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Zombies!!! (all other descriptions were to long)

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Terrorist attack in the CDC lead to the down fall of the United States. President Obama broadcasts that a "anti-biotic" is not the correct vaccine or the flu and to stay way from all hospitals and overly crowed places, inferring this could be airborne. Many board planes and boats to be with loved ones in the chaos, only to be a carrier of this virus. The "anti-biotic" mutates into a virus as it enters the body, and becomes airborne as the host exhales. With in hours the host will have hot flashes to the point to were it will literally cook the brain at a toasty 112 degrees Fahrenheit while unconscious . Just like early Mad Cow Disease cases the person will be delirious and confused shortly turning after. They will not turn into a shambling walker but become anger and viscous, fighting or biting all who may be helping, only to die hours later. Even though the people turn and die within a short 72 hours, they are exhaling the virus pores, infecting doctors or family, letting it spread rapidly. Obama brings home the troops to help the U.S., leaving us with no connection to the other countries. Letting them to snoop around and settle old scores.

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Hello? Okay so im new to this whole RP thing so no Juding!!!

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Zombie by Ἐνυώ


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I will judge this, It's Terrible and I hate it. LOL I'm just kidding Lundyn

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Sorry, im new to this whole RP thingy.

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