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"I only believe what I can see."

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a character in “Cultured for the Humans”, as played by Luv-is-a-Bug



Name- Beth
Age- 19
Gender- Female
Role- The One in Denial

Appearance- From her ice blonde hair to her pale blue eyes, Beth boasts an "Ice Queen" appearance. Her platinum locks reach her mid back, and she keeps them meticulously groomed, ensuring her hair lies in flat, uniform sections. Her light hair and pale skin are offset by dark brows, which arch over cool, calculating eyes set a bit wider than average. Her facial features are sharply defined, her high cheekbones and straight nose alluding to aristocratic breeding. At 5’9”, Beth is taller than most of the other female Cultureds, a fact that’s always made her slightly self conscious. She's been taught to value sameness and uniformity, so she's acutely aware of any part of her appearance that sets her apart from other Cultureds. Her naturally long limbs give her a "willowy" appearance, but regular exercise has added muscle to her slender frame. She prides herself on her strength, as she strives to please the Carers and to demonstrate her willingness to cooperate. Beth is always careful to keep up appearances, because she knows the Carers only care about the physical- the things that can be measured, charted, and graphed. She is never without a clean, white uniform, and is careful to keep her clothing pristine, even during meal times.

Personality- Scarred by an incident inside the Dome, Beth has taken it upon herself to extricate herself from the other Cultureds. She doesn’t cause trouble, doesn’t make a fuss, and generally goes unnoticed by the Carers. Among the other Cultureds she has a reputation for being cool and distant, and most of the clones choose to avoid her. Those who attempt to engage her in conversation find she is unwilling to talk, and conversing for more than a few minutes at a time seems to make her uneasy. She generally finds it easier to deter people with her icy nature than to engage in uncomfortable conversation, and spends most of her free time alone.
When she was 15, Beth made the mistake of disobeying a Carer. She was told she was being taken for “routine tests”, but by then Beth had come to associate “routine” with painful and scary. She refused to cooperate, and had to be dragged to the exam room. For her disobedience, she was sentenced to 7 days in solitary confinement. Left alone in a small, cramped cell, 7 days seemed like much longer. She had no concept of time passing, and the longer she was left alone, the more frightened she became. By the time was retrieved from solitary, she was a blubbering mess. That was the first and last time Beth disobeyed a Carer.
Beth has seen a darker side of life inside the Dome than most of the Culturdeds, and it has hardened her. She prefers to keep to herself, and is extremely guarded when it comes to her past. Her cool demeanor can be off-putting, but those who know her well know her to be an intelligent and thoughtful individual. Deep down, she knows Adam’s stories of escape are true, but she can’t bring herself to believe them. Beth’s deep rooted fear of the Carers and their power prevents her from accepting the truth, and the uncertainty of life outside the Dome cripples her further. What if life inside the Dome is as good as it gets? What if a carbon copy is all she’s meant to be? A small part of Beth would like to know the truth, but unless she gets a push from the right person, it’s unlikely she’ll ever leave the “safety” of the Dome.

Roleplay Sample- He was lying. He had to be. He’d made it all up, obviously. Probably for attention. That was exactly the sort of thing he’d do. He’d always been so popular before, Adam. All the other Culturdeds loved him. Everyone had always wanted to talk to him, wanted to have meals with him. But people lose interest over time (they always do), and maybe Adam had felt he wasn't receiving his fair share of attention. So he'd decided to make up a story- a story about escaping the Dome and going out into the world. Adam had told her the story himself. The look he had in his eye when he told it... There had been moments Beth was tempted to believe him. Still...
Even if he wasn't lying, Beth didn't feel "escaping" was the right word. What was there to escape? Escaping was something you did from bad places, and the Dome wasn't bad. In the Dome they were fed, clothed, and given excellent medical care. They received all this for free, so long as they were obedient and did as they were told. What was so bad about that?
She reminded herself every day how lucky she was to be here. She told herself she was grateful for the Carers- grateful for the way they monitored her nutrition, grateful for how they kept in her excellent physical condition, even grateful for all the needles they poked and prodded her with during "routine testing". Sure there were things about the Dome that were unpleasant, but whatever was here couldn't possibly be worse than what lay outside the Dome. The Dome was safe, secure, a far better place to be than anywhere Adam might have been. It had been a very convincing story, though... How could he describe a fictional world in such detail? He'd been able to describe every sight, every sound, any number of strange and wonderful things. The first time he'd spoken to her about it, Beth had almost been able to picture it for herself. For a few terrible moments, she'd allowed herself to envision what he described, to place herself in this new and fascinating world...
But it was impossible. It couldn't' exist. It coudln't. And even if it did, how did Adam expect to reach it again? According to him, his "escape" had been nothing but dumb luck, and now the Carers were paying closer attention to the Cultureds than ever before. Beth knew first hand what disobedience earned you, and she wasn't keen to relive her horrific experience. The Carers were powerful, more powerful than any Cultured, and Adam was even crazier than he looked if he thought he was getting out of the Dome again. Not that there was a reason to want to get out. Not when she was so lucky to be here in the Dome. She had to keep reminding herself of it. It was all she could do to repeat to herself how fortunate she was, in hopes she might one day finally believe it.

So begins...

Beth's Story


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Beth hung back as the other Cultureds entered the Leisure Dome, watching the placid space fill with excited, white-clad figures. For many of the Dome's inhabitants, leisure time was the highlight of their day: a time for stimulating activity and friendly competition. The others raced off to their favorite places in the dome, ushering over friends with animated waves and wide smiles. Their trivial discussions about what games they would play today were white noise to Beth; her mind was set on something far more serious. As the other Cultureds passed by, she only had eyes for one: Adam. She made sure to position herself behind him so that he couldn't see her, using a cluster of Cultureds who'd grouped themselves by the entrance for added coverage. If there was one person she wasn't keen on talking to, it was him. After a few moments spent scanning the dome, Adam walked off in the direction of the pond. Beth exhaled a sigh of relief and set off in the opposite direction, determined to put as much space between her and Adam as possible. She wished for the hundredth timen that day he'd never told her what he'd seen outside the Dome, feeling her anxiety rise as she recalled his first days after returning from solitary confinement. As one of the few Cultureds who'd experienced solitary confinement herself (though admittedly for a much, much shorter period of time), and as a friend of Adam's, she'd felt obligated to approach him, to ask him what had happened. The answer she got was more than she'd bargained for, and it was safe to say she'd do just about anything to un-hear all Adam had told her. Honestly, what did he expect her to do with that kind of information? ...Believe him? Believe him over everything she'd ever known, everything she'd been taught to believe? She knew first hand the trouble asking questions could bring... There was no doubt about it: Adam was dangerous, and it seemed to her the less time she spent with him, the safer she'd be.

Beth's feet walked the familiar path to a clearing in the dome she and Peter often frequented, and she found a small smile playing at her lips despite her uneasiness. If there was one person who could put her mind at ease, it was Peter. They'd both been tense since Adam's return (Peter was increasingly threatened by Adam's talk), but they found comfort, and even happiness, in each other's company. Beth had never known real happiness before she began spending time with Peter. Of course she knew the definition of happiness, and there had been elements of life in the Dome she enjoyed, but no part of her life before Peter had ever brought her more than mild enjoyment or fleeting feelings of pleasure. After she was punished by the Carers at age 15, things had seemed particularly bleak. She shut herself off completely, trading her friendships for the security of robotic compliance. She did as she was told, and little else. The other Cultureds came to regard her as cold and distant, a girl so unapproachable she really wasn't worth the trouble. But Peter had, miraculously, seen past her icy exterior. Against her better judgment, she'd slowly opened up to him, allowing him entrance into her private, sheltered world. She still feared the Carers, and worried they might disapprove of the relationship that had developed between her and Peter, but she found him worth the risk. Besides, Peter was forever reminding her that as long as they continued to do as they were told, the Carers had no reason to separate them.

As Beth walked through a neat line of trees, Peter came into view. He was standing alone in the clearing, apparently lost in thought, and Beth felt her heart beat a bit faster at the sight of him. It hadn't been long since she'd last seen him, but the time between their meetings always seemed to last a lifetime. "Peter," she called to him, pulling him from his thoughts. "Peter!" She walked faster and faster towards him, until she found herself nearly running. What was it about him that made it so hard to control herself? She resisted the urge to throw herself into his arms as she reached him, instead stopping herself in front of him and gingerly reaching out to take his hand. "Peter..." she repeated a third time, her voice tender. I missed you. She wanted to say that, anyway, but she didn't dare say the words aloud. Instead, she let her actions do the talking, tightening her grip on his hand and taking a tentative step closer to him. These days anxiety had become her constant companion, but in this moment, Beth felt more at peace than she had in a long, long time.


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#, as written by Shané

How was he going to keep all this a secret from the Carer's? If they ever found out, he and Beth would be in a myriad of trouble. Perhaps-

His name was called and abruptly all his thoughts tumbled aside as he saw Beth's glowing face. His own face lit up with an uncontrolled grin, happily dragged from his morbid thoughts.


She started to move faster towards him and he couldn't help but chuckle at the simple joy that radiated from her smile. He started towards her, letting out a contented sigh as she took his hand in hers and repeated his name once again. Gosh he'd missed her. As false as it was, he felt much more secure with his position with the Carers when Beth was around. As she tightened her grip on his hand, he felt the urge to draw her even closer; to be completely lost in a world where it was just the two of them. Alarm bells immediately went off in the back of his mind and he quickly withdrew a bit mentally. He gazed around quickly, content that as of yet, no one seemed to be particularly aware of their actions.

"I think now would be a perfect time to head to our garden?" He asked gently, raising his eyebrows at her. His eyes spoke far more than his words did. We will be far safer to discuss whatever we want.

Then he gave her a loving smile unable to control himself, before quickly started leading her down the well-worn paths to their own, more private, clearing.

"Finally." He stated grinning. "Know we don't have to worry about any of them."

He sat himself down near a tree, leaning his back on it, beckoning to Beth to join him.

"It's crazy how it feels like forever since we could finally get away."

Peter laughed again, unconsciously reaching for Beth's hand once again.

"I wonder if the other Dome's have a more interesting schedule." He mused. "…like more free time to spend with whoever we choose."

He gave Beth a flirtatious smile, his eyes sparkling.

"I am pretty sure I could do this all day…"

The filtered sunlight made the day pleasant, and in that short moment Peter couldn't help but feel almost completely at peace. What more could you possibly want? Aside from more time, that was. The gardens were beautiful, he had the best company in the entire Dome and there was nothing particularly he felt a need to do…Unfortunately the more he thought about it, the less content he became. His thoughts stubbornly refused to ignore all the issues with Adam. He frowned slightly.

"What are we going to do about Adam?" As soon as he asked the question he regretted it. The mood immediately soured, however he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong, and it needed to be fixed before he could completely unwind. Maybe he could convince Adam to shut up about it all. After all, once Peter assured him that there was no way he was going to be fooled into doing anything drastic surely he'd give it up. Beside, Adam knew how much he cared for Beth, Adam had to know there was no way Peter would ever do anything that would risk putting her in danger. Beth had already gone through enough at the Carer's hands, he would do anything to ensure that there were no more bad memories to add to that.

Peter couldn't help but scowl at that thought. Why had the Carer's been so harsh? Understandably she'd been out of line- but solitary confinement for that long? Come to think of it, most punishments seemed unnecessarily strict. He'd never question whether what any of them had done was wrong- that was a given, but did they really deserve the punishments constantly dished out? Adam had dealt with it for three years for goodness sake. Then again, he hadn't really seemed to learn his lesson. Perhaps that was the issue. Harsh punishments ensured lessons learnt. Why on earth had Adam not learnt his?


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The feeling of Peter's hands in hers banished Beth's anxiety, and her body flooded with feelings of warm contentment. For a moment, they lost themselves in each other, each overwhelmed by the simple joy of being with the other. And then, as was so often the case, the blissful moment was shattered by the reality of their situation. Peter's eyes darted right, surveying their surroundings, and Beth felt herself tense, her hand now poised to withdraw from his. Someone could come walking through the trees at any moment, and there was no way of knowing what might happen then. You were never truly alone in the Dome, and it was a well known fact that most secrets, no matter how well kept, got back to the Carers eventually. That was why it was so dangerous to associate with Adam, especially with him sharing his nonsense stories. If Beth and Peter's handholding was considered an indiscretion, Beth could only imagine what the Carers would have to say about one of the Cultureds sharing the stories of his escape. "I think now would be a perfect time to head to our garden?" Peter kept his voice light and pleasant, ensuring that anyone who might happen to overhear wouldn't give his words a second thought. It was only Beth, looking directly into Peter's eyes, who knew what he truly meant: Let's get away from here. Let's go somewhere safe.

She returned his charming smile with one of her own and followed him off to the clearing, their fingers still intertwined. As they walked, Beth couldn't help but wish they could keep walking, right out of the Dome and off to somewhere better. She dismissed the thought as soon as it popped into her head, appalled that her mind, usually so logical, would produce such delusions of grandeur. Then again, something about Peter had always made it exceedingly difficult for Beth to think logically. Before long the two of them had arrived at the clearing, and Beth breathed a small sigh of relief. While still not truly alone, it was as close to a private space as the two of them had been able to find. Confident they were as far from the others as they could be, Beth joined Peter against the trunk of the tree, positioning herself so that she could lean against him. "It's crazy how it feels like forever since we could finally get away," Peter mused. Beth nodded her agreement, trying to recall the last time they'd been to the clearing. Peter had had his hands full with Adam, who they both considered to be a loose canon. He was unpredictable, and the two of them had decided that someone needed to be watching him at all times. Since Peter was Adam's best friend, the job usually fell to him. With all the time they'd spent policing Adam, it'd left little time for the two of them. "I know," said Beth, tucking a stray strand of pale blonde hair behind her ear. "The days have been dragging by. They always seem to go by slower when I can't see you." She blushed slightly at her confession. The fact that she was blushing embarrassed her further, which made her blush even more.

Peter casually took her hand once more, and she observed the sight of their fingers together, studying the way their hands fit together. Maybe it was her heart playing tricks on her eyes, but she didn't think she'd ever seen two things fit together more perfectly. "I wonder if the other domes have a more interesting schedule. …Like more free time to spend with whoever we choose." Beth felt her heart skip a beat at Peter's words. There had to be a name for what she was feeling. She wondered if any of the other Cultureds had felt it. She supposed it was possible, but it didn't seem likely. The Carers frowned upon relationships of any nature, and most Cultureds would rather play things safe, given that the Carers watched them so closely. Some of the Cultureds didn't even maintain friendships, let alone... whatever it was that was happening between her and Peter. "I'm pretty sure I could do this all day..." Peter smiled at her, and Beth felt herself light up on the inside. "Me too," she said, trying very hard not to think of how much of their time together was already gone. Why did their leisure time have to be so short? "There's never enough time, is there?" she trailed off, her free hand tracing lazy circles in the dirt.

They sat in silence for the next few minutes, enjoying each other's company. The dome was sunny and pleasant, as always, and Beth felt warm and content. Well, as content as she was capable of feeling under the current circumstances. All was well until Peter's voice broke the silence, dragging the question that'd been lurking at the back of their minds to the forefront. "What are we going to do about Adam?" Peter's words sat between them, awkward and heavy as a large boulder. Beth's face fell at the mention of Adam's name. She knew the question had been resting heavily on both their minds, but still, she'd been enjoying her alone time with Peter. She felt her frustrations with Adam well up inside her, leaving a stony expression on her face and a bitter taste in her mouth. Her body, relaxed moments before, was now tense and rigid, her spine straight against the trunk of the tree. Nothing made her more anxious than thinking about Adam.

"I...I suppose we're going to have to talk to him," she said, her voice quiet and resigned. "Make him see reason." That was there only hope, wasn't it? To sit Adam down and tell him he had to let go of his delusions, once and for all? "And if we can't make him understand," Beth took a deep breath, preparing herself for what she was about to say "then...then we'll just have to tell him that he's on his own. That we can't be responsible for him anymore. I won't let his selfish plotting and scheming ruin this." Ruin us she added in her mind. She felt her cheeks burning, and she lowered her head to hide her furious blush. Oh Adam she thought Why do you always have to make things so difficult?