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Alvilda Tamaroin

Captain of Hades' Strumpet

0 · 365 views · located in Hades' Strumpet

a character in “Curse Of The Sea”, as played by Doom



            FULL NAME
              Alvilda Tamaroin

              Twenty Six




          ██ ▌IN - DEPTH ANALYSIS

            FIGHTING STYLE
              Rarely does she find the need to fight but if she must, she has a short blade given to her by Pride when the first begun their 'reign' and is very skilled with it, she also has exotic fan blades that she has perfected over her years.

              Sweet talk | Ali has the ability to make anyone do almost anything sexually or even non-sexually, it causes people to become dreamy eye and listen to her wishes. She usually uses this to lure men and women on the boat and then with Pride to get them to sign.

              Immortal | Not everyone appreciates a beautiful girl trying to woo them. Some of the ones who are harder to woe attack - harshly. Sometimes their lovers walk in on them and well, knives and guns hurt but they seem to refuse to harm her.

              Mesmerize | Through dance or song, Ali can captivate a room, this allows Pride and his men to do anything they need such as rob them or more. Sometimes when she is too lazy to sweet talk this is how they get them onto the boat.

              Ali before she became the embodiment of Lust was a quick witted, intelligent caring young woman. She always had a way of walking into a room and causing all the attention to turn to her, she took it with grace which it turn caused everyone love her. No one was ever able to speak one bad word about the red headed beauty, this gave her a big head, she grew accustomed to getting what she wanted though her morals were still strong. Since she became the woman she is now, she is more bitter and rageful. Above most she is sexual, while she is careful with who she has sex with - surprisingly - she knows how to get even the most loyal man to stray from his wife or the cloth it does not matter. Her love does not stop at men though, she could make a nun bow at her feet praising for forgiveness just for one touch.

              Alvilda was a lucky girl being born into a family that came from old money with new ideas, their wealth just continued to grow from the time to was a child well into her early adulthood. Through the loving support of her family she was able to grow up into a well rounded woman. Unlike most of the people she surrounded herself with she wasn't a complete snob, this important part of her personality allowed her to meet the man who she should have spent the rest of her life with that was until the worse happened. After being smitten and together for a long period of time they decided that they wanted to go on a vacation, a cruise to be exact. It was to be the best time of their lives, they were going to see the world together and speak of love, marriage and children.

              It had been the most amazing time until the boat was succumbed to wind and rocky waters. The boat capsized, throwing the two lovers into the water, they survived for sometime - waiting to be rescued, reassuring each other that they would be saved though eventually they succumbed to exhaustion and drowned. Unlucky as they were, they found themselves awake again on board a ship with a gloomy crew. A man would quickly find his way to their faces and offer them a choice. "Life of servitude, or death." There was a catch though. The lovers had to agree to remain together and follow every rule that this man laid out for them. Before they even said yes they were already playing this man's sick and twisted game.

              In the end, their curse was something worse than death. Life was chosen, and the two were given an assignment. To work the sea as servants to this mysterious man. They were to sail the seven seas for eternity, they were to raid villages and other boats - gathering more members for their crew though they were never given a reason to this. The love between the two begun to waver over time, they started to argue blaming one another for their fate. Taking over as Captain was easier than she thought, all she had to do was use her abilities to build her power. Soon she had the largest brood, granting her the title of Captain, something she did mostly to rub in Pride's face as he was forced into First Mate.
          ██ ▌THE LITTLE THINGS

              Men. Woman. Money. Pride. The open sea.

              Pride. Thunder. Disobedience. Ignorance. Stupidity.

So begins...

Alvilda Tamaroin's Story