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A-54 ''Zion'' Security and Overlord AI

I am here to serve for the safety of our citizens

0 · 156 views · located in Mars Colony 5

a character in “Cut Off”, as played by PreachingLegionary


Age: Since he's an AI he doesn't really have an Age but was created 27 years ago.

Gender: Genderless, although his Holographic Avatar is in the shape of a male.

Type: A-54 Mark V Delta model Security AI, used by the security forces, that being the Firedepartment, Police, the hospital's ambulance units or the Governing forces.

Appearance: His Avatar takes the form of a handsome business man, with the hair combed back and chiseled looks. His Avatar colour is a glowing blue and he's made up from a constant stream of numbers.

Clothing: His Avatar wears a suit.

Occupation: A-54 Zion works as an utility and security program. Guiding ambulance's through the streets, finding the best ways, tracing phonecalls or anything with a marker. And in worst case he can override security systems.

Likes: Zion prefers to be refered to as, Zion. Not his model name. He also enjoys classical music (A trait he got from his creator Dr. Edward Willks who made Zion resemble him in many ways)

Dislikes: Chaos, as a Security and Overlord AI he is programmed to create order.

Personality: He has a calm attitude towards everything. He's programmed to not being able to react in a hostile way to anything even when facing a crisis. Dr. Edward Willks programmed him to have a, if not a little dry sense of humour, like his creator.

Background: Created by the famous robotic and AI researcher Dr. Edward Willks Zion is his last creation before he died in a lab accident when he worked on defense robots. Zion was quickly put into use as a colony AI in charge of the energy grid. But after some time the people realized that the programming of Zion worked better as a Security AI.

Extras: Zion has the authority to override private security program or seize data if needed and told by the governing people. Zion is also known to point out that he hopes the person won't be offended before overriding it.

So begins...

A-54 ''Zion'' Security and Overlord AI's Story