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Danriel Thanamor

An Elf Sorcerer

0 · 320 views · located in Blacksmith Fergus

a character in “Daertalmos Online”, as played by AshtKerr



Name: Danriel ThanamorImage

Age: 53 But he looks 28

Gender: Male

Level: 15 (Beta Tester)

Race/Tribe: Elf

Class: Sorcerer

Job: Artisan

Health Points [HP] - 360
Stamina Points [SP] - 360
Experience [EXP] - 20, 862 (15) [To Level Up: 2192]
Vitality [VIT] - 18 (Base 16 +2 from Golden Earrings)
Energy [ENG] - 18 (Base 16 +2 from Golden Earrings)
Strength [STR] - 1 (Base 1)
Endurance [END] - 11 (Base 9 +1 from Leather Vambraces +1 from Leather Pants)
Agility [AGI]- 29 (Base 21 +3 from Leather Vambraces +2 from Leather Pants +3 from Leather Boots)
Intelligence [INT] - 26 (Base 21 +5 from Silk Robes)
Wisdom [WIS] - 29 (Base 21 +4 from Fire Tome +4 from Silk Robes)
Dexterity [DEX] - 1 (Base 1)
Affinity [AFF] - 9 (Base 9)
Luck/Fate [LCK] - 15 (Base 15*)
Racial Skill - In Tune With Nature - The ability to analyze ones surroundings using clues provided by nature.
Personal Skill - Fire Resistant - Takes 1/2 damage from Fire attacks.

Personality: Proud and noble; Danriel sees it as a condescension of his very nature to roam with being less pure than himself, such as the humans or the Duinehithe. However, he will do what he must if awkward situations arise.

Description: Standing at about 5"11' and with 160lbs, Danriel is an elf sorcerer who specializes in the use of fire magic. His yellow eyes are framed by his brown hair, his pointed ears are pierced with golden hoops. He is lean and buff and is capable of fighting hand to hand, though will rarely do so.

From the bottom up he has on a pair of brown, leather boots; brown, leather pants; and he wears a grey, cotton tunic. Atop his tunic he has a golden, linen long vest that is kept together by a brown, leather belt with a gold buckle. Atop his shoulders he has a pair of red, leather pauldrons. Lastly, on his forearms he has a pair of red, leather vambraces.

Writing Sample: As Danriel walks through the forest, the morning dew is still on the grass and the morning light is dancing off it. He tries to keep his steps light to keep intruders from knowing his whereabouts but a stray twig ends up making a crunch sound as he tried to step gingerly. He pauses, trying to stay still to hear any background noises. All he hears is the sounds of birds calling one another and the slight breeze that's blowing through the trees. Comfortable that He's alone, he takes another step. That was a mistake.

He hears the arrows coming before he sees them, and he is able to dodge them with his keen reflexes by somersaulting forward. He turns around and looks for the assailant but the forest is devoid of visible human life. He listens again, thinking that he may have missed something and he goes through every sound one by one. Each bird call, each coo, each gust of wind moving between the branches. To him it becomes a beautiful song with everything singing in a glorious, natural harmony. Then, a single note of discord, it sounded like a bird call, and it was a convincing bird call, but it wasn't in harmony with everything else. It was out of place.

Danriel looks to where he heard the sound from and lo and behold, there was a person concealed in the foliage. They were trying to get closer and they were doing a swell job. But, the bird call to disguise his more noticeable movements had been his downfall. Danriel gets ready a blast of fire energy, building it up using his breathing, and then he sends it in two bursts. One to where the assailant is now, and the other to where Danriel predicts the assailant will move to if he dodges. And Danriel is right, the assailant leaps out of the way of the first fireball only to be struck by the second. The sound of his scream fills the forest.

My Favorite Videogame: Final Fantasy X.

[be]Hexcode:[/b] #076625

So begins...

Danriel Thanamor's Story


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Danriel Thanamor is stalking a hunt for his quest, a level 14 beast with a vicious bite. He is stalking it through the jungle and being careful not to step on any thing has he walks and listens to the beast. He has been stalking it for about five minutes and he now has a visual on it. But it's not right to just attack, for a sorcerer, directly challenging an enemy rarely turns out well. He is squishy after all. As Danriel is creeping up behind the beast there appears to be some lag and everything freezes.

You have got to be flipping kidding me! He thinks to himself as he is frozen in spot.

=Event Announcement=
You will be transported to the Heart of Faclarebal in 15 seconds.

"That's weird." He says as he furrows his brow. "What is going on?"

Danriel merely waits paitently for the 15 seconds to pass. When it does he finds himself in Faclarebal, surrounded by surprising few players, and suddenly there is a bright flash and a voice rings out. "Children of Ait Naofa" Danriel looks at the source of the voice and sees a hologram who proceeds to tell them that they are needed to defeat this evil god named Vyrlo, and that the stakes are either victory on one hand, or death in real life on the other. "This is serious." He says to himself amidst the din of the cacophonous crowd.

"It might be best practice to find some people to get through this together. Though, I shudder at the thought or working with races below me. For such high stakes, such as real world death, we ought to find a way together."


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Danriel Thanamor had decided that he was tired of waiting as the thinning crowd meant less people to team with. He'll just play as normal until he met people that he'd like to work with, which would be other elves. Danriel smiled to himself as he began walking in the direction of the blacksmith. He needed to get some shopping done anyway, so since he was in town he might as well get it done.

As he is walking he tries to check if it's true that he's really stuck. He opens the menu and sure enough, there's no log out button. That's disconcerting. He thinks to himself as he continues to take steps. Then, just out of curiosity he checks his quest log and finds that it has been erased. "That glitch erased my quest log!" he declared in rage.

He grits his teeth as he looks for another quest to take on before leaving the city. It isn't long (especially in Faclarebal) before he finds an NPC giving out quests. Danriel walks up and speaks to the NPC.

"Hey, what kind of quests do you have for me today?"

"I'm trying to cook something for my wife but I don't have the right ingredients. Could you go to the Dark Bale Forest and get me [5 Edible Pollens] [2 Earthly Tracies] and [2 Firmament Essences] please?"

"Definitely, I will see you when I get back! And then he leaves for the blacksmith.

The setting changes from Faclarebal to Blacksmith Fergus

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Danriel walks into the blacksmith's shop and the bell rings alerting Fergus to his presence.

"Hello, what can I get for you today."

"I was planning on coming shopping today. Could I get the [Fire Tome] for 386 Silver?"

"Aye, you can."

Fergus goes and wanders through the shop with purpose when he finds the stacks of spell books. He looks through it and finds a [Fire Tome] very quickly, Fergus takes it out and Danriel give him the money. They exchange pleasantries while Danriel takes out his [Weapon Wis Rune] and gives the [Fire Tome] a +4 to Wis. Then, Danriel leave, on his way to the Armour Shop.