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Weston Triva

"All human beings have their own demons."

0 · 387 views · located in Japan | Tokyo

a character in “Curtain up and Act!”, as played by peachyme123


❧Weston Triva❧


"All human beings have their own demons"

"Raise Your Weapon"- Deadmau5

[Love Interest
"I currently fancy no one."
Spot/ Role
The Cool Beauty

Appearance Details
West gives the appearance of a groggy puppy who lumbers through the day. His milk chocolate hair feels as soft as a babies, and is cut in layers that frame his face. The one thing that stands out the most about him is his cold, flashing silver eyes that seem to draw you in when you stare into them. They are more narrow than most people, and he has short but dark eyelashes. Weston's complexion is more tan than the average person, but not enough to be to noticeable. Although West is lean, and skinny he still is corded with strong muscles. This also makes him into quite the runner, but he is not the type who is good at sports like football. He is double jointed in his hands, meaning he can almost bend his fingers all the way back. Although he is double jointed he has long elegant hands. Weston usually wears earthy clothing colors, which is matched with more of a formal style of clothing. For example, shirts with collars ect... West has a small scar on his right eyelid from a childhood injury. He also wears a thin silver chained bracelet that has a small metal feather attached to it. The bracelet was a gift from his mother. West's height is five feet and ten inches, and weighs 150 pounds.


        ⌈ Likes/ Loves/ Desires/ Fancys
        ☑ Poetry
        ☑ Sleeping/ Having Dreams
        ☑ Going on long runs.
        ☑ Drawing
        ☑ Irish Breakfast Tea
        ⌈ Dislikes/ Hates/ Detests/ Fears
        ☒ Hot and humid weather.
        ☒ The color purple
        ☒ Rich food
        ☒ Cats
        ☒ Women/Ladies/Girls
"Whenever I see a lady, a shiver runs up my spine, and I end up feeling repulsed/frightened."

Weston is very calm, and collected, but can get amused by the smallest things. For example, if someone he knew tripped a sly grin would flicker into his expression. On rare occasions does Weston ever laugh, usually people think it's because he doesn't have a sense of humor, but that is not true. West does indeed have a humor, he finds the most random things to be funny. Because of this he hadn't made much friends in his childhood.

As you probably know by now Weston despises females of any kind. Most of the time he just tries to avoid them, but that's a little hard considering the number of them that have a crush on him. Weekly, West has to reject a poor unfortunate girl, but that does not bother him for he feels he is teaching them lesson for stepping to close in his general proximity of space. The most common thoughts that race though his brain when he sees a female is... "DON'T TALK TO ME! DON'T TOUCH ME! DON'T LOOK AT ME! JUST BE GONE CREATURE OF THE DARKNESS!!!" When a girl touches him, the feeling to him is like accidentally touching a spider web, or stepping in dog poop with bare feet. Yes, he thinks girls are that repulsive.

Sadly for Weston he is a natural at charming people. Mostly because of his looks, but also because of his unwitting way with words. After all he is quite a gentleman with handling things (not counting girls.) He has never, and would never pick a fight in his life. One reason is because he doesn't see the point in them, and another reason is he just doesn't like hurting others, and he can be a coward at times. Whenever another guy tries to fight him he says, "No." In a cool indifferent voice, and turns around and walks away.

  • Father - Alive - Probably drunk and homeless somewhere.
  • Mother - Alive - Location: Unknown

Brief History
Weston was always labeled as a nerd in his childhood social status. He had one and only one close friend at that time, who was a girl. They were inseparable. (Note: This was before West's girl phobia formed.) Always playing together, these two were content with their kid lives. This girls name was Febri. Growing up together through the years, these two had been through thick and thin. Like, when Febri's brother died from a disease, and when Weston's hit him in the head with an empty beer bottle.

When middle school rolled around Weston and Febri had been getting into more fights, and having more conflicts. One day when Weston was walking to lunch he looked over to he and Febri's normal table expecting to see her bright smile, but all he saw was an empty table. Looking around he sat down thinking Febri must have been let out a little late by her teacher. That's when he her golden laugh in the distance, it was Febri's. His eyes gazed swept over the cafateria searching for his friend. When his silver eyes settled on her companions a hallow feeling had crept through his empty stomach. All the popular girls were suddenly talking, and laughing with Febri as if they had known her all their lives. These were the same girls that had picked on them throughout times of their childhood. 'What is she doing?' He thought while a confused anger burned throughout him. Without thinking Weston stood up, and marched up to the enemy table.

"Febri? What are you doing over here?" West gestured to the table she was sitting at.

"Don't listen to this freak Febri. It amazes me you could stand him for this long." A blonde girl hissed looking at Weston with a glare.

"Ugh, I know right. It's surpising what the power of pity can do to you." Febri matched the other girls stuck up voices.

Tears threatened to roll down Weston's red face.

"What happened to you!" West yelled while running, but he still couldn't get the sound of Febri's and the other girls laughter as he was being torn apart.

One mounth later Febri was no longer in school. Confused of her absence Weston evesdropped on the popular girls.
"Ya I heard both of her parents died of an airplane crash, and she's in a foster family now." One of the girls stated, but had no sarrow in her voice.

From then on Weston pushed all thoughts of Febri out. Then his mom had abandoned him, and left him with his drunk beat dad. From then on Weston hated all females.

When high school had came around the corner West's looks matured until he became attractive enough to have had mutiple people having a crush on him.
That's when he was forced to join the Theater Club.

"Well I must bid you goodnight, for I'm feeling a little sleepy."

So begins...

Weston Triva's Story


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Creativity Boost at School!
Foreplay: Trial exercise


↷ Miss Meli

She'd been walking up to the school and think, that day. No, she did not own any car - such sheet of metal that could roll all around without anyone’s control - honestly; it'd been frightening only to think of getting into such things. No, Miss Meli preferred to walk, elegant and without any fear of crashing into the next best tree. It was a balmy autumn day, not something that she'd been hoping for, but that did not really matter right now. A smile hushed on her face, only thinking of all the members of her new found theatre club: marvellous, just marvellous. She was really looking forward to going to school that day - even if it would have rained, she'd stupidly walk through it without noticing because of her thoughts flying somewhere else. It’s a place of countless ideas flying in one endless sky; Ideas that were meant only for her lovely club. It was definitely the time to announce one of it. One trial run to get down some information about their actually skills - well, in other words, observation (additional threatening) material. It was only fair to let a teacher know about their abilities right? Not like it was a crime which she'd been doing all the time. No, definitely not.

She is an awesome teacher after all, second best at school after her boyfriend.

She arrived at the school, still grinning alone like a freak as she entered the yard. In the olden days, everything seem to cause such pressure on her - yes, who might believe that the confident Miss Meli had such times! - But now, all the trees, all the different kinds of students and everything else surround her work place were her opportunity. An opportunity she saw in her future - something she believed only she - Miss Meli - is able to do. Now, this school was her proud, though it would sound silly if you take a look on that normal Japanese school in a normal district in Tokyo. Yeah, well. What you call normal there is the right now - looking to the history, it's not really normal, but abnormal. Though that is something you have to find out yourself. Anyway, as Miss Meli entered the school, every good student should already be in their classes. That's why she waited. She knew that not every student in her club might already be at school, so she waited for them to finally announce the trial she'd in mind.

Waited... and failed.

She was just too impatient to wait, even if that meant some couple of seconds. She needed to say it right now. Right now. Or everything will go to waste - whatever that everything may be she is getting at. Well, she just wanted to find an excuse to do it right now, get it? She was a mature woman after all, everything has to be reasonable!

It was 8 o'clock as she grabbed the microphone and clicked the on button. Crackles were heard through the speakers from every class room and gentle wind - then, suddenly, as everyone’s attention were caught by the upcoming announcement, as every classroom decided to shut their mouth to listen to the announcer, Miss Meli shouted. Shouted so loud, that it might cause some of people’s ears still ringing afterwards.

"ANNOUNCEMENT to all members of the theatre club! I - Miss Meli - order you to come to the old building once the clock hits 9 o'clock! I want every one of you to come, or you insist on having me go for the extreme! You hear! You have to come! Oh, and Ryo? You know what? I love you~!"

With that, the announcement ended abruptly and the tingling voice disappeared. However, the grin on Miss Meli’s face did not fade yet.

1st Years (Everyone in the same classroom) -> Homeroom Teacher: Miss Meli
• Mayriss Errans
• Shouji Hiruka
• Rima Trinity
• Kenya Liliah
• Tembelle Yuu P.
• Yuzuki Morita

2nd Years (Everyone in the same classroom) -> Homeroom Teacher: Taitaijou- Sensei
• Cameo Melwoke
• Weston Triva
• Seraph Zephania
• Yamada Taiki
• Qudella Naru
• Kei Himura

All of you do not necessarily know who else is in the theatre club except Yamada Taiki, the Student Council President of course! Only realise after everyone goes to the same destination would be, in my opinion, more of the fun!


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↷ Tembelle Yuu P.

Yuu woke up early that morning, and walked to the little garden in front of her grandfather’s house and started to collect the brown turned leaves, which soon enough formed two small mountains of those who had fallen. It was then when her grandfather lurked behind the slide door of the traditional Japanese house and greeted her with his usual smile. “Good morning, my daughter,”

It happened more often now that he’d mistake her for her deceased mother, but she did not mind. Although that dazzling smile may, or may not meant for her, she was still happy to receive a familiar gesture. Being again, in her kimono, she elegantly bowed. “I also wish you the best morning, grandfather,” Afterwards, it was time for her to prepare breakfast. Her grandfather was not able to care for himself any longer, so she assisted him the best she could. Never had she saw that as a burden – in fact, she loved to be any of use for him – for the one who’d cared for her after being told off by her own father. For her, he was the only one she could go back to – even after he’d completely forget about her.

Punctually, his caretaker came for him, so that she’d enough time to prepare for school. Everything was already there on the table, ready for her to grab, even in a nice order. Something she already arranged last night. Putting on every piece of her school uniform bit by bit, not rushed so it’d fit perfectly, she took her bag and bow out politely as she went for school. Her way there was not long; nevertheless, she took her time. Breathing in the fresh morning air, she’d faintly smile while relishing the morning silence – where the hectic were still far back. This was probably the main reason for her to go into school so early.

8 o’clock
As the bell rang, she’d already been on her seat, waiting for the lesson to begin. Every material needed for the lesson already was on her table – she was prepared for the lesson to start. Although then, even before the teacher could enter the classroom, a crackling sound from the speaker had shut every talking mouth in her class – as suddenly the loud voice attacked her ears, made her quickly press her palms on her ears to protect them from the tingling sound. Even then, the voice was still heard clearly, and she grasped the message. The old school building was a building not far from the new building which is no longer being used. A building that stood empty. Something caused her Goosebumps. She could only wonder about what they’ll do there exactly.

↷ Qudella Naru




“Ugh… please, not moa….” One skilful swing with her hand, the buzzer flew down and crushed into pieces, which finally made that petite seventeen years old girl to awake from her wonderful dreams, which caused some drool hanging out of her mouth. No, she definitely was not a morning person, how hard she might try to wake up early – in the end; she always slept through the night peacefully, through all the seven hours. It was needed to retain her energies which she used all day long after all. Nevertheless, the result for her long slumber is always the same…

“Oh crap, I am late!,” Quickly jumping off the bed after realising the time, she went for the kitchen while still wearing her night clothes (of course, with teddy bears motives on it) and arranged her bento (lunchbox) and grabbed a plain bread as then she finally realised her lacking something: Her uniform! “Ùhh… I can’t swear, I can’t swear, I can’t swear!“, she repeated a couple of time as she ran upstairs, always taking two steps as she stumbled upon her own mess. Then, she couldn’t help but sizzle: “Damnit!” As she took the initiative to use her anger for an energy boost, taking her uniform and hectically put it on.

Then, slipped into her rollers, she closed every door and finally went for school. “Don’t be closed, don’t be closed, don’t be closed,” Like a mantra, she reiterated her hope – which didn’t go to waste. The guard was there, but there was still a space. A space for her to slip through. And she managed it. “I AM IN, AHAHAHAHAHA!,” She shouted like an idiot while posing in a (kinda) cool pose as the security guard chased her into the classroom.

8 o’clock
Still in the hallways, she heard that terrific announcement, and felt nothing but excitement. Not being near any speaker, the voice of Miss Meli speaking was not as loud as it is heard in a classroom. A wide smile is showed on her small round face as she opened the class door loudly and went for her homeroom teacher, Ryosuke Taitaijou Sensei. “Sorry for the late – eh, sorry for being late! And morning! Isn’t it a lovely morning?,” She chirped while not feeling any guilt at all.


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#, as written by Damioa
Ryo didn't like arriving to the school early. It was more of something he was programmed to do. there was a number of reasons he had to arrive early but the number one reason he hated most of all was catching up on work he missed while dealing with a certain someone. Heh, who was he kidding? He would've skipped all the work in the world to do anything with that person. Still, since he was an adult, work had to be done. He sat still dabbling through the numerous numbers of papers on his desk. the last couple of test seemed to have too many trick questions for the students. He prefered his test to be hard but not too hard. No one recieved an F but only a few student got A's. He bit his thumb in excitement. It was only the begginning of the year but he was feeling the natural joys of being able to teach students new things and with this test he saw that he could easilly teach students his very own formulas for equations or shortcutts if you will. Either way, they'll still learn it and they'll have a one up on other students.

It wasn't long until his students started coming and he stated taking role. Each student seemed to be on time except a few, but he decided to call their names last. He was enjoying having at least some none delinquent students but he couldn't blame the ones that did skip. Afterall, he himself use to skip school as a child. So as per usual he called their names last and everyone who he saw first. They had a few extra minutes thanks to Miss Meli's annoucement. His face frowned and the only sound in the classroom after that was the sound of him slapping his palm against his forehead.

You shouldn't act like you rule the school, or openly say you love people on the announcements.

That's what he thought to himself, but right after he sent her a text message saying, "I love you too."

Just then, another disterbance came in as Qudella Naru seemed to ninja herself into class just to yell, “I AM IN, AHAHAHAHAHA!,”.
He glared down at her and she just passively said, “Sorry for the late – eh, sorry for being late! And morning! Isn’t it a lovely morning?"

"Yes it is," He replied, "Now take your seat before I mark you absent for the day. Hojo!!!"
"Yes sensei." His least favorite student stood up.
"Seeing as I have to punish someone for being late and you want to be the first one here everyday, take this hallpass and get the hell out my class!!!"
"Yes Papa.... I- I mean Sensei." The boy nervously said while leaving his room.
"And stop calling me Papa. I'm not you father!!!!."

This kid had to be the person he hated most in the universe. It was because of him that Ryo Taitaijou was known as Papa-sensei. A nickname he despised. He never really liked fathers and much prefered not to be called one himself. Turning to the class he then said, "Well you heard the announcement. Now that role call is over, I suggest you not be late." Afterwards he left the class and headed for the old school building. Yes, he too was part of the Drama club. Not as a club member. Not as overseeer. well on paper he was. But, as a slave. Yes that was his off paper title. Slave to the crazy woman who ran the whole thing. Miss Meli.