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Cycle: Chronicles

Cycle: Chronicles


An alien race devastates Earth and assaults the remnants of the human race. Will you stand up and fight, or die with the weaks?

738 readers have visited Cycle: Chronicles since Leleu2 created it.


The year is 2145. Humanity is at it’s golden age, all wars are over, and mankind is rebuilding their system into a world of peace and prosperity. The life expectancy is getting higher, every disease in the world is treatable, and murders are almost zero. The Major nations no longer make threats to each other, and war is a word most people only read in history books. Armies still exist, but they are all under the same banner, called the Earth Defense Coalition (EDF). Humanity has evolved a lot, holographic images, computerized cars, and even spaceships for colonization purposes are the overall objects you might find in this peaceful world.

Mankind had just colonized Mars, when they found out a giant worm-whole near Jupiter. This worm-hole apparently led to another galaxy, or so the physicists said. Plenty of theories of where this worm-hole could lead, and the possiblities for mankind’s expansion, made it so that a massive plan of trillions of dollars eventually launched a sucsessful expedition trough the hole. Only thing is, the expedition never came back. Other similar expeditions were funded over time, but they never returned as well.

If there was one thing mankind still had in it’s heart was greed, and as such, more and more expeditions were sent into the undiscovered abyss of darkness. Until one day, intead of someting enetering the worm-hole, something came out of it.

Spaceships of unknown origin, apparently made with a technology far superior to humans, made their approach to the fueling station of Jupiter, and without a warning, it killed the 15000 people that made a living there. This was broadcasted to all colonies in the solar system. Mankind had their first contact with aliens. And the aliens, weren’t friendly.

Spaceships of unknown origin, apparently made with a technology far superior to humans, made their approach to the fueling station of Jupiter, and without a warning, it killed the 15000 people that made a living there. This was broadcasted to all colonies in the solar system. Mankind had their first contact with aliens. And the aliens, weren’t friendly.

The alien fleet kept pushing more and more acrros the void between space stations, annihaliting anything in sight, resistance being meaningless. Mankind declared state of war against the alien race, but in fact, it should never been called a war. A war is when both sides have a chance of winning, even if it is slim at best. What this could be called, was slaughter.

The human fleet retreated to the colony of Mars, preparing their first and last line of defense against their homeworld. Civilians that were born on Mars, could not leave for Earth due to Quarantines that were put up, and were forced to stay at what would be the most devastating human military defeat in history.

The human fleet was decimated, the best thing the thousands of space vessels were capable of doing, a single engine blown from an alien spacecraft. Nothing critical. The aliens had technological superiority and numbers. Mankind resistance, was once again fuitle, and then the aliens descended upon Mars.

The biggest spaceships liberated other smaller ships, but do not take the term “smaller” as acurate, as one of those “small” aircraft was the size of cities. Aliens descended from their spaceships, being supported by orbitalstrikes from their motherships. The aliens were incredibly resistant to all forms of ammunition and atom. Not only that, but determined aliens exhibited weird capacities, such as bending the space around it, while the grunt ones, the bulk of their army, took the advantage of their Aplhas, to annihalate every human in sight. The colony of Mars was overrun, and the EDF never attempted any rescue operation, sacrificing billions of people for the sake of their home planet. The aliens were like nothing ever seen. They were not organic. In fact they were nothing known. They were an amalgamation of machine and flesh, bend together into a grotesque being. Altough they were in the majority, simple fighers, others possessed the capability of manifesting weird powers.

When the Aliens attempted to strike at Earth, EDF declared a launch of 500 quantum nuclear missiles, 10 of them for each spaceship. The first time since the beggining of the war 6 months ago, mankind saw victory, as the explosions shreded the spaceships apart, and kept the aliens at bay.

This impasse remained for 10 year, were aliens would not attack Earth, but humans would not attack Mars in an attempt to retake it. A few missions were sent by both races in an attempt to disrupt their defenses, but none ever worked. In fact, pieces of the machine-organic enemies, made the scientists capable of discerning how they operated. They are a hive mind, where each subject has no sense of self. They all operate as a single organism, and they were also parasites. Everywhere they went, all life was drained, as seen in Siberia, turned into a desert, after a failed strike on Earth’s surface. Not only that, but the most basic type of alien, the “Grunt” was equivalent to 50 human soldiers.

One day, however, a meteor struck China, and this meteor contained nano-machines that were capable of draining the organic matter around then, in order to 3d print more of thenselves, into bigger forms. The process was slow, but in a few months, a terrifying force of aliens had set foot on Earth, and taken over China. An ingeenous plan, as the radiation from the blast of the artificial meteor made humans uncapable of reaching it, even with the most high-tech equipment, while also making the humans relucant to send a missile that would end up sacrificing 3 cities in total, for the destruction of what could be a planned attack. However, humanity could not sacrifice the 1200000 that lived in these cities, and such, China fell in months. The EDF could not hold he invaders at bay, as they advanced trough Russia. Taking advantage of the ground-forces, the spaceships managed to get into orbit, and strike capitals of countries accros the globe. Also, they managed to get close enough, where if a single missile was launched at then, due to the sheer size of the spaceship, a rain of giant meteors would decimate all life on Earth. Either way, Humanity was lost.

Until a scientist decided to implant alien tissue from Alpha subjects into human soldiers. The Alpha aliens, were similar to a Commanding unit, that behaved differently from the rest, and possessed only what could be called as mystical powers. However, 90% of the subjects died, due to the lack of adaptability. The few who survived, became half-human, half-alien, and with the powers from the Alphas, managed to turn turn the tide.

There is where the story currently takes place. A stalemate is happening in the verge between Russia and Europe. A massive offensive operation is going to attempt to retake Moscow. However, will the operation succed, or be a disaster?


Now the organizations.

EDF (Earth Defense Force): A aglomeration of the entire human race, under a single military banter, it is the most powerful military force in human history. Currently the main leading corporation in the war. Their soldiers are divided into categories, or CATS.

CAT 6: This category is of front-line soldiers. They are the ones at the front of battle, fighting and giving their lives for the sake of the rest of the human race. The bulk of the army, no other CAT would be capable to operate without those valiant warriors.

CAT 5: The same as CAT 6, however the soldiers are all Lieutenant to above, and posses a whole experience that makes then more experienced, and overall better soldiers in combat. They act in the front lines as well, but as Squad Leaders for CAT 6 members. CAT 5 AND 6 operate as one, were 6 are the members, and 5 are the Leaders.

CAT 4: These are the communicator specialists, They are tasked with getting the order from the higer-ups to the front-lines by any means possible. They also offer assistance by relaying information to all other CATS, but they work more closely with both CAT 5 and 6.

CAT 3:They are the longer range marksmans of the army. They stay from afar, picking up the most dangerous targets, and keeping the flank from CAT 5and 6 clear. Their job is vital, as without then, CAT 5and 6 would crumble in a single enemy wave. Only the best shooters are accepted into this CAT.

CAT 2: Commanders and Captaisn hold the places in this CAT. They are the ones responsible for tacticaly overview of the battle, as well as relaying orders to CAT 4, to be transmitted to the front lines, or whatever CAT the message is directed at. They aren’t the most high-ranking officers, and as such, they still receive orders from higher ups. But during battles, they have the power to vetto, accept, or modify orders completely according to the flow of battle. They are the brains of the entire army, but by no means they are defenseless. If forced into a fight, CAT2 personell may prove very strong-willed soldiers, with a skill only someone with enough experience of battle can reach.

CAT1: These are the Generals of the Army. Their main job is to manipulate the startegy of the army not trough a battle, but trought he course of the war. Their main job, is analyzing startegies, and organizing operations, which CAT 2 and below will do. However, during an active battle, their voice may be unheard by the Commanders.

CAT 0: The special forces of the EDF, these are humans that had alien tissue transplanted into then. As a result, they posses incredible fighting skill, and powers beyong imagination. If each alien “Grunt” is equal to 50 soldiers, each CAT 0 operative is equal to a 100 Grunts. All of then were elite even before volunterring into the program to become a CAT 0 operative. They mostly work behind enemy lines, on missions most would consider suicide, where being outnumbered and overwhelmed is a commom theme and a normal day for then. They rarely are seen in the front lines, but when they participate in operations, the visual of then cutting the aliens as if they were pieces of paper, proves a high morale boost to soldiers in the trench-lines. In xchange for all this power, comes a downside however. The alien tissue grows more and more, and the more it grows, overwhelming the natural human tissue, their become more powerful in every aspect, but they lose their humanity, become more alien bit by bit. As a result, as soon as the body of a CAT 0 personell exceeds 90% of alien materia, they are euthanized. They work under the orders of a branch similar to CAT 1, but completely focused on their special needs and operations.



They are called Mechanoids, due to their half organic, half synthetic tissue, and their working similar to a synthetic hive. The Mechanoids drain all organic matter around then, every territory they conquer, turnintg into a wasteland. Theyir tecnology is unmatched, and their almost omnipotent view grantsd then a tactical superiority in every battle.

Types of Alien:

Grunt: these are the normal aliens They posses no weapons, or special abilities, being focused solely on close-quarters combat. They move very fast, and can dig underground really fast, surprising even the most experienced human soldier. They are incredibly fast and strong, but not very resistant.

Brute: Same as the Grunt, but instead of being kind of a flanking and surprise force, these are the “tanks” of the alien army They are capable of withstanding missiles, and can destory walls made of the most durable steel with a single punch. They are however, increibly slow, and cannot react very well.

Alpha: The Alphas represent one in each 6,8 million Aliens. They are the “masters” of their race, the supreme commander to which all other lesser aliens are linked to a Hive mind. They are increedibly resistant, fast, intelligent to the point of mimicking hman language by only listening to a sylable, and learning human language by just hearing a phrase. They posses speicla properties that grants then unbelievable power. It is said that one of the Alpha’s has the power to bend time, tough that is a rumour, as no Alpha with such abilities were never seen in the field of battle.


The current story takes place at 2155, during june.

Toggle Rules

1ST: This is an RP based in the past of my curent book. You are free to create chaarcters that you feel unique, and give then sub-plots that add to their rich personalities, BUT do not try to take the lead of the project here. As much as I want you guys to have liberty in doing as you want, in terms of character development, it gotta follow some universe rules, and stay on track with what I have planned.

2ND: Do not kill another player character. Without their consent, this will result in a ban. You are free to do whatever you like with your own characters, of course, following the overall rules of the universe in this particular story, but the same apply to others as well.

3RD: Do not create a CAT 0 character if you plan on giving then a happy ending. All of then are doomed to die, or turn in the end, and altough how it happens and when it happens, is totally up to you, it will definetely happen. If you want your character to survive, keep to the other CAT's.

4TH: This is not actually a rule, just a wish I have. Try your best to collaborate with others. This will make for an awesome RP.

5TH: Do not write a single paragraph and call it a good post. Write this as you would a book. But keep in mind to follow a character overall personality in then, specially when using other people's characters.

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#, as written by Leleu2
The EDF had a human base at Ukraine. It was a base from back in the day, when mankind was still planning their travel to mars. It was also one of the bases that were destroyed during the civil war in Ukraine in 2014, more than a 100 years ago. Nowadays, it was probably the only base that could keep Europe from falling prey to the imminent threat that remained a few kilometers to the east. The Mechanoids, a race of parasitic aliens, attacked the Earth finally succeeding in an attack, and everything now, seems to be a hopeless struggle.

However, the man and women from the EDF were brave soldiers. Most had lost family during the war. Although China and Russia, two of the main countries that composed the EDF were practically destroyed right now, their wildlife and plants turning into mere deserts. The parasitic aliens destroyed and sucked the life from anything they touched. Lands conquered by them, turned into wastelands, where no life could flourish again. The aliens actually reproduced this way, by having drips of their blood or tissue fall on the ground, or in determined species, eventually sucking as much organic life they could, eventually forming some sort of grotesque organic body. Afterwards, nano-machines were made to build mechanic parts on then, and thus a true Mehcanoid is born. Fighting against then was a suicidal run, at best.

Denise knew this very well. She was part of the medical squadron, as a leader. Enlisting primarily in the CAT 6, she quickly grew to Sergeant, earning her own squad, as the leader of a unit, and promoted to CAT 5. She woke up from the bed of the barracks, and as soon as she walked out of it, there were soldiers running everywhere. Routine? Nah. They were preparing to amass an attack on the Mechanoids.

They managed to invade the Earth trough China, and right afterwards, they conquered it, and spread to Russia. Russia had only been recently conquered by them, but without a doubt, if they didn’t managed to get it back, at least a portion of their lost land, Europe was doomed to fall. Denise knew that, and she would do her best to keep the soldiers at top notch during a battle. However, being from medical did not meant she couldn’t fight.

Denise was a woman around 25 years of age. She had a light brown hair, and beautiful light brown eyes. She wasn’t as physically strong as most women, who joined the EDF, but she was, undoubtedly, one of the smartest around. She always kept her hair on a ponytail.

She walked to her soldiers, and with them she went to the main meeting with the 4 Generals, the main leaders of the EDF. They would give a briefing of the operation.

“This is such a pain.” One of the soldiers from her squad muttered. “Why wake up when it is still night time? Besides it is snowing, and it is cold as hell.”

“Shut up.” Said the other soldier. “Complaining about the cold, when you’ve joined the army to fight against freaky aliens? Such a bitch.”

The two soldiers began arguing. A fistfight would have occurred, if Denise didn’t had stopped then.

“Behave yourselves!! You are soldiers, not boys in a bar.” She said, separating both. The two of them looked in the ground ashamed, and one of them muttered a few words, but she didn’t even cared. All she cared about was the mission.

After she arrived on the immense pavilion, and all other platoons that were going to participate in the operation, the Generals finally appeared. They were only 4, but were undoubtedly the most condecorated soldiers in human history.

Russel was a ruthless man that saw nothing more than tools in his soldiers. He would go to any limits when successes was not a choice, but a must. However, people were wrong on thinking he was a coward. He also saw himself as a mere object, and would without a tough, give his life if necessary. But, he saw he was needed in a leadership position so he stayed. His heroic deeds, and the horrific scenes he saw in the colony of Mars, made him into the man he is today, and as long as a single human stands in the end of the war, free from the threat of the aliens, he would consider it a victory.

Gustavo was the exact opposite. He would never think of the men under his command as mere toys. He would always try to put their soldiers in positions that were of very low-risk, but that was not always the protocol. He was also completely against the CAT 0 project, but he was the only vote against it, against 3 from the other generals. He raised trough the ranks, trough time, and never saw the horrors of battle. That is probably why he is so idealistic, and does not accept the truth of war. And the chaos it brought. However, he was great at motivational speeches, and was always the one who got the troops blood pumping.

Michelle was a very superstitious woman, to the point of believing knocking the wood 3 times would give good luck in any operation. She didn’t acted out of reason however. She was very tactful, and of all the Generals, was undoubtedly the smarter one. She was always the one, who everyone would look for to know if their plan was good enough or not.

Mitchell was quite a mix between Russel and Gustavo. He was willing to sacrifice as many soldiers as possible, but he did so in regret, knowing that anyone he sent to the slaughter were his responsibility, and that every death in the field, is a failure. However, he will always put his “good side” to the side. If he has to be ruthless and remembered as one of the worst humans in history so be it. As long as mankind could survive, he would sleep on his grave peacefully.

All 4 Generals finally, in their place they started talking about the plan.

“Brave men and women. We salute you. Your blood, your sweat is what hasd kept mankind alive up until now.” Said Gustavo. “We created a plan that may be the only hope for salvation. If we fail, Europe might as well fall. We are the ones standing between the men, women and children, that have lived their lives in peace, out of the horrors of this war. They’ve never seen these aliens up close, and they are defenseless against then. BUT NOT YOU!! You all are MACHINES OF WAR!!” said Gustavo, the troops clapping, and getting excited from his speech. “You were born to fight in this war. You are creatures whose only purpose is to kill, this is what a lot of people would say. BUT NO!! You all are soldiers, whose main job is to defend to protect!! The lives of billions of innocents rs in your hands. No matter how hard this mission is, not matter how many injuries you sustain. FIGHT!! FIGHT FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T FIGHT FOR THENSELVES!!”

The troops rallied to the call. After a few minutes of enthusiasm, Russel stepped up.

“This plan involves a very risky operation. Many of you will not see tomorrow.” In the moment he said this, silence erupted. “Many of the ones who survive will never be the same. But we need you.”

“The plan involves an offensive from all bases near the border of Russia, directly into Moscow. We will drop in the city, taken by those inhuman beasts, and take it from them. From there, we will proceed to divide our forces into two main platoons. One will defend the newly conquered territory, while the other will retake the territory between Moscow and the border. This plan is vital for the retaking of Russia.”

“As many of you all know, resistance in Moscow is the heaviest, and the aliens would certainly obliterate us. For this reason, we’ve sent a couple of CAT 0 to diminish the resistance around there. The moment we reach 6AM in the time, we will launch our offensive. They will have done their job.”
The minor details of the operation were being distilled to the soldiers. As this happened however, they had no idea, their plan wouldn’t go as planned. At all.


The streets of Moscow. Deserted. No living being around. Not even the alien menace that was supposed to be there. Raziel walked among the brunt bodies, and wreckage. “This is not what was expected. Intel suggested a huge resistance in this city.” He said.

Ian walked at his side, a bit serious, but not as much as Raziel, as he still let a chuckle. “Well, at least it means that it is not going to be as hard as usual.”

“I don’t know about that.” Said Raziel.

“Well, what do you think Mavis?” asked Ian, turning to her. She was behind then, merely following then. Now that he had tough about it, Mavis hadn’t talked at all, during the entire travel. Not that it had taken to much time. But still, Ian tried all the time to make her talk.

“C’mon, you will never make any friends like this.” He said, but Mavis simply kept staring at her. He felt somewhat scared of her, and turned back to Raziel.

“Well, isn’t she a loner?” he said.

The trio kept walking in the streets, but no resistance was obvious. Ian even went as far as to sit on a bench.

“What are you doing?” asked Raziel.

“I am resting. There is obviously nothing here. If we had a radio that was capable of contacting the base back at Ukraine, we could even tell then everything is peaceful around here.”

Mavis simply went out of her way. “What is she doing?” Ian tough to himself.

Mavis didn’t answered, even after seeing both of her companions expressions. She just walked out. Raziel sat at Ian’s side.

“Damn, this whole mission is being nothing but a time waster.” Said Ian again.

“I don’t know. Something feels wrong. There is something here. I feel it.”

“Raziel, if there is something here, we will deal with it. Do not worry. We’ve dealt with operations that were risky as well.”

“Not as risky as this one.” Raziel replied.

“Details.” Ian said laughing a bit.

“Raziel. One thing I’ve never asked you, even after knowing you for quite some time.” He said, turning his head to Raziel. “Why did you become a CAT 0?”

“People have lives. They have people whom they love, and are loved by. I however, never met such fate. I was always a loner, a bystander in society. Seeing as I had nothing to lose, I joined the army to boost the war effort, as little as it could do, and after an… ‘accident’, I ended up taking the opportunity to do the most. If I die, no one will miss me. But I can’t say the same for those fighting at my side.”

“Damn.” Said Ian. “You know why I joined?”

“Protect mankind?”

“Yes. But it isn’t just this. I also seek revenge.”


“Guys, over here!!!”

“Mavis?” said Ian to himself. He got up, Raziel getting up right after him.

“One day, I’ll tell you the whole story. But for now, let’s go see what the little loner has to say, or show.”

The two walked through the streets, full of the wreckage of cars, and decomposing bodies The smell would make anyone else puke, but not these three. They were already used to the stench of death.

When they met Mavis, both of then widened their eyes in surprise.

“What the…” said Ian.

A massive hole, were a park would have been in the past, laid before then. No visible end. And the worst of it all, it had all the indications that it was artificially made by the Mechanoids. The most prominent feature being the mechanical nodes all around it, and in it.

“Why would they take so much time to do this?” asked Ian.

“They are restless. They don’t require sleep, nor food. In fact, anything organic can be their food. This is probably the main reason, why apart from reproduction purposes, they simply keep draining even without any other subjects being born, all the organic materials in a specific piece of land.”

“Well, when you do talk, you surprise me on your knowledge of them.” Ian said.

Mavis ignored what Ian said and kept staring at the pit. “This means a lot of then can be underground.”

“Perhaps the main reason why we were sent, and only us, not a bigger squad, is that, they are all hiding in the underground to keep themselves safe from aerial strikes, and they have a radar to retaliate a massive invading force. By sending only three footmen, their radars will not consider it a significant threat.”

“Well, we are not merely footmen.” Said Ian. “Well then, I don’t think going in there is wise. Perhaps luring then out?” he smiled. “Raziel?”

“Raziel grabbed a can from the ground and tossed it in a nearby building. The building collapsed under the immense impact of the can. The sound immediately made squeaking and grunting noises and in a few seconds, Grunts started appearing from behind them.

“Well they were quick.” Ian said smiling. “If you all excuse me.” He said, making one of his arms into a sword, and making his bones into graphene. The grunts were actually pretty weird-looking. They didn’t seemed to have a pre-determined form, being their body an amalgamation of tentacle-like limbs, that could be fixed together in one another for the formation of weapons, limbs, or whatever is necessary. Flexible plates of a metal, stronger than steel, were also affixed to their bodies, and could be modulated into anything they wanted. The only fix thing in their body, was their head, whose a red light from both their eyes, and mouth made a very nightmarish look.

They lunged forward, but Ian made short work of then, quickly stabbing the first, and then kicking its body, tossing it into the second. The third one tried to attack him, making his limbs into a scythe. Ian simply backed up a few steps, dodging it barely for his hair to be trimmed, and then with a spin, decapitated the alien, the rest of its body convulsing in the ground. The second one, after finally taking the body of the first one out of it, was impaled in the head by Ian.

“Come ravenous beasts. You will all meet your end. And I will make sure, it will be painful.” Ian said, before lunging himself into the aliens themselves.

Mavis started manipulating the blood inside the dead bodies, to throw the dead aliens into battle to aid Ian. Raziel remained between then, with a bunch of rocks on his pocket. Using then to keep aliens at bay. If one managed to get away, or come from any other side, to strike either Mary or him, he would simply toss the rock with an impact force of a missile.

Ian eventually killed all the present aliens, however, the double appeared afterwards. “Tsch.” Ian spit in the ground, making his other arm into another sword. Mavis turned the other dead aliens into more “minions”. The battle wouldn’t end anytime soon.


Kat was readying herself. She put the armor, the helmet, everything. Can’t forget the rifle. After being completely ready, she went to enter one of the ships that would take her to her destination. Moscow.

The ship resembled a giant plane, but with 4 jet propellers two on the wings, and two down, near the landing gear, but far enough to not damage then. This made it possible for this vehicle to fly at supersonic speeds, but also hover for dropping purposes. When on board, and the massive number of these vehicles started taking off, one of the men asked.

“How long until Moscow? I want to kick some Alien ass.”

“25 minutes soldier.” She replied. With these modern state of the art aircraft, they could even get there in less time but they had to be careful. However, it didn’t take much time before it all went down.

In 12 minutes of flight, the pilots from the aircrafts noticed multiple heating signatures appearing from below, out of nowhere. It didn’t took long until one of the aircraft was shot down. Kat heard the explosion.

“They are firing at us!!” said one of the soldiers.

It were likely Brutes down there, firing at then. They were equipped with anti-air cannons on their back for such situations. And there were likely grunts down there, for when they got in land.

It didn’t took long until a hit took out their aircraft. Kat, alogn with many of her soldiers, ejected, as the aircraft spinned. One of then his his head, and died on the spot. Others couldn’t hit the eject button on time, and started burning alive in the flames of the flying wreckage. Kat however, was one of the luckiest. But not for long. In the sky, as she fell, she saw multiple of their aircrafts being destroyed, massacred. A number of soldiers falling and parachuting down were enough to make a giant shadow on the ground, were it not night.

She landed in the ground, taking her parachute out, and equipping her file, loading a fresh mag in. The moment she got up, one of the soldiers at her right commemorated. But not for long, as the wreckage of the aircraft hit directly on his, the snow mixed with the earth, and blood flying at her. She covered her eyes, and after she cleaned her protective glasses, she heard a noise. One of her men were being engaged by grunts. The grunt killed most of the others, but before it could kill this one, Kat started shooting. One of the bullets hit the alien on it’s left eye, and it quickly dug in the ground. It came out a few seconds later, grabbing Kat by her leg, and throwing her into a tree. The impact was enough to make her spit blood. She, however, wasn’t done yet. It would be needed much more to kill her. She rolled out of the next attack, as the alien came with a hammer like limb, ready to smash her head in the wood, but failing miserably at it. The alien made a grunting noise of reprisal. Before it could move correctly, she grabbed her electrical current bladed-knife, and jumped on the alien, stabbing it on its head. After 20 stabs, it died. She proceeded to grab her rifle and load another mag, but not before another massive explosion happened near her, enough to make her stumble a bit.

She grabbed her radio, trying to contact the base. However nothing worked. They were being jammed.

The operation had failed before it even begun. She had toughs of running but she couldn’t. If she had to die this way, then so be it. But she would fight until the end.


It was what? The third time they had defeated a platoon?

The dead bodies were countless. So many, Mavis could not manipulate all of them at the same time.

“It seems there are still more coming.” Said Ian. He felt a chill on his spine however. He turned to face the pit, before one different alien came out of it. Alpha.

Alpha's were different from the ordinary grunts. They resembled to have a "normal" body. Mechanical parts were obvious, and in some, it may even resemble armor, and they can actually have protecitve purposes. However, each Alpha had differences. This one had massive plates on it's shoulders, and an armor that made him resemble a warrior.

“Foolish humans. You think your futile plans are enough to defeat us? Mere insects like you will end up being crushed. Your resistance is futile.”

It lunged to strike Mavis, but she quickly evaded the strike. Although the punch met only air, it was enough to make a part of the ground fly with it, and break a wall 10 meters out. Mavis widened her eyes at that, when she noticed that she wouldn’t be able to evade the next attack. She ordered the bodies of 20 grunts to amass on her front, and when the Alpha struck then, although most of the impact was absorbed, the rest was enough to make her hit the back of her head on the ground. When it went to hit her still in the ground, Raziel tossed a rock, hitting the Alpha, and making it fly at a nearby building.

Mavis got up, and quickly sent as many of the dead grunts at the Alpha. The Alpha broke off of the rubble, killing every single grunt with ease.

“It seems this Alpha’s ability is sheer strength.” Said Raziel.

“No shit Sherlock”. Mavis replied.

The Alpha went to strike at then again, both Raziel and Mavis jumping out of the trike. The blow creating a crater in the ground, various windows that were still somehow intact, exploding trough the sheer sound of the blow. Raziel and Mavis after lading, quickly noticed that their ears were bleeding.

“I wil kill every single one of your stupidly weak species. I will feast on your flesh, and those of your companions.”

“Good luck with that.” Said Mavis. “Also, How are you going to do it without hands?”
The Alpha looked at his hands, and noticed that they were disappearing. He felt a burning sensation of pain.

“You soaked your fists with blood. And I can make the blood turn into anything. This specific portion, a very powerful acid.”

The Alpha grunted, and lunged to attack both Raziel and Mavis. Raziel and Mavis obviously evaded again, the drips of blood that came out of the Alpha’s fists, landing on the ground, immediately sinking into it. The Alpha eventually made all the blood go away, the burning stopping. However he no longer had most of his arms. He laughed however.

“Humans are so primitive. Your intelligence is very laughable. You think I can be defeated so easily?”

The arm started regenerating at an insane speed. When it was fully regenerated, it jumped forward, to strike Mavis. The moment she tried to evade however, her body couldn’t react. It did react, but as if she was in slow-motion. Raziel quickly jumped in front of her, crossing his arms and taking the blow. Even using his power, the blow was so trong, he felt sthe pressure on his spine, his jacket completely ripped off, his forearm leaking blood. The Alpha grabbed his head with the other hand and laughed.

“My friend already got yours. I think I will have my fun with you then.” The Alpha said, throwing Raziel into the 4th floor of a building before lunging to it after him.

Ian decided to go help Mavis and Raziel, but before he could do, he felt a presence behind him. When he looked behind, he couldn’t believe his own vision.



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#, as written by Senato
“Testerran...” Ian was completely shocked by the beast standing before him. He knew it was him, for he was the only Alpha that seemed to not have mechanical parts. This was not the case of course, however he allowed himself to appear in this manner, using his ability.

The alpha looked at him for a moment, before laughing, “I can’t believe you are standing before me once more! Hahahaha, do you not realize how futile your attempts are, human?”

Ian’s usual happy face was filled with a glare of pure hatred. Without a word, he charged towards the Alpha, his graphene bones allowing him increased speed. Just before coming into contact with his enemy, both his arms from the elbows down reformed into long, sharp carbon fibre blades. Testerran laughed as his own right arm reformed into a strange stone-looking material, which seemed to be able to withstand the strikes of Ian’s blades. Strike after strike, Ian pressed on with his rage-induced flurry, whilst Testerran nonchalantly blocked each successive strike.

“You humans will never learn...” Testerran laughed just before deflecting Ian’s left blade strike, using his right arm, and then followed through by turning his own left arm into a sharp blade, with which he stabbed straight through Ian’s gut.

“He’s still too fast!” Ian thought to himself, as he propelled himself off of Testerran’s blade. His body quickly healing itself, as if being weaved back together. “You say that, yet you don’t seem to improve at all.” Ian mocked, though his mockery was short-lived as Testerran charged at him.
Through reforming his right leg into a spring mechanism, Ian was able to jump out of the way just in time, however, he was quickly chased after by two extending appendages, protruding from Testerran’s back. As he landed, he used the spring to bounce again. With his now increased momentum, he began spinning round to kick the strange appendages, though just before striking, he reformed his left leg into a blade and sliced through both of them.

Testerran laughed heartily, his deep voice booming through the ruins of Moscow. “You are quite the funny little fly, the way you jump around attempting to avoid being swatted.” He returned to an upright position, “However, even the fastest fly dies in the end.” With that, his skin seemed to reform into some strange form of armour, what material it was, was difficult for Ian to determine. Testerran pressed his hand into the ground, before ripping out a perfectly formed sword, it’s stone-like appearance was misleading as to what it was truly made off however, the material was far stronger than stone. Possibly the strongest material Ian has ever seen, comparable to the strength of graphene. Testerran lunged forwards once more, too fast for Ian to react, and struck Ian slicing roughly 4 cm deep across his chest. Having attempted to propel himself off of the attack, Ian flew straight through the building behind him, which cracked his hardened skull.

“I can’t die to this beast.” Ian thought to himself, as he lifted himself up once more; “I have to bring my combat abilities up to his level.” With that his skin became layered in carbon fibre, the layer provided some protection, whilst at the same time, did not hinder his movement. Out of his back, two large wings sprouted, using graphene bones, and long dark brown feathers all of which were tipped with a serrated titanium-nickel alloy. Staring through the rubble at the figure of his enemy, Ian used a powerful flap of his wings and began making momentum towards Testerran, his arms reformed into blades once more, he began his next onslaught.


Mavis saw Raziel get thrown straight through the building behind them, in an attempt to slow the alpha that was chasing him, she began converging as many bodies as she could on top of it, however they seemed to move slower than she had planned, she attempted to increase the speed at which the bodies converged, though even with the increased numbers they did little to slow the alpha down. Noticing how ineffective her attack was, she followed through by forcing multiple bodies to rupture, releasing a highly acidic blood onto the Alpha’s body. Although this stopped the Alpha in his tracks, it was but for a moment, as he shook the acidic blood off of his body, before turning his attention to Mavis.

At that moment the alpha was struck by a large rock, that came from the direction of Raziel, through the surprisingly high impact force, the alien’s left arm was completely disconnected, though its high speed regeneration quickly fixed the problem. Raziel continued to pelt his enemies with high impact rocks, though the damage each strike was doing was becoming progressively less.

“I can’t keep striking so many times back to back.” Raziel thought to himself, “But what else can I do?” His body suddenly was not moving as fast as before, a moment of shock shot through his mind, “Shit!” he thought, as the alpha charged towards him, though its charge was cut off when a wall of blood flowed in between the two of them.

“Things seem to be reacting normally again...” Mavis noted to herself, before she made the acidic blood crash down on top of the beast before surrounding it in a large box. On the outside, Mavis began surrounding the box in weapons made out of dry, hardened blood.

Taking advantage of his chance, Raziel began making distance between himself and the alpha though his movements were far slower than they should have been. The beast quickly burst out of the acidic prison, the damage done to its body quickly healing as soon as he was out of it. Mavis immediately directed all of her blood weapons in the direction of the alpha, which took up a somewhat defensive position. The weapons pierced lightly into its body though their momentum helped propel the beast backwards into the building behind it. Raziel then followed through by pelting the building with another three rocks, the force of which caused the building to collapse in on itself.

Raziel came to stand next to Mavis, breathing somewhat heavily. “What the hell is that thing capable of?” he looked towards the building, waiting for any sign of the alpha’s movement, “We didn’t kill it, did we?” despite having asked this question, he knew what the answer was.

Mavis simply replied with a simply shaking of her head, confirming Raziel’s worry, the beast was most likely getting ready to strike back at any moment. “We can’t discern the extent of its powers as of yet, however, we do know that it cannot be fought one on one.” She stated blandly.

Both of them quickly turned to the moving rubble of the building that they had just collapsed, as the alpha began pressing his way out, his wounds completely healed.

“Here it comes...” Raziel stated, as he readied himself for more combat.

The alpha began charging towards them, quickly picking up momentum as it got closer, both its fists clenched tightly as it planned to break the two apart.

“Predictable.” Mavis stated softly, as blood needles suddenly began rupturing out of the ground under the alpha, each successful hit ripped straight through the alpha’s tissue. Despite this, it continued charging towards them, healing its wounds on route. “Predictable.” She stated again, as the needles rained back down upon the alpha, shattering into acid droplets as they hit it. The extra drop formed a pool of acid, which it was forced to avoid, or lose its feet. “Get ready.” Mavis stated to Raziel who looked at her in confusion.

The alpha jumped at them, its desire to kill, so intense that they could feel it weighing down upon them. A pool of blood broke between Mavis and the alpha, slowing its momentum, though the blood seemed to move slower than she planned, and thus the alpha was still able to strike and dislocate her left shoulder. “Now!” Mavis shouted ignoring the pain coming from her shoulder. Raziel immediately struck the alpha from the side, increasing the force of the strike as much as he possibly could, which caused the beast to be rocketed away from them once again.

Raziel turned to look at Mavis for a moment, “We can’t keep this up for as long as he can... we need to figure something out, and fast.”

Mavis nodded in agreement, though something was bothering her. Her reactions, her abilities, everything she was doing seemed to be acting slower than it should have, she was putting far too much focus in for what she was doing, something wasn’t right. “Insane strength, speed and high regenerative capabilities...” She thought to herself, “As well as the ability to slow another person down considerably... this doesn’t make sense! There is no link between those two powers...”


Kat lifted herself out of the blood red snow; there were bodies everywhere, most of which were human. They were burnt, shredded and completely destroyed. She quickly collected herself, despite her lengthy enrolment in the EDF, she hadn’t as of yet, seen such a massacre. She heard the voice of one of her squad members, and decided to carefully hurry over to them, though when she got within visual distance, she noticed two of her squad members, surrounded by grunts.

Her fear told her to run, and she wanted to, but no. She wasn’t going to let her comrades die, even if that was the easier option. She closed some more distance before throwing an EMP grenade right into the group of grunts, “GET DOWN!” she shouted, before the grenade exploded, messing up the mechanoids’ robotic attachments. As one turned to face her, she triple tapped whilst aiming at its head, all three bullets pierced through the skull of the grunt before it could even react. Two of the remaining four grunts charged towards her, whilst the other two went after he comrades.

The first grunt caught her by surprise at close distance, and attempted to smash her head, using its arm which had taken the form of a club. In order to protect herself, she struck her rifle against it, she then spun round the strike, turning the rifle around the club, until she had a point blank shot at the grunt’s chest. She held down the trigger as long as she could, before she had to evade the second grunts attack. She rolled away, and repositioned herself, though she had lost her rifle now, and she was staring down two grunts, one with a club, the other a sword. Both grunts began a simultaneous charge towards her, though the one with the club was somewhat slower after being shot with almost a full magazine in his chest. Using her left hand, Kat pulled out one of her pistols, whilst equipping her electric combat knife in her right hand.

“Don’t underestimate me!” She shouted as she opened fire on the alien with the club, the barrage of shots causing it to stumble. The second grunt, with the blade had closed in within that time. Using her combat knife, she was able to parry its strike before stabbing it once in its back. She then shot multiple bullets into its back to slow it down. She turned to see the grunt with the club preparing to strike. Without enough time to dodge, she raised both her arms to protect her head, whilst already pushing herself backwards, to decrease the force of the strike. Though she was still sent flying a few meters, and she definitely heard the bone in her left forearm crack. She winced in pain and a moment flashed through her mind, of the possibility of her comrades dying because she took too long here. A burning passion ignited within her eyes as she lifted herself up once more. “I won’t give up, I refuse to give up!” She told herself, “No matter what it costs me, I will slay these beasts!” focusing mainly on her right arm, because of injury, she charged at the grunt with the club, as it too charged at her. It swung widely, and she ducked under the strike, kicking in the creature’s knee with her right foot, causing it to slip and fall in the snow. As it fell, she rose herself back up and stabbed her combat knife through its head using both her hands. She changed her view to watch the one with the sword as it quickly made its way to her, whilst pulling the knife out with her right hand, she grabbed her second pistol of her belt and began firing at the charging grunt, of the six shots, four entered the beast’s skull, killing it.

She quickly picked up her other pistol and her rifle, reloading them one by one, whilst hurrying in the direction of her comrades. As she reached them she saw that one of the grunts had been killed, one of her comrades was lying on the ground motionless, the other was at the mercy of the grunt. “I can’t risk hitting him if I shot, then...” without even completing her thought, Kat broke into a sprint, pulled out her combat knife and jumped onto the back of the grunt. She wrapped her left arm around its neck, whilst viciously stabbing it with the knife in her right hand. The beast struggled, attempting to shake her off, and even rammed its back against a wall, in an attempt to crush her, but she had already done too much damage to it, and it fell shortly.

“Captain Baines!” Her subordinate shouted, “Are you alright?!” he was worried and looked around scanning the area for more possible enemies

Kat lifted herself up slowly, “Relax Evans.” She stated calmly, “I’m fine, is Luit..?”

“No, he’s alive, ma’am” Evans replied, “He was just struck quite hard.” Almost as if planned, Luit began regaining consciousness, just then. “Luit!” Evans shouted, “You’re ok!”

“Evans!” Kat hissed, “Keep your voice down, we’re in the middle of hostile territory.”

It was just then, that another grunt revealed itself to them. Kat quickly lifted her weapon, ready to fight again, as did her injured subordinates, though they did not have to. With a loud shot, blood spurted through the creature’s head; it had been shot by a member of CAT 3.

Denise then arrived shortly afterwards with a member of her medical squad, “Katarina!” she shouted, noticing that Kat was covered in blood.

“Don’t worry,” Kat replied calmly, “It isn’t mine, it’s theirs.” She said whilst pointing to nearby dead grunts. “Could you patch up my arm?” she asked while raising her left arm, which had now been even more severely cracked than before, because of the rough fight she had just finished.

“Of course.” Denise replied, as she began injecting the healing nano-machines. Her comrade immediately went over to take care of Katarina’s subordinates. “Are they the only two sur-“ Denise was cut off by Kat’s hand gesture, she immediately knew the answer, “This attack was a suicide run, at best.” She thought to herself.


Ian’s blades clashed with that of Testerran, though it was obvious that Testerran had the stronger weapon, because of this, Ian was forced to rely on parrying and dexterity more so than strength. He pressed off of Testerran’s blade, creating distance between them. Testerran quickly charged to close the gap, which was exactly what Ian was waiting for, in one powerful flap of his wings, Ian flew up above Testerran he turned his bodt horizontally and then flapped his right wing once more, causing him to spin powerfully downwards. With both of his blades outstretched, he cut a small line through Testerran’s back. As Ian landed, Testerran reacted by extending a fist from out of his back, in Ian’s direction, though it was quickly deflected by Ian bringing his reinforced left wing down in front of him. Ian jumped back making distance between his nemesis and himself once again, as Testerran simply repaired the insignificant injury that Ian had inflicted.

“You really think that one as weak as you could beat me, human?” Testerran laughed, “You can’t even get me to fight at full strength, hahahahaha,” Testerran’s gaze became stern, “and you even have my DNA...pathetic.” With that, Testerran slammed his palms against the ground, and a multitude of tentacles stormed in Ian’s direction.

“Don’t underestimate human resolve!” Ian shouted as he brought his wings down and began slashing with them, cut away at the tentacles that closed in on him. One tentacle suddenly pierced through his left wing, though he simply grinned. He cut the tentacle apart using his left arm, and then absorbed the tentacle into his wing. He jumped back, as his feathers rose perpendicularly to his wing. They then began to fire out at an intense speed, piercing straight through rock, and even cutting into Testerran’s armor, albeit barely. The feathers quickly reformed after his attack, just in time for him to use his wings to block a sudden fist coming at him from his side.

Before even fully repairing Ian’s minimal damage, Testerran was before him once more, swinging his right fist at full strength, though Ian quickly noticed the white powder which seemed to be implanted in his fist. “Shit!” Ian thought to himself as he quickly brought his wings to wrap around his body as a defensive layer. When Testerran’s fist connected with Ian’s wings, there was a loud explosion, as Ian was sent flying several meters, into the area where Mavis and Raziel were fighting their enemy.

Both Raziel and Mavis stared at the strange object which landed in front of them, before it unwrapped itself, and they were able to identify it as Ian, though his left leg had become completely mangled to the point that it was completely unrecognisable, though it quickly reshaped back into a normal leg.

“Ian!” Raziel shouted. He was surprised to see Ian in his full battle form; it was a rare and strange sight.

Ian turned to look at them for a moment, and then to their enemy who was pulling himself out of the rubble. Ian jumped back to group with his comrades, “So what’s he capable of?” he asked them.

“High strength, speed and regeneration.” Mavis replied, “It also seems capable of altering the speed of others.”

Testerran arrived thereafter, smashing through another building as he did so.

“Is that..?”

Ian nodded

“Mavis,” Ian began, “Can you hold Testerran off, whilst assisting us with blood strike?”

Mavis nodded, “I can’t let this strange feeling control me.” She thought to herself, “I’ll just have to over-compensate on everything.”

With that, Ian reformed his blade arms once more before stabbing both into a nearby body, covering them in blood. Mavis focused herself on the blood within Testerran’s body first, forcing the body to somewhat lock in place, though it was straining her focus heavily. Ian jumped back, landing his feet in Raziel’s hands, before Raziel launched him at full speed towards the other alpha, whom was just beginning to charge towards them. As a result of Raziel’s power, Ian pierced deeply into the alpha and with his momentum pinned it against the wall. With that Mavis turned her vision away from Testerran and towards their other target, “Crystallize.” She murmured to herself, as the blood around Ian’s blades crystallized. The blood within the alpha quickly followed, as its entire body became immovable, only its high speed regeneration keeping it alive.

Mavis returned her view to Testerran, just in time to notice that her grip on him had weakened, “Too slow!” Testerran shouted triumphantly, though the force of his strike was nullified by Raziel just barely in time. “What?!” Testerran questioned, surprised. Two barbed appendages came flying out from his sides, targeting Raziel.

Suddenly Ian appeared between them, reforming his foot into a hammer, he struck against Testerran’s right side, causing the alpha to be knocked in the other direction.

Mavis attempted to follow Testerran’s movements so that she could once again stop him.

“Mavis,” Raziel began, “Just focus on re-crystallizing the other’s blood. We’ll handle this one.”

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Character Portrait: Katarina Baines
Katarina Baines

A girl who barely escaped death, and refuses to remain weak.

Character Portrait: Ian Baines
Ian Baines

A father who has lost everything, and simply wishes to end the pain

Character Portrait: Mavis Gray
Mavis Gray

An enigmatic ghost among her peers, she has become apathetic towards most people. Her only desire is to rid the world of the Aliens and to be given peace in her final moments. Or so she says.

Character Portrait: Raziel

A bystander above anything else, but relentless when on duty, he will defend all of mankind with his body and prowess


Character Portrait: Katarina Baines
Katarina Baines

A girl who barely escaped death, and refuses to remain weak.

Character Portrait: Mavis Gray
Mavis Gray

An enigmatic ghost among her peers, she has become apathetic towards most people. Her only desire is to rid the world of the Aliens and to be given peace in her final moments. Or so she says.

Character Portrait: Raziel

A bystander above anything else, but relentless when on duty, he will defend all of mankind with his body and prowess

Character Portrait: Ian Baines
Ian Baines

A father who has lost everything, and simply wishes to end the pain

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Character Portrait: Mavis Gray
Mavis Gray

An enigmatic ghost among her peers, she has become apathetic towards most people. Her only desire is to rid the world of the Aliens and to be given peace in her final moments. Or so she says.

Character Portrait: Ian Baines
Ian Baines

A father who has lost everything, and simply wishes to end the pain

Character Portrait: Katarina Baines
Katarina Baines

A girl who barely escaped death, and refuses to remain weak.

Character Portrait: Raziel

A bystander above anything else, but relentless when on duty, he will defend all of mankind with his body and prowess

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