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Curse of the Zodiac

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The curse was actually supposed to be a gift. The story told is that once there was a god who lived alone and was very lonely because humans avoided him. One day a cat came up to him, and became his friend; when the god realized what a happy thing it was to have friends, he sent out invitations to the animals for a banquet at his home. For those who came (rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, boar), he held an everlasting banquet, and they were happy. Except one day, the cat did not get up, and said that it was time for it to die. But the god touched a cup and had the cat drink from it, and said that the drink would make sure that they would all meet again in the next life; hearing that, all the other animals drank, too, and were content. The cat alone cried, saying that this one life was better than twisting all eternity; but the god grew angry and the other animals turned their backs on him. One by one, the animals died, and the god was left alone, but he was comforted with the knowledge that they would all meet again, and again. And finally he died, too. So they were reborn, again and again, and always had feasts together, except for the cat, who hadn't really wanted to be reborn. They had all promised to stay together with the god forever, and they kept that promise, long after the original purpose had been forgotten and even the shape of the curse changed.

This story takes place generations and generations later--with the Sohma Family. The Sohma's have long been cursed with the zodiac. This means that under special circumstances, they transform from humans into the animal they were cursed with. These special circumstances include being sick, being under pressure, etc., but the most notable is being hugged by someone of the opposite sex. This last rule only applies to people outside of the Sohma family. Sohma's can hug eachother all they want. But if someone from the opposite sex and from outside the Sohma family hugs them, they transform.

Our story begins with a young girl and three members of the Sohma family...

"Well, hello , there." The boy asked her as she stood awkwardly on his doorstep. She had simply been admiring the little zodiac statues he had on his porch stairs. She looked up embarrasingly and smiled sheepishly at him.

"Hello. I'm sorry, I was only looking. They're quite adorable." She grinned at him, hoping he wouldn't think it was creepy that she was there. Obviously it was, but still. The boy nodded and looked at the statues before looking back up at her.

"Do you know the story of the zodiac, Ms. Honda?" He asked, she was surprised. He knew her name. She had known him from school, but she had no notion of them ever speaking, let alone introducing themselves.

"Yes. My mother told me long ago." She said, glancing at the boy shyly. He smiled at her and walked down to meet her on the path.

A friendship was born then, and secrets were revealed. It was learned that the girl lived alone, fending for herself in the woods. Shocked, the boy insisted she live with him and his two brothers. After much arguing, she finally agreed. Later that night, she learned of the curse of the zodiac. Knowing her boundaries, she became the first to accept them as they are. She's learning about the other zodiac as they come along, and making nice friends along the way. Can she survive as the only known human to be involved in the Sohma Curse?
Our story begins on April 20th, 2013. The day after they met, with the girl adjusting to life taking care of three boys, and struggling through work and school. Relationships are brewing, Drama is ensuing, and it's all a normal time in the Sohma Family.


1. This is the real people version of Fruits Basket, so please only Real People FCs
2. If you want to change your FC, that's perfectly fine, just please give me a heads up in OOC. Also, please keep the same hair color as the FC already given :D
3. Please no Andrew Garfield.
4. No godmodding, unless you have previously discussed it in PM
5. Take all conflicts to PM
6. Romance is encouraged
7. We're all adults, so don't freak out if things get a little sexual because I have no idea where this RP is going to go in that sense
8. Have fun :)


Name: Cali Honda | Age: 16 | Face Claim: Kristin Kreuk | Status: TAKEN by BBSweetie


Cali lives with the Sohma family, and is the only human reported to know of their secret. Little does she know it, she has captured the hearts of the two younger Sohma brothers.

Name: | Age: | Face Claim: Ashley Benson | Status: RESERVED by XphoenixX5


She is one of Cali's best friend and is viewed as the tough one. She always takes care of everyone, and isn't afraid to do some damage.

Name: | Age: | Face Claim: Ksenia Solo | Status: RESERVED by WrittenInScars


She is the other best friend of Cali, and pretty much everyone in the school is scared of her. They are terrified that she will electrify them with her electric signals, and she is pretty much psychic.

Name: ? Sohma| Age: | Face Claim: Keegan Allen | Status: OPEN


He is one of the three Sohma brothers. He is calm and collected, and considered the hottest and nicest guy at school. Cali has captured his heart, although she has no idea.

Name: ? Sohma | Age: | Face Claim: Drake Bell | Status: RESERVED by Mashotu


He is one of the three Sohma brothers. He is somewhat angry and has a very short fuse, he is easily angered by his brother ^^. Cali has captured his heart along with his brothers, although she has no idea.

Name: ? Sohma | Age: | Face Claim: Ian Somerhalder | Status: RESERVED by Dragon_Mclagon


He is the oldest Sohma brother, and the guardian of the other three. He is a perverted jokester, but doesn't actually act on his pervish tendencies. He doesn't really take much seriously, but he does have his moments where he acts a lot older than he is.

**These are the main characters. If you want to make another character such as another member of the zodiac or something like that, you certaintly can. Just ask first and see if there are any main characters that are open, since I would like to get those filled first. If they are filled, and you want to add a character, simply give me a face claim gif and synopsis in OOC and we're all good :)**

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[size=150]Written description:[/size]

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[size=150]Relationship Status:[/size]

[size=150]Brief History:[/size]

****side note: you can use as many gifs or images as you want.

Taking place in...


Japan by BBSweetie


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Re: Curse of the Zodiac

Looks great, guys! Please finish those charries soon. All we need is the last Sohma brother. Please ask around and see if anyone wants to fill it!

Re: Curse of the Zodiac

that would be good ^_^ ty

Re: Curse of the Zodiac

You can have either one. So I'll reserve the oldest one for you, then?

Re: Curse of the Zodiac

I am new to this anime but this looks like I would like it may i have the oldest Sohma brother if not I;ll take the younger one but I would like to change the FC

Re: Curse of the Zodiac

The idea was to make it the real life version of the anime/manga. You can make your charrie however you like :) Whether it be exactly like Kyo or something different. I do ask that you keep pretty close to the personality though.

Re: Curse of the Zodiac

Okay wait... So they're not supposed to be exactly like the characters in the anime/manga right?
Like change their name and stuffs?

Re: Curse of the Zodiac

May I reserve Drake Bell?

Re: Curse of the Zodiac

Just realized I didn't put a charrie sheet up. It should be there now, please use that!

Re: Curse of the Zodiac

@WrittenInScars, reserved!

@dreammuffin, me too! Want to reserve a charrie?

Re: Curse of the Zodiac

I loved this anime~

Re: Curse of the Zodiac

May I please reserve the FC: Ksenia Solo? :)

Re: Curse of the Zodiac

Can I reserve the one who's face claim is Ashley Benson?

Curse of the Zodiac

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