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Ship Artificial Inteligence

0 · 269 views · located in The Flight Deck

a character in “CS Mercury”, as played by Narwizard


Crew Log
Logistic Artificial Inteligence

Artificial Intelligence


Physical Description
Though Lai resides in the ships mainframe, she also has a physical husk that she can access wirelessly. This allows her to move and help the vrew off of the ship. She cannot go far from the ship however, as the signal is not endless. Her physical shell has female features, and is made out of the finest reinforced metals. Her eye-like cameras shine bright red and give her minor x-ray vision through light-weight materials such as cement and some metals. Many wires and tubes stick out from parts of her body, pumping electricity and plasma through her system.

L.A.I. has little to emotion. She does have a humor drive, set to sarcastic by her maker. She enjoys teasing the crew, as well as mocking the captain, though she truthfully respects his decisions...because she kind of has to. L.A.I. prefers to be called by her abbreviation, Lai(pronounced like Lay).

Lai was built by the original creator of the CS Mercury, an intelligent old alien named Murdok. She was programmed specially by him, making her one of a kind. Her program is unable to be wiped from the ship's system, and is permanently locked to the Mercury. This means Lai can not and never will be on any other ship.
When Murdok died, and the Mercury was left to the scrap yards towards the end of the tri-race war, Lai was put into sleep mode, leaving her dormant until the current captain resurrected her from the ashes. She has a strong bond with the Captain, and like them will stop at nothing to maintain the well being of the ship, as well as her crew.

So begins...

LAI's Story