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Lavilev (Lion Heart in Hebrew)

Barukh atah Adonai Eloheinu melekh ha-olam, she-hehiyanu v'kiy'manu v'higi'anu la-z'man ha-ze.

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a character in “Cursed Kings”, as played by JEDH3


Wears tan robes and plain brown sandals, has brown hair, brown eyes, wears coke bottle glasses, and stands at 5'5". He carries a Khopesh Sword, and three daggers. One is for fighting, one is for killing, and the third is for Sacrifices. The only thing he wears that is ornamental, is the six point star medallion around his neck. three points are gold, and the alternating three points are silver. On his back is a large scroll that he values more than anything else. It is the Tanakh, the Holy Scriptures for those who follow Adonai.

Translation for above: "Blessed are You, Lord, our God, King of the universe, Who has kept us alive, sustained us, and enabled us to reach this season."


Lavilev is a devout follower of the God Adonai, and no matter what happens, he stubbornly remains optimistic insisting that everything that happens, no matter how good or bad, is because Adonai planned it to be. He is extremely brave -as living up to his name- and does not fear death. He would look at an enemy holding a sword to his throat the same as a butterfly landing on his nose. He believes that everyone dies when they are meant to die, regardless of circumstances. He will also go out of his way to help others, even if he has never seen them before. He Values life above all else, and will break any law if it will save a single innocent life.


Magic abilities- A prophet of Adonai, often has prayers answered as long as he is not praying for any selfish reason. He can also control fire.

Other abilities- Healing, Cooking, Expert Khopesh swordsman, plays the harp

So begins...

Lavilev (Lion Heart in Hebrew)'s Story


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"Yes, I know," The girl said. "I've lived there since I was young." From the corner of his eye, he could see her looking up at the moon. "It's lovely there - but a change of scenery is always nice. . ." A flash of light caused his head to turn and he saw a flower blooning at the touch of her hand. So she has a little magic, he thought, It would be nice to enjoy the beauty of nature in his fullest at a touch, but he decided that nature at its full course had a truer beauty in itself. The girl continued. "I've never had much chance to travel," She said and looked at him, meeting his eyes. He found himself replying, even though he normal avoided talking as much as was polite. "Sadly, I have traveled more than I would have wished. Although I do make a point to visit gardens in the area when I can." He had always enjoyed that part of the diplomatic missions he went on. Each of the gardens he went to had a different theme and it was interesting to explore. He had always prefered them to the lengthy meetings and discussions he was forced to attend.

Reyne laughed and Sidhe rolled her eyes, it was true anyway and it didn't change the fact that she didn't want marry any king in the first place. "I know, twin, but our father expects us to marry." Reyne said and, like he was summoned with their world, there he was, his pressence flashing through the room, though he remained unseen.
"Speak of him and he shall appear," Sidhe said. Next to her, Reyne sighed, feeling as annoyed as she felt. "How wonderful, father has decided to grace us with his presence."

"Well? What are you waiting for? Go dance! Have fun! You must find a husband - and I'd rather he go into this marriage willingly than me having to force him." She laughed quietly, moving away from Sidhe and toward the dance floor. "You can do it, twin. Just look inviting. Try to wipe that horrid look off your face - you almost scared me away." Again, Sidhe rolled her eyes, nothing could scare her twin away. Plus she knew her countanence wasn't that frightening; just blank and unexpressive. Reyne did have a point however, with the arrival of their great father, she did have to make some attempt at following his orders. She placed a smile on her face, and subtly changed her face to a more pleasant countanence and made a show of having fun, though her aura was still one of displeasure and of wanting to be someplace else. She wandered the room over to the buffet table, food in the hand was one way to blend, better than staring out the window like the loner she was.

She reached the buffet table and while picking out a small fruit, she caught a whisp of a conversation nearby. Listneing closer she heard the sound of plotting in casual tones that blended in well with the hubub of the crowd. "My Lord has warned me that our enemies are already here., I have asked a protective prayer of Adoni. And if worse comes to worse, Adoni blessed me, and hid my sword and daggers from security's eyes. You may use my combat dagger, Lejla, if you were not able to keep any of your own." Hmm so more people were here to interfere in tonights great plans, she thought. She kept an ear on the group but turned away and made as if she were listening to the music instead; swaying to the beat while nibbling the small yellow fruit in her hand. She wanted to listen some more before telling her sister.


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#, as written by slcam
((Just so you know, Karuta has been replaced by me (Harumi) since she hasn't been posting I guess. Sorry for any confusion this may cause.))

Harumi walked over to the opera boxes with the others and sat down in one of the chairs.

"I wonder if this will be as exciting as we have heard. It may sound strange, but I sincerely hope that it will not be disappointing."

She glanced around the ball room, then at Lavilev as he began saying prayers. Lejla was also scanning the room.

"Do you see anyone?" she asked Harumi. Before Harumi could reply, she felt a lift, and they were suddenly somewhere else. It was dark and terrifying, and Harumi froze in terror, unable to do anything. She thought she was ready for anything, but this wasn't just anything. Levilev shouted something in Hebrew, causing a huge wall of fire to come up around them. She still could not make herself move, as she sensed a dark presence. The King of Odrin. She saw that one other person had come there with them, who was also obviously a magic user. He attacked the King, but the king brushed the attack aside, beginning to attack the pillar of fire. The king of Odrin suddenly attacked from above, bringing the wall of fire down and landing near the group. Harumi could only watch, still caught off guard by all this.

"Do something fast! or we will all die here!" Harumi heard in her mind, apparently from the other person who was attacking. Lejla also drew her knife, but soon after she did, they were released, all landing back on the floor.

Harumi landed hard on her side and quickly scrambled up. At least she felt she could move now. What had made her freeze in terror like that? Lavilev jumped up, having finally finished his prayers. He apparently hadn't caught any of what happened after he put up the wall. He mentioned a curse, and Harumi realized she could also feel the evil radiating from the kings. They weren't able to stop it, she realized, frowning and almost crying.

"So who might you people be to be dragged into this? clearly you where a threat to those people invlolved, care to tell me why that is?" the boy who had been with them said. Lejla replied, "I should ask you the same question."

Levilev quickly answered, not acknowledging Lejla's comment. Harumi nodded in agreement with what he said, waiting with interest to see what the boy would say.


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#, as written by slcam
"Right... Is something wrong with her? she seems a bit on edge."

Harumi looked over at Lejla. She did seem a bit on edge, but that was to be expected after what had happened. Harumi nodded at what Lavilev said. All of them felt about the same. However, from the time she had spent with Lejla, Harumi knew she was not mad at anyone but perhaps herself. She was more likely worried at the turn of events than anything else.

"And if you ever bow to me again, I'll stab you in the foot." Harumi laughed softly at King Takumi's almost absentminded statement.

"In any case, Ryu, would you please tell the other kings to meet me and our guests in the garden at the old bonsai tree?"

Harumi smiled. Her father had told her stories of that old bonsai tree. He told her that it had been there for countless generations, and he also told her that all of the souls of the Kings of Mornia lived in the bit that grew while they were king. That had always been one of her favorite tales. She was already beginning to miss being home. This was odd in a way when she thought about it. Harumi's attention came back when she heard Lejla speak.

She almost laughed. "Yes, if Lejla were mad at you, you would have no doubt about it. Trust me, I know from experience," she said with a small giggle. Then her face grew serious. "In any case, we are here to help. We will be able to explain better at the meeting."


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#, as written by slcam
Harumi just managed to catch Lavilev's expression as he seemed to be trying to keep his composure. This caused Harumi to smile. It was funny that Lejla already had someone think she was mad at them, but that was just her personality.

"This way please."

Harumi followed King Takumi through the large garden. She was vaguely surprised. It wasn't how she expected it to be, for obvious reasons, now that she thought about it. She observed everything with interest, storing it in her memory so that she could remember as much as possible later. After a while, they came to the hedge maze. It's so... quaint, Harumi thought with a smile. Since she was a bit short, she could only just see over it. She followed closely behind Takumi, raising on her toes every once in a while to see if anyone was already at the tree. Soon, the maze opened up, fully revealing the large bonsai tree. That at least was about what she expected.

King Takumi immediately sat down on one of the benches. Harumi could just hear him. "What should I do, father? please give my friends and I wisdom to overcome these trials, ancestors."

Her eyes immediately welled up with tears as she was filled with emotion at this statement. She put her hand over her mouth and calmly turned to hide the tears she just managed to keep from falling, looking out as well as she could over the hedge. She quickly composed herself as Lavilev said, "That is a bonsai tree? It's huge!" She laughed at his incredulous tone, turning to smile at him as Ryu answered his question. One of the newly arrived kings also commented.

King Takumi soon started the meeting.

Is this acceptable to everyone?" he asked.

Harumi quickly nodded in agreement, hearing some of the others also agreeing. She looked over toward the horizon, where the moon had almost already set. It would begin soon. They had to finish this meeting quickly, before the confusion started to break out.


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#, as written by slcam
All too soon the sun began to peek over the horizon. Harumi watched this with a despairing look. They hadn't even gotten the meeting started. It would have been good if they could have given the kings at least some warning at least.

As the sun's rays reach one king after the other, their forms began to change as one of them even gasped, apparently in pain. Harumi glanced away for a moment and when she glanced back, they were all completely transformed. King Takumi had transformed into a bear and the other kings had transformed into and eagle, a leopard, and a wolf. A couple were confused and frightened, but King Takumi seemed to actually enjoy it.

Suddenly a girl, Leena, came running in and started yelling at Takumi. She obviously didn't like that he did not seem to be taking this seriously. Harumi watched, a concerned look in her eye, as Leena sat at the tree. One of the King's sister began scolding her about thinking about marriage at a time like this, and she began to cry. Harumi agreed, but she thought it should be put quite a bit kinder. She walked over to Leena as the girl did, and sat on her other side. She watched as the kings slowly became used to their animal bodies.

"She is right you know," Harumi said, smiling gently and encouragingly at her. "There is a way to remove the curse," she said, just loud enough that everyone could hear. She put hand gently on Leena's shoulder before removing it and getting to her feet.

"There is a way to remove the curse," she repeated, looking thoughtfully at the ground. "Would you like to explain it, Lejla, Lavilev, Jason? Or shall I?"