~Inori Rui Tsukasa~

"Darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good."

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Full name:

Inori Rui Tsukasa


Rui -- Pudding -- Sakura





May 7th





Inori's family only consists of herself, her older brother Sujii ((Older then her by two years)), and her older cousin Uruha ((Hes' older then her by three years)). Her family comes from an Asian background, they have no religion. She doesn't speak much about her family since she doesn't think it's really anyone's business. Most of her family had suddenly disappeared in the process of the Government taking control. Her mother left a note that Inori keeps on her person at all times. She doesn't really care for her father; For all she cares he could go straight to hell. It wasn't her problem. Her cousin and brother used to always have her back, but like all the others they were brain washed. Like everyone else.... She'd risk everything just to have her normal family back. As she says, she has nothing to loose. Absolutely nothing. Everything was taken from her. Everything







You'd see Inori by the sea side, thinking to herself, keeping to herself. You'd think she's timid and withdrawn, but with every flick of her gaze she's analyzing. Studying everyone around her as if it was a game, but it's just like a hobby to her. All her life she was on the run so gaining her trust would be next to winning the Lottery. Shy wouldn't be the word to describe her, or timid, she has no problem telling someone off. Inori will tell you exactly what she thinks of you with a blunt edge without hesitation. Inori isn't exactly an outgoing person, nor is she known for being out spoken. She doesn't really talk unless she has to or is spoken directly to. She's at times very eerily quite. She stays very calm when in sticky situations and thinks before acting or doing ANYTHING. She carries out her jobs with precision and pace, well when she was an officer. She's not easily distracted and doesn't goof off when it comes to jobs. She does have a sweet and caring side though, she's somewhat like the mothering type that takes care of her 'family' and friends; Making sure their needs are met.

Complaining in front of her or acting like a drama Queen around her will probably automatically cause her to think of you as annoying or a pest. No matter what emotion she seems to be portraying, always expect the opposite of what you think is going happen to transpire. Her life is built around Irony if anything, kind of like a inside joke to herself. Even she has her moments when she'll snap and throw a punch, but really unless you're out on a mission to bug her to no end; You should be safe. Everyone thinks of her as a small girl that has no capability to defend herself, and is soft spoken. Always expect the unexpected. The Government is a topic she barely brings up unless it's an absolute must. She freed herself from their grasp years ago and would rather not get back on such a subject. Like bad Ju Ju so to say. The word government will simply slip off her tongue like venom, no remorse or loyalty to it.




Inori has a very big fondness for guns and firearms in general. During her time as a cop she had trained to no end, gaining the name 'One-Shot' because of her precise aim. Her pistol is always on her, though she'll never tell you exactly where it is on her. She has a stand set up in the Black Market to sell some of her guns for cash for a living, but refuses to give away all of them. She also is trained in hand-to-hand combat but hates to even come close to her enemy. Unless absolutely nessacary she'll always use her firearms. Along with her she always has her little purse like bag that seems harmless but hold her ammo, cash, and another pistol for emergencies. Also with her is her shoulder bag but she usually keeps it hidden somewhere; She has very important items in there that she treasures and keeps close to her heart as a reminder. A reminder for what she stands for. Bottom line is- Touch the bag, get your hand cut off. Simple as that.



"Welcome to my world of Corruption, Hate, and Betrayal.


"My past is best left in the shadows, where it can feed off my future. Leave me to m consuming memories and slowly become nothing but a shell."

Inori was raised in a quiet, good-behavior, perfect behavior type of home. She was always raised to be the best, her parents always pushing her to become a perfect role-model. Oh how disappointed they'd be if they only knew... Growing up is part of life, never being able to be erased. No delete button, no re-do's. You must live with your past choices. Her parents gave her everything she wanted, getting her private tutors, dance lessons, the newest toys. She never did ask for any of it, she kept to herself. Her outside appearance being obedient and never questioning anything. So many questioned left unanswered-- As she became a teen her interest in the government and investigations peeked to its highest. She'd always be in her living room watching a cop show, or following the latest murder on the news. Promising herself that she'd catch all the bad-men one day and make them suffer. Her dream was realized as her father started catching on. He helped to pay for the right collage and schools to train her to become a top notch cop.
She only ever was a trainee with with other cops, but her intelligence went through the roof of the collages she had surpassed. She graduated early and helped out with forensics, murders, and other crimes. Indeed, she was working for the government; Her loyalty was strong and unbreakable. Until that day..the day everyone become a mindless puppet. Playing into their hands. Inori found herself feeling betrayed, this wasn't justice, this wasn't fair. Everything wasn't right anymore. Her father became the same and they began fighting constantly. He took her mother away from her...leaving With her brother also. What had she done to deserve this? She had enough and quickly fled, going into hiding. She left the force, giving up her dreams to fight off the 'bad-men'. How could you fight off the bad-men...when you were one of them? Right under their control. Since she held quite a bit of precious information, they hunted her down. Trying to find her non-stop. Her fellow cops were told to catch her either Dead or Alive. She's been on the run ever since, trusting no one and staying hidden. The only thing she keeps in memory of her father is a piece of string that he tied the ends together. They used to play with it all the time together...


"Memories bring pain and sadness....but they remind you that there's always something to loose."


The sound of rushed foot steps echoed throughout the quiet and empty streets of Marionette City; heavy breathing quickly passed through pink glossed lips. Her heart beat could quite possibly be heard from down the street as she took a sharp turn, ducking into the shadows of an alleyway. She had to get away. Her breath evened out a bit as no following foot steps could be heard, no one on pursuit. Yet. She pulled up her pistol to her side as she warily peeked around the corner. They had been on her tail for at least five hours now, they were like demons hunting for their next victims. It was sickening, really. She had enough of it, enough of it all. She just wanted everything to go back to the way things were. Her dreams of crushing all crime to keep the future generation of kids safe. But now she didn't even think there would be a future. The government had gone too far this time, starting off with the little things. She had ignored it thinking it was just a normal thing. But things had escalated quicker then she had thought.

"No one..." She breathed out in relief, lowering her gun and head. "I need to leave...I need to escape.." She nearly chanted to herself getting ready to bolt again down the street; When suddenly she was roughly yanked back into the brick wall. A grunt passed her lips in pain as her head met the wall, causing her to loose her balance.

"Thought you could escape so easily Inori? Would you still like me to call you Pudding?" A gruff voice asked in a sickening tone from above her. She was nearly going in and out of consciousness. Her vision was getting blurry, but like Hell was she going down without a fight. Quickly thrusting her leg out, she delivered a rough kick to his knee; A sickening snap could be heard followed by a pained yell. Inori shot up, which was a bad idea, quickly trying to exit the alley way. She held back a scream as he grabbed her by her hair, yanking her back into him.

'No. NO! I have to escape! I have to leave! I can't go back!' She thought to herself as she frantically tried to escape his grip, twisting and turning about. She swung her arms up, her gun hitting him square in the nose. He released her due to this giving her, her chance. She spun around and aimed her gun, quickly pulling the trigger.

"I refuse to be like you Kiru...." She muttered to herself, still in a trance as she lowered her gun and walked forward. "I refuse...refuse..." A loud crack echoed off the walls of the alley way, blood running down the sidewalk.

"Violence isn't like you, Sakura..."


Inori quickly snapped out of it, her brothers words echoing around her skull as a painful reminder. Her hands...blood..so much blood...this shouldn't have happened. It wasn't a big deal right? Everything was fine...she'd find them again one day..she'd find them and they'd all go back to how they were. The bad-men would be gone right, momma? Brother...daddy...?



So begins...

~Inori Rui Tsukasa~'s Story

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The chatter, hustle and bustle of the market was roaring. Well. To Inori at least. It was a usual day people chit chatting to each other, joking around as if where they were didn't matter to them. It wasn't unusual. Just a farce that people liked to pretend that what was, wasn't what it should be. Inori's eyes scanned around the place, her senses lowered due to her location. Her stand was set up, her array of firearms and knives laid out in from of her. She had her chair leaned back, her feet up on the counter.

"Tch....." Another one... she was currently watching people pass by, wondering where they were going, what they were doing, who they were meeting up with... ect. There wasn't anything else that really caught her interest that she hasn't seen. She's seen everything from theft, murder, mutilation, bribery, hostage situations, you name it. It never got to her, she had been in nearly every one of those situations. Ever since everything changed nobody really had a choice. If it wasn't for the Rebels, she was sure she'd have gone insane a long time ago...

"Excuse me lil' lady. Yer' guns are pretty damn nice, mind if I have some hands on interaction with that one?"

Inori's gaze lifted to the man that was now standing in front of her stand, pointing to her Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun. It had been one of her prized possessions when she was fifteen, given to her by her father. Now... selling it was no problem. Every time she sold one of her guns, she felt like she was erasing one of her painful memories. So she could forget everything, just so anyone can take it away from her. Memories were a burden anyways..

"......" She gave him a short nod of approval, the man smiling and lifting it to inspect it. Her thoughts faded back once again as he checked it out, another man coming up to her stand to check things out. He was clad in a hood and a hat that casted a shadow over his face. It was no concern to her at the moment. Everyone was welcomed to look at her things. She dropped her feet off of the counter and stood, turning around to her bag. Her fingers brushed over the velcro of the bag, thinking to herself for a moment before pulling the bag open. Her eyes hardened on the contents of the bag, unable to tear her gaze away. It was always like this... why did she do this to herself..

"Hey! Lil' lady!" Inori quickly turned to the counter just in time to see the hooded man take off with one of her guns. She let out a sigh as her eyes slid close. There was always one of these petty crimes everyday, it wasn't a surprise to her. The man that had been inspecting her gun was about to take off after the theft but paused as Inori swept past him in the blink of an eye, hot the the thefts trail. She muttered to the man as she passed.

"Watch my stand..."

"W-wait wha-? Lil' lady!?" The guy was dumbstruck as she took off, looking down at her stand before looking back up at where she ran off to. Inori ignored him for the moment as she kept her gaze on the back of the theft. She saw them take a sharp turn behind a corner. She knew where that led... quickly she jumped up onto a dumpster. climbing up the metal latter of the building, hopping over to the other one before dropping down. She looked up just as the man turned the corner. Well... nothing like a bit of exercise....

"Boo." She muttered before she pulled her gun out in a flash, aiming it at him. The man froze in his tracks, muttering a string of curse words to himself. Walking forward, she pressed her gun to his head, not caring that she was at least a head shorter then him. Holding out her hand to him she gave him a warning look. Noticing that he had no way out of this he cursed her and tossed the gun into her hand. Without saying anything else Inori turned, not looking back, nor caring if he tried to attack her. Nothing mattered anymore... After reaching her stand again, she tossed the gun to the man that he had been inspecting and had been jacked.

"Thanks, here. Take it and go."

"W-...free? Are ya' sure?"

She gave him a hard look to get her point across, and he quickly nodded smiling, turning and leaving. She settled back down into her chair, her feet going back up. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out the string that she had since she was.... born.

"Under the bridge we go, we go...." She muttered to herself, twining the string around her fingers, making a bridge.

"Where may we go.... nobody knows..."