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Cael Rohan Adair

"Just as long as everyone stays out of my way, I'll enjoy myself on this cruise."

0 · 459 views · located in The Cruise Of Dreams

a character in “Cruise of Dreams”, as played by Thadine


Image Cael Rohan Adair Image

Appearance: Cael has bright, bleach blond hair cut in short layers. The color is almost white, though there is a noticeable tint of almost gold in the light. It's cut in short layers, with bangs that cover a portion of his face. His hair reaches to the bottom of his neck in the back, but just hardly frames his face at the front. He has light, pale blue gray eyes, a rather dull color like the sky on a cold winter day that stands out against his lightly tanned skin. His facial build is rounded off, with noticeable soft features that give him a serious, yet kind and gentle look. He looks peaceful and content most of the time, and his expression rarely changes. Rather, his emotions are shown in his eyes, that gleam with happiness or anger at certain moments. He is pushing just above average for height, with a lean build sometimes shown in the clothing he wears.

He prefers to wear a wide variety of clothing, mostly jeans though, skinny or straight-legged. Light blue, to the darkest black. His shirts are sometimes loose, long-sleeved, or a t-shirt. Sometimes hoodies, from black to white. Though his style is not narrowed down to anything, the colors are never bright. They are often pastel colors, pale blues and greens, or black, gray, or white. His footwear is usually a pair of combat boots, or maybe something that looks like it should be worn by members of the military. Maybe he'll wear a pair of converse high-tops occasionally.

Personality: To make it simple, Cael can be explained with one word. Narcissist. Rather than holding the personality trait in a vanity form, he believe that the work of his mind is above others. He believes that he is clearly more original than anyone else, and his mind is one that works differently from others. He thinks very highly of himself and his personality, putting his life and needs/wants before others. He clearly shows arrogance in his words and actions towards others. He lacks empathy, and has a willingness to exploit others, as well as an inflated sense of self-importance. He is rather selfish, but also lacks emotions towards other people. He has a lack of sensitivity to warm and caring personal relationships.

He isn't very sensitive to other people's words or opinions on him, and believes that his opinion is above everyone else's. He tends to argue a lot, about the stupidest of things too. The correct color of something, grammar or spelling of certain words and such, he really will do anything to be right. He hates being wrong about things, so therefore, he has tried to come across all of the knowledge he can so that he is hardly ever proven wrong. Due to this, he's like a walking encyclopedia and dictionary, and has a decent knowledge in almost every subject. He uses other people without considering their feelings or thoughts on it, and is never able to imagine other people's view on certain things.

Though he may seem loud and over-confident, he actually is a rather quiet and serious person unless irritated by someone. He often never speaks up or tries to be center of attention, thinking that people will realize and see him eventually. He is a slow thinker, and rather than being clever and witty, tends to walk away from the situation and get the person back later. Cael used to be quite emotional and close to most people, though he soon discovered that being emotionless was the best way to go. Every now and then, people try to get close to him. He is very closed up, not speaking much about his personal life, but rather bragging about his achievements and such. He can be nice if he is in a good mood, or just wants to be.


-Warm Weather
-Nice landscapes
-Those who admire him
-Snakes and other reptile/amphibians
-Techno/Rock Music
-Sometimes, the Rain.

-Loud areas
-Stupid people
-People who never shut up
-People who make fun of or mock him
-The dark
-Small spaces
-Animals with Fur (They always seem to attack him on sight)

Bio: Cael's family is no different than anyone else's. He's had his share of sad moments, and relatives dying, but nothing major. Until, thanks to a stupid mistake from someone of their home, there was a large house-fire, and his mother was killed. He managed to escape with his life, and only a few minor burns. As well as the extreme, new phobia of fire. It was actually his fault that the house had set on fire, though to anyone who asks, he blames it on his sister. He never does like to talk about it anyway, and when he does, hides all of the emotion in his voice, and tries to not think about it too much.

He found the envelope while wandering outside in the rain. It seemed like a nice breath of fresh air, and he felt like feeling some cool water on his skin, and chilly air after a long heat-wave his area had been having for a long time. It was when he stepped in a pothole in the road, filled with water, cursed and looked down at his soaked shoe did he see the envelope, half of it dipped in the pool of water, the ink on the front smudged and runny. Curiosity got the better of him. He took a quick look at the envelope, and decided to take it home. He dried it, and opened it. To his surprise, the ticket, message, and everything were all in good-shape. The decision wasn't hard, he took the offer in a heart-beat.

Other: Has a huge phobia of fire. When someone even lights a match, or if there is a campfire near him, anyone can see how tense he is, as well as his uncomfortableness. He really doesn't like the pitch black, or small areas, having claustrophobia. He feels like he is suffocating or running out of air. Hides his thoughts and feelings, is very closed up. Tries to generally avoid people, though enjoys spending time with others if it is an activity he likes.

So begins...

Cael Rohan Adair's Story