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Datgirl Kaitlin

Self-proclaimed commie

0 · 181 views · located in Cuckland

a character in “Cuckland: A Left vs. Right Universe”, as played by KaitlinImGay


Datboi Kaitlin

Datboi Kaitlin is a jailbait member of CvR. She identifies with both the Cuck Clan and the Right Clan. Her general demeanor is very poor and the only movie she watches is Enemy At The Gates.

Appearance: 5'1. Lesbian haircut. 135 lbs. Blue eyes. Blonde hair.
Personality: Very stubborn. Says "I'm gay" ironically. Shares irrelevant memes and collects communist things. Claims to wield a "12 inch cawk", though that is uncomfirmed. EGOKUNT \m/
Equipment and Abilities: GRAPES MALE OPPRESSORS. Has a cow.
History: Been in Left vs. Right for a while now, usually lurks. Rage-quit about six months ago, came back to all of the Chippy stuff. Actually indifferent about selfies.

So begins...

Datgirl Kaitlin's Story


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Datgirl turns around, thinking she can hear footsteps. It must be my imagination, she thinks, but still, she walks faster, towards her old home. Her home is a modest place, where her and her lone cow live. Datgirl steps into the shack and begins cooking like a good oppressed female. "Damn white male privilege," she mutters to herself as she realizes she lives in poverty.