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Sanura Minkah

"All that glitters is beyond gold."

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a character in “Crows and Coins”, as played by skeletalprince


Sanura || Minkah

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"If you spend time judging others, you will never have time to love them."



Hair: Her hair is shoulder length, the color of obsidian with umber undertones. It's thick and a bit smooth, similar to the mane of a horse. It's parted in the center, always tucked behind her ears and out of her face.

Facial Hair: None

Eyes: Her eyes, when not directly in light, are deep soil brown. Though, bring them to the light, they shine like topaz. They're expressive, truly a gateway to the soul, as they seem to give her away. They're mostly oval, a slight almond shape to them.

Build: She has an athlete's build, though her body is pear shaped. Her torso is slim, though curves outward to give rather full hips.

Skin Tone: She is sepia in color, light olive tones to her skin. Having lived in the desert for most of her life, it is rare to find a sunburn.

Height: She stands at five feet and eight inches.

Weight: She weighs at roughly 178 lb.

Voice: 2:18-3:41

Handed: Sanura is ambidextrous, though writing is more comfortable with her right hand.

Body Markings: She has stretch marks at her hips and breast area, as well as moles decorating her arms.

Scar Tissue: Her palms are mostly calloused, having worked

Unique Body Features: There is a small white spot on her stomach in the vague shape of a cat's paw.


Name: Sanura Minkah

Nickname: Nunu (by family), Sani (by customers and children who regularly visit), Iah |translating to Moon| (by her late husband)

Title: Oasis Mother (formerly)

Ethnicity: Serket

Nationality: She was once a citizen of Serket, now part of the Darini Kingdom

Visual Age: Late 20's

Factual Age: 30

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Image Image
"There is one thing they cannot take from us; our faith."

Personality: Sanura is what most would call their adoptive mother. She is patient, warm, steadfast, and incredibly efficient. She's the woman who would hand her lunch to a peddler on the street and think nothing of it. After all, she's bound to get a good meal once she's arrived home. She'll most likely strike up conversation with customers, offering a cup of tea as they look about her shop. You'll rarely find Sanura out of good spirits, always able to find something positive about her day. If in a rotten mood, she'll keep to herself and become sharp.

Sanura is compassionate to the refugees who have flocked, having been in their place once. She will often take refugees in her home for the night, before giving them a small bag of bread and cheese when sending them off. Though, if one tries to steal from her store or home, she will make sure to let them know she will not stand for it. She's intolerant of thieves who meddle with her shop, as well as the Inquisitors and Witch Hunters. She may not speak out often talk about it, but she will surely demonstrate in small notions. She is what many call resilient.

Moral Alignment: Neutral Good


+ Survival
+ The possibility her family survived
+ The future of her people and magic users
+ Her kitten


+ Witch Hunters
+ Her magical abilities being found out by the law
+ Jerum soldiers finding her
+ Being burned alive
+ Losing her kitten, Aysu


+ Her kitten, Aysu: She's had her familiar, Aysu, since he was first born.

+ Her shop: Sanura is incredibly proud of her shop. She takes great care and pride in it, making sure it's presentable and welcoming.

+ Children: Sanura has always been fond of children, always willing to give away small toys she might buy on a whim. If they come by during the holidays, she will hand them sweets she made.

+ Dancing: Something she did often when she was married was go dancing. Be it at festivals or simply outside, she loved to dance till her feet could no longer carry her.


+ Inquisitors
+ Jerum
+ Witches who commit terrible crimes
+ Slave Traders


Patience: Sanura has the patience of a saint, so to speak. She's more than willing to help people along. Long tasks or projects are not a problem, nor is a long conversation. If anything, it's therapeutic.

Tolerance: Sanura will only judge by character and actions, though will be cautious. Appearances always have a small key into character.

Indomitable: She is a woman who has experienced many things, it will take a great deal to make her cower in fear.

Not So Charming: Sanura can easily see behind silver tongues and charmers, there's not much use in trying to sweet talk her.


Witch Hunters: Being a witch, Sanura and her spells are vulnerable to iron, salt, holy water, and a few other tools that most Hunters use.

Energy: Depending on her health and mental state, Sanura can only produce so much magic at a time.

Grudge: She never forgets when someone has done her wrong and will make sure to pay them back in double. She's merciless to those who do her wrong, not hesitating to give a foul name to her occupation.

Familiar: Sanura will do anything for the safety of Aysu, as her familiar means too much to her.

Is your character literate? In what languages?

Serket: It being her native language, Sanura can read, write, and speak in Serket.

Darini: Sanura has a basic understanding of Darini, though struggles with more eloquent wording. She can read and write in Darini, though is still teaching herself more of the vocabulary.

C O M B A T || P R O W E S S


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Hand-to-Hand Combat: [Average] Sanura is capable enough to defend herself without a weapon, though is weaker than most Witch Hunters.

Melee Combat: [Good] Sanura was taught by her sisters to use the weapons she now has, the staff and the dagger. She has since practiced for roughly twelve years, making sure she doesn't loose touch.

Ranged Combat: [Average] Sanura knows the basics of the bow, though knows very little about any other weaponry.

Magic Combat: [Excellent] Sanura has a knack for magic, using spells and wards for protection would be easy for her.

Mounted Combat: [Very Poor] Sanura has never ridden an animal, making a mount rather difficult for her when in conflict.


Potion Making: [Excellent] Under the watch of her husband, Sanura learned the art of potion making. She mostly uses herbs and light spells to make most potions, though will make gran potions if required.

Level-headed: [Good] Sanura is in good check of her emotions, able to remain calm and collected in tense situations.

Motherly: [Good] Sanura is incredibly good with children and babies, having a sort of "mother's intuition" of sorts.

Plants: [Good] Sanura knows her way around poisons, spices, and all kinds of plants due to her background. She mostly specializes in remedies and teas, but has plenty of nightshades.


General Magic: Being a witch and having been under the teachings of a wizard and a priestess, Sanura has an incredible gift for magic.

+Healing: Sanura can soothe wounds, numbing the mind and body in the process. Sanura needs a piece of the client, be it item or a literal piece of them. She concentrates energy to the wound, letting natural forces heal it at an accelerated rate. It is done by incantation and place a hand onto the wound, reading from one of her books.

+Misfortune: A coin is placed into a jar with three or so drops of Sanura's own blood, she speaking an incantation each night for three days. Placing the coin onto the person of interest and speaking the incantation one last time, bad luck will start to follow the unfortunate fellow. Once ready any number of things may happen, though it will go by time. The longer the unfortunate person has the coin, the worse their luck may get. If one passes off said coin, the luck will dip upwards in great fortune for as long as misfortune had taken place. The longest this hex may last is two weeks.

+Life Giver: Sanura can only do this spell once. At the cost of her own life, she may resurrect another and give the remaining lifespan she has left.

+Agony: With a quick incantation and eye contact, for even a single moment, Sanura may inflict harm to a person. A great, piercing pain will attack the nerves and muscles of the subject, inflicting a pulsing wave of discomfort. Sanura must concentrate on the person she wishes to torment. If concentration is broken, the spell will break.

+Sanura's Curse: Sanura has written a curse, one of which she swore to never read unless she were to truly be sentenced as a Witch. This curse will enact seven plagues, one for each mortal sin; Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Pride, Envy, Lust, and Gluttony. Gods pray that she never uses it. This curse will sacrifice her life as well as her soul, unable to return to the land once this is done.




Sanura, being a shop keeper, has the ability to get a few things here and there. She has many things from many her home country.


Sanura has a few bracelets and a pair of earrings she always wears, the jewelry she wore on her wedding day. She also keeps a red shawl-wrap that was once swaddling for her son.


Weapon Name: Jadu
Weapon Type: Quarterstaff
Material: Oak
Ammo: N/A
Length: 5 ft.
Weight: 8 lb.
Weapon Description/Info: X It's crystal is able to store magical energy to be used in emergencies. The wood is enchanted with a light shielding spell, making it hard to break.

Weapon Name: Bast
Weapon Type: Dagger
Material: Steel, Painted Black Walnut
Ammo: N/A
Length: 9 in.
Weight: 2.5 lb.
Weapon Description/Info: X


Group Affiliation: None

Marital Status: Sanura is a widow, having once been married to Jadu, a wizard who was often called in by the Serket Court.


+ Bahar Dalir (Older sister, Priestess, Mentor): Deceased

+ Ester Dalir (Older sister, Herbalist, Mentor): Deceased

+ Gulzar Dalir (Father, Merchant): Deceased

+ Parisa Dalir (Mother, Witch, Mentor): Deceased

+ Jadu Minkah (Husband, Wizard, Former mentor): Deceased

+ Aysu Minkah (Son): Unknown

Origin: The Serket Kingdom of the Amundra Sands

Social Rank: Shopkeeper/Lesser Merchant

Occupation: Witch (kept under wraps), Shopkeeper, Herbalist


Sanura was the youngest of three sisters, one of which her sisters is a priestess and the other is a herb specialist. Her mother was a witch with lesser intentions for others, as she had once been a slave. Her father was an herb merchant, well enough off to provide for her family. She naturally had a knack for magic. Once when she was 8 years old, she accidentally read from one of her mother's books and turned the cat hairless. Needless to say, it wasn't very surprising to her family. She had the birthmark of a magically gifted member, her mother's side always known for having the cat's paw somewhere on their body. She has hers on her stomach.

The Dalir family was well known for trading between tribes and in the capital, as her father was well liked in the merchant and general community. They were known to always bring spices and herbs from many other countries, as well as plenty of stories. Sanura always helped clean up after a large gathering at her home when her father and his friends came home for a drink. Her life was cheerful. She had a good, stable home and a family to love her. She learned from her sisters the skills they learned through their teachers, during her teens to the start of young adulthood. Given the basic education, she was well taught and a quick learner. Once she completed her basic education and the mentorship from her family, she asked her father to allow her to learn from a wizard.

Now getting Jadu Minkah, Hawk of the Sands, to actually teach Sanura was a challenge in itself. The wizard was known for being curt and irritable, hardly giving anyone the time of day. Which, of course, had Sanura choose him as her teacher. Jadu refused. After her father bargaining all sorts of deals, Jadu said no. Sanura confronted him and asked for his teachings. Jadu again refused. Sanura then thanked him for his time, placing a coin in his hand and leaving it at that. Jadu spent the next six days with the world against him, the poor man nearly losing much of his things. Jadu came back to Sanura and begged him to lift her curse. She did, in exchange for his teachings. She was 17 at the time of all of this, Jadu being 24. Sanura was the one to ask Jadu, much to no one's surprise. The two had bonded over the four years they knew each other. The wedding was small, as Jadu's family had been lost to Jerum invasion. It was simple, clean, and well... Magical. They even planned to start a family, word spreading of a young boy on the way.

As with all good things, bad things were not far behind. Jerum had it's sights on Serket. Time was running out and soldiers were closing in. Jadu packed her things she would need, his books, her familiar, and the only jewelry pieces she's owned into a cart. "Run," he said. Sanura ran. That would be the last time she would ever see him. Korrigan was rough, Sanura having lived with what little she had. Refugees were slowly trickling in, though of course there was Witch Hunters to avoid and the suspicious fellow to ignore. Though, her luck changed when a small shop not too far from an inn became vacant. Scraping what she had, she traded a few of her gold bracelets and spices for the homely building. Over the next eight years, Sanura has learned to blend in and even become friends with many of the folks in Korrigan.

With the new flood of refugees, she's managed to help a few with spare change and food. Though, she feels an unrest in the city. Sanura worries for the city as well as her own safety, awaiting the possibility of Jerum coming to take her new home.

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So begins...

Sanura Minkah's Story


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Sanura Minkah
The Jasmine Sphinx

Sanura locks the door to the Jasmine Sphinx. Her hands gently tug on the chain and lock, the metal ringing and a small click letting her know that the lock was sound. She walked towards the shelves, double checking everything was where it should be. Her eyes flickered, reading each label carefully before setting things into sections. The glass jars were dim in the light of her shop, the oil lamps providing a rather comforting feel. Tea, spices, herbs, medicines, balms, ect. She knew where everything went, as this was what she had done for the past 7 years.

Image A small cry caught her attention, the voice of an 13 month Serket Mau. Aysu had attempted to jump onto the glass counter, but had slipped and fell into the basket of lavender.

"Aysu, what on earth...?"

Sanura turned and picked up the basket, the kitten sneezing as a stock of lavender fell limp over his head. Her laugh rang softly, scooping her familiar out of the basket with a gentle hand. Aysu mewed as he was set inside the small pouch on her hip. It was perfectly made to hold the young cat, as well as a few other things. Sanura smiled and scratched the underside of his chin, earning a purr and the wiggling of cat ears.

"You're hungry, aren't you?"

An enthusiastic cry was her responce.

She laughed, "Alright, mercy!" She finished up the organization of her things, swept the floor, and put out the oil lamps. Going to the back door, she walked up the first two steps and then closed the door behind her. She walked up a few steps to her kitchen. Sanura set Aysu on the wooden floor, pulling out salted chicken and the mixture she had made for her familiar. Pulling out two bowls, she set the mixture into a bowl and water in the other. Setting them on the floor, it wasn't long until Aysu padded along and helped himself. Sanura placed the chicken over the cooked rice she had prepared this morning and stored. Placing a few spices and a light sauce over it, she would sit at the window and eat. The Summerhome Inn could be heard, faint music and laughter carried by the wind. Another bite into her food, Sanura looked at the stars. Aysu jumped into her lap, earning himself a few pets behind his ears.

"What do you think, Aysu? Think it'd be safe to do a bit of brewing?"


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Sanura Minkah
The Jasmine Sphinx

"I would think not."

Sanura could hear the knock on the door. Grabbing her shawl, Sanura cleaned up her kitchen and made way towards the stairs. Aysu jumped into his pouch, just in time for his caretaker to take her first step onto the stairway. Sanura lit one of the oil lamps near the doorway, the light helping her find the key in the dim light of the evening. The darker blues slowly setting in made it hard for Sanura to immediately see where the lock was specifically. She unlocked the door, after a good minute of prodding the key into places, sliding the chain from around the inner handles. Sanura set the chain on the counter, then padded back over as one shouldn't keep a guest waiting long. She swung one door open slowly, seeing an older gentleman before her.

"Evening, Sir. What can I do for you?"

Sanura gripped the handle door, studying the man silently. Aysu hid into the confines of the pouch, the young cat intimidated by the man's size. Nothing seemed magical about her, no charms or spells on her person. She was simply a Serket shopkeeper with a kitten in her side pocket. No more, no less.


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Father Aldus Sigrim

The door opened to a small Korrigan home, almost reminiscent of the dwellings in Jerum, but all cramped and pushed together for maximum space an efficiency. The home smelled of travel, though the woman who greeted him at the door was impeccably clean. It was a true boarding home, safe for many fleeing refugees. As good a place as any to begin the hunt.

"Good evening miss." Sigrim bowed his head slightly. "I hate to bother, but the trip to Korrigan takes it’s toll. I'll need some sanctuary as I sleep of the weariness and find my own stable footing. Word around the docks is that you're no stranger to the plight of the sick, hungry, and homeless."

Letting his sentence hang in the air, The Old Father waited kindly for a response. It was true he needed a home, but he needn't to apply any more force to the situation than necessary. An open door was an easier path than a locked fortress. His blood was still calm, and if he hoped to survive this attritious game of the hunt, he'd need to keep it from boiling for as long as possible.

Still at the door, Sigrim took the moment to survey the woman who greeted him. She herself, was a refugee, or perhaps former refugee, as she now sat in a rather solid home. Certainly the dust and grunge wasn't common among the finest of establishments, but the home was still well enough to accommodate a decently sized family. The woman looked ordinary enough, at least, by the standards of Serket women. She wouldn't have been able to hold a candle to the fair beauty of Sigrim's own wife, but he finally decided that, as refugees go, she was more attractive than the common rabble. But she was still likely a conduit of many old ancient and forbidden magics. It was a simple fact. Most refugees at least dabbled in the weakest of spellcraft, unknowing the danger that they carelessly danced with.

Finally, Father Sigrim settled his stance. This woman, should she accept him inside, was not a worthy target. As many old Jerumian hunters said, "One goes not for the frailest deer, but for the sturdiest of bears. That is always the finest test of the Iron's mettle. . ."


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Sanura Minkah

"It's no bother at all!" Sanura stepped aside, swinging the door open wider. Sanura regretted having not cleaned up better that day, though a long day at her shop did take it's toll. "I just finished dinner, but I would be more than happy to prepare something for you."

She let the man inside, closing and locking the door behind her. She would walk towards a door on the right of her shop area, the door swinging open to a modest, but comfortable bedroom. The dresser looked worn, but it was beautiful. The wood was a darker cherrywood, properly polished and had collected a bit of dust on it's top. There was a window, red drapes of Serket origin. Intricate patterns of gold and orange shown flowers and petals upon the maroon fabric. The bed was on a simple frame, the bedding made and properly placed. There was a small desk with a chair in the left corner of the room. A small oil lamp sat on the desk's old top.

"It is not much, but you may live here until you can get on your feet." Sanura smiled gently.


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He thanked the woman, then entered the home. Allowing her to show him around as he listened and nodded respectfully to her words. Finally, at the end of the little tour, he retired to his room, and let his massive body rest. It was the calm before the hunt. Wherever she went, he didn’t care for the moment. All that mattered was the rest. He'd have time to remember her name in the morning.

The sweetly pungent smell of magic permeated the air. It smelled like a candy. No matter how experienced the Father was, he'd never been able to ignore that smell. He looked at the woman again. His fist clenched and he stared her down. The smell of a bloodied mage was one to rival that of many perfume shops. It was almost intoxicating. "No time for that now." he reminded himself under his breath. "We've got other matters at hand."

Snapping back into the moment, Sigrim felt the world return to his senses. Staying in this home, while a good place to ___, and perhaps an even better place to cut down the numbers a bit, may simply overpower him with just the scent alone.

The sergeant's words echoed through his head once more. "A wolf you truly are, Aldus. And like any wolf, you must bear the smell and taste of your prey. Perhaps you'll learn to enjoy it... Perhaps, you already do."

But this time, he wasn't a mere wolf. He was among the sheep, and he needed to keep his head clean. For now. The culling could come later. At the moment, he needed to be careful, and chose his friends and contacts carefully. He wasn't as smart or well-read as Viola. He'd need to calm and conquer his inner rush and recklessness to succeed here. But, the question remained, who would succumb to the tide first?