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Cydren: Psychosis.

Cydren: Psychosis.


The Valens Project... a nightmare... may God have mercy upon our souls.

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//As I feel it is necessary to properly set the mood… these best describe the mood I want.
Mood: Noises in the Dark.
Mood: A Closed Door. ... re=related
Mood. General Background.
Mood. Fight for Survival. ... re=related

Psychosis Rule. Due to the Fact I’m certain everyone who joins will die at least once instead of dying you’ll enter a state of Psychosis and wake up X posts before and a state of Deja Vu and a mental ailment based off your character. If your mental state falls to low you will become and abomination and should you die in this state you will be dead for good.

Colony Aderon. System… Classified.

The dimly lit detainment rooms were freezing cold… or was that just the chills that came from the horrors of the tests… though one had to assume it was the blood curdling screams of other subjects who had been driven mad. The white suited soldiers seemed apathetic to the cries of the people they dragged down to the dark machine. One could only wish this horrid place was but a nightmare… a nightmare they may wake up from. Though in the end no amount of wishing or rambling… not even madness could save you. For the machine focused one’s natural ability to create… empowered it and attempted to materialize their deepest fears. Though more often then not it simply sent its victims into a coma filled with nightmares… that could kill… the heart giving out when the body thought itself dead. Now how ever… success is heard as the remaining prisoners hear the alarms sound… the horrid sound of metal breaking and flesh subsiding to claws. One must escape their cells and find a way out of the massive laboratory… they must survive a reality of a twisted mind… a nightmare made real… a reality devoid of reality.

At most one can remember their own name… and one must be careful in the flickering light or face eternal twilight. One best stick together… for the twisting subterranean laboratories are immense and one will become lost easily enough. Besides nightmares one must be weary of combat drones and the remaining marines attempting to leave no evidence of this crime against humanity, leave no trace by any means necessary that is their only order… their only rule. Survive as long as you can… ammo and food is scarce… take it when you can.

The Project

The Valens Project

Level Classification Level 0.
Restricted only to direct affiliated Employees. Information Leaks will result in removal from position.

The Valens project, the ability to materialize one’s nightmares… turn the mind into a true weapon capable of untold power. It focuses upon a single machine once one is strapped into it their arms fully apart and their legs straight down. Here one is connected to the machine by a chip implanted at the back of the neck. The horrors it inflict are great and numerous but the rewards are planned to be magnificent… the power to conquer entire worlds with out losing a soldier… the power to destroy and control… my fellows… with this we shall once more take back our former glory… Cydren shall live… and our enemies shall die.

The Project goes smoothly… the machine seems to be working wonders… on one individual. Subject ‘Raven’ she has earned this name due to our first… success if you will… using her mind we have materialized a Raven… an actually… living, breathing raven… this spells great success…

Discrepancies in power fluctuations have resulted in the death of several patients… several cases of a continued state of psychosis seems to be occurring even after we kill the feed… we will be shutting down all testing until further notice.

The board has informed me of the mishaps at Black and Red Projects… we have received heavy reinforcements to ensure no mishaps occur.

We have started our testing protocol again… the read outs are phenomenal… we believe whatever has happened has pushed our work forward many months… we hope to have success in a few weeks.

This… will be my last log everything is gone so wrong… so, horribly wrong. Everyone… is dead the machine won’t respond… the Hephaestus are online… and I’m four miles underground with a fucking colony above us… if we can’t contain this… billions will die. I have sustained heavy injury but I believe if I can initiate the self destruct sequence I can stop this from spreading… I can only hope that I can reach it in time.

Cydren Head of Research, Eric Michel

Secondary Projects

Project: Hanna

The testing of a specialized interrogation drug that induces a endless amount of unbearable pain that can be stopped on a dime with the injection of the antidote… live human subjects have been sued to test the formula… the antidote has yet to be successfully worked out.

Project White Cross

Development of a new weaponized substance related to Phosphorous and has begun testing affectivity on human subjects who have lost their minds due to the Valens Project. Its still in early development but its ability as a WMD are astounding.

Commanding Officers
1st in Command. Colonel George Allen- MIA, was overseeing Project Valens.
2ed in Command. Lieutenant Commander Matris.
3rd in Command. Head of Research Erich Michel, MIA, was overseeing Project Valens.



Subjects, consumed by their nightmares, their bodies are twisted… their minds capable of manipulating this world now that they are one with the machine. These creatures can summon lesser nightmares in droves.

Visage of Insanity.

Entities of madness conjured from the minds of madmen as they fell into abominations they are powerful in the sense they can think… learn… lead… and even use weapons that are not the primative weapons of their fellow nightmares. Do not underestimate these Nightmares… their mental abilities far out weight that of a human.

Faceless Denial.

One can run… they can hide… but these black skinned monster spawned from denial will find them. Until they or it is dead. One will find these monsters of the most powerful of physical fiends… capable of crushing walls and rending men in twain.

Consuming Doubt

These are the spawns of doubt… one can not be sure what lays beneath their shadowed helms… and one can’t help but doubt whether they stand a chance against these creatures.

Suffocating Fear.

Monstrous skeletal creatures with four arms, they smell of rot and bring out bone chilling fear when present. While weak in physical strength they have a high levels of endurance and can not be killed unless the black orb is taken from their bodies… though be careful the longer your in their presence the harder it is to breath.//They do not have that face looking shoulder, so just ignore it.//

Impassioned Hunger

Creature spawned by thoughts of passion… a hunger for lust… or all things desirable.


Once guards and subjects twisted into abomination by doubt… can they ever be saved… can we survive… will we join them. //created when a Consuming Doubt kills someone.

Hell Hound.

Disturbances in mental functions, these monsters were spawned, when one had a dream of being chased by attack dogs… since then the visages have been turned into these blood thirsty monsters.

Blind Rage.
Monsters of insane anger, blind but still deadly they are nothing more then fire cocooned around a body of charcoal. Powerful against close combatants. Their fire consumes wood in seconds and metal in minuets.

Corrupted Thought.

These visages are only half conceived nothing more then tattered images played on their robes… weak but capable of passing through any object besides doors, walls, ceilings, and floors. These are most numerous but also the most pathetic of nightmares… still be warned of attacking them when alone… they swarm.

Cydren Forces

Cydren Security.

Moderately trained and will armed foot soldiers, these men were numerous but are now scattered attempting to survive the monsters that have risen. Equipped with light metal plate armor and helmets equipped with gasmasks and flashlights.

Cydren C.C.T.U.

Cydren’s Counter Terrorism Unit, while this is their official title to the public eye they are in fact simply Cydren’s elite special operations unit. Armed with the most advanced armor and weapons availible.

Cydren Shock Trooper.

Elite soldiers enhanced by cybernetic implants and steroids they are incredibly powerful when properly armed and can possibly take down an entire enemy base while its on full alert. Protected by power armor and nearly invincible from the front, the only weak point being the separated plates to allow proper movement for their backs.


These specialized combat drones are designed for purging viral outbreaks. They have become mass produced after the accidents at Red and Black Projects Colonies. They are armed with Plasma based ‘flame throwers’ and once activated with purge all life forms… and anything that moves. They are armed with a friend foe chip that prevents them from targeting another Hephaestus.

The Blitz Axt.

Cydren’s Most exclusive and elite armed forces. Joining the Blitz Axt is an excruciating testing and augmentation period…the fatality rate is fifty nine percent and out of those who survive only two percent will ever earn their places in the Blitz Axt… the rest will become shock troopers. They are WMDs and are not to be taken lightly their bodies recover at rapid speeds recovering from concussive blasts that would kill most in minutes they are stronger and more agile then Shock Troopers as well as the most elite and renown group in Cydren. Many of them have severe mental trauma from their training and due to them being in charge of the hardest and most deadly assignment’s Cydren has. They are armed with over a Billion dollars in Strength, Agility, Recover, and Survival Augments each and are protected by specialized suits of armor deigned to stop bullets dead in their tracks, it is susceptible to none metal weapons and blunt force weaponry.



Scrap/Mundane. Your average objects that would be found sitting around a complex. Get creative break some pipes chairs use tape and create your own weapons to combat the dark monsters that now travel the halls.

Cydren Issued.

Cydren Stun Baton. A thin metal retractable baton when drawn electricity crackles to life around it. This is an excellent weapon against living and nightmares, unfortunately its only a foot and a half long… so you’ll have to get close and personal. Water Proof.

Cydren Riot Stick. Large poles armed with a two pronged top. Capable of creating small electrical fields momentarily excellent for stopping a rushing horde of enemies and allowing time to gain some distance. These weapon is six feet long and will short circuit if it makes contact with water.

Cydren Riot Baton. These heavy set batons release bursts of electricity when they strike something more often then not sending the target reeling back several feet. This weapon is 2 feet long and will cause backlash if the user is not wearing rubber and the area is conductive.

Cydren Combat Knife. A High Tech combat knife armed with a titanium alloy blade and insulated handle. Its’ blade has a standard length of 16 inches and the tip has a charged edge for cutting through armor. Standard Issue CCTU and Blitz Axt.


Contraband. One might be able to find the contraband lockers where all personal possession found on admittance are stored, their may be some rather powerful weapons stored away.

Cydren Issued

ECR 42. Semi-Auto Combat rifle. Using a 40 round clip and firing low caliber charged rounds. Cydren Security main weapon, agents only carry two extra clips. Excellent against unarmored units or shields.
Laser Sight, Flashlight

EVO 2000. Full Auto SMG. Designed off the Mac 10 it has a standard foldable stock for increased accuracy. It has a 40 round clip and can be adjusted to fire an assortment of bullets. Easily the most preferred tactical weapon as its barrel can be adjusted to fire most standard bullets and even buck shot(Has to be loaded shell by shell) Security forces Alternative Primary, agents usually carry one extra clip.
Ranged Tazer attachment.(20 Foot reach)

ECS 21. Fully Automatic Shotgun. These weapon can hold up to seven shells and mainly fires buckshot, though can use any type of shell. Cydren Security alternative main weapon agents only carry fourteen shells total. Excelling against grouped and unarmored enemies.
Smoke Grenade Launcher.

Roosevelt Elite. Semi-Auto Hand Gun. Eight bullets in each clip and firing high caliber rounds. Cydren Security Secondary weapon, agents only carry one extra clip. Excellent against single armored or individual targets.

Johnson-Micro Anti-Tank Pistol. A large weapon that resembles a thicker barreled flare gun. This weapon fires a single 120MM anti-tank round and is not meant to be reloaded. It is armed with a specialized coil system which means this weapon has no kick on the first shot it fires… after that this weapon has enough kick to remove a human’s torso. Cydren Security Special Weapon.

ECR 67. Fully Automatic Combat Rifle. Using a 60 round clip and firing moderate caliber charged rounds. CCTU standard main weapon agents general carry two spare clips. Excels at taking down unarmored or shielded targets, this weapon is not made for extended firing and becomes highly inaccurate the long its firing.
10x Sight, Laser sight, Hornet’s Nest Grenade launcher.

Hyperion N79. A High Powered Semi-Auto Rifle. 15 round clips are charged for shield piercing potency. This weapon is made for quick firing accuracy in long and medium range. Alternative Standard issue of the CCTU. This weapon fires using a complex mechanism relying on has and coils to propel the bullets with alarming force… this weapon can pierce most armor and shields. Agents usually don’t carry extra clips with them.
10x/20x/100x Electronic Scope, factors in wind resistance, distance, and elemental conditions(rain/humidity/ect.)

ERS 11. Riot Shotgun(Think the circular clipped shotguns.). Using a thirty round clip and firing buckshot as standard. CCTU standard alternative main weapon it is unlikely to carry more then one extra clip.
Fiber Optic Cable(For checking beneath doors and around corners, Vitals scanner.

Raven AP Rifle. Heavy Sniper/Rifle. Single shot bolt action rifle firing powerful magnum rounds charged. Used only by veteran CCTU who carry a good twenty rounds at any time. These weapon is a anti everything, it unfortunately has a slow fire rate and tends to pierce walls and create more noise then most people want.
Psionic Shielding Unit(Prevents one’s mental waves from being detected by psions… though as there are no psions on this base… it defends against mind effecting nightmares.

CSR 100. A repeating/semi-auto revolver. Eight round chamber and firing high powered magnum rounds. CCTU standard secondary weapon agents are armed with twenty four rounds total. Excels at piercing through multiple enemies be they armored or not, weak against shielded units.

S&W 2080 Classic. Hammer action revolver. A powerful revolver that uses flat toped rounds to crush enemy armor that is designed to deflect piercing rounds… this weapon generally collapses armor causing the victim’s lungs to be crushed. 8 chamber revolver.
10x Scope. Recoil Damping Coils. Explosive Round Standard.

Johnson-Macro. A large heavy ballistic 200MM Ballistic Cannon. A Single shot shoulder mounted recoilless gun. This weapon while an anti-tank weapon it is also used to rip through enemy squads. CCTU special weapon. Agents carry 2 extra rounds.

Shock Cannon. Shock Cannon. Repeating Energy Cannon. Massive heavy weapons that can lay down suppressive fire that will cut through armor like it was nothing and leave unarmored targets flayed to the bone, does not affect shields. Standard weapon of Cydren Shock Troopers.

Ericson 9000. Shielding Device. A specialized weapon that fires specialized electronic orbs that project a plasma barrier for advances or retreats. Battery Life of 10 minutes. Single shot chamber, Agents carry six extra orbs. (A direct hit from one of its projectiles is lethal due to the force of the launching mechanism.

Blitz Missile Launcher. Hellfire Missile Launcher. Firing a burst of small but highly explosive missiles this weapon is more anti-infantry then anti-armor. Special weapon for Cydren Shock Troopers, agents only carry three Hellfire Missiles each of which break into sixteen when fired. Alternative munitions include napalm and shrapnel rounds.
Flood Light(Red)

Helios Purge Cannon. Quad Barreled Flamethrower. Quad barreled flamethrower that projects a long range flow of etictrified Thermite based fire. This weapon is made for wiping out infection and evidence against Cydren… its’ fires can reach above 2500 Degrees Celsius which means this weapon -must- be fired in bursts with long breaks in between or its’ barrels will melt.

Asp 362. SMG. 30 Round magazine fed SMG utilizing shrapnel rounds that break apart when their hit an enemy for increased internal bleeding. Often armed with a poison filled core or irritant to ensure one shot, one kill. Agents are issued six extra clips. Blitz Axt Primary weapon.
Silencer, ‘Duster’(Fires a stream of ‘dust’ to expose laser trip wires.), Grenade Launcher(20MM Grenade Launcher.

Zone Type 200. Energy Rifle. A high powered weapon that focuses a single burst of energy through a multitude of prisms designed to hyper focus it into a lethal frequency of energy. This weapon fires a single round per cartridge, the beam is roughly 3000 degrees Celsius and cuts through flesh and mass produced armor like a knife through butter… Alternative Primary for the Blitz Axt. Agents carry five cartridges total, this weapon is not to be loaded until being prepared to fire do to the fatality and damage risk of accidental discharge being to great.

The Holliday Draw. Magnum Revolver. Six round chambered recoilless revolver armed calibrated for perfect accuracy… this weapon will always hit where it’s sight is aimed at… which means the gun itself is no longer a verbal in the chance of missing. Each Bullet is custom tooled round with enough stopping power to halt an enraged bear with a round to the arm. Due to pure concussive force put behind each round ninety percent of victims die to the mass hemorrhaging and concussive trauma to the body rather then the bullet itself. (Requires regular maintained.) When firing this weapon always expect your target to die… this weapon is not made for non-lethal neutralizations. Agents carry 36 extra bullets. Secondary weapon of the Blitz Axt.

Character Sheet
(Remove the ( ) when making your Character Sheet.)


Position.(Subject, Doctor, Scientist, Cydren Military Unit. Abomination(Can’t start as one, subjects who go insane become these)






Eye Color:

Skin Color:

Hair Color:

Weapons: (No starting weapons for Subjects, update this as you gain/lose weapons.)

Psychological Description. (This is to describe their psychological state remember Subjects have been under harsh conditions and being subjected to a nightmarish machine. They most likely have developed some form of mental trauma.)

Fears: (This is very important for me to do my job… all humans have some form of fear and they are required to run the Psychosis rule.)

(The Fortitudes both Psychological and Physical will be used by me to determine whether something influence mental/physical trauma, whether you survive a mistake or die from it. I’m not going to nitpick these to much IG they’re more for my Gming then anything else… but I’ll step in if your going to far beyond your abilities like running up a wall and doing a flawless back flip with Pathetic agility… just use common sense and everything will work out fine.)

Psychological Fortitude.(The Strength of ones’ ability to maintain sanity from extreme stress and trauma. Pathetic, Weak, Low, Moderate, High, Strong, Powerful, and Steeled.)
Gore: (Ones ability to handle blood and gore.)
Horrors: (Ones ability to handle facing nightmares.)
Crimes against Humanity: (Ones ability to handle all things pertaining to testing that violates the basic sense of humanity.)
Betrayal: (Ones ability to handle betrayal.)
Tolerance: (Ones ability to handle pain on a mental level.)

Physical Fortitude. (The Strength of Ones’ ability to perform and survive physically.
Pathetic, Weak, Low, Moderate, High, Strong, Powerful, Olympic, Omni, Awe-inspiring, Nightmarish.(Omni through Nightmarish is only obtainable by Blitz Axt and Abominations.)
Endurance: (How much damage one can take before death and how much they can lift or carry.)
Stamina: (How much energy one has for moving and fighting.)
Strength: (How much power one can put behind a physical based attack.)
Agility: (How fast one can move as well as their mobility and flexibility.)
Tolerance: (How much pain one’s body can take before falling unconscious or dying from shock, enter a value for each.)
Perception: (Ones ability to notice details such as a slight crease in the wall that hides a passage… or that slight irregularity that might mean a lethal heat based energy beam.)
Reflex: (Ones natural ability to react to a stimuli…)

Focus. (This is one’s ability focus please make this diverse or everyone will die rather quickly. Things like Computers, Combat, Intelligence, ect… Jack of Trades is also acceptable which means your good at everything but can never be the best at anything. What you pick may be the difference between life and death)

Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

Taking place in...

Cydren Laboratories our primary setting

Sprawling dark corridors. One can easily get lost in this massive labyrinth of corridors and dead ends.

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As Gabriel remained vigilant prepared for whatever came through the door a new sound met his ears. The sound of something pounding on metal… it got nearer and nearer and more and more echoed as what ever was causing it seemed to multiple. It was then that one of the noises was over head… the metal air vent above acquiring a large set of outward dents as something traveled through it… stopping at the grate on the other side of the room. Soon it would break open four legged creatures with thick black fur desended a main of red and a tail alit with fire. There yellow eyes glowed in the darkness and a low snarl filled the room as the Hell Hounds made their way towards their prey… the patient… though one of the three began to rush Gabriel fangs opened to snap down on his throat.

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Gabriel Daniels

Gabriel’s mind raced as he heard the movement through the vents. “Shit, those can’t be subjects.” He turned quickly as the three creatures fell down from the ceiling. “Wolves?” he asked out of surprise as he laid eyes on the creatures which were illuminated in the dark by their tails. Then he saw the two of the three dart off into the back room, as the other began to rush him with its mouth open and ready to chomp down on him.

Reacting quickly, Gabriel knew that he would not have enough time to dodge the attack. He also knew that he would not be able to stop the beast’s charge. “Open mouth, scalpel in hand.” his mind reasoned through the only possible defense of the attack. As the beast charged, Gabriel quickly switched the scalpel into his left hand. Then, just before it hit him, he stuck his left hand into the maw of the beast with the head of the scalpel facing up. The beast hit him with full force, flinging the two of them a few feet back and into the wall.

Gabriel regained focus quickly. He was slumped against the wall and the hellish beast was apparently dead as it’s tail was no longer on fire. He pulled his left hand out of the jaws of the beast and inspected it. There was some tissue damage to his forearm and blood stained his white sleeve, but nothing serious. When the Beast had clamped down it’s jaws, the scalpel had been forced upward into the base of its skull and right into the section of the brain controlling motor function. The beast had in effect died instantly, loosing control of it’s muscles. Which was a lucky for Gabriel, otherwise he might be missing an arm now.

Pushing the dead beast off of him he got up quickly, there where still two more inside the office. Running quickly over to the door to the storage room he saw the curtains to his operating station thrashing violently. “Damn it.” He cursed in his mind, as he felt the mental sting of loosing a patient. Turning away from the doorway he tried to walk as swiftly and as quietly as he could over to the exit of the office.

He cupped his hands to the cold metal door and listened. It seemed to be quiet enough. As he opened the door he heard a swift *woosh* as a large metallic blade swung down in front of him and embedded itself in the floor with a screech. Gabriel jumped over the blade and out into the hallway as its giant wielder tried to pull the blade from the metal.

Landing in the middle of the hallway, Gabriel did a double take of the two directions. There seemed to be more creatures in both, and there was no way he had the agility to navigate them. The doors where all more than 5 feet away and the monsters were closing fast. Then he spotted his only apparent salvation, a gaping hole in the floor that was only a couple of steps away. He heard a loud screeching behind him and did not check to see that the giant had retrieved his weapon. He jumped for the opening. “It's ten feet, roll when you hit the ground, ten feet, roll when you hit the ground.” He told himself as he fell through the air.

He hit the ground hard, doing his best to roll out of the landing but not doing a very eloquent job as he felt a sharp pain in his ankle and ending up sprawled out on the floor. He then shambled quickly out of the light that was spilling down from the hole in the roof, pulling himself to his feet and began limping away from the possible avenue for his pursuers. He spotted a soft glow in the distance and two figures, one quite hulking and the other short and skinny. He pushed up his glasses, which now had a large crack in the left lens, squinted to get a better view of them.

They seemed to have a human enough gait. So Gabriel limped quickly and quietly as he could towards them, he didn’t want to alert anything that might be in the dark. As he got close to the two, he realized that they were defiantly human. When he was about ten feet away from them he called out in a soft tone. “Hey, over her. Are you two ok?” He made sure to ask a about their well being and keep a soft tone so that they would know he meant them no harm as he continued limping slowly toward them.

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#, as written by Hydrall
Lein Reznoph

Unnerved by the silence of the girl (whose name he had yet to learn), Lein continued down the hall. Now and then, he almost opened his mouth to say something, anything, to fill the silence, but didn't. Besides, it wasn't safe.

There wasn't much to see as they passed through the cellblocks. Here and there were corpses, but mostly the way was clear. Presumably the fighting had spread into other parts of the facility, or perhaps had ended altogether. No way to know, and the only thing they could do was get to the armory.

It had to be safe there. Had to be. He couldn't die, not here, not in the dark.

“Hey, over here. Are you two ok?”

The voice made Reznoph snap to attention and made the soldier step protectively in front of Kim. He drew back the buzz baton, partially to prepare to hit whatever was coming and partially so his artificial eyes could get a look into the darkness without the blue haze messing with them. He saw the shape of a human, probably a man, limping towards them. Something on his face was messing with the light- Probably goggles, or glasses. If it was a monster, it was the weediest one he'd ever seen. Reznoph could snap it in half.

Lein glared Gabriel's way, although the effect was somewhat reduced with his mechanical eyes. "Been better. Been way fucking better. How 'bout you step into the light with your hands up and any weapons you got out?" He lowered the baton slightly, in interests of a peaceful resolution, but kept it turned on, in interests of paranoia.

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Kim Stewart

Kim had to been silent the whole time with the man, edged in fear of the dark she was a bit close to him but not that much to provoke him. She was watching the light of the baton the whole time. Wondering, if she had made the right choice, her only weapon, her only light, with the strong man, it was yet another stress in her head to deal with. She was wondering to her self just where the monster was hiding this time. She knew it was stalking her, but she felt slight comfort as well as fear with the man, begin that he promised that he protect her. Could he defeat it, or... She remembered that there were other monsters now, all just as scary. Were they his friends? Was the monster just plotting with this monster buddies to get her? It seemed relevant enough in her corrupted mind thanks to the machine.

“Hey, over here. Are you two ok?”

For a moment she thought the monster was a back, then remembered that it didn't sound like that. This sounded, human... More importantly it asked if they were okay that must be good. Yet, the dark plays tricks, what if... She began to panic hiding behind her meat shield... I mean, large partner as he got ready for what ever was there. She too, got ready to dodge, or if he would be killed, run... Seeing on how the last monster was covered in black, they could all be around them, this could just be hiding in the dark and messing with them before ripping them apart like the guard before. She began to whine, and her breathing increased.

"Been better. Been way fucking better. How 'bout you step into the light with your hands up and any weapons you got out?"

This was it, was it human, or another monster tricking them? Kim could only wait and be on guard for what could be waiting in the dark. The dark...
"Remember what you said..." she whispered out, hoping that Lien would hear her and remember his promise of protection.

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Cydren Laboratories

Cydren Laboratories by TheRavenandThePawn

Sprawling dark corridors. One can easily get lost in this massive labyrinth of corridors and dead ends.

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Character Portrait: Jamie Matris
0 sightings Jamie Matris played by TheRavenandThePawn
Every things going to Hell...
Character Portrait: Seth Kesler
0 sightings Seth Kesler played by The Illusionist
"Sometimes all you can do is pray that when the smoke finally clears, you are there to see it."
Character Portrait: Fromme Brothers
0 sightings Fromme Brothers played by TheRavenandThePawn
They once were three... no one knows what happened to the third.

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Buy, sell, and even craft your own items in this universe.

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Character Portrait: Lein Reznoph
Character Portrait: Kim Stewart
Character Portrait: Mira Gray


Character Portrait: Mira Gray
Mira Gray

"Making a decision isn't the hard part, it is living with the consequences of the decision."

Character Portrait: Kim Stewart
Kim Stewart

"Do you see it? The monster... Hes looking at you."

Character Portrait: Lein Reznoph
Lein Reznoph

"I kill for the ones who took the pain away."


Character Portrait: Lein Reznoph
Lein Reznoph

"I kill for the ones who took the pain away."

Character Portrait: Kim Stewart
Kim Stewart

"Do you see it? The monster... Hes looking at you."

Character Portrait: Mira Gray
Mira Gray

"Making a decision isn't the hard part, it is living with the consequences of the decision."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Lein Reznoph
Lein Reznoph

"I kill for the ones who took the pain away."

Character Portrait: Mira Gray
Mira Gray

"Making a decision isn't the hard part, it is living with the consequences of the decision."

Character Portrait: Kim Stewart
Kim Stewart

"Do you see it? The monster... Hes looking at you."

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Cydren Laboratories

Cydren Laboratories by TheRavenandThePawn

Sprawling dark corridors. One can easily get lost in this massive labyrinth of corridors and dead ends.

Cydren Laboratories

Sprawling dark corridors. One can easily get lost in this massive labyrinth of corridors and dead ends.

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