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"Everyone has to believe in something."

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a character in “Cultured for the Humans”, as played by Luv-is-a-Bug



Name- Thomas
Age- 21
Gender- Male
Role- The Believer

Appearance- Thomas’ body is the product of years of conditioning, a well-oiled machine that speaks for the efficiency of the Carers’ rigorous exercise routine. Standing 5’11 and weighing 160 lbs, Thomas is all lean muscle and toned limbs- the picture of health. The only thing the Carers have been unable to tame is his hair. His stiff brown locks tend to stick up every which way, and no amount of product or grooming can make them lay flat. His tendency to run his hand through his hair at every opportunity certainly doesn’t help the problem. In addition to his wild hair, Thomas sports an impressive collection of freckles. He’s covered from head to toe, with the largest concentration on his face. Sheltered as he was, Thomas spent the majority of his childhood believing the freckles were a life-threatening illness (the other Cultureds’ fear of anything strange or different only aggravated his anxiety). It wasn’t until he finally mustered the courage to ask a Carer about them at age 11 that he was told his freckles were “ugly, but nothing to be concerned about”. His eyes are pale blue, and framed by two thick, dark brows. His lips are unusually full, almost feminine, and serve to offset the sharp angles of his cheeks and jawline.

Personality- Thomas’ personality is ill-suited to life in the dome. Naturally curious and inquisitive, he was possessed by a desire to question and explore from a young age. His favorite question to ask was “Why?” The Carers didn’t take kindly to this, knowing that Thomas’ questions, though innocent when asked by a child, could cause a problem as a he matured. The Carers worked hard to curb his curiosity, threatening punishments whenever he became too talkative. As he grew older, Thomas learned to keep his questions to himself, but he never stopped wondering about what other domes might be like. Every so often he would wander off during the daily break, caught up in his thoughts of adventures in other worlds.
One day, while wandering where he shouldn’t have been, Thomas overheard Adam talking of what he had seen outside the dome. Suddenly, the answer to Thomas’ questions seemed within reach. There was no doubt in his mind Adam's stories were true, and since overhearing the conversation it’s all Thomas has been able to think about. He knows Adam is planning something, and he’s decided he must be part of it. He’s confided in Leah, but fears telling anyone else of what he’s learned.
Thomas feels he sees things differently from other Cultureds. They are brought up to see life inside the Dome as black and white, a "utopia" governed by a rigid structure of "do"s and "do not"s. But Thomas sees it in many shades of grey, a place with more than one answer to a question. His inquisitive mind resists the Carers strict teachings of "right" and "wrong", instead contemplating the moral ambiguity of life in the dome. Unfortunately, his fear of the Carers outweighs his desire to question their authority.

Roleplay Sample-
Thomas couldn’t stop thinking about it. No matter what he tried, his mind kept coming back to those words. The past few meals he’d done little more than push his food around his plate, pecking at the nutrient-rich meals while his mind wandered. He knew the Carers were getting suspicious (he’d had 2 or 3 ask him in rather sharp tones whether he was “feeling alright”), but he was too preoccupied to pay them much mind. Even after they made him clean his plate, he wandered out of the dining area feeling dissatisfied and strangely empty. The other day during exercises he found himself so consumed by other thoughts he’d nearly dropped a weight on his foot, resulting in a threat of punishment from one of the Carers.

But none of it mattered. Not anymore. Since he’d overheard Adam 3 days ago, nothing seemed to matter. He couldn’t get those 3 words out of his head: “A way out”. A way out of here? But where was here, exactly? And where would you be if you [i]weren’t[i/] here? In another dome? But where were those? And how did you get there? Each question seemed to produce even more questions, none of which Thomas had answers to. His mind went round and round and dizzying circles, and despite receiving the required 8 hours of sleep each night, he still woke every morning feeling agitated and tired, as though he'd barely slept at all. In his dreams, he walked down long white hallways that never ended, becoming more and more lost with every turn as Adam's words echoed in mind. Everything seemed more sinister now. The pristine world inside the dome seemed somehow tarnished, as though there were a small stain on it Thomas couldn’t remove, no matter how hard he scrubbed.

Yesterday he’d given in and told Leah of what he’d overheard, if only to relieve some of the stress of keeping the secret. She believed him, of course. She trusted him, and he trusted her. But could he trust Adam? Who was to say that Adam wasn’t the one lying? But somehow, he knew he wasn’t. Adam was telling the truth. Which left Thomas with one burning question: If Adam was telling the truth, was everything he knew a lie?

So begins...

Thomas's Story


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Two years locked in a solitary confinement cell had changed Adam, more than even his escape had. For two years he was left alone with nothing but his mind to keep him company and his desire to break out once more, saving his fellow humans. They weren't "Cultured," he had learned, they were human. Just like every one else outside of the Dome and they deserved to live, really live. They were people, not meat sacks that got to be thrown around and used like a bag of organs awaiting harvest. Now he just had to convince most of the others that they were, in fact, in immediate danger without bringing attention to himself from the Carers.

He followed the large group of Cultured out into the leisure area, just as he had done so many times before. What was once a familiar, comforting stomping ground for him now just felt like he was a sheep being herded. The others looked incredibly happy and relieved that it was leisure time, but that was because they didn't know the truth. With the exception of a few he had confided in, no one else had a clue what was going on outside the walls. They were all blind, thinking that the air outside of the Dome was 'poisoned.'

Still, despite his rage, he had to put on a show. Any thoughts of rebellion or escaping had to appear nonexistent. After all, Adam had apparently been brainwashed into compliance after two years and was no longer deemed a threat to the entire operation. A lot of that had been acting, but for a while he had considered that the Carers might actually when. Solitary confinement had been Hell and he had attempted suicide by slamming his head against the wall more than once within the first year of it. In the second year he learned to meditate, though he wouldn't know what that was unless you explained it to him. His year outside of the Dome had taught him a lot, but not everything.

He glanced around the Dome, looking for the familiar face of his friends, and all but blowing off some of the more curious Cultureds. He had answered every question he could, he had done his best to be his old self, and he had lied enough for a lifetime. He couldn't trust them all yet, some of then were understandably happy. Ignorance is bliss, that was a saying he had heard outside and he had never heard anything more true. Before he had been perfectly content within his Dome life, his escape being purely luck and curiosity.

He wandered for a while, unsure of who he should look for first, and eventually he decided to find Emma. She would be the easiest to find, always going to the same spot. Adam found that he had a soft spot for the girl and he wasn't entirely sure why. He knew it was dangerous, but he couldn't help himself. The girl was beautiful and there was something about her that made him smile. He found his way to her pond and crouched down next to her.

"If you're not careful, you'll fall in." He told her, his voice quiet but teasing.


Normally Leah would be more than happy about going to the Leisure Dome, she enjoyed it almost as much as she enjoyed the exercise portion of the day, but the additional blood work these days often left her tired and desiring nothing more than a nap. Not to mention the fear that she could be killed soon, with the new information that Thomas had provided her. She wanted so badly to believe the Carers, who told her that she was sick and they had to remove the bad blood. The optimist in her still believed it, but the realist knew that it added up. The Carers were always so concerned with their health and Leah had always thought it was because they truly cared about the Cultured's well being, but really they just wanted to make sure their body's were in prime condition...In case a duplicate version of themselves needed the Cultured's parts. At least, that was her understanding of it.

She walked to an area of the Dome that was mostly left alone, leaving her space to lay down without fear of a ball from one of the other Cultured's hitting her. Leah had always loved the feel of the grass; it was so soft, even in comparison to the bed sheets in her cell. Not to mention it was the most lovely shade of green and it soothed her, even when she was afraid that she may be 'transferred' soon.

She wondered what death would be like, or if anything came afterwards, though it was safe to assume she just ceased to exist. She wondered if Emma would miss her or Thomas. These were depressing thoughts, but at the same time she knew that it could happen for her soon if what Thomas had overheard was true. So her natural predisposition to curiosity led her down the path to these darker thoughts, that didn't necessarily leave her sad or upset - just afraid. She was always afraid, ever since Thomas had told her, but there was nothing she could do. She tried not to dwell on it but that was all but impossible.

Speaking of Thomas, she wondered where he was. He had the ability to calm her usually, to ease her fears if only for a little while. That's why she had been so fond of him. Not to mention both of them were curious creatures, which was heavily frowned upon by other Cultureds and the Carers themselves, but it led to many interesting conversations and the feeling of not being alone with their questions and doubts. She was sure she'd spot him soon or he'd spot her, so she stayed in her area with no desire to exert more energy than necessary.


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Thomas was late getting to the Leisure Dome. He seemed to be late getting almost anywhere these days. He couldn't help it. Try as he might to pay attention, he couldn't help himself from drifting off, especially with Adam's words of escape going round and round in his head. His mind was constantly occupied with thoughts of what lay outside the Dome, and, more recently, how he could go about getting there. Prior to leisure time he'd been sitting in the dining room, trying to figure out exactly what part of the Dome might contain an exit. So far the Carers had written off his tardiness to one activity or another as absentmindedness (for which they'd chastised him sharply), but he had a feeling they were growing suspicious of his lateness and apathy towards Dome activities. His failure to enthusiastically engage in the "perfect world" the Carers had manufactured was a threat to the Dome's delicate balance, a seemingly minute transgression that was just enough to disrupt the Dome's daily routine. And if there was one thing the Carers hated, it was a disruption to the routine. The Carers would never admit it, but at any given moment the Dome was on the precipice of total chaos. It was a delicate and carefully crafted world in which they lived- a world that, with the information Adam had provided, was beginning to crumble around the edges.

Thomas made his way into the Leisure Dome, scanning the clusters of Cultureds for familiar faces. He felt a pang of guilt as he spotted Leah lying in the grass, separate from the other Cultureds. She hadn't been herself since he'd shared what he'd overheard, and he couldn't blame her. If what Adam had said was true (and he believed it was), she could be in real trouble. It seemed she was with the Carers nearly every day now, undergoing one "treatment" or another. If she wasn't being "cared for", she was in her cell, recovering from some strenuous procedure. Sometimes she'd describe to him what she'd experienced, and he could hear the note of fear in her voice, although she did her best to hide it. He wondered if he'd been right to tell her what he'd heard. He wanted to be honest with her, but it seemed almost cruel to have her worry when he was powerless to do anything to help her. Still, he couldn't help but think it would have been worse leaving her in the dark. She deserved to know the truth...they all did.

Still feeling guilty, he began making his way towards her, the grass brushing against his legs as he cut a path towards her. Was this what real grass was like? Adam had said things outside the Dome were very different, but he hadn't said exactly how. Not to Thomas, anyway. Thomas had to keep reminding himself that he was never supposed to have heard the conversation at all. He understood why Adam had kept quiet, but if he couldn't help feeling a twinge of indignation at Adam's secrecy. If what he said was true, then the Cultureds were in danger. Leah was in danger. Didn't he care at all? Thomas reached Leah and sat himself in grass beside her, feeling a bit awkward. She looked tired, and paler than usual. He felt like an intruder, invading her quiet, peaceful world. "Hello," he said, his voice seeming incredibly loud in the quiet that surrounded them, " are you? Are you...feeling alright?" It seemed like a silly question to ask (she certainly didn't look like she felt alright), but he wasn't sure where else to begin. It'd certainly be easier to talk her if he wasn't still feeling guilty for sharing information with her he wasn't supposed to have heard in the first place.


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"What are you doing here?"
"Are you trying to avoid their questions?"

"I often try to avoid questions, but it seems they find me anyway." The corners of his eyes crinkled as he smiled, trying to determine her reaction to his teasing. He assumed she would be curious too, it written in every human's DNA to be. He could see it in every emotion that splashed across her face. Should he tell her? He wondered. Of course he should tell everyone but despite her allure, he hadn't yet determined if he could trust her. At this point determining who he could trust was detrimental to his continued survival and those he had already confided in.

His smile quickly turned into a frown, his eyes clouded by a dark haze which wasn't uncommon for him these days. He ran a hand over his chin, feeling the stubble scratch against his fingertips. No matter how hard the Carers tried to make him look clean shaven, it seemed the hair there just grew too fast.

"It's tiring, answering questions that you don't have real answers too."

Adam, of course, was referring to the lies he was forced to tell about the Dome he had been "demoted" too. Sure he could spin a thousand fanciful tales and stories to pacify the crowds, but speaking those words as truth was horrifying...because it gave them a new hope and a new curiosity that was all put in the wrong place. It made them dream of transfer and fear demotion and not think of the world outside. It didn't make the Cultured question their reality, only reaffirmed their already established ideals.

"Sorry, it's nothing."

"If you have questions ask. I may be tired, but I'm not a Carer. I'm not going to chastise you," His voice was quieter this time. It was hard to tell if a Carer was around. The last thing he needed was to be put under more surveillance than he already was. He nervously glanced around, doing his best to be subtle before finally laying his gaze back on the girl.

"Never stop asking questions, Emma."

That statement he knew was dangerous. It hinted at something to her and that could go horribly wrong or work in his favor. He mentally slapped himself for letting something so careless fall out of his mouth, but he couldn't take it back now and he wouldn't. He believed in that statement more than anything else.


" are you? Are you...feeling alright?"

Thomas' voice put a smile on her face, as bright as ever. No, she wasn't feeling particularly swell and she was terrified but she didn't want to make him worry. He already appeared to be suffering from some sort of guilt, she could see it in his eyes whenever she looked at him. She didn't understand why he was seemingly distraught, but she wasn't about to increase those feelings by complaining about how tired and afraid she was. Leah figured it was best to be as happy as she ever was and with his freckled face around, it wasn't hard to pretend.

"Of course I'm alright. Just sleepy. Don't worry," Despite wanting to remain as positive, her voice shook a little at the end.

Her arms were bruising from all the needles these days, she had overheard one of the Carers worrying that she was going to become to anemic. Of course when she asked about it all they said was that it needed to be done in order to get the bad blood out and a moment of discomfort would be worth her health in the end. It was in these moments that Adam's stories, the ones Thomas had told her, would pop in her head. Not that they weren't always there, in the back of her mind, intruding into her everyday thoughts.

She was grateful to Thomas for telling her though, even if it all turned out to be stories and the Carers really were just removing bad blood.

Leah pressed her hands back into the grass and looked up at the ceiling of the Dome, for a moment she wondered what it would look like if the ceiling wasn't there. If she went outside and looked up, would it look the same as it did in the Dome? Or would their be something else? She didn't have a word for it, but she wished she did. If Adam's stories were true and he had really been outside, he would know. Maybe he would tell her if she asked, but right now that didn't seem important.

"You know the Carers, they're always concerned with all this bad blood I have," She laughed quietly, looking back at him with her ever present smile. "How are you, Thomas?"

She wished Thomas didn't look so grim around her. It was never that way before Adam came back, she almost wished she never had...because now she was questioning where she would be in a few months time. A few weeks? Days? How much time did she have left? Maybe she had forever, but now she spent more time thinking about it than she ever had before. Maybe that was why her friend looked so guilty and concerned all the time, but it wasn't his fault.