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Daertalmos Online

Armour Shop


a part of Daertalmos Online, by ~Living-Dead Doll~.

A medium sized armour shop that contains armour for all classes.

~Living-Dead Doll~ holds sovereignty over Armour Shop, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources: celtic and other mythology lore


The door opens and exposes one of the cleanest shops around. Everything is organized, neat, and clean. Each set of armour is on a stand or rack on the wall, organized by type. Behind the counter is a slender female with long red hair. Her face is kind, however she appears to be very skilled.

"Oh, a customer! Finally! We sell all types of armour. Please take a look around!"

Heavy Armour:
*Lv. 4. Iron Armour [+ 5 END]
-Cost: 194 Silver
*Lv. 8. Chain Mail [+ 9 END, ]
-Cost: 420 Silver

Medium Armour:
*Lv. 4. Old Leather Shirt [+ 2 END]
-Cost: 210 Silver
*Lv. 8. Old Leather Vest [+ 6 END, +4 AGI]
-Cost: 357 Silver

Light Armour:
*Lv. 4. Mantle [+2 END]
-Cost: 138 Silver
*Lv. 8. Light Leather [ + 5 END]
-Cost: 293 Silver

*Lv. 4. Cotton Robe [+ 3 Int, + 1 Wis]
-Cost: 287 Silver
*Lv. 8. Silk Robes [+ 5 Int,+ 4 Wis]
-Cost: 331 Silver

Artisan Craft Items
*Common Yarn
-Cost: 10 Silver
*Thick Yarn
-Cost: 25 Silver
*Silver Yarn
-Cost: 55 Silver
*Gold Yarn
-Cost: 75 Silver
*Rainbow Yarn
-Cost: 90 Silver

Artisan Crafting Patterns
*Lv. 1. Thick Cotton Twine
-Cost: 15 Silver
*Lv. 1. Thin Cotton Cloth
-Cost: 15 Silver
*Lv. 2. Cotton Cloth
-Cost: 20 Silver

*Lv. 1. Common Fur Hide
-Cost: 15 Silver
*Lv. 2. Thick Fur Hide
-Cost: 15 Silver
*Lv. 2. Natural Leather
-Cost: 20 Silver

*Lv. 6. Cotton Arm Cover [LV. 6] - | + 2 INT, + 3 VIT, + 4 END |
-Cost: 50 Silver
*Lv. 6. Leather Arm Guard [LV. 6] - | +3 STR, + 2 VIT, + 7 END |
-Cost: 50 Silver
*Lv. 6. Basic Cloth Shoes [LV. 6] - | + 2 AGI, + 4 END | |
-Cost: 50 Silver
*Lv. 6. Basic Leather Boots [LV. 6] - | + 2 AGI, + 14 END |
-Cost: 50 Silver

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Armour Shop

A medium sized armour shop that contains armour for all classes.


Armour Shop is a part of Faclarebal.

1 Characters Here

Kissa of the Fel Forest [1] A young Caith Duine from the Fel Forest

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Character Portrait: Kissa of the Fel Forest
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0.00 INK

Level: 7EXP: 149 / 782
Thoughts Color #F660AB Dialogue Color #B93B8F

With the battle won, required items obtained, and a decent amount of silver, Kissa headed back towards town. She carefully avoided the slimes on the way back, cursing under her breath as she passed the grotesque blobs. Upon seeing the brick road that lead into the city, she noticed the knight NPC smirking at her. "I see you got them!" He chuckled while pulling a small bag out, which activated a small window to appear in front of Kissa. She glared for a moment as she read over what she had received.

729 Exp.; 1x Novice Health Potion; 291 Copper; Novice Bracer [+ 1 VIT]

Hitting accept she sighed and started strolling towards the city. "Hey, wait! I have another favor to ask of you!" The helpless knight called, though to deaf ears.

Ignoring the poor knight, she continued to head into town. The bracelet she had received from the quest was nice, however it was far from what she was expecting. After all, he had said he would make it worth her while, and yet, all she got was a bracelet that boosted a stat by one single point. No, that simply wasn't enough and surly not what she had thought as 'making it worth her time'.

Thus, she headed towards the shops. Despite not having a single gold, she hoped to find at least one piece of decent equipment. Since arriving, she hadn't been into a single shop, so she wasn't sure how much things would cost. Judging by what the rewards from quests and in the field, she assumed there should be some cheap equipment.

The sun was starting to descend, making the gentle breeze nip lightly at Kissa's exposed skin. After glancing at the sky, she wondered how long she had been in the game. Was it universal when the sun went down or just in the town? The creators of this virtual world really had made it like the real one in many aspects, so it was safe to assume that it was universal.
Upon entering the third ring, she noticed there were a few people who had set up shops. This reminded her, she too should be working on her job skills a bit more. Finally, she escaped the nipping wind and tucked into the armour shop.

Slowly, Kissa opened the door to the Armour shop, peaking her head inside. The sight was astounding. In all the MMOs she had played, she had never seen a shop so meticulously organized and clean. Everything was sectioned by categories, and even sub categories.
"Oh good! A customer! Welcome to the Armour Shop. What can I help you with?" An excited and soft voice greeted her. Glancing over, Kissa noticed the small artisan standing behind the counter. She forced a smile and waved slightly before stepping further into the shop, closing the door behind herself. It was fascinating to be in such an organized shop, that Kissa almost forgot that the woman was a NPC. "You really have a nice shop. I like the organization of it." The NPC had no reply, but kept her smile and eyes on Kissa, as if waiting for her to speak.
"Right, down to business." Kissa sighed before stepping over to the medium armour.
She was surprised to only see two items in the window, despite there being several items on the wall and stands. Though, she guessed it only showed things based on a level range.

Both pieces of equipment were old leather, and decently priced. In addition, both had pretty good stat boosts. However, she decided to go with the last one, level 8 Old Leather Vest. The thought of wearing something so hideous made Kissa's ears fold down and her skin crawl a little. On the other hand, she tried to think of how helpful the armour would be in battle. If nothing else, maybe there was a hide feature, so that it didn't show that armour.
After letting her finger hover over the buy button, she finally clicked it, and selected to equip it now. Her tank disappeared in pixels, leaving the new vest equipped.- 357 Silver There was the sound of a light chime, like coins rattling against each other before the shop owner spoke. "Ah, I see you have chosen medium armour. Good choice. Anything else?"

Shrugging her shoulders, Kissa moved across the room to a desk with thread and books on it. A window appeared, letting her know it was the Artisan job skills. Since she hadn't leveled the job any, there wasn't much she could buy. Her eyes glanced at the bottom right side of the window that displayed how much money she had. Silently, she judged the pros and cons of spending money on job skills at the moment. It could help her make money, but that would probably be later on. On the other hand, saving up would help her in just a quest or two, to get a new weapon. Either seemed like an okay option, so she decided just to buy the beginners stuff to get it out of the way. Lv. 1. Thick Cotton Twine. - 15 Silver There was a single chime as she selected the first recipe, then another when she selected the second Lv. 1. Thin Cotton Cloth - 15 Silver

That left Kissa with 373 Silver. She selected the last recipe she could buy at that level, Lv. 1. Common Fur Hide - 15 Silver. There was one last signal that the money had been taken from her pouch before Kissa heard the sudden, rather deep, laugh from the NPC. "I see you got a lot of recipes. I hope you don't put me out of business."
For a second Kissa's face was blank as she turned and gazed at the still smiling NPC. Was that sarcasm from an NPC? Shaking her head, she waved one hand and headed out of the shop, with what little money she had left.