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Antony Largo

Be glad that I'm in it just for the money right now...

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a character in “Cyberpunk 2038-Corporate Wars”, as played by Oborosen


Nevil Antony Largo
The face snatcher, Mr Faceless



Height: 6'2 Weight: 196-210lbs
At one point Antony was quite the heart throb in his youth, he was a great sportsman and competitor until he left for the war. That was the day he found that life was so easily offered and taken by capable hands. Now he is a shadow of his former self, though his body is strong and fit his attitude and standing are not. His eyes bare a vacant dead stare as if he were a fish in a bowl looking at the world on the outside. Or perhaps he is the one looking in on the fish, he has yet to decide. He does still dress with fine clothing at times but its hard to deny a strange air about him. His long black hair cuts over his shoulders and is kept swept back most of the time he can be seen. His dark eyes are eerie to look at, seeing as the operation that made him the way he is also nearly ended his need for moisture on them. So he can go some time without remembering to blink at all.

Antony is a strange man, though well mannered and possessing a high upbringing he is at most times a difficult person to deal with. At times he can show sociopathic tendencies but that can be attributed to how he was brought up as well. He does not care for others or they're possessions, however if they are in direct commonality to him then he has his reasons for paying what attention he does. Worst of all Antony can at times have a very possessive and hyper attached personality. Which is shown in his care for his own personal items and at times will gain the same attachment to someone until he actually needs to possess them as well.

Antony has received extensive amounts of training in multiple fields of combat and improvised weapons, His years spent as a soldier of fortune have hardened his mind and body greatly and he has been known to act with an animistic instinct on more then one occasion.
-Assault weapons training-
-Support weapons training-
-Heavy weapons training-
-Improvised/CQC weapons-
-Medical training- (advanced first aid)
-Marital Combat training (hand to hand,armed)-
Antony is a capable pilot; Being able to fly most standard and non standard aircraft when the need calls for it. His most experience is with support Vtol's that were originally used for TrT.

Among most of the other operatives, Antony has some of the best toys available to him. Not because of his standing within the group but because he is a compulsive collector of sorts and not a moment goes by that he isn't willing to spend his own money to get his hands on the newest weapons or gadgets available. He keeps all of which meticulously maintained and is actually rather a dick when it comes to handing them out to anyone else.
"Favored items are as follows"
-Stern'meyer Type 35 Heavy Pistol-
-Beretta M-24 Medium SMG-
-Arasaka WAA Bullpup/Underslung Launcher-
-Excalibur Taser stick-
-Spawnblade (highend blade)-

Antony wears a black street jacket with normal leather wear from a day to day basis and only carries a side arm when wearing normal clothes. But when it comes time to fight he is not easily put down and he wears the material needed to do his job.
-Kevlar Assault Vest, ammo and tool storage-
-Metal Gear Assault attachments, Shins, Forearms-
-Nylon/Carbon helmet with a thermoplastic face mask-

Aside for his more cosmetic augmentation, Antony's body has only received very limited amounts of alteration and strengthening.
Combat Augments: [Shark Weave] Antony's dermal layer has been enhanced with a nano mesh weave that makes his skin highly resistant to small arms fire, chemical burning and impervious to most types of low grade blade weapons. His spine and sections of his skeleton have been re-spun as well with a similar mesh to make his frame more absorbent to impact. His chest cavity can support a 9G impact proportional to his own weight and his limbs can support an impact equal to half of that.
Cosmetic Augments: One of the more disturbing things about Antony is that he hasn't looked the same as when he was younger in a long time. His face is a synthetic fabrication and it is made to look the way he wants. If it does not fit his style he will just take it off and replace it with another face that he has in storage. Or for gaining his own namesake he has taken the faces of others to add to his own little collection.
Without a face his skull is nearly bare and there are sections of wire and mesh lashings that make his chosen face operate as if it were his own.

In the years following the first official handshakes among the corporations it was believed that anyone and everyone who wanted to make and name for themselves tried their best to get on the corporations good side. They would fight and kill for those ruling bodies and even more then that when the time came for it. But as time moved on it was certain that the ones that shined in this line of work were those with military and actual backgrounds of espionage. Seeing as normal hoods didn't really cut it and they were at most a one use design.

Antony was one such man that shined after his life in the military was cut short due to a very brash dishonorable discharge.
His life in war soon landed on the radar of several large end corporations and his services were vied for over half a decade. That was until he received a contract from Trauma Team [TrT] and left the states for outer reach work. What is not known publicly is that he spent this time raising hell among the stars, he spent several months straight jumping from one orbital station to the other taking and killing all to his own content. It was here that the fact of his affliction was noted when several of the more higher up work staff were found faceless and strung up in the halls. He was given rights to a certain medical procedure and techniques that allowed him to switch identities rather quickly. He came earth side not long after and was sent around the remaining third world states to search out medical cures with a small team who by all means shared a medical disposition like himself.

However it was only a matter of time till TrT would turn its back on him and set him to the stake, he was pitted against his own squad who summarily thrashed him heavily. It was only with the use of a singular grenade that he managed to escape and proceeded to head underground. But as with all things buried, there is a chance that one could always dig them up. Antony was discovered by an operative who he nearly killed in the attempted completion of their own mission. He had come to know the reputation of CKSD and requested to be added to their roster after releasing the operative and helping in the completion of said mission. Though he still has yet to gain full trust of those within the corporate body, he has proven that he is still a capable asset.

-Other Info-

Antony was raised in a high standing family and has always been accustomed to being wealthy. So he has always done his best to keep his personal accounts high and fool, even going so far to keep separate books on the side for emergency cases. That is not to say that he does not spend his wealth.
Antony is a heavy player in the stock market and under several assumed names he has stocks in many major and not so major businesses. His most recent acquisition was a hostile takoever of another shareholders savings and he now has 16% of Milatek's and 12% Arasaka stock profiles.

So begins...

Antony Largo's Story


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The city had been pulsing for several hours, even after the last of the party scene had gone away from the lower rungs. But as always Antony could not really tell from his current home.

Sitting above the skyline his loft was softly bathed in some of the only natural light that the city would ever seen as he was hanging from a bar, doing pull ups in strict repetition. His morning routine of work finished more then a few hours ago and he had been occupying himself on sheer drive for now. Seeing as he had no work on the table and he had no side contracts as well to keep his attention. Aside from that he could be heard speaking into his ear piece as he pulled and lowered himself.

"Listen Nadia, I know that you can't see a way threw this without resulting to some less then tasteful tactics.. But this bastard is sitting on more then a thousand shares and we all know that they are just ripe for the taking."

Not far from his dangling feet sat several weapons that he had used from the last mission over a night before, though this was not a sanctioned mission along with the others and he knew that at some point he would receive a scolding from George. Each had been cleaned and rebuilt meticulously and as such was an extension of his own obsessions.

He got several words back as he began to chuckle under his own voice as he returned. "Yeah.. well I hired you because you were good, not because you were nice. Besides if he gives you any lip, I can always put a round in his leg to change his tone." He drops off the bar and pressed the end call button, before tossing the ear piece on a nearby counter.

Walking over to the same counter and wiping his shoulders he looks over the small collection before him and smirks, knowing that inside he did not think it was still enough for him at all.

A screen blinks to life on the wall near the counters edge and he hears a familiar tone ring in.
"Ah.. Alta, what is the news for today."

"Meeting in forty five minutes Antony and George wants you there on time.."

He smiles as he finishes his orange juice and places the empty glass on the counter, before throwing the towel over his shoulder and heading towards the shower. "Always a pleasure, tell her I am on the way. He absorbed himself in the next few minutes by cleaning himself up and getting dressed. The only time he stopped on the way out of the house was when he was choosing what to arm up with for such a leisurely stroll.

He decided on a colt to strap under his coat along his back, while sliding a spawn blade up his left sleeve. Because the adage always remained true in this day and age to never go anywhere without a knife.

Taking the freight elevator down and choosing his Kundalini as he slides the the cover off. The motorcycle would prove to be a good choice seeing as the cities lower reaches below the safety of his loft home was more then a little crowded, but despite this he was on his way and arrived in less then thirty minutes.

Making his way past security and getting checked he was allowed in and finally opened the door to the conference room to see three of his co-workers already waiting. Isaac and Rax were two individuals that Antony never really worked with, seeing as he was mostly a solo act preferably and the only others that he shared the field with were George and a few other associates they shared.

He sat in a chair across the table from Isaac and smiled slightly, with Rax off to his right further down.


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The coffee bubbles all built up on one side of the cappuccino cup forming a crescent. A couple of them popped at a time and sank into the recesses of the opaque drink. The white cream rested atop the milk like a piece of cotton. The saucer was nearly spotless had it not been for the little black stain that seemed to have eluded the dish washer.

Ethan sat at a table for two that was set up against the railing outdoors beneath an LED lamp that was off because it was daytime. He watched the cup for a long time. He was waiting for it. If the automated barista was consistent, the cup of cappuccino would have taken approximately five minutes since its delivery to the table to reach lukewarm temperatures. Ethan had been counting the seconds away.

He was not accounting for any other outside factors, nor did he ever. He was too concerned with the plainness of the cup. White seemed to be the traditional color for cappuccino cups. He wondered why.

His eyes shifted to the spoon. It rested on the saucer next to the cup, long dulled through over use by the patrons of the little café. It’s luster long gone, like a woman after a pregnancy. He knew that was a crude thought, but it was something he noticed. Not that he wanted to notice. He blinked before he inhaled through his nostrils, and the thought evaporated completely from his mind.

The cafe was one among many that lined the streets. Ethan considered it to be a safe haven, away from the lights and screens. It was quiet there. Quiet and calm. This café, Marseilles, was quite different in another way. Rarely did the police cruisers speed through the streets in this part of Night City. It was one of the few places that seemed untouched by, as Ethan had recognized, the grime.

Tall trees lined the avenue, it was one of the few places in the city that still had trees. There was a violin track that was playing at a dimmed volume throughout the establishment’s installed speakers. Other places would have electronica out, and the bass would be thumping on forever.

Ethan scanned the couple of tables and muted conversations. They spoke in a variety of tongues, none of which he cared to turn on his translator for. As his eyes went about casually, his glance was caught by a pair of eyes belonging to a woman. She too sat alone. He noticed a bridge of freckles across her face. He made sure to look away casually because staring was rude.

But he still did it.

For some reason, it drew a smile from her.

He noticed she had blonde hair in little curls from the roots to the tips. Her eyes were dark brown. She had a small nose that winked upward. He noticed that she noticed him noticing her. Of all the people in the café, she was looking at him.

Then he realized that he had forgotten to take a sip from his cup. He used his left hand. He was still getting used to it. The feel of it all was very odd. He looked at the fibers that made up his artificial arm. He wiggled his fingers as though he was a child playing with a new toy.

Then he noticed the woman again, she had what he might describe as a fair face. He had forgotten about the drink again. He quickly took it, forgetting about the woman.

The cappuccino had turned cold.

He exhaled a resentful sigh. There was nothing he could do. No one to blame, aside from perhaps…the woman. No, it was his fault. Maybe order a new cup and hope that he would not be distracted long enough in order to drink it at the perfect moment. Ethan had learned that there were never perfect moments.

As evidenced by vibrations from his side pocket. A distinctive breet breet tone was emitted. He produced a phone from his pocket. There was a message. He swiped a finger across the screen, the message enlarged itself at will. It was from Alta.

Meeting in forty five minutes.

That meant he had to leave. He had already paid, he looked around to see if he had brought anything with him. Nope, nothing. He stood up and began to leave. He passed the woman he noticed earlier, it drew another smile from her. He replied with a mild smile, social protocol dictated that.

They were just strangers after all. Strangers in a big city.

His car was parked on the side of the curb. When he reached the driver’s side, the scissor door slip up and the engine started. Once he seated himself, the door slid shut. He swiped at the haptic interface of the dash before he grabbed hold of the U-shaped steering system and drove off.

Thirty or so minutes later he pulled up inside of a parking garage a block across the warehouse. He undertook the rest of the way by foot.

He passed through the automated security systems and was allowed clearance.

Three others were already seated. Rax nodded at Ethan, Ethan replied with his own subtle nod. The fellow with the augmented eye, if Ethan had remembered correctly from reading the dossiers, was Isaac. He was reclined and tapping away on his device, undisturbed. Meanwhile, Antony sat in a relaxed manner.

Ethan took a spot two seats down from Isaac. His breathing had slowed to a regular pace from the brisk walk. He sat watching the other doors, waiting for their ‘supervisor.’


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George sat, facing the door as the others entered. She watched her team gather together and mentally went over each of their appearance looking for signs that things might not be right. It was her job to ensure her teams were at their best. She hired each and every one of these men. The board held her accountable for each mission.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. As it should be. The people she hired knew that failure was never an option. They knew it was better to sit out one mission than possibly mess up.

“Nice to see you all. Thank you for answering my summons so promptly.”

George typed a few things into the flat surface in front of her and a and image appeared in the middle of the table, projected up for all to see.

“This is Hirido Chan. He is a drug researcher for BioTechnica. Nothing special here except he seems to have-”

George’s jaw clenched as she thought about the man’s incompetence.

“He seems to have misplaced his most recent test batch of a drug. Not just the test batch but the research he had been carrying at the time as well. This research contains the most recent formula as well as other information on the drug. “

The woman stood and began to walk around the table.

“It seems Mr Chan decided to make a stop on his way to a meeting. This stop was at the Lucky Hearts Club.”

George paused looking over the men.

“Lucky Hearts is a club featuring exotic dancers and the like. Now once here Mr Chan put down his briefcase and promptly became distracted.”

She continued her slow walk around the table, her hands clasped behind her back.

“Our mission has a few pieces to it. One we need to locate Mr Chan, it seems he was frightened after losing his research. Two we need to find out who took the research and drugs and what has become of them. Was this a planned steal or was Mr Chan just that incompetent? Three, we need to get the drugs and research back, at any cost. Lastly Mr Chan needs to be taken care of once found.”

George made her way back to her spot at the head of the table.

“Any questions?”


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Rax raised his hand when he heard George ask for questions. Only one popped into his head, for something like this.

Once permitted to speak, Rax said his question with his normal, almost computer-like, voice, "Did this club have any security cameras that might have been pointing in Mr. Chan's direction?"

To Rax, the only lead that was possible was a visual of the briefcase when it was stolen. If that was not true, then Rax would be more than at a loss. He would have to rely on the team, Ethan and Connor being the only ones that he has fought beside before, though only once or twice.

As soon as his first question was answer, Rax had figured out a second. "Have we seen Mr. Chan on any public security cameras?"


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Antony put one foot up against the against the edge of the table, a smirk gracing his face.
"Ahh.. Biotechnica, I am starting to miss home already." He resorts to clasping his fingers over his abdomen as he looks on at the projection of the older man.

"Unfortunately this has more then one possible angle of being anohter corp dipping their pin in another inkwell." He leans in and gives the image a closer look. "I would never be caught dead in such a place again and last time I was there, it was a nightmare. Most of the patrons and dancers are modded.. and not in the good way." He props his head up on his hands as he stays leaned on the table.

"Either way I can bet he didn't lose it by accident, as the company will usually have you handcuffed too the case and secure it with certain pass codes."


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Isaac seemed to study the projection of Chan intently, as if he were trying to absorb as much about the man as he possibly could. He nodded once and turned his gaze towards George with a furrowed brow. "So, ma'am, what you're telling me is this man decided that he needed to stop at a strip club while carrying something probably worth more money than I care to think of, and then lost it? And instead of trying to find it, he just runs off and hides?" Isaac grumbled under his breath and shook his head. "No offense to the soon-to-be-late Mr. Chan, but he's a bit of an idiot if he didn't drop it on purpose. If he did, he's even more of an idiot. So; we've got a future stiff hiding somewhere on the streets, some missing drugs, and I assume we've got a time limit for all of this." Isaac sighed and leaned back more heavily in his chair. "I guess the hard part is finding the drugs. Finding a corp-boy hiding someplace he doesn't belong isn't gonna be much, I don't think. Especially if he did it close to the club. I'm just not too sure what part I'm supposed to play in this, ma'am. This is corp level stuff, not just some gangers running around playing like they're bigger than they are. Unless that is what's going on, in which case this is very unclear to me."

Isaac glanced at Antony with a raised eyebrow, thinking to himself. "I've seen that guy around before. Real slick lookin' dude. Don't know much about him. Guess that's understandable, though. Don't really work with any of these guys. I'm more street level than military or corp." Isaac shrugged and stared expectantly at George instead, hoping she'd clear up the few non-hypothetical questions he had.


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While the others spoke, Ethan was content to sit and watch the discussion unfold. He had nothing to contribute, other than the given when can we start bit. These people seemed to know what they were doing, which was very much unlike Ethan. He was still rather new to this underworld business. If somebody needed to be offed, that was his call.

A bullet expelled from a rifle, and a body dropping. That was his specialty. He could tell from the briefing that he would probably be hanging back this mission, doing some observation as the others took care of the mess. That was not to say he would be doing nothing, but rather his part would be to keep an eye out for a Hirido Chan.

He looked at each of the men there, he had glossed over their dossiers. Gloss was a light term, given their large profiles. They were probably experienced in this kind of business, each with different methods and styles that were unique to them.

Ethan watched Isaac’s eye, it glowed a subdued blue. He wondered how the visual feed appeared in his head. They must have attached wires from that ocular implant to his brain. He glanced at his own augmentation, his left arm with all the metallic sinews running along, and the occasional mini bolt that clamped them together.

Ethan returned his gaze toward George, he was waiting for her to continue, or perhaps give the word.


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0.00 INK

George stood tall as the team processed what she told them. Her head turned to look at Rax. She gave him a small nod.

“Good question. I don’t know information about the club falls into the category of things you need to find out. Means someone needs to go to the club, talk to the people. Someone needs to dig up information on the owner, the staff. As for public cameras, that too falls into the find out category. I only know what I told you today. Chan’s employer knows nothing more than what I know. The rest is up to you to find out. The club, who talked to him, his home, where he went, where he is now and what happened to his research. That is all for you guys to find out. Use corp contacts, use the streets, use force. I don’t care but you find out everything you can about this Chan and what happened to information and things he was carrying.”

George crossed her arms. “If you need her for working on cameras, bypassing security to let you into places Cat is available to use. You all have her contact though not sure any of you have ever met her in person. She prefers to be behind the screen.”

She looked over at Antony. “Don’t be so certain of anything about Chan until you can confirm it. There is a chance no one even knew he had the stuff with him.”

George raised her eyebrow at Antony. “Remember we know nothing for certain till we have proof in hand.”

Isaac’s referring to her as ma’am got her attention and her face softened a little as she looked to him. George listened as he went over what she had told him. She admired his thoroughness.

“That seems to be the case. What remains to be seen is was the ‘loss’ on purpose or complete stupidity. Did someone steal it or was it a hand off. There is a chance he is just that bumbling. There is a chance he was a target and there is a chance he sold out to the highest bidder and made it look like a robbery. No matter what we need to know what happened, where he is, where the drugs are, hope to hell someone hasn’t sold them or taken them and then take him out.”

George smiled. “Not just corps. Someone on the streets have heard of this drug, heard of him, saw him. We all know black market is big. Hell, half of the equipment I get for you comes from less than legit sources. For all we know a ganger saw a chance and robbed the man and is king of the combat zone right now but that is what I need you all to do. Start digging. find whatever hole this man has crawled into and drag his sorry ass out. Find those drugs, that research. Whatever means necessary.”

“Make sure when you find Chan you question him thoroughly before ending his life. I want no loose ends. I want the research, the drugs or whatever is left of them and Chan’s life by the time you are done.”

George put one hand on the table and regarded the whole team. “You know the drill. You need anything you call me. You want help, you call me and I will send you whoever you need. Want money to help grease palms, just say the word.”

She paused waiting to see if there were any other questions.


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Antony pats the arms of his chair before standing.
"Well I can see where this leads too." He produces a slim from his jacket and places it on his lips.

"I'll dig up what I can at the club.. seeing as I know of the place already." He pulls a small silver box from his pocket, which would most likely be a lighter. "George just send the information on Chan to my PDA and if anyone sees fit to join me, I'll buy you a drink... maybe even a lap dance."

A smile creases across the edge of his lip as he lights, lighting the cigarette as he leaves the room.
The short elevator ride down was more then enough time for him to finish the small stick of tobacco, ditching the butt in a nearby trashcan before exiting the building and leaving out the block on his bike.


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0.00 INK

The ride over to the district where the club resided was good enough, but Antony was sure as hell not going to just let his ride just sit out here. So instead he parks it in an armored compartment that not so strangely, are rather popular and necessary in this part of town. Aspect to discussion as he closed the entrance gate he could hear several errant gunshots off in the distance and a distinct lack of sirens after.

He sighs as he lights another smoke and reaches under the back of his jacket, releasing the lock on the holster. He starts the walk over towards the club and slowly drags on the cigarette. Despite the lack of real quality he could see that this section of the city has gone through more then enough of its share of changes. Only short hour business's and clubs like the one he was interested in and shops that had regulated entrances with certain armed precautions.

As he neared the club the two men standing out front with a set of twin double doors sitting behind them. He stopped for a moment as one of the men stood his ground in front of the door and a small notary line of red rope. The thought of which made his snicker behind his teeth as he looked at the bouncer with a drawn out stare and nodded slightly. The bouncer in turn pulled aside the red rope and allowed Antony to enter.

Upon entering though he could tell the place was still in its same groove, despite the list of changes he spotted coming in. Though there was a rather strange atmosphere and as he looked around it became apparent.

The dimly lit, black light ridden, cesspool was rather in a rough state. The entrance hall smelled of paint and fresh plaster and despite the fresh maroon coloring, he could see several indention's in the wall along the corridor. The girl sitting behind a half counter was sporting a mascara shrouded bruise along her cheek and so was the the bouncer talking too her. Though his was honestly more pronounced. As he stepped up the bouncer held out a rather large PDA in his direction and the screen reflected a deep red glow as he looked back at Antony with a slightly shocked look.

Antony smiled back "Peeking is rather rude don't you think?" The bouncer just points to a a tray that pops out of the desk and he points. "Weapons, narcotics, or other illegal or dangerous materials go in lock up. Take your number and pick them up on your way out." Antony rolls his eyes as he draws his gun, pops on the safety and slides lays it on the tray along with his blade. Only to have it draw closed and the girl offers him a small silver ticket.

Making his way around the corner he spots the bar and sits, taking in the rest of the club.
Its a rather seedy looking place as one can get, with all of the rooms attention being drawn towards the four concentric stages and booths all around for paying customers to sit. Antony points out a drink for the bartender to get him, the man himself was dressed better then anyone else in the room. Save for half his head being composed of metallic and composite materials. A rather shoddy lens makes up his excuse for an eye and he cleans a glass, fills it and hands it over to Anotny.

The music of the room was some older band that he remembered back from his days in Trauma Team, somewhat of an Anarchistic message was being spouted and it took him a moment to see the screens playing the video posted over some sections of the out walls. Many of the woman dancing ranged from semi normal to rather severe mod cases, one woman having blue skin with glowing dots retro inked across her body. The most advanced of the group had to be the woman of the house, nearly two thirds of her body had been chromed and polished along with cyber strands for hair. The only parts still flesh were her right arm, her torso and nearly the whole front of her face. A large heart was stamped on her left ass cheek, bearing a void section of a shamrock. Antony laughed as he pulled the drink to his lips and took a swig, only to slightly grimace at the watered down flavor.

Now all he had to do was wait and pull on the bait when he got a bite.


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Rax, after taking his time to decide his next move, chose to go after Antony. As he stood up, he looked over at George and said, as computer-sounding as always, "I will be going to the club." Rax then pushed his chair in, careful not to crush it by accident. His walk to the main warehouse floor was short and uneventful.

Reaching the warehouse floor, Rax looked around. While the clones of his program always had their main weapon with them, they set up one of the crates with extra hardware, just in case. Within only a few moments of looking around, he spotted what he was looking for. Slowly walking down the halls of crates, Rax made his way to the clones' little armory.

Interfacing his suit with the unique lock, the door to the armory unlocked. One by one, each of the locking mechanisms unlocked. This room was made for storing the clones' communal hardware, but each kept their choice weapons on them. The door hitched slightly when the final lock came loose, prompting Rax to grab the opening of the door and pull it, only a few hundred pounds or so.

What Rax saw was a familiar and comforting sight, at least to him. He flicked a switch on the side of the wall, barely in the light that the open door allowed in. The single light tube that ran across the ceiling lit up. Through the dim light, one could see the bumps in the metal that were visible from the outside, as the clones never bothered putting up internal walls. The room itself had a single bench at the far end from the door with equipment to fix and clean firearms with a section for reloading ammunition as well as several small lights that allowed the user to see what they were doing. Along the two outside walls was rack after rack of rifles, shotguns, explosive weapons, and mounted guns. In the center, splitting the walkway into two, was a row of tables with hollow undersides. On top of the tables were handguns and grenades, while the undersides were filled with box after box of ammunition.

Walking down the left hand path, Rax looked along the tables. He figured that a handgun would do much better than an AR for interrogation, should the need arise. As he walked, Rax passed up revolvers, semi-automatics, hand-cannons, one-handed shotguns, and several other weapons, settling on a RAP-11.

The RAP-11, or Rax Automatic Pistol 11 mm, looks like a MAC-10 that had its chamber elongated with several mounting points added and remade for 11 mm rounds. The stock that was mounted flipped over the sights of the gun, but when the RAP-11 is activated it would flip over the sights to attach to the middle of the arm of the suit the user is wearing, help both with control of the weapon and of the wrist. Its sights use a laser-camera system that works in sequence a suit's aim assisting systems. The magazine that Rax picked up for this was two 45 round and a 22 round, which he loaded into the RAP-11 as soon as he proved to himself that the magazine was full.

Placing the RAP on the side of his suit, were it stuck after making a slight electrical sound, Rax turned off the lights in the room, closed the doors, and activated the lock. There was enough ammunition in that one room to fuel the cities warzones for a week. He then began his march to the travel system that the clones had set up. To get to it, Rax had to enter the waste disposal room of the HQ and push the filled dumpster off of its previous position. Next, he had to remove a single panel from the floor, which was covered in all kinds of strange substances. This relieved a ladder and a cramped, downward tunnel.

Climbing slightly down the tunnel, Rax placed the floor panel back over his head. After the climb down the cramped tunnel, Rax was in an open room, seemingly made of cement. Their were several dark tunnels leading out through the room and a single pedestal on the elevated platform around the ladder. Rax walked over to said pedestal and pressed his hand on the flat plate that it stopped at, as if something were meant to be set upon it. His suit quickly came up with a list of destinations, Rax choosing the one closest to the club.

A black pod arrived next to the pedestal as Rax lifted his had. After climbing in, the pod shot down one of the tunnels, which was unlit for almost the entire ride. Upon reaching the stop, Rax exited the pod to a room very similar to the one he had entered the pod in. Without hesitation, he began climbing the ladder. This one led to a section of sewer, with an easy to reach ladder to the surface.

After a few minutes of walking, Rax arrived at the club, around 15 minutes behind Antony. The door to the inside was guarded by two men. Walking up to them, the computerized-sounding voice of Rax said "I seek to enter." Both of the men looked at each other, then back at what, to them, looked like a war machine. "Go away." One of the two said.

"I will enter." Rax replied, stepping forward towards the door. One of the men stood in front of Rax when he approached the door. To Rax, this was an obvious sign of hostility. With a quick uppercut knocking out the man blocking the door, Rax looked over at the second guard and asked "Problem?" To which the second guard simply backed away and said nothing.

Another man stood in the path of Rax as he went to enter the club. This time the man seemed to be scanning him with a PDA. The man then said "Weapons, narcotics, or other illegal or dangerous materials go in loc..." Before the man could finish his sentence, Rax hit him with an arm bar to the head, before walking over him and saying "No."

Rax then entered into the club, sticking to the most dimly lit spots, hoping that the color of his suit would help to hide him. He circled the room, searching for Antony, eventually finding him at the bar. Rax then stood still in the shadows, only making a few moves if/when Antony looked over to ensure that Antony knew that Rax was their.


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Antony took another swig of his drink before setting his PDA on the top of the bar and typing in a message. 'Catherine my dear, I am in need of a little help. Can you try and access on site media and download all security footage for the last four days? I can always make it worth your while.."

Despite the sounds of the club a heavy thud could be heard from the other side of the wall on the bar and Antony kept an eye up as he could see a Rax's dim self trudge on in. Looking nothing short of a one man gun show, if not for how obscure he was making himself the rest of the club would have noticed right off the bat. He just took another swig as looked ahead again and pulled a slim from his jacket, lighting it and was about to put his lighter back until he heard.

"Can a lady get a light?"

He looked back on his right side of see a woman sitting on the next stool, apparently she moved on up as Antony was occupied with what Rax was doing in the club. Though the thought of Rax going to any kind of club was a distracting thought to say the least. Pulling himself away from the thought once again he lifts the lighter up for the woman who was left holding a darker clove cigarette in between her fingers. As she leaned in to lite her smoke, Antony took the moment to eye her up and see who he was dealing with.

She was not the most undressed woman in the club, though he could tell that she was still one of the working girls. Her skin was lightly paled from the days spent here and the color only clashed with the jet black coloring of her modded right arm and leg. Her dark blue dress was made to show them both equally and her hair was laid flat to the left side, with the right side being buzzed to a flat shave. "Thanks darling, I don't recall ever seeing you here before and you do look better then most of the regulars that I see come here."

He voice was nice enough though, however it was obvious that she had a mod for that as well and even for him that was slightly odd of a dancer.

"Your right." He answered
"Not a regular at all and I wouldn't even be here today if doing so didn't have a purpose." He motions over his shoulder towards Rax.

"You see my associate here and I are on assignment, looking for the whereabouts of a mister Chan." She gets up and starts to turn away on the heels of her feet, only for Antony to quickly reach out and snatch her back down where she sat. "Come on and be a dear.."

"I'm not saying anything too you corp assholes.. besides I don't know anything and its not changing from last time.." The answer caused Antony to arch his brow for a moment. "What last time?"

She stays quiet for a moment pursing her lips out of irritation.
"Some guys came in here the other day, suits, shades and everything. Looking for some old man named Chan, after giving our boys a beating and our boss, they left." Antony takes another drag on his cigarette before putting it out in a nearby ash tray. He reaches into his breast pocket and pulls out a small fold of bills for the woman and sets them in front of her. "Anything else you can tell me about these so called suits."

She stays quiet for a little longer before taking the money and speaking. "They were all European or something.. the guy leading them was all slick and reserved, spoke another language as well.

You kinda remind me of them."
He gives a slight sigh before waving her off and pressing a key on his PDA, dialing George before it picks up on the other end. "It seems there is someone else looking for Chan as well, maybe Biotechnica.. but from here its just hearsay."


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A message came back to Antony immediately.

Yep will get right on that. I want to know what I get out of this...

It didn't take her long. Another message appeared.

I got strippers...lots of them. You want me to start streaming it for you? I can do that.

Little digital strippers began dancing on Antony's screen.

Like that only you know in vid form. So you want to see it or want me to send it to George? The others? What am I doing with it because strippers...well female ain't exactly my thing. And tell me more about how you will make this worth my time. I am not cheap you know.


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Antony looks as his PDA lights up and the images begin to play out.
"I will check from here for our friends from the other night, would you mind searching for Chan and see what exactly happened to the briefcase. Just inform George of what you find.. and I would not be opposed to dinner next weekend." He said with a sly smile on his face as several men cam out from on of the corner doors and looked on at Rax from across the room.

There was a man with them, shorter and fatter. With a strange balding spot on the center of his head and what appeared to be an implant across the bridge of his nose. More so for the fact it may have been just a botched repair job, but that was beyond Antony's scope of speculation at this point.

He just stuck a finger out at the swarthy man and beckoned him closer and though he was reluctant at first, a second cursory glance at Rax made him change his mind.

The man sat and looked on at Rax before turning his attention to Antony. "I don't care what you have to say, but he needs to leave. I don't like guys coming in here and scaring my girls.."

Antony looks back and smiles as he finishes his smoke.
"I assure you.. He is here in merely a support capacity.. besides he is rather attached too his little toys and doesn't respond well to threats." He puts the remainder of the cigarette out the same nearby ashtray as before and looks back to his PDA. "Just leave him be for now and I will take him with when I am done here."


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As the men enter the room, Rax's head follows them. There were four of them surrounding a small man with a man following the group holding his bloody nose. Rax couldn't remember which of the men it was, but he knew the injury came from him. His hand moved quickly towards his RAP-11, gripping the grip, but not moving the firearm. He would have pulled out his rifle, but Rax wasn't going to risk the over-penetration and accidentally hitting civvies again. Last time, George didn't send Rax out for a whole month.

Antony then intervened, calling the fat man over. While the fat man was nearly shaking his implants out, Antony appeared to have spoken rather calmly. Maybe Antony would prevent the firefight, but Rax was far from opposed to one. He hadn't had a good one in the past two weeks.


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Dinner? That’s it? Well it better be at a nice place. No dinner, no buffet. I am sending some stuff to George. I wonder who pays up better you or Ethan. Let me know if you need anything else.

At her desk Cat’s fingers flew as she began shuffling files and sending them off.
George began going through all the information Cat was feeding her. There was video of Chan at the club, files from his home computer, financial records that she was able to trace. There was a list of account numbers and a few names though George was sure they were fake.

She pulled out her tablet and messaged her team.

From what Cat has shown me Chan had a partner and they were making the drug in his apartment as well as making side deals. It would appear our ‘lost’ case was a set up to pass it off to a buyer.

We have a few names and locations.

I have a dealer, big name in street drugs. Go find Jose Remus. His gang Snowjunkies have an edge in new drugs and his name was flagged in one account. Find out what his deal with Chan was.

Also someone needs to check out this apartment. Not sure who or what it is attached to but money went to pay for it from Chan’s accounts. Odd little place in the arts district of Night City.

There is a pent house too but this one I know. Belongs to an up and coming model Anna Rae. Checking that place is going to require your best behaviour ladies and gentlemen. Think smooth and sophisticated. Anna is known for her parties. There is a chance she has some of the drug. How she got it, if she has it and who she got it from I want to know. Talking to her might require some planning on your part everyone.

If you want to see the hand off in the vid Cat can send it to you. She will forward a picture of the man who took the case. I will let you know now he is definitely not a typical ganger nor is he a typical mercenary. He is visibly augmented but in a very even way, unlike most gangers who get what they can whenever they have cred. This man’s are carefully planned. He works for someone. Find him and we will find the case.

Ethan, if you have questions about the medical files talk to Imogen she can help tell you what is needed to make the drug, what is in in and what we might be looking for in terms of new lab.

I need more about this drug. Issac speak to Cat about you found out. She can help point you to areas to look at.

Any questions, let me know.

Seconds after George’s message was sent Cat made sure everyone had a picture of the man who took the case.

So my little snoops, I am working on getting this guy’s name. He doesn’t seem to exist so there is a chance even his face was auged. I will find him though, no one can hide from me.


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Antony laughs in the back of his throat as he gets his answer from Cat.
"Well I am a megalomaniac, with tons of disposable income and more then a fair amount of time on my hands... but seeing that pretty face would make it all just that much better." He responds with a snide side to the comment.

After hearing George give everyone the run down he shows a wide smile as he downs the last of his drink and slides the PDA back into his coat. 'Well George you know I cannot resist a party.. consider me in on this one." He lays a few bills on the top of the bar and looks at the pudgy man next to him, only to pull a small card out of his jacket and hand it too the man.

"If you ever feel like selling this place, give me a call."

He makes the hand off quick and before the man could really say anything, Antony was already out the door with his belongings once again in tow.


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Cat sat at her desk. Her eyes moved from screen to screen and across the information as it streamed by.

"Antony, you had me at disposable income." She laughed though they only saw her words, not hearing her voice. She loved toying with them, teasing and flirting. Rarely did they actually have time to go out and most of her 'dates' never occurred but it was fun nonetheless.

"1792. You want to head to the neighbourhoods around Studio 18. They like cocaine, like a through back to the 1980's. I don't get it but hey whatever floats their boat. They are hard to miss dressing in really outdated clothes from that time period. They have two main bars. The Club on Sunset, on Arcadia Road. Yeah I know, they aren't clever when it comes to names. Or you can try the Minx. Watch the Minx though it is more their girls that hang out there. Don't step on any toes as those guys are gun toting high strung jerks who are just a tad too jumpy."

Her gaze flickered to another screen.

"Update guys I am almost certain Anna Rae has some of our drug. There is a thread going around on the underground club scene that Anna got her hands on something rare and brand spanking new. Word is she will be launching it at her next party. You have two days to take care of shit and make yourselves all high class."


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Isaac and Cat

”I will send the recording your way sweetie. I was only teasing about sweetening the pot. And yes the Hulk is a comic book character like the Green Lantern. Dead parents? You mean Batman? Never mind hun. You boys, so absorbed in your guns and underworld fun, you don’t pay attention to important things.”

Cat’s eyes flickered to the vid at the Snowjunkies place.

”I will send this vid when he is done and whoah boy is he making a mess of the place. As for that apartment. You just give me a call when you get there and I will take care of everything.”

The art district were blocks of old industrial buildings that had been renovated and taken over by galleries and art clubs as well as some fancy cafes and high end restaurants. Surrounding those were older buildings where the artists actually lived.

Poets, musicians and painters. It was like Bohemian France but with more neon and most of he art was virtual. Those with real talent still had a place but they were rarer. Digital and virtual art had taken off and most never looked back. There were trends every once in a while where old stuff, sculpture or paint were in vogue.

No matter the hype the starving artist was always the starving artist and here in Night City this is where they lived. The address George had asked to be checked out was in one such older building. It was clear from pulling up front that the place was not meant for people with money.

Windows were opened, some had cracked glass. People sat on metal fire escapes smoking and talking. There were musicians on the front step of one building to the left, an impromptu jam occurring.

There were cameras which meant some sort of security.

The apartment was on the fifth floor of a shorter eight floor building on the right.

Rax and the Snowjunkies

To say it was chaos was an understatement. Someone was looking for him, tearing up his place and Jose was not impressed.

He came into the room and fired two shots into the ceiling. There were five men around him.

“Someone explain this to me right now! Who the fuck is responsible and who is looking for me because you found me and I am not happy!”

Jose was easy to spot with his blonde mohawk and red leather outfit. True to Cat’s description all his boys looked like they stepped out of a bad music video from the 1980’s. They only thing not dated was their weapons.

Ethan and Imogen

“Oui, bonjour. George said I might hear from you Mr Yang. I received the files and I have just started to go over them. Very troubling. If you have that sample I would very much like to check it out. Would you mind bringing it to me? I can look at it and perhaps we can figure out what you have found.

I am currently at my home. If you would not mind bringing it to me?” She offered him her address. It was in a nicer part of Night City surrounded by high end boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

Imogen did not normally like bringing people here, to her home but she understood there was some rush to get this information and track down both this man and the drug. From what she had read in the file already she less than enthused by having it on the street.
Cat and Antony

"I told you that guy couldn't hide for long. I got you a name and a location. This is the guy who picked up the case at the club. Tough bastard to find too and I was right he was auged, boosted and altered so much his own mother wouldn't know him.

He goes by Master B. Real name is Joseph Turner. He is a mercenary with a military file and a whole bunch of security around it. I am on my game today.

I also happen to know he is currently at the blackjack table a the Rialto Casino. He likes to wind down with cards. George says watch him, follow him but don't engage. We need to know if he has the case and anyone he might interact with. I am not sure who he is currently working for but it ain't us.


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By the time Cat's message reached Antony he was already back at his bike in the lockup and getting ready to leave again. The information was a good change for him, seeing he could do with a bit of low end gambling as well. To make things a bit easier he knew of the Casino as well, though he had never been there. He was more of a sports betting man himself, but putting his hand to some cards could be just as relaxing as well.

His trip uptown took only a few minutes, seeing as the location of the casino was not really auspicious. It sat on the edge of the city skyline, suspended high into the air by two parallel towers.

As he parked his ride he was ready to make his way in and only eyed the place up for a few more seconds. There were security guards and enough personnel to keep the place well taken care of. As he rode one of the four elevators up to the casino floor, he keep himself ready for anything.

As the doors opened he looked out over a bustling floor of moving bodies that were all making a cascade of noises. Blinking lights and the rattle of dice met his ears with the bravado of a firing squad. He typed a quick message for Cat as he moved off the elevator.

"At the casino, looking for my mark."


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Antony had been moving around the casino floor for several minutes, know his idea of the target he was sent to find. He could guess that he would most likely be at the high stakes tables and causing some commotion. From what the message said, he seemed to thrive on attention, or he would not of gone through such a task of augmenting himself.

In order to access the platform for high stakes players, he had to actually purchase some chips in order to be allowed up their and in large enough increments. So with fifty-grand in plated chips under his arms he rode the escalator up the short pass to the high stakes tables and as soon as his head cleared the rise, there he was.

A man that was nothing short of what was described, it was in fact hard to understand how anyone could not notice the man. This Master B character was a shining dish catching the whole of the suns light at any moment of the day.

There was a huge table of players stretched over on the other end of the platform overlooking the casino floor. Antony felt it was prudent to go ahead and walk his way over towards the table and get a better look. He dodged a few arrant waves of other hands and the jostling of trays as a few waitresses came striding by, only to end at the table.

He looked down on them all to see seven men playing Texas Holdem and small stacks of plates being passed from one side to the other in order to settle debt. Master B was one of the highest rollers at the game, with two others with piles of chips near to his. So Antony took a moment to look at the cyber dealer positioned in the middle of the table.
A rather gaudy looking gentleman of a bot, with a thick dark blue vest and a matching tie to come along with his heavily polished head. He even had an extra left arm to facilitate the moment of the chips from one side of the table over to the other.

He sat as the dealer spoke out in an electronic monotone voice New dealer in.. Eyes shot up to Antony as he glazed his face over with a strange shit eating smile as he pulled a chair out and sat his chips down. Laying the first grand of chips up and buying in, he took his cards and watched the rest of the table.


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Rax, Cat and Remus

“Need to talk huh? This suit boy I don’t know who you think you are coming into my place or what the fuck you want but I am not impressed!” The man rolled his shoulders a little, aiming his gun towards Rax.

Please make him pay for that terrible outfit. Cat was watching things very closely.

“How ‘bout you just come out and my boys won’t damage you. Then you can tell me all about what is so important that you come tearing up my joint! I sure do hope you think it important enough to lose your life over amigo.” Jose sneered.

He gestured and two of his men moved closer to Rax. One laughed menacingly.
Antony, Cat and Joseph Turner AKA Master B

The place was noisy on Antony’s end but Cat didn’t need to worry about such things.She could tune it out. Hell she could shut it off on her feed. While he was lost in the sounds and people of the casino she was watching their man.

She watched Antony sit down at the table.

He is losing pretty bad so I am going to give him a few hands to keep him there so you can watch him. Watch him, don’t engage.

The man, Master B looked back at his cards. He was not impressed and didn’t hide it. A thick hand was raised and soon a scantily clad woman came over. He ordered a drink. She sauntered away, hips swaying.

The dealer, hands in the air just above the table flipped cards for each player.

Master B’s eyes flickered as his card appeared. His luck had changed it seemed. “I wonder if lady luck is watching over my shoulder tonight. Not sure about you fellas.” The man laughed. It was a deep booming sound.

Isaac, Cat and the apartment

You are a pretty slick talker Isaac.I could hear it. You think I am not keeping tabs on all my boys? Door is open now hun.

Beyond the door things seemed quiet until the sound of a book hitting the floor echoed.

I have no camera inside, on your own now. Careful hun.
Ethan and Imogen

The door opened, a doorman appearing in front of Ethan in the open portal. “Mme Trondeau is expecting you. The elevator is waiting to take you up to her apartment.”

The lobby spoke of money. The doorman, the marble floor. Two elevators stood at the far end waiting to take visitors up to the apartments above.

“Just head in.” The elevator door opened. “I have it set to her floor.” The man nodded to Ethan.
Imogen waited by the door of her apartment. Heath had rung that her guest was here and he was sending him up. She had met so few of the team in person and she was always so leery about having people to her home. She looked around at the apartment with its minimal but high end furniture, shelves and shelves of books. She had a glass of red wine poured and the bottle sitting on the counter in her clean but small kitchen.

Imogen didn’t cook much though it was a skill she had. Being alone it felt strange to cook. Once she had cooked for two but those days were past. Now she had an assortment of chemistry equipment out, magically appearing from her cupboards.

She wrapped her sweater about her thin frame and waited.


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The next few hands of the game were going nowhere somewhat, chips were being sent from one side of the table to the other and then back again. No one was winning big or losing at the moment and it just made the game get stale. However Antony was getting some information from the other players as they spoke. Shooting conjecture and other words at one another across the table.

He learned that two of the other players were merc just like this Master B character, though they did now share his pension for augments or implants. The first everyone called Tex was just a southern man who carried this intense western drawl in his voice and wore a rather ludicrous range hat. Though Antony thought its was because his name was Lesly, that everyone called him Tex.

The other was a woman who Antony knew by reputation as Queen, because of the rather expressive tattoo she had on her left shoulder of a queen of hearts. None of them were a Morgan Blackhand in his mind, but then again the reputation was there.

He learned that Master B was used to sharing his mission with the two, seeing as they all seemed so buddy-buddy about one another. Master B had to hand a certain item in question off to a man outside the city district, somewhere in the warehouse stock yards. Though he was smart enough not to spill too much information, even between his own friends.

Pretty soon it was just the four of them at the table, seeing as the luck was turning for the other higher rollers and Antony could tell that it may have been Cats doing. Seeing as the dealer was still having his own little issues and only a trained eye would be able to catch it. Then he heard words directed at him from across the table.

"So pretty boy, you going to sit there all night and just bet.. nothing to add to the conversation?"
Antony looked around the dealers side to see Master B looking back at him and the eyes of Tex and Queen were stitched to him as well. Antony inhaled slightly and toss a few chips into the pot. "Raise you four grand.."

Tex and Master B smirked as the played their chips as well, before Master B began again. "My guess is your a bit too clean cut for this place.. whats wrong, couldn't get your hair done on time?" The waitress returned with a selection of drinks for the table and walked off once again before Antony returned.

"Actually I had plenty of plans for today, a nice triple F day.. a fight, a fix, and a f*ck..but.." He shuffles through the cards in hand before laying two face down for the dealer. "But what?" Master B said, with a strain in the back of his throat. Antony could tell the act of waiting on him was pissing the man off.

"But the booster gangs are already in war, my dealer was out of town on his little hedonism trip and your mother was busy.. she says high by the way." Master B's face goes solid and Antony could swear he heard a tooth break off from the way his jaw is clenching. All of a sudden Tex burst out laughing, it seems the slant of the joke was lost on him and even Queen is sharing a small chuckle behind her wrist.

Antony looked on as Master B's face began to contort, it seemed he was not the kind to be made a fool of so easily. Antony leaned forward and smiled.. "Come on Mister Turner.. one merc to another, you have to admit that was funny."


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Antony, Master B, Cat and the casino.

Cat loved being able to listen in on missions. She had control of the casino’s cameras but she really only needed to watch the one, the one where the action was going down.

She chuckled as Master B called Antony pretty boy. In truth a cactus was pretty compared to Master B. Antony was a model in relation.

She bit back a laugh, not that there was anyone to hear it as Antony stated he had a triple F day planned. Cat smirked. She had so many comments but she didn’t want to interject at the table. She was busy with controlling the hands anyway.

Cat let out a low whistle to Antony’s comment. “You weren’t supposed to engage.” She shook her head and started watching for security. If Master B took too much offense this was going to go bad quickly. It was of course funny but Master B didn’t exactly have a reputation for a stellar sense of humour.

Master B was very close to getting up out of his seat, ready to throttle the jokester his eyes narrowed, his hands clenched the table. The man, the smart ass called him Turner. No one called him that. There were very few people alive that knew his name. The guy said he was a mercenary. Master B decided he needed to get to know this fellow a bit better. He had intel he shouldn’t and he was sitting at the blackjack table with him. It couldn’t be a coincidence.

“Yeah right, funny joke.” There was a hard edge to his voice. It was clear to everyone that Master B was only barely containing his anger.

“How about a drink, on me for getting me good.” Master B glared at him. “Didn’t catch your name.” He waved the girl over.

“Get mister….” He looked expectantly to Antony. “Whatever he wants, on my tab.”

Cat clicked her tongue, fingers flying. ”Careful now. He is getting that look like he knows something is up. You want me to get rid of the other players? Give you an out? What’s the plan?”

Isaac, Cat and the apartment

As Isaac moved about, crashing into furniture and commenting the other person in the apartment was running for their hiding spot.

He had said if anyone came looking that they were to hide. Footsteps headed toward the short hallway to what was likely a bedroom.

The person had never thought it would actually happen and the table Isaac hit wasn’t the only piece of furniture that prove to be an obstacle.

There was dulled thud, a tumble to the floor and female voice that whimpered. “Please. I don’t know anything. Don’t hurt me.”

There was the sound of a body trying to get up followed by a sharp intake of air that signalled pain.

Rax, Cat, Remus and the Snowjunkies

Cat’s eyes moved from the casino to the carnage that was the Snowjunkies hangout.

“George, you do not pay me enough to keep tabs on these boys…” She muttered to herself.

Rax was giving the creepy and badly dressed Jose a beating. She couldn’t call it anything else. Not only him but his wanna be tough guy boys too.

She winced as Rax took out Jose’s knee. She flinched as the chair hit the two gunmen. They fell to the ground, shots going wild. She wondered in the end how many of their own gang would end up with a bullet in them from their own boys.

She could see people cowering, those who hadn’t bolted wanting to see a show. Cat shook her head. They were idiots and she figured right about now they were peeing their pants and praying to gods they swore never existed.

Rax’s question made her smile. “Excitement...oh baby you bet….let’s see….first, lights out.”

The lights in the place went out sending them all into darkness.

“I trust you are equipped to deal with that Rax. Next…” Cat set all their fire alarms off. The noise was almost deafening. Jose and his boys were floundering on the floor. They couldn’t see and couldn’t hear.

“See no evil...hear no evil….” Cat purred. “What else you want? If it is wired I can control it.”

Ethan and Imogen

Imogen heard the elevator. She opened her door a little and peered out at the man. “Monsieur Yang?”

Her eyes moved over the man. He was slightly rougher than she expected but truth be told she wasn’t entirely sure what she had thought he would look like. She had read over his file of course but that had been some time ago now.

“Please, come in. I am Imogen Trondeau. A pleasure to meet you though perhaps it would have been nicer under other circumstances.”

She held open the door for him allowing him to enter her apartment. She felt a knot in her chest, a bit of anxiety.


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Antony slides several chips out onto the table and lets the dealer take them, only letting them get gathered up by Tex in turn. He smiles over his next hand of cards as the waitress looks at him and he speaks. "Scotch, no ice.." He keeps the look plastered for a moment before opening his mouth and breaking the calm.

"Now come on B.. you can't really be that surprised. We are all mercs after all, between Tex and Queen here you should have seen right through me. Maybe that aug of yours is messing with your vision." He was calling attention to the fact that his eyes lightly glowed a green light.

Antony shuffled through his cards a bit and rattled his chips off to the side for a bit more elbow room as the waitress returned with his drink. "Either way, I enjoy the company and I honestly think it would be a shame to see you all get eliminated out of this little game of ours. Besides, conflict breeds greatness doesn't it?"

"That still doesn't change we don't know you.."
Master B shot across the table as he picked up his next hand and passed a glance across to Tex.

Antony smiled and just tossed his hand onto the table, seeing as he hand nothing and the conversation was drawing to a more interesting destination. "If you must know, My name is Antony." Queen's eye glanced over to him for a moment before returning to her own cards and Master B arched his eyebrow.

"Never heard of you.."
Antony shrugged his shoulders and sighed for a moment. "Most people never have, either way its fine."