Mackenzie Summers

Kenzie is a Hero c:

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a character in “Culprit City”, as played by Cecebelike


Mackenzie is 19 years old. Her hair is a caramel brown, silky to the touch and long enough to reach the end of her back. Her eyes are a medium, almost milk chocolate brown, her complexion is honey like, which gives her a normal look, not too beautiful, not to ugly. Her body is curvy but she's pretty skinny as well, which gives her a nice looking shape. Mackenzie is a pretty sweet person. She's caring, helpful and a really great friend and loves everyone equally. But, criminals are another story. When it comes to criminals, despite her gentle manner, she's more upfront, unafraid and sharp with her words. She's pretty fearless when it comes to facing a criminal. She's knows that one day it could get her killed, and she waits for the day that it does happen, but until then, she will look at any criminal as if they are nothing but savages. But overall, ignoring anything having to do with criminals, Kenzie will always protect people she loves, and will always risk her own life for others. Yet when she's angry, she gets a bit crazy, so make sure you don't get her mad. Mackenzie has a way with people, too. She's always had a way with connecting with people through her words, which makes her a more soft person. Even if you did her wrong, she will always find a way to connect with someone. Through Kenzie's adventure known as her life and with current events, the only thing getting her through it all is her strength at heart and her hard will. She's a determined girl and with determination, she pretty much fights to get through anything. Mackenzie was a foster child, orphaned at the age of 6, and she grew up living with two people who she loves near and dear. Her childhood was hard. When she found out that her parents had been murdered when she was younger, and it brought Kenzie to the point where she relies on herself for anything.

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