Echo O'Field

The cat that has lived well to far for his nine lives.

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a character in “D. Gray Man: Innocence Tainted”, originally authored by AphoticDreams, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Echo O'Field
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Nationality:Unknown, however seems to have origins from the south east of Asia
Height: 5'8
Weight: 124 lbs.
Alignment: Black Preisthood
Design of Uniform: Echo wears no proper uniform due to his innocence, but still wears a crop top that ties at both sides and has no sleeve on one side and a leather strap on the other. He wears knee length shorts and mountain boots that stop at the ankle. He sometimes wears a exorsist coat.

Personality: Echo is a hyper, daring cat boy. Taking the phrase curiosity killed the cat in one ear and out the other, he darts in front of danger. He purrs and mews like a cat.
Likes: Fish. Food. Mice. Chasing his tail.
Dislikes: Dogs, judgmental people, teasing, Akuma.
Favorite Foods: Raw tuna, Raw samon, Mice, Brown rats, Cod, Haddock, Small birds.

Innocence type: Parastitic
Weapon type: The anti-akuma weapon Echo owns has changed him into a half-cat half-human being, and is is the form of his claws, ears, eyes and tail. However is layning in his tattos that lay on his face.
Weapon ability: Nine lives is a strange anti-akuma weapon in what it does. Nine lives isn't about resurrection or a second chance, no matter how much the name may suggest that, however it mainly falls upon Echo's cat-like fangs and sharp claws, if they are to dig into an Akuma, it will strike nine times- ultimatly destroying most level 1 and level 2 Akuma. However, this eats away at Echo's senses, rendering him almost useless once the innocence
Weapon Name: Nine Lives
Weapon Description: Nine lives is in the form of deep orange tattoos that lay under his eyes, the cat ears that replace human ears on top of his head, a long black cat tail, retractable claws and sharp fangs that lay hidden in his mouth.
- Attacks:
Many lives: Many lives is the ultimate version of nine lives, were any attack from Echo is replicated over seventy times in a single second.
No lives: The last resort, No lives utilises Echo's cat like reflexes and Many lives to create a barrier of scratches in a physical form, however this can only truely defend from a level 1 Akuma as a level two or three will be able to get past scratches in a matter of minutes.

Echo's past has never been a truely known thing as Echo refuses to talk about it. Echo was born with his innocence and was banished from his tribe due to being thought of as a demon. Echo ran through the villages of his three small islands being know as the devil's child and a thief. His disappearences and reappearences had earned him the name of Echo. His innocence activated for the first time when he was twelve, his tattoos spread across his body when multiple Akuma attacked him as he accidentally discovered the Akumas' location. The innocence possessed him and used Many lives, killing all the Akuma. He was suddenly heralded as a hero and was treated as an equal. He began to cover all 'demon' cases of the three islands he inhabinated, becoming well known. Echo was now known as the spirit of the Marbled Cats, due to his support and help of these endangered wild cats and how he used to live in forests much like the long tailed wild cats. At 14, Echo was found by Kanda and immediatly disliked him. Echo only spoke his native language at the time, so found it hard to even understand why the tall, dark eyed man was dragging him away from his home and tried to attack. He was knocked out and woke up in the European branch. He was taught English and became an Exorsist at 16.

So begins...

Echo O'Field's Story