magic is a noble art, and anyone who comes to us with that is a guest, and I apologize for not noticing you earlier. What brings you to our camp?" She asked earnestly. She was told stories on how one with magic could be stronger than any other, and she liked the idea of seeing such a person for herself.

"Perhaps," she thought, "He could be a great ally."


Alexwas made that he couldn't see the princess, Offical business The guards told him. But he saw the men enter the palace. They were probably trying to get princess Adela to marry, and this boiled his blood, "The knight must end with the princess. He thought.
So, thinking quickly, he decided to sneak around in the palace. A feat both difficult and fun if one knew what they were doing. The palace was supported by high rafters that span almost the entire complex, and while a very tight space could be navigated if o e was small enough. So for once inhis life, he was glad about his size and started his way to the knight keep in the palace. It was one of the only places he had access to, given his rank, but it would work.
He made sure that no one was around, and hoped onto the rafter of the building and walked it until it connected to a upstairs window. He climbed out the window, and made his way over to the main part of the castle, and snuck through a open window in the kitchen. He hid until the chef had left and then hoped onto several tables and then the rafter. Crawling on his knees, he made in his way upon high, where fortunately, very few people looked.
He watched The party enter the map room, and he was quick on catching up. The room itself wasn't to high,so he had to make sure he was quiet as a mouse, less he get the paddle or worse. He was stiff as a board and tried to listen to the conversation, while trying not to sneeze on the dust up in the rafters.


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Niall Callhoun

Niall smiled slightly at the greeting. It was much friendlier than he was used to outside of people seeking or had received his aid. He looked the huntress in the eye before bowing his head slightly, "I am Niall. I am pleased to meet you, Dema. If you're looking for an epic reason driving me to seek your people, then I am sad to disappoint you. I'm just a traveller. Tired and hungry."

From the way she looked at him, he could tell she was curious about his magic. He held up a hand and produced a small flame.

"Magic flows from the Life-Force, which is infinite, but we are still human. To control it, to act as a conduit, magic-users need rest, food, and practice. I'm afraid..."

The flame went out.

"I'm nearly spent. After dinner, I'll be happy to help out with my talents. I mostly do healing nowadays. If there are any sick or injured, I want to help. My Master would be very grumpy if I took an offer of hospitality if I gave nothing back in return."

A fire flickered by one of the caraverns and for a second, he saw the Bard's body: Broken. Burning.

He shook his head. He hadn't eaten since dawn. He was seeing things.