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Cultural Chaos in the Neighborhood

Cultural Chaos in the Neighborhood


In a town where culture feuds are conflict, there are some zealots who are proven wrong about whoever they hated. What happens when they fall in love?

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The general plot is this: The zealot meets someone from a group he/she has a beef with, gets proven wrong about that person, then develops a crush on him/her. Where this goes is completely up to the pair. Will a relationship form for the better, or will matters go down the tubes?

We will start out with three pairs: one straight, one yaoi, and one yuri. If anyone wants to add pairs and join in once the three pairs are filled, let me know.

Pair 1
Reason for Zealotry: Her Lack of Confidence in the Christian Community
Age: 17-19
(Name Here) is quite popular among the guys because of her appearence and speed while swimming. One of the boys on the swimming team kept on harrassing her one day because of a rejection to his invitation to his house. Zechariah saw the situation and told him off. Since then, (Name Here) became curious about him. Once she finds out from one of Zechariah's friends that he is a self-proclaimed Christian, she becomes confused about his true nature. She does not know it yet, but spending time around him is slowly resulting in her developing a crush on him. Reserved

Reason for Being Targetted by Zealots: His Faith in Christ
Age: 19
Zechariah Jephthah may look intimidatng at first glance, but that is because he is inwardly shy and does not know what else to do. When he lets down his tough demeanor, it is usually to help someone out who is injured, ill, lost, etc. This is how he meets (Name Here), an agnostic on his swimming team who at the time was being harrassed by another teammate. He stepped in and told the boy off so she could enjoy the rest of her day. (TAKEN)

Pair 2

Reason for Zealotry: Her Belief that Pro-Lifers are Sexist
Age: 15-17
_____ was raised in an upper-class estate with three other siblings. She will sometimes give to charity some of her allowance and keep the rest for spend. When _____ gets in a heated argument about abortion, ___ ___ trys to calm her down and explains why the other person was Pro-Life. ____ asks where ___ ___ stood, and she answered Pro-Life. This placed ____ in a state of confusion due to realizing even some girls are Pro-Life. She had to admit, though: ___ ___ showed a lot of courage, something she admires in a young woman. OPEN

Reason for Being Targetted by Zealots: Her Pro-Life Opinions
Age: 15-16
___ ___ grew up in a lower-middle class home with her twin brother, the family sturggling to make ends meet. She cares deeply about her brother and friends and will not hesitate to stand up for them. This is how she meets _____. A heated debate about abortion was occurring, and ___ ___ felt the need to calm that girl down and explain why her brother was Pro-Life. She then revealed to her that she was Pro-Life herself, confusing _____. OPEN

Pair 3

Reason for Zealotry: Disdain for Turks
Age: 20-22
__ __ __ comes from a Greek family. He is admired by several girls, though he takes interests in none. He meets _ _ _ _ one day during a soccer game they both took part in, each on the opposite team. The score tied at 9 in the end, with both men scoring 3 goals each. Finding out that _ _ _ _ came from Turkey, however, leaves him dumbfounded due to him being so polite and friendly. To make things even more puzzling, the Turkish man knew he was Greek but didn't care, either way. Their friendly one-on-one soccer matches to get to know each other afterwords gives __ __ __ a whole new perspective on Turks, while leaving him slowly becoming attracted to _ _ _ _. OPEN

Reason for Being Targetted by Zealots: His Turkish Background
Age: 21-23
_ _ _ _ loves playing soccer and making new friends, even among people from Greece (a rarity due to the political feud between Turkey and Greece). That is what led to him playing one-on-one soccer with __ __ __ for fun. His friendliness proves that people from feuding countries can get along. OPEN

::Character Skeleton::
Role (The Pair # and whether it is the Zealot or the Misunderstood)-
Appearence (You can change the picture, if you want)-
Personality (This is where you add to your character's traits)-

Toggle Rules

Romance is encouraged (Just take the graphic stuff to PM)
No Godmoding
When in trouble (be it a fight or something else), you can't always come out without a scratch.
Please be respectful in the OOC! (I'm sick of having to remind people not to act like whining babies! There's enough of that in the political world! >.<)

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