Lavi Bookman Jr.

"Yo Aren! Did you get any shorter today?"

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a character in “D.Gray-man: The Echoing Shadows”, as played by Gintoki Sakata


Lavi Bookman Jr.

Age 19
Gender Male
Personality Lavi is very perky and exuberant. He is one of the friendlest people you can find. He pulls alot of pranks, and jokes around as well. However, he knows when to be serious in a fight, although he still jokes around sometimes. Lavi also holds a deep hatred for wars, as he was forced to witness many, with his becoming of a Bookman.
Likes Lavi enjoys pulling pranks, flirting, beautiful girls, destroying Akuma, calling Bookman and old panda, pissing off Kanda by calling him Yu, and showing off.
Dislikes Bookman nagging him, intense manual labor, wars, the Earl and Akuma.
Innocence Type Equipment
Innocence Form Lavi possesses a minature hammer figurine, that he carries around on his belt buckle. He is able to manipulate it's size by saying "grow" or "shrink". The weight of the hammer never changes no matter how big it gets. He is also able to use his hammer as a form a transportation, by sitting on the pole while extending and curving it. With this hammer, Lavi has a variety of seals at his disposal. However, only several have ever been revealed.

Revealed seals: 火(fire)-This seal allows Lavi to manipulate fire from a stamp or seal he slams into the ground with his hammer. The level 1 version creates a column of fire that appears as a snakes made up of only flames. The level 2 version is an upgrade of this, and emiates 2 or more fire snakes. Another aspect of the level 2 version, would be the fire seal growing about 4 times it's size and blowing a huge column of flame into the air, incenerating anything within it's confined space.
木(wood)-This seal allows Lavi to manipulate nature an any way he chooses. He can even change the climate, if he wants.
天(heaven)- This seal generates lightning that Lavi can harvest and strike at his opponent with. It can also be combined with his fire seal to create a flame dragon, that has a string of lightning sparking all around it.
Unrevieled Seals: æ°´(water)
光 (light}

Synchronization Rate 81%
Weaknesses:. Lavi has a big weakness against women. He absolutely refuses to fight them, and can also be distracted in combat. Another would be that he is completely willing to throw himself in front of an attack to protect others.
Strengths: As a bookman Lavi holds a wide variety of knowledge, and is able to utilize his mind's eye, or his 6th sense.
Other Do not fall asleep. He will draw on your face if you do.

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