Riley Mac'feran

"Many call me insane... I prefer the term spiritually enlightened"

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Legal Name: Riley James Mac'feran

Age: 38
Sex: Male
Birthplace: Saint Paul, Minnesota

Build toned/Athletic
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 205lbs
Hair color: Blonde/brown
Eye color Hazel

Status: Incarcerated
Offense: Murder
Occupation Post Arrest: Pastor


Prisoner Case Notes and Records:

-Information collected from Minnesota departments of investigations and Corrections-

The prisoner, Riley J. Mac'feran was convicted on two charges of murder in the first degree. As death is no longer seen as a moral punishment he was sentenced to a double life in prison punishment. What occurred on the day of the murder is still under question to this day, now it is speculated that he may not have been the culprit but all evidence seems to state otherwise.

The bodies of both his wife and young child were found in his home in Saint Paul, Minnesota along with one of his personal hunting rifles. The bodies had bullet holes matching those used in the rifle and this was quite damning evidence along with the prisoners incoherent ranting and rambling about them "At least being saved" as stated by the prisoner from what it is not sure as he would not tell officers what this meant. These two things in correlation are what lead to his arrest.

There has been a new development in the case. It appears that on further investigation that the house seemed to have been broken into and a few items stolen from the home; objects stolen consisted of the remainder of the prisoners gun collection, a large amount of valuables, and large amount of cash. This means that Mr. Mac'feran might actually be inno--
*The rest of the file has been erased and locked away by some unknown group*


Psychologically analysis, prisoners background, and possible motives for the crime:

-Information submitted by detective Markus Cleren-

Upon investigation and looking into his past I have found that the prisoner was raised in quite the normal family, he was raised in a middle class family along with his 3 brothers and sister in a christian household. He went through high school an A student and held various positions in school such as class president and such. Overall he seemed like quite the extraordinary young man. He eventually went to college to become a pastor and actually finished and became a pastor at a local church. He seemed overall like a good average guy.

We interviewed him to get an idea of his behavioral patterns and learned a wide variety of things. He was unbelievably intelligent, he was also very mannered and polite considering what he was going through. But there was one thing that did stand out about him was his clear devotion to religion; he was very zealous and borderland being a fanatic. After his arrest I did notice however that he became obsessed with some twisted idea of redemption.

As far as motives went there were there wasn't really any that were notable other than perhaps the financial hardship he lived with and often argued with his wife with. This honestly makes me think that either this man did this for no apparent reason or that it wasn't him at all.

Entry from Prisoners personal Writings

Entry One:
"I've sat in this this prison for nearly 14 years... and I have found one one thing to comfort me in this time, this thing is my lord and savior. After this time however god has tried to get my attention and has given me a mission. I've realized that the men who took my wife and daughter from me were sinners and were overall evil... I believe it is god's will that I remove all the evil and sinners I can from this world given the remainder of my life. What better place to do this than in a prison full of them."

Entry Two:
"I fight everyday to do two things; survive and cleanse this prison of the worst of the worst.... given time all die for they have all done some foul thing to land themselves here. Today I killed two men. I stabbed one multiple times in the recreational area and killed the other with my bare hands. The other's here fear me and will not speak and but the guards do not know it Is me who killed the men. Every person here I kill brings me one step closer to redemption and salvation."

Entry Three:
"This will be my final entry... today I killed twenty men, im sure god is quite happy with what I have done this day. I will not go into details on how I did this. I do know that two of the men were guards who tried to stop me. As guards attacked me I realized something... the sin did not just rest upon these prisoners shoulders alone. All those who would stop me or interfere with my righteous goal, and even those who decided to put an innocent man to rot away in jail have aligned themselves with sin and deserve death. These leads me with the conclusion that none can be saved and all must be purged. I must go through now as I have been given a new chance to continue my righteous mission in the form of some strange show to the sinners. I will show all how the sinful are punished."
*The rest of the page is covered in blood*

Culprit City Interview Analysis

After interviewing Riley Mac'feran I can say that I quite strongly feel like he could fit in quite well for the roll we need. He is a convicted murder and clearly his sanity is in question, making him somewhat of a loose cannon. It is my opinion that he being so unstable and conflicted could be good the show as I can already tell after listening to his rants he will be trying to kill all in his path both hero and criminal alike, none the less a very unique man. He say's he often enjoys tormenting his marks before he kills making them fearful and paranoid while he slowly chips away at their mental resolve before finally killing them. Just listening to the man speak was unnerving; I for one couldn't' imagine being his "prey" as he would say.

After Interviewed and analyzed his mental and behavioral compatibility I sought to look at his physical capabilities and skills of interest. Upon asking him what he was skilled in he stopped talking and only answered me one word being "Purging" so I had to take it upon myself to look through videos of the prisoner and questioning other inmates. What I found was quite amazing, this man on film killed nearly 20 men in a matter of minutes using only a few homemade stabbing instruments and his bare hands. He is incredibly strong no surprise as he is built so large . He seems like he will prefer to kill his enemies up close and personal but I am told rumors that while in Minnesota Mr. Mac'feran was a gifted hunter, tracker, and marksmen. This means he will likely be able to track his opponents relentlessly and can hold his own if it comes down to a shoot-off and using his intelligence make important decisions on the spot. I predict his survivability to be substantially high in this game.

OOC: Basically this character was raised in a normal home life and even went on to become a preacher. This was until his family was murdered in his own home using his is own weapons. This lead to his wrongful imprisonment. Now while in jail the combined loss of his family and wrongful imprisonment lead to the decline in his sanity, being religious he turned to the only thing he knew to comfort him and became fanatical to this. He thought that all had to be punished for in his eyes all were now evil. He has essentially became a psychopath out for blood, he is also thought to be schizophrenic and highly unstable. As for his skills he is unbelievably intelligent for a prisoner and for a man of his size is deceptively strong as he spent every day in jail training to help him reach his goals of well killing everyone. As mention he often toys with his victims and he is also quite the marksmen but prefers hand to hand engagements as in jail thats how he did his killings.

So begins...

Riley Mac'feran's Story


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#, as written by Lialore
  • Please make sure you have read the entire introduction and also the information written under the ‘Culprit City’ place page, found under the ‘Places’ tab. This will give you information on the armoury, the SafeSite building and how rule breaking will be dealt with. Rule breaking includes the removal of Criminal/Hero bands.
  • I suggest that any combat between played characters be written collaboratively. (TitanPad)
  • Do not feel the need to match the word count of this post. I’d much prefer shorter posts around 300-500 words, though. This is not a rule.
  • Players are placed randomly across the city. You may choose where. I hope everyone spreads themselves out decently. Weapons have to be gained inside the city; they did not enter with any. All are currently wearing the same black outfit from head to toe, consisting of: boots, trousers, a T-shirt and a waterproof jacket with pockets.
  • Anything that is not addressed in the introduction or in the Culprit City place page that you wish to know, post in the OOC.



The atmosphere inside Station 7 was electric. Fittingly, a lightning storm was raging outside but it did little to dampen and destroy the mood. The Station was well protected, and the people inside were safe. The same could not be said for those which the hundreds of screens inside the main room of the ‘Culprit City’ floor in Station 7 depicted. The mostly haunted and gaunt faces of the criminals peered out from many, their expressions ranging from desperate to determined to downright disgusted, getting drenched in the downpour. Other screens showed Heroes, marked by the green bands around their arms rather than the red, criminal ones. It rained down on them, too, though it did not make them look desolate as it did the more helpless criminals, nor as evil as the more frightening ones. The water which ran down their figures made their faces gleam. It highlighted their straight, strong shoulders and confident stances. It painted them formidably. The panoramic screen with took pride of place in the Station showed Culprit City’s clumsy skyline. Dark clouds filled the sky above, but the rain was lightening up.

Soon, all of the ‘players’ were in their randomly allocated starting positions and left to soak until the klaxon roared. The sound of tapping keys and excited chatter on the floor was dying down as the moment to Culprit City’s first ever broadcast drew closer. Station 7’s employees settled into a more professional manner, speaking when needed in sure tones. And then – he arrived. Barely on time. The man wore a leather trench coat, still flecked with raindrops. A trilby hat cast his spectacled eyes into shadow. All very mysterious. But as to who this man was: there was no mystery. The Announcer was known worldwide for his deep, dramatic and demanding voice. He was the God of all commentators. And Station 7 was honoured. The Announcer took his place in the prepared booth, removed his hat and straightened his spectacles on his particularly bulbous nose. He wet his lips with the glass of water which was at the ready, and looked to his set up of prompts and CCTV feedback. The Announcer nodded.

The countdown began. At zero, the title sequence rolled out to millions then continued on to a prepared montage of introductory information and a selection of interviews from both criminals and heroes. It was produced dramatically; all quick cuts, dark lighting and tense music. Finally, the broadcast cut to Culprit City’s advanced camera system. They scanned and swooped, bringing up the faces of various players and theatrical shots of the city. The perfect visuals for The Announcer, whose voice now boomed out across Culprit City from speakers atop the street lights, addressing the audience but heard also by the players:

“Ladies and gentleman, we invite you - the victims of years of criminal activity – to observe as justice is served. We promise you an entertaining watch. We seek your vengeance.” A lengthy pause began, filled by silence and the face currently on screen; a thug-like character, a criminal, lips pressed into a straight line and eyes staring with menace.

“Each of our players has had a chip implanted into their brain which runs off the electrical impulses. We can use this to track our players, and also determine which have died.

Our maintenance force of highly-trained and protected members of the Station 7 team will be accessing the Culprit City set to deal with bodies and any rule breaking… We are not lenient in our punishments. Quite the opposite.”
an ominous and spontaneous chuckle escaped from The Announcer, but it only added to the performance.

“Our players have all been informed of the rules, but are going to be a little lost in this city, don’t you think? Well, that’s why we’ve hidden maps across the city. 100 in total. Getting hold of one of these would give a huge advantage.

Now, join me as we launch this innovative way of presenting righteousness to those who deserve it . Inspired by the graphic novel by Jia Jiu… This is Culprit City.”

The screen went black.
Five seconds passed.
A countdown clock appeared on the screen.
3… 2… 1…

The klaxon sounded.


♦ Attempt to find a map.
♦ Get hold of a weapon of sorts.
♦ Find a base, somewhere for your character/s to reside. Perhaps alone, perhaps with allies. Find your territory.
♦ Interact with at least one other played character.


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#, as written by Riles
"Father" Mac'feran

Drop Location: 1st Street, The Warehouses


Riley was anticipating the sound of the klaxon, his body was teeming with excitement. He could not wait until the horn/sirens would activate. After a few moments it finally went off and a grim smile stretched his face "Show time..." he looked around observing his surroundings. He saw on the streets there were quite a few warehouses. He looked further down the streets and thought he saw a small glimpse of a park. He stopped and thought for a moment as the rain poured down on him he was tempted to walk on but something told him he would be better off getting out of this weather and inside; plus he could only assume that being a warehouse there would be a variety of helpful objects within the warehouse.

He entered the warehouse and immediately heard the voice of roughly three men as well as their footsteps. He looked to a staircase to his right where the voices were emanating from and then his eyes slowly shift to a nearby window. He stepped tore off a piece of his shirt as he punched through the window, he now had a very sharp piece of thick glass and wrapped his shirt tightly around it. He then moved to the corner next to the stairwell entrance as he heard someone coming down. He sat for a moment until a man walked by him saying "Who's th--" Riley lunged at the man slitting his throat quickly. He then proceeded up the stairs to finish the other two off.

He now sat over his second victim who lay bleeding out multiple stab wounds filling his torso. "One more to go..." He walked up one one more flight of stairs and saw his target... he would have fun with this one. He walked along on the walls hidden in the shadows he scraped the glass making a ear splitting noise. "Who's there!?" A voice said a tone of fear in his voice. He sensed the fear and laughed, his laugh was even more fear inspiring as the sound would get closer and closer. "Are you ready to join your other two friends in hell?" He stopped where he stood and looked over on a nearby crate was a map and a pocket knife often found in some stores he picked it up and walked even closer and mumbled some scripture. The criminal started to panic as he looked around frantically. As the man turned around a knife pierced his heart as Riley pulled the man towards him impaling him deeper.

After killing the men Riley carved a cross on each of their faces and wrote a message carved the words "Purged of evil" then proceed to set them outside of the ware house in front of the door... they would serve as a grim totem of sorts to warn others to stay away from this place. "Now that they are taken care of" He grinned he seemed happy and content once more now that the men had been taken care of. "Let see what we can find" He rummaged through the store house and what he found was a treasure trove of sort. He found clothing, canned food, and an abundance of miscellaneous objects. This would be his base of operations for the remainder of this competition.

He looked out the window while crossing his arms as the sky lit up with lightening and thunders ominously. "The Sinners will be hunter down... 'heroes' and criminals alike will not be saved his wrath."

Kills: III (Criminal) Kills: 0 (hero)


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#, as written by Riles
After having marked off his territory in a sense and securing the warehouse for his own Riley decided that he would scavenge for supplies before he left the safety of his little base her to go hunt down the others. His warehouse had 3 levels a set of stairs that led to the rooftop. The first floor had the miscellaneous items such as rope and clothing, the second floor had canned and other non-perishable foods, and the top floor had a variety of tools and fishing/sports gear.

Riley couldn't have asked for more luck the first thing he did was get a change of clothes. He had found a pair of black and grey cargo pants in a camouflage pattern, some black combat boots, and a dark grey shirt that thats sleeves extended to about an inch or two past his elbow. He then went to the top level of warehouse and went to arm himself... he found some hockey gear this took him back to his youth when he played "Ah the good old days" he smiled and shook his head. He dug out some shin guards, some forearm guards, and a large padded torso protector with shoulder guards. He was now somewhat well protected in the makeshift armor as he put on the black jacket he received when he entered the city. "That will do for protection... now lets see what we can do for weapons.." He gazed around the room seeing mainly small things like screwdrivers and hammers this wouldn't cut it for him. He stopped looking as his eyes fixated on one item of interest A heavy-duty chain. The kind of chain that you might use to help lift your care slightly off the ground or help you drag something with, this would serve him quite well as he smiled. "I'll be taking this..." he examined the chain closely as he noticed there was a blunt hook on the end. "For now it will do but i'll be sure to sharpen that."

He walked out of the warehouse his grim totems still sitting there blood staining the ground around them the rain only slightly carrying it away. He now looked down the street looking down the street towards the cemetery after a few moments he started to slowly walk that way the chain hanging over his shoulder. As he walked by the graveyard he saw there was a fence post missing and there appeared to be a body sitting on the ground assuming it was dead he walked on down 1st street he looked at his map and decided to walk towards the legal sector. "Let's see what filth we can we can round up"

As he walked down the street he appeared quite large and bulky from the hockey pads yet these hardly imbedded his movement and his already large build made him in imposing almost fearful sight to behold. along the road he saw 2 more people who were walking towards the financial sector as well they walked up to him while he held the hook of his chain in his palm. They saw the man and stared for a moment before asking "Criminal or Hero" they couldn't tell as his arm guards blocked vision of his ban slightly. "Neither" He swung his chain in a broad arc as he hooked the man around his legs and tripped him then pulled the chain back as he swung it at his partner a smaller female using the blunt hook to smash into her skull she died almost instantaneously as the hook connected with her temple, she fell blood pooling around her head from her nose, ear, and moth. He walked up slowly to the man he tripped as he looked over him. The man screamed as Riley's boot came down to stomp his face multiple times. He looked around as the mans screamed likely carried decently far. He collected there armbands and proceed down the street.

Kills: 5 (criminal) 0 (hero)


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Will was at the nearing the end of the grave yard when the screams began to echo in the distance, it sounded odd with the soothing back ground noise of the rain, a scream here,a "help me!" carried along by the wind, even a few cries of victory could be heard over it, but in the end it was always the rain Will heard, and felt. Soaked to the bone by now even with his standard issue water 'proof' jacket. He shivered a little looking down both ways of the street, someone had started some fires in the street to the south, figures. He looked north and didn't see much so he wandered across the street to a law firm 'Jacobs and Medley' for those who cared.

He went in the front door whipping his feet on the welcome mat, just force of habit. The law firm's lights were off, the building its self was rather small and seemed to have an upstairs to it. Like most offices there was a central "grunt work" location and surrounding officers that were glassed off.
He popped his neck and started wandering around , who knows what he might find, he really didn't. He looked at his clothing.

He really wasn't well off, a knife would go right through this stuff, hell it hurt just being hit with that iron fence piece...He had to figure out something better than this.

After searching through the firm he didn't find much a couple phone books, some duct tape, a few pieces of thin metal he scrapped from a filing cabinet , and a pair of scissors. It was all he could find in the dark but hey, it was something.

He started to get to work, cutting bits of the phone books apart, making stacks of paper about a 3rd of an inch thick. he layered them so they would make a vest shape. He layered the center of these with the metal then duct taped the whole thing together.
He repeated this with the back and made straps from multiply layers of duct tape so it could be put on and off like a vest. For the side plates he uses the same phone book stacks and simply turned them on their sides, since he was out of metal he just doubled them up half an inch of paper would stop a knife for sure... maybe even a pistol round... He shook that idea from his mind. After he finished his ghetto rigged knife proof vest he striped out of his top layers and put it on over the T-shirt they had him in, after redressing he looked just a little fatter than normal but other wise looked the same.
'Least now it'll be harder to shank me....' he thought moving to the stairs. He took a seat and watched the light from the fire dance in the street. between the fog, glow from the fire, and rain the whole graveyard looked rather creepy...
His thoughts turned once again to the man in the center of the graveyard that the woman had killed..... and the woman he had killed... On Que a pair of horrible screams echoed in the distance...

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#, as written by Riles


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#, as written by Riles
Riley continued walking down the streets looking from building to building for any sign of activity. For the most part he saw none. He did however see fires lit in the streets though no one around them anymore. He stopped looking at the fires then glanced over to the cemetery for a moment only thinking. "What a morbid scenery..." Ironically enough there was a trail behind the man, boot prints leaving a blood imprint behind, they only lasted for a few moments each before the rain diluted and washed them away.

Riley smiled faintly as he let the chain drop from his shoulder and drag on the ground behind him making a crude grinding sound as concrete and metal scraped against each other. This was a tactic to either draw out more people or to cause them fear/paranoia. He trudged on for a few more minutes until he stopped in front of another set of office buildings. One caught his attention slightly the sign said "Jacob and Medley" he glanced at the door which appeared to have been opened recently as the door wasn't completely shut.

Suddenly something else diverted his attention from the building as he saw the glint of some metallic object around a nearby corner not but 20ft away. Someone was trying to surprise him from behind and had failed miserably as their weapon peeked from behind the corner. He gathered the chain up in his hand its blood stained hook as he walked as if things were normal in the direction of the would be hidden assassin. As he passed a woman with a large knife charged him.

He turned quickly and stopped the woman dead in her tracks, not before taking a stab to the lower right side of his abdomen. The thick hockey gear took the brunt of the attack meaning the knife only tip of the knife pierced his skin and only managed to go maybe 1 inch into his skin. He held the small women up by her throat as her knife dropped to the ground. "Look what we have here..." He looked to the corner she came from then back to her. "Pitiful attempt to ambush me don't you think?" He walked to a nearby wall and slammed her into it while still holding her off the ground as he observed her. He noticed a green band and raised an eyebrow "Oh, A hero I see. Just as bad as any of the criminals in this town." He pulled out his own pocket knife from his pocket and slit the woman's throat mercilessly as he let her hang motionlessly in the air for a moment then dropped her lifeless body to the ground as blood pooled around her.

He only scoffed to himself "...Hero..." as he took her green arm band. He then walked over examining the weapon she had, he was quite impressed. The weapon was about a 10 inch stainless steel survival knife, Imagemuch like the sort he was accustomed to using on hunting trips before he was locked away. "This will do much better than that little thing" He tucked the smaller knife into his boot and now clenched the much larger knife in one hand and his chain in the other.

His gaze shifted to the office that read "Jacob and Medley" once more as he couldn't help but feel he was being watched now...

Kills: 5 (Criminal) 1 (Hero)


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#, as written by Riles
He cutched the knife in his hand and threw his chain over his shoulder as he walked to the entrance of the Jacob and Medley offices. For a moment he looked in the window to make sure he himself would not be ambushed. He decided that it was safe enough and entered. From the looks of it someone had definitely been here.

Will was sitting towards the back of the building, resting when he heard the sound of the door click open.‘ Shit.’ He moved to a crouched position, straining his ears for the sound of movement.From the sounds of it, the guy or who ever had a chain at least.

He shuffled around the room looking for a sign or trail of the person who was within the building. He saw a few phone books destroyed and cut apart, as well as a few filing cabinet torn apart there metal plates stripped. He found this curious as he muttered “Maybe they made a weapon or something?” He shook it off as he went back to looking for whoever had occupied the building. He walked down a nearby hallway his heavy boots and dragging chain making quite audible noises as he moved.
‘There moving...’ Will started to move making sure he was quiet, in a crouch it was awkward, he made sure the heel of his boot as firmly against the ground before he shifted his weight making very little noise as he could. However the rain jacket they were give made that all too familiar hiss sound when he shifted. ‘God… I hope that chain drowns out that sound’ He moved in an opposite circle from the sounds of the boots , keeping himself and the shovel lower than the cubicle’s walls. ‘ Heavy boots...sounds like they are about my size….’ Will could hear his heart pounding away in his ears, he was surprised that sound didn’t give him away as silly as that thought was.

“I heard that” He said as he heard the faintest sound in the distance. An all too familiar smile formed at the edge of his lips. He moved more fervently down the hall the sound of his boots becoming heavier and heavier. “I’d start running… whoever you are. It’s better when they run.” He swung the hook of his chain into the wall breaking a small amount of drywall.
Will kept the same rhythm with his steps even when the guy had started talking, he might think it was just some sound in the building. Externally he didn’t seem spooked, he moved carefully as always moving closer to the door and windows. The smack of the chain hitting the wall echoed through out the little law firm. ‘ This guy likes to fuck with people before he kills them...’ He gripped the shovel tighter making sure it didn’t drag along anything as he moved. God this sucked… Never before now had he wished he had a gun more than he did now. Fear had quietly settled in the base of his stomach. He had to either bug out or fight, that chain would be hard to effectively swing in this tight area…. Then again so would large swings with his shovel. He’d have to use it more like a spear or a hatchet. The boot steps got closer and he got further.

He started to practically run down the hallway now as his boots made a continuous ‘thump’ with each step. Then the noise suddenly stopped, Riley now moved quietly no longer stomping his feet with each step. He pulled the 10inch blade he had looted from his would be assassin earlier and started to scrape it across the walls as he walked. It made a horrible noise and he looked around for any sign of movement. “You can’t hide forever…” the many hallways and rooms made his voice a bit distorted and scattered. He started to get a feeling of excitement as he hunted for the inhabitant of the building. “I will find you soon enough.”

Shit he was getting closer, Will moved into one of the cubicles and readied the shovel like one would a javelin to be thrown. This guy was going to to be in a blood frenzy and lose himself in it… At least I can use that to my advantage. Will’s mind slowly formed a plan. He really wasn’t equipped for an all out brawl but he might be about to wound the guy and get away. He waited until the footsteps were close, almost on top of him before he struck. He rounded the corner with the shovel point first and let his body weight along with it screaming as he went. It was a risky move but it would pay off hopefully. He readied himself to keep running if he missed.

He continued running until ‘Wham’ A shovel from the darkness hit him dead in the chest, his padded armor took the brunt of the assault but it did flatten him as he feel flat on his back to the ground. The men's adrenaline was pumping now as he became furious. “You're gonna regret that!” He quickly picked himself from the ground, the running man now roughly fifteen feet away. Almost on impulse he swung the chain over his head across the room aiming to take the mans feet out from under him to by Riley time to catch up. “You’re not getting away that easy…”

Will booked it after the guy hit the ground.’Shit shit shit, Should smashed his head in when he was on the ground’ He kept running even though he heard the sound of the chain. “ You’re the one who attacked me!” he shouted back as he rounded the corner hearing the chain smack against the floor. “Shit” He muttered to himself as the chain hit the ground missing. He immediately started his pursuit after the fleeing man grabbing the hook of the chain from the ground as he passed it. “That’s why they brought me here… To kill everyone.”

“ So you’re gonna let them control you like a dog? Red arm band here buddy!” He said knocking over the hat rack by the front door smashing the front window, but the guy was to close behind him to try and get out , he’d have to go on the next pass through. He simply laughed “All are my targets… criminals or ‘Hero’ alike, none have been spared judgement.” he said as he started to spin his hook while running.

“Battlefield Judgement? You serve?” Will grabbed a clock and tossed it over his shoulder hoping the hit the guy in his face or something. God this guy could run, to top it off he sounded like a nut. A nut with a chain trying to kill me.

“I serve a higher judgement-” He was stopped mid sentence as the clock hit him in the face; At the same time he had thrown his chain causing it to veer off course. He sat and set his face in his hand from the pain. “Damn it!” He sat regaining his bearings. “Ughhh” He grunted as he stood up and pursuited once more now farther behind than before. Then he saw something from the window broken, there was a group of green banned people walking towards the building. Four of them from the looks of it. “Looks like you have more than me to worry about now. “Looks like there’s 4 well armed ‘heroes’ outside” He now leaned against a wall weapons ready.

“Shit…Look, I don’t trust you one bit. But I know 1 verse 4 is nuts. Truce and we might be able to get out of this long enough for you to try and kill me later, fair?” Will said peeking over around the cubicle at the guy. Riley sat thinking, he wasn’t an idiot. “You take half and i’ll take half…” He held the knife in his hand ready to strike should anyone show themselves. He looked back then walked off into another room awaiting the heroes entrance into the building.

The first hero walked through the door, flashlights in hand or weapon mounted he couldn’t tell.
“ You sure there are people here?”
“ That coat rack didn’t throw itself at the door”
Two guys.
“ Rob, Jack, go up stairs and check it , Me and Jake will head through the building. Keep eyes on one another”
Will watched one guy , he had a longer looking rifle. That is my way to survive….
Will watched the guy as he started checking the cubicle , the guy started a pattern, right than left… Will waited on the left side of the 2nd to last cubicle. looking around he found a long pair of scissors, he set his shovel down carefully.
“ Looks like they had quite a run around, no blood tho.” He said.
‘damn it… he’s the talker I’ll have a few moments before someone wonders why he shut up...’
Will clutched the sharp object.

Riley would approach this situation carefully, there were 4v2 odds and he couldn’t rely on the other man he had hunted on the first place. He sat at the corner of a doorway and listened to the men.
“They have to be up here…” one man said.
Riley kicked the doorway with his boot causing a loud ‘thud’ “He better capitalize on that…” He sat unmoving as one of the four men were quickly nearing the door. From the looks of it the man had a handgun, he wasn’t sure but it looked like a Glock 19. IT wasn’t his preferred type of gun but it would do the job. As soon as the man entered he lodged the blade under his jaw into his throat and held his mouth as to make sure he couldn’t scream. After a few moments of silence he took the man's gun and sheathed his knife as he dragged the corpse into the corner.

Right….and Will caught the guy mid turn using his forearm to both strangle and keep the guys jaw closed. Will slammed the scissor point into the back of the guys head right at the base of it.
Lights out. 30 seconds. Will striped the guy of his tac vest, side arm, and back pack. He grabbed the rifle , it was an old ass m14 style rifle. “Hey Mike, you find anything?” one of the guys from upstairs said. ‘shit.’ look shrugged on the bag and held the rifle firmly , leaving his shovel behind. Back door. He quickly made his way to the back door opening it with little subtlety. He heard the sound of someone running down the stairs just as he turned the alleyway and started to sprint in the cold rain. ‘ Fuckk fuck fuckk. ‘ He had to find somewhere safe to sit for a while at least. The crack and hiss of gunfire came from behind him. He turned a corner and was gone from that line of sight racing forward (westbound) for who knew what at this point.

Riley wrapped the chain around his torso like a crude bandolier, the chain might save his life later for all he knew. He was now well armed and even more dangerous and now he was ready to hunt more sinners down. “Bastard left me, to bad he drew the rest of the others away.” He shrugged as he exited the office and headed back to his warehouse to ready up for his trip to find others to kill.

Riley’s Kills: (Criminal) 5 (hero) 2
Will’s kills: 1 red….1 green.

-Collaborative post Riles and Jack (aka Will)