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Gustaf Gladium

"It is time to liberate the peoples."

0 · 317 views · located in The Orion Arm, 5000 AD

a character in “Crusade of Man”, as played by ImperatorBellum




Name– Gustaf Gladium
Age– 43
Gender– Male
Occupation– General of the Aegis
Faction– White Guard
Species– Human

Personality– Gustaf is a tactless and ruthless man who uses the art of deception to his own needs. He's also a statesman, once being a part of the Bolshevist Directory. However, as a shy person, Gustaf only appeared once in the elections, but he was booted out thanks to his more liberalised ideologies. Though a right-wing liberal, he sees modern democracy as perverted to serve the deep hedonistic wants of an individual, thus cancelling out all forms of brotherhood. When he left for Russia, which had some semblance of theology and theory left, he found out about Catholicism soon enough, and began to follow it, as it fitted his own dreams of a brotherly world that was to be brought about by a destructive war, as stated in Revelations. He also exhibits a staunch hatred for the Coalition, as he holds humanocentric values. He treats his men like his own children, and is equal to Johann Bellum in military prowess and genius, and was one of the men who eventually shattered Bellum's communist views and convinced him to join his religion. He is an outspoken man, a staunch critic of communism and absolute social equality; he is a supporter of stricter government, equal rights, and class collaboration. He views the class struggle as a struggle between self-serving men, and sees class collaboration as the system of a brotherly world.
  • Brotherhood
  • Orderliness
  • Class collaboration
  • Communism and class struggle
  • Alien species
  • Individualism
  • Modernism

Physical Description– Gustaf stands at 187cm and weighs in at around 70kg. He is a mesomorph, as well. He has a wrinkled face and strands of silver on his temples, even though he's only in his mid-forties. He also sports a moustache. His nose is long and hooked. His hair is black, and is usually swept backward neatly. His eyes are of the same colour.
History– Gustaf was born into a family that supported the communist ideology. Gustaf, however, was quite different, even at childhood. He exhibited great intelligence and care for others at such a young age. As he grew older, he became a free spirit, exploring the surrounding forest near the apartment his parents lived in. Inside the forest, he one day discovered an ancient building, and inside, there were walls covered in books considered illegal by the government. He read to his heart's content whenever he had free time, until one day, a friend, who was a staunch communist, followed him and reported the place to the authorities. However, he never ratted out on his friend. Gustaf was distraught, but everything he studied remained with him. His ideologies garnered himself support, and he was able to enter politics at the young age of 20 after his parents sent him to cavalry school at the age of 16.

His political ideologies garnered him much support to the point that he became an intergalactic symbol of liberalism, but one day, he found himself alone once again. All his support had disappeared overnight, and the media reported the event as the people returning to the wonderful ideology of communism. One day ago, he believed that a liberalised communism could be achieved, but suddenly, inside his mind, the realisation formed that a liberalised communism could not be achieved, no matter what they did. He realised that the ideology he was looking for was the enemy of communism itself: capitalism. He went to his friend's home carrying only a suitcase with a pistol inside. He was now a convict, public enemy number one. Gustaf went to the home of his friend, an anti-communist. He was greeted, and his friend arranged for a ship to carry Gustaf off to Russia, where the Bolshevik influence was significantly less, but when the call ended, just before Gustaf could leave, the police stormed his friend's house, and his friend was soon riddled with bullets before any words could be exchanged between the two groups. Gladium took the pistol and shot two of the three police officers before the last one wounded him with a bullet through the belly. Filled with adrenaline, Gustaf ran and jumped out the second story window, the pain unrelenting, but not strong enough to break Gustaf's will to survive.

He hid for hours by the extraction point, and he entered the lift when it came, pistol in hand, his stomach bleeding. Apparently, his friend's contact was a White Guard member, who lifted him out of the miserable State of Marx. They passed over a large stadium with a glass ceiling that was closed off for unknown reasons, and Gustaf saw the real reason why: down below, hundreds of thousands of men gathered, all in prisoners' uniforms, and all of them started dropping dead as green smoke was released into the air. They tried desperately to gasp for air, but they all died off. Just like that, Gustaf felt woozy and passed out. He later woke up in a Russian building, a former cathedral, where the White Guard medics patched him up. When he was patched up, he continued his pursuit of knowledge, discovering what Christianity was, and soon, his view of democracy as the perfect system disappeared, replaced with the belief that democracy would pervert and corrupt the minds of men. A few years living in unconquered Russia, and Gustaf was baptised, and was married and had a daughter. He became a farmer in the fields of Prokhorovka, and there, he developed his strength and body. At the age of 22, Gustaf's loved ones were killed in an airstrike by Bolshevist forces. Nothing but anger welled up inside Gladium, forcing him to sign up for the White Guard, which was, back then, only a large partisan force of four hundred thousand men scattered across space.

At the age of 29, Gladium was appointed a general, and he created a small elite force from some of the best partisans in the White Guard and turned them into real soldiers. He formed the Aegis Platoon which was only made up of fifty men in its first few days. They carried out raids in what was once Eastern Europe. At the age of 30, more men flocked to the side of the White Guard, and the amount of men joining Aegis became overwhelming for a platoon, and it welled up to a regiment, to a battalion, to a division, and eventually, into a whole army that ran across many of the Human-inhabited worlds. They carried out professional attacks on important locations and cities across the Orion Arm, turning the White Guard into a bigger threat than it ever was. It was at the age of 40 when he finally drew up plans to retake Terra with his multiple armies, but before that, he had to blockade any Coalition force from helping them out. They had to secure Pluto, and at the age of 43, they finally did it by defeating Johann Bellum. However, it wasn't the fact that Gladium's forces were decimating the Bolsheviks under Bellum: Gladium personally spoke to Johann face-to-face in a secret meeting. Gladium was the person who convinced Bellum to truly side with them, for him to drop all his ideologies. A few months later, Bellum came to him, a broken man. He and his men were baptised into the Roman Catholic faith, and Gladium finally asked for help to retake Terra. Bellum agreed, and just in time, former Bolshevik generals had sent a message to Bellum claiming that they were to begin a coup. From then on, Bellum and Gladium had remained in contact, and when Bellum returned home, Gladium followed his ship on a smaller one back to Russia, where hundreds of thousands of men awaited orders.

So begins...

Gustaf Gladium's Story

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Gustaf Gladium stood clad in his light assault power armour, or LAPA, his guns prepared and loaded: an assault rifle with an extended drum mag resting on his shoulder, a pistol magnetised to his hip, and a power sword slung on his hip. The last Bolshevik stronghold in Helsinki stood in front of them in the form of a port with naval artillery scattered across the harbour of Katajanokka. His men had encircled it, and artillery had aimed at it from afar. He looked at his adjutant, who was by a radio. Gustaf stood by the doorframe, looking at the port, which had been covered in walls. The radio tower that once stood there now stood smouldering, preventing any radio signals from reaching anywhere else, thanks to the heavy jammers the White Guard employed to jam all their signals except the signals being transmitted from the very tall radio tower that once stood.

"Tell the soldiers to begin the operation," Gustaf told his adjutant. "Yes, sir," replied his adjutant. Gustaf put on his heavy steel helmet, which had a slope to decrease chances of penetration from heavy machine guns. He exited the building, and without even looking, he gestured, and his men standing guard by the building followed him. Unlike Gustaf who wore LAPA, his men wore simple armour that covered their breasts, faces, and heads. Their helmets were similar to the German stahlhelms of the 20th century, and they wore gas masks and black breastplates, while they carried a lighter variant of the assault rifle Gustaf carried, with one of the ten carrying an anti-fortification rocket. Another of the ten carried the flag of the White Guard, but his variation had a golden cross behind the lion.

They went down the recently-liberated road, and down to the port, just in time to see the massive explosion that tore through the walls, creating a breech. "Come on," Gustaf told his men before he began to sprint at full speed. The armour didn't weigh much, but it had enough armour to stop bullets with a calibre below 12.7mm. His men sprinted with him, forming a column behind the better-armoured Gustaf, when MG fire from one of the towers on the wall pounded on Gustaf's armour. Luckily, it was only a light machine gun. Gustaf gave enough suppressive fire from his assault rifle to allow eight of his ten soldiers to get behind cover in the street. They broke down doors and entered the houses while some hid under the cover of sandbags and concrete fortifications. "Rocket, fire at that building!" Gustaf shouted. The lieutenant who carried a rocket replied with a loud and firm, "Yes sir!" and popped up from behind Gustaf as the old man fired his guns. He aimed at the tower, which was still lighting up the street. "Firing!" he said as he pulled the trigger. The rocket screeched out the launcher, and hit the tower dead-centre. The explosion blew apart the tower, allowing the soldiers to advance further. They charged in through the breech, accompanied by tanks and men passing through another street.

A super heavy tank passed through, allowing Gustaf and his men to get up behind it and use it as cover. The moment they passed the walls, the tanks were already under fire from heavy machine guns which would have penetrated Gustaf's armour in a pinch. Gustaf looked over the top of the tank's hull, his gun pointed on the direction he was looking. He saw a few men carrying rocket launchers pop out from behind concrete cover, but before they could fire, Gustaf had already riddle them with bullets. Eventually, the tank's turret traversed to the right by a few degrees, and the gun elevated to point at a building covered in machine gunners, as made evident by the yellow muzzle flashes coming from every window.

The massive gun on the super heavy roared. It was 170mm in calibre, and the shell that hit the building blew apart most of the building's face before it collapsed a few moments later. As Gustaf and his men continue being supported by the tanks to the port, he heard as the tank behind them was immobilised. Gustaf looked behind him to see that it had a massive, smoking hole on its side. It was definitely an anti-tank rocket fired from the cover of a building. He looked through every space between the building, and eventually saw smoke erupt from behind one of the buildings as a rocket flew past a tank, barely missing it. He saw the man who fired the rocket, and using his assault rifle, he aimed. The man was on the other side of a building, but his head was exposed through the window, and Gustaf fired a three-round burst. The bullets shattered the glass and two entered straight through the man's head.

The last stronghold in Finland stood by the port. It was a building too massive to be destroyed in one shot by the enemy. Besides, they needed somewhere to place their flag. "Come one!" Gustaf shouted to his men, gesturing for them to follow him. He entered the building, his original ten soldiers following closely behind him while an additional ten soldiers came along to give support. The entrance was quite empty, and just when Gustaf thought that the entrance was clear, someone from the foyer opened fire. It was a single man carrying a machine gun, which began to slaughter the lightly-armoured White Guard infantrymen, but Gustaf's armour just deflected all of them. He took aim at the muzzle flash and pulled the trigger, allowing a burst of five bullets to take care of the gunner. "Move out!" Gustaf commanded. "Split up; flag bearer, come with me. The rest of you clear the east and west wings while we get to the top through the centre." "Yes, sir," said the soldiers. The twenty men split into three groups, with more men coming with Gustaf. As expected, the central route was more deadlier. When Gustaf broke down the door through the centre, he was greeted with a massive meeting hall. An iron hammer and sickle stood at the far end of the wall, and a statue of Marx stood at the centre. Just as they entered, they were immediately greeted by assault rife fire. There were no more heavy machine guns firing at them.

The bullets bounced harmlessly off Gustaf's armour, but the regular infantry that came with Gustaf were more vulnerable. His men opened fire blindly, and Gustaf slowly lumbered to cover to allow his men to catch up. The eight men that came with Gustaf crouched down behind a concrete wall that was erected to block whoever was on the other side, but it worked just as well if you hid behind the front of the wall. Gustaf opened fire as his men tried to get close. His assault rifle's bullets, 10mm in calibre, began to hit the enemy soldiers as they popped out. The men from the top floor began to open fire, as well, but Gustaf aimed upward. His gun lit up, and began to fly in the direction of the enemy. His men snuck around and found suitable positions and began to fire from there. "Up those stairs!" shouted Gustaf, pointing at a staircase behind the statue of Marx that lead upward. One by one, his men ran towards the staircase, which was defended as Gustaf stayed behind to distract the enemy. His men reached the second floor, where they assaulted the men at the top from their flanks. They stormed the rooms at the top, with a few rooms calling for cleansing. The 'cleansing' was finished when the guns stopped firing. "All clear up top!" one of the lieutenants said from the top. "All clear down below!" Gustaf added as he ran to the stairs. He threw a grenade by the foot of the Marx statue, and the explosion blew apart the stone statue's legs. The statue fell on the ground from its platform, and crumbled under its own weight. "Follow me to the roof!" he shouted. He climbed up, and his men followed him to the roof. They only reached the top floor, but the ceiling had luckily crumbled from the artillery. The flag bearer ran, but soon, he fell. A bullet had entered through the side of his skull, a bullet coming from one of the rooms at the top floor. Gustaf didn't even se the man when he began to shoot through the walls. His kill was confirmed when he heard a body slumping dead and a weapon falling on the wooden floorboards. Gustaf took the lion flag, and ran up the slope of the roof. There, he found a unit of Bolsheviks on their final stand. Immediately, with only one hand, Gustaf sprayed the enemy soldiers with bullets, his men giving support. The enemy scattered, taking cover behind walls they set up, sandbags, and statues of communists like Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Leibknecht.

Without hesitation, Gustaf began throwing grenades at the statues, and the explosions rippled through the air. The statues shattered under the blast of the grenade's explosion, and flew outward. The soldiers behind them were knocked away, but they lived. Gustaf took it upon himself to finish them as the rest of his men stormed the enemy's fortifications, stabbing them with bayonets attached to their rifles. Gustaf then tore down the red flag of the Bolsheviks from atop the pole, and raised the lion flag. The men cheered. "Lieutenant Will," Gustaf called to the smoker in his ranks, "Give me your lighter." Will emerged from the position he stormed, drawing the bloody bayonet from the Bolshevik's throat. As he did, blood squirted out as the man began to choke to death on his own blood. Will took the lighter from a pouch on his breastplate and threw it at his general's direction. Gustaf caught it, and lit it. He put the flame underneath the red flag, which soon caught fire. Down below his men cheered as Finland was liberated.

A few hours later, Gustaf stood by the edge of the port. He exited out his own suit, and jumped down onto the ground. His men saluted him. Immediately, one of the officers of the artillery corps came running towards him. "General!" he called, "We spotted a Bolshevik ship inbound!" "Is it alone?" Gustaf asked. "Yes, sir," replied the artillerist. Gustaf took the man's binoculars and looked over at the distance. He saw a white dot, but when he looked through the binoculars, he saw a Bolshevik ship. However, on its mast was the personal standard of Johann Bellum. "Let it dock."


Johann sat inside the comfort of his tanks. It's been a week since the coup began, and millions of former Bolsheviks turned against their once-beloved Directory. In the streets, massive banners flew, with the words, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" scribbled across. Johann found it funny, and when he departed from Alexandria, Virginia, all the way to the ports of Helsinki, Finland, he tore down every banner that read "YOU SHALL NOT PASS." It seemed like the White Guard does things differently. When his smaller boat that was placed on the interior docks of the surface warship docked, the soldiers were wary at first. Their guns were pointed at Johann and his host. Though they became less wary upon the sight of the White Guard Lion patch on Johann left arm, they were still wary nonetheless. Johann was quite confused as to what was happening. Was this all a setup? His men also began raising their weapons when they saw the White Guards having guns raised. "Stand down," Johann ordered both sides. "Stand down," Johann repeated, gesturing to his own host of a few men. They reluctantly obeyed.

Suddenly, a familiar voice broke through the crowd of White Guards. "Bellum!" he called. He erupted from the wall of gun-carrying soldiers. "Everyone, stand down, stand down," the man said. He was taller than Bellum, and sported a moustache. He wore a black uniform with the White Guard patch, and a cap above his head. The White Guards put down their weapons. "But sir," one of the man's soldiers called out, "that's Johann Bellum, who decimated our ranks in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East!" "And he's the reason why we already have Pluto in our hands," came the reply from Gustaf Gladium. "Ave!" Gladium said, raising his right arm in the Roman Salute. Johann saluted in his own manner. "Ave, General Gladium!" replied Bellum. "Come, let us get to my camp." Gladium made Johann follow him. Behind Johann followed his host of a few men carrying their guns. Bellum saw how the White Guard handled the banners which said, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS." They vandalised them, and now, they read: "WE HAVE ALREADY YOU SHALL NOT PASSED!" Heavy tanks stood at guard, their crews joyous after their recent battle which seemed like it happened only a few minutes ago, as signified by the may bodies being dragged from the port.

They entered a small building just to the north of the port, which had a radio station set up. The building was small, but it had to do. "We've received reports that Pluto has been entirely taken by the Aegis in Pluto after the defeat of one of your former colonels, Colonel Styles." "I feel no sympathy for the bastard," said Bellum, "He's a radical, just like I once was. The only difference is that I matured." "Indeed you did," said Gustaf, "and if you didn't, I have no idea how we would have further succeeded." Bellum nodded in acknowledgement. "How do we retake Terra?" asked Bellum. "I've already drawn up plans," replied Gustaf, "I just need your help in perfecting them." "Show me your maps."

Gustaf lead Bellum to the war room, which was empty. They were most likely drinking to their victory. A map stood there, multiple lines jutting out from Russia. They were now in phase one of the plan, which included Finland's liberation. The next step would be Poland, Germany, France, then Denmark. From Denmark, Norway would be next, followed by Sweden. Next was Spain, and from there, they would take Portugal. The next step was to take Italy through the Alps, as well as the rest of Eastern Europe. From Italy and from Romania, they would conquer Greece, securing their hold in Europe. This would be followed by a North African campaign, giving way to the Middle East. From Russia itself, and from the Black Sea and North Africa, they would surround Turkey and take it before they would attack further east until they reach big Red China. The Mongols would attack southward slowly as the White Guard conquered South Asia before reaching the borders of China. They would attack China through the Gobi Desert while a separate army would attack Southeast Asia and use the islands as naval bases for the invasion of South China. From there, they would attack Japan. Once Eurasia was secured, they would take time to regrow before taking Africa. Last on the list was the American continent, which would be ruined by civil war by the time Afro-Eurasia is taken. The White Guard would invade through Alaska down to Canada, and it would be expected that the soldiers of the coup would take over the northernmost states of the United States.

Bellum nodded. "It's a good strategy, we just need to know where we should actually attack." "Indeed, that's my only problem." Gustaf sat down and gestured to the seat beside him. "Before we do this, however, let's speak about your armies." "The generals who began the coup have sworn allegiance to the White Guard." Gustaf's face lit up, and he was trying his best to hide his smile. "And you?" he asked. Bellum nodded. "I now formally declare my allegiance to the White Guard. All my armies shall now operate under the White Guard," he said. Gustaf stood up. "Thank you," he said, extending his hand. Bellum shook it. "Welcome to the White Guard."