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a character in “Cyberpunk 2038”, as played by ShykTheKid


Name: Lizabeth Monique Richards-Kyle
Alias: Laney Knobs
Age: 26 Years
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Marital Status: Single

Height: 5' 3.5"
Weight: 135lbs
Natural Eye Color: Blue
Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown
Enhanced Eyes (Color): Blue
General Hair Color: Dark Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Scars/Markings/Tattoos/Piercings: Multiple surgical scars around implants; Multiple tattoos; Multiple piercings

Brief Physical Description: Though Laney is small in size, she shows great attitude in her looks. With both sides on her head shaved, showing off wiring-like tattoos, not to mention a small motor implanted on the left of her head and her Mohawk styled hair. She has many piercings including a septum piercing, four surface piercings (two between either collar bone and shoulder), her ear lobes, and an orbital plug in her left ear. She also has multiple tattoos including blue tiger stripes going down the back of her neck to her shoulder blades, wire and circuit board inspired tattoos on either side of her head and her back, gear tattoos on her shoulders and close to the back of her head, and six blue dot tattoos lining wear her eyebrows would be.

Physical Enhancements: Laney has many physical enhancements, the most noticeable being the motor-like object that sticks out and over most of the left side of her skull. This was implanted at a young age and removed several times for needed upgrades and testing of internal and far more advanced solutions for her inner brain problems, but she found this one more effective and easier to operate. The motor keeps the left side of her brain in tip-top shape while also making it easier for her to concentrate.

Another noticeable enhancement would be her blue-tinted plastic jaw that not only covers her jaw blue over her check bones, under her chin, and below her lower lip. She received her first jaw-piece as a teenager due to a biking accident that resulted in her needing facial jaw reconstruction. She later received the exterior jaw as extra support and as a way to try to ease the pain that she had, which worked.

As she got older, Laney's eye site grew thinner. She had had eye problems as a child, needing to wear thick eye glasses as her family hadn't the money for any fix. Getting a good job that paid well, Laney saved the money to get her eyes enhanced. Over the years, she's gotten multiple enhancements to see further away, see in the dark, see in ultra violet, and use a microscopic vision that allows her to see things up close and personal.

Mental State
General State Of Mind: Laney's general state of mind is that of a person that lacks feelings. She does have feeling, but due to the motor powering the left side of her brain, her emotions are easily subsided. She wont talk unless spoken to; or if she sees a fault in someones calculations. She has a hard time understanding feelings, making her honest and blunt. And she has a general distrust of others, being rather to keep her past in the past.
Likes:The color blue; Technology; Robotics; Mathematics; Problem solving
Dislikes: Complex emotions; Complex situations including people and their emotions; Dogs; Being obnoxious; Authority
Fears: She'll one day lose all her humanity; One day she'll be her, the next, gone
Dreams: To make a companion robot for those with allergies; To have enough money to invest in something and retire
Personality: As said before, Laney is a bit...emotionally detached. It's not that she doesn't have emotions, it's there, she just doesn't act on emotions. One could compare her to Spock, but, though she loves it so, her life isn't focused around science and fact. She just wants to survive another day. Though, the lack of emotions is most probably caused by the motor enhancement powering the left side of her brain and keeping it running, adding a boost to concentration, and stunting her emotions slightly. Adding to this, she's a bit blunt and doesn't really understand the concept of jokes.

Laney was the only born of her mother and father. They weren't the richest, but they weren't the poorest. It could be reasonably inferred that they were apart of the lower-average income of people. Being the only child, her parents risked everything for her. As a young child, she had a stroke, or "brain attack", that damaged the left side her of brain greatly. With the new technology out at the time, they used a small motor-like instrument to "power up" the left side. It worked, and she functioned as a normal child after that.

As she grew older and technology advanced, the motor was removed and replaced several times, at one time in her teen years even taking the form of a small computer implanted into the back of her head under the skin. It was in this time that she shaved both sides of her head and got the tattoos to cover the scars. Later, as she began getting irritated by the pinch in the back of her head, she got a new replacement motor implanted in the left side of her head. She was then in a motorcycle accident with a male friend and shattered her jaw. She received facial jaw reconstruction. Around the same time, her eyes were enhanced to the robotic looking ones they are today, though at the time they just served one purpose: seeing.

Coming up on her twenties, Laney took on her new identity as Laney Knobs and left home, coming to the big city was a bag full of clothes and a hand full of money. She spent most of her time living on the streets, doing odd jobs. Eventually, she got a job at a robotics shop and was allowed to sleep in the apartment behind the shop since she hadn't had a place to stay.

While she was doing a job for an illegal group by making them a scouting-fly-bot, she was contacted by CKSD to join them. At first, Laney denied, not wanting to get into an illegal business, but the offer was too much to just pass up. She accepted and joined the team as the roboticist and technician.

So begins...

Laney Knobs's Story


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George watched the monitor. Antony and Mark had arrived and were making their way to the room where she waited. She wondered if they were confused about the location, perhaps they even thought it her home. She smiled. It was one other building CKSD owned. An Arco that featured condos, offices and of course all the shopping and restaurants that a person could need. In essence, anyone who lived in the arco never had a reason to go outside.

She used this backroom office for smaller deals, for recruiting meetings and it was really the furthest her doctor and Rio would let her venture. She rolled her head, grimacing at the tightness that seemed to still be present in the healing synthskin over her wound. A small price to pay, much smaller than Arasaka was going to pay for double crossing her and her team. She had plans that would be played out over the coming months. Why attack them all at once when you can slowly undermine them? George smiled at the thought. Never fuck with me, it doesn’t end well. It wasn’t cockiness, it was fact. Most who got on George’s bad side weren’t around any longer to testify on that behalf.

She looked up to the door as the men entered, “Welcome gentlemen. I see you found it easily enough.” The screened showed them approaching the door so she knew the moment when they would be entering.

“Sit. I have a new contract to discuss with you as well as a new arrival to the organization. She should be here shortly. I wanted to give you time to ask questions about the last contracts before she arrived. Ms Trondeau will not be joining us today as she will not be needed for this mission.”

George checked her messages. She had sent for Laney to arrive today. She couldn’t help but wonder how Antony and Mark might react to her newest acquisition.

Her eyes followed Mark and Antony as they came in. “There is coffee, please help yourself and if you have anything you wish to address please feel free.”

George sat down in her chair across from them, facing the door. Her hands were folded in front of her and her back straight, her face the mask of professionalism it always was.


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Mark shook his head. He took his coffee and sat back.

George nodded. Beside her the phone buzzed. Her eyes moved to it. “Good. Good that was the message I was hoping to get. You will have a technician and an infiltrator. You will need both for this job.”

She picked up her phone, typing back a message to Drystan telling him to come up.

“I will tell you now that the person you are going after is not much of a threat however she has a watchdog on her. You will need to eliminate him if you have any hope of eliminating her and this is an elimination job.”

George looked at Antony. “I trust though that you have no issue with that.”

Her hands folded on the table. “Once our last two arrive...” She looked at her phone. “Which should be momentarily I will fill in the details. Mark if you wish you can begin searching for information on our target. You are looking for a hacker who goes by the name Glitch.”

Mark didn’t flinch but he did stare at George. “Glitch? I know her. Why are you going after her?”

George shook her head. “I will tell you all when everyone gets here. I dislike repeating myself.” She frowned and put a hand to her shoulder. The skin was tight and it bothered her that she felt limited.

Her eyes fell on the door, waiting for Laney and Drystan.
Imogen’s day started like any other. Yoga, coffee, a shower and then pouring over the research she had taken from Portel’s labs. There was a lot to go over and she had started sorting the lab results. She had found not only the research for the drug they were under contract for but other drugs, other lab results that had made her feel numb.

Her old teacher, the man she had to work under was in charge of some very questionable things. It did not surprise her, Mitchell had always pushed beyond the borders of ethics and reason. He was not that old, maybe in his forties when he ran the lab at the university and even then it was easy to see the man cared very little for others.

The things she found went beyond what Imogen had ever thought a scientist was capable of. She wondered how he managed to go undetected by officials and how his employers let these things go one. It is all about money... The more she read the more she understood that fact.

Homeless fed handfuls of unnamed drugs and then watched for reactions. Men tearing at their own skin as one drug caused them to hallucinate. Women left infertile or with deformed children after they were given untested drugs without their knowledge. The more she read the more ill she felt. Mitchell Vinger had ordered all the tests, monitored all results. His signature was on everything.

Imogen couldn’t look at the files anymore. It felt like what she read was sucking her humanity from her. She pulled on her coat and grabbing her purse decided to go out for a bit.

There were perks to living in the nicer areas of Night City. Shops that carried the latest fashions, gyms that specialized in high end clientele. Spas and jewelry stores. Restaurants of the finest standings and Imogen’s favourites, the little cafes.

She found a table all to herself in the corner after ordering her coffee. Pulling out her tablet she began to read her email. There was nothing special waiting for her so she flicked over to the scream sheets to catch up on the latest news and fashion.

“You know you have not changed one bit.” The clink of a cup and man’s voice made Imogen looked up. The colour drained from her face. The voice sounded familiar, though slightly different. It sparked memories of whispered comments in her ear. Her skin crawled.

Mitchell Vinger stood in front of her, placing her coffee down before taking the seat across from her. Imogen felt frightened and trapped. She sat up taller and composed herself.

“What’s the matter, surprised to see an old friend?”

Her hands folded on her lap. “Is that what we were? Me your lab assistant and you the sadistic scientist?” It took everything in her not to run, not to slip into her native french. She didn’t want him to know that he unnerved her.
“Such kind things you have to say about me. Are you going to drink your coffee? Hate to see it grow cold.” Mitchell eyed the cup.

“It can wait. To what do I owe the visit and how may I ask did you know where to find me?” Imogen’s mind raced. If he knew she was here did he know where she lived as well?

Mitchell chuckled. He was older than the last time she saw him and it showed in his eyes and salt and pepper hair. He still lacked a genuine smile.

“Why Imogen, imagine my surprise to see you on security footage that we were able to recover from a little mishap at my lab. Wasn’t much mind you, someone blew it up but you see with that and a bit of information we had come our way I was able to find you. I will spare you the boring details. So tell me, how much therapy did it take to get over them raping you in the alley? I am curious on what that does to a brain. I’d love to test you sometime.”

Her stomach tightened. “You...” She was shaking and it was clear from her voice and demeanour that he had gotten to her. “You really have no tactic. You simply must see what happens. Is that it? You wanted to shake me up? See if you could make me cry?”

Mitchell smiled. It was cold and sadistic. He leaned forward, coming in close to her.“I came to ask you to join my team. As payback. You owe me for that little stunt and the files you stole. Perhaps you’d prefer me to come take them from you, by force? That could be fun...”

Imogen let a breath out through her nose. “Leave. I have nothing to say to you.”

Mitchell leaned back in his chair. “Now that is a shame. I thought we could talk. You on my team once more would be so pleasant for me. But perhaps we shall to talk about it another time. I should give you time to think it over. Next time how about we do this at your place? Or maybe you will just show up at mine one day...” He left the threat hanging in the air as he stood. “Au revoir madame. I look forward to seeing you again.”

Imogen watched him leave. She grabbed her phone and dialed the first number that came up. It was the last person she talked to and that was Mark.