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Daertalmos Online

Blacksmith Fergus


a part of Daertalmos Online, by ~Living-Dead Doll~.

As you walk into the small shop, you are greeted with a hellish heat and the overbearing sound of metal hitting metal. A small chime rings as the door closes and the sound stops.

~Living-Dead Doll~ holds sovereignty over Blacksmith Fergus, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources: celtic and other mythology lore


A very bulky man steps from around a doorway, wiping his hands on an apron that was once white. There is soot all over him, but it only defines his large muscular structure. His reputation of being a skilled blacksmith seems to be true.

"Eh? Oh a customer! 'elcome to me shop. How can I help 'ou"

*Bronze Two Handed Sword [Weapon Rank D-]
-Cost: 100 Silver

*Iron Two Handed Sword [Weapon Rank D]
-Cost: 275 Silver

*Bronze Long Sword (one handed) [Weapon Rank D-]
-Cost: 145 Silver

*Iron Long Sword (one handed) [Weapon Rank D]
-Cost: 200 Silver

*Bronze Dagger [Weapon Rank D-]
-Cost: 187 Silver

*Iron Dagger [Weapon Rank D]
-Cost: 263 Silver

*Bronze Spear [Weapon Rank D-]
-Cost: 163 Silver

*Short Spear [Weapon Rank D]
-Cost: 212 Silver

*Bronze Ax [Weapon Rank D-]
-Cost: 187 Silver

*Iron Ax [Weapon Rank D]
-Cost: 298 Silver

*Slack Bow [Weapon Rank D-]
-Cost: 168 Silver

*Bronze Bow [Weapon Rank D]
-Cost: 231 Silver

*Bronze Knuckles [Weapon Rank D-]
-Cost: 193 Silver

*Iron Claws [Weapon Rank D]
-Cost: 272 Silver

*Basic Staff (performs basic heals) [Weapon Rank D-]
-Cost: 128 Silver

*Basic Mace [Weapon Rank D-]
-Cost: 130 Silver

*Fire Tomes [Weapon Rank D]
-Cost: 386 Silver

*Wind Tome [Weapon Rank D]
-Cost: 370 Silver
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Blacksmith Fergus

As you walk into the small shop, you are greeted with a hellish heat and the overbearing sound of metal hitting metal. A small chime rings as the door closes and the sound stops.


Blacksmith Fergus is a part of Faclarebal.

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Character Portrait: Veran, The Ranger
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#, as written by RCJJ23

Five Minutes Later

The bell rung as he entered the store, and Fergus was just stepping around the doorway behind the counter.

"Eh? Oh a customer! 'elcome to me shop. How can I help 'ou?"

Veran looked around for a bit before spotting two bows. As he looked, a screen came up over them, listing their name and price.

Slack Bow, 168 Silver
Bronze Bow, 231 Silver

He motioned over at the Bronze Bow.

"Ah, a fine choice that one. Only 231 Silver too, a good price."

A confirmation of purchase screen came up and was promptly confirmed.

"Well, if that is all, I'll be getting back to the forge." Fergus said as Veran left the store without saying a single word.

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Character Portrait: Danriel Thanamor
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Danriel walks into the blacksmith's shop and the bell rings alerting Fergus to his presence.

"Hello, what can I get for you today."

"I was planning on coming shopping today. Could I get the [Fire Tome] for 386 Silver?"

"Aye, you can."

Fergus goes and wanders through the shop with purpose when he finds the stacks of spell books. He looks through it and finds a [Fire Tome] very quickly, Fergus takes it out and Danriel give him the money. They exchange pleasantries while Danriel takes out his [Weapon Wis Rune] and gives the [Fire Tome] a +4 to Wis. Then, Danriel leave, on his way to the Armour Shop.