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Cursing The Moon

Cursing The Moon


Legend says the Moon fell in love and caused itself to be cursed. The problem is it didn't just curse the Moon, it cursed whole generations of people. Now they want free of the curse.

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Legend of the Wolf (Do NOT have to read)
Legends often tell us something that is not true and has a nice ring and back story to something simple. Did anyone ever think how people came up with the ideas though? For example one legend says that the sun and the moon were madly in love. They would spend every second chasing each other, round and round the earth. Sun never really liked the dark and enjoyed seeing every little detail of the earth clearly so would shine its light oh so bright down on earth as it chased moon. On the other hand moon thought the dark was a romantic place where love grew stronger so would only cast enough light so all the lovers could see each other. One day moon found a human on earth that would gaze at it every night. So moon stopped chasing after Sun and stayed to be with the human. Even when Sun would pass by and shine all its light moon was right there for its human. Sun grew extremely jealous. It would create storms during the day when it passed Moon so Moon could not see its human love. It never worked for long though, Moon would always be there for its human at night. And then one day an old woman started talking to Sun. "Why do you always pass by us, never stopping to appreciate us while Moon is always there watching over us?" Enraged Sun told the old women how it loved the people and always shined light to see everything about the people while Moon only loved the one person and was being selfish. The old women thought long and hard before responding. "How about this, I will make Moon a deal and if Moon breaks the deal it will be cursed forever." Sun was unsure, it was upset with Moon but it did not want to curse Moon forever. When the women told her the deal though, it was one Sun could simply not refuse. The old woman waited till night then proposed the deal to Moon. "I will make you a human so you can be with your love, but if you shall lay eyes upon another than I will make you Moon again and you will be cursed forever." Moon did not think it over and quickly agreed. Moon was happy with its human love and spent many dark nights proposing romantic gestures. One night it was so dark, since Moon was not there to provide light in the night sky, that Moon accidentally walked into the wrong house. When morning came Moon had eyes filled with love and adoration as it looked upon the human next to it. It was to late when Moon realized it was not its human love. Moon was quickly back in the sky with Sun again. At first everything was normal, then moon started hiding some of its light and it did not know why. Moon asked the old woman scared that it would no longer be able to shine light on its human love. "I told you, you would be cursed if you lay eyes on another. You will start out as the bright Moon that you always have been but slowly your light will be block from yourself until you have no light. Then the process will happen again. Continuously this will happen until Sun runs out of light." Moon sighed with relief think it could live with that as long as it got to see its human love. "That is not all Moon. So long as you shine light both of your human loves and all their descendants shall turn into a large wolf. As tall on all fours as its human on two. When you show none of your light, then the humans will be free. When your face turns as red as the blood coursing through their veins(Blood Moon) they will not be able to control the beasts within and will wreak havoc on the world they live in. When your face turns as orange as the sky when Sun approaches (Harvest Moon) they will be weaker than rabbits they kill." Moon was devastated but there was nothing it could do. So to help its human love it would chase after Sun and only come around when Sun was not there. Then at least its human love could enjoy the light of Sun in its human form.

We will focus on one pack called Blood Moon. Every night they force themselves to become locked away as their bodies tear themselves apart and become a different creature. When morning comes they emerge from their cellars and allow themselves to walk in their human skins again. The only problem is that hiding their wolves is an extremely painful process and most of the pack doesn't want to do it anymore. They have to fight off their extremely powerful alpha who has reasons to fear shifting over at night.

Facts For The Average Lyncan
*Depending on the moon depends on how much control you have over your wolf self. ie. Full moon= full wolf, Half moon= half wolf, and etc.
*Hunters moons cause extreme weakness.
*Blood moons cause blood thirst and a killing rampage.
*Your wolf self is actually a different being and therefore has a mind of its own as well as can talk to you as much as it pleases.
*When one is forced to shift it is very painful and can take up to an hour as apposed to shifting anytime at will (moon or not) and it taking mere seconds for your wolf to shed your human form and your bones to readjust.
*When you are standing on two legs in your human form your wolf is that tall on four legs.
*Your wolfs fur will be the same color as your human hair.
*The wolf gene is genetic but also can be spread through a bite when dying (If you are killed by a Lyncan it doesn't work, only if they bite you and you survive the bite.)
*As mentioned in the legend Witches exist and are the Lyncans worst enemy.
*Witches will ban together and hunt Lyncan on Hunters moon.

*Be sure to read the Lycan facts
*There must be at least three boys and three girls played by different people before we start ie. 3 females and 3 males to different people. We can have three people playing at minimum.
*Only make as many characters as you can keep up with.
*Try and add backstory with other characters (ask owner first)
*No godmodding
*I will allow a certain amount of witches if someone wants to play one.
*Have fun
*Don't start OOC fights
*If two characters don't get along it doesn't mean their players shouldn't

Wanted Characters (More info in OOC)
Name | Link
Name | Link
Name | Link
Isabella | N/A
Regular Members (PFS)
Name | Link
Regular Member (AFS)
Name | Link
Name | Link
Name | Link
Ex-rouge/new member
Name: | Link:

Jackson | N/A
Skeleton (You can add stuff to)

Code: Select all
[b]Full Name:[/b]
[b]Pack Duty:[/b] Get creative
[b]Positions:[/b] Pro-Free Shift (PFS) or Against Free Shift (AFS)
[b]Wolf Name[/b]: Be original, Use tribal names
[b]Roommates:[/b] Family? Friend? Who?

[b]Hair Color(s):[/b]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Favorite Outfit:[/b]
[b]Basic Description for Wolf:[/b]
[b]Basic Description for Human:[/b]

Three Wolf

Three Human

Toggle Rules

*Be sure to read the Lycan facts
*There must be at least three boys and three girls played by different people before we start ie. 3 females and 3 males to different people. We can have three people playing at minimum.
*Only make as many characters as you can keep up with.
*Try and add backstory with other characters (ask owner first)
*No godmodding
*I will allow a certain amount of witches if someone wants to play one.
*Have fun
*Don't start OOC fights
*If two characters don't get along it doesn't mean their players shouldn't

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Re: Cursing The Moon

Human hair to wolf fur translation
Black hair = Black fur
Blond/White hair = White fur
Red hair = Rusty brown fur
Brown hair = Brown or dirty white hair

Re: Cursing The Moon

Goal number of people signed up is currently at 1/3

Re: Cursing The Moon

Alpha Current Number= 0
Only one aloud unless two players come together and decide to be Alpha Female and Alpha Male. One is more dominant though, can be male or female. Alpha is strict and has a lot of mental power over the pack, Alphas word is obeyed. Main reason for not allowing free shifting is out of fear of being discover, hunted, or killed. Passed down through generations of alphas that it is pack law. When Alpha steps down Beta becomes alpha, NOT Alphas kin.
BetaCurrent Number= 0
Alphas right and left hand, only one allowed. Enforces laws when Alpha is not available. Allowed to hand out punishments as seen fit which can be revoked by Alpha and placed onto them if Alpha deems fit.
FightersCurrent Number= 1
Fighters can be plentiful, they have the most other than regular wolves. They will be in charge of guarding Alpha, doing perimeter checks, running head on into battle, initiate fights as Alpha decides. Every wolf goes through a training session so they can defend themselves and it is taught by the fighters.
Regular Members (PFS)Current Number= 0
Want to allow free shifting at will, more of younger generations with some older.
Regular Member (AFS)Current Number= 0
Are against shifting at will, more of older generations with some younger.
OmegasCurrent Number= 0
Lowest rank, not thought highly of, only allowed to shift every other night.
RougeCurrent Number= 0
Hangs out with pack members in nearby town, some cause trouble, used to being in wolf form 24/7.
Ex-rouge/new memberCurrent Number= 1
Similar to rouge but became apart of pack recently. Possibly came from pack which allows free shifting.

Cursing The Moon

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