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"If this world is my new home, I suppose I should make the best of it."

0 · 295 views · located in Bale Forest (Levels 1-8)

a character in “Daertalmos Online”, as played by Lyx


Name: Munio | Latin for to fortify, defend, protect
Age: In game age is 21
Gender: Male
Race/Tribe: Duneil
Class: Mage
Job: Fisher
Job Level: 1
Curious | Focused | Level-headed | Awkward
Munio is driven by a need to understand the world around him. In the real world this manifested as paying close attention to his surroundings, asking questions of those he trusted, and looking things up on the internet. Now, stuck in the world of Daertalmos Online, he is surrounded by strangers, and to be honest this freaks him out a little. While there is no one he has prior experience with, he is willing to try to find people who can aid him. Unfortunately for him, his means of recruiting such people (dare he hope for friends?) are a little... different from the norm. He can be indifferent to the interests of other people, often asking questions about the things that concern him. This can lead others to write him off as uncaring and selfish. In reality he does care, but he expects other people to voice their concerns. He is not too great at reading body language, so if something isn't outright said to him, he will likely miss it.

These quirks to him may make other people want to avoid him, but if they choose to interact with him, they'll find a loyal companion. Honest and steadfast, Munio is always there to be the shoulder people lean on or provide his frank opinion. They just have to ask for it. With people he trusts he will ask questions of them and be more open about his caring. Level-headed in most situations, Munio will provide help to those who ask it of him. He views that if someone asks him to help them it is a sign of trust, and when he asks someone to help him it is a sign of his trust as well. He keeps a clear head in battles, assessing little details and focusing on how to make a successful fight.

Description: Munio stands at six feet and seven inches in height. The skin of the main parts of his body is pale grey-blue and the skin of his forearms, lower legs, and the tip of his long tail is dark, earthy brown. The mane covering his long neck and the fringe of hair on his tail is a slightly lighter shade of brown than the brown of parts of his skin. His horns are short and stubby, often covered by the parts of his mane that cover the top of his head. His bird-like feet are equipped with sharp talons. However, the difference between his feet and that of the other races tends to make finding suitable armor harder. His eyes are cyan in color and take up a larger portion of his face than the eyes of a human would.

As far as clothing and armor goes he wears light armor as suitable for his class. His shirt is dark green and his pants are a shade of chocolate brown. As it is difficult to find shoes (or maybe impossible, perhaps the Duneil just plain don't wear shoes?) for the feet of a Duneil as they are a rarer race he currently has soles of his feet wrapped up in strips of cloth. His clothing is loose and light, designed to be easy to move around quietly in. He carries a large pack with him that holds his extra items. For a weapon he has a solid oak staff tipped with steel at both ends.

Level- 1
EXP - 0
HP - 100
SP - 100
P. Attack - Rank E
M. Attack -Rank D
P. Defense - Rank E
M. Defense - Rank D
VIT - 10 points, Rank E
ENG 10 points, Rank E
STR - 1 point, Rank E
END - 1 point, Rank E
AGI - 15 points, Rank D
INT - 15 points, Rank D
WIS -15 points, Rank D
DEX - 1 point, Rank E
AFF - 2 points, Rank E
LCK - 5 points, Rank E

Racial Skill - Truth in Lies Note: Munio chose this racial ability to help cover his weakness in the realm of understanding people
Personal Skill - Recovery - Details: Characters with the Recovery personal skill recover from status effects such as bleeding, disease, poison, crippling, blinds, etc. faster than normal.

Class Spells
Aura Pulse - Spell Details: Aura pulse is a beginner mage spell that has a pretty low cooldown and SP cost. It is one of the two autoattack spells a mage can choose from at the beginning. While the other autoattack spell simply does damage, Aura Pulse slightly weakens the target's defense and magic defense to a maximum of three stacks at the cost of doing less initial damage.

Energy Transfer - Spell details: One of the most basic principals in nature is the transfer of energy. As mages are both healers and users of natural magics, they have the opportunity to select the spell Energy Transfer. This spell allows mages to take HP and SP from one target (including themselves) and transfer it to another target (including themselves). Designed to give the offensively weak mage a fighting option, this spell still sticks true to the healing nature of mages. 15 stat points are required in both INT and WIS in order to unlock this skill, so it is possible to have it at the beginning, but a player must be committed to being a magic user in order to do it.

Writing Sample:
The time it took for the game to download had produced an unnecessary amount of anxiety. He wanted to play the game his brother, Evan, had been chosen to beta test and encouraged him to buy as well. As he wasn't a hard core gamer like his brother, he hadn't bothered with coughing up the chunk of cash for a VR system and the game itself. But when Evan said that he would use his influence as a beta tester to get him the system and game for a discount price, he accepted. After all, it would be nice to spend time with Evan doing something he enjoyed. It just took so dang long to get ready!

A light flashed from the console and the words Download Complete appeared on the computer screen. He smiled, glad to finally be able to play. Putting the headset on, he laid down in his bed and activated the game. There was a chance that Evan, who was sleeping after a long day of work, would be upset that he was starting the game without him, but he was tired of waiting. Evan was already far ahead of him anyways, with his level 17 Human Heavyblade.

When he turned on the headset and listened to the intro he was partly preoccupied by the strange sense of disembodiment. How did the game developers manage to take away the sensation of touch? The story of the world's lore ended and he was whisked to a character creation screen, the first question being whether he wanted his character to be male or female. He picked male, obviously. He wasn't one of those weird guys who chose female characters. Next was the race. One of the races, the Duneil, surprised him. According to what he was seeing the Duneil were a rarer race that not everyone was able to play. Evan probably got him the opportunity to play as one. If he had a sense of his mouth he would have grinned. He would have to thank his brother when he woke up. Selecting the Duneil race, as he couldn't ignore Evan's gift, he customized his character with the surprisingly diverse options. When he was finished he felt his consciousness move inside his character. He took the name of Mundio, ready to adventure in this new world.

So begins...

Munio's Story


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#, as written by Lyx

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The first thing that hit Munio upon coming to this new world was him was the amount of people. People talking, laughing, swinging weapons, walking, and countless other things people would do in this new world or any world. He stood still, taking the humans, elves, duinehithe, and relatively few duneil like him into account. In hindsight, he should have expected this. Daertalmos Online was the best-selling game of the year, so it made sense that so many people were playing it. The chaos threatened to overwhelm him for a moment, but he took a deep breath through his mouth and mastered the unrest he felt. There. He may not still like all the noise and bustle, but he could tolerate it.

Anxiety quelled, he took a step forward and fell into another problem quite literally, for he fell face first onto the street he was standing in. Someone laughed at his fall and said, “Newbie, huh?” Munio looked up into the grinning face of a Cusidheach Duine, who was holding a hand out to him. “Everyone starts with some of that, especially if your body is quite different from your real body.”

Nodding, Munio took the hand of the Duine – yes, he reassured himself, he could lift his arm – and heaved himself up. ”Thank you,” he said. He held the Duine’s hand for a tad longer than necessary, marveling at the solidness and texture of it. When he noticed the Duine looking at him, he dropped his hand. ”S-sorry. I just thought your hand was cool. I mean not what I expected. I mean, a hand’s a hand, but in a virtual re-“ Munio cut himself off and took another deep breath. Man, he must be more shaken than he thought he was with this new situation. Trying again, he said, ”I didn’t expect this to be so real.”

The Duine chuckled. “Yeah, it’s pretty awesome, isn’t it? So glad I got to beta test this game. Well, see you around.” With that he left.

Munio took the next couple minutes getting used to his new body. First he tried to master walking, which was more difficult than he expected. Duneils had feet that seemed to be a cross between that between a chicken’s and a hawk’s, which he had known about, but they also had backwards knees like a bird. He was starting to get comfortable with walking, and decided to try to jump. He leapt into the air, leaving the ground by what seemed to be a higher height than he had ever jumped in than in reality. Then he floated, as if his body had forgotten to go be to the ground. Curious, he tried to take a step, but found that he couldn’t move at all. He was so perplexed by this apparent glitch that at first he didn’t notice that other people were paused as well.

Then the noise started. It was static-y at first, a comforting white noise compared to the menagerie of sounds that had been going on moments before. As it progressed it various strands of sound mutated and became syncopated and cacophonic, and loud, louder, far too loud. Then grey static – Bugfights, that’s what Evan calls it, right? – rained from the sky, oozing over and swallowing up everything.

-Event Announcement
You will now be transported to the Hear of Faclarebal in 15 seconds.

As the static consumed his body, all Munio could think was Are all events announced like this?

Then, as if nothing had happened, Munio found himself on his feet, albeit in a different location and with surprisingly less people than he would have expected for an event. Then a glowing light starting dancing above them all and it exploded into a green-haired woman. Was this Nantos? One of the game’s goddesses?

"Children of Ait Naofa. My dears, I hate to call upon you, however we are in need. Ait Naofa has been attacked and the mother to you all, has been taken from us. Those of us left in Ait Naofa are struggling to hold back the evil. It is time for you to put aside differences and help us. You chosen few have been bound to this system. If you die here, you will be brought back and sent to a safe location. You will feel the pain of this death, but will not die. I have activated the headgear so that even if removed, your conscious will stay here. The only exception to this is those of you who face Vyrlo and his monsters. Somehow, he has modified the system and can kill you, along with your real body."

Munio flattened his ears against his skull, an action more subconscious than conscious. Bound to the system? Didn’t Nantos know she was a character in a game who wasn’t supposed to look beyond the flippin’ fourth wall? Apparently not, because when Munio checked the game’s menu the log out button was missing.

"My time is running out and I must leave you. Other from Ait Naofa will try to help those who are willing to assist us. We are under attack! Children of Ait Naofa, please help us!"

With that, Nantos vanished in another burst of light, leaving the stunned crowd of trapped players. Munio stared blankly at the place the goddess had been. He was stuck in this game. For some people, he guessed, this would be a good thing. There were probably gamers who would love the excuse to lose themselves. While Munio enjoyed videogames, he wasn’t a fanatic like his brother, and getting stuck in one definitely wasn’t in his life goals.

But what could he do? There wasn’t any quick way to get out of the game, so he had to search for one. Searching would likely take a while, for he had to level up and explore. And what if, god forbid, he had fun while doing this? He may not want to be stuck in a game, but he definitely could accept it. If he accepted it as a fixable problem, he could figure out a solution. Discovering solutions to problems had always been entertaining, and now he was in a problem that was designed (at least somewhat) to be fun. In any case, he had a choice. He could sit around and ask why me all day or he could actually do something.

He chose to do something. He turned and walked out of the heart. The noise and lamenting of all the people was starting to get at him, so he needed somewhere quieter to think. Still, though, it would be good to have a companion of some sort. It wasn’t called a multi-player game for no reason. He saw a pink haired Caith Duine ahead of him, walking the same way he was. He caught up to her and called out (very eloquently, mind you), “Hey… uh… do you want to team up?”

The setting changes from Faclarebal to Daertalmos


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[[Disregard this post!!]]

The setting changes from Daertalmos to Bale Forest (Levels 1-8)

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Level: 1EXP: 0/42
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The city seemed somewhat deserted with more than half of its population gone. NPCs were the only ones left with a smile, but even their smiles seemed dulled and forced. Some players were so traumatized by the news, they tried to commit suicide. Of coarse, they simply respawned because it was not an attack from Vyrlo or his minions. Other players were in denial and suppressed the panic they felt. Then, there was the players who rejoiced at the news.

Kissa strolled down the street with a smirk on her face as she headed towards the Bale Forest. Her neko ears were perked up and she nearly skipped with each step. Indeed, the news of being trapped in the game was shocking, however it was far from devastating. In fact, Kissa was rather happy about the news. Life before had been pointless and mundane. However, now she had a reason to live; an objective in her life other than earning enough money to pay the bills. Any fear she should have felt was overshadowed by the ecstatic thoughts of her first mission. She wondered what monsters she might face, and how many it would take to level up. It wasn’t long before she was in the outer ring and nearly to the entrance to the Bale Forest.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a sudden voice, from a player she hadn’t heard approaching. Instincts took over. Swiftly, she turned on her heel and brought her fists up, ready for an attack. She knew the town was a safe zone, but maybe when you are close to an exist another player could still attack. For all she knew, the invasion on the system could have deleted the safe zone rules, leaving no one in the world safe. With all the chaos that had just transpired, she was on her toes and ready for anything.

“Hey… uh… do you want to team up?”

It took a moment for her brain to process the question. Golden eyes stared incredulously at the player for a moment more before she let her guard down. According to the player-card he was the same level she was, however she couldn’t shake the feeling of intimidation. He stood nearly 8 feet tall, while she was only 5 and a half feet tall. The design of the Duneil was odd enough to cause apprehension in most. Gazing up at his face, she examined his features. Despite being tall, eagle taloned, and multi toned, he didn’t appear like a villain. In fact, Kissa could smell the scent of earth and flowers on him, as if it was built into his character design. Though, Duneil were creatures created by Vyrlo. Could he, or any of them, be trusted? There was no immediate answer to any of her questions and only time would tell. With that thought, she begrudgingly decided to answer his question.

“Sure.” It was simple, to the point. Once in the field, she would try to engage in conversation. Maybe the Duneil would slip up and reveal his true intentions. Shrugging her shoulders, Kissa turned and pointed to an NPC knight, just outside the city. “He gives quests.” The words were monotone as she spoke them, and she tried to conceal any indication she was still on guard. Without looking to see if he was following, she headed over to the knight. Compared to a regular knight, this one seemed so low in rank, we was nothing more then an errand boy.

“Oh good! I have been looking for someone to help me! I can’t leave my post but the damn slimes have ransacked the area and now our supplies are everywhere! Is there any chance you can help me? I see you have a friend, so maybe between the two of you you could kill 10 slimes and collect 5 Supply boxes?”

There was a small window that allowed for the player to select ’yes’ or ’no’. After tapping ’yes’, making the box disappear. “You catch all that?” She asked, glancing over her shoulder to gaze at him once again. His posture hadn’t really changed and didn’t indicate anything malicious. With no signs of being threatened, she started to wonder if she was just being hateful. Was it the sheer appearance he had to bring about this worry? No, even if he were a human or any other race, she knew she would not be able to trust them in times like these. Nevertheless, his large cyan eyes,slits for a nose, and horns did not make things easier. More than his appearance was the history of the Duneil. If the gods could go as far as to trap players, could they alter personalities of certain players who chose Duneil as their race?

When the Caithe Duine paused for a moment after Munio’s question his tail twitched nervously. Did he pick a bad person to ask? Or was it weird to randomly ask a stranger to work together? It wasn’t in other games, but were VR games different? Then the Duine responded positively and Munio couldn’t help the relieved grin that twitched onto his face. He followed his new companion to the quest-giving knight and listened as he explained the quest. When the Duine - the sign over her head declared her as Kissa, so he should start thinking of her as such - turned to him he pushed the Yes button as well. Step one of finding his way around this new world, complete. But what now? He didn’t even know what class Kissa was. Would she want him to support her or was she another mage? Well, all he could do was ask. “My class is a mage,” he said. “If we make a party I can heal you. I do have an attack spell too, so I can fight as well. What do you want to do?”

Kissa stood with a rather blank expression on her face.This could be a trap. She thought to herself, scanning his facial features once again. However, he didn’t seem to hold any malcontent or devious plans. If he was planning something, he was damn good at hiding it. She sighed and nodded. “That’s a good idea. I’m a Knuckler by the way.” She smirked while bringing up her fist, clad in leather gloves with small bronze spikes on them. They were far from intimidating, it was her only weapon, as of right now. “Alright, so I guess you will be my support?” She asked, turning back towards the entrance and entering the forest. The slimes clustered together only a few feet away from the stone path of the city. Taking a deep breath, she flexed her fingers. I can’t get hit. I wont show weakness in front of this guy! Don’t get hit! It suddenly crossed her mind that she didn’t know his name. Of coarse, she could just click his player-card again and look, but that wasn’t much fun. “I’m Kissa of the Fel Forest.” She stated, though it could have sounded like boasting to some. Her player-card wouldn’t show the title, since it was self proclaimed, but to her, it was a part of her. A part of who her character.

When Kissa paused again, staring at him intently, anxiety crowded back into his mind. He had to be doing something wrong. Then she agreed and told him her class, relieving the tension that was building up. Munio nodded and followed her into the forest. Slimes oozed all over debris and trees. They didn’t look too threatening, but he had to remember he was the same level they were. He opened up his menu and equipped his staff. How embarrassing it would be to go into his first fight without his weapon equipped! “Nice to meet you, Kissa,” he responded to the Duine’s introduction. “I’m Munio.” He hadn’t thought about giving himself a fancy title. Hopefully that wouldn’t make him weird. “Thanks for grouping with me,” he blurted. He remembered to send her a party invite after he said that, of course. He sent the invite, ears flat to his skull with embarrassment. “Ready?”

She bowed her head slightly to him. He seemed harmless enough and Munio didn’t really sound like the name of someone evil. Then again, most villains didn’t have evil names in games like these. They had pretty common names or names that meant something good. She pushed the thoughts to the side when the little message box came up, asking if she wished to join Munio’s party. After tapping the yes option, she gazed at him, just as he spoke again. Grouping? Who even says that? Oh gods, is he a newbie to gaming? Despite these thoughts, she held a small smile on her face and prepared for battle. Encountering another player had made her forget how exciting her first mission was going to be. “Yeah, I’ll go in first” she offered. Clicking around on the various slimes, she found a level 2 slime. Three hits should do it…Maybe four. She wondered, hoping to avoid getting hit herself. “You better not blast me Mage.” She warned before drawing back her fist and hitting a slime as hard as she could.
The pink slime tumbled across the grass, taken by surprise. However, it was quick to target understand it was now in battle and target Kissa. That was the only thing it was quick at. It hopped slower than a turtle back back over to her. It was almost kind of sad how slow it it traveled. Kissa snickered at the sight, readying her second attack. That was when everything went wrong and she lost focus.
While moving her fist up to attack again, she noticed a blob of pink jello like slime stuck to her knuckles. “Oh GOD! GET IT OFF!” She screamed, flailing her hands as far from her body as she could. “That’s disgusting!” She cried, jumping back from the slime’s headbutt attack. “HEY!” She screamed at Munio, her ears folded flat like an angry cat’s. “A little help!” She yelled, dodging another attack from the slime. She knew she couldn’t dodge forever, but the thought of hitting the blob again made her skin crawl.

Munio stepped forward to follow Kissa, only to misjudge his new body, falling to the ground again. When he recovered he saw his teammate freaking out about something. Was that a piece of slime attached to her hand? Didn’t it stand to reason if you punched something gooey and sticky some of it would stick to you? Confused by the extreme reaction, Munio blinked, trying to understand. He shook his head. Now wasn’t the time to analyze the odd reactions of his teammate. It was time to help her. Carefully he circled behind the slime, not wanting to trip again. Pointing his staff at the slime, he cast his Aura Pulse spell. The blast hit the slime in the center, sending a spray of pink goo everywhere. He leapt towards the slime with the intent of slamming it with his staff, but he misjudged the distance and the strength of his new body. He landed feet first in the slime, stuck and unable to get out of the sticky blob. Instead of panicking, he raked at the slime’s insides with his sharp-taloned toes. While this did considerably less damage than hitting the slime with a spell or weapon would, the system still counted it as an attack, and he managed to get the slime to release him. Now, however, the slime targeted him. It bounced towards Munio, who found his feet sticking to the ground from the slime goo that was still stuck to him. It headbutted him in the torso, causing an unexpected amount of pain for something so squishy.

The slime continued its attempts to headbutt Kissa, which she continued to dodge. The creature was slow after all. A thump caught her attention, and she moved her eyes from the slime to Munio for a split second. She couldn’t think of what made him fall, but would ask later. Instead she decided to try and attack the slime again. If he was down, she was the only defense. Summoning courage, she prepared to make contact with the slime again, hoping it would kill it, even though she knew it was very unlikely due to her level. She closed her eyes and took a deep calming breath. I can do this! Leaning down, she thrusted her fist towards the slime.
A blast of slime goo sprayed her from head to toe. Though it had no paralyzing effects, the Caith Duine stood stunned. The sticky jelly like substance against her skin sent a chill down her spine, making her hair stand up. Cautiously, she opened her eyes. This somehow made things worse. Particles of the slime slid down her arms and legs, collecting in the top of her boots and gloves. Her mouth opened but all that was uttered was a tiny screech like squeak. Her neko ears went flat against her head and panic started to fill her. Rapidly, her chest rose and fell and it almost appeared she was hyperventilating. What if this stuff doesn’t come off? Where is a bath house to even get clean Her mind screamed, repulsed at the idea of having to wear the grotesque particles for long.
Panic was shifted to rage in a fraction of a second. Her eyes scanned the slime cluster for the one they had been attacking. It wasn’t until Munio was being attacked by the monster that she found it. “Hell no! He is my kill!” She screamed in furry, darting over to the damaged slime. With all her anger fueling her might, she hit the slime. New goo stuck to her gloves, but rage instigate the continuous assault. “I hate you!” With each screeching word, there was another punch thrown. The monster froze for a second before bursting into pixelated crystals and dissipating. This did not stop Kissa though. She continued to punch the ground a few times where the slime had been, though there was no trace of him now. When he disappeared, he took all particles that had been knocked off. Due to her anger, it took Kissa a moment to realize that she was no longer covered in slime. When she finally did, her actions paused. She stood up right and gazed at Munio with her brows furrowed. “What the hell was that?!” She demanded in fury. People in the second ring of town could probably hear her screams. “You blasted me with that-” Her voice cut out, another shiver of disgust assaulting her spine. “That stuff..” She cringed at the thought of it touching her again.

Over each of the players the amount of EXP gained was displayed. 51 EXP ; 32 Copper for Munio. And a whopping 38 EXP ; 19 Copper for Kissa.

Munio caught his breath and raised his staff to block the slime’s next attack. Dang sticky slime goo! Then Kissa lunged at the slime, yelling something angry-sounding. Was he doing something wrong? Kissa had yelled at him to help her. He watched as the Duine punched the slime into a bunch of crystals, then punch the ground where the slime was moments before. Munio lifted his feet experimentally and to his delight found that the slime goo adhering his feet to the ground was gone. At Kissa’s screams he clenched his teeth. He was only helping her! He was about to protest when the rewards for the fight hovered over his head. A moment later the rewards were replaced by a banner declaring he had leveled up. As the banner faded, the news sunk in, and he grinned. He was doing this right! He glanced over at Kissa and found that unlike him, she hadn’t leveled up. Great. That probably meant she would start screaming again. “I was only helping you,” he said defiantly. Then, in a softer voice, he said, "But I will try to avoid getting the goo on you next time if I can.”

For a second, Kissa thought of replying, her anger swelling but stopped. It wasn’t really his fault and it’s not like it was still on here. Closing her eyes, she sighed and crossed her arms. “Yeah, I know.” She replied bitterly. It wasn’t easy to expel the anger, even when the logical side of her brain was right. But she tried. Her ears perked up a bit and she forced a smile, though it was pretty obvious it was forced. “I-” She stampered at the apology. It wasn’t something she normally did. Matter of fact, it was an extremely rare thing for her to apologies for her anger. People around her either excepted it and knew her well enough to know she was just a hot head, or they didn’t stay around long. That was other games though. She was stuck in this one and having a friend would be nice. A mage was pretty good backup too. “I’m sorry, Munio.” She finally said, as if she had been holding her breath while thinking. Him receiving more exp was irritating, but she knew how games worked. He might get more exp this time, but next she might get it. The money part was annoying too. That is when she smiled. Her golden eyes lit up as she gazed at him with a devious expression. “Well rich man, after this quest, you can buy me dinner” She snickered and winked. It was the best she could do with her anger. Even if it was a joke, it made her feel better and hoped it would show that she wasn’t a character that only felt anger. “How about we defeat the rest of those-” Her face contorted at the thought of the repulsive monsters they needed to defeat. “slimes.” She squeaked out, shivering slightly.

“I accept your apology,” Munio said seriously, glad that he wasn’t in the wrong. When she had paused and stammered, he had been preparing himself for an onslaught of more noise, but she had apologized instead. She was still recovering from her freak out during the fight, so it was understandable that she needed time to control her voice when she spoke. Munio was unaware how hard it was for Kissa’s apology to come out, and he was also unaware that her suggestion that he could buy her dinner was a joke, to which he nodded his agreement. He had earned more money and he had splattered her with goo when she had shown signs of hating it. “Well, one down, nine to go, right?” he said. “We got this.” With that he pointed his staff to another slime and cast Aura Pulse on it, dealing damage to it and lowering its resistances so Kissa wouldn’t have to punch it so much. Now that he knew more of what to expect, he would be able to fight better. More importantly, he would be able to do this teamwork thing that he had struggled with in the past. He felt he had accomplished his mission of making a friend.